Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Obstruction of Settlement of Gross Negligence

Case of Sheik Khalifa, Ascon
The Government of James Alix Michel has implemented a systematic strategy of staggering the settlement of the victims of the La Misere gross negligence case involving the contamination of the main water source with faeces and diesel fuel. The systematic obstruction of the settlements have left the residents frustrated, and left with a sense that their government does not look after their best interests, but after the best interest of Sheik Khalifa Bin Al Zayed Nayan.

Stack The Committee
The La Misere Committee is stacked with public servants, from District Administrators to Ministry of Foreign Affairs drivers. In our political culture, we all know that District Administrators do the job of the government of the day. If they do not, they are fired. Hence, when push comes to shove, the DA will stagger proceedings and side with the Government of the day when called to do so. Drivers for ministries are no better. Few retain any political independence, back bone or courage to do the necessary aside from drive according to instructions. Residents of La Misere and all Seychellois, must open there eyes.

Block The Protest Site With Armed Men
Last month the La Misere Committee said that they would continue their protests at the entrance of Kennedy Road if a reasonable path towards settlement was not taken. Ascon directors had been sent to Seychelles, only to leave.
The Government had promised that no ASCON workers would enter the Sheik Khalifa compound, until a settlement was reached. This was then revoked by the Government of Seychelles, and Sheik Khalifa’s monstrous building site was allowed to be painted a color between canary yellow and sunset orange.
Subsequently, the La Misere victims vowed to take back to the protest line. As a pre-emptive measure, the Government of James Michel sent the Commissioner of Police to contravene the right of peaceful assembly and protest of the citizens under our constitution only one day after the Feast of the Assumption of the Immaculate Conception.
The Commissioner of Police Quatre was given air time on the national television station SBC and he then told the residents that “if they insist on protesting at the entrance of Kennedy road, force will be used”. There was no rebuttal opportunity to this statement allowed the residents of La Misere.

Use of Force Over Claim For Damages
The next day, Commissioner Quatre sent 40 men armed with AK-47’s, tear gas, grenades, in plastic bags, riot gear to face down the humble residents of La Misere. It was a case of might makes right put into practice in paradise.
Worse, it was a case of use of the communist tool of the threat of violence and intimidation packaged in fear tactics, to set back the progress of the residents, to appease pressure mounting on Sheik Khalifa, Bin al Zayed Nayan, ruler of UAE.
On the Starblog, supporters of the government claim that focusing on Sheik Khalifa is racist. Supporters of the James Michel government say we must focus on the Americans violation of planning rules and so forth.
Michel is known to traditionally be very anti American, and only recently curried their favour in the fight against piracy in the region. The issue is not racism President Michel. The issue is making the residents of La Misere, affected by the faeces water and diesel water, whole again, and compensating them for moral damages as well.
Inclusive in the settlement the residents must not forget the loss of their properties values since no one will volunteer to live at La Misere today, a once prime location of abode for the well healed.
Hence the residents are totally right to elect a much higher settlement then offered by ASON and Government of Seychelles. There is no racism in the claims. America, Mr. Michel is made up also of Arabs. However, they pay their way, as anyone else. In Seychelles Sheik Khalifa must pay his way for damages proximately caused by his use of an illegal unregistered construction company.
Such blatant disregard of the laws of Seychelles, in spite of State House overlooking them, does not abate the gross negligence. It only infers that State House is also culpable.

They Start Burning Cars Again
Remember the good old days when Bill Pomeroy’s mini minor was set ablaze, to instil fear in the hearts of Americans at the tracking station and citizens alike? Well, this time the culprit has set the car of Lydia Jumeau ablaze in her La Misere garage at the wee hours of the morning, to set fear into the hearts of the residents of La Misere that seek justice for their claims and seek to be made whole again. Miss Jumeau is a key activist of the settlement case. She has been a key player in mobilizing residents to stand up for her rights.
Remember the car bombs? Or the bomb at Reef Hotel? Who uses bombs to take care of business?

Appeal To People of Seychelles
People of Seychelles, open your eyes. The Pp under James Michel is implementing the same fear tactics today that Rene taught him in 1970. We must all unite to face down this fear tactic. Help each other, stand up for each other. Put petty debates aside, for the benefit of the future of Seychelles.
At this time, I call again, on all the leaders of the Opposition to unite to face the politics of fear and intimidation. Clean house, come clean, and open your hearts to work for change in Seychelles. Change is possible when we unite, but it is not possible when we are divided.
I call on Wavel Ramkalawan, to stand up and be a hero to us all. Call for a conference to unite the Opposition. I have made this appeal for two years now.
If you are out of steam as a leader that does not mean you cannot play an important meaningful role to bring about change. You can and all of Seychelles is looking towards you to unite the Opposition, even if it means stepping back a little.
If you believe it is extremist that carry the banner “Sesel Pou Seselwa”, then retire, because your banner is only "Pa Les Tombe", and you have already let go!
We do not believe "Sesel Pou Seselwa" is extremist. Today, it is reasonable, as always. What is extremist is a government and opposition saying “Sesel Pou Seselwa” is extremist.

“Sesel Pou Seselwa”!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

just one question: are you fighting this election agaist SNP or PP??????? It seems that your aim is to undermine the main opposition party. Just an impression!

Anonymous said...

Old habits really die hard. Especially terrorist habits.

Whether it is SPUP, SPPF or PL, violence is in their DNA.

They simply cannot drop the habit of terrorising innocent Seychellois.

It is state-sponsored arson and other such acts of terrorism that will scare tourists away -- not peaceful demonstrations that tourists are familiar with in the country they come from.

James Michel -- get real.

Anonymous said...

The day Wavel Ramkalawan takes Bigots like Gill and Volcere on board, I will make a special journey to Seychelles and personally rip his bloody arms off.

And Gill.... keep on aboye mem.

Patrick X said...

To anonymous(first post):

What opposition party are you refering to? The SNPL hardly qualifies as an opposition party so I guess we can conclude that Gill is fighting against both the SNP and the PL which are now to be considered as one party at least judging from the action of its leader.

Now speaking of undermining, isn't that exactly what goes on in politics during an election? Now, Gill has written that he cooperates well with some members of the SNP, but also states that he has a problem reaching through to the leadership so you tell me who Gill is undermining: The SNP or its leadership?


Patrick X said...

Anonymous 3:

I was just asking myself when the Dingo from WA was about to 'aboye' before pissing all over this site and polluting it.


Anonymous said...

When we question your ideology you define it as polution? Then i must admit you are a dictatorship and extremist party! Then it is simple i dont want to vote for the worst! i can imagine what will happen ( which will not be the case) if your party wins. ..... an extreme right dictatorship no way! I think wavel has much more credit than you guys.;;;; all those years fighting for democracy, you cannot wipe this off in one go man..give the man his credit! now things have changed in politics in Seychelles. The new Pl government are reforming and democracy is slowly but surely being cannot change things this fast ! SNP has to adapt to this change too. But what you are preaching man is all that i do not want to see happen in my seychelles . Racism is the core of your ideology so count me out. I dont even want to discuss with you Gill i just have pity of you . You have no chance thank the lord for my Seychelles!

Anonymous said...

Didn't we go from democracy to one-state dictatorship overnight on 5 June 1977 ?

How fast was that ?

Stop apologising for PL dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Impression-

We are fighting the SPPF cum PP PL.

However, the SNP as it is has become a jr. collaborator with the PL to sell our patrimony to foreigners.

Example, Bernard Georges transactions at barbaron to sell land to Sheik Khalifa. These sales which are amny, have een defended by Viyzon a SNP mouthpiece.

Hence the reference that SNP and all Opposition mus tclean house to remove PL.

There is more, but the point is made.

SNP has a culture of protecting its own even if they are at fault, like PL. This is bad for our country.

We are a nation state. Matters of the welfare fo the People are serious matters that transcend personality politics and friendships. It is difficult but we must either retain serious ness in state affairs or be resinged to being a bannana republic under PL.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to Bigot-

I do not speak for Volcere, but I speak for myself. I am not a bigot. We in MSR promote no racism.

We call for the founding principle of the republic to be respected. That is : "Sesel Pou Seselwa".

We call for an end to corruption that bleeds our nation.

We call for an end to the practice fo collaborators selling our patrimony.

No bigotry here, only patriotic will.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Ramkalawan missed a deadline to unite the opposition that he set himself.

We call on him to unite the opposition inspite of himself.

We do not condemn him for all he has done. We salaute him. But for the last 5 years, he as been sleeping on the job and copying and pasting especially in 2010.

His party has lost its rudder. This is the sentiments of many people I speak with.

Bottom line, is he can do what is right, or he can stay on the same course, with PL as a loyal opposition.

For me personally, I expect that, unless proven wrong.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Michel continue make your Rats to do there dirty work burn cars and kill people.Like Rene make one of his rat kill his own bodygard for fucking his daugther anyway there have been killer all there life it's in there blood.But if you burn one car again Because we are fighting for our right and freedom and DEmocracy in our land.Those Rats family will get there pay day back and feel the same pain.

A hungry Seychellios.

Anonymous said...

PP just show us again there want to continue promote violence and crime.

But i wonder if more troubel come to Micehl,if he will be abel to handel it.If we start to rally in front of State House.


Patrick X said...

Anonymous(about my ideology):

My friend, questioning the ideology is totally OK and very much appreciated as I enjoy a good debate, but walking in the garden and pissing on every tree whilst raving about and throwing verbal abuse is not exactly what I call debating.

That kind of behaviour is unfortuantely so familiar from the time of the one-party-state: those who disagree or say their say either got beaten or killed. Tikolor has obviously not evolved any further since then.

All MSR wants is for the Seychellois to take control of their own country. If you think MSR is a dictatorship then you have another thing coming when the Arabs make their entry and introduce their democracy. Ask your elders about 'Lalwa Sadaman' and you'll get a glimpse of it.

But seriously, do discuss anything you have on your mind for that matter, just do it properly and piss somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

As a matter of historical curiosity, what was the shape of the Tracking Station site after the Americans left? Most agreements require the leasing power (the US) to restore the site to its previous condition, although that can rarely be accomplished 100%, and payment is often made in lieu of total restoration. If I recall, the Americans had a gas station. Were the tanks removed and cleaned up?

Anonymous said...

If penalty for doing formality as professional lawyer is step down from leadership; Then what is penalty for professional opposition politician who cross the floor? To become the unelected leader of opposition?

Extremist freemason is still an extremist period full stop setu.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Freemason Lawyer-

Professional legal work without consideration for the consequences towards the people of Seychelles is done everyday by lawyers.

When one partakes in legal professional work to sell out our patrimony,and retains leadership positioning in a "Nationalist" party,there is a serious problem to be dealt with.

What makes this worse, is that the SNP defend Bernard Georges actions. Hence, they imbody what he has done and defends as their party principles by defending it.

This is where the problems lie for all Seychellois. That concerns us all.

I have explained clearly what incidents led to crossing the floor in 1997. My own Uncle had conspired with Rene to use fear and intimidation on me, as far back as 1994. The events got worse in 1997. They are recorded.

Rene could have easily taken it one more step and fear and intimidation would turn to violence and death.

I suppose you would be happy with that, Jr. Collaborator.

At the time, Ramkalawan knew about the incidents, and would not offer even one line in Viyzon or Regar to alert the public, because Viyzon was an "SNP "mouthpiece.Yet, I seconded his motions in the National Assembly so he could debate them for years.

I saved myself from Rene to come back another day to finish the job you people in SNP that practice "group think" are sleeping on and incapable of finishing.

The allegation of you people having light or thin skin fits the bill well, base don your rebutal.

You cannot take any critic.You expect everyone to be polite while you help SPPF PL ruin our country, take 38% salaries, 70% pensions for life, break opposition alliances, break oral agreements between gentlemen say there was no written agreement, break our backs with your gross up and top up of 56.75%,copy and paste our work and ideas, to the point that the State of Nation rebutal is copied from STAR without agreement or consent, remain silent on Khalifa until we broke the news, remain silent on Eden Island, because you want to make more money off them, remain silent on Russians in Beau Vallon, because you can make some money off that, remain silent on SIVA because silence earns money, even if it is crumbs.

If you expect politiness it only shows your arrogance and self righteousness that has consumed you and all, hence a source of your failure to the People of Seychelles collectively, because your self righteousness will prevent you from delivering what you promise again and again.

Have you been polite to the People of Seychelles, as you fleece them and mislead them, from the post of opposition as a Nationalist Party?

Your "group think" is a problem, because you think between only four people. Collectively, the four of you could not function in the real world alone, if severed free from each other and free from PL.

You need each other to survive and you need PL to cooperate and all the foriegners who come here and want to live off our backs without paying there way fairly, are part of the show.

Game is up boys!

Now muster some courage and unite the Opposition.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

The Freemason is blathering

Anonymous said...

A young man described the Opposition Leadership as en DG...i.e Donner Grenn. This how low an opinion 19year old going to Univerity student described the Opposition. So i challenged him on what would be his description of the SPPF/PL, to which he replied 'menm kouyonad my brother', zot tou zot la pour sis nou disan e ranpli zot pos! That young man has never voted, and he told he would prefer 'fil son grenn' come election time than waste 5 Rs and time to spend in a line to vote. Incidentally a guy known as Bakaylo walked by and said hello, my young friend did not even know that this guys was once an MNA, and laughed and said that he understands now why the Opposition is the way it is!

Now make your own conclussion ladies & gentlemen!


Patrick X said...

Vox, what can one expect when our teenagers and majority of our young population for that matter have never experienced 'clean politicians' in our country? It's like asking a woman who's been cheated ion in every relation she's had if there are any decent men out there!


Anonymous said...

PP disciples
patriotism again ,Pp cronies, is not synonym wtih patriotism just as communism is not synonym to democracy.
Patriotism is the love of one^s country.It is a positive action when peoeple can express their is also positive when people take pride in what they love.those who take pride in their family,country,neigbor,environment etc tend to take better care of such things and that is a benefit to all those involved.Without the pride for one's country you run the risk of a disheveled structure of society.

Extrimist on the other hand, are those to the likes of PP who send paid criminals to burn Mrs Jumeau car because they can^t accept other opinions than their communist ideology which consist of intimidation,murder,nepotism,and so on.

Calling MSR extrimist is a disperate tactic of PP in trying to to divert attention from the real issues namely the forty years of criminal activities.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

I meant patriotism is not synonmy with racism.

Anonymous said...

Better check with the IMF! Be la ou latet inn ale mon pov boug! Si ou pa konpren demann Dr maboulle a dir ou ki ou 'confuse'! LARZAN LARZAN LARZAN pe fer ou fou gozye!

Anonymous said...

Yes i do.I show you why with a simple little example.Danny Faure,the so called designated minister,was not elected but finger-'picked by the politburo.Moreover,he is not only designated minster in the government but also the guy who will take over the helm of the PP party once Michel leave again without internal election in the party and that regardless if there are others who are more intelligent,capable than him ,they must accept this status quo and if by accident some don't ,they will be exclude from the party.

That is a communist practice.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

In the end it is the people who will vote for him or not? Are elections free and fair now in seychelles?

Anonymous said...

No elections are not fair,Why the electoral commission for example was also finger-picked by PP,it is not independent therefore it cannot be transparent.Suspicious and illegal registration ,mostly Indians,pakistanis gifted our passports for this purpose.Even dead are being register etc etc and etc.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

DO you have proof of this????

Anonymous said...

Firstly Gogogogozie, whatever Monsieur Georges does, Mr. Georges comes first and the Party second. In the same way TIKLO loves himself sooo much and it has nothing to do with being vantar either. It means that by loving myself so very much, I can therefore afford to share that love with others.

And Zann Darkkk, Patriotism is the last refuge of Scoundrels. Like the man says, the Voters of Seychelles will decide if Faure is elected President or not simply because we are the Judge, Jury and Executioner. Now go to your RasinRacist little corner and suck on a lolipop like a good little vegemite.

Anonymous said...

zann dark say something we are waiting : do you have proof that the elections are not free and fair? do you have proof of any dead man who voted? of any indians without sey nationality who voted?otherwise foreever hold your tongue!

Anonymous said...

Yes i do.Mrs Mitsy Larue who i know personally told me his husband who pasted away a some months ago is still registered on PP votering list therefore that is a fraud in itself.

Loving one's country of birth is not scoundrels.Patriotism has its roots deep in the instincts and the affections.Love the country is the expansion of ditiful love.Scoundrels is what PP has been practicing for the last forty years-human rights abuses,murder,burning Mrs Jumeau car because she want to express her freedom of free speech etc.

likewise,i am proud to be a patriot and i would recommend PP to do the same.imaging if Atheist and unpatriotic Michel would have benn a patriot,today we would not have had aa illegal bunker being the landmark of our country at La Misere,dito to Raffle on Praslin,our u$2,5 billion would be in our coffers not in Swiss banks,we would already have our own tuna seiners not allow foreigners to destroy our resources for a handful of peanuts,our institutions would be under our control not illegal in the hands of foreigners to the likes of Ramaboss,Speelman,and so on.

That is the different .

Jeanne D`Arc

Anonymous said...

Did you get me TIKOLOR or you just a muddle-headed like your mentor Michel?Let me try to simplify things.

Love of one country of origin is natural.Pride in one^s ancestry is wholesome and essential.There ought not to be there,therefore,a conflict of national identity and ancestral pride,unles you not sure of your origin TIKOLOR.Could it be that you a stateless?

About Indians holding our passports.They recieved them illegally so their participation in our elecetion are ilegal as the passports they hold.Holding the nationality of a antion illegally does make you a citizen but a criminal.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

again suppositions not facts; if Mrs Larue is saying right she should be the one to contest that her dead husband is on the voting list and have his name removed don't you think so? why go spreading the news;;;;!!! by the way is this person in disgrace with her party and is she recommandable I would think thet MSR could consider her as an ex collaborator not as a STAR of MSR. Has she repented so as to be glorified as a true Patriot for MSR;

Anonymous said...

She cannot, she is also living under the aegis of PP.I am spreading the news because you wanted fact and you thought there was not.As you a PP crony too you may asks her to keep the secret,but me i am MRS supporter anything that i can find out that bring lights on PP mal- practices i will reveal.I believe in justice,democracy not communism.

I guess it is not disgrace on her her party but rather someone better educated than Michel and who is starting to understand the suffering of her people.Such a person can be forgiven for recognizing her mistake rather than Michel who still find his mistakes and crimes as good for the country.Maybe it is her patriotism that makes her speaks out.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

ZOT O be ki sisa be la Mitsy in CROSS FLOOR parey ou Gozye! Zot a fer in bon koup tou lede; plus sa change!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gozye Ferrari-

If any PP wants to leave PP the MSR will accept them.

If any SNP wants to leave SNP, the MSR will accept them.

If any DP wants to leave DP, the MSR will accpet them.

Only condition is this : They must not be the top 15 theives of the missing $2.5 Billion or murderers of fellow Seychellois or co conspirators to murder.

That would exclude you Gozye Ferrari, as you took part in the Coup of 1977, and each coup plotter is jointly and severably liable for the acts of all others in the action.

It would also exclude your Father Maxim Ferrari,as well as James Michel Rene and the good old gang.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

C Monnai says be careful what you say GOZYE..somebody took part in this murder and you know who it is........You tend to get mixed up stoopido!

Anonymous said...

Gozye Ferrari-

Murder is effected by conspiracy and an act, with intent to kill.

Whoever has taken part in murder, must be judged and tried by an Attorney General.

This does not apply to just PP. SPPF. It applies to all parties.

No one can hide behind an opposition banner either, to claim freedom from prosecution.

C Monnaie's murders will be tried one day. Whoever they are, and who ever conspired.

So will Son Chang -Him's murderers and everyone after him adn those before him.

They too will be tried.

Now, when you went to State House to discuss the 38% salary increase and 70% pension for life, did you forget about Claude Monnaie's murder at that moment?

What about my employee, Ryan Lesperance, did you forget him?

To highlight two recent murders,only.

C Gill

Anonymous said...

C. Monnai says that by cospiring with his murderers you also Gozye you are KOUPAB. Ou pa ti cross floor ou osi pou al avec SPPF. Mon fek lir ou diskour ou ti fer letan ou ti cross floor. Sa y in bon la prev ou lipokrizi e pi ou papa Peter Gill pa li ki ti finans SPUP pou aste zarm pou fer koudeta? Li osi dapre sa ki ou pe dir y koupad...; pa zis dir ferari ki koupab ou byen SPPF ou Byen Snp ecsetera......... Ou in tret boy pa bliye nou nou pa bliye.......... ou file y byen lour....lour;;;lour

Anonymous said...

I want to congralute Mrs Jumeau for her courage.We all know Michel have pay some Drugs addict some money to burn Mrs Jumeau car.PP have promote crime seen 32 years in POWER,but none of them have been brought to justice for there CRime.Any way justice in Seychelles are just for some and mainly poor peoples who are suffering on the Island.Because every thing are control by a communist Party that's why we are taking the pain.
It's time for CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

Don't change the subject my friend letan ou napa naryen pou repon!

Anonymous said...

Gozye Ferrari Boy-

Tret se ou ek Ramkalawam ek Georges kinn bliy Seselwa pou zot pouv gen personnel!

Zot enn fer deal avek SPPF pou ranpli zot pose avek larzan le pep.

38% augmentasyon salare.

70% pensyon pou lavi

Lavent later Khalifa, pou van nou patrimony, Barbaron.

Grat fon barik avek ou ledan.

Seselwa pe war zot parey nou war JJ spirit ek PP. Mem zafer: Colloborater pou vann Seselwa Rasin parye en pake pwason.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Gozye Ferrari-

I believe that TIKLO proxy for Michel has taken the liberty to speak on your behalf and SNP.

Tiklo says:" Georges (reference to Khalifa deals) takes care of himself first, then the party SNP second."

I did not read a rebutal to that Gozye Ferrari.

Instead, I read an attack on me.

Now if this logic swings, Georges takes care of himself first, SNP second. Then country and people come third and fourth Gozye Ferrari.

Unfortunately,it is not just Georges that lives according to this rul it appears. The entire SNP leadership until now, has been living by that rule.

So now Gozye Ferrari, prove TIKLO wrong.


Stop your self righteous indulgements and take steps to unite the opposition. Tell your leader, to call for an opposition conference before it is too late.

This is what the People want.

We can deal with your conspiracies later.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

If i had to do the same again i would my friend Stupido!

Anonymous said...

Michel is too scared to call early elections. Here's a few reasons why:

1. La Misere Delo Kaka fiasco - need to pay the people off prior to the elections... forget Ascon. Money will be diverted from one of the funds (probably Social Security) to compensate the people of La Misere... just before elections of course...

2. Sheik Khalifa's eyesore palace on top of the mountain - anti-Arab sentiments abound. Catholics versus Muslims.

3. Useless Irish Policemen (note that they are being sent home quietly).

4. Australian Tax and Customs fiasco (note also that they are being sent home one at a time)

5. PUC Frenchmen Suez Fiasco - Note that they are slowly being dismissed

6. Carrefour now Casino Geant supermarket not finished yet

7. Eden Island fiasco - has turned into the biggest hotel in Seychelles but not paying taxes

8. BMW fiasco - 20 plus BMWs entered the country and not a penny paid in tax. Four Seasons and others using some to do guest transfers. Taxi operators are MAD.

9. Where's the oil Michel? And Adam from Sepec's fiascos too, including the tankers that make no money.

10. Crime is worse than ever before

11. Drugs, drugs and more drugs. Our youth are dying.. and don't forget Minister Lapire's baka houses.

12. Victoria Waterfront Project Fiasco - First Russians, then Arabs from Oman given this prime site in Victoria. Meanwhile the Yacht Club and Marine Charter still have no place to go. That's what Michel calls a heart for all Seychellois while he gives away the heart of Victoria to foreigners.

13. The Siva Ambassador fiasco - Now Siva is a Seychellois passport holder and has bought out 25% of Seychelles as a speculator, not needing Government sanction because he is more Seselwa than you and me.

14. Bankruptcy fiasco - We are still bankrupt. Where's our 2.5 Billion Dollars?

15. STC is still buying goods from Mukesh's offshore companies. Mukesh is still king of Intelvision, Yamaha, Subaru, and so on..

16. Ramadoss fiasco - from Chamber of Commerce chairmanship vote rigging to the Empire of the Sun! Ramadoss rules the Indian community, and Michel needs all the votes Ramadoss brings to the table. And the millions from the Amusement Centre and Pirates Arms and milk and juice factory, and toilet paper, and on and on and on...

17. Passport selling fiasco a la Krecjir - still going on, and on, and on...

18. The Army and the thugs of Statehouse and PMU - still running around killing our citizens. Anyone ready to die for their country yet?

19. Environment disasters - from Praslin Raffles to Long Island and Round Island to La Misere shit hits the fan..

20. Our coastguard base is being built by Khalifa's money...

21. Where's the new mosque? Let us all become muslims and ask the Sheik for a few millions, just like Michel.

22. One rupee land anyone? How about an island too a la Francis Savy? Or an IDC island from Glenny?

23. Air Seychelles disasters... Praslin flights, old planes, Savy and Ravji's contract with Mauritians etc...etc...

24. Michel's lying bunch of Ministers - from Joel (King Liar) to Danny Faure (Cuban Liar), to Dugasse (Mr. 10%), to Meriton (the Soviet Comrade)... All liars, having learned well from Michel.

25. Party Lepep will need millions to pay off the people this coming election. No worries; the usual donors like Ramados, Vijay, Deenu, Ramu, Allied Builders, Shreeji, Saharjahan, Island Construction, CCCL, Island Motors, UCPS, and of course the good old Sheik will be ready with millions. Poor Wavel and his SNPs will have to beg from the Church this time around as even Parkar does not want to back a dead horse who is still at the starting gate.

26. Mr. Election Gappy is ready to go.. a few more millions going into his overseas account soon..

I'm staying home for this coming election. Unless there is a new face to vote for.

Anonymous said...

Poor RAM would have to beg from the church,but the problem is that RAM has joined Michel in the club of atheists ,i don't see how the church this time around would support him.i would rather say PP would pay him a few dollars in order to keep him as fake oppostion,thus allow PP to continue ruling the country again.

Jeanne D'Arc

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

E ou la Gill,

I can understand someone in a Hung Parliament - like it is the case in England and this month in Australia - to cross the floor. But in your case Gill, SPPF had the Majority and did not need you.

Like I have said, someone in the know keeps telling me that you crossed the floor "in order to get cheap land on Praslin." Do you still deny this you big Stoopido?.

In 1988, the faction from within the SPPF that were causing all the problems in regards to SPPF's Aims and Objectives were summoned to State House by FAR who had flown in the night before in the late Prime Minister Ghandi's private plane after Marjorie had let the cat out of the bag which by the way cost her her life, FAR said "you, you, you, you and you you out." And they were well compensated.
In any other country, those same Nobody people that FAR made somebody of them would have faced a firing squad for Treason.

As a result of that betrayal of Trust, FAR was shattered. FAR was at the cross roads and a dead end and needed a way out. His concerns to yours truly were "they say that their System is better" and my immediate answer to FAR the Legend in his own Life time was and I quote: "Invite them all back. The Seychellois Voters shall be the Judge, Jury and Executioner all rolled up in one and you will whip em." The rest as we know it, it's HiStory.

And Gilly Boy, just put it through your think koko sek that as far and Georges, Ramkalawan, Ferari and Mancienne are concerned, they are collectively the engine room of the SNP and will never take you and the Dead Party on board for the simplest of reasons that you cannot be trusted.

And Gogogogogogo gozier, for you to suggest that Country should come before Bernard Georges, highlights the absurdity of it all.

And by the way Gill, in regards to your Chalets, are your toilets equiped with hand showers should you be inundated with Arab holiday makers?. Do you know which direction Mecca is?.

TIKLO i fer zot tou salam. And zot O Gill sil vou ple,kan ou pou aret bat la tet ou prochain?.

Anonymous said...

FAR knows how to deal with traitors -- he is the biggest traitor of them all.

Anonymous said...

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Patrick X said...

Tikolor, I know which way Mecca is: The same place you came naked out of all those years ago. In other words: Get dan liki ou manman wa war Mecca. Si ou pa kwar mwan, deman FAR oubyen Khalifa.


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