Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eden Island On Publicity Juggling Act
Eden Island Development is on a timely as usual, publicity campaign to polish up its image as a key player in Seychelles economic development and paint a soft image of the brand to the local public and internationally any one that would consider having an interest in Eden Island.
The Eden Island News “The Inside Story”
SBC interviewed Mr. Heeger on Friday night and gave him access to the country. No counter rebuttal to what Mr. Heeger proposed was offered.
The Eden Island News, “The Inside Story” has been released and placed at the Seychelles international airport. It paints a sympathetic picture of the Eden Island project. The front page titled, “In the Beginning”, promoter Mr. Graig Heeger tells us about his frolics in Baie Lazare 20 years ago and the beginnings of Eden Island as a project conception in 2002.
If you read the newsletter with a naked, unassuming eye, you would not think for a moment, Mr. Heeger was making a pitch to become a Citizen of Seychelles or he is doing a fine effort at spinning the best possible story for Eden Island, to keep it alive, in real bad times for the entire world.
Fantastic Spin For Fantastically Bad Times
As things get worse, the spin gets more fantastic and the inference drawn is that Eden Island has not been touched by the world financial crisis. Mr. Heeger needs to spin to survive.
We need to see the spin to survive the same downturn that seemingly has not touched Mr. Heeger and company, but touches us and the World.
Where Is The Project Memorandum For Eden Island?
Mr. Heeger was polite enough to call me one day in early June 2010 for a meeting to address issues I had with the Eden Island Development project which I addressed in Two (2) articles in April 2010 to break open the issue publically, as the Opposition in Seychelles led by Mr. Ramkalawan has remained silent for almost Ten (10) years on the matter.
These issues are principally Two (2) issues: 1. Residency indemnity from citizenship application for all buyers to Eden Island; (2). The unauthorized apartment pool and defacto hotel operation Eden Island has been operating that is not according to the Project Memorandum of Eden Island, submitted to Government of Seychelles.
Mr. Heeger advised me in the meeting that he would have his financial controller Mr. Smith, get in touch with me and provide me with a CD of the entire project. Mr. Smith contacted me by e-mail once, and I replied, but never received an answer, waiting for the CD since June 2010, patiently.
Between serious people, respect of one’s word is paramount to handling matters privately. If matters cannot be dealt with privately, we go public. A simple, no fuss, no nonsense approach to life. This is part of our culture, in case Mr. Heeger did not know.
What I Think I Know
As I understand it, Eden Island has obtained approval to build a Sixty (60) room hotel. But it has not built that project yet, being tied down with the economic down turn.
Eden Management in the economic down turn, was created to generate as much cash as possible, handling the apartments sold to buyer that reside overseas to pump back into the operating costs of Eden Island Development. This is done through service fees and commission arrangements. Hence the management company is also a defacto Tour operator or DMC. They do it all.
The management company rents out the apartments to tourists through the internet and other inquiries system. They even Google self catering apartments in Seychelles, undercutting the entire Tourism infrastructure of Seychelles mercilessly. Eden Island is advertised on per day basis by owners, and the rooms go cheap, under Euro 50.00 at times. Trip Advisor, a Tourist portal has Eden Island present.
For his part, Mr. Heeger claims that he competes with Five (5) star hotels only. This is dishonest and nothing more than his spin on the issue, to keep our entire community off his back, as he undercuts the entire Tourism market and delivers an unfinished product, that undermines the “Seychelles Brand”, in direct contradiction of current policies.
This is highly counter cultural in Seychelles, which is a micro state with limited resources, including electricity grids and water supply. The practice is not even free market sensitive, as Eden has been given numerous concessions in the first place to compete unfairly with any other project, and now it cannot survive with all that help on the merits of its project memorandum.
On arrival guests arrive on Eden Island and are golf carted to their apartments. It is a defacto hotel operation, but there is no hotel in place. Sales centre for villas and apartments doubles as a reception lounge, it is also an access to the Bravo bar and restaurant. This can hardly be considered a Five Star reception.

Vijay Takes Part of Eden
Guests today, are arriving to a construction site, boat yard, boat slip, and a commercial centre under full construction, still at foundational stage, owned now by Vijay Patel, multi millionaire contractor, who was owed money by Eden Island, and the commercial centre property was hocked in exchange of payment in part due to Mr. Patel. This was confirmed to me by Mr. Heeger, though reluctantly, in the June 2010 meeting.
Mr. Patel is an engineer by education, but I would guess, an excellent poker player if he has ever engaged in such past time.
Hotel Operation Not according To STB Policy
No hotel in Seychelles can operate until the entire project is completed according to Seychelles Tourism Board (STB). All local Seychellois business ventures have been squeezed to death over this requirement. If Seychellois can meet it, I do not see why Eden Island cannot, or why it must be an exception to the rule. The exception to the rule has been projects of family of the ruling communist party, such as Ephelia Hotel and Farquar Hotel.
Juggling A Deflating Ball
The Council of Ministers are contemplating what to do with Eden Island. In order to operate as a hotel, it will have to seek a change of use for each apartment. It is a dangerous precedence and will result in social economic turmoil if it happens.
Mr. Heeger is counting on a change of use to be granted, in order that his project does not go bankrupt.
Behind the apartment pool hotel scheme is the sales pitch Mr. Heeger’s Eden Island team tosses out to bright eyed potential buyers of villas and apartments.
If Mr. Heeger is honourable in his efforts as he says he is, it is time to present the project sales department of Eden Island with a viable sales pitch to the world that will be accepted here, in Seychelles. Failing that, this project will go belly up no matter what the Council of Ministers decide.
A Good Pitch is in The Wrist, Not The Arm
If Mr. Heeger needs help on what sales pitch he can pitch, I can lend him some free advice, as it seems he will need it.
In the post financial bubble world economy Eden Island has not been able to stick to its original project memorandum, which I understand focused on selling semi retirement homes to the well heeled of the world.
Today, the well heeled need to be able to rent out their purchase, to pay the mortgage, unlike the bubble days gone by, when they would not have a second thought over a mortgage on some artificial island in the Indian Ocean.
A Market Cannot legislate Business Success of a Bad Idea
We must live by the rules of fair play in the market, and not help along a sickly player, especially in a micro state as Seychelles. The more you help a bad idea, the quicker your entire economy will suffer from it.
A good Bubble Era idea may not be a good post Bubble-Burst Era idea. Eden fits this glove tightly.
Lehman Brothers taught us the lesson of helping a sickly player in the financial economy.
The player is sickly because its ideas were not thought out carefully, with due regard for market analysis and social economic digestive capacity of Eden Island in a downturn. Mr. Heeger and his partners thought in 2002 the sky was the limit like the men of Lehman Brothers crafting a financial Ponzi scheme. The Lehman Brothers men, never thought the sky would drop on them, it never happened in their lifetime, so they thought it never would.
It only happened in the Great Depression of 1934, before the Lehman Brothers men were born and Mr. Heeger. I was not born either, but I follow the economic financial cycles and do not ignore the historical lessons from them.
Do Not Throw Caution Into The Wind
In Seychelles, we must not fall into this trap with Eden Island. We Seychellois, be it the Tourism Trade, the population, the Consul of Ministers, must open our eyes fast. The financial future of this country, and the opportunity for recovery from a national bankruptcy announced in October 2008, now sits on a pendulum.
Eden Island cannot carve out, commercial retail segment, rent a car business, yacht charter, yacht management, real estate sales, food and beverage DMC, taxi service, landscaping business, all under one roof. If allowed a free for all, we will no longer have a viable population in this Bear Market. What will we do with the Tourism Infrastructure created over the last 34 years? Let it fall?
What message will that send to commercial banks in Seychelles who we need to co opt as partners to insure a recovery?

What If We Spit In The Wind Over Eden Island?
Investors to Eden must be liquid and not hang their investment on a prayer that they can indefinitely bank on a hotel apartment pool to pay the mortgage and guarantee the investment.
In this day and age, there are no guarantees for all of us. We are in an age of economic turmoil and stagnant downturn. The time to fake figures and statistics are over. We must face our reality for what it is.
If we over assist Eden Island, it is big enough to take us all with it, as it deflates. Can you imagine for one moment if Eden Island grew to become 25% of our GDP? The Seychelles Brand would have become a hostage of an artificial island? All our other islands would be turned into national parks, and our people as wardens.
In its pitch Eden Island claims 4%GDP and 9% FDI. As the pie shrinks, its percentages will increase if allowed to. It should not. We must let Eden Island stand on the merits and challenges of its project memorandum and its promise to us the People of Seychelles, that is: a semi retirement home community, that would increase the economic pie, not take what we were already doing, and take credit for it. Eden Island needs to go do some more homework to sell its product successfully, instead, of sponging off the Tourism Industry of Seychelles.
Seychelles does not need to be turned into the Kruger Park; we must stand strong and draw the line.
If we fail to unite on the Eden Island issue, chaos will reign in our Tourism Industry for years to come. Seychelles will lose hard earned, Euros and Dollars through an increase in financial flight of money earned in Seychelles.
As PL communist government helps Eden Island along, it will weaken the entire market and entire social economic strata of Seychelles. PL communist government must not do this out of favouritism and corruption. It is a bad precedence, and will be bad for Seychelles’ future and the “Seychelles Brand”.
What Will Happen When Ile Aurore Gets Up and Running?
Ile Aurore will be a $450 Million project with hotels, casino, apartment, villas and so forth. What will happen to Eden Island investments when that project gets up and running? Will we, as a micro state be tasked to provide subvention assistance to Eden Island and provide it with more cozy arrangements to keep it going? If yes, I would seriously begin to ask who is really behind Eden Island.
Living With A Smaller Pie
Fundamentally, what is happening at Eden Island today is that it is not growing the economic pie in Seychelles through a new industry, as it said it would, with the apartment pool defacto hotel operation, it is only taking from an existing market and industry in so far as Tourist and Visitors are concerned.
In addition, these guests that come in groups of 10 or 15 at a time and packs it into the artificial island take valuable limited seats on in bound planes that could be taken up by more lucrative paying guests Seychelles is use to receiving. They cram into bareboat yachts and poke about Praslin and La Digue, without paying room nights, and they destroy our coral formations with indiscriminate anchoring practice. This hurts the fish trap catch, as well as our eco tourist marketing efforts. Yacht charter revenues find its way overseas as well, like apartment revenues. Another hole in the financial ship of state taking water that needs to be plugged.
Why do we have more arrivals but less money?
The Money Is Banked Outside of Seychelles
Eden likes to play about with statistics to make their point. So do I. Our arrivals of visitors is 12% above last year’s figures, but our receivables in Tourism is -25% second year running. This is an alarming figure and provides little or no playing room for Eden Island types of schemes.
The reduction in receivables is due in part to discounting, but also in part to the prolific black market of guests houses and the bonkers practice of Government of Seychelles, allowing projects that permit funds to be banked overseas, which is fraudulent in itself.
In my view, Eden would fall under this as well. It is a recipe for disaster for Seychelles, not during the World financial bubble when liquidity fuelled spend- free habits, but today, during the post bubble economy and post financial crisis, where we are grappling over lack of liquidity, and lack of bank access. Hence no growth potential.
USA is facing the possibility of a double dip recession. With that, Europe may follow if USA double dips. If that happens, Eden Island will go into the fish trap business, to keep the lights on. Mr. Heeger knows that, now so must we.
Banks that financed Eden Island purchases are mostly overseas. Hence, it is likely that many buyers will use income generated from apartment rental, to pay down overseas bank loan debts. The bottom line is that most of the receivables will go back over seas and Seychelles will benefit very little in real terms to such an arrangement if legitimized by Government of Seychelles for now.
A Request To Council of Ministers
Now simply call Afif at Finance and ask him to do the numbers of renting out over 500 units at Eden Island on 75% occupancy. Calculate the tax and then calculate the revenue being banked overseas. Good. Then ask Afif to forecast, a Ten (10) Year economic downturn globally with reduced arrivals and reduced spending power, factor in some variables, and ask Afif for his take on what Eden Island will do with the Seychelles Tourism Industry and the “Seychelles Brand”, in Ten (10) years.
Remember, your decision is being made today, but your impact of the decision will be for 25 years or more.
Do not forget that one rule you round table people like to forget. Act now, but think ahead: forecast intelligently, look to the future, with knowledge of your reality, stop dreaming.
The legality of such legitimization of a change of use, that is not in the original project memorandum will pose legal issues, that could tie up Eden Island, Eden Management and Government of Seychelles in court battles for years to come. I can easily see boat charters, DMC’s, hotels restaurants doing a class action suit over the matter.
Check The Water Levels At Resevoirs
Beyond all these ideas, there is a basic point that Eden Island missed out on and so did the Government of Seychelles. We do not even have enough reservoir water capacity to entertain an Eden Island project. Who were we trying to fool all along? Five hundred villas will go up but not one litre of extra catchments?
During the past three (3) months I have visited Eden Island, and like many places in Central Mahe, the water was shutdown throughout the day, coming on only at 5.00pm. There is nothing Five (5) star about having no water.
What makes all the brains behind all the hoopla and spin effort think that projects can work without water catchments in place?
An Appeal To Mr. Heeger
In closing, I ask Mr Heeger to withdraw his apartment pool scheme to rent to short term visitors. Rent the houses and apartments out on a month to month basis and term tenancy to find a happy medium for everyone.
Personal enrichment at the cost of other people’s well being, is not a well regarded trait in our culture, which you claim to have become fond of. Do the right thing; you will be respected for it.
Publically agree to this request, and then privately agree to it with me. Secondly, don’t forget to agree to the indemnity to application of residents, for citizenship to Seychelles in the future.
Our citizenship Mr. Heeger, is not for sale, please advise your buyers as I have asked privately.
With that, I will stop writing about Eden Island, you can get on with your business and I can get on with mine.
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

Dr. Gill does the work again.

Thank you Dr. Gill.


PL will not even read this garbage, we will sell whatever we can.

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap. Your basic argument is if there is a continued 10 year downturn then Eden Island will bring down Seychelles Tourism.

Frankly if there is a 10 year global downturn then Seychelles Tourism is dead in the water with or without Eden Island.

Its funny how all your rambling innuendo-filled expose only circle around Gills business interests i.e. Land speculation and Tourism accomodation.

All of Seychelles politics is just to do marketing for Gill Incorporated?

Anonymous said...

I Reply to Mr. Crap-

For Eden Island to survive a 10 year downturn, which is highly likey, and why PL is hanging on the coat tails of Khalifa, Eden Island will have to cut into the Tourism Industry pie to survive.

Simple. No crap there.Why?

Because it is doing just that already. The evidence is there.

We Seychellois will expose your crap and we Seychellois will deal with your crap.

Now you deal with your crap. Go back to the drawing board, and itemize the whole load of crap or forever hold your piece.

Why? Because there is more to come.
Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I believe James Michel is a wise man and he will listen to the Trade and he will understand the context of this article clearly.

Has he not said: Seychelles Brand" is the way forward last week?

Has he not said Seychellois must have a greater role to play?

No one can ignore Eden Island any longer. We need to face it.

I do not always agree with Mr. Gill on some issues, and sometimes he makes us face what we want to ignore,but on Eden Island, he has hit the mark.

It is courageous of him to take the time to write about it, and sort the issues out one by one for us.

I commend him for that and I only wish more people who can and have the ability, would come forward and do the same,our country is on the chopping block. Can we afford to keep our heads in the sand?

Proud Arab- Do you really think it is very Christain to blog the bad and nasty words you do? That is not nice as a man, you show disrespect for others.I donot believe being Arab is an issue, it is being Seychelloise that is the issue. God does not like this kind of arrogance, our God is mighty,we msut be humble.

Anonymous said...

Granted Gill identifies key issues. But thats the easy part. What he no longer headline is how he wants to deal with the issues, thats the part that requires intelligence and wisdom.

Is he going to make Eden Island dissapear because it is bad? Does he want to turn it into a concrete shell like the Russian villa in Glacis? Where is he headed with this?

No when it comes to solutions Gill and his backers have primitive grasscutter approaches and selfish asset grabbing interests.

A Nation is a going concern my good fellow blogger, it needs a fix and move forward approach. Returning to some nostalgic previous starting point is not a democratic option. In politics there is a name for that type of ideology.

I believe the time Gill takes to throw tantrums is only part of his ongoing investment plan. Engaging in politics is only to overcome scaling barriers in a small economy. This is the barrier that a number of capital funds face in Seychelles.

As proof I offer his past behaviour: He returned to Seychelles and did not hesitate to exploit the poor Seychellois who lived under one party socialism. While they were still in a vulnurable and confused state, he took their land off them at ridiculous prices. Doesn't this make him the Seychellois version of Kerejic et al? How about starting the clean up in his own backyard, and I mean that literally?

I agree with you on humility and politeness. I tend to live my life on those principles. But I do stand up to wolves who confuse humility with weakness and politeness with pliability.

I also find this Proud Arab character intriguing. Somehow his appearance on the blog and language does not quite gel with the flow. One wonders about the motives behind his appearance on these blogs.

At the same time I guess he is a good reminder that these pages are viewed by many potential customers of Seychelles. When Mrs Jones in Kansas Googles "Seychelles" she finds some nice things like: Oh I can get there on one quality airline Emirates and at a reasonable fare. Aha, and there is a Hilton there, the quality of accomodation must be good. But wait a minute what is all this stuff about "Seychelles is for Seychellois" and "foreigners go home" etc.? Do I really want to be stuck on a small island with a bunch of unfriendly natives?

And before you start making excuses and clarifications, bear in mind that the average webuser reads a website for less than 15 seconds.

Six Stones

Anonymous said...

Gill in a 10 year downturn your pie is also rapidly shrinking.
At your higher price point and reduced marketing spend it is shrinking even more rapidly.

Would you be so kind as to show how Eden is canabalising from and not complementing the total pie?

Your target segment of high networth and high spending tourist will choose to fly economy class to stay in self-catering accomodation that you allege exists?

Anonymous said...

Reply to Shrinking Pie

In a downturn all assets will drop in valuee.

Do you believe an apartment at Eden Island selling today for $ 385,000.00 will sell for the same amount a/f 10 years of downturn? No it may end up selling for 50% of that value.

Example: Reference the home market in USA wherein 60% of homeowners have recived some sort of foreclosure notice in last 2 years, and their properties are worth 60% of the value 3 years ago.

Example: Reference a key statistical indicator for Seychelles Tourism market: European employment.

It stands at only 7% of what it was in pre 2007 bubble burst. We are 3 years into a post bubble economy.

Let's say, Europe does well in the next 3 yrs. and registers employment at 14% of 2007.

Subsequently, it does well again with another 7% the next 3 years, taking us to 10 years.

European employment will still be only 21% of what it was when the money flowed like there was no tomorrow in 2007.

Seychelles is in for a long, long ride PL Collaborators. You better prepare yourselves.

Eden Island issue is your ALAMO. It has your back against a wall.

Face it , and do what must be done.

If not, it will be your end.

MSR will then win and election and just due process Eden Island back to following its Project Memorandum.

Afterall the Project Memorandum was submitted, not just to Government, but the entire business community. All business reasonably relied on it to form their own forecasts.

Make further exceptions for Eden Island, to your own demise.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

In Detroit City today, job figures released shows that 150,000 workers have lost their jobs and they are very depressed due to the fact that the Banks are closing in to foreclose their houses and nobody seems to give a two hoots about those house holders where the Sheriff and his merry men comes knocking at the door to inform the occupants of the foreclosures and pile all their belonging on the bloody footpath and left at their own devices.

So Gill, ki ou pe araz ou lekor with Eden Island?. Go "cut your grass, feed the Tortoises and keep chasing the thieving bastards from your chalets." Do tell us if anyone has ever been evicted from their Government Housing and zot pake put the tarmac?. Ou ou croire ki ou en gran savan ki croire ki ou deux pas en avant kan vraiment ou la pe monte decendre pareil en gro Fourmi araze kot pe rod valeur ou dollar lo zil Eden.

Go suckk an egg Mate.

Patrick X said...

Well Tikolor,

I think the Eden Island issue should be of concern both to Gill, the entire tourism industry as it is threat to the local self caterers on Mahé. It shoudl also be of concern to people like Sara Rene, her sister and their extended family who are planning to have a fleet of Sunseekers stationed there(as of early last year those plans were postponed) so I think Gill has every right to be concerned about Eden Island.

As you also know, many houses in Dubai went for a fraction of their original price after the crunch due to debt, the same type you mention about in Detroit. Only in Dubai the Sheik's police force didn't knock on the door as the owners had fled leaving their loan financed cars at the airport with the keys inside.

So as you may see Tikolor if you can take those two eggs you are continuously sucking on out of your mouth and look into reality instead of straight into an old arsehole, you may too realize what is about to happen in the country.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Patwik-X aka Le Roi Doomsayer,

As long as Seychelles Pou Seychellois is run by an elected Head of State by the Voters that happen to be the Judge, Jury and Executioner, Tossers, Losers and Nobodies like you and Gill will remain of great Insignificuntz forever and a day.

Oh yes, Patrik and Gill used to suck their thumps as youngsters.

Last but not least, the Seychelles for Seychellois President in JAM has, will and continue to make sure that no Seychellois gets left behind in the cracks. TIKLO ki la.

Anonymous said...

Tiklo Proxy of the failed Past-

Economists and Financial analyst have a saying, "When the USA sneezes, Europe catches a cold".

Now, if Europe catches a cold Tiklo, Seychelles will catch a fever.

If Seychelles catches a fever, and it endures, the old, sickly, weak economic players and the ones over extended the most, will die, Tiklo.

Financial disaster ahead because, yes, Tiklo, there are foreclosures in Detriot. There will be foreclosures soon in Seychelles, where have you been, they have already started.

Now Tiklo, I have a special request for you.

Most of your comments are laced with venom to discourage people through ridicule.

Straighten your back and deal with the issues a bit. This will be help ful to everyone, especially since you never seem to win any debates or arguments since you showed up.

At times you even run off for a prolonged period,and reincarnate yourself as an egg sucker.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Tiklo Proxy of the Failed Past-

James Michel has approved the sale of more Seychelles patrimony then any other president. He is the king of selling out Seychellois interest.

James Michel is king of not collecting taxes from foreign interests, under James Michel more foreign companies have evaded tax payment and banking receivablesin Seychelles then any other President.

James Michel is the King of concessions and duty free status to foreign companies. No other President has given so much concessions to foreign companies for free, to the detriment of Seychellois business, and the reduction of quality of life of all Seychellois.

TIKLO, where do you come from?

Both Mancham and Rene will agree with me.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

What prevents small guesthouse owners from forming an umbrella entity which would allow them to pool their resources together (i.e marketing, transport costs...) that would allow them to achieve economies of scale. The concept will not be any different from what Eden Island propose to do!

Patrick X said...

Vox: First of all they'd have all the disadvantages that the Eden Islanders are exempted from(declaring income, pay taxes etc). Not that it's impossible to achieve, but Eden has a head start not least due to the fact that Sara Rene & Co have interests in it and hence can take shortcuts others cannot. Fair play?

Tikolor: If you can't come up with any better argumetns than "because the state is run by JAM" or "becuase he can do so" then I suggest you go suck on eggs yourself mate.

Patrick X ki pou touzour la pou bour dife da ou vye boyo las.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Six Stones
What is your problem when we say sesel pou seselwa?What is racist about it?
If a understand you clearly,it is therefore just to say that Israelites are racists when the call themselves a JEWISH NATION,or the Emirates are racists when they call their country the UNITED "ARABS"EMIRATES, or the Iranian are racists when they call their land the "ISLAMIC"Republic of Iran and so on.

Six Stones,i think your argument looks more like a mixed-salad of bad interpretation and ignorance than anything else.

The question of whether you want or not to be stuck on a small island is your personal problem ,did anyone force you to come here?are paying your taxes'

jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Patrick X aka the Proud Arab. The only one who use filthy language like that on these blogs.

You show how uneducated you really are.

Dubai properties sold at fraction of price in downturn because price was ramped up by selling multiple times over before construction was completed.

And the rumours that people abscond leased cars with keys left in them- are just that uneducated rumours.

A couple of proud Englishmens tried to do that and they were prosecuted in Dubai, extradite from England and now in a Dubai jail. There is no widespread issues of abandon cars except in the mind of the dumb tabloid reading population.

Start reading some better materials and your pighide will smell better.

Anonymous said...

Your seems to understand things by your ass not brain.Booby don't you see that since PP have turned our Tourism industry up side down in what shit our economy is in?

Thsoe big Hotels,which are already to much on ourshores bring only peanuts to the country,as has been already said:revenues made by those hotels are kept abroad,and that is called "money linkage".Moreover,such hotels offer everything from Taxis,boat charters,car rentals etc etc and etc destroying business that should be operated by Seychellois booy.

Eden is an illegal project sponsored by Tax payers' dollars.Michel has unilaterally given those operators the rihgt to distribute our Resident permits to anyone they like without control thus paving the way to makev them potential citizens in five little years.this is against our constitution and laws.

TIOLOR you should go and do your homework first before bulling us.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Your seems to understand things by your ass not brain.Booby don't you see that since PP have turned our Tourism industry up side down in what shit our economy is in?

Thsoe big Hotels,which are already to much on ourshores bring only peanuts to the country,as has been already said:revenues made by those hotels are kept abroad,and that is called "money linkage".Moreover,such hotels offer everything from Taxis,boat charters,car rentals etc etc and etc destroying business that should be operated by Seychellois booy.

Eden is an illegal project sponsored by Tax payers' dollars.Michel has unilaterally given those operators the rihgt to distribute our Resident permits to anyone they like without control thus paving the way to makev them potential citizens in five little years.this is against our constitution and laws.

TIOLOR you should go and do your homework first before bulling us.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

To all Bloggers

Please refrain from calling others Camels, whores, pig hide, instructions to suck egg, accusations that good writing is bull crap and so forth.

It is not nice, and it shows how bankrupt PL is and it shows the mistake they have made to allow Michel's arab friends unfettered entry into Seychelles.

I know issues can become emotional, but please attempt to focus on the issues.

Your attempt to break others nerves, will fail, because simply put most bloggers on this site are well educated, except for most PL bloggers.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Jeanne D'Arc,

Dont worry your little head, I did not expect you to understand. Just stick to your swearing and name calling, just like your pal Patrick X.

But even you must see that there is something unsaid if the Iraelite say ISRAEL JEWISH NATION FOR PURE JEWS.

Mrs Jones from Kansas says thank you for your reply to her concern.

Six Stones

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Jeanne D'arc and Patrick X looks like Christopher Gill thinks you are PL collaborators.

What a pathetic attempt to put on sheeps clothing Mr. Wolf.

Anonymous said...

Well Six stones probably Mr Jone from Kansas has is rational and does understand what i meant,only a pea-headed doesn't.

Therefore Six,i am a practioner of my religion which is christianity,i rejected being a Pp collaborator in the past,i am not today and won't be tommorrow.I reject being part of a criminal gang.On the over hand i will do all it takes to ensure that PP is brought to its knees.Believe me things are moving faster than PP imagine,the bell of change is ringing louder and louder each day in the hears of Michel that is why he is concern by MRS.

Jeanne D'Arc

Patrick X said...

Sis Ros:

A lot of things are unsaid and remain unsaid, especially with the PL in power. These include dodgy deals like how the hell a foreign national can get the best piece of real estate at the cost of a chewing gum.

As to Eden Island there are even more things unsaid, like for instance how it can be let to operate pretty much as a self catering establishment although not licenced to do so while our own Mrs Jones(hereby called Mrs Malbrook) who rents out a room or three to tourists gets the taxman on her door. Now which of that generated cash statys in the country? Mrs Malbrook's or Mrs Boer's?

Kontinyen sis sa ros Sis Ros, taler delo a sorti ladan.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Keep hoarding your pennies X you play in the third division. You will never get your head around the Premiership.

Anonymous said...

PL Communist Collaborator-

Harry Berlouis registered his property to sell with his lawyer.

From the list Macgragor gave us which had 50 properties on it in 1990, we bought the one on Praslin, because it was not on Mahe.

We did not ask how old Berlouis was.

His Daughter Therese lived in Guam at the time and pushed us to do the deal because her father's plumbing hardware store was unde rforeclosure in Australia and Berlouis had no intention to return to Seychelles and needed to clear the debt.

Your mumbo jumbo is irrational.

If this is the leadership material coming out of PP PL, there is no surprise why Seychelles is BANKRUPT and the worse is yet to come.

One thing I learned early in life, FAILURES all think alike. You fit the bill.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to another top brass PL PP Communist Collaborator-

Praslin land sale was done in 1991.
Mr. Berlouis did it under Notary and lawyer representation. No issue. Francis Macregor was his lawyer.

I or my brother were not in Seychelles at the signing and we never met Harry Berlouis.

I crossed the floor in 1997 before the elections out of fear for my life as I believed and still do, my Uncle had conspired with Rene to send State House thugs /men to my house at night regularly to place my lif ein danger because I was being too disruptive of the so called Reconcilation between them.

I was told to leave the country by Raymond Louise Commissioner of Police to secure my safety.

On the day of the DP Convention in 1994, 25 SSU officers withheld me from entering the convention. One G. Didon, did it with a 9mm in my belly on third attempt to enter convention. You did not know that PP Communist Collaborator?

Did you know PP Communist Collaborator that G. Didon soon dimembered the phallus of a man on the long pier with a knife?

Did you know PP Communist Collaborator that he served a short sentence before being pardoned by Rene and being granted rights of entry in Canada to resettle?

Did you know Rene paid for his Ticket PP Communist Collaborator?

PP Collaborator, while you mix years up in your thought I will remind you that DP kicked me out of the Party and Executive Committee in 1994, by Nation Press Release and People Press Release.

Now PP Communist Collaborator, go back to the Eden Island issue, because our country will collapse if it is not dealt with fast.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

September 6th 9:05 Christopher Gill say - "Both Mancham and Rene will agree with me"

September 6th 5:49 Christopher Gill say - "Both Mancham and Rene conspire to kill me"

Your lies are so many you are getting tangle in it Dr. Gill

But you do protest too much, sounds like a Kerjric to me!

Sis Ros

Anonymous said...

Fair's fair. Christopher Gill is taking about 2 separate issues re Mancham and Rene. There is no illogic in his two statements.

I have yet to see a local politician openly discuss his property dealings to debunk the lies being put about by his detractors. Let's hope others follow where Christopher Gill leads. Let us start with Albert Rene and his property dealings.

Anonymous said...

Gill why you want to legalize canabis?
I already ask you this question and i want a answer.

Anonymous said...

Is Albert Rene a drug dealer ?

Anonymous said...

Ask his friend Christopher Gill. He is the one working to legalise it.

Anonymous said...

Sis Ros Top Pl/PP Communist Collaborator I reply to to your silly analysis.

You reference Mancham and Rene will agree with me, on what?

Answer: On James Alix Michel being the President that allowed more sale of our patrimony from 2004-2010 then any other President.

On the Conspiracy to send State House thugs to my House, you say Mancham and Rene conspired to kill me. I did not say that, you did. I said Mancham conspired with Rene to intimidate me. When? In 2010?

No Sis Ros, in 1994 onwards to 1997. After it stopped.

I have reconciled with Mancham for teh faux pas, so do not get lost in your own cover ups.

If you are the best man PP.PL commuist Collaborators can send my way, I feel sorry for your lot.

You need to go back to school sis ros. Ask Danny Faure for a 4 week pass to SIM.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to Cannabis,
Here is my personal opion of this serious issue.

First PP does have solution to deal with the problem in fact hard drugs adicts and Ascobars have not stop to increase under PP and is sky rocketing under Michel.

None of us have the perfect remedy of how to really handle this problem but what we can do is to at least examine,scrutnize,of what countries that have been for decades dealing with the problems doing.

Let us have a check together PP:
In california after decades of using all kinds of tactics,technologies,invested millions without success have came to the conclusion that the best option in dealing with the fleoh is to legalize cannabis.
Switzerland is as i speak debating on this issue.

france wants also to do the same.
Beligium,the Nerthelands and many other European countries are following suit.Mexico too.

Why are they donig so?
After decades of research they have came to the conclusion that legalizing cannabis reduce:crimes,the cost of health care,family violence,reduce the activities of Escobars to the maximum,etc etc and etc.

By allow the so called "coffee Shops" what have them achieved? They are better able to control salers,cosumers,and purchasers therefore the quality of the products.Moreover,the have a better control on users allowing to intervene much earlier against adiction.

Health care expenses have been reduced becuase those who opted for hard drugs with more destructive effects had in many cases given has reduce such contamination of illness,diseases such as HIV,Heapatic B and so on.

So Mr Cannabis instead of criticing without proposing solutions you should rather go and do some research then only we can argue on the matter.Unless PP has a plan to be presented next year as for the tourism industry.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

I personally concur with Jeane Dárc on the cannibis issue.

I have asked MSR to open a debate on it. Eventually submit to referandum.

On another note, the Irish arrest Seselwa Rasin in possession of small amounts of cannibis to fill their quotas and make it look like they are doing a good job.

Heroin traffickers are rarely caught. The focus should be there, because GOS has limited resources to combat crime. The Police Budget was cut Scr. 15 Million this year.

There are 3500 heroin addicts in Seychelles.

The rehab centers are poorly equiped to deal with this volume of addicts. Mont Royale success rate is poor. Takes only a few people at a time. Centre Dácceuil takes only 6 at a time.

I have been lobbying the Minister of Health for over one year now to give the old hospital at Baie St. Anne up to private NGO for drug rehab. This will aloow us to take in 40 clients at a time.

The Ministers office says they do not know who owns the old hospital for one year. Total incompetence if you askk me.

SPPF is using old laws from the colonial days. The world has moved on on the cannibis issue for personal use and medical use.

SNP has been too coward to face the issue and break it down into it real component parts and face it for what it is.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

From his comments,

Proud Ali obviously works for Khalifa, Jeanne Dárc.

Anonymous said...

Professori Gill, I beg to correct your correction.

You said "My Uncle had conspired with Rene to send State House thugs /men to my house at night regularly to place my life in danger"

What does "place life in danger" mean? It means to end it i.e. to kill you. So you have accused your Uncle of conspiring to kill you.

Have you made your peace with him for throwing these accusations?

In any case it seems odd for a man to call the opinion of men to support his argument when he also claim the same men opinion is so low that they plot to kill him!


Anonymous said...

Reply to Abzurd-

You raise a valid point.

My Unlce James Mancham does not have the heart to kill anyone himself. But he would use force, to prevent himself from losing the DP at that time. He did at the Convention of 1994, as long as he was not carrying the gun, but Rene's thugs were, it was ok.

Now, knowing him, he would have told Rene to lock me up, or scare me. This collaborates with the treats Raymond Louise gave me.

Now knowing Rene, he would not lock me up or scare me, he would just have me killed.

Now, the threat of use of force came when the two men with ak -47 approached the house and I lighted it. They then walked back to the car and left.

This explains your highlighted point.

In summation- Mancham conspired to invoke a scare tactic to protect himself politcally.

He is known to do that and thus, not far stretched at all.

Rene would not bother with scare tactics. He would just finish me off like others have passed.

This is where the real fear comes from because Ramkalawan at the time, would not even expose it with a sentence in Viyzon.

I have reconciled this matter with Mancham and sincerely, hold no grudge against him.

The power to pardon allows us all to live another day.

With Rene, I cannot reconcile, because it is not in his vocabulary, as history has shown us.

Finally, we as Seychellois are not privy to reconcile with Rene. Only God can do that according to his terms.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Greetings to my dear GOZYE for his BDAY from the shadow MSR minister of immigration from MILANO.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wish Gozye Ferrari.

Why don't you use a real profile, to blog instead of the Fake Profile.

PL have a strategy to use fake profiles. You must not get caught up in this game.

Stand straight, as God intended you, come out straight, and don't make fun of Ugly Betty, she has a mother and father, and a family and history.

Respect her.

Finally on my birthday, Gozye Ferrari, my Christian name is "Christopher", not "Gozye".

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I have great aspirations my dear gozye. I Love you my darling .........

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Christopher, may God watch over you and yours in the coming year!

Anonymous said...



JoJo said...

Mr. Gill stop disrespecting Mr. Vijay Patel. He is a good man and has done so much for this country. What have you done? Stop making enemies and spreading your hate...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday humar.

Anonymous said...

Hey pround Arab.Why US want to burn the QURAN?

Anonymous said...

Jeanne D'arc have given a good comment,how to deal with canabis.We hope soon or late that all opposition leader start to focus on legalize.And make Seychelles more a safe place.May be PP don't think like this because there are involve in heroin and cocain business because there know with heroin and cocain are 100 time more bigger money than canabis and there are happy to get there share of it and put on there account abroad those mafia.

Anonymous said...


I show no disrespect to Vijay Patel. I compliment him.

We need 10 more Vijay Patels in Seychelles to make it work. But PP kicks them out sooner or later, so we have only only (1).

You cannot read?

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to Vox-

Thank you for the kind words Vox.They are appreciated very much.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I wonder what A. St. Ange is doing about this?

Has STB stood up for the Trade?

Anonymous said...

Chris,i wish you the happiest of Birthdays and many,many more so that others may appreciate you.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jeanne Dárc,

I will use each one I have to set the path forward for change in Seychelles, and bring a better life to our people, free of corruption and graft.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

What is your view on Gaines-Cooper? You seem strangely silent on a case going to the UK Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

Robert Gaines Cooper has a case in the UK Courts.

Concerns him and the UK Government, it does not concern Seychelles, unless any material issue that relates to Seychelles becomes evident.

The UK Gov. may have over shot their target.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Patrick X Wrote this post:

August 18, 2010 4:57 PM

"Nothing a good dose of TNT can't fix."

Patrick X

Patrick X did you burn Lydia's car,,,,,,,,????

Anonymous said...

Sheikh Khalifa strikes back !

Anonymous said...

Robert Gaines Cooper is a tax exile and so an evader. He was welcome to Seychelles in 1976 by your uncle. He doesn't bring Seychelles into disrepute as a haven for tax evaders?

Anonymous said...

Gill's detractors really have to scrape the barrel to find ammunition against him.

Who has been in power for the last 33 years while RGC has been living in Seychelles pursued by the UK's tax authorities ?

It is SPUP, SPPF or Parti Lepep -- take your pick !

Patrick X said...

Now why would I want to burn Lydia's or any other car? A bit difficult to do so from where I am anyhow, but I'd look a bit into that red inner circle and you may hit "Bullseye".

Now about the RGC case I totally agree with Chris Gill as it has nothing to do with Seychelles. And even if Mancham did welcome RGC to Seychelles, so what? What the hell has that to do with Christopher Gill? Running out of steam are we?

Why don't you rather ask about why the PL did not extradite people like Krejcir when he landed at Pte Larue with a suitcase full of money? the masn was after all a fugitive. RGC is not.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Christoper Gill's version of events on the night of the first DP Convention proves once and for all what a bloody compulsive Liar he is.

And Chris, when are you starting your "burn a Koran Day?." You see how another Deek Head like you with 30 Followers/Supporters are trying to do in the US with the help of the Internet?. Mon pou fil ou plis la cord mem.

Bonne nuit from La Cle Fes.

Anonymous said...

FOR MSR YOU ARE A REAL LA CLE FES.Soon or later you will be la cle Pillon.

Dlomen said...

wow, so beautiful

Anonymous said...

To la cle fes!

This is one of the many reasons why we are heading to a bridge which leads to nowhere because instead of having la cle la tete nou annan jus la cle fes. This where shits come out. You are all the time smelling shit and this why Seychelles is bankrupt. Please if you are bankrupt of ideas chill out and going swimming on our lovely beaches before you are trespassed. Insulting people who have different ideas to you just show your immaturity and intolerance. Remember that it takes one man to start a revolution not 1 million.

MSR Follower / sorry jj spirit

Anonymous said...

the father of Gaetanne Antat baby???

Anonymous said...

her lawyer?

Anonymous said...

dont bring her in, she is full of shame for what she did. not her fault.

Anonymous said...

La cle fes
Thanks for confirming that you are one that open the A.. of Khalifa to allow him to shit in our rivers.The guy who has decided to burn the Quran doesn't represent the American , Obama presents them ,just as OSAMA doesn't represent the Arab world.

So what is your point,trou fes?

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

I doubt very much that you Guys know the definition of "La Cle Fes"

Please ask and I shall enlighten.

Especially you Zann Dark, you are simply a Katolikki.....errhhhh en Katolik Fes Plat.

And by the way, how did you come to the conclusion that was "Khalifa ki ti kaka dan delo?.
Don't you have any respect for HRH?.

Anonymous said...

Because of the extent of contamination causes.We never experience such a disaster in our history until Khalifa did it in our rivers.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Sorry la cle fes
Khaliffa is your HRH not ours. If you lick HRH because of his money. We want to be a nation that generate wealth not to beg for wealth like the chef is doing. Keep on cooking with Khalifa oil because your la cle fes would not work when diahhoria comes.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill

You need to investigate the dealings with Unisey as deeply as you have done Eden Island. It is a state-run project, and as such its success/failure is vital to the economy too.

I know for a fact(you will need to research this up for yourself), that certain individuals, just because of their affiliation with JJ spirit, are being sponsored by the government for full-time courses for which they ARE NOT, nowhere near, qualified.

So many students have seen their overseas scholarships postphoned when they were 'missing' a few grades(normally 'C" or better). This is a means of assuring some basic level of competency/ quality.

If such under-the-table dealings keep happening(a course at UniSey costs a LOT)- pretty soon not only would we have spent millions on politically-linked gift sponsorships, but it would have been on the wrong people, thus producing inferior/low quality professionals.We have enough of those.

Please investigate this. I Assure you it exists.Starting point- close relatives of Ex-MNAS.

Zaklen Zoulou.

P.S:And the PP sneaks here, be wary, because someone like Mr. gill will be remembered by history, no matter what your bosses try to do. Because good survives evil.I'm an atheist- i'm not talking about hell and heaven- but only in the fact that the truth cannot be ever buried.

Anonymous said...


It is well- known for some years now that overseas scholarships are being given to students whose families are PP cronies,and more alarming is that overseas scholarships are illegally being issued to childrens of expatriate workers instead of seychellois.

Tax payers^money are being used to sponsor foreigners scolarships and not Seychellois.Nevertheless this should not shocked you ,as these illegal practices are common place under this criminal gang.

We have to bring the issue to the public for sure,as all the other issues.
But in the end of the day in order to stop this gang of crooks , there is one thing to do,namely, to unite in order that we can oust PP out of power and bring them where should be behind bars.

Unity is the catchword if we want to achieve the change our country deserves.

Jeanne D^Arc

Anonymous said...

Z Zoulou!
As Jeanne D'arc had rightly said Scholarship in the Seychelles have been much politicized and if we do not put a stop to what is happening to our intelligent youth, the Seychelles would be in a serious trouble. It a fact that a lot of Scholarships have been given to foreigner because according to Michel administration they are more patriotic than the native Seychellois and possibly there are lots of bribes going on under the table. I personally know foreigner who kids only naturalized when they are in their last year at the poly and after that they go on Scholarship. This government official knows about it but they do nothing. Most of them are Indians and Srilankans whose parents are working on expatriates’ contract and they have enough money to pay for the education of their own kids yet their kids are sent on Seychelles Scholarship and these people have no attachment to our country. But as far as they are concerned they have seen how JJ loves his own people they have exploit it to their advantage. So they are not at fault but these crooks that need to be accountable to the people of Seychelles. Unisey is a jj cook plan to give the impression to the youth that he wants to brain washed that every school leavers can go to a university so with his most intelligent Seychellois Dr? Rolf Payet they came up with this grandiose plan university of Seychelles. If Seychelles government cannot equip a secondary school with the basic necessities how can he build a university and sustain a university? Ask Dr? Rolf Payet he knows everything he will provide you with an answer. Just look at our national library very impressive building with dated books and have to rely on public donations. You will never be able to do an academic research by using this library. So our youth are in this mess because the most intelligent ones without connection are being used as sacrificial lamb for political gain. It is facts get that down into your brain lepep not everybody can go to a university and that you do not need a rocket scientist to tell you.
So my advices for you do not give up try to be an eye opener for others so that we can put an end to this madness in the ballot box.

Another advice is to encourage other who are coming up to think about getting a loan to sponsor their own Scholarship because as far as lepep government is concerned Scholarship abroad are reserved for their clique only and the irony about that they are the one with all the lucrative businesses in our country and they are getting a very fat salary and their kids are benefitting from free government Scholarship. What do they contribute for their kids tertiary education nothing? These are real societal parasites. This is what JJ called social justice.

One thing that I have never comprehended is that the main opposition knows the situation and yet they do nothing about that. I believed what they could have done was to try looking for scholarship for these students by lobbying foreign government through their embassies or through their personal contact? Let these people know about the situation of our young people.

Another thing they would have done was to sponsor at least one student every year for a scholarship from their fat salary and a big pension. This would have been a very good gesture to do and this could have given the opportunity to show that they care. And through that they could have motivated some of our youth to join openly the opposition because they would know that these people can do something for them. Due to their inaction this is why most of our youth are joining JJ Spirit foundation because there is no other option. Unfortunately these small things are not important to them as they are also busy taking their lion share of the cake that still in the oven since 5th June 1977.
MSR Follower

Anonymous said...

I reply to Zaklen Zoulou-

Thank you for highlighting the Seychelles University policy of selective discrimination towards a segment of the Seychellois student population.

I am aware of these carry ons. But till now, I believe it was fair to allow the Leopard to show its true colors given that a University offers so much hope to any society.

Dr. Rolf Payet has staked his family name to the Seychelles University project, and being also a political lackey of the JJ spirit team, I knew in due course, he would compromise the value of higher education's place in our society.

This type of practice which you highlight is self destructive in itself to the university and Dr. Rolf as well.

The more information that comes to you please forward as much details as possible to : and we will compile and expose the shennagins of Dr. Payet, if there are any.

To Dr. Payet, I have this to say: "if you do not stand above politics in educating our people, your Doctrate is nothing then "bag l'or dans nose of pig".

Stand up man, and get off your knees!

Stop defending failure, if you want Seychelles University to succeed. You must choose between education or politics, you cannot do both in your position.

The People of Seychelles are watching you.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gill,

You need to check the true reasons for the seychelles uni. not what you know, been told, think or believe.

be careful with what you find.

Anonymous said...

It is incumbent on the founders to tell us the raison détre of Seychelles university.

Dr. Rolf, you view this site daily, please advise us.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

To make new freemason

Dr. Rolph

Anonymous said...

Good article. Sometimes the glitz of sales promotions hide the reality.

Anonymous said...

Good article. Sometimes the glitz of sales promotions hide the reality.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The sales of eden island properties was shared between the top ones incharged,it never did reach the seychelles communities,even big reductions were made to able some seychellois to acquire some of the properties,but only because there was a leak and their made their pact and moved on but those ones was as corrupt as every single one of them,so it was all a shhhhh, infact those ones knows quiet a lot of what's happening in the goverment,i despise all of them scums.

Anonymous said...

Our home,full of corruptions, dirty laudries,anf most of all fraudsters,and that's coming from no one else but our selves,self inflicted wounds that's taking for ever to heal,our own country men and women find ways of bribing themselves in the system of frauding university certificates from all the universities available,you pay you get system.from doctors to Professors,it would be good to name and shame them,it will demoralise them,infact i would call them deceitful people,but it's the communities their involve with who are suffering from the hands of fallacious men and women.all these the goverment turn a blind eye it's because themselves their not who their seems to be.making reasonable points to try and give other creole like me a hint of what's been going on.not nice i know but all is true.

Anonymous said...

seychelles goverment is using imf to pocket themselves,seychelles have joined the icc but still criminals are being given seychellois citizenship.

Anonymous said...

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