Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Seychelles’ Brother Gaddafi Shooting Protestors in The Streets
 Recently, Muammar Gaddafi’s unelected regime, took to shooting protestors in the streets of Tripoli with guns and aircraft missiles. The international community has expressed outrage.
At one point, the Air Force was ordered to shoot missiles onto the crowds and kill them off en masse. Mercenaries have been brought in from North Africa, to kill the opposition to Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, brother of Seychelles Communist Party, PL.
The whole scenario is being reported by all major networks, minute by minute around the world.
“To The Health and Prosperity of Col. Muammar Gaddafi”
One of the very first diplomatic cocktails officiated by freshman minister Jean Paul Adam for Communist PL in Seychelles, was a cocktail to honor Libya and Col. Muammar Gaddafi. Minister Adam referred to him as “Brother Gaddafi”.
As the champagne poured, the toast was made and Jean Paul Adam pledged support for a regime that does not allow free and fair elections, likely, in the hope that someday, the PL Communist Party of Seychelles would have a friend to call on in a moment of need.
Dictators Love Dictators Like Brothers
Dictatorial regimes stick together, they caress each other, diplomatically stroke each other, to give each other credibility. That has been how the tyrants of the world, survived the 20th Century. Minister Jean Paul Adam referring to Gaddafi as a “Brother” is an example of this hypocrisy borne out of the need to survive, typical of Communists.
As the winds of change sweep across the Middle East and Africa, and other parts of the World, this standard operating procedure of how things are done, in the name of a Country, will come to an end. The age of embarrassment and humiliation over diplomatic caresses will end for Seychelles and her people.
Seychelles Loosing Friends Like Flies Under a Doom Attack
With “People Power” on the move in the Middle East and threatening in North Africa, the Seychelles led by Communist PL, is loosing many of its friends in the region. What is startling is that many of their friends were dictators, and they were perceived to be powerful, rich and strong enough to with stand the will of the people. Today, even Sheik Khalifa Bin Al Zayed al Nayan is shaking in his robes, though he is said to be worth $23Billion.
Sometimes, the more you are worth, the more trouble you are in. This might be one of the instances, as personal wealth can be equated to corruption. Example the ruler of Qatar, owns Aljazeera is worth only $1 Billion, compared to $23 Billion for Khalifa.
Dictators are proving to be much weaker then they made us believe they were. They are all being exposed one by one as empty rotten tree trunks, waiting to be pushed over by the people they lord over.
Alarm Bells in Seychelles
No tree trunk is as empty and hallow as the tree trunk of the Seychelles Communist Party, the PL.
They are weak, and loosing their hold on power, as the people slide into discontent over their mis-administration of the Republic for 34 years.
Today, Seychelles must beg to survive. We cannot borrow from commercial banks, our economy is propped by a faltering Seychelles Rupee kept afloat by a Governor of Central bank that bends to political demands; inflation is hidden under taxes, and the entire conspiracy translate into a higher cost of living for all Seychellois, but with less money in their pockets to make ends meet, as money flow in the system is restricted by pending bad debts by the Government.
President James Michel has imported mercenaries, similar to Gaddafi to survive. Gaddafi imported North African mercenaries; Michel imported Irish mercenaries to run the Seychelles Police, National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA), and Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Two of the Three mentioned departments are based at State House itself. The FIU has stooped as low as seizing money in exchange for extortions money to release funds; it has been reported in the international press. The NDEA has taken on neighborhood patrols, in Mamelles and Corgate Estate to stamp out growing political resistance under the guise of stopping drug trafficking.
Left unfettered, this situation will get worse, as the regime gets more desperate. No Carnival will hide this malaise brewing in paradise.
The next Five (5) years will be the most difficult for Seychelles if this Communist regime is not put to rest.
The Opposition Props Failure
The only factor keeping this empty tree trunk propped up is not Khalifa with his Billions of dollars, as he has only come forward with a few million only.
It is not SIVA, with his private planes, cash, and fantastic personality.
What props this regime, is a lead opposition party that has fallen into line with the Communist regime, taking orders, following their bent rules, and adding credibility to an otherwise not credible process of democracy.
The Former President, James Mancham is also guilty of this political inertia for the past two decades, showing up at critical times to the regime, to confuse voters foment fear, and keep the empty tree trunk right where it is. The proof to this truth is in our reality.
A Lesson From Eygpt
The lesson from Egypt is this, even if a dictator can be worth $70 Billion, like Mubarak is allegedly worth, he can rig elections year in and year out, like Rene has done, and deny a material part of the population from playing meaningful role in the affairs of state, they can be beaten and taken down and dragged out to dry.
Unity of purpose is the first step that must unify all those that want real democracy their country. No country is an exception to this rule. I have called for an opposition conference for unity for years now. It has been ignored.
In Seychelles, unity does not exist yet, as the main opposition the SNP has actively worked to divide the opposition up to now. I appeal to them to change this course of great failure they are running.
In the meantime, the Communist PL, can thank the leader of SNP, Wavel John Charles Ramkalawan for their momentary good fortune, in the midst of loosing so  many close friends, so fast, around the region……….. At God speed.

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

Pp knows that Seychelles military will refuse order to shoot on their own people,so it is putting its survival in the hands of mercenaries from Ireland,Nepal to commit the crimes for them.Like in Lybia, the world is watching and sooner than later those dictators will have to face international court in the HAAG for their genocide.

RAM will probably not support a boycott,for his a collaborator of pp conspiracy committee enslaving our people and illegally dishing our patrimony to foreigners .RAM survival demand on Pp, as Pp survival depends on RAM support.

As to JENPA whether he called Ghadaffi a brother instead of Cammarade, and even if pp tries to chance names or use other words as a cameleon changing colors as a way of cammouflage this will not change the fact that you are communists,just as the cameleon will stay a cameleon even when changing colors.

Sesel pou Seselwa'

Jeanne D'Arc

Jeanne D"Arc

Anonymous said...

I wonder where Kadafi will run to when labrez i tro so anba son deryer? UAE? Maybe even to Seychelles where he has friends. JAM was quick to ask the Sudanese to respect the result of the election for freedom. I wonder if he'll ask Kadafi to respect the will of the Libyan people?

Anonymous said...

There you have it, the entire region changes,through unity of purpose.

In Seychelles, the opposition remains divided.

What result do you people expect?

A second round?


Anonymous said...

PL owes Gaddafi too much money, to tell him anything. They can only call him "Brother Gaddafi" as Gill rightly put it.

Anonymous said...

good news for James Michel,Savy princes, Adam clans and all the communists collaborators that change will come to Seychelles anytime soon. Stop the barbaric security clearance, dismantle your spy ring disguise as District administration to spy on ordinary citizen who does not support the communisms regime. Stop feeding Seychellois people with your propaganda machine run by Onezime. Stop rigging elections to stay in power. The lord wrath has already been unleash in the middle east where James Michel think he has found gold. The people power will show LP communists who owns the Seychelles.Your days are coming to an end if may not happen in the ballot box as it happens with communists. Surely we have do stand up as a nation against those crooks heartless, manupulative, corrupt and deceitful fools for the love of Seychelles are selling our motherland to foreigner and making us third class citizen in our country.They are calling MSR as a racist party. the most racists party in Seychelles history is no other than LP who practices discrimination against it own people, starving families through their security clearance and slandering it own people who not support them. My answer to LP be ware you can run but you cannot hide. The world will be closing on you sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe what is going on in the arab world presently will influence the results of the next Presidential elections in the Seychelles. Seychellois are not generally concerned with human rights issues (other than a small proportion of highly educated and intellectualised ). That is why i believe that Ramkalawan will probably score between 35-40% of the votes and Michel anything between 53-60% of the votes.

Issues such ad abuse of public funds, democracy ect are not live issues in the Seychelles. Very few people were concerned by the fact the Mrs Soundy resigned from the SNP and accused the SNP Leaders of siphoning party funds. Very few people even question the fact that 4.5 million $ disappeared from the Perseverans housing projects.

As long as those ppl get their beers and cigarettes and 'lasyet' manze all is well.

That is why i believe sites as this one is important but also limited in scope of educting the masses. That can only be done through consistent education preferably via a political party.
It will probably take a generation to achieve the level of politcial consciuousnes we have in Mauritius and those arab states.

Anonymous said...

MSR profess no hate for any race.

MSR is made up of all races.

MSR claims Seselwa Rasin are the rightful caretakers of our Patriomny and we love Seychelles.

PL calls us racist to sensensationalize MSR in order to meet its agenda of denying us the right to participate in the affairs of our country, as protected under the Constitution.

Even an Egyptian today, has more rights then a Seychellois..... in Seychelles.


Anonymous said...

Gaddafi's goal was to turn the hwole african continent into "the united States of africa" which is why he has sent billions of dollars of oil money to african countries supprting autocratic regimes so they can promote his goal..

Anonymous said...

Gaddafi's goal was to turn the hwole african continent into "the united States of africa" which is why he has sent billions of dollars of oil money to african countries supprting autocratic regimes so they can promote his goal..

Sceptical said...

I agree the lack of Unity that the combined Opposition could provide ..is sadly our downfall. It is too bad that big egos and personal desire to be also an autocratic come before our country's future ..so it makes you wonder what is the goal of the main Opposition? same as the current rulong party? will be be going from the frying pan into the fire if the main opposition does get in?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
Fighters and strikers get $$$-food from outside. 80-100K$ per day for the mildsize country and ... Boom! Puppeteers with money pulling the strings, they control the groups below, the group organized the crowd raging. This is reality. There is no retribution or similar nonsense. "Divide et impera" - old proven method. But tooday hides management is better than open. When the dust clouds dissipate, we (surprisingly) see that someone has suddenly become much richer. Ops! Accidentally bought the right stocks at the right time for a couple of trillion. Surprise! Ah, yes, there are still civilians who were killed ... but it is for them a trifle.

Gill, you want to get a suitcase of dollars and have control over ropes on his arms and legs, and want to run screaming innocent victims - of your fellow citizens?


Leonard Francis Gill said...


The Pp Collaborators have stuffed our electoral roles with Fabrike and fraudulent voters. This voter list can only be obtained by a registered political party. The Collaborators have then denied registering MSR as a political party. They do not want MSR to expose this fraud which will further expose the sham democracy and sham elections that the Collaborators have concocted.

The Collaborators know that The Mouvman has and will expose them because we want genuine democracy in our homelnad - we are not interested in their corrupt money or corrupt influence.

So of course if you stuff the electoral register with fraudulent and Fabrike voters, and deny registration to a genuine opposition that genuinely intends to challenge you in elections, you can claim a victory every time. Much like Mubarak claimed "victories" with 70 plus percent of the vote until 70 plus percent of the people rose up and threw him out of power.

I understand your point that most Seselwa Rasin are complacent about political power, and are content with a few crumbs of material goods they willingly exchange in return for giving up their motherland to fabrike and foreigners. That is not different than was the case Tunisia or Egypt or even Libya until their people had enough.

But, as in all those other countries, we Seselwa Rasin are seething with anger that our patrimony is being sold out from under our noses by the Collaborators to foreigners and Fabrike just to fill their own pockets. When we Seselwa Rasin believe we have the power and the obligation to correct this wrong, we too, like our Tunisian and Egyptian friends, will take to the streets and demand and obtain justice and genuine democracy.

When that time comes, the Collaborators will feel the full rightous wrath of the Seselwa Rasin people. Then the Collaborators will need The Mouvman's leadership to keep them from being strung up at the nearest tree by their feet, so strong is the seething anger of the Seselwa Rasin people.

So do not make the mistake of assuming that somehow we are different, or inferior in our patriotism, then others who have endured decades of dictatorship as we have.

Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin in 1964, Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin Now and Sesel Poou Seselwa Rasin Forever

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill Leonard, thank you for your reply. I am a young man and have seen only the SPPF/PL regime (born after 1977), i am however quite knowlegeable of the the political history of the Seychelles and i come from a family (extended family) who was100% SPUP and now almost 100% pro opposition in its various forms and a highly political fly. For the time being i have yet to see or Seychelles close to the stage of frustration as in those arab states. I have been to Egypt during my student days (a few years ago) and visited one university with an Egyptian friend and even then the frustration was palpable. In Seychelles the population is to vast majority uneducated (i.e they may be literate) by that i mean few can hardly go through the process of logical reasoning but to the point of making which should normally be:
observations, facts, inferences, assumptions, opinions, and arguments.

I have the fortunate (or maybe unfortunate profession) of having to meet clients from all walks of life from the cleaners to directors of companies. I must say that i do not yet see the level of consciousness which would result in a change of govt in the ballot box. This at the risk of being repetitive can only be achieved through a prolonged political educational process (coupled with a solid oppoisition party/parties united and with sound party structures and campain methods) other than that we can only hope for a mob revolution as in those arab countries for reasons mentioned i doubt this will ever happen.

We have an added difficulty in the Seychelles. The present official opposition (Ramkalawan/SNP) has accepted and given credibility of the electoral process. They have even gone as far as call Seychelles a democracy. In democracies revolution do not happen. The SNPs are unlikely to lead or participate in a political upheaval such as in the arab countries. I believe that the fact that the Opposition generally scores 40-45% in elections, in the advantage of the SPPF because contrary to those arab states where elections are won by 90%, it makes accusations of fraud in Seychelles a little bit off, should there have been fraud then SPPF should be winning by a wider margin.


Anonymous said...

Of course what is going on in The Arabs world won^t affect the result of the coming election becuase the only person that can influence elections today in this country is GAPPY ,being paid by Pp to manipulate the election in order to keep them on power artificially.I guess you remember him begging Seychellois to register as soon as possible in order that he will have time enough time to put the machine of manipulation in motion.

It is also true that in the eyes of communists the feel is that Seychellois are not interested in human rights ,freedom of expression etc but Pp communists are living in complet oblivion of the reality on the ground.Pp communists have so long practice human abuses that it has become a normal practice and thing Seychellois have legitimated it.I don^t think either that when Seychellois took their independence in 1976 was to instal a dictatorship to lead them,they wanted a democratic society inwhich entailed human rights,freedom of expression,multi-parties,and so forth.Vox your way of thinking is typically communist ,you think only the handful of thugs in the politilburo should decide,think,tell us what to do,tell what is good for us as Michel has done on serval occasions when illegally dishing our patrimony to his despot friends, as if we do not have brains to think by ourselves.I the case of Soundy it has to do with an intern issue and he was sanctioned for his fraudelant act, ,Soundy is not a member of government holding public offices,what concern us is those crooks purlioning billion from our coffers,selling patrimony to foreginers,signing illegal contracts with explorers in our names without that we know what pp is signing,selling our passports and so ,the list is just endless VOX.
And lastly if you sure Seychellois are not interested to exercise their rights, then ask Pp to register MSR ,conduct free and fair election we will prove the contary to you.

Sesel pou seselwa !

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Pp is not winning by a large margin becuase there is opposition parties(faked) if Pp would manipulate the votes to make them win over )90% the fraud will be too envident.Pp wants legitimacy so it must give the impression that there is fair election,and the importance for Pp is not what percent it wins with that matters but rather the fact that it wins in all elections.

jeanne D'Arc

Leonard Francis Gill said...


Appreciate your well reasoned and well presented position.

Consider this though. There are and have been many Seselwa Rasin like yourself who supported the SPUP and then the SPPF after that and now the Pp who no longer do so. My father was a founding member of the SPUP and supported the cause of Sesel Pou Seselwa and was betrayed by Rene the Butcher as was all Seselwa Rasin. This level of disaffection is found in various guises and for various reasons throughout the homeland and has accumulated over the last 34 years.

Take for instance your particular case. You too have had enough of us Seselwa Rasin being sold out to benefit the Collaborator leadership. All those demonstrators at La Misere feel the same way.

But our homeland is a small place. If you speak out against the Collaborators you are victimized, tortured and even murdered. There is little safe harbor from the adverse consequences of showing your opposition to the current situation, unlike Egypt, a country of 80 million people.

Until the time comes to liberate our country from the Collaborators we will not know with any certainty how many of us will take to the streets. But I would wager that 70% of our people will lend a hand and few will shed any tears for the Collaborators when the job is done.

Finally, I do not think a person has to be too well politicized or educated to act. Many of the people in Egypt were illiterate but knew they knew they were not free and wanted their freedom. You will find that is true of the Seselwa Rasin as well.

Sesel Pou Seselwa in 1964, Sesel Pou Seselwa Now and Sesel Pou Seselwa Forever

Anonymous said...

Do the Gill Brothers have high moral values or do they practice what others do but write and claim it is wrong

1, They say Sesel pou Seselwa rasinn and no one else. Anyone who has gained citizenship after independence is a fabrike and their passports should be revoked. People like Brendan Grimshaw, Dr Brewer etc.. have worked in Seychelles for over 20 years and contributed greatly to the development of the country and become citizens in a fair and honest manner. Do they think it is fair that such people should have their citizenship revoked. According to their creed they do. Yet both of them hold american citizenship gained after american independence. Why is it okay for them to have it if others cannot become seychellois.

2, They say foreigners should not be able to buy land in Seychelles. It is imoral. Why then do they buy land in Guam and Phillipines. Should Phillipines not be for filipino. Even if the law allows it you should stick to your morals and practice what you preach.

3, They accuse the opposition on picking up fat pensions and say they should give it back. Why then does Christopher collect his pension of Scr 3000 every month for 4 years representing his people and 1 year as an SPPF puppet. Those that work 40 years do not get that sort of pension. If it is wrong for SNP it should also be wrong for him. If he had morals he would refuse to take it.

4, They accuse Bernard Georges who in his capacity as a lawyer oversaw the sale of land to a foreigner. Was Christopher Gill not once involved with the sale of a plot of land on Praslin to an italian lady. Was Sesel not pou Seselwa rasinn then.

5, Everybody who says something against Gill is a collaborator. Anybody is entitled to a different opinion. If it is different to yours it does not necessarily mean the person agrees with the PP or aides the PP. Rights of opinion exists in democracy. If you are all for democracy why do you have no respect for other opinions.

Finally what right do MSR have to classify Seychellois. I am one proud to be one but although in MSR context I am a Rasinn I will always call myself simply a seychellois. Seychelles does not have such thing as natives. We are all descended from other parts of the world. Be it Africa , Asia or Europe. What would the world including yourselves say if the aborigines kicked out all non native Australians and revoked their right to call themselves Australian. If the indians kicked out all non indian americans and revoked their citizenship and right to call themselves american. If the africans kicked out all non coloured africans and revoked their citizenship and right to call themselves african.
Is this not your plan for Seychelles

Anonymous said...

Gill sale plot of lands that belong to his father and his grandfaher,he did not sale land that belong to SEselwa peoples.

The land Gill sale,was it for the Goverment?NO.PP have also stolen a lot of lands that not belong to them,just some Seselwa there did not have the paper to declare there lands or there have already dead.

A Democratic Extremist.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you what mean extremist?You wriet extreme.


Leonard Francis Gill said...

Anonymous "Gill Brothers" Above:

I will answer your points one by one.

1. Your first point is that there are many naturalized citizens who should be accepted as Seselwa Rasin. We in the MSR agree. There are many Fabrike who must be given a humanitarian waiver and be accepted as Seselwa Rasin. These are productive residents usually married to Seselwa Rasin and with extensive connection to the community, and not involved in criminal activites. But this should occur only after the majority of Seselwa Rasin vote in a plebescite to accept them. That way, individuals like Krejcir and others who were given or sold our passports cannot bribe the new politicians who will be making decisions on who should be given a part of our patrimony and be called Seselwa Rasin.

And, as far as me and Christopher obtaining American citizenship is concerned, that issue is up to the USA to decide. What they do, insofar as giving out US citizenship, does not dictate what we do on this issue in our motherland. We are a tiny country and we fought for independence so our country would belong to us and not sold or given to foreigners and Fabrike - we fought for Sesel Pou Seselwa. The USA fought for independence so they could create a country for the world's disposessed.

2. The MSR Creed says we should limit foreign ownership of property in our motherland to a 70 year lease that they can enter without permission of the government. This is consitent with what we fought for when we sought and obtained independence. In fact Mancham's sale of land to foreigners was one of the justifications that Rene the Butcher advanced to justify his coup in 1977.

It is also a matter of self preservation. We are a tiny country, as I have already pointed out. Wealthy individuals can easily purchase large tracts of land and disposess the average Seselwa Rasin from owning any part of his or her own homeland. It is also a matter of preserving Seselwa Rasin control over our patrimony.

What the USA, Guam, Philippines or any other country does concerning land ownership is up to them. MSR does not dictate to them. We do not advocate that restrictions on land sales is good for every country. We just say it is good for our homeland - Sesel.
When we "Gill Brothers" invest in those other countries we follow their laws and regualtions, whatever they may be.

3. MSR is not opposed to reasonable pensions for public servants. MSR is opposed to excessive pensions and compensation for public servants. The pensions and renumerations which were recently awarded to MNA's in the face of national bankruptcy were beyond excessive and is shamefull and a national disgrace and is nothing short of a veiled bribe purchasing the silence of the opposition. This is what MSR objects to.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Cont'd Ans. to "Gill Brothers":

4. Bernard Georges was counsel in a land giveaway not a land sale. He was counsel and therefore participated in the givingaway, not of his private property, but the giveaway of public land, the patrimony of all Seselwa Rasin. All Seselwa Rasin have a duty and obligation not to provide any assistance whatsoever to any Collaborator stealing or giving away our patrimony. Mr. Georges is accused of breaching that obligation.

5. We in the MSR do not accuse everyone who opposes us of being a Collaborator. We accuse all Seselwa Rasin who promote the interests of Fabrike and foreigners over the interests of their own people, the Seselwa Rasin, as a Collaborator. And any Rasin who champions the rights of foreigners and Fabrike over his or her own people's rights, like Gappy, is a Collaborator. And, when we see a Collaborator we will call him or her a Collaborator - we will not let you hide.

Finally, The Mouvman disagrees that we Rasin are without an identity as you suggest. We have a distinct culture. We have a distinct language. We know we are different than any other people on earth. We know who we are and we fought for recognition as a distinct indigeneous people when we fought for and achieved independence - we know we are Seselwa Rasin. Even Mancham in his Indepencence Radio Address recognized and used the term "native" to identify us and our connection to our motherland.

Granted we are composed of an amalgamation of cultures that have blended into our beautiful rainbow identity. But now we are Seselwa Rasin, a distinct people with a distinct identity, and Seychelles belongs to us and only to us.

So I respectfully disagree with you when you imply that any person carrying a Seychelles passport like Krejcir and others, who do not even know where our homeland is on the map, is a Seychellois just like you and me - they are Fabrike and we are Rasin.

Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin in 1964, Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin Now and Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin Forever.

Anonymous said...

Pp want Seychellois to legitimize its illegality.A simple question that begs an answer from pp goons,can anyone of you crooks show us one article in our constittuion where is stated that Pp communist regime can sell our passports to foreigners¨?if you cannot do that what are you then defending?

Jeanne DÂrc

Sesel pou Seselwa

Anonymous said...

We sell passports to make extra money so we do not record it.

We need the extra money, because we need to pay girls to love us. Rent a cars are expensive and trips over seas are not cheap.

This the PL executive previlege.

What is wrong with that? All countries sell passports, so what.

Anonymous said...

If you cannot see by yourselve what is wrong it shows how indoctrinated you are by communist ideology ,that all wrongsin your eyes seems to have become normal for you,but as you want to know what is wrong we will show you once we topple Pp .

Sesel pou Seselwa!

Jeanne DâRC

Anonymous said...

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