Monday, February 7, 2011

                Seychelles Ambassador at Large Sells Therese Island

The SPPF granted Seychelles citizenship to Billionaire Sivasankaran Chinnakaran at an undisclosed date between 1994 wherein the Economic Development Act was enacted and 1998 by the time the Act had been abolished under pressure from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) that monitors money laundering around the world.

Mr. Sivasankaran has never spent Five (5) consecutive years in Seychelles to be eligible for naturalization. Hence, he has been made a citizen at the will of the President of Seychelles under the bogus Immigration Decree.

SNP Silent of Ambassador At Large Nomination
Mr. Sivasankaran, known as Siva, was appointed Ambassador at Large for Seychelles, under the James Michel Government in 2008. At the time, his nomination coincided with the nomination as Ambassador at Large James Richard Mancham, also first President of Seychelles. Mr. Mancham’s nomination was shut down in the National Assembly, while Siva’s nomination passed without a hick. The SPPF PL voted in favor of the
nomination and the SNP bench abstained and remained silent at voting. Not a word came from SNP bench or leadership. Silence was the rule of the day.

As an Ambassador at Large, his Excellency Sivasankaran Chinnakaran is now a public figure in Seychelles social and political life. Hence, his transactions, are now subject to the public’s scrutiny, particularly, wherein government properties and monies are involved. Private concerns will also now be our concern, as he is a public figure, that represents us all around the world.

Mr. Siva has been involved in numerous land transactions in Seychelles. When taken together, the massive purchasing spree, which included Le Rocher, the Warf, reclaimed lans besides the Warf for extension of the same, Coetivy Island, Therese Island, numerous villas, Marie Galante and at one time he has been offered Grand Anse Mahe beach and all the property next to it by the James Michel administration. The list is endless it seems. One only ask why does not Siva buy out James Michel from State House.

Perhaps that is why he was here for almost a month taking residence at Four Seasons, while his 737 private jet rest at the Seychelles International Airport parking area. In that time, we have been told from good sources, and therefore reasonably believe, unless proven otherwise, he has found it timely to recruit the MSR Administrator Lise D’Miello in possible employment through contacts with PL top brass.

What Happen To Therese Island
 Therese Island was purchased by Sivasankaran Chinnakaran on April 5th, 2007, from a company called Estates Investments (Seychelles) Limited. The island comprised of 74 Hectares of land situated off the coast of Port Glaud.

On April 16th, 2009, Sivasankaran Chinnakaran transferred his interest and ownership of Therese Island, to Therese Properties Limited, represented by Sudalaimuthu Pillai Chinnadurai a director of Therese Properties. Priscille Chetty Attorney at Law , witnessed the sale.

The value of the property is  Twenty –Five Million Rupees (Rs. 25,000,000.00) in the Transcriptions, but Fair Market Value at the time for such a prime island is more like Euro 25,000,000.00 or Rs. 418,750,000.00.

This represents a  difference in value of  Rs. 393,750,000.00. This would equate to Rs. 59,062,50.00 in possible assessed Stamp Duty if the property was properly valued. There is no indication that it was valued or appraised before Stamp Duty was taxed.

The Registrar of Lands does not appear to have questioned the value of the transaction and hence, only One Million  Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Seychelles Rupees (Rs. 1,250,000.00) was collected in Stamp Duty.

No Sanctions
As the Transcriptions indicate, all parties were “Seychellois” and no Sanction for the transactions were required for the sale.

Thank you SPPF PL .

People of Seychelles, our patrimony is being sold under the SPPF PL. Open your eyes for the next generation will be land less like the Egyptians are today!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

SNP abstain on writing articles on Siva, why???????

Anonymous said...

Seychellois please wake up. We cannot allow Indians to rule us. Soon they will introduce caste system in Seychelles just like in India and we Seychellois Rasin will become the untouchables just like they have done in Mauritius.

Sesel Pour Seselwa.

Anonymous said...

The Indians will nevr rule sesel as there isn't enough water for theme to lav fes with.


Anonymous said...

It is not a question of Indians ruling us or any other nationality ruling us.

It is a question of us Seselwa Rasin ruling oursleves.

For this we demand SIVA, as we demand that Khalifa, stay out of the internal affairs of Seychelles.

Both prop a failed regime that has its roots in deep communism.


Anonymous said...

That you have something to write too otherwise you will have nothing to write about

Anonymous said...

SNP does not say anything about SIVA?

Is Siva a good Seychellois now, SNP?

How much did Siva pay for these credentials?

Anonymous said...

Pp has turned our country at the service of plunderers.It has turned the country into a functionary for the interests of its gang and foreigners.It is draining us of our sovereignty by depriving us of the ability to even protect ourselves from negative effects of the actions of outsiders.By seeking a quick fix to the economic mess it has itself created,our land are being evicted to make way for foreign takeover under the guise of potential investors.Pp and his conquerers will argue that their activities will benefit our country but even that does not disguise what is essential a process of dispositions.Pp has in the last thirty four conveniently chosen to ignore the nuture of our coutry and it wants to nurture our land not according to its nature and facts,but acoording to its vicious dreams,no matter even if its contary to its nature.

Is Siva a good Seychellois now?No he was never and will be never a Seychellois.Seychellois are those who were born or foreigners accepted as Seychellois befre 1976 not those who obtained our pasports illegally or buy them.Why? becuase our laws do not stipulate that pp has the right to sell or gifted our our nationality to foreigners and since it was illegally from the start it will stay so until the end.

Sesel pou Seselwa!

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

If we get a few dollars from Siva to help us dislodge SPPF, Parti Lepep, then it is very welcomed.

Anonymous said...

SNP takes dollars from SIVA and it is ok?

What favours will you owe to SIVA?

What if SIVA is deeply involvied with SPPF and he gives you a few dollars to keep you in the Opposition?

STUPIDO has taken on a new demension.


Anonymous said...

Michel continues to gift our patrimony to foreigners ,another R1 lease was made at Anse Marie -louise to another Arab.
We must stop this crazy donkey called Michel and his collaborators now.They are dispossing us from our patrimony.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

It seem Michel are not getting the message what Seselwa are asking him.

Do we have to bring the message to your door step at State House like in Egypt Michel?

Revolution will come if PP want things to go there way and continue selling our lands with those conqueror and dont hear Seselwa.

Rise up Seselwa let saw those conqueror Sesel pou Seselwa and it will stay for Seselwa.


Anonymous said...

Johnny no warry,these transactions done by Pp are all illegal and since they are all illegal once Pp is toppled we will take back our land,And those foreigners who would like their money back thez would have to go to Michel,Rene ,Glenny ADam,And collaborators not Seychellois people.They should know that those deals they are doing are illegal and that just by checking the rules of law of this country,.They have decided to ignored that ,thez have put their fate in a gang of criminals.

But whatever they think they should keep this in mind,Sesel pou seselwa.

Jeanne Darc

Singletarysfpd said...

SNP abstain on writing articles on Siva, why???????

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