Friday, September 3, 2010

Time To Fire The Board of Air Seychelles Domestic Airlines

Air Seychelles Domestic airlines, is a national air carrier for interisland connections and is run by a Board of Directors. As a national air carrier that is tasked with insuring efficient, cost effective transfers to Praslin with onward ferry transfers to La Digue, Denis Island, Bird Island, Desroches Island and other islands, Air Seychelles Domestic plays an integral part in the Seychelles Tourism Industry.
What Happened To Cost Effective Service?
In theory, if Air Seychelles can provide cost effective inter-island transfers, and do so efficiently and meet demand at an acceptable cost, the interisland domestic section should flourish. If it does, it means that the inner islands and outer islands should flourish.
Unfortunately, it is not the case. Apparently the Board of Directors of Air Seychelles Domestic only has excuses as to why the domestic arm of Air Seychelles does not work.
There are no answers, only excuses and a systematic blame game in play. But at the end of the day, when all the excuses have made the round table, it is the Board of Directors collectively, that is responsible for decisions and the lack of them.
Basically the buck falls right on their table collectively. They cannot pass the buck. They are coward to blame each other, and they are coward to blame the staff of Air Seychelles Domestic. Air Seychelles Domestic fails, while they fly Pearl Class and sip on Moet Champagne and bite into little breads covered in caviar in the skies of the World, at our expense.
Because they the Board of Directors of Air Seychelles Domestic cannot take necessary decisions to insure that Air Seychelles Domestic works and works well for the Tourism Industry, they should be fired, sacked, be given their marching papers, and possibly seek a post on the Board of Directors of SPTC, if the SPTC would have them. I doubt SPTC would waste their time.
IMF AUDIT of Air Seychelles Domestic
This year the IMF concerned itself via accounting tool called: AUDIT of Air Seychelles Domestic after concerns of the Tourism Trade on pricing of interisland flights were addressed. I attended these IMF consultations, to help my country.
It is suspected that the pricing practice of inter-island flights had the impact of prejudicing interisland destinations like Praslin, La Digue, Denis Island and Bird Island. Tickets to these destinations had increased by as much as 50% while the price of fuel dropped by the same percentage on the world market due to lack of world demand and over supply, corresponding to a drop in world production as factories went quiet in most countries.
Fuel Cheap But Paper Clips Expensive
Air Seychelles I am told attributed the higher costs to increase in administrative costs and increase cost of maintaining a fleet of aging planes. I have been told that there is a substantial costing- factored into general administration of the dinky little operation of 4 or 5 planes on any day at the most. However, because I cannot access the audit of Air Seychelles Domestic, I cannot confirm that for you.
Hide The Audit, Pin Tail On The Donkey!
The Audit has been hidden from the Public, allegedly because the Air Seychelles Domestic section of the Air Seychelles books is in such a mess, that if we were to hold the Board of Directors of Air Seychelles fully accountable for the morass, they would all face personal bankruptcy. Some may even face jail time if put to task. Now, the People of Seychelles would not have that.
In a democracy, wherein the public purse and interest is placed in the hands of a few glorified seat warmers that do not produce positive results, if AUDITS are not made Public, then the seat warmers in the case of the Board of Directors of Air Seychelles Domestic, must be fired. We can only reasonably assume it is a mess, since the Board of Directors cannot do anything about it.
If We Keep Them - What?
If we keep them, then we accept failure of the Tourism Industry as a fait accompli and we may as well ask the banks to move in, take over the Front Desk of hotels in Seychelles.
Che Guevera Acknowledges Failure of Revolution 2 hrs. Before We Run Out of Fuel in 2008
Late bloomers to Freedom and followers of the Free Market have trouble understanding how the Free Market works. When they jump on board the Free Market bandwagon, they shout and scream Free Market everywhere, so people think they have changed. But the Free market, in its totality has an instinct to it; many Che Guevara’s of the world do not understand or trust that instinct. This is the source of their failures, when they do try to change the world over.
Seychelles is not an exception to this mistrust and is the cause of deep failures unless addressed. In Seychelles, our Che Guevara (James Alix Michel) took us to 2 hours before we ran out of fuel to declare that Seychelles had in fact gone bankrupt on October 31, 2008.
Today, our Che Guevara is doing the same thing all over again with Air Seychelles Domestic: taking the failure to the last 2 hours, before total collapse of a public transport system.
The same happened to SPTC before the Sheik Khalifa gave us some buses to keep moving.
The same will happen to the interisland ferries, if they are not recognized as indispensible public transportation sector in the prolonged downturn we are going through, and given some reasonable tax credit on fuel consumption, to keep the service on time, every day, numerous times a day, at a reasonable price, that is acceptable to the entire market. Air Seychelles Domestic is no different.
What Next Comrade Che?
My advice to Che is this:
1. Fire the Board of Air Seychelles Domestic;
2. Hire a New Board, with mandate to secure and enhance quality of service of Air Seychelles Domestic, by seeking new venture capital fully bona fide Seychellois national interests- open share subscription to the public now make them a part of Air Seychelles Domestic, so they stop taking the boat;
3. Do not sell Air Seychelles Domestic to Emirates, Qatar, or ITIHAD, please;
4. Make sure the New Board is made up of men and/or women with brains and back bone;
5. If one component is missing, do not make the appointment to the Board;
6. Separate Domestic from International and let it fly!
After you have replaced the Air Seychelles Domestic with men/women of back bone and brains, do the same at Air Seychelles International I am sure the problems are the same, over paying for paper clips.
If they are the same people and same problem, just kill two (2) birds with one (1) stone. Same people, same problems? Only another AUDIT will clear that up.
Put on your combat gear and on your bike Che!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

All what have to do with our Tourism industry have to be revise.

The Tourism industry should have a seperate ministry of it ownin order to that the department can concentrate fully on the issue.

Waiting a year long for Michel to bring about a plan for an industry he doesn't even have any knowledge about is ridiculous, especially when it is clear that the Tourism industy is the only industry keeping afloat our economy at the moment.

We need immediate action Michel it is ergent.If you don't have immediate plan ,MSR has one already.Contact us donkey.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

David Savy is running the domestic airline into the ground so that fat brothers Glenny and Francis can get their dirty hands on it. Mr. IDC already has a plane that he uses to fly tourists to Desroches and of course his favourite hotel that does not exist on Farquar. Little fat Francis is Mr. Helicopter; one wonders where he got the money to buy 2 million dollar helicopters? So why not gift them Air seyhcelles domestic. The minute that donkey Michel does that, it will become profitable quickly. Too bad their father who was also called Michel was actually smart and died tragically in a plane crash; some say Albert Rene planned the crash as he was already having sex with Geva the mother of these Savy thieves. Plus ca change.

Anonymous said...

Agree that it is time to put new people on the Air Seychelles board. Michel needs to fire David Savy as well. But he does not have the guts to do so as Albert and Geva Rene will castrate him if he does. What about Glenny Savy of IDC? Time to kick him out too. What about the board of Island Conservation with Maurice Lalane and Claude Pavard.

Time to clean house. First, State House then all the other little empires.

Anonymous said...

Cleaning State house is the most import thing to do and then all the other EMPIRES will fall by themselves.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Yes and also those business that claims to be oppositions but becames rich in SPPF time. We dont forgets them also.

Joshua Chen said...

With comments like "Sesel Pou Seselwa!" - Christopher Gill has become the new Che Guevara. The US government should take away your USA passport! Xenophobia Anyone?

Anonymous said...

I thought the US believed in freedom of speech. If not they culd take away the passport of half of Alabama, Mississipi and Texas.

Anonymous said...

I have a Seychellois p-port.
Do you want to take it away

Radovan Krejcir

Anonymous said...

Is your passport real Radovan?

Anonymous said...

PL lackey-

Do you have a problem with "Sesel Pou Seselwa"?

Do you not agree with the founding principle of the Republic of Seychelles?

Are you saying that today, a Seselwa, is just a no body in his own country?

Are you saying that while you beneifited from Sesel Pou Seselwa and garnered enough education to faintly rebutal this blog, you now oppose "Sesel Pou Seselwa"?

If Sesel pa pou Seselwa, who does it belong to in your mind PL-Lackey?

a. Sheik Khalifa Bin al Zayed Nayan?

b. Eden Island residents cum citizens when you sell passports?

c. SIVA- billionaire magnate?

d. All the above.

e. Seselwa

Explain yourself.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

My passport! that you sold to me is real -unless you sold e a faked one, but I dont need it right now.

Radovan Krejcir

People like Seychellois will always do politics on the internet: hidden well. You will never never in my whole running life will mange to get organise and stand up to what you believe is right. But year in year out you will keep recycling the political garbage over and over again.

Why do you all come over at the mango plantation and help us!

Radovan Krejcir

Anonymous said...

Christopher Gill with impunity insults our Nation, our People, our Culture, our Laws, our Well-being and Gill is a nutshell is a cancer and a blight on our society.

My question is what will it take the Seychelles Government to stop this foreign born Gill from spreading hatred, discord with such fanatical extremism that only threathens Seychelles' Peace and Stability?.

I say deport that miserable sick Bastard whence he was born because that Prick was definitely not born in Seychelles.

Oh yes Gill, you will be deported for you only live for the hatred that you represent and I good riddence too. Word on the Grapevine has it that the Berlouis Brothers will be paying you a visit very soon. They want to know how the hell you ended up with their inheritance know the property that you have placed the six rocks at the entrance. Ziblo says you can run but you cannot hide.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, the only "NOBODY" is Seychelles with the biggest mouth that badmouths Seychelles' Movers and Shakers is the Chris Gill the Dill himself. Seems to me that the Savy Brothers have eaten Gill's bon Dieu.

Anonymous said...

Seychelles belongs to the Seychellois. This is a fact and everybody knows it. So the real question when you chant this is "What do you actually mean that you are not saying?"

Anonymous said...

I reply to Bon Deiu Eater-

I have nothing against the Savy Brothers personally. I know them all.

I spoke to Francis Chang Leng recently, and I made one point to him, I will not reveal what he said to me as that is privy to me only at his request.

Now, the point is this:

We are very small country and everyone knows each other, yes.

We all need each other in some way, yes and we are all related somehow or have close relations at some point.

But, we must not forget, we are a Nation-State and with that, we all have a hieghtened responsibility to our country and countrymen to do an honest days work, make things work successfully.

Because we are so small, public officers must work harder, faster,and be more honest then Wall Street in their dealings. The Country counts on officers to work well more then any another country, because of our sheer micro size.

Because we are small does not mean CEO's Directors can be slack, since they know, everyone knows them. This is a recipe for disaster, as it has proven itself to be.

If there are problems, as a micro state, and a Nation, we cannot afford to hide them and let them ruin us as they grow fungus under the carpet.

The culture of corruption in Seychelles is born out of the smallness and very nature of the community coming out of a colonial past.

Today, we must be mature enough to know, we cannot leave things Business as usual, while the country is officially bankrupted and under IMF adminsitration, and foreign interests are eyeing our weaknesses, to seek out permanent opportunities in Seychelles darkest hour.

We must have courage to face the clean up operation in Seychelles.
There is no other way.

Hold no grudges towards one another, but let the balance sheets speak for themselves, as they always do.

Let the notary deeds tell a story.

Finally, with regard to Ray and Leoniel Berlouis, I believe they spent all the money their father recieved on the Praslin land sale between themselves. We have no issue with how a Seller spends his money on a land sale.

My six rocks remain on my driveway.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to Sesel Pou Seselwa- everybody knows that.

This is presumptive. Prior to launching of the first article of the year, Sesel Pou Seselwa on star, not everybody knew that "Sesel Pou Seselwa", particularly in the Government.

Under the James Michel Adminsitration, more land has been transfered, more concessions given illegally in some cases to foreign interests , more laws circumventing to please foriegn interests then any administration.

Sesel Pou Seselwa today, means Seychelles must become free of corrupted government for it to be for Seychellois. Each corrupted deal saps the people of opportunites and possibility for advancement.

We aspire to re-establish due respect towards our people without exception.

We want our cocode mer stamp back on our passport, and will not subjugate ourselves to the whims of a foreign force or soveriegn, because Michel cannot think out of the box, to clear up our debts.

We will not tolerate Royal Family princes telling our immigration officers to not check the ID and passports of imported prostitutes by th eplane load. Their passports must be all checked, no matter what their profession may or may not be.

For more information, reference Mouvman Seselwa Rasin on Facebook and down load the Manifesto.

There is an article written at the begining of the year that sets the back ground psotion on the theme.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Yes you identify key issues, I grant you that. But thats the easy part. But what you no longer headline is how you want to deal with the issues, thats the part that requires intelligence and wisdom.

While you identify issues you throw mud at everyone. Yet you returned to Seychelles and did not hesitate to exploit the poor Seychellois who lived under one party socialism.

While they were still in a vulnurable and confused state, you took their land off them at ridiculous prices.

You are the Seychellois version of Kerejic. How about starting the clean up in your own backyard, and I mean that literally?

Six Stones

Anonymous said...

Gill says thast Ray and Lionel spent the proceeds of their Father's land sale. What does the other two brothers in Joe and Clement have to say about your wicked ways in trompe-ing their old man when none of the Brothers were around in Seychelles?. Is that what you did to their old man in the same manner the Lablache got done with Sunset Hotel?.

We have to "note the Notaire" a la Gill, but when is the Attorney General going to appoint a Crime & Corruption Commission Commissioner
to investigate Gill's Fraudulent dealings?.

Ou sis ros pou ganny tire bientot.

Anonymous said...

The crime and corruption commissioner would be too busy chasing Parti Le Pep Thieves who are solely responsible for the dire state of the Seychelles Nation...... You can blah, blah, blah all you like but Rene and Michel,and their cronies are the GUILTY PARTIES and the buck stops there!

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to sweep some stuff under the carpet. We are too small for that according to professori Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to PL Collaborator re "Gill's Fraudulent Dealings".

The transaction with Berlouis was signed by Harry Berlouis himself in front of his lawyer, now President of the Court of Appeals, Honourable Francis Macgregor.

Money for the sale was depsoited into his joint account held by Harry Berlouis and his son Ray Berlouis.

Berlouis had many children, and many stayed on Praslin as much as 5 as he went to Australia. He left them here for me to care for them and give them free housing until government of Seychelles intervened and housed them 10 years later.

Now come up wth something serious to debate.

This type of silly-ness can only come from the Board of Directors of Air Seychelles .

It would appear that all the oppulence of the One Party state for some children, never prepared them for the real world.

No wonder why Air Seychelles is in a mess.

Face the music early as it is always more painful to wait.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Christopher Kerejic Gill

Anonymous said...

Yes say what you want Gill, the fact remains you could not be bothered to educate these Seselwa Rasin. Instead you let them fall in their hole so you can get a cheap piece of land from a confused old man.

Just so we remember how Gills get rich [#112768] was placed on interim suspension Jan. 3, 2000, following his conviction for conspiracy to commit theft of land, attempted theft of land, and conspiracy to tamper with public records.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Harry Berlouis was signing for half a million dollars and then realised that he has signed for half a million rupees instead?. And as a result, he found himself dan en la with no way out?.

I also find it amazing that Harry's Lawyer is the Man that you defeated when you were riding on Sir James popularity at Bel Ombre and he became the Third Republic's first Speaker of the House!!!!

So Chris, why did you cross the floor when you were in fact the only DP elected candidate and SPPF was in the absolute majority and did not require your vote?. Like I have said before, a friend in the know when asked the question as to why Gill crossed the floor, his answer was straight forward. He said Gill crossed the floor so he could get his hands on cheap land at Baie St Anne Praslin. How can you sleep at night got me beat Gill.

Anonymous said...

And Gill, this "Pl Collaborator" would like to know how did Brian Harris came to buy super cheap land at Anse La Blaque where he then subdivided into many plots of half and one acre lots. However, he died from a road accident on the Cote D'or road and some after, his sub-divided plots were again re-sub-divided into four and one quarter of a acre were flogged off to Foreigners to the tune of 250,000 dollars. Are you part of the Harris Conspiracy Chris Gill?.

What about the tromperie of the late Monsieur Raville Lesperance?. Are you part of that conspiracy too Gill?.

Your past will soon catch up with you Gill. En avant 2.

Anonymous said...

Reply to PL Communist Collaborator-

Brian Harris was married to Laura Houreau and bought land next to where the Gill property sits at Anse La Blague. Yes he subdivided it, yes, he sold some of it. Yes he died after his jeep hit a takamaka tree in a turn. I saw Brian at his death bed in the Victoria Hospital.

I have nothing to do with his transactions.

Raville Lesperance situation with the Italians have nothing to do with me either.

You are scraping the bottom of the barrel PL Collaborator. It is your past Sesel Pou Seselwa that will catch up with you and others like you that betray all Seychellois.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to CLe Fes-

DP Convention was not at night, it was during the day, 14.00pm.

I stand on my word. I do not mention what others did that day, because they are not at issue.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Booby,any deals taking place or that had taken place between seychellois are not your concern, they belong to this country and have a right to posse land in this country.Instead of asking seychellois what deals they did,you should be asking who the hell gave PP the rights to gifted our land to foreigners booby.

jeanne D"Arc

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Said

Any land transaction which is done between individuals have nothing to do with the land transaction done between jj government and his foriegn friends. These two are not equal because state land belongs to the seychelloise people not for Lepep or Mr James MIchel. Just to remind you what he said when he was elected < mon ganny elekte pour prezerve laki seychellois> but he seem to him preserving the patrimony of seychelles means giving it away to the Arabs, Russians, Eastern Europeans and South Africans. What a great leader he his? Judge me by my action. He would go down in Seychelles politic as the worse president ever. You lepep fanatic HRH money is not your stop gambling on what is not your. Try and take your leaders to task for lies and deceptions and for making us a nation of beggars.

Anonymous said...

Many, many, many years ago, another well known Member of the Judiciary called Judge Bonnetar duped a Chinese Seychellois of his land which was a massive tract up Port Launay way and got away with blue Murder. His caretaker was even known as Zako Bonnetar.

Now Gill, it seems that the owners of land around Anse La Blaque are Elitists such as yourself, B Ferari, the Master of Ceremony of the DP Convention in charge of Land Marine, your fellow journalist Dr. Popip Sik to name just a few. And by the way, did Brian at his death bed passed his estate and restaurant that one could only get to it from the sea to you?. How much did you pay Laura and her daughter Brigitte?.

Were you Chris Gill, Brian Harris' Lawyer?.

Were you also the late Raville Lesperance's Lawyer too by any chance?. Raville would not harm a fly Gill, is that why you took advantage of him with the Italians?.

You have also stated that you were handed a list of 50 properties for sale by another Lawyer Patrick Mcgregor who was then the Speaker of the House after he lost Bel Hombre to you whilst riding on the back of Sir James's popularity.

And Chris, why was that list not published in the Government's Official Gazette or Nation first?.

Why were you privy to that information first?. Was that your reward for having stabbed Sir James Manchan in the back when you failed to tow the DP Party line in the same way Elizabeth failed to tow the SNP's line?.

The heart and soul of the PL Compass is to do the right thing. Can you say Chris, that you have done the right thing all along from the day you crossed the floor?.

The onus and spotlight is on you Gill. And like the old adage says, "what goes around comes around." Regards, La Cle Fes.

Anonymous said...

Reply to "Ass Key" -

Your assertions are hghly reckless and point only to the bottom of the barrel, which your brain scratches.

1. On Brain Harris death, his wife Laura Harris inherited what was left.

2. By that time, he had already sold the restuarant Rocky Bay to B Ferrari and JF Farrari Pierre De La Fontaine in a private sale.

3. Road acces was already in place through Au Cap Anse La Blague where Gill Property is. Access is free.

4. I was not Brain Harris Lawyer.

5. Raville Lesperance has already done his deal with his daughters husband's family by thr time I returned to Seychelles. It has nothing to do with me.

6. If Anse La Blague is owned by a bunch of elitist, at least they are Seychellois. However, I do not believe any of them are elitist, only Seychellois, that were smart enough to buy land in the area at the time. Others were stupid enough to sell it.But people make choices in life.

7.The 50 properties listed were common knowledge. Anyone could have access to them at the time.

8. Sir James allegation of me stabbing him in the back is false. Sir James used armed men to prevent me from entering the convention of DP in 1994.

My reaction to Sir James after that was to reconcile with him. But he was too busy reconciling with Rene to bother with me. The rest is history, and I am happy to say we have since reconciled, and I have enjoyed writing in Seychelles Review for 4 years, until it stopped production to commence Indian Ocean Arabian Sea Review, which I will not touch, because it leans on selling our patrimony.

Key - Butt, you say nothing. But you sound like you live on a diet of sour grapes.

Sellers Remorse?

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Quite right you are Chris Gill,

All those so called Elitists including yourself were complete failures overseas until they returned to Seychelles with the advent of Seychelles' Multi Parti System that FAR introduced and I guess even FAR had no idea about the worth of all those prime and beachfront positioned properties that were bought cheap and then sold in Foreign Exchange that were deposited overseas that made those Elitists rupee Multi-Millionaires overnight and thus the start of the black market .

One such property at North East Point was sold by en grand boug dan Party DP for one point two million dollars to a Swiss couple. That property was paid for on an advance by his Employer two years prior for 460,000 rupees.

You see Gill, this is not a matter of "sour grapes or Sellers remorse" as you imply. Your motto Gill, is obviously not to let the Facts get in the way of a good story. In every which way, it points to lots of shonky wheelings and dealings not by the SPPF, but by the Elitists Seychellois that were overseas for many many years.

Oh by the way, a Perth Man on holidays in South Africa has just found out that his house has been sold by his Real Estate Agent without him knowing anything about it. His next door neighbour told him that the for sale sign had a sold sticker on it.

And Chris, just remember that you are on shaky ground and your self-esteem as low as the gutter. As far as La Cle Fes is concerned, I say good luck to all the Elitists that made their luck along the way and as long as they did the right thing, they have nothing to fear.

Anonymous said...

Hey Asshole, Albert Rene knew very well the value of beachfront property. Remember the 10 acres that he bought for SR 60,000. Go fuck yourself you idiot. The people of Seychelles has watched as Albert,Michel and others in the SPPF have plundered and stolen. This issue is not about Gill or anyone else in the opposition. It's about the SPPF selling us out to Arabs, Russian Mafia, Krecjir and others of the underworld. Ask yourself where Dolor, Madame Testa, James Michel, Glenny, David and Francis Savy, Dugasse, Mukesh Valabji and all the other Ministers and lackeys of the SPPF live before the Coup Detat. Shit, Dolor was a baby on La Digue eating breadfruit. Did they have mansions on the top of the hill? Just look at them today. SHit, Albert did not even have a house and had to use Geva's house. At least Ferari had his own house being he was a doctor.

Yes, the SPPF have STOLEN FROM THE PEOPLE OF SEYCHELLES, and not matter what you say, they will pay one day.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Lionel Berlouis is coming down to Seychelles in January 2011 and will be chasing Gill for the interest on the 30,0000 dollars that Gill owned the Berlouis clan for several years. Ziblo said that the case could not go any further because Valabhji (Harry Berloui) lawyer) is insane. But maybe Ray and Lionel has already collected the money and is using this as an excuse. Once Lionel gets the money he will return to Hervey Bay Queensland and share it with Ziblo (the asshole) I bet Joe, Therese and Clement will never hear about this.
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