Monday, February 7, 2011

News on the street!


Anonymous said...

Komsi zot in fer "Lasanble Rigol" la.

Minis Sat

Anonymous said...

Sounds like JP has destabilized SNP and Ferrari, at one go.

SNP- your talk shows your hate and your failure. Rise above it.

Be more then what you have become.

Unite the Opposition as Ramkalawan promised he would. Failing that, you all better cross back to SPPF where you were all born.

Ferrari- you were in the Coup. You are a co-conspirator along with your Father for taking a country and murdering all those who died that day.You leave SPPF PL there, so you do not have to face trail along with Rene, Michel, others.

Ramkalwan- you were an INFORMANT paid by Ogilvy Berluis on the Seychelles College Protests.Ask Berlouis for your pay slip if you forgot.

Your Father Built Zomn Lib.Underneath it, lies dead bodies of fallen Seychellois.

ZOMN LIB- you were proudly designed by Pauline Ferrari, Jean Francois Ferrari's sister, who now works for State House and has been draped with the title Vice Consul of France.

All that, yet you claim Rs. 700.00 per hour in salary, Ramkalawan and Potter (PL) claim 1800 per hour per month and you forget the People.

Shed your wicked hearts and unite the Opposition.

Failing that, you have no value to the People of Seychelles.

The traitor is Ferrari and Ramkalawan, who today, have not enough courage to say :SESEL POU SESELWA!

Why? Because they have taken money from the foriegners PL brought to Seychelles, to sell our country to. Now they cannot say anything about those elements that will wipe Seychellois off the map.

If they do, swift codes transfers, cancelled checks will start rolling.

MSR thanks JP Isaac for a hero's job exposing these sell outs!

Now John Bull and Goyze-Ferrari, Roger Moore 000 chief spy can say something.


Anonymous said...

Gozye you are so childish how can we take you seriously. Go get a life you big stoopid boum boum!


Anonymous said...

christopoher gill do u think an ass like u will be able to do what wavel has done in 20 years if u were given a lifetime?? the answer is NO. ou deza gany kas latet?? NO. ou deza bez bary faur en kalot?? NO. ou deza fer en rally 8 mil dimoun?? NO. ou annan sepa 8 sipporter e sa ou zardinyen, ou sekreter, ek 4 lake lera. ou pa ti pou vot pour en salary increase?? si ou reponn ou dir NO, oun en SAT. selman ou konnen ki manyer pou met petar. akoz ou pa met enn dan ou fes. silvouple.

Anonymous said...


Please stick to the issues.

You are digressing severely.

Gozye Ferrari- silly is the comments attributed to you. Not I.

I am serious, and so is MSR in its efforts. I do not fool people into believing I am working for them while I take huge salaries and hide my complicity in taking the country and being involved in murder as a co conspirator.

We expose your silliness which today shows you are a silly excuse for an opposition that has lost its way.

What have you done lately?

Wavel Defender sent by a false prophet of a real God:

Wavel punched Barry Faure over girlfriend issues at Anse Royale, not over serious politics.

So I would not run around quoting Wavel punching Barry Faure as a KUDOS.

Priests should not have girlfriends, they should not be millionaires while under vocation either, and they should not punch anyone for that matter, not even the devil.

They should unite the opposition, instead of dividing it into parts on their watch.

Failing that, we must work to expose them and remove them, because they become an instrument of Communist status quo and power, that prolongs the people's suffering.

The People, includes me and my children and family, as it does yours.


Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

what huge salary r u talking about?? the money the snp candidates earn goes into feeding there families, being able to afford a sense of security, and quite a bit of it they use as campaign funds. u calling wavel a sellout is atrocious if taken seriously, and if taken as a joke it must be sarcastic humour coming from the guy that crossed the floor, and when he got there could only sit and blink like a malfunctioning headlight.

do u want to know what is a responsible opposition?? in my mind character traits such as saying the right thing at the right time, not spilling out bullshit just cause u dreamt it last night, sticking to wat u believe in and following it through to the ultimate end will help u build popularity and trust with the ppl u want to stand for.

as for dis-prolonging this suffering, what does'nt kill u only makes u stronger. but u should make sure it does'nt make u bitter. i can allready feel it in your words.

as for barry's dife, well deserved does not seem to quite say it right.


Anonymous said...

SO says GOZYE:

"Priests should not have girlfriends, they should not be millionaires while under vocation either, and they should not punch anyone for that matter, not even the devil."

I say
Lawyers should not steal land from the state Lie and corrupt govt officials and be shameful by crossing floor and taking pension 3000 when doing nothing but blablabla in front of a computer

Get a life big boumboum


Anonymous said...

Petard, Zarikover-

The new fake profiles that represent SNP opinion and position.

You sound so desparate I will refrain from answering you aside from saying, that Sesel Pou Seselwa means all political party colors must be set aside to save the People of Seychelles.

Your politics of association by color, is 20th century passe. Today, we need more then what you offer.

Your claim that SNP MNAs need to feed their families with their fat cat salaries, is a false claim.

Does Ramkalawan need 38,000.00 per month to feed his family?

Does Bernard Georges need 14000 per month to feed his family?

Does Colin Dyer need 14,000 per month to feed his family?

Does Derjacques need 14,000 per month to feed his family?

Does Gozye Ferrari need 14,000 per month to feed his family?

Gervais Henri, his 14000 pe rmonth is food taken from Frank Elizabeth's mouth.

What about Seychellois people, that sit by and watch you feed yourselves, is it right to have them sit and watch?

On the issue of Barry Faures fight with Wavel, it was not Barry Faures girlfriend at issue,so be careful, there defender of the breach of the vows.

Your problem is that you will not unify the Opposition. You want to keep the opposition hostage indefinately, so you can all milk it. There will be no change under your watch because you do not want change.

You all prefer the status quo. Because you will not kill the cow that gives you milk, it's too much work for you.

Ferrari- no one ever told you you are a coconspirator to murder through the deaths of all those in the coup because Mancham had a good enough heart to ask us all to rest on the issue.

But your place in history, as Ramkalawan's will not be determined by Mancham if you do not unite the opposition and straighten your back to remove PL from power, once and for all.

Truth will determine your place!

Now go publish the Ambassador at Large article on SIVA who you protect.


Anonymous said...

well said zarikover.

and wat do u want to do gill? unite the opposition u say?? what do u want?? to stand as representative of the snp, or as the leader of the opposition?? do u know y no1 will vote for u?? because u keep on insulting the fearless man that made it possible for a lesser one like u to have the freedoms u have today. how much do u spend on neccesities a month?? we all know the mna's salary u did'nt have to tell us. but we dont know urs. and we think THAT U R THE 1N TRYING TO SPLIT THE OPPOSITION BY PORTRAYING WAVEL AS A FAT CAT. so maybe u should show us ur payslip from statehouse.


Anonymous said...

Petard and Zarikover-

You sound like Loral and Hardy.

I do not portray anyone to be anything.

I state only facts.

Now, you SNP ambassadors with the vinagar on your tongues and the destruction you have caused single handedly in the opposition rank and file realize you have a real problem now after how many years ago you broke the SNP -DP Alliance?

Since Zariko and Petard are so smart, work it out solve the problem you created.

But I leave you with these fine words for the day:

If you self rigteous self professed green bean heads do not unite the opposition, you are not relevant to any SESELWA!


Anonymous said...


I have no pay slip from STATE HOUSE.

This is what allows me the moral authority to question your pay slip, Wavels JF FERRARI and the entire SNP circus.

You all went to State House to negotiate your pay slips.

FAT CAT is someone who lives off the people's money and does not deliver the same amount in return for what they take.

This applies to SPPF and to any one who follows the SPPF ways.

We cannot be selective over abuse of Public Funds.

SPPF/ SNP MNA's eearn Rs.700.00 per hour.

SPPF/SNP MNA'Leaders earn Rs. 1,800.00 per hour.

You all have crossed the line of human decency when your people faced great suffering.

Now SNP green beans- what are you going to do about it, to re establish harmony in the Opposition.

That is the question!


PA POU BANN KINN FER ZOMN LIB : Ferrari- Ramkalawan- Rene -Michel.

Anonymous said...

Met in petar dans in Zarikover mwahahahahahaha mawahahahahahah

Monn fer en ti sanson pou ou Gozye pou pou aret pler lasasin

Petar MSR in fize
Gozye inn fini bité
Aprezan y pe plere
son parti pann enrezistre

Lo laplen y pa pou ale
Statehouse y pa pou monte
zandank pe gele
Kometan pe zoure
zot pa pou gagnn elekte



Letan ou KAKA en montan
ou mars ladan en desandan


Anonymous said...

Bann Zariko ver, zot fer la pen.

Samem sa dirizan demen????

Akoz zot pa desin Madam Zomn Lib pou nou?


Anonymous said...

yes zarikover,sa tune i lo la. christopher gill son prop sanson i pa kapab dans avek. mon pe skype ek en boug la i dir li osi i pa konnen ki manyer gill in vin en kouyon, i lager pourvwar plis ek sa ki pa opourvwar ki ek sppf. gill ou le dir mon ou en lanrz koumsa ou?? plito ou ki ti antre per ki wavel. bow down to that man he is greater than u.


Anonymous said...

Letan aswar y fer
Gozye dan son kalorifer
devan son computer
y mazin son gran frer

Fodre mon vol in later
kant mem mon pou al dan lefer
mwan mon napa leker
akoz mon in voler


Welele welele

Letan ou Kaka en montan
Ou mars ladan en desandan

Six pack said...

Be dan snp ti annan santer!!

Manman oule dir mwan master Ferrari konstrir italy pe fer krake guitar.

Sa pa lot ki son pastan lo sa gro lapey ki pe fer li pran en gran repo lo sez lasanble.

Or is it the large AK 47 he was carrying during the coup, he accuses Gill of having a statehouse pay slip whereby we all know Pauline his sister use to see to it his account was boarded in with under the table loot from state house she use to dispose of the pay slip, but with recent events she is doing it openly.

Ferrari use to drive by with their red flashy colors but with recent introduction of turbo charge Gill he is but a spec in the rear view miror.

A misguided Ex- coup instigator and a failed politician.

Don't forget his family legacy, a pretty dirty track and dredged alley.

Sesel pou Seselwa e Mont Fleuri will no longer bend over for a Ferrari cruise, the new sheriff is in town and the badge says Sesel pou Seselwa.

Six pack said...


Sing this For a change...

Gone are the days when my heart was young and gay,
Gone are the friends from the cotton fields away,
Gone are the days when my heart was burning glow,

I am hearing the sound of gill on the way.

Lest you forget "six Pack can play the piano and sing to".

Anonymous said...

Gozye y dir y pa manter
crossfloor li mem ki ti fer
in koudpye dan son deryer
sanmem ki fodre fer

Si y ti in zom in enpe fyer
Y ti pou fer son lapriyer
deman pardon tou son bann frer
pou traiyzon ki y ti fer


Welele welele

Letan ou Kaka en montan
Ou mars ladan en desandan

Anonymous said...

Zariko dans Rigol-

Sing this:

Nou tou nou la, pou mem rezon,

Pou fer monte nou salere,

Refrain: (Five girls in tenor dressed in green with red ribbons on butt,) "38% plus 70% pou lavi oooh! aaaaah! oooh! ahhhhh!"

Pou fer monte nou pensyon,

Alors nou sant sa mem sanson,

Lannen vini,

Lannen ale,

Nou tou nou la pou nou pos,

Alor message i la, pou tou ki pa war kler,

pas zammen, zammen question ban ki pos i plen!

Noun les tombe, be pa dir sa,

Reste trankil, les nous manze!

Refrain same Five girls, same chorus .

Bez donn Gill en lape! Taler wa wa wa ou mem!

Anonymous said...

Sa y patetik bro ler ou pa konn fer in keksoz les tombe! PA NI GOU!

Mwanan enkor in ti refrin pou ou

A swar dan lalinn kler
Tou lannwit y mazin Fader
Avek zalouzi dan son leker
son gro lizye y fer ou per.

Dan son rev lisifer
y donn li in zarikover
Gozye y krir O SEYNYER!
Y pou gagnn in latak leker;


Welele welele

Letan ou Kaka en montan
Ou mars ladan en desandan

Anonymous said...

Gill tou larzan kreol i dan pos Albert Rene sa enn ou les li Trankil ni en lekay ou pa tire lo li ou les li byen anmiz son retret ek Wavel ki ou annan kouyon avek sanmem sa zot grenn sesel sa

Anonymous said...

Si ou tro mazin Fader
In konsey al kot dokter
dans ou Fes y anan lever
bwar in pe margoz amer

Sa bann ki frekant Alber
in zour fes pou pet en fler
komyen larzan ou pe fer
pou trayi tou ou bann frer


Welele welele

Letan ou Kaka en montan
Ou mars ladan en desandan

Anonymous said...

SILENS napa naryen pou dir !?
Agenda Gill inn gagnn dekouver apresan y pe mazinn ki trikmardaze y pou fer pou brouy latet dimoun.....
Pa ven ou fes avek diab Gill ou pou gagnn relasman!

Anonymous said...

Tikolor may be you already sell your Ass with Arabs like Michel has sell our land with those Dezarter.
Seselwa like me and other we can not get a peice of land in our own country but those Dezarter are geting what there want from this communist sytem.

Things that Gill are talking about,it is things that is real and things that is happening and that Seselwa are seeing everyday life.Du wichser.

Arabs,Indians,Russians,South Africans ect..go Back Home befor we put you all on a plane.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Malonet napa loder
Seselwa nou lizye y ouver
Gozye y in gro looser
ki dormi avek Alber

Dan lavi si ou pa kler
pa bizoin atak ou frer
ensezour dan lalimyer
ou biznes pou bez ater



Letan ou KAKA en montan
ou mars ladan en desandan

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

A Poem For Zariko Ver

Ou reste Arpen Vert,

Ou apel dimoun "kaka lera" ,

Parey ou Gran-papa ti apel nou Mazambik,

Parey ou osi apel nou Mazambik mem ozordi, ler nou pas fer saki ou le,
parey ou Gran papa ti fer,

E reste dis pou ou zet nou dan KANAL pou war lamor parey ou Granpapa ti fer avek lesklav,

Mais nou konnen ki nou ete,

E pa ou ki pou dir nou kwa, wa, wa nou ete,

Parske ozordi ou pos i byen plen,

Avek nou larzan, ki ou ti ganny pa bat latet nou tou ki la tou sa letan,

Ou problem, ce oun sanz ou rezon,

Zot en les tombe parey en gran ros kin deboule lo montange Twa freres,


Anonymous said...

Larzan Seselwa e dan pos Albert Rene and company ($2.4 Billion).

Christopher Gill ki ti devwalye sa pti detaye publikman,ler zot ti per fer li pangar zot ti pou perdi zot so-unga dans pos ki Michel ti pe prepare pou zot.

Mais zot bann renard premiere grad dan SNP leadership enn pran zot bout avan zot en okip le pep.

Sa e sa 38% augemtasyon salere avek en 70% salere pensyon pou lavi.

Sa e semp, mem en imbesil e ava konpran sa i en labi.

Alors amas zot bata-klan si zot pa kapab "unify opposition" pou fer sanzman en fwa pou tou.

Deza zot en dormi pou 5 ans.

Zot le dormi pou ankor 5 ans?

Mais zot, fou nou a en lape, nou pa pe soufer ase?

Nou ganny viktimize pa SPPF PL, la zot dans SNP pe fer nou kwar lezou pou aswar?

Mazumbik ek lesklav ti dans letan ou grandmoun, pas ozordi Ferrari and company.

Serye Zot enpe. Aret zwe role l'opposisyon Fer la Pen mem!

A mwen, zot enn fer mwan ekrir

KREOL enkou, mersi.


Anonymous said...

Gill, live up with the reality my friend, you suppose to be an intelligent person, act koman en real professional, stop these nonsense with all these kankan and maltrete on you site. sa pa pe fer dibyen okenn de nou ki anvi en sanman dan sa pei.. Mon osi deman bann siporter SNP parey mwan pou aret repond sa bann nonsense lor site MSR, les zot dir sa ki zot oule, zwe zot bal dans zot menn, kaka zwe ladan!! We have more important stuff to tackle to remove PL in power, se sa ki enportan pou nou, non pa Gill ki en "good for nothing" a real waste of time” better we put all these effort together and remove sa bann voler ou pouwar.

Anonymous said...

Live up-

Unfortunately, this nonsense is coming from SNP: JFF. We load it on star and allow the world to see what we are dealing with.

The digression is SNP.

I lowered the debate level to reach the man.

I thank all those that contributed.


Anonymous said...

Did you take your anti- depressive medication before you wrote those non sense.Every Seychellois wants to feed their families,in order to do that one must sweat for it not serve themselves from the coffers of tax payers.What has RAM done in the last two decades?Well nothing,than filling his pocket from our money and doing nothing for the people he supports to represent.Being a collaborator to Pp gang of thugs is not donig something for one country a crime.Petar ,you have been made acustom of stealing and serving yourselves from our coffers that plundering has become commonplace for youand Pp,it will probably takes a revolution to free your mind from those communist ideology and theft.

Sesel pou Seselwa!

Jeanne DÂrc

Anonymous said...

People like Jeanne D'arc, Johnny, Six Pack, JP Isaac who openly exposed Jean Francois Ferrari illiterate state of mind,are heros of MSR.

We stand for TRUTH and we will not waiver in the face of darkness and cunningness of a fake opposition .

The good news is that we are not alone.

Today, many Seychellois are standing up to this communist regime and their fake opposition everyday.

We will take the battle to the hights of trios freres, or the gutters and rigols of Mont Fleuri, wherever debate is called.

Truth will defeat the fakers from SNPL who fill their pockets without remorse while Seychellois suffer and lose their country.


Anonymous said...

i was checking that blog and i am absolutely horrified at the degrading aspect of the comments! Is this the image of a responsible intelligent opposition? The leadership of this MSR party is just SHIT.
A new generation of responsible intelligent Seychellois will eventually bring up the debate and make us all proud to be Seychellois!
I advise all readers of this blog not to adhere to this sort of dirty dustbin politics. It is degrading.

M.A Lesperance

Anonymous said...

In politics, you need to make your address to fit your target audience.

In this case, the verbatum of Jean Francois Ferrari, MNA,Mont Fleuri SNP bench was loaded to star.

Ferrari logged on using fake profiles to denegrate myself, MSR and all that associate with us, because we exposed what he is truly like and how he manipulates the public with half baked truths.

The songs in creole, were replied, with a song in creole for the same audience.

Another song in creole was replied with a Poem in creole for the same audience.

If you are not the audience, do not take offense, you are not the intended reciever of such verbal digression.

However the digression is needed for a moment, to reach our MNA Jean Francois Ferrari, if you are not him, there is no reason for you to take offense, only remain a spectator of the disgrace we pay a salary every month: Rs. 14,000.00 and for life Rs. 10,000.00 along with all the other thieves of the People's wealth, which includes SPPF PL.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Anonymous said...

What is more disgrace are Coup detat to rob our democracy,the illegal selling of our land to foreigners,purlioning billions from the people coffers,selling our passports to foreigners to the likes of Siva,Ramaboss and others,selling arms to hutu to commit a genocide etc.Are you not concern about those issues ,pp has been perpetrating for the last thirty-four years.

Is it MSR a responsible opposition YES in deed.whY?It exposes Pp criminal activities,it tells the people the truth of what is going under Pp communist system ,it represent the voice of the people that have been qiute for the last third decades and that is also why Pp is worry,and it the party that will defeat Pp if a fair election is hold today.Shit politics is that of communism who uses the institutional trapping of democracy of which they do not comform with to save their ass.But as you have seen in north Africa when the people decided to stand up against dictators they fall hard to the ground,and if Pp does not change we will have to change him whatwever the means,this country is for Seychellois not for a gang of thugs and nor for foreigners.

Citizens as their own custodians ,must stand- up in a hurry to protect their destiny from pp communist greed.Seychellois must know the value of what they have and what they are.Today it seems after thirty four years of dictatorship we have somehow lost our way as a people.Unity seems not in our midset and this has been a proven tool that oppressors have used to conquer and enslave others.This must change and we have to stand -up now against those crooks,otherwise we will end up being foreigners in our own land as the Fijians,Mauritians,etc.
Seychellois will not listen to a collaborator of communist thugs like you who have been feeding on the people's sweat to enrich yourselves.

Sesel pou Seselwa.

Jeanne D'arc

Anonymous said...

Lesperance wants to shoot the messenger because the message is disappointing he/she by shattered his/her fake reality.

Well, this is our reality.Face it and move on.

We have an Opposition party that has key leadership players in it that were in the COUP of 77.

They are coconspirators to MURDER, like Rene and Michel are. No more and no less.

They are potential Vice Presidential candidates and Presidential candidates in sham elections coming up.

Presidential election candidate was an INFORMANT to State House in Student RIOTS.

He kept it silent all these years, until I had to adise of the fact.

Then he attacks me for doing his work of keeping him honest.

Now the same person tells us the Voter Inspection of 43% announced by Gappy is "HIGH". But it is not enough to grant any candidate a victory.

Talk about demagozy!

Sesel Pou Seselwa- says it will be up to Seychellois people to take their country back.

The dead beats will just count their money taken from the coffers.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Anonymous said...

You are talking about communists! Seychelles is not considered a communist Regime as far as the international community observes and the reforms being made in seychelles are not in the line of communism but more and more liberal! i think jeanne d'ark you have a problem there! Maybe you are living far back in the past or you are just paranoid!
As for the MSR ideology i think it is far worst than communism! you talk only about MONEY MONEY MONEY and seem to have no values...and no care for the people who are suffering from the financial crisis. I understand that you are fighting for your own purse...this is disturbing. Who cares that a member of Parliament be it the opposition gets a pay? Every job deserves a salary! What we want are solutions for a better future and i see that you have none except for your own benefit!
You talk a lot about corruption but bring no proof whatsoever to back up your allegations. You smear people without proof you insult people accuse people without proof.
Moreover i understand that you have no respect for human rights, i see extreme racist and xenophobic comments on your blog that sends shivers down our spine! You may have a point saying we need to have a proper immigration law which would be good but instead you insult foreigners and want to kick them all out of seychelles. Such a small country like Seychelles with few resources would certainly need foreign investment and you as politicians should encourage that instead of making a dirty xenophobic campaign.
I would certainly not trust you at all to lead politics in Seychelles. What a disaster it would be but fortunately i understand that you have very few followers except for a few seychellois that have left seychelles a long time ago and believe that seychelles is a third world communist counry!
What you are doing now is considered as gutter grassroot politics. You don't even know how to administrate a blog how will you run a country!

Think about it and i hope you will not insult me and give me names or say i am this or that person. What i have said could be constructive criticism for you to review the way you make politics otherwise you would proove that you are hopeless politicians.

M. A Lesperance

Leonard Francis Gill said...

M.A Lesperance:

You Collaborators are masters at pretending you are decent, good people. But we Seselwa Rasin know who you trully are.

You think it is good and decent to murder and butcher your own people to obtain and keep power just so you can sell us out to Fabrike and foregners to fill your own pockets. Do you need more proof of your guilt than has been published here and elesewhere, and is common knowledge to most rational Seselwa Rasin.

You think it is good and decent to bring foreign troops onto our sacred soil to murder your own people, just to get power so you can sell us out to Fabrike and foregners to fill your own pockets. Do you need more proof of your guilt than has already been establised?

You think it is good and decent to establish and run a sham democracy just so you can obtain and keep political power, just so you can sell us out to Fabrike and foregners. Do you need more proof of your sham democracy than just the refusal to register MSR and breaking and entering into MSR's office and your unconstitutional control of the media?

Yes there will be a new and decent leadership that will sweep away the corrupt Collaborators and bring them to justice for their crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people - their own people. And, this new leadership, when asked to go in genuinely free and fair elections, will do so without murdering and torturing their own people. And that will be good and decent.

Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin in 1964, Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin Now and Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin Forever.

Anonymous said...

At least i have the proof that you are HOPELESS especially the person responding to my request is a leader of the MSR.
Rest assured i will never ever ever comment on your shameful blog again as already i feel degraded by having done so. I had the hope that we would have an intelligent dialogue ......but no again names allegations and insults!!!!
Adios poor you!

M. A lesperance

Anonymous said...

Next he will call M.A lesperance a fake profile of wavel or Jean Francois just like he does to anybody that is opposition but says something to criticise MSR. It is his paranoia. Where is your concrete evidence that Wavel has attacked you for keeping him truthful
It is the same record over and over again.

Why not tell the people that you also happily collect SCR 3000 every month from us taxpayers. Scr 3000 for having done nothing in the last 20 years.

Suggest you set an example and give it back before you ask others to do likewise.

Anonymous said...

Reforms that are taking place do not come from pp communist but from international communities who they forced ppb to play the game of or at least pretend to be democratizing to satify donors itis surely not a wish of ppcommunsit .

Petar which International organisation consider Seychelles as a liberal country EAU or North Korea ,i cannot image that western countries who have a tradition of democracy will call seychelles a democratic state.Seychelles is a communist state,and i will illustrate some examples for you :it is in communism that people are jailed even before they are found guilty,it is in communism that people are tortured for opposing a ruling party,it is in communism that government do not account for their deeds,etc.I talk about money becuase it our money stolen from us by pp ,the same pp who bankrutped our country.. what do you expect us to leave pp with our stolen wealth.Finance crisis is the result of bad management /corru[ption,nepotism practice by communist Pp,SEPEC,AIRSEYCHELLES,IDC ,miilons of dollars invested through out three three years in these companies to date Pp cannot account for one single cent.

Every job deserve a salary that is also why people go to work,but taking money from the people coffers without their approval or consent is called theft.The proof for pp corruption is in the report made by Ernst and Young that Michel cannot make public,Lemmann brothers bonds,2,5 billions in Swiss banks,4,5 millions stolen by Morgan,and of course the most revealing proof is all those Pp communists who never work like Francis Savy but have become multi millionaire in dollars-where did you get the money if it was not stolen ,and especailly that they never ever taken loans from banks.

You wrong when you say MSR has a few followers,if it was the case why is PP so worry to register MSR as a political party?Why did Pp ransacked MSR office?Why eas Bonte rushed to the court room in an attempt to obstruct justice?Why did PP found it neccsary to brutalize Julio Isaac?All are sign of how importance this movement is and how representive it is for those namelz the mojority of seychellois that were deprive from the liberties all those thirty-four years.

Sesle pou Seslewa.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeanne

What you are discribing about seychelles form of govt is not neccesarily Communism....... are you making reference to an oligarchy ("rule by the few") as opposed to democracy ("rule by the people").There can be right wing oligarchy or totalitarian neo cons regims (like MSR) not really communism then ( remember people were arrested and jailed without trial in Guantanamo and other prison around Europe) People were tortured ( Waterboarding ) by US military in Irak guantanamo and afganistan ) this does not mean that the US is communist! Maybe you have to review a little bit your knowledge of political science if you wish to master are other forms of governments;;;;The time you spend on your computer insulting others could be used to improve your knowledge....Wikipedia can help..

List of government types
Communist state
Military/Military junta
Ethnic democracy
Matriarchy including gynocracy
Minarchism/Night Watchman
Puppet state
Single Party
Socialist state
Supranational union
Islamic state
Unitary state

Anonymous said...

We can even invent a new one GOZYECRAZY! In seychelles unique by a thousand miles!

Anonymous said...

How about a zenfrancoisocracy-

Asiz dan rigol, per Komplo lo lavi dimoun, aste en bwat manze fer 32 siporter manz dan mem bwat!

WAVYOCRACY- Take money from Government as much as human possible, blame opponents for not giving you enough. PLease for more, and break every agreement with Alliances possible in 5 years.

Michelocracy- break into offices to get documents on line and on facebook already. Sell out the entire country then tell Seychellois to get to work.

Anonymous said...

Pointless trying to educate Jeanne D'Arc. She's simply too blind by the MSR bullshit to understand anything else. One should not waste time her...

Anonymous said...

Pointless trying to educate Jeanne D'Arc. She's simply too blind by the MSR bullshit to understand anything else. One should not waste time on her...

Anonymous said...

I think Jeanne D'arc makes perfect sense.

She is obviously smart and no ones fool.

Anonymous said...

I will give my vote to Jeanne D'arc before giving to PL or SNP

Anonymous said...

Ti Kreol Le O says that "GOZYECRAZY" stands for Living in the past like Monsieur Lesperance has aptly described.

GillChris and GillLeorenard can do us all a favour and bez al sot dan kannalle O Por. And sa deux Kouyon were not even born in Seychelles and yet claims to be "rasin." Deux Rasist are more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

THAT MEANS you dont want to see change in seychelles you still want to keep pp on power now i understand about your ego about RAmka,that means only those who have money that can feel themselves as king in the paradise,we would burn you all rich kings in seychelles if change dont come by the next election.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there is different kind of systems but it is also true that in all of those systems only in communism that we find words like young pioneers,cammarade etc.of course after the fall of the big brother Soviet Union many of those xcommunist sateliites like Seychelles became orphans and have to dreess in the garb of democracy in order to get helps form capitalist counites they long hated and opposed.It is true if they would say they still communists they might not get helps,and this is one explanation why Pp has been changing names ,it is a way to hide their real communist face.

As to liberal:Favorable to or in accord with ocncepts of maximum individaul freedom especially those quaranteed by law and secure by governmental protection of civil leberties and so forth.Is that what Pp proposes?Is banning freedom of assembies liberal?is state controlled of public medias liberal tikolor?

Jeanne D'Arc

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Leo Proxy for Rene the Butcher:

What's the matter Leo, too much free speech here for you to handle?

You say to me and Chris to go drown ourselves in the deep blue sea off of the port in Victoria? Just like your pal Rene the Butcher has done with many of our Rasin brothers and sisters for speaking out - just so he could steal power and fill his own pockets. Well we say no to you Leo, and no to your pal the Butcher. We will not be quiet. Even from our graves our ideas will scream in your head in daylight, and in your dreams after sunset.

You will hear LIBERTE in your sleep. You will hear GENUINE DEMOCRACY. You will hear Sesel is for us Seselwa Rasin not for your Fabrike and foreign friends.

Yes Chris and I are Rasin. Not like the Fabrike that your paid goon Gappy defends as Seselwa, such as Krajcir, who appears to have paid your friend the Butcher so he can become Seselwa. That Fabrike you like because he pays your pal and does not challenge you for the crimes you have comitted.

Seselwa like me and Chris with 5 generations buried at Mont Fleuri you don't like, because we challenge you for the crimes your pal the Butcher has committed against his own people.

Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin in 1964, Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin Now and Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin Forever.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

M.A. Lesperance:

You complain about name calling. Yet you are the first to call us Xenophobic when you know that is a false accusation - we are not afraid of foreigners.

We just say our country does not belong to foreigners and Fabrike. Just like the Americans do, just like the Swiss do, just like the British do. What is it about us Seselwa that you think it is right when a foreigner lands on our shores and pays our local dictator a bribe and all of a sudden he or she is Seselwa with all rights of a Seselwa Rasin. You think that's right?

You think that if we say this is wrong we are xenophobes? You are dishonest, because you do not and cannot think that this kind of activity is right, but will not say it to protect your pocket.

You say we are racist when you know that too is a false accusation. We do not discriminate against any race of people. We embrace Rasin of all colors and races and we are proud of our culture's multicultural and multiracial roots. But that does not mean we have to give our country, our patrimony, away to Fabrike and foreigners. Sesel is for Seselwa Rasin - we will say it until our last breath, and we are ready to fight for that idea. That does not make us racist.

You injected yourself into a hot kitchen where serious ideas are cooked and discussed sometimes with the very people who are attempting to avoid being brought to justice for the crimes they have committed against their own people. And you did so with a malicious and venal tone. You got the kind of cooking you brewed. So if you cannot stand the heat, by all means find a more tolerable kitchen. But like everybody else, you are welcome to stay and discuss any idea you have; right here.

We are not like your friends the Pp Collaborators that want to control speech to keep power and fill their own pockets. Everyone has their free and open right to say what they want here.

Finally, if you are so sure we in The Mouvman have so few supports, then register our party. Why are you afraid? Is it because you fear us? You fear our popularity? You fear our ideas? I think you fear us - and rightly so, we intend to bring your Collaborators leaders to justice for the crimes they have committed against their own people and the Rasin people are with us.

Sesel Pou Seselwa in 1964, Sesel Pou Seselwa Now and Sesel Pou Seselwa Forever

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys this site is really getting very very ridiculous (no joke) why you guys continue to insult each other, I simply cannot understand.. Frankly zot parey en bann kouyon. Zot pe larger pou kwa? Pou MSR tir SNP dan lopozisyon, stupid!!! I paret zot pa konn lobsektive en lopozisyon.. la zis zot pe lager entre zot par maltreat kanmarad, (sa enn ti dan koudetan, lot ti fer zomn lib, sa enn ti cross the floor etc.). be bannla les mwan dir zot ke PL pe zis riy zot. Zot fer mwan onte koman en mann lopozisyon.
Gills with due respect please please ase donn nou gren mon zwer.. si ou pa tro konen ki rol lopozisyon zis relax ou lekor, ase fer sa ta kankan ek maltrete. I ann tro bokou ketsoz enportan pou koz lor la dan pei, annou act koman profesyonal zwer.. I would like to see some real debate on the economic situation, all the debt PL continue to accumulate, cost of living, larzen kaka, larzen lepep ki zot pe fer campaign avek. etc.. These are the topics that are affecting all Seychellois and PL pe zis kouyon dimoun toulezour lor sa bann size.
I hope you have got the message or else mon pa war nou pe tir en plim lor PL. sorry.
En Liberal SNP

Anonymous said...

En liberal SNP,
Good that you a liberal but what that change when your master RAM is a PL coloaborator.When you have hundreds of foreigners being imported and being paid ten times the amount Seychellois Doctors earn for doing the same jobs that Seychellois doctors are qualified to do,When you have a communist economical policy base on tax and duty free for big foreign companies like Eden Island project ,Tax free Casinos,and no serious tourism policy which is the pillar of our economy ..etc you end up by having a failed and bankrupted economy.Money being used by Pl to sponsor its campaign come from aids given to us by Interantional financial institutions which was aimed for ecology projects and others are being diverted from their objectives to illegal fianance Pp political campaign,there is also money coming from khalifa and others who failed to pay their taxes and duties,these money are instead being injected directly into Pl party accounts ,what explains why Pp is gifting our land for R1 to those individuals with shame.High prices partly come from the fact that there is not enough competition,most industries are monopolized by Pp cronies and indians,or pseudo-Seychellois like RAMABOSS Who are PP main sponsors.Then we have to take over our Air Seychelles from D,Savy,SEPEC from ADAM,IDC from G.Savy for all profits made by those companies have been stolen by these individuals,and we nned to look in all those illegaly isalnd leasing gifting,selling by Glenny and Pp,of which we have seen no cent in our coffers these are muliti millons tghat could be use to pay back the astronomic debts Michel left us with,develop local industries like fishing for example by buying our own seiners rather accepting peanuts from contracts made with European fishing companies,develop sustainable and small ,medium tourism industries rather those hundreds of Five stars hotels which we will never have enough rich to fill even just one of these hotels.We have to train our own poeple to do the jobs Indians are taking from us in order that money made stay in the country and at the same time give our people jobs therefore reduce unemployment in our country.Reducing unemployment means more Seychellois at work and therefore more contribution to the country economy e.g more tax can be collected etc ..etc.and etc.

One question to you though,what has RAM and SNP been doing against Pp greedfor the last two decades?,fighting it or participating in it?What does SNP as main opposition have to propose?

jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Mon dakor avek sa ki sa liberal snp pe dir mon annan gran respe pou Mr gill, mon apresye 80% sa ki i a pe dir. Albert rene kin met sa pei kot i ete ozordi,li kin vol tou nou larzan,li kin fer faid sa pei,li ki touy nou bann frer,li ki donn bann savy pouvwar sesel,li kin met lafreyer dan kreol,li ki nou sipoze pe inverstigate son kont la bank,li ki nou sipoze fatig son latet pa les li anmiz son retret dan kalm,li ki nou sipoze anmenn devan lakour ziz li fer li rannkont lepep.Ou pa tann en kouyon pe dir en parol lo li konmsi pa li ditou kinn met nou dan sa mess.I merit ganny pli gran santans ki james Michel sa boug.Aret lager avek Ramka siport li aret nerve avek sa de kas ki i gannyen.Kreol ti ganny son sans pou zot ganny plis larzan 5 an pase mon ti fatige tann Wavel donn zot warning,e dir zot ki lavi pou manyer i ete ozordi eski zot ti tande?okontrer ki zot ti fer?ou ver zot fes, sante kile lopozisyon les JJ travay,JJ pa pe travay prezan.ler zot ekri zot lartik lo star blog zot a blanm Wavel pou sitiasyon sa pei blanm Albert Rene sa gran voler.

Anonymous said...

Gill ounn tande sa ki sa boug y dir ? Y Vre
se Albert Rene ki zot ti devret atake pa loposisyon akoze se wavel ki ti lager avek son bann SNP pendan tou sa bann lane. Me ozordi ki nou war Gill pa koze ditou y pa mensyon ditou Albert Rene semen nou bann seselwa nou etonen avek sa nou pe demann nou lekor ki ou deal Gill! Akoz ou atak zis SNP wavel ek JF akoze zanmen ou mesyon non Albert Rene???? le pep y le konin!

Six pack said...

From what i heard Rene wants Jean francois as the next president.

Poor Ramka alias father won't know what hit him.

Jean Francois Ferrari is not a nice man,on coup day he kicked his British girl friend and force the parents to live the country...apparently at the airport he also kicked her again.Only an animal will do thing to a girl.

No respect for ladies just as when F.Bonte Shoved the old lady and caused her to sustain a direct blow to the head typical PP mentality from J.F.

Not only that the people of beaufond lane clearly remember when he assisted the boyfriend of a certain Nadia in beating her up badly all because she went to Katiolo and we want that as Vice president then to be President!!

Two men beatin up a woman to me is called a cowardly and this poor nadia deserves justice for J.F's actions.

Did you think you could hide this forever J.F well that Nadia used to live in Rifned Jumeau's flat in beaufond lane if anybody wishes to validate this issue.We are just lucky that J.F has no control over the NDEA yet or does he??

I rest my case........

And he had the audacity to compare his Family to Gills Family my God Who raised you Bro??

Anonymous said...

Not mentionning ALBERT RENE mate How much did he give you to smear SNP?????? promised you some land somewhere .......must nbe a big sum .......Tell the people Gill your deal is clear as the water of the Indian ocean........

Anonymous said...

MSR is not interested in replacing any opposition collaborating party with PL.

MSR just states the Truth and exposes their complicity with A Communist regime.

Ferrari has been relying on the influence of Mancham and general good nature for years, to keep us from exposing his co-conspiracy in the Coup.

Today, we must rely on TRUTH and the time for hiding Truth has ended.

As a co conspirator, he is liable for all crimes on Treason Day June 5th 1977.

Ramkalawan for his part, has become a light weight, plagering articles

from star and using it for speeches.He has broken promises to unite the opposition, and he has helped legitimize an illegitimate government.

Today in Court, MSR was followed and attended by 3 State Security men. Why?

PL is afraid of MSR Why?

SNP is afraid of MSR, Why?

Because we stand up and fight for


Anonymous said...

JF, Zariko Vert, and SNP

Read this:


The longer it takes, the less value you have to Seychelles.

How your value is reduced is nothing but simple TRUTHS speaking out.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Anonymous said...

Gill, mon kwar ou pa pou ZENMEN konpran menn si monn sey donn ou en konsey, gren menn.!! Si sa rol MSR alor plito ou aret gat letan dimoun pou lir ou bann gonaz,
En dimoun inn ekri/byen dir ou, akoz ou pa atak sa kinn met sa pei dan gren (France Albert Rene) enn ler mon kwar se ki Jean Francois ek Wavel ki ti master mind koudetan e zot ki ou pouwar depi 1977!!! FYI, Dan SNP napa zis sa de I annan ankor en ta. Alor!!!
Mon soke par lapros ou parti nou zwer. (Seriously)
I pa mon lentansyon atak nou ditou akoz mon pa kwar ladan, me selman mon pe dir ou ankor be more objective si ou anvi fer politik. Manyer mon war ou la.. napa lavi. Eksa ou pa kanmi pou dir ki PL ek SNP I per MSR.. be ou latet I bon menn ou.. lor ki planet ou ete.
En Liberal SNP

Anonymous said...

Yes Pl ;SNP Michel ;RAM they are afraid of MSR,beucase they know the registration of MSr as a Party will expose them more and defeat them in election,those fake creatures like Michel;ferrari,RAMand Co.just cannot survvie in free anf fari election.Both RAM nad Michel are afraid becuase MSR will do what RAM refuse to do as Pp collaborator,for example expose those hundreds of illegal foreigners on registration list,question PP on real issues in the Assembly like on land gifted to foeiregners,etc those are questions of concern to our people that RAM has been ignoring ,rather he goes for tea at State house in order to negociate some more Tax payers dollars for himself.

JAM and RAm are two evil twins,they must be dealt with in the same way.

Sesel pou Seselwa .
Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

En ler i dir snp i per li en ler parti pilon,ou pe dir unite lopozisyon ni en parti politik MSR pa ankor vini,vinn en parti apre ou akoz lo unite lopozisyon,mon pe fek pe lir people plus zot pe araze akoz wavel pe dir avek Dp unite lopozisyon
en ler mon kwar ki ou ganny peye avek parti pilon pou servi sa kalite taktik pou derob kreol mon dir ou ankor enn fwa e mon pou kontiyen dir ou ankor Albert Rene ki dwa nou pa wavel,wavel en boug ki responsab i annan 20 tan mon pe swiv sa boug mon ekout li byen menm letan i koze,Jf in fatige dormi dan kaso ganny bate,ganny kas latet,e osi Wavel parey,kestyon pou ou in deza ariv ek ou?

Anonymous said...

Gill y lo planet tryizon. Tou son lavi inn fer sa..Person pas kalkil li alor sel keksoz y kapab fer pou eksiste se venn son troufess avek diab...
Apresan ki noun war son vre kouler les li rabas tou son gonaz pa donn li limportance y zis in pis lo plim alber me byento son met pou gagn flite e ce limem ki pou bite parey danlepase.......Sa boug y fr lapen..
In defi mon donn Gill deman son bann siporter desan laplen nwa gete kombyen lakelera pou vini;;;la nwa byen riye akoz apar limem limem( zanndark) limem (vox) limem (patex) limem(bernadine) limem (christine rene) pou enan limem tousel...KAKAZERO


Anonymous said...

oli agenda gils?? oli son memorandum?? do not distract from the fact that ur a loser.
sant tou sanson ki ou le, SNP have the agenda, we have the know how, we shed the blood that u r not worthy to wipe.




i was in three diffrent countries the past 2 days. i could not answer a silly child. but pa per. wen the time is rite i will be where it counts.




Anonymous said...

Mon dakor avek sa sonson ki petar in konpoze,mon osi mon pe donn lanmen sa boule,me petar de zour mon pa tann ou ditou

gro lanmen

Anonymous said...

Too bad JM must be happy to see the divide escalating amoung opposition...

Anonymous said...

Christopher. Eski I vre sa zistwAr ki ou osi ou ganny rs 3000 tou le mwan larzan taks ki nou peye.

Anonymous said...

To all of you who think Gill only contributes to this blog. Let me tell you that you are wrong. I am not Gill. I contribute regularly to this blog and I am certain many more do so. SNP supporters wake up Reveil took money from PL in order to remain a silent opposition. Get your facts right please.

Anonymous said...

Mon annan en kestyon Wavel avek jf ti pran larzan avek pp pou zot ganny kas zot latet apre dormi dan kaso ?mon dir ankor enn fwa gill pe ganny larzan avek pp pou fer divzyon dan lopozisyon,Albert Rene kin vol tou larzan kreol pa wavel.

Anonymous said...

Me wi obvious Gill pe gagnn paye pou divize lopozisyon; In tret pou touzour reste in tret; sa boug y tro kontan larzan ya ven son lam avek diab pou larzan zot pan war ki manyer tou son bann lartik y lo largen; zot kroir albert y bet zot? apre sa, letan zot pou fini servi li zot pou bez li in koudpye dan son gro fes plat!

Leonard Francis Gill said...


Ou dir ki y "obvious" ki Gill in gany paye pou diviz opozisyon.

Si sa y vre, akoz ban Kolaborater Pp pa enrizistre MSR? Tya dan zot lentere pou enrezistre MSR - ou pa kwar?

Si sa y vre akoz MSR pe ensiste sa ki ban dirizan Kolaborater Pp ren kont pou ban krim ki sot in fer kont zot prop pep - Seselwa Rasin. Ou vreman kwar ki ban Kolaborater ti pou pey en group pou ensiste sa ki zot peye pou ban krim ki zot in fer?

Ou dir yenan divizon dan opozisyon - na pa sa divizyon. Yenan en sel opozisyon. Sa ki pe dir nou bezwen tir ban Kolaborater en povwar pou nou Seselwa Rasin recouver nou pei. Yenan zis ban ki kont sa prencip et ban ki en faver sa prencip.

Nou dan MSR pe dir en sel ketsoz. Zwen ensem ek nou pa deryer sa sel prencip - tir ban Kolaborater en pouvwar pou nou rekouver nou pei et enstiti en sistem vreman demokratik dan nou pei ki rekonet et akcepte ki no pei y selmen pou nou Seselwa Rasin et pas pou ban Fabrike ek etranzer kin pey gouss ban Kollaborater.

Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin en 1964, Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin Ozorji et Sesel Pou Seselwa Touzour

Leonard Francis Gill said...


You ask: "Where is Gill's agenda?" By that you mean where is MSR's agenda?

It is on MSR's Facebook page. We have our main ideas in our Creed posted for all to see. This is our agenda. This is what we in The Mouvman believe are the most important issues to be addressed in our motherland today.

Read it and then comment about what you do or do not like about it - now that you know where our agendy can be read.

Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin in 1964, Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin Now and Sesel Pou Seselwa Rasin Forever.

Six pack said...

Finally we know why this Ferrari dude is on about the salary increase.

Guys Guys Guys Breaking News: Ramka has suffered a massive illness and was admitted in intensive care according to news but what i found out is shocking. This guy has gone on Siva's plane to chennai upon a request from Michel to Siva.

Lest we forget they stopped writing about billionaire Siva who is also buying all of our lands and was giving them money.

Well Michel has instructed Ramka to make it look real as if he is the true oppoaition and call sick indefinately and let the post to J.F someone he can mind control because of his past. So by us having a go at J.F he realizes that he cannot self proclaim himself as the alternate candidate unaninamously in his camp, thus they will have to vote on it.

Well by the facts brought out on this blog he has minimal chance to get that chance and so Sppf as well are unifying to help him overcome this; but facts are facts.

Wavel went for his retirements plan!!

Were is that real opposition as being said here? Why is there a fear from MSR getting registered, better yet if as claimed they have minimal supporters compared to DP??

Who is taking money From PP? Is Siva taking care of wavel's retirement and Michel setting Jean Francois future not enough proof.

Sesel pou Seselwa.

Ramka, J.F, David Pierre dan son newly acquired white kia Cerrato with plastic still on the seats sense the end of kouyonen pe vini so they are grabbing everything they can at tax payers cost.

Anonymous said...

Mon ti anvi Konnen si sa rimer ki Gill I ganny 3000 roupi larzan taks to le mwan I vre

Anonymous said...

Six Pact ,it proves once again what Seychellois has long believe in namely ,that RAM is a collaborator of Pp.SNP,PP the different is in names not in their practices.Whatever the color of democratic garb those thugs try to dress themselves in,do make them democrates,they just do not have moral discipline to resist against the temptation of evil when present before themselves.Even exorcism won'T be efeective to free their soul from thier evil spirits.The only thing that might work is a revolution.Something we must seriously concider .

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Mon annan en kestsyon si wavel in ganny envite dan lenn pou koz ek Michel ek siva dapre ki zot pe dir savedir Michel in fini asire ki ou pou ganny re elekte dan eleksyon,mon fek lir vizyon snp pe claim komkwa i annan trik ki pe konmans fer avek lalis voter saverdir snp,pa pe reste trankil?eski zot kapab montre portre kot wavel pe asize ek siva apre ek Michel konman laprev?mon ti pe lir people yer lo la zot in ekrir ki Wavel ti dan lenn zot dir apre ki zot pou dir ki Wavel ti pe fer dan lenn konpletman bullshit spesyalman people ki pou dir apre ki wavel ti pe fer dan lenn.Zot pe esper to move sa boug pou zot fer kankan politik alors si zot ti konnen pa zot ti ava deza dir? wavel i parey en gato so, lo people plus lartik zis lo sa boug,lo people lartik zis lo sa boug,lo star blog lartik zis lo sa boug, sey dir mwan akoz?Mr Gill oun fer ou resers lo lalis voter,nou napa bokou letan avan eleksyon dapre ki monn lir zournal people parol in sape dan zot labous zot in fini dir ki eleksyon pou ganny fer an Me,alors aret kadas wavel konmans kadas James michel avek Albert Rene sa gran voler.

Gro lanmen

Anonymous said...

Gro Lanmen-

Si Wavel e dan Lenn avek Siva ek Michel, sa pa mon problem.

Sa i problem SNP.

Selman mon confirm bout ki avyon SIVA ti kite semen passe.

lartik lo Ile Therese ti ganny ekrir pa mwan, semen passe.

Wavel pe deal avek Siva pou enpe letan.

Mwan pa pe kadas Wavel, mais selman Wavel e accountable, parey mwan, parey Jean Francois, parey Michel, parey Rene, parey Meriton.

Napa diferans anba SESEL POU SESELWA. Forde tou i marse dwat dan letere le pep. Napa x-cepsyon dan sa deal.

Pei en Fyid! BANKRUPT.Serye zot.

Pa blam lezot pou ou feblays!

Jesus ti dir, pa son aksyon, wa va konn li Judas!

Gram moun ti dir,"fodre les en seval e ty bien lontan pou konn li bien memm.


Anonymous said...

gro lanmen
Of course Pp is sure to win the election becuase it will be flawed,and the fact that Pp cronies tell you in advance of the outcomes is a clear sign of fraud.But winning a fraudulent elction does not means Seychellois must accept it a fait a conplis,we have the right to march the streets to get our stolen vote back and at the same time finish with those crooks.
Pp can only stay on power by fraud and that becuase we allow it to happen.

Using tricks,fake etc is nothing new.Comunist survival depend of fraud ,tricks,intimidation,repression and so on,for example,Gappy what not hand picked by accident and was not given a fat cat salary to be neutral,dependent,and accountable but to insure Pp wins by fraud.Again SNP with RAM at it Helm has one single mission abort democracy and prolong Seychellois suffering.When the leader of the main opposition partz publicly said that he is does not have the intellectual ability ,political aspiration,never present a manifosto in any elctions than criticizing the ruling party and later you go to drink tea in secret with the same Pp cronies he critiyed and complain about prior there is seriuos question to be asked.We could also ask RAM what the hell he is dong at the helm of the opposition when he has already lost all credibilities among his supporters.iIt is probably just to pocket the money pp being dished to him by PP and Siva to staz as opposition leader in order to keep Pp gang on power.

Sesle pou Seselwa_FAR;RAM:JAM will sooner than latter understand that.And they should note down that there is not a lot of countries these days that accept dictators,traitors in thier land as asylum seeker,the only heaven left to dictators at the moment is Saudi Arabia.You have Ben ali,Mosharaf,soon Mubarak will follow and probably Soon it will be the turn of Michel and thugs too,.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Jeanne D'arc

wavel li tousel pa kapab anpes James Michel fer trik kantmenm zot in ganny elekssyon par trik tou kou,zize ou menm la savedir wavel in ranporte eleksyon in ganny wavel pou dir annou desann lo semen ou en kreol ou osi, sey dir avek mwan konbyen kreol ki pare pou desann?mon asir ou,ou osi ou bez per James michel a bat ou alor pa pou war ou lo semen,pa lafot wavel si kreol i still annan lafreyer dan zot se lafot Albert Rene avek son tim.Alors pou mon sel sans ki nou annan se pou fer en revolisyon i savedir nou pou met wavel devan, mon asir ou i pare e in deza fer li ganny bate,ganny kas latet ki mon asir ou,ou ti kot ou pe asize pe bez kaka dan ou lenz avek lafreyer,sanzman sesel pa depan lo wavel i depan lo nou pep kapon,zot ki merit pare pou desann lo semen e fer tande zot lavwa,aret pran laraz lo sa larzan ki wavel i gannyen.ou anvi sa pozisyon wavel pou ou osi ganny larzan tax payer,wavel ti envit ou dan son parti monn war dan mon de lizye,oun sote aprezan ou fer zis kankan avek sa boug.

Gro lanmen

Anonymous said...

RAm reported elction was flawed,RAM as main opposition should have boycotted the outcomes and send his supporters on the streets in order to get Pp retracked or force Pp to concession.In a revolution against a dictâtor one must expect being beaten,even kill,one should expect death on a battlefield if not one must not be a soldier.But history has shown recently in TUNISIA,soon in Egzpt and else whgere that when the people get together no Dictators regardless of how brutal they are ,thez ended up by falling.

Jeanne DArc

Anonymous said...

sa ki bannla pe dir i vre. en liki parey gill zis i pe movi avek rasin isi rasin laba. ou pan fim lapay ou?? oun gany peye pou bat latet bann ase kouyon parey ou menm.

seselwa vre zot bez kapon. si pou desan dan semen tou pou dir wi selmanler ou desan zot in perdi savat. aret fer liki. ler ou dir ou pou desan touni ou devret desan. alors konmsa napa lenz lo ou pou gard bate redi e bez ou dan kazo poul pou mont montany poze.

kalkil sa. 10 mil nou i desan la anba lorloz, larme, gard, ndea, gard bate ki zot pou fer?? zot pou annan frer, ser, kouzin, kouzinne menm piti papa ek manman dan sa lafoul. jj pa pou kapab al travay. apre 5 zour sa pei i bez ater pouf.

albert i bez en latak, jj nou bez li dan kaso ek sa dokter malbar, ek nenport ki nou kwar in bez nou larzan. tou sa bann fizi ki zot in anmennen pour fer nou per nou detri.sesel zanmen deza bezwen fizi pou gard lape ziska la deryen rer ler pirat in komanse. noun toultan annan en gro larme por protez sa bann boug. selman nou navy zis ban boatboy ek skipper pou anmen misye lapes.

be pou arrive tou sa la?? zanmen. fodre nou tou nou bwar delo kaka kek fwa obyen nou komans lafin.

gill, i tell u again. ur a bloody fake. ou rapel ler ou ti cross the floor ler ou ariv lot kote zis ou bat lizye parey en emergency light??


Anonymous said...

Jeanne darc

Eski ou,oun pare pou desann lo semen ou?Tunisian,avek egyptian zot in anvoy tou kouyon fer fout zot in fer revol,eski ou kwar nou pep kapon zot pare pou fer parey Tunisian ,e parey Egyptian,mon monn pare alors annou konmans fer en plan pou revolisyon,akoz wavel in pare li,mon mon kwar ki MSR pli dan kouyon ki Snp,mon dir sa akoz,akoz ziska aprezan zot pa ankor kapab anrezistre zot parti,pa konmans dir mwan ki PPl i per zot,pa en rezon sa mon kwar ou dir zot pa revolisyoner ase,aret manz bannan apre anvoy lapo lo Snp.
oun lir sa lartik people ki dir (a fool and his words)

GRo lanmen
Gro lanmen

Anonymous said...

Gros Lamen-

JF Ferrari ti ganny bate avek en gro femme garde parski i ti atrap son gren ek sa femm, pa pou liberte oswa dwa proteste.

Sa femm ti araze.

Sa pa dir ki e bien. Ni pou femm garde ni pou Jean Francois.

Wavel ti antre dan milye. En pran Rs. 150,000 avek gouvernman Sesel SPPF pou sa latak. Sa en sum larzen tres bas. Akoz en aksepte sa?

Dezyem point- Wavel pe dormi do do pou 5 ans. Sorry, l'opposition e annan enerzi kan e annan l'autority morale dans sa deal.

La mwan avek beaucoup Seselwa pa war sa avek ni Wavel, ni Jean Francois, ni SNP.

Sa semen MSR en registre plus ki 15walk in ex-SNP. Tou les semen mem vafer.

SPPF- 15 pa semen.

Nou pankor tap semen, parske PL pe defend nou boze!

Ki zot pe dir?

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Gill ou kreol pa tro kler pou mon lir pito ekrir angle,PPl zanmen pou donn zot dwa i paret mwan ou pa ankor konnen ki savedir PPl ou pe esper ou dwa avek PPl?ou pe reve la mon donn ou en pti bren lesprir WAvel, desann dann lavil kant mennm james Michel pann donn ou dwar,al rod ou dwa si ou bezwen mon led fer mon konnen ou a gete si fanm gard pou bat ou akoz oun tyanbo ou grenn.

GRo lanmen

Anonymous said...

Gro Lamen-

Nou pa pe debout deryer oken FADA kinn :

- kas l'alliance l'opposisyon;
- promet unifikasyon l'opposisyon apre les tombe;
-pran 38% salare augmentasyon
-pran 70% salare pou lavi, manke ou osi ou ladan;
- pran nou pou kouyon, ler lalimere ti lo li,
-mem dir ou ki inspeksyon lalist voter 43% is HIGH.

Si i High, ou pakapab dir apre, vote inn ganny voler.

Alors, vot tou ki la dan SNP ki reste trankil, pe dir nou zot pou donn eleksyon PL pa zot aksyon.

Si zot anpa en plan pou unifye l'opposisyon, zot napa valer pou Seselwa ozordi!

Nou dan MSR nou kon SPPF tre byen.

SPPF sa parti kommunis i osi kon nou dan MSR tre byen, plus byen ki zot dans SNP i kon MSR.

Serye Zot enpe!


Anonymous said...

The party is not yet registered becuase communist Pp is diong all it can to block its registration.Why so much energy by Pp to impede MSR registration,because Pp is afraid of this movement.Already as a movement Pp fear can you imagine MSR as a party with its members in the Assembly ,it would be surely not like RAM who preaches the gospel of change and oppose Pp when SBC camera is pointed on him then just after drive to state house for tea with Michel.

Jeanne DArc

Anonymous said...

Mon ti anvi Konnen si sa rimer ki Gill I ganny 3000 roupi larzan taks to le mwan I vre

Anonymous said...

Alors zot pou reste parey en parti politik ki pou kapab ziz koz dan lapay kreol pa enterese avek sa.

Gro lanmem

Anonymous said...

live from petar.

christopher gill, nou pe koz lo size bez dife pou tir sa gren lo nou ou ankor pe ouver ou troufes lo mouvman rasin pan anrezistre??




Anonymous said...

Msye Bez Dife li mem-

Byen kontan pou tan ou. Oun sanz nom annkor en fwa.

Ou problem se saki ou fer dans fer nwar i pa saki ou dirizan i fer dan lalin kler.

Alors, kontinyen fer BBQ, san rezon parey ler zot bril lakaz en SPPF.

Sa SPPF i osi en SESELWA. Pafwa i en SESELWA ki pa kon byen ek mal osi.

Alors ler ou met dife dan son lakaz, ou fer li pli fistray avek son realite dans l'ignorance.

Ou dife pe sem divizyon, ou pa pe edik SESELWA avek ou l'attak dan bousay.

I osi montre ou fristre avek ou pov defiance.

La MSR pa kapab ed ou. BEYOND HELP!

Nou dan MSR pou kontinyen debat pou nou rezon, ou esay bar nou parey PL e noun pare pou sa.

Sanzmen pa vin atraver augmentasyon salere, i ni pa parliament fler pou fer zoli nou fo DEMOKRASI.

Nou war zot kler!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Anonymous said...

If anyone got a return tax is firslyt becuase they have paid taxes and in the system of VAT when one paid more than it should etc,must in return have a ,return tax.Is that so important for you?Are you not concern of your children land being illegally gifted to Arabs?Are you not concern of millions missing in our coffers that could be use to pay back the astronomic debts Michel created?it is hard to explain a pp crony what tax and return tax is when he himself does not pay tax but rather live on tax payers money to make a living.Get to the stick find yourself a job in order that you can contribute something to this country you have for the last thirty four years stealing from.
Sesel pou Seselwa`!

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Jeanne darc,

Mon annan en louvraz e mon pey taks. samenm mon demande si sa rimer ki Gill i ganny en pansyon scr 3000 tou le mwan i vre. Si sa i vre i nou larzan taks. I dir nou ki Ram ek son tinm pa merit gannyen. Akoz li i merite. Akoz i pran sa larzan tou le mwan. Si i mal pou lezot i mal pou li. Si i ti senser dan son parol i pa ti pou pran sa larzan. I dir ki wavel pan fer narnyen dan sa dernyen senk an alor i pa merite. Kestyon pou ou. Ki Msye Gill in fer dan sa dernyen 20 ans ki li i merite sa pansyon

Anonymous said...

SR. 3,000.00 par mwan,

Pa Gill ki ti deman sa la larzan. SNPL ki ti vot sa pensyon pou tou MNA ek Minis. Sa vot ti enkli en pensyon 70% salare pou lavi.

Gill i dir ki i mal e i pe demann SNPL pou cancel sa labi pouvwar bann MNA sorti dan kan SNP ek SPPF.

Gill en mem demand FADA dan son figir pou fer sa, me FADA pa kontan ler ou koz lo son saler, i gete son lepey plito.

Pou le moman, sa Sr.3,000.00 par mwan ki Gill i ganny pe al dan fond MSR pou aid MSR tou le mwan.

Alors Gill pa servi sa larzan pou son lekor.

MSR i bezwen Sr. 50,000.00 par mwan pou son bann depans. Gill i la mem pou lev MSR.

Printer kinn kout 117,000, Gill ti lamem pou MSR.

Transport pou nou Activist, pou zot pa pran bis, pou tarde dan zot misyon tres noble, Sr. 480,000.00, Gill ti lamen ek zot. Noun paye nou Tax osi lo la, bla, bla, bla.

Pafwa i difisil, mais plito i difisil, ki i vin fasil avek larzan sorti kot Khalifa, Siva, Mario Ricci, Eden Island, ek ban Ali ek Baba.

SNP pankor apran sa leson important e premordial dans politik Sesel.

Se sa rezon, zot dan mal, ler zot ti kwar zot dan byen.


Anonymous said...


SA KI DIR OU LEZOT OSI PA SERVI LARZAN POU ZOT KANPPANY MOBILZASYON TRANSPOR ETC.... Menm si i al dan kont MSR i MAL akoz ou kont sa larzan. Ou merit zis refize pran.MSR in la pa ni enn an. Dan sa kat lannen avan ki ou ti pe fer avek.
Ou ensilte lezot akoz sa larzan me ou osi ou depans li. Ki swa pou ou menm oubyen MSR. Finalman MSR se ou parti politik pou sey met ou o pouvwar

Anonymous said...

MSR pa dan biznes politik pou promot oken dirizan.

MSR i annan en sel bi: promot SESEL POU SESELWA!

Aret ou arrogance rigol ek nou Bougla, nou pa ou lesklav. Nou pa travay pou ou.

Noun fini war SNP, zot pran larzan par tou kote, e zot pa gete lekel ki pe don zot sa larzan.

Mem avyon, i paret zot pran neport avyon pou al dan l'inde. mem avyon SIVA ki James Michel i lo la.

Les mwan dir zot, bann savan dan SNP, tou le de ki reste, nou war zot kler, parey nou war SPPF/PL.

Tou sa la, se mem vafer!

Zot pe ven Sesel, e ven SESELWA, pou ki zot pos i reste plen dan kriz ekonomik ki pou dire pou 10 ans.


Anonymous said...

Awi Gill. Vre ou ganase. Alor la i reste zis 2 SNP. Ki ou pou dir nou next time. MSR i annan 25000 siporter. Si ou parti i sitan gran akoz ou pani kapab dir lepep apard ou ek ou frer lekel ki manam ekzekitiv. Kekfwa detwa lot non a sanz nide dimoun. Mazinen lepep pankor pardonn ou pou cross the floor. Nonm Christopher Gill ek nenport ki lo semen zot pou dir ou wi mon konn li. i ti cross the floor. sa menm sa ou legacy. Nonm wavel avek dimoun lo semen zot pou dir ou sa boug ki pe donn nou lespwar.

Anonymous said...

Next he will call the last anonymous like he did M.A lesperance a fake profile of wavel or Jean Francois just like he does to anybody that is opposition but says something to criticise MSR. It is his paranoia. Mr Gill people are allowed to support who they want you have no need to accuse them of being fake profiles just because they disagree with you. Just as annymous before me pointed out are you trying to lead the people to beleive that anyone who is anti PP is now MSR except for RAM and Jean Francois. Keep on dreaming man face the facts. Wavel will win any election against you.

Anonymous said...

Patar- SNP spokeperson.

Thank you for the clarification.

SNP takes pictures and puts human rights abuses in Regar then what?

The UN is placing Seychelles before an international TRIBUNAL for not filing any Human Rights Reports in the last 30 years.

You have stuffed the reports and incidences in a drawer at Apent Vert and forgot about them.

The ones you could make money from you filed cases in court and collected a little money.

Give it a rest.

If we are not a problem for you, take Rogers advise and ignore us.

As for what have we done, I have this to say to you: what is in our little manifesto book has done more for Seychellois dignity then you SNP, Regar has done for us in 17 years.

Your complicity with SPPF is exposed, by your own admissions.

I only helped it along a little, because you were all so good at hiding it from the Public.

Collaborators that sell our patrimony are SPPF PL. But they are also SNP, and some DP and some Independents, like Boulle.

MSR is exposing that, and does not pick poltical colors when it shines the light into the dark room.

The light exposes your colors for what you have become: a self enriching political apparatus, sadly. No better then PL in that regards if you do not change course.

If MSR did not expose you, you would not even know what you have become, because you are a self righteous grouping of socialist that believe, if you ran the show, it would run would steal less then $2.4 Billion and bankrupt Seychelles less then $840 Million.

In the end, you would still steal, as you have openly while in opposition.

You would still bankrupt the country, since you have no clue how to run a country, aside from logging on to Star, to get a dose of ideas for your next speech.

Take meaningful steps to change course, unite the opposition, or you are irrelevant.

SNP today, reminds me of a fancy calculator in the age of the pc.

Catch up, by waking up!


Anonymous said...

It is a same to see that democratic countires like European Union giving a commu^nist regime million od dollars for project on Human rights.What they promotinh is not human rights but putting money in the hand of criminals who never comfort to the norm of human rights.This is the same criminal regime who refused to register an independent humand rights organization yet keeps preaching the gospel of human rights on internqtional stage.

I think MSR should inform EU human rights watch, on this issue.They must know that their tax payers money are being dished to a communist regime responsible of three decades of human rights abuses.

Sesel pou Seselwa^

Jeanne D'Arc

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