Saturday, September 25, 2010

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In a new twist to the Malo arms deals, James Michel's blunder prone governemt, has dealt another blow to the reputation and credibility of Seychelles on the international stage. As he takes his nomadic delegations across the world with begging bowl in hand, the secret murky dealings with the mafiosi continues unabated. And sooner or later it blows up in his face like a powder keg.
Herewith is an extract ofthe  Michel government's dealings with Willem "Ters" Ehlers, a kingpin master kingmaker who had close relations with no other than Mafia boss & Albert Rene confidante, Mario Ricci. It is well known in Seychelles that the Malo Arms deal was brokered by Glenny Savy, the CEO of IDC (official post) and local kingpin in several business deals fronted for his stepfather Rene. 
The Malo Arms deal is now part of a UN investigation into the genocide in Ruanda...
Glenny Savy - The Seychelles Link

Herewith a short extract from Mail & Guardian Newspaper

How SA company oiled Iran's war machine

A company co-owned by a close aide to former apartheid president PW Botha helped Iran evade American sanctions by sneaking a James Bond-style speedboat through South Africa last year.

Willem "Ters" Ehlers, a former navy officer and Botha's private secretary, is no stranger to apartheid-era embargo-busting. Now his company has shipped the speedboat to Iran, where the elite Revolutionary Guard is mass-producing it as an attack craft armed with torpedoes and missiles......

Who is Ters Ehlers?
A navy commodore seconded by apartheid defence minister Magnus Malan to PW Botha's office as private secretary, Willem “Ters” Ehlers went straight into murky international trade after Botha was deposed in 1989.

Ehlers was employed by GMR, a group formed by shady Italian Giovanni Mario Ricci. GMR is widely held to have helped bust sanctions against the apartheid state by using the Seychelles as an entrepôt after "superspy" Craig Williamson founded its local branch in the mid-1980s.

A 1996 United Nations report into arms sales to Hutu forces responsible for Rwanda's genocide contained Ehlers's admission that he brokered an arms consignment from the Seychelles to Goma, a Congolese town bordering Rwanda, in June 1994 during the genocide.

Ehlers claimed the supply of 80 tonnes of rifles, grenades and ammunition did not violate a UN embargo as he believed it was destined for the Zairean army. 

The UN report showed that Ehlers’s "Zairean" customers were Rwandans.

In 1996 Ehlers was embroiled in further controversy when Namibia impounded a Russian cargo plane allegedly flying fuel illegally into Angola, where the rebel movement, Unita, was under UN sanctions.

A Namibian deputy minister told the Mail & Guardian that Ehlers had approached him to smooth the way for the flights. Ehlers acknowledged "applying" on behalf of the aircraft owner but denied involvement with the cargo or flights.

Extract of a comment on the mail & Guardian site - The ubiquitous role of South Africa in shenigans with Seychelles never stop. A recent scandal of South Africanx selling black market arms to Seychelles asassins has recently been uncovered and is the subject of a military investigation in Ireland. See:


Anonymous said...

Zot O Bannla,

Pareil Fanm Ratitoo inn fini dir zot, "aret rod dizef kot nappa."

The man was a personal Secretary to the President of South Africa...comes to Seychelles to buy Malo's arms that Seychelles coast guard had seized when it is a well know fact that the Seychelles asked the Americans for advice and the American told Seychelles how grateful they are for having seized all these arms that were going to be used against them [the Americans] who were engaging the Somalians...

The United States of America said you have found the Arms shipment, it is yours and you can do what you want with them...and as a result,

Seychelles sells the arms to Botha's personal friend cum security adviser thinking that the said person was indeed a General in the South African Navy....

the first plane load of arms found itself in Zambia heading for Rhuanda and when Seychelles realises that the General had breached his intentions, Seychelles freezed further flights from Seychelles.

TIKLO says that there is a need for you Red-Necks in this Racist mouvement to take a long hard look at yourselves et aret prend Seychellois pou Kouyons.

I would also like to let you know that every cartoon of JAM that you publish, you end up making JAM gain even greater and more popularity as if he is not as popular as it is. TiKreoleLeO

Anonymous said...

What a load of piffle ! There is no excuse for the role the SPPF played in the genocide in Rwanda.

Anonymous said...

It is common knowledge that France, Belgium and Great Britain were responsible for the Rwanda Genocide.

What you boofheads have to put through your thick koko sek is that guns do not kill people...and that people kills people.

To the "Piffle Mother Load", Seychelles is not responsible for ex President Pik Botha's Personal Secretary cum Arms Dealer.

Do not believe every "load of piffle" that Twistopher Gill dishes out because the man is a Tosser with no credibility what so ever. Ask the voters of Bel Ombre what they think of this Floor Crosser so that he could have easy access to Government cheap land on Praslin that has made him a very rich man indeed.

Gill hates Arabs and yet, his late Uncle Billy Mancham married a Persian Beauty who settled in Seychelles. She opened Chez Mimi Boutique under the same roof as Ray's Music Room and she was well loved and adored by one and all.


Patrick X said...

Are you by any chance sweating a bit Tikolor? Imagine if your hero was to be found partly guilty in all this. Would you stick your head out for him? I'm sure you're stupid enough to do so.


Anonymous said...


You are showing sings of a demented racist.

I hate no race. I love only Seychelles and have patriotic love for my people, all of them.

I did not write this article Tiklo, but the STAR administrator only loaded it. It is written by someone else.

Why do you blame me for all this writing.
Do you think I have time to do all that in a week? I have children and a business and 2 offices to run.

Now, guns do not kill. You are right about that. People use guns to kill. Correct.

Now TIKLO, we would have a slight problem if guns used by people, to kill in Rwanda that had their point of origin in Seychelles (MALO Arms), and an arms deal was completed to breach sanctions of sale of arms to Rwanda or underlying agents.

The fact that a military plane was used on an IATA commercial airport poses a slight problem aswell.

This is where you have every reason to sweat TIKLO.

Now the people of Bel ombre know well and good, my Uncle called on Rene to use arms and men to intimidate me in conspiracy to decive the People of Seychelles over reconciliation and all that blah blah that never amounted to much except perhaps some land settlements for himself.

I never owned any government owned land TIKLO, so I do not knw what you are referring to. All my purchases were made by willing and able sellers, dying to get out of Seychelles.

There is more news on Rwanda coming through the pipeline TIKLO.

Remember, there is no Statute of Limitations on murder and genocide nor conspiracy to Genocide, or aiding and abetting in the commission of genocide.

Now, don't go blaming me for all that. How big do you think my shoulders are?

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Grand Kouto were used to kill in the rwandan genocide you big stupidoo Gill not arms. I dont recall that seychelles solg grand kouto ..........

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh Brotherrrrrrrr as Daffy Duck would yell out loud.

Gill, since when did the Seychellois people become your people as you wrote above "my people?." Gill ase fer ou gogoat donc. The "love for My people" Gill the Dill said. Gill O, bez moin en la paix sil vou ple.

Gill why do you lie through your teeth in claiming that you are not a racist?.

And Gill, where did all those arms come from and where were they headed to be used against whom in the first place?.

And Gill, Seychelles has nothing to worry about what she has been accused of by boofheads like you.

And Gill, if you keep maintaining your lame excuse for crossing the floor was a result of intimidation by FAR and Sir James, I therefore say that Gill is a bullshit artiste with capital B.

And Gill, do run your two offices and business because as a politician, nobody wants you as you are a has been in the dust been of History.

Anonymous said...

Let us not start accusations about genocide in Rwanda. Be it the Malo arms or not, yes the arms were sold for what?? Yes they were used to kill. Who in the first place manufactured the arms? Who were they sold to? Where did they eventually end up? And who is ultimately responsible? Let us not point fingers too quickly!!

Anonymous said...

Even if we point fingers slowly, they are still pointed at Albert Rene and SPPF for selling arms to those involved in the Rwandan genocide.

Patrick X said...

Nice try Tikolor! Of course, they only used gran kouto in the genocide the same way Rene took power through the ballot box. Really, you're sounding more and more stoooopido day by day you cabro.


Anonymous said...

Yes i am not tiklo and i say thatGrand Kouto was used mostly in the genocide and not arms.

Anonymous said...

On April 6, 1994, President Habyarimana's plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile as it approached Kigali airport. Responsibility for the assassination has never been confirmed, but the speed with which the genocide was subsequently launched strongly suggests that the Hutu extremists had decided to rid themselves of their accommodationist president, and implement a "final solution" to the Tutsi "problem" in Rwanda.

Interahamwe militiamen at a roadblock in Kigali, April 1994.
Within 24 hours of Habyarimana's jet being downed, roadblocks sprang up around Kigali, manned by the so-called interahamwe militia (the name means "those who attack together"). Tutsis were separated from Hutus and hacked to death with machetes at roadside (although many taller Hutus were presumed to be Tutsis and were also killed). "Doing murder with a machete is exhausting, so the militias were organized to work in shifts. At the day's end, the Achilles tendons of unprocessed victims were sometimes cut before the murderers retired to rest, to feast on the victims' cattle and to drink. Victims who could afford to pay often chose to die from a bullet."

Anonymous said...

The generally "low-tech" means by which the killing was carried out -- the murderers standardly used machetes or hoes -- required the involvement of a large proportion of the Hutu population. "Videotapes of the killings show that three or more killers often hacked on a single victim. Since the organizers wished to implicate as many people in the killing as possible, there may have been many more killers than victims." (Wrage, "Genocide in Rwanda.")

Anonymous said...

Dont forget Malo arm was bought by South Africa Aparthide Government man. Same aparthide government that work with Hoareau and other MSR supporter to send WHITE SUPREMIST RHODESIAN MERCENARY TO SESEL TO KILL SESELWA HERO DAVID ANTAT ON SESEL LAND.

Anonymous said...

Who was busting international sanctions against South Africa ? It is high time the Australian government arrested the bastard and put him on trial.

Anonymous said...

Who was the lawyer of Mario Ricci and GMR Group?

Bernard Georges,SNP leadership.

Anonymous said...

Whom did Mario Ricci work for ? It is time the Australian government arrested the dimunitive international sanctions-busting bastard in their midst and put him on trial.

Anonymous said...

You cannot expect Bernard Georges to refuse anybody that requires his Services as a Lawyer.

What has Bernard's Services got to do with the price of eggs Stupido?.

Do tell us what are you implying dude!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

all is lost, either biblical or political, the crunch is imminent!!
save our souls!!

Anonymous said...

Save our souls

Bernard George action is questionable not becuase he was the lawyer of Khalifa but for the fact that he is also a member of the oppostion party.As a politician who should supposed to be making public the illegaly actions of the ruling party not participate in it.His decision to act as a lawyer for a person who was about to destroy his on country is immoral.It is more immoral when the action is perpetruated by a person of law who should have better understanding of what illegality is.

On the other hand ,it begs the question of whether a lawyer who illegally participated in selling the patrimony of his own country to foreigners can be a political representative of a nation?
Where is the morality in all that?I was the petro-dollar Khalifa offered him probably than anything else that pushed him to conspired against his own motherland.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Talking about morality Zann Dark ask your Bro Francis what he did in GUAM! Cecialia can give us details of the stealing of state land....REMOVE THE BEAM FROM YOUR EYE BEFORE YOU REMOVE THE STRAW THAT IS IN YOUR NEIGHBOUR4S EYE.

Anonymous said...

St Pitan

We are an independence state that what we are interseted in ,is what coming on in our country namely our land being illegaly gifted to foreigners.Guam has its own government, if the authority think there was any wrong doing on their shores,it is in their power to take action.
trying to divert our problems and crimes of PP by refering to some palpable lies concocted by Pp cronies to hide PP crimes won't work.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Facts and Prior Proceedings

Gill was charged with three counts of attempted theft of immovable property, 9 Guam Code Ann. §§ 13.10, 43.30(b), one count of conspiracy to commit theft, 9 Guam Code Ann. §§ 13.30, 43.30(b), and one count of conspiracy to tamper with records, Guam Code Ann. §§ 13.30, 46.25.   These charges stem from Gill's participation in the creation and recordation of maps for four parcels of property on Guam.

At trial, the government presented evidence indicating that Gill, with the cooperation of surveyor Thomas T. Anderson and Land Management employee Joseph B. Cruz, sought to gain title to land he did not own, by obtaining Land Management approval of survey maps that were deliberately drawn to encompass government land.   Apparently, Anderson was able to secure Land Management approval of the bogus maps because of his “good contacts” within the agency.   In some instances, Anderson, with the help of Cruz, was able to procure phony tax assessment records for the “new” land.

The government's evidence included the testimony of Anderson and the introduction of the counterfeit maps.   For example, Anderson testified that Gill asked him to survey the lots Gill had purchased so as to include land outside the parcels' boundaries, that Gill paid Anderson four times the going rate for his services, that Gill was aware of Anderson's “good contacts” at Land Management, that Gill was surprised when Anderson's contacts resulted in the approval of the fabricated maps, and that Gill intended to use the maps as evidence of ownership.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Tiklo knows how to make good use of his finger.

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering lately where the fook is Leonard the Francis Gill cocky contributions lately?

Is he serving his sentence or is that other thieving Rasin Gill in hiding?.

Biento son lanmess pou gagne vann/alimnmen.

Anonymous said...

Tikolor what you write some time don't make sense to comment on it.Because you are always againts what is true and againts a better future for Seychellios.You kabo lapo.

Anonymous said...

Tikolor want make you and PP&co more frustrated.
They dont know who we are.Do you sleep well at night Tikolor?

Anonymous said...

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