Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

UK Telegraph, AFP, Wall Street Journal Report on

Sheik Khalifa, La Misere Gross Negligence Case

This week, the UK Telegraph reported on the La Misere Gross Negligence case. Last Week, the Wall Street Journal reported on the same case. Two months ago, I gave an interview to Associated Free Press (AFP) on the matter and it reached virtually every syndicated newspaper with AFP around the world over a weekend.
From a sleepy and seemingly powerless base, the La Misere residents made their protests; the word reached the outside world over the issues surrounding their plight in quick time. Just a few years ago, it would be unthinkable that information on victimization and abuse of power in the paradise islands of the Seychelles could make its way around the world. How times has changed.
Star Leads on Democratic Access To Information
All the reporters that have contacted me and I have forwarded them to other parties in the La Misere case, all read STAR (Seychelles*Truth*Accountability*Reality). They all told me that they read the blog regularly as part of their coverage of the African region. They also read the comments under the articles.
They follow TIKLO with his threats of death regularly.
On STAR the Administrator does not censor information. In line with the internet revolution, the paramount point of departure is to make as much truthful information available to the Public and the World, as it is possible. The availability of information and analysis, allows the Public and the World to form an opinion, but it also places the government of the day under pressure to perform that it traditionally would not have to face.
On the other hand, it calls those that are sleeping on the job or are limp to swallow political Viagra pills, to get to work or get off the stump of complacency, which they have sat on for Five (5) years, filling their pockets.
First The Papers, Then the Cameras
Now that the world newspapers have caught the Sheik Khalifa, Ascon, Gross Negilgence case, of full unfettered accountability, it is only a matter of time before the cameras catch wind. On MSR Facebook page, one investigative report series 60 Minutes, run by CBS has registered as a “like” MSR community and is undoubtedly following the Sheik Khalifa-La Misere story. It is just a matter of time, before they arrive in Seychelles, and start questioning the Government of Seychelles over 1800 GOP permits free of charge issued to Sheik Khalifa, and the Council of Ministers overturning the decision of the Planning Authority to refuse the building permit for the super structure to Seychelles standards. They will call on the sanitation department, Ministry of Environment, Health, and see why they never inspected the site, until 1800 residents had already drank diesel water, faeces water, for over eight months. They will meet with Joel Morgan, (the John Wayne styled Minister in mind, but resembles Pinnochio in body) and ask him how could his government allow a contractor to do structural works in Seychelles, without a license. They may call on Danny Faure, the Minister of Finance and ask him why his ministry does not tax Sheik Khalifa for all the goods he imports. This customs bill is approaching $300 Million in taxes, when compared to the pittance of donations Khalifa has made since the gross negligence case surfaced.Those taxes if collected could pay most of Seychelles external debt.
PL Blames Us For Exposing Them
In good communist, irrational, even criminal logic, the victim is always to blame. The perpetrator is always innocent. According to the PL logic, which is evident on Facebook and the People, for example, Miss Lydia Jumeau deserved to have her car burnt. Miss Jumeau is at fault for others burning her car in her garage. She did it to herself, they seem to infer. Those sick and demented people that propagate this type of deception are what drives us to expose them for what they are. We have no intention of reliving June 5th, 1977 again. Further to the UK Telegraph posting on STAR this week, the first PL collaborator comment came in:” Christopher Gill’s name was mentioned, the writer said “Riot”....is this how you show love for Seychelles?”
This is another example of the good communist irrational criminal logic at work. The person that sounds the alarm on a critical issue is blamed. Now, PL communists, if you allowed for fair rebuttals in the press, on SBC Television, the nation’s broadcasting company, and permitted constitutionally respected rights to peaceful protest, do you think you would have to deal with AFP, UK Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, 60 Minutes & BBC? I doubt it very much.
Communists Are Out of Fashion
The world is changing and it intends to leave all you Communist behind. Even Fidel Castro today has revealed that his intestinal infection nearly cost him his life and he regrets incarcerating gays and lesbians in the 1970’s for their sexual preference.
While Kim Jong Il takes an armoured train to China to introduce the PRC to the next leader of North Korea, the PL have been on an economic forum show case effort. James Michel was in Spain, attempting to lure the Spanish to Seychelles, with a new tourism office, after closing the last one himself, but with no direct flights to Seychelles in place. So he thinks these potential tourists will transit in Doha or Dubai and loose up to three (3) days holiday in transit than do a long haul flight. It’s his spoke and wheel thinking at play.
Minister Danny Faure was in New York with the newly appointed junior Ministers Peter Sinon & Jean-Paul Adam and other officials from investment, offshore and tourism sectors. A surprise member of the delegation was no other than Craig Heeger (CEO Eden Island), apparently tagging along desperately, looking for bank financing for Phase II Eden Island, which Barclays dumped, telling the world that Seychelles is open for business. But ironically we are still rationing water, have insufficient electricity grids, our airport is at capacity, and it is only now that the Five (5) Year Plan for Tourism, Five (5) Year Plan for Water Management, Five (5) Year Plan for Airport, Five (5)Year Plan for Fisheries, is being considered in draft..........after Five (5) years of James Michel, Msye STATEZI 2017, himself.
The communists have been running Seychelles without a plan all this time and the residents of La Misere wonder why the Government says one thing today, and another thing tomorrow, and nothing on the third day?
Answer: They have no plan to settle anything, unless Khalifa wakes up.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

Gill seems so happy that the international media has written a couple of articles on the La Misere case. He wants all of us to read them. Fine. I will however take this opportunity to refer readers and bloggers to the various and numerous articles written those past years on the subject of the Gill brothers stealing land from the native inhabitants of the island of Guam in the Pacific. Just go on google and type Francis Gill and you will find lots of interesting material to read. The guy was then sentenced to jail but later pardonned when he paid local politicians.

Is this the kind of politics Twistopher Gill wants to do in Seychelles. When an Arab comes here and buys or for valid reasons is given large tracts of land it is bad, but when the Gill brothers steal land from poor people of Guam it is OK? I suggest they start a Mouvman Guam Rasin MGR over there.

Have a nice time googling ...!!!

Anonymous said...

Gill explain why protest is a Riot, this is a LIE

Gill say 60 Minute "like" MSR, this is a LIE. Just check MSR Facebook Page

He don't like it when the free press expose his stupid LIES. He don't like it when the free press expose the agenda of the freemason who reach out to right-wing newspaper to print LIES and STRETCH TRUTH.

Anonymous said...


Guma EPA inspects GILL-Breeze subdivisions

Posted: Jan 21, 2010 7:30 AM
Updated: Jan 28, 2010 5:34 AM

by Nick Delgado

Guam - The Guam Environmental Protection Agency inspected the Gill-Breeze Subdivision this morning after the agency received a complaint about the lack of water and waste water infrastructure at the Yigo Subdivision. And Cyfred's attorney contends that there was never an obligation to provide the infrastructure in the first place.

"All of the lots in the Gill-Breeze Subdivision are of a half-acre size or more and therefore not required under the subdivision law to have any form of sewer infrastructure," said Attorney Curtis Van De Veld. He has said that his client is not required to provide such service to the residents at the Yigo subdivision.

Meanwhile, this morning inspectors with the Guam EPA combed through the Gill-Breeze Subdivision, looking for possible violations. Officials say it's obvious with the trash throughout the area, and lack of water and waste water infrastructure that there are serious concerns that need to be fixed at the Yigo subdivision. GEPA conducted the inspection after a complaint was made to the agency a week ago.

Come on Daily Telegraph. Get on the case...

Anonymous said...

You STUPID SPPF Party Lepep COUYONS, this is not about Christopher Gill.

This is about James Michel the Idiot President who has sold us out, this is about Sheik Khalifa who has bought Michel out and made a fool out of all of us SESELWA, and this is about the poor people of La Misere (who by the way are SESELWA like you and me) who have endured diesel and shit water and the abuse of our own Government.

What the hell does this UK Telegraph article have to do with Gill or Guam? This is about the rape of our country, about the destruction of the La Misere water source, about the cover ups and fuck-ups of this Michel Government, about the lies and incompetencies of Joel Morgan and his ministry, about the sale of our land for one FUCKING rupee, about the use of our armed forces against its own people, and about pathetic reaction of this Government who obviously paid one of their thugs to burn a car that by the way belongs to a SESELWA citizen. This in itself is a crime and of course our pathetic police department headed by an Irish idiot (another Michel fuck-up) will never find the perpetrator!

Unfortunately, your red stupid heads are stuck up Michel and Albert's asses and also Khalifa's camel ass. And you will all remain blind as long as your heads are stuck in these shit holes. At least the La Misere residents have revolted against drinking shit water, but you red heads are eating the shit day in and day out. Try taking your heads out of the shitters for one minute and maybe you will see the real sun instead of the Le pep setting one, and you will see the greenery of the Seychelles hills and forests, and the blues of our seas that have yet to be tainted by Khalifa, Rene, Michel and Morgans shit.

Long live the people of La Misere to fight another day. Riot or not, WE as a free people will win one day and topple the shit-eating Le Pep party.

Anonymous said...

You PL Collaborators have really lost the plot, by being led by a nin cum pout that closes and opens Tourism offices routinely around the world.

The issue in Seychelles concerns all Seychellois. What business issues my brother Francis Gill faces in Guam has no bearing on the reisdents of La Misere. He is an adult, as much as Donald Trump is an adult and faces his business issues everyday.I am sure he will handle them.

The issues of charges against him, have been regulated to the history dust bins and he has received an Unconditional Executive Pardon over 10 years ago, after the Governor of Guam concluded that Francis was being subjected to systematic victimization by the former Governor and business competitor, because he dared challenge an elitist class.

Get back to the issues in Seychelles over 10,000 miles from Guam. Different oceans PL.

The bottom of the barrel insinuations that we are Freemasons is laughable. I hardly know what a Free Mason is, except to know that a number Seychellois personalities are Freemasons. That does not concern me.

Solve the La Misere issue PL and stop using arms and force, intimidation to subjugate our people and deny them their rights to peaceful assembly.

Go on SBC and tell the residents of La Misere they can go to the streets and protest peacefully, and you, PL communists will not use 40 men with AK -47 tear gas on guns on these innocent people many of whom were children.

Pl Communist collaborators, call Lydia Jumeau and tell her on SBC that Government of Seychelles will replace her 4 door Hyundai car and rebuild her garage. Replace all the good lost to fire with a check for the value of the goods.

As for SNP the sleeping stump, wake up, call for opposition conference to unite the opposition, stop blowing foul air that says nothing.

It makes you look very pathetic.

We have a country to rebuild and lives to mend back together from Michels gross mistakes!!!!

Careful this time, the world is watching.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

RIOT IN SEYCHELLES affect ALL in Seychelles because it affect Tourism. This is Gill and "secret" friends who have made this damage to our image. More than the six floor of Khalifa Palace.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Riot in Seychelles-

Do you think I can tell a UK Telegraph journalist what headline to use?

Of course not.

He will use what he believes is appropriate.

Is "Riot" appropriate?

Were there protestors? Yes

Did they block a street? Yes

Were there threats upon them made by the state publically? Yes

Were 50 armed men with AK-47,9mm and Tear Gas used to intimidate them? Yes

Were people killed? No.

Were people threatened to be killed? Yes, just the presence of assault rifles answers that question.

I suggest you PL Communist Collaborators wake up, solve the problem instead of trying to hide the problem with your battered wife syndrome.

Now, has our tourism image been affected by it, if so who is responsible?
Yes, James Michel, he let the gross negilgence take place.

Now, I expect you to now say Tourism a sacred cow over the lives and health of the people of La Misere....all of a sudden.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Yes you can tell a journalist in Nairobi the freemason HQ to write sensational headline and try sabotage Seychelles. You also drag good name of Seychelles in mud and you also drag good name of freemason in mud.

I have question for you Gill. Are you shareholder in your brother many business in Guam?

Anonymous said...

The headline is not written by the journalist. It is written by the news editor back in London. It is the government anti-riot paraphernalia that is telling everyone people are rioting in Seychelles. You do not use anti-riot gear unless there is a riot. James Michel has much to learn still, after 33 years in power. Needless to say, the government is already writing to the Daily Telegraph to protest -- it can protest but La Misere residents can't. But the government should instead put the anti-riot gear away -- and the petrol cans and the matchsticks and whatever instruments of fear they are planning to use on the people of Seychelles.

Anonymous said...

How ironic-

The People of La Misere affected by this gross negligence case cannot protest, but PL can protest to Telegraph over the headline?

I concur with the headline for the following reason:

Dictionary.com defines riot as:" a noisy, violent, public disorder (confirmed by Commissioner Quarte on SBC) ,by a group or crowd (victimized residents), protesting( they did that) against another group ( Ascon , Khalifa, Gov. Seychelles) or government (Government of Seychelles) and policy ( Policy of sucking up to Khalifa and ignoring the plight of the people) in the streets (Kennedy Road, La Misere).

Communists will always be communists!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

E ou la Gill aka Gozier,

Why should TIKLO want to threathen a nobody like you?. Who did Lydia pay to have her car set alight and then blame the Government in the same way SDP fouter dezord painted in the middle of La Misere road "Yankee go home" and then accused SPUP of doing so?.

As for an insignificunt Kouyon like you Gill, you can go and suck an egg.

Anonymous said...

The good name of Seychelles has been muddied universally by James Michel and Parti Le Pep by bankrupting Seychelles economy and the Fiasco that is Khalifa. NOBODY ELSE COULD HAVE DONE A BETTER JOB.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ALL THIS COMMENT MADE IS TIKOLOR.Tikolor you can chage sytel all the time we know you.

Anonymous said...

Tikolor peoples like you have already suck the two balls of Rene and Michel.Don't tell people to go and suck a egg.

Patrick X said...

E Ou La Tikolor self-proclaimed great embassador! So now you think Lydia paid to have her car torched eh? Tell us, when you last sucked on Rene's eggs, did you also swallow his sik and it went to your brain? I mean coming with such a statement you must have swallowed some pretty toxic lapounyat bro. Oubyen sa larestan zi taba laskar lo la kin fer ou fou?

Anonymous said...

You will know what a riot is when Seselwa lose our patience with you. Remember when DP supporter pick you up with your chair and throw you out of the conference as a fouter dezord? This time cross the floor will not save you must cross the full fucking Gordon Square. You and your pilon dalon Patrick SisX

Anonymous said...

Tiklo Proxy of Rene the Butcher-

I have visited Lydia Jumeau and her emotions are not that of a person that burnt her own car. There is no insurance on the car or garage TIKLO.

Violence and intimidation have been the corner stone of SPPF PL politics and problem solving since its inception.

Just as you have threatened me before, and now you write some rubbish, the world read it and gets an impression of what PL Rene Michel are all about.


Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to Pilon-

Please refrain from making comments laced with sexual preference insinuations.

It reduces the level of debate and healthy exchange of ideas, that have no regard for sexual preference.

Please remain civil, in spite of your urge to uncivility.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Nothing disturbs PL communists more then a little publicity over how badly they treat their people and violate their rights.

Congratulations to STAR team.

Anonymous said...

It is normal to see PP cronies losing their rage by the articles on STAR.For the last forty years they have used all kind of communist means like intimidation,murder etc to silence the people.Today STAR has become one of the main voice opposting the failed communist system for the mis-deeds and of course despots do not like being exposed.It is freedom of free expression PP.

STAR has also made TIKOLOR a STAR in AfricaStardom ,which he could not achieved under PP.

At least Tikolor say thank you to STAR for making you a star.Mugabe could not be more jealous than that,you take his title .

Jeanne D`Arc

Patrick X said...

Yes Chris, you are absolutely right. Tikolor cannot help for having sexual preferences that are against what society defines as normal. I guess sucking eggs has become a part of his daily life, but alas it is his right to do so.

Speaking of eggs, I think I'll go smash some and make myself an omelette.


Anonymous said...

And what has the holy Christopher Gill got to say to his buddy Patrick X? In case you cannot read our language here is the translation of Patrick X's message that he just steps over:

Hey you there Tikolor self-proclaimed great embassador! So now you think Lydia paid to have her car torched eh? Tell us, when you last sucked on Rene's eggs (MEANING BALLS), did you also swallow his SEMEN and it went to your brain? I mean coming with such a statement you must have swallowed some pretty toxic SEMEN bro. OR IS IT THE REMAINING ARAB/INDIAN CUNT JUICE ON IT THAT HAS MADE YOu MAD?

So Christopher Gill what have you got to say to Patrick X who has posted this comment BEFORE the one that causes you offence?

Anonymous said...

Why was Mrs Jumeau's car not insured? Surely it is an offence to drive a car without insurance.

And why would someone who has a law degree abide by such mud slinging debate on this forum.
Mr Gill, is it not time yet for you to publise what you intend to offer the Seychellois people and what you can do to make their lives better?

Where is your campaign?
You do raise to all these folks baits! They are just rattling your cage and you are allowing them to do so by responding.

Get your campaign going: What will you do for Education, Health (this is a megga big issue), work for the young, drugs.
Work on that, and let these other people just do their mud slinging on their own.

Anonymous said...

Tikolor ,MSR is still a movement ,it will have a campaigne when it become a party.But some questions i can personally answer you.Work for youth -we just have to get those thousands of illegal indians back to their home.Drugs aduses -do like any countries in the western world are doing or about to do-legalize canabis.On Education,retirement,health etc get our billions back to sponsor those department.And on many other issues we just have to do all the contary that PP has benn doing for the last forty years and failed.

Jeanne DÂrc

Jeanne D`Arc

Anonymous said...

The call to civility in debate is made to everyone.

C Gill

Anonymous said...

To Zann Dork,

You are barking on the wrong tree.

The Person concerned is asking sa Kouyon Gill a simple question in case you have not noticed.

The Person wants Gill to show him his Point of Difference in regards to the issues that he has raised and forever hold your piss...errhhhh peace.

And by the way, TIKLO can tell Gill and Bat Sick Xtra read all about it to go and suck an egg because TIKLO can.

And Gill, when you write a name such as a Rene Michel in the way you have in your last blog, be very careful you big stoopido. In case you are not aware, there is a person by the name of Rene Michel that happens to be the brother of Kathleen Mason of Mason's Travel.

TIKLO advises you to engage your pea brain before you put your filthy insolent mouth into gear.

Patrick X said...

And you're pissing on the wrong tree Tikolor. Or should I say sucking on the wrong egg?


Anonymous said...

Tiklo Proxy For Rene the Butcher-

Why have you resorted to name calling, verbal abuse?

Do you have shares in Eden Island?

That would be the only reasonable, plausible justification for such verbatum coming from you.

You started out as the STAR defense of SPPF PL and now you have been regulatd to nothing but a cranky old man persona hiding behind a pseuydonym.

You attack women of opinion like Jeane D'arc, Lydia Jumeau, and men of principle who blog on STAR and expose PL failures.

TIKLO, you can do better then that. Don't give up, reach deep down in the vacancies of your brain, and the hallows of your heart, to be better then what you are.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

The issues Tikolor are known; where is our billions?,who sold our land?,who allowed Khalfa to bulldozed our mountain and shit in our river?,who put fire in Mrs Jumeau car?,who gifted Ramados,Siva,and clan our passports? and so on.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Christopher Gill,

Did you apologised to Rene Michel instead of shirking the issue?.

Don't you think that you should be ashamed of yourself in tarnishing the good names and reputations of others?.

Who was that wise Man who said "what goes around comes around?."

The time will come pretty soon Gill, when you and your Click will be asked to substantiate your allegations, untruths and innuendoes in a Court of Law.

Anonymous said...

When are we going to get these courts of law in Seychelles, to replace the current kangaroo courts ?

Anonymous said...

Zann Dark,

Please learn the History of the La Misere site so as not to come across as a Boofhead and an embarassment to us Sophisticated Seychellois Par Excellence with your daily dose of nonsense.

Please tell us who carved up and built Kennedy road from La Misere road to the summit?. Really Zann Dork, you are full of shit and as Lassirenn Suisse would say, go get a life and stay away from them Hounslow Kannar so that their eggs get a chance to eklo. Is that too hard?.

Anonymous said...

Jeanne D'Arc,
you obviously think that EVERY person who questions Mr Gill regarding his policies is this "Tikolor"! It is quite amusing.

In previous post, Mr Gill did say that MSR was now a regognised political party:
I quote:

"Former Attorney General and Senior Attorney of Seychelles Mr. Pesi Pardiwalla, Esquire, has certified Mouvman Seselwa Rasin (MSR) Political Party Registration documents on June 28th, 2010 at Premier Building, Victoria,Mahe." unquote.

So, the people of the Seychelles awaits the manifesto of this Great Person C.Gill.
I reiterate:
What will he do for the youth?
What will he do for health?
What will he do for education?
What will he do regarding the infrastructure of the country?
What will he do about drug abuse?
He has a lot of work to do, and I note that he spends an awful lot of time on this site arguing but not saying what he is going to do.

oh and I am not "Tikolor" and I am not of the male species...just so you are aware.
Oh, And I have a habit of proof reading my mail prior to hitting the "send" button"...an advice you may want to take.

Anonymous said...

Is the Anonimous saying to us that my childhood Friend Pesi Padiwahla who was Seychelles Attorney General in 1986 has indeed been practising in a "kangaroo Court?."

If Pesi registered Twistophie's Party, Pesi did his job even though Pesi would have had reservations about Gill's character and hidden agendas.

Let me assure one and all that Pesi is a Par Excellence Seychellois of Lascar roots and he has always been proud to be a Seychellois. TIKLO.

Anonymous said...

The history of La Misere :it stands at an altitude of 1856 Feet 55b 28m Os longitude and has a population of a few hundred inhabitants.What i didn^t learnt at school though,is that there is an illegal Bunker belonging to a Nomad call Khalifa and that this bunker has become the landmark of our sovereign christian country and that the owner of this bunker like doing in rivers rather than using a WC.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Zann Dork,

More and more, you come across as a real Oxy-Morron high on Oxycodone. Arrrhh wee Seigneur.

Anonymous said...

In response to Tiklo,
please note that I was NOT having a dig at Pesie Padiwalla. I too know this person who indeed is a very good attorney at law. I was however responding to Jeanne D'Arc's comment on MSR:
I quote;
"MSR is still a movement ,it will have a campaigne when it become a party." Unquote

You guys just do not seem to follow the thread very well.

CG, I still await your reply to my questions.


Anonymous said...

Top of the morning to you Sam,

Just to re-assure you that I was not having a go at you. My sincere apologies Sam. I was merely commenting that Pesie would not have agreed to register Gill's MSR if Pesi had the foresight to see that he was helping register a rasist party.

Warmest regards Sam from TIKLO.

Anonymous said...

It still saddens me to read the 'opinions' of certain people here and realise that that they are
obviously coming from a handful who simple put, are SELFISH.

The greatest weakness of any politician is to be empathetic.And the greatest strenght of any human is to be so.

Those that are still defending the PP cannot feel the pain of the lowly- and that can come from two directions. Either they've never been low, and hence cannot be blamed for failing to understand, or they've forgotten.
Here again, forgetting can come from self-protection,mental illness or lack of will to remember.

However you look at it in our present state, those who don't understand us need to realise that there is no way we can respect them. Because even they have been fortunate never to be poor,at least they should be sympathetic,if not empathetic.

It saddens me.

Our government has raised themselves to the heavens, leaving us down here.To beg.

And apparently, we should do just that.

Sorry- i just can't. Wasn't slavery abolished here in 1885 or whereabouts?

Zaklen Zoulou

Anonymous said...

Zaklen Zoulou forget that the strength of the PP come from the suffering of majority poor Seychellois. Same poor Seychellois who is much better today even if everything is not perfect.

Zaklen Zoulou dont understand that majority Seychellois dont wants fouter dezord to make selfish ego fight at family table, refuse eating their food, stop others to eat food and also feel pride to make us ashame in front of neighbour and visitor.

Those who dont want reconciliation are SELFISH.

Zaklen Zoulou dont understand that reconciliation is process in the system to improve system. It is not debate fight about choosing system.

Anonymous said...

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