Friday, February 25, 2011

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Air Seychelles CEO sacked

Air Seychelles CEO sacked

By Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN | Feb 24, 2011 (eTN) - The board of directors of Air Seychelles has taken the unusual step of sacking the company’s CEO, a Mauritian citizen often in the cross hairs of the media and equally often said to be at loggerheads with key staff. No specific details have been ascertained yet, other than a replacement will most likely come from within the Seychelles, i.e., halting the trend of recruiting expatriates.
Some staff this correspondent is in more regular contact with, while generally shy to discuss the issue, have, however, expressed relief over the development and voiced their hope that the new CEO will be able to work hand in hand with staff and board and drive the airline forward.
Only recently, as reported here, was a new board appointed for the airline and the Executive Chairman Capt. David Savy been retained in his position. He, it is understood, will for the time being hold fort at Air Seychelles but be sure to read updates first here.


Anonymous said...

End of an era at Air Seychelles, but the begining of another episode where SPP trained people get the best at the top .. do difference...perhaps even worse..

Anonymous said...

These are the small fish, changing SAM to replace him by TOM does not real change anything,the good thing in all that though is at least we have a Seychellois in this position.Air Seychellois problem is DAVID SAVY ,this the guy who is pocketing the profit the company is making. As long as this thief holds the helm of Air Seychelles the companywill continue to crawl about for survival.To fix things one must deal with the core of the problem and gain the problem is D.Savy.

Jeanne DÂrc

Anonymous said...

End of an era at Air Seychelles, but the begining of another episode where SPP trained people get the best at the top .. do difference...perhaps even worse..

Anonymous said...

MSR claims victory for the sacking and the replacement of the Board.

Now, David Savy has to go.

We congratulate the new SPPF appointment Mr. Albert, a Seychellois, and will be watching him carefully, since he comes from bad stock.

He must abandon the Communist mentality that has formed him fast, or else he will take credit for Bankrupting Air Seychelles.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that's exactly why he is palced there, to take the heat that's about to come.

Anonymous said...

Where do I even start with this?

Guys, seriously, this is NOT a good move! Does anyone know what we are talking about here or the ramifications that it has?!

The ONLY good thing that came from this decision is that a local is now the ACTING CEO. That means he should have the interest of Seychelles at heart and we do not have to pay the large salary to a foreigner. That is it!!

In hind sight, the appointment of the former Mauritian CEO can also be questioned- straight from univeristy to work in the Corporate Planning Dept. of Air Sey.Savy met him accidentally on a plane! He didn't even try to recruit the best out there. And wasn't it Savy who went on TV a few years ago to say that the Mauritian was selected because he has the only person in the Indian Ocean with a PHD in Aviation? So what then does the new Acting CEO have?? Surely something better one would assume right?? I can tell you, a correspondence course degree for Young Leaders (Pawn), with the assistance of the PL govt. What a joke.

Which brings me to the below points:
- The new CEO is only ACTING. That means that he can either consolidate his position during the next few months to ensure he maintains the post (depending on how much real power he has) or the PL govt is looking for someone else and using him in the mean time. I would hope that it is the latter - similar to PUC.Which leaves me wondering how desperate was Savy and Board and the govt to appoint this Acting CEO.

Often in life, when something is too good to be true, it often is too good to be true!! I come from the school of practicality and logic. This appointment has soo many red flags attached to it. Like Albert Rene needed a fall guy to get blamed for the economy, seems like Savy is now using the new Acting CEO as the fall guy when Air Sey goes belly up.

On that note, let us look at the newly appointed Acting CEO.
- Like the previous CEO, he worked in Corp PLanning, has no experience managing anyone or in another airline. How will he then manage a company of approx 1000 staff and bring any new direction? He is inheriting a small airline, that is losing money and intellectual staff on a yearly basis. The govt from what i hear does not want to give it any more assistance. To top it all off, the industry just experienced a multi-year high in oil prices. Seems like a hot potatoe to me.
- The new Acting CEO I'm sorry to say has no leadership qualities. Those who have seen him know he is a loner and lacks any charisma.
- Obviously his appointment has nothing to do with his ability as a professional but because he went through the PL brainwashing factory of Young Leaders(Pawns)correspondence course because the elections are approaching fast and they needed a fall guy.

Air Sey obvious problem is one of strategy. The previous CEO was head of Corp Planning and the new Acting CEO worked with him in this dept. The Acting CEO has no international airline exposure apart from maybe the occassional IATA conferences, some training and maybe negotiating the joint venture with Air France. So, if we want to take Air Sey forward, you would need new blood and new direction - NOT someone from the same stock , which will be even easier for Savy to contral and manipulate and the staff will not respect. Believe me, they are already talking.

Anonymous said...


Air Sey has over hundred's of millions of USD in assets (aircrafts), a workforce of approx 2-4% of the total working population that ultimately effects approx more than 5%. Anything that Air Seychells does, will effect not only the airline, but effect all of us who have guesthouses, hotels, taxi's, carhires, charter boats, tourist stalls, restaurants etc. This ultimately effects eash every one of those households...Get the hint??
We are taking this appointment too lightly.

So the govt and the so called Board of Air Seychelles is now telling us that this is the best that Seychelles has?? Are you kidding me? I for one will not agree to having a rookie who has no real world international experience in airlines(who have a successful management models) and will only regurgitate Savy's wishes, the previous CEO's teachings and quote sayings/poems on Facebook.

The PUC used a good example by taking a local who has that exposure in a reputable international company and is not from the PUC system who can bring new direction. The govt still has a chance to make this right. My suggestion is to search for a new CEO who has that exposure and background, and leave the new Acting CEO as a deputy. The deputy could learn from the new CEO.

There are many of our fellow Seychellois who used to work with Air Sey and went overseas to work for profitable airlines with over hundreds of destinations/aircrafts/staff and have new ideas that would benefit Air Sey and the country. Why not approach these Seychellois? Some of them even have twice and three times more practical and realistic experience than the Acting CEO. This is a no brainer.

For me and many of my fellow Seychellois who i spoke to, this is a SAD day.

We are being taken for fools and our intelligence insulted.

PErsonally, I have nothing against the new Acting CEO. But come on people, are we going to stand up and accept the appointment of this guy with a clear lack of ability/calibre, as heading (you could argue) one of the top 5 business and influential posts in the country?

In Seychelles, we tend to use the term 'CEO' rather loosely. Look in the real world and see examples of a real aviation CEO and tell me, would the Acting CEO do us any justice?

Why not take one of the older Air Sey staff even? Someone from Flight Ops or Engineering? They would at least get some respect and credibility.

This appointment is no more than an indication that the s*** is about to hit the fan.

I for one am not an idiot and so gullable. Instead, I am humiliated.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree on many things that were said.But nevertheless as he is a Seychellois and if he has any sense of patriotism this should double his motivation and might help him in his endevour and hopefully deliver more than a foreigner who main concern what not how to make the company successful but how to fuflfill his pocket with Seychellois Tax payers money.We should give him a change to prove himself first.It is also true that there are many qualified seychellois abroad mostly in Australia and Canada,but communists as a principle never trust intellectuals who are not part of their system,a good example is the Seychellois who is now working for the World bank .He could have been a good economy Minister instead of Faure a cuban educated communist with no knowlegde of how modern economy works and participated in the bankruptcy of our economy.I could also name another Seychellois among others, who is a professor in one of Japan"s most prominent University,he could fit well in the position of Payet who have no experience in managing a University .

Jeanne d'Arc

Anonymous said...

The long comment has got it right there like a hammer on the nail, just as I mentioned in the first comment in a few words... It is unfortunate to find that there is still a communist program that attemps to breed people to become leaders. what a waste. The world has evolved in the way it produces the best and their leaders, yet some are stuck in the past.

Anonymous said...

Guys, why are you all getting worked up over the "appointment" of the new Acting CEO? David Savy will continue to lord over the company as he's always done. It's his divine right. Poor Gary will be there just for show.

Anonymous said...

Air Seychelles - sorry Air Savy is dying a slow death. David Savy meanwhile continues to line his pockets and James Michel is unable to lift a little finger to bring him in line.Donn li 5!!

Anonymous said...

I fully concur with the comments that Mr. Albert will be used to cover up David Savy's scams and failures.

Rajiv must also be investigated and charges with fraud and mis use of funds, if found to be the case, and not allowed to go free of consequence.

Investigation will tie Savy to the scams if there are any.


Anonymous said...

Reply to Sad Day-

We must learn to celebrate small victories for the People of Seychelles, in order to win larger battles.

The removal of Rajiv has been called for for a long time, not because he is a foreigner, but because we was incompetent. The numbers show that.

For this we must celebrate.

Mr. Albert is a Seychellois, though he is form communist stock. But in that there is another small victory. If he is used, will be up to him.

The crux of the problem at Air Seychelles is David Savy, so the next victory is to remove him.

When that is done, Air Seychelles can be fitted with professionals that run the airline. They are out there, doing bus excursions, travel agencies, hotels, selling cars God knows what else, because they have been displaced by nepotism.

We need to stay strong, look to the brighter side of our malaise when faced with a dictatorial system that tells us Night is day, and day is night.

In the meantime, STAR and other sites will be here to keep the pressure on the seepage of failure.


Anonymous said...

Rumour is he got dumped because the contract to fly to the Falklands netted only a small profit compared to the previous airline which netted millions!

Anonymous said...

'There is this perception that government is selling Seychelles land to foreigners. Seychelles has 45,539 hectares of land. Of this, 2,800 hectares have been sold to foreigners. This represents 6.15% of our territory.

What we must explain clearly is that 95.5% of this 6.15% has been sold privately to foreigners. Yes, the government has sold land. Go and have a look around, and see who has benefited from the distribution of land in Seychelles.

They are Seychellois citizens who had dreamed of one day having their own houses, and to whom government has sold land at subsidised and affordable prices.

Other than for exceptional reasons – in the national interest – government does not sell land to foreigners. But in cases where it is in the national interest, the government does lease land to foreigners for development projects, such as hotels, which bring huge benefits for Seychelles.

Let us remember: it is the government that has made sure that the ordinary Seychellois gets his or her plot of land.' (Extracted From State of The Nation Address)

Anonymous said...

JAM, at the begining of your speech you quote 'With 47% of our territory designated as nature reserves, Seychelles is first in the world in conservation and environmental management.' Therefore, if my sums are correct we only have 24,136 hectares of land including agricultural land, CBD, recreational and unbuildable land. I will apply a 15% conservative formula to allow for the above needs. We are therefore left with only 20,500 hectares out of which, according to you 2,800 hectares have been 'given' to foreigners. I personally believe that Foreigners own in excess of 10,000 hectares when you consider all the various citezenship scams involved in the land scams ! You see JAM, you cannot carry on foolong Seychellois all the time, no matter how much drugs, party, carnival, Indian Ocean Games and booze you allow our youth to consume. You have already allowed all the best 'virgin' land out of the grasp of Seychellois. You are now happy re-locating Seychellois on Komblaze ! Under SPPF and your watch, half of Seychelles are now in the hands of foreigners. Now, how will I explain this to my children and grand children !

A Raze

Anonymous said...

For your information I tried buying an apartmentment in Abu Dhabi and guess what....Yes I can buy a villa or an apartment there. The building will belong to me for 75 years, (BUT NOT THE LAND) I will have to pay an annual lease which is disguised as a service fee. I wish the idiots in Seychelles would have followed this example and leased our land to the rich and famous. I remember the americans used to lease La Misere for US$ 1 million per year. That was over 15 years ago. The current going rate for this land is US $ 1million per month. It is some 5 years since we gave this land away for SCR1. The Seychellois people should have collected US$60 million for the La Misere land over the past 5 years ! Food for thought.


Anonymous said...

JJ Spirit Collaborator on Land Sales-

47% of the land cannot be built on and is national park.Did you not hear the state of the nation in denial?

The 6.75% you refer to is 90% of all the Beach front Collaborator, who will go all sorts of BS reseacrh to justify "SESEL POU ARAB", which is the JJ Spirit call to action.

Your statistic of course, does not include the 10000 fake companies, with local straw men nor doe sit include the foreigners that bought passports and call themselves Seychellois.

I understand they ( Michel) even paid Mancham some money to do an interview to say Khalifa is good for Seychelles? Is that true Collaborator?

Bascially that leaves us with 25%- 35% of the land to Seychellois.

If you include outer Islands controlled by Glenny Savy, it is down to 15% of land to Seychellois.

Now we have to break rocks, build on peaks, slopes and hunker down 10 -15 into a little apartment and raise chickens and plant spices in rubber wheels and penlac paint gallons.

Get Lost SPPF! Bunch of Sell outs!

You JJ say: "SESEL POU ARAB"!!!!!

We in MSR say: SESEL POU SESELWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The State of the Nation use to be an important speech.

Today, Michel has made it irrelevant sinc ehe just repeats himself, and shows he is just out of touch and out of luck.


Today, more information is available everywhere. Michel no longer controls information, we do.

His speech is a response to what we already know.

In Rene's times, under one party state, he told us what we know.

Michel has lost it. He is just covering up his own gross failures.

The comment on land is an example of that.

Firing Rajiv is another example.

If Michel had any real leadership in him, he would fire David Savy and take a recommendation from STB and SHTA on the appointment of the new leadership of Air Seychelles, and get the country moving again.

He has no leadership foresight,so he just keeps the same system of nepotism inplace and we stay bankrupted as a country, under Michel, that's you, JAMES.


Leonard Francis Gill said...

Michel the Collaborator is proud of the alleged 47% of our motherland's territory that is designated nature reserves.

The Collaborators have reserved land for birds, they have reserved land for turtles, they have reserved land for trees. They have reserved land for Khalifa and other crooked Arab investors, they have reserved land for some Fabrike and for foreigners paying the Collaborators bribes, BUT, little is reserved for the Seselwa Rasin people in our own motherlnd.

Where are the public parks for us Seselwa Rasin to use in Beau Vallon? Where are the public parks for us Seselwa Rasin to use in L'Intendence? Where are the public parks for us to use at countless beachfront locations that you Collaborators have sold for a pittance so you can fill your own pockets with bribes? Where are the Seselwa Rasin's reserves in our own motherland?

Yes we need nature reserves to preserve our patrimony, but we also need to preserve our way of life by creating an extensive system of public parks for us - the Seselwa Rasin people so that we do not need to make an appointment to go to Beau Vallon like we now need to go to our own island - Silhoutte and many others. All while foreigners and some Fabrike can come and go as they please.

Sesel Pou Seselwa In 1964, Sesel Pou Seselwa No and Sesel Pou Seselwa Forever.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to add a differnrt comment under this theme.

Cheap Statistics and Politics of the President in his recent speech

I choose only one statement to reveal the truth as time is too precious.

JM said ‘There is this perception that government is selling Seychelles land to foreigners. Seychelles has 45,539 hectares of land. Of this, 2,800 hectares have been sold to foreigners. This represents 6.15% of our territory (Nation 26.02.2011)

In reality, the statistics are flawed and misleads the people of Seychelles. I will show you the correct values. The rest is for you to digest.

Facts about land in the Seychelles:

-The total land area: 455.3 square kilometres or 45,500 hectares

-But the Government total land area is only a fraction of the total land available (For Mahe government land area is 1/3 the total land area).

In reality to calculate the percentage of land sold to foreigners should not be calculated as a fraction of the total land area, but rather based on the land which actually belongs to the government. Government cannot include existing Seychellois own private land as part of the calculation.

The percentage of land actually sold to foreigners is as follows:

Land sold to foreigners = 2,800 hectares (Nation 26.02.2011)
Land actually belonging to the government (Mahe): 15166.6 hectares

2,800/15166.6 = 18.5 %

It is actually three times more than what is stated. It is close to 20% of our land sold out, not 6.15%.

The really bad news is that the picture is even worse if you consider that most of the land sold are really the prestigious parts of the coastal zone which represents only 1102 hectares. The rest is steep slopes particularly on Mahe or what we call “RANPAR”. Probably, there are close to no land available along the coast left. The cake has been distributed unequally and there is no more left.

Anonymous said...

James Michel can twist, turn, raise his right hand, his left hand then both together, he can repeat it as often as he's told to. The fact remains that he he's sold the best part of our country to his arab friends.He can accuse everyone of "zenofobi" and "politik bon marse" as much as he wants, but we should continue to remind him and the people of Seychelles of this sad fact and make him pay for this in the ballot box. Seselwa, let's reclaim our country before it is too late!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, desparate times call for desparate measures. James Michel on Friday threw away his presidential mantle, which he had been wearing with some measure of success, to jump into gutter politics. Three months before a presidential election, it was James Michel the SPPF/Parti Lepep candidate making the so-called State of the Nation address and not the Head of State.He is suddenly seeing "viktwar" everywhere. In fact, that he's managed to make it to the presidency and stayed on that long is a "viktwar" in itself.

Anonymous said...

The salvo for "politik bon marse" having been given by the Great Leader himself, Marie-Louise Potter will on Tuesday call her troops of yes-men and women to arms: Insult as much as possible anyone and anything that is not red.No worries, msye spiker will not stand in their way. Watch out for the champions: Mitsie Lari,Andre Pool, Madanm Gamatis, Ansley Constance.It will be rounded up by dear old Commarmond, who, depending on the time of the day, would not remember whether he is insulting his party or the opposition.
Viktwar pour nou lasanble responsab!!

Anonymous said...

Sak paspor Sesel ki nou vann i en viktwar pour Misel ek SPPF/parti lepep.
Sak bout later ki nou donn nou bann dalon i en viktwar pour Misel ek sppf/parti lepep.
Sak bat latet ki Seselwa i avale i en viktwar pour Misel ek SPPF/pati lepep.
Sak vot ki Seselwa i donnen pour anvoy Misel ek son bann klik al pran zot retret i en viktwar pour Sesel ek Seselwa.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ramkalawan follows STAR. I hope he can quote these land statistics in his reply this week !

Anonymous said...

Ramkalawan? One of his own associates helped Khalifa do his deal! Do you really expect Ramkalawan to do anything?

Anonymous said...

Ramkalawan get a personal copy of each comment on STAR.

Anonymous said...

Kingdom Properties backed by Prince Talal Saudi Prince owns Raffles Praslin by 91% shareholdings.

Ask JAM who owns the 9% remaining shares of Raffles.


Anonymous said...

Let's be clear who's been in power and has been abusing their power for the last 34 years. The last time I checked, although Ramkalawan's parents may have at one time been members of the ruling party, the guy has never been in power.He's not sold any state land to foreigners.His lawyer friend you're talking about was doing his job as a lawyer. No more no less.Let's all be clear who the culprits are in this case.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny that when Ramkalawan was not yet LOP he spent all his time attacking Mancham, now it appears that for some SNP fanatics one cannot say anything about Ramkalawan!

Anonymous said...

Let's not defend the undefendable.

Ramkalawan's frend is Bernard Georges, MNA Les Mamelles , who sold land as a Notary to Khalifa. He did not do one tran
saction but many for Khalifa.

The Cabal of silence in SNP allows them to scam each other and the People, no different then what SPPF royalty does.Exception is who SPPF have murdered.

What Ramkalawan and company have shown us is that one does not have to be in power to abuse the confidence of the people. You can be in the opposition, cut deals with SPPF foriegners, collaborators, and make money at the expense of the well being of the people.

It is shameful, because these people could have run their business, practice their law, without selling us.

When Ramkalawn was an INFORMANT paid by Ogilvy Berlouis at State House to report on Seychelles College protesters, he was not in government but he made money off the collusion with SPPF.

He did the same thing when he went to State House to negotiate a 38% salary increase and a 70% pension for life for politicians.

As long as the Opposition has skeletons in the closet, PL SPPF will use these skeletons to keep power.

The sooner we air them out, the better chance Seychelles will have to be free.

It is time to focus on Air Seychelles, and removing David Savy as Chairman, this national air carrier will see its last days if we do not push a move by inept Michel.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment, it is time for David Savy to leave and get a job on his own steam, stop relying on Air Seychelles as if it s his birth right.

We are not slaves to the Savy Rene Michel family.

Proud Air Seychelles Staff

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Fayette Chiropractic Center Dr.

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