Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Seychelles Entering The Age of Transparency and Accountability 
It has been an honor and privilege to write over the last Six (6) years on issues that Seychelles face. Each week, I pen an article on current events, that address the political and social life of the Nation.
The effort is a living effort, it is in real time, focusing on real issues, and I place my pen on the line each week because I do have to defend my points against anyone in Seychelles society and anyone in the World through the blog comments.
No other public figure faces blog comments in Seychelles. Both SNP and PL leadership use fake profiles to place comments and attempt to poke holes in ideas I present and others on the STAR team.
Age of Transparency
The exercise has alerted me that we are entering an age of transparency, wherein the 20th century way of doing things have become obsolete. No longer can a Minister steal money, sell off land cheap and expect that he will be able to get away with the abuse of public confidence. They will get caught, they will be named, they will be shamed, and their family members will succumb to the pressures of being related to a public thief.

Recently, one thieving ministers wife, faced him, and told him, she cannot take it any longer, and wants a divorce. The public resentment, built up, having to live a life of duplicity, had taken its toll on a marriage that stooped to living off public largess.

Beyond that, we must document the incidences of theft and abuse of office. Information flows to me from all walks of life. But those that give the information want one thing: a better and accountable Seychelles. I am certain they will get it. I salute them for their effort, and commitment.

Commonwealth Lawyers Conference
This week at the Commonwealth Lawyers Conference in Hyberadad India, Commonwealth lawyers and judges came together and announced that corruption must be stamped out in the Commonwealth, and abuse of funds, thieving of state assets, is tantamount to a violation of Human Rights, because these public thieves, deny society  a higher quality of life they would have if the thieving and abuse of funds had not taken place.

The Commonwealth conference resolved that not only should culprits be vigorously prosecuted and do jail time, but they must return stolen money, and be cited for Human Rights violations.

Mr. Ronnie Govinden, Attorney General in Seychelles, attended this conference. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with as a plan of action to deal with human rights violations centered around corruption of our political leadership, which he works for.

I learned a long time ago, you are better off carving your own niche in life, then carrying someone’s dirty laundry and acting like it smells good. I hope Mr. Govinden will see this thread of solid advise. The community is watching him with an eagles eye.

Francis Chang Sam, a former Attorney General, cum legal profiteer knows the impact of public scrutiny concerning his professional practice. Mr. Chang-Sam has been a director of the Central Bank during the days Seychelles defaulted on the Lehman Brother Bonds, and he was paid to handle the Bond transactions on part of the Government of Seychelles, independently.
In any other country he would have been disbarred by now.

Seychelles Before UN Tribunal For No Human Rights Report
The Seychelles must face a UN Tribunal for not filing a national Human Rights Report for over 34 years next month. 
It is a damning testimony to the lack of seriousness the Government and political parties and NGO’s have placed on human rights in our country.
Without holding government in check on the abuse of civil liberties, we cannot evolve into a better country, but we will roll back Seychelles, to the tyranny that it came from on June 5th , 1977. Everyone is culpable for failing to effectively handle Human Rights as an issue. This includes the Butcher himself, to the man frolicking with the 1960’s message of world peace -world wide, and everyone in between the two of them.
We just have not done enough as a country or as a people to take tyranny to task.

So Far We Are Rolling Back
From what I have seen on the front lines facing the Michel Administration, we are rolling backwards and heading for a rear end collision with tyranny, because Michel himself, has not adapted to the age of transparency.
He is stuck in the past, with the thinking that an AK-47 is the best solution to a prolific pen, or bull horn in the streets. Granted Michel has adapted his techniques with recent purchase of small nozzle automatic assault guns for his secret police we call NDEA and Irish mercenaries which he has imported, but the tactics of intimidation are still there, save the fancy Irish sounding letters Naill Scully writes to cover up the NDEA abuses upon our Constitution.

Every Seychellois Is a Reporter
Today, unlike 1977, every Seychellois can be a reporter with cameras and recorders on their popular mobile phones. With a little help, that information can be placed on the internet, and scams - schemes of a  dictator can be exposed for the world to see in a minute.
Today, Facebook pages like Mouvman Seselwa Rasin, Sesel Pou Seselwa, STAR blog, are breaking news issues, before newspapers hit the streets. Photographs, recordings of incidents are making it to the internet tripping up the communists in their arrogant ways of doing things. International journalist regularly contact us for the back story on articles we write.
For example, the digital recording of Gappy refusing a 4th submission of MSR has gone around the world. Reporters ask me for it, I point them to it on Lavwa –Sesel. They listen in and judge for themselves if the Commissioner of Elections is impartial. That has an impact on the regimes image around the world. Soon enough, it will make its way back home and back to Mont Fleuri when Gappy gets the boot, which he will.

For example, NDEA is told to watch our political movement and when they trek up to Docklands, or Glenny Savy peeks into our windows, we see them, just when they thought they were not seen.
Through the internet, we see the land sales of Zil Pasyon -Felicite Island, a property that was leased under value to Gregoire Payet for SR. 10,000.00 per annum, then transferred to Francis Savy’s company. The buyers are alerted to our coverage of the sales and are put on notice of the under handed deals that under lie the island transaction itself.

Eden Island, the buyers to that scheme, know that they are threading on a delicate situation. They can access our articles on Eden Island and everything Craig Heegar tries to hide from them to make the sale, we expose. When they buy, they buy on a calculated risk, knowing the facts.
Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer BEWARE) reigns.

Balancing of the Dictator
The internet has balanced the playing field against tyranny more then ever.
Last year, State House felt it important to create a Facebook page for Michel. Staffers service it and place comments for him. The comments are confined to pep talk for JJ Spirit mostly, which is made up of younger people looking for job placement or promotion.

That effort in itself has exposed a tremendous weakness of the Administration, it has succumb to the internet, and community trends. It has tried to adapt, but has yet to understand, the impact of transparency in its regime life. You cannot effectively host on community pages if you have something to hide. Hence, why so many fake profiles come from SPPF.

Era of Dictatorships Ending
The understatement that will define this century will be: “the Century that ended dictatorships ”.
Puff, they will all go, one by one, thanks to Google, Facebook, Twitter and mobile phones, satellite dishes. The individual will be empowered like in no other time of human history.

This collection of know how, is rooted in America’s quest for technological solutions to problems, that will be the greatest gift to mankind, and our plight for freedom in the face of autocratic tyrants like Michel, Rene, and their friends. The ball is in play.

All tyrants that rule by fear and intimidation and use violence as a tool, their days are numbered. These sick people cannot torture, mayhem, scare, kill enough people to keep the pages of history from turning on them.

As our world becomes more transparent, dictators and their agents, will become more accountable, it is they who will run scared this time.

In Seychelles we only need an opposition that can see that, and not live in the past with their past fears, to effect change in Seychelles.

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

Christopher Gill, many of the 80000 people in seychelles have access to a computer and can view the star blog and make comments. What proof do you have that everyone that challenges your statements or writes something against you is a SNP leader or SPPF fake profile. You beleive in democracy dont you. Well start by accepting the criticism and stop acusing people that dare question you being a fake profile or / Kolaborater. That may be the first step in the right direction to stop people remembering you as nothing else than Mr Cross the floor. No one is perfect in this world and that includes you respect other peoples opinions and maybe others will respect yours.

Anonymous said...


The proof is in eating the pudding.

SNPL collaborators are the main opponents of SESEL POU SESELWA!

They oppose this principle because it will prevent the sale of land to foriegners.

These foriegners include, Heegar, Eden Island, Khalifa, Siva, Krevijic, Ramadoss,Sulieman (representative for Saudi Family), and so on.

They oppose this principle, because it prohibits taking money from foreigers who attempt to meddle in our poltical affairs.

They use fake profiles, because they are ashame of their efforts to sell our patrimony and do not want to be exposed publically of their shame.

The term Collaborator is defined in the MSR MANIFESTO and has a distinctive meaning: one who sells our patrimony to Fabrikes or non Seychellois. Collaborators sell our patrimony or help the sale,in exchange for bribe or money in the exchange of principles that protect our people and nation.

You are right, no one is perfect, but that is not an excuse to sell our patrimony, and perpetuate imperfections on our people that lead to their disenfranchisement.

Jesus said, strive to become like him. Theo De Chardin, interpreted that as meaning to attempt to achieve perfection in ones life, each day, strive for the OMEGA in ones life,every day is to be Christ like as much as is humanly possible.

In Seychelles politics and life, today that has been reduced to a common denominator.


Anonymous said...

Christopher thank you for attempting to remove the blindfold over our eyes. You are our only hope so far. Keep exposing them. You are doing an excellent and we all love you for it.

Anonymous said...

Reply to "Hope"-

I could not do this work, if I did not have an extensive support base of patriotic Seychellois, helping me everyday.

It is to them that we owe the thanks, I am only one component of the effort.

Everyday, there are more and more Seychellois standing up for "SESEL POU SESELWA".

These patriotic SESELWA do not ask for a fat cat salaries or fat cat perks to do the job our motherland cries out for.

They do it for love of Country no questions asked.

They are the example that we must all follow.

We must all salaute them and honour each little victory they achieve.


Anonymous said...

If only MSR commence by telling the people.
Positively how they can turn the country around into a more productive system.

Respects each other opinions.

STOP bagging the opposition,they are there because the are "smarter" they are expert in manipulating the "mass" ,they know how to skilfully handle the populations, be as it is, right or wrong, They have the power,
When they lose power then,,
there will be time for retribution. that can only happen after a successful election where a new government is form.
good luck with the fight for real democracy in Seychelles.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Previous Anonymous:

The Mouvman commenced by saying exactly how it will make our motherland a better place to live. You need only read the MSR Creed, which is posted on its Facebook page, to see what we in The Mouvman stand for and what positive changes we intend to bring to our motherland.

To summarize, first and foremost we want to make sure that we Seselwa Rasin own our patrimony and that foreigners and Fabrike are not treated better than we are in our own country. An MSR government will make sure that never again will we Seselwa Rasin be policed by foreign mercenaries in our own homeland to the point where even our prison guards are foreigners. An MSR government will make sure that never again will Irishmen, or any other foreigner, speak on our behalf, and claim to be our consulate or this or that representative when a Seselwa Rasin is available to do the job. An MSR governemnt will make sure that never again will a foreigner be given a job at better pay in our own homeland when a Seselwa Rasin can do it better. So this is first.

Secondly, an MSR government will insitute genuine democaracy for us Seselwa Rasin both for those who live in our homeland, and recognize the right of all Seselwa Rasin, wherever they live in the world, to participate in this genuine democracy. Then, we Seselwa Rasin, can change our government whenever we want without fear of torture, imprisonement, victimization or even death. So an MSR governemnt will instiute reforms to bring forth genuine democaracy for all Seselwa Rasin.

Thirdly, those leaders of the Collaborators who have tortured and killed Seselwa Rasin, or who have ordered it or allowed it to occur, or stolen our patrimony, will be brought to justice for their crimes against their own people - the Seselwa Rasin. We will seek justice for however long it takes and the relatives of the Collaborators who benfited from their crimes will not escape justice either. So no matter where these Collaborators hide, and no matter how long they hide, no matter who they kill or torture, those of us Rasin who are left will bring them to justice - even if they are in wheel chairs breething from tubes stuck in their noses. We Seselwa Rasin will not be denied justice and will not foreget or forgive the crimes that have been and are still being committed against us.

That is not to say we do not have mutliple other problems that need open discussion and solutions. But the problem of controling our own motherland, of genuine democracy and of seeking justice takes presedence.

We in the MSR do not hide our intentions or manipulate public opinion with salemanship. We say what we mean and we mean what we say - period. So read our Creed. Then you will know what positive changes we have already said that we will bring when we Seselwa Rasin seize power from the Collaborators and their foreign and Fabrike friends.

Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin in 1964, Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin Now and Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin Forever.

Anonymous said...

MSR does not respect any Collaborator that is of the opinion that Seychelles patrimony can be sold.

MSR does not respect the opinion of any Collaborator that lives off corruption and steals the people's money and makes life harder for the Seychellois people because of corrupt practice.

MSR does not respect sell outs, be they come from SPPF PL SNP, DP, or any other entity which includes MSR, if there are any moles purchased by PL.

Our motherland is not for sale, our passport is not for sale.

If you beg to differ, do not expect MSR to pat you on the back.


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