Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

A Moment With The President of Seychelles
Part II
In President James Alix Michel’s meeting with SBC the state owned, and fully controlled sole local TV station, for the month of August, the President released the new logo for Seychelles Tourism as being: “Seychelles Brand”.
“Unique by a Thousand Miles” had been scrapped, “As Pure as it Gets” in black and white, gone, and “Another World”, shelved in a very short time. Now Michel in a single stroke , ushered in: “Seychelles Brand” under his Tourism portfolio.
The new brand perplexes many not because of what it says, but because of Mr. Michel’s actions in relation to the brand. His actions have been detrimental to the Brand he now announces to the People of Seychelles.
No one really seemed to understand what “Seychelles Brand “ means. But only an incite into Michel’s moment with us, can we come to understand “Seychelles Brand”, not just for Tourism promotion, but in a political context for Michel as well.
Unfortunately for Seychellois, the political season is upon us, and Michel will use Tourism promotion to meet the pressing political need of survival.
Proceed with caution with Michel! Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware!
In the next few months, we will hear about Tourism Five (5) Year Master Plan, Airport Master plan, Infrastructure For Water and Electricity and Beyond Master Plan, Public Transportation Master Plan, Environment Master Plan, Fight Against Piracy Master Plan, Fishing Industry Master Plan, Primary and Secondary Education Master Plan, Health Care Master Plan, Social welfare Master Plan, all because under James Michel, there has been no plans.
We have been walking in the dark.
Michel says:” Seychellois have The Means To Take Control of Tourism”
After permitting the selling much of our prime patrimony to foreigners in the early days of his administration, and defending the sales and encouraging branded hotels to come to Seychelles was a saviour move, then officially declaring we are bankrupt in October 31, 2008, Mr. Michel, now says, we “Seychellois” can take control of the Tourism Industry.
This theme has been spread on SBC TV and Radio. It is written in Rising Sun (Ramadoss a Fabrike paper), Isola Bella, (Michel personal mouth piece) and the Nation (Government daily paper), People (PP mouthpiece).
Like all political themes, saturation is the strategy, to put people into a trans of numbness, with no counter argument. It is at this point wherein silence becomes the weapon of deception. Imposing silence, is a communist 101 tool to maintain control over a people.
How will we make “Seychellois take control of the Tourism Industry, under the James Alix Michel plan?
According to Mr. Michel, he will tell us how, next year!! Not this year, nor the last Five (5) years! He will tell us next year, because there is no plan. Next year he will very likely finish Seychellois off in the Tourism Industry by permitting Eden island to have a free ride and permit a “change of use”, and continue supporting Branded hotels with concessions because his Arab friends owns them.
Michel Appeals For Racial Cohesion in Seychelles
In his interview, Mr. Michel shifted subjects from Tourism and addressed growing division in Seychelles along socio- economic lines. He said that if the “Seychelles Brand” was to work, racial cohesion must be respected in Seychelles. He highlighted that Seychellois are a civilized population and need to sit down and discuss issues. He highlighted that the population does not have to go out into the streets to resolve any issues it may have.
Mr. Michel was obviously referring to the Delo Kaka, ASCON Sheik Khalifa scandal of infecting 1200 residents of La Misere, Cascade, Grand Anse Mahe, main water source and causing an unprecedented level of sickness and some cases resulting in near death.
Mr. Michel has sent out armed men to oppose and crack down on these residents. The Commissioner of Police has used the Public Order Act, a One Party State law to prevent the residents from exercising their right to peaceful assembly, which is enshrined in the Constitution of the Third Republic, a civilized right in any modern society. Mr. Michel has turned on his people in despair to please Sheik Khalifa Bin Al Zayed Nayed, MNA Bernard Georges former Client, according to Mr. Georges and Viyzon mouthpiece.
I fail to see what racial cohesion has to do with the Right to Protest and Assembly, a citizens inherent right in any civilized society.
Mr. Michel in my opinion has simply hijacked the Tourism Industry agenda as Minister of Tourism, to save his presidency, by marrying unresolved issues that are boiling over, with the need for Tourist to have a positive relaxing image of Seychelles, before the come here for Two (2) weeks.
Mr. Michel’s effort is a stretch of the imagination and he has captivated only his government CEO’s, out of fear of losing a pay check, if they question his hair brained strategy. But there is more to the coffin of failure. Read on.
Emirates and Qatar Are Partners
Mr. Michel has told us that he opened the airways to Emirates and Qatar Airways to allow more growth in the Seychelles Tourism Industry. He says that these airlines, have larger marketing budgets and can promote Seychelles. Sounds good to the naked brain. But analyse what Michel is saying:” Because Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airlines have a large marketing budget, we should give them rights to Seychelles....conclusion.”
The Question Is:
How much of the large marketing budget to market jet flying around the world, did Mr. Michel get Emirates and Qatar to commit as a special market budget for Seychelles only, before it granted them rights to fly into Seychelles?
The Answer Is:
Michel let these airlines into Seychelles, without a commitment. He negotiated with them as if they were doing Seychelles a favour. Each year STB grapples for a marketing budget, yet airlines contribute little or nothing to the fund. The same can be said of the internationally branded companies coming to Seychelles.
Mr. Michel, in business, no one does you a favour for free. They spend money in your destination to make money. This is called :PROFIT! It is the reason why Emirates and Qatar are here. They both know Seychelles market is lucrative and they can make a handsome PROFIT because they know Air Seychelles is not being run properly to do the same. These companies see opportunity in Seychelles. They do not come here because they love you, or Rene.
The opportunity exists because you stifle Seychellois from taking advantage of them and you allow foreigners to. Look at the fiasco at Eden Island you created. It proves my point, conclusively.
In exchange, money will be sent overseas, beyond operational expenses. GDP will trickle growth, when it could be compounded if you could run a corruption free government and country.
Guess what Mr. President?
The Qatar Emirates routes to Seychelles are highly profitable! They are making money off our backs, and you gave them the route free of any conditions that could benefit our Tourism Industry in real terms, in real time.
The effect on Seychelles:
Is that Emirates and Qatar fly to Seychelles, yes, but they have only displaced Air Seychelles market share, and made life for a fledging national carrier difficult and life for Tourist that really want to come to Seychelles tough since they have long transits in the desserts of the Middle East.
Since Emirates and Qatar has been coming to Seychelles, our market share in tourism has increased only by an additional 20,000 visitors but our revenue is down -25%, that could have been adjusted by the same amount with increased revenues, if Air Seychelles was excelling, or Mr. Michel had sought out better positioned relations with European carriers, where most of our Tourism market does and still comes from.
Nothing racist there, just pure business common sense.
Marketing Needs To Be Applied To Your Market, Not left in the Desert
With Mr. Michel’s marketing budget commitment from Emirates and Qatar for Seychelles standing at zero, we need partners that commit to market Seychelles in our main markets. We do not need to dilute our product market effort by focusing on the desserts of Arabia to garner market share or venturing to Vietnam, China, Korea.
Today, Seychelles must go back to traditional partners and re-establish a working relationship. Why? Because Europeans just love the Seychelles! That means Mr. Michel, it will always just be easier to sell, hence cost less per head of arrival to market. That also means with the right combination of effort, and logistics, we can pack them into Seychelles, and fill the beds, rent the cars and sell the excursions, feed them as well.
In the desserts of Arabia, whoever can afford to come to Seychelles, will fly in on their own plane. Who cannot afford a private jet to Seychelles, will find it expensive. That region does not need much marketing effort, put simply. Sir, you have missed the boat entirely.
You even ventured to Korea and China last year to sell Seychelles, when you should have been in Frankfurt, London and Paris, Rome. Now we will pay for your mistake for years to come in the worse economic environment since the Great Depression of 1934.
If Michel is Not On Boat, We All Suffer
Now People of Seychelles, listen and read carefully. If Mr. Michel, the head of Tourism and the President of Seychelles misses the boat on marketing Seychelles, we will all pay the price for his failure to catch the boat on time.
Rebuilding this industry will not be easy in the face of the worse economic crisis since 1934 the world faces:
(a. Farmers will suffer- because tourist will not come to eat vegetables and pork, and beef and chicken, because it has not been killed the right way;
(b. Fishermen will suffer because Mr. Michel’s new Tourists will want a bourgeois killed by Halal technique on the high seas, hence their catch will not reach the hotels as sales;
(c. Excursion operators will suffer because money spent on marketing will be money wasted since whatever we spend, we will have spread our spending too thin across the world, and no end positive result;
(d. All existing hotels will suffer, because we will have less tourists, and less visitors, because the money for marketing was suppose to be spent in the dessert region, and it has not, and Europe our main traditional market has not been given the serious attention and focus it needs.
(e. In the meantime, we will lose Air Seychelles, a national flag carrier that could play a vital purpose with great success, if it was managed well and had a President that supported it, at least half way with some half decent ideas. The least Michel could do at Air Seychelles, is bounce the dead weight Board of Directors and put in place some serious business people with proven ideas. Placing dead weight on the Air Seychelles Board, results in dead weight in Tourism Industry for all Seychellois to carry; I do not see anyone on the Air Seychelles Board, with enough brains and backbone to make the national carrier the success it has to be for Seychelles;
(f. With less Tourist , crime will go up;
(g. Our destination will lose it’s “Brand” as being a safe destination; we are already experiencing that in a gradual increment;
(h. Left unfettered and unchecked, Mr. Michel will have succeeded completely, in sinking Seychelles, even beyond national bankruptcy to failed state status;
(i. IMF will be here with an office on Independence Ave, indefinitely, beside UNICEF and the UNDP World Food Program.
I said it before and I will say it again, Mr. Michel, leave politics out of the Tourism Industry.
If you cannot help yourself from resisting the temptation, declare publically that Tourism will be headed by STB full stop. That is the only way it ever works anywhere in the world, where it does work. Seychelles is not an exception to fundamentals of marketing or Industry.
Your Che Guevera days are over, or are they still with you?
State House since you walked in never made anything work well in 12 months, so give it a break and allow the Tourism Industry to chart its own course forward free of politics.
Whether you win or lose an election, the Tourism Industry must survive.
Fishing is down -56%. Do you want to take Tourism down -56%?
If so, we are half way there with -25% receivables on plus 12% arrivals. It will not take much to take it down to -56% and go neck and neck with the Fishing Industry.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

Gill perhaps you have not learnt of the network effect. Get an education man.

It is you who have hijacked an accident to make it a racial conflict which impacts our image and tourism. On this people inside and outside Seychelles are agreed.


Anonymous said...

The accident perhaps you refer to is the Sheik Khalifa resident Delo kaka case with ASCON?

This is not an accident it is a case of negiligence by ASCON, Michel Administration, and Khalifa.

There is nothing race or raciallly related to 1200 people being infected with polluted feaces drinking water.

This is a gross negligence case with liability in TORT.

If you did not want the incident to impact Tourism or Seychelles image you would have handled it yourself at the outset JM and not ignore it.

If you could not handle it, you would have called State House and tell James Michel the President of Seychelles that this is not an issue to ignore and the Public Health and Environment authorities must be given access to La Misere, not today, or last month, but 12 months ago.

A government that does not protect its people, cannot be blaming journalists for exposing the lack of action.

A government that does not follow its own laws, cannot blame a journalist for writing about it and exposing it.

A government that breaks its own laws, and lies to the public, cannot blame others that expose this.

You see JM the exposure part is part of a democracy. This is the check and balance of the Free Press that hovers over the Executive, Legislative Judicial branch og government, just in case, all go to bed together and engage in public orgy to sell out our patrimony.

I am not racist, neither is MSR. How we deal with our issues of our country concern us not others.

How we deal with corruption because it involves foreigners, does not make us racist, or xenophobic as you falsely assert.

1. Example: Is it racist to write about FAKE passort for Krevijic aka Jules Egbert Savy?

2. Example: Is is racist to assert 3000 ASCON workers need a GOP

3. Example: Is it racist to say that ASCON was building without a contractors license?

4. Example: Is it racist to say Khalifa cannot claim Vienna Convention Rights when Faure says it applies and it does not, and Michel knew it did not, b/c GOS documents advised Michel it does not?

5. Example: Is it racist to say we do not want 10,000 residents to Eden Island to become citizens of Seychelles?

6. Is it racist to say Sesel Pou Seselwa today?

7. But it was not racist to say Sesel Pou Seselwa in 1976?

8. Is it racist to say French investors need to have a license to operate a boat charter like our little humble Seychellois?

9. Is it racist to say that facilities at Eden Island need to be tendered out to Seychellois as promised when they started and not tendered out in Jo Burg?

10. JM, you weak man when you must stand up for Seychellois interests and a strong man when you stand up for Khalifa and other foreigners, is it racist to say that airlines agreements need to be made with partners from our main markets and not just Middle Easte partners?

You need to do better then that buddy.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I don^t know if you missed the "A" in JAM or your would like to be in JAM^S position but again and again your unability to recognize failures show that you infact need an education or is it the effect of JJ evil spirit on your weak little mind?

When JAm over ruled his own Minister of land over Khalifa illegal construction at La Misere ,it is act of treason not an accident why?Because it was pre-meditated just as the Coup D'Ett in 1977.

Informing the whole world about the illegal acts of a gang of criminals has to certain extent limit their illegal practices which would have been otherwise more accenturated and that is why cronies to your likes are running on the blog to try to defence your master for his misdeeds.

Using racism is the last disterate tactic in trying to divert attention of his cuontless crimes,but this just doesn'T work becuase our people can make therdifferent betwwen love for one country and racism.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

I may not always agree with Gill, but he has hit the nail on the head with this article.

James Michel is the worse thing that could happen to tourism. Michel has ruined everything he has touched and apart from statements, meetings, TV appearances and so forth, absolutely nothing has materialized during his term as president. We have seen Vision so and so and wonderful glossy speeches. But where are the results. Today, there are more thefts, foreigners have overtaken our own Seychellois people in business, ex-tax man is selling tyres, Australians and Irish come and go and fill their pockets, arabs get prime land for nothing, the Kalifa fiasco is upon us, Michel's begging has become embarrassing, passport selling is still going on, Siva is buying up all our land and islands, muslims are taking over our once Christian nation, and most of our young people are turning to drugs. Therefore, what has Michel accomplished? The answer is nothing.

Gill is right. If Michel does not leave tourism to the Seychellois people who are experts in their field, we are ddomed to failure under Michel's Seychelles Brand. What a stupid concept? But then, what do we expect from a cable and wireless clerk who did not finish school? Maybe Marie-Louise Potter can also get Michel to go back to school with the other SPPF MNAs so that they can first educate themselves before pretending that they can lead.

I believe in God. The Almighty is the only one who can help our country. Rene will soon be gone and while I don't ask for the demise of anyone, I hope Michel has an iota of brains to resign soon and leave this country to be run by decent, educated Seychellois people who truly have Seychelles at heart. Amen

Anonymous said...

And when we journalist expose your racist/xenophobic fundamentaism it makes you tone it down! Otherwise where might we be today, probably genocide!!

But even when toned down, you supporter cannot resist to say "Muslims are taking over the country"

Your Answers...

1. Example: Is it racist to write about FAKE passort for Krevijic ?

It is racist/xenophobic to use this as an excuse for agenda against all immigrants.

2. Example: Is is racist to assert 3000 ASCON workers need a GOP

It is racist to play on the tabloid Indian Malbar aspect as much as GOP. You know you do this to flame popular sentiment.

3. Example: Is it racist to say that ASCON was building without a contractors license?

It is racist to target Arab project but ignore American one which did the same.

4. Example: Is it racist to say Khalifa cannot claim Vienna Convention Rights?

It is racist to target Arab when you ignore other diplomat who have business in Seychelles and break Vienna Convention.

5. Example: Is it racist to say we do not want Eden Island to become citizens of Seychelles?

It is racist to call them all Racist South African. And you started with sensational lie to say they are citizen. Only when we pressure you, you admit they may be able to apply after 5 year.

6. Is it racist to say Sesel Pou Seselwa today?

What is important is what you are NOT saying when you chant this.

7. But it was not racist to say Sesel Pou Seselwa in 1976?

No it was not. We were a colony and it was an anti-colonial call.

8. Is it racist to say French investors need to have a license ?

Why do you always pick and choose a nationality?

9. Is it racist to say that facilities at Eden Island need to be tendered out to Seychellois?

Stop thinking about yourself. How many ordinary Seselwa can afford?

10. JM, you weak man etc, is it racist to say that airlines agreements need to be made with partners from our main markets and not just Middle Easte partners?

You are wrong Gill. I AM STRONG when I defend the interest of ordinary Seychellois. Unlike you who answers to secret rich men who want to control us from the dark shadow.

Emirate and Qatar have established strategic dominance in West-East longhaul using the hub and spoke system. No other airline can compete with them on service and price and load flexibility. This is why the other Airlines pull out of delicate thread routes like Seychelles.

Now stop exploiting the economic reform to grab assets like a opportunistic speculator. Oh I forgot, that is exactly how you make your money.

Stop destroying the image of Seychelles and Seychellois on the internet.

Win an election through the ballot box in a stable democracy. This is more important than any of the tabloid garbage you play with.

Gran Moun

Anonymous said...

Gill, here is an example of what your representative Jeanne D'Arc has just said:

"I think it is clear of what happening on La Misere streets speaks for itself.The residents are saying Khalifa go home not welcome home.As we a cristian Nation we will in no circumstance welcome the main sponsor of terrorist in our peace land to blow himself up in our churches."

Your silence will confirm that the MSR position is:

1. Khalifa is the main sponsor of terrorist.

2. Khalifa plans to blow up our churches.

3. MSR will ask Khalifa to leave Seychelles if elected.

Well first acostof all the majority of Seychellois apologise for these ignoramus who claim to speak for us.

We are as ashamed of them as you are of extremist in your own countries.

Not racist! Hah you will have to do better than that buddy.


Anonymous said...

JM & JAM and all you JJ writers on this blog who are only here to defend an idiot. Go get a life and try and write something instead of refuting everything Gill says. SPUP, SPPF and Party Lepep have been losers since the beginning of politics in seychelles. They can only lead through a barrel of a gun. Today, Michel and Rene cannot go anywhere without guns and bodyguards, I assume not only to guard their lives but their "aki" which were acquired by stealing from the same people they purport to protect. All Ministers and some MNAs have gun toting SSU guards at their houses at night protecting them and their families, while us poor Seychellois have to put up with thieves and drugged up kids breaking into our homes as soon as we turn our backs.

So go on and protect these losers. I just hope one of those thieves find you or a member of your family soon and then you can go crying to an Irish at the Victoria Police Station.

From a very black seselwa who is not racist, but will soon become one against Arabs if Khalifa does not pay up.

Anonymous said...

This my personal opions,
That Arabs support torrists like Hamas is known worldwild.

That Khalifa cannot claim Vienna convent is a truth -check the convention and understand what you read.

say Seychelles is for seselwa is a right,just like American say America is for American otherwise there would be not use of having independence.

it is not racism to say that 10000 of illegal foreigners who in the first place what brought illegal in our country without the consent of the people not to obtain our passports there law in place for this purpose abused by PP.

it is a law of the country that foreign companies must pay GOP,note GOP is not a race.

As to ASCON you must not even name it-it is an illegal company who was also involve in human trafficing -its workers were shipped onto our shores in containers.

It is justifed to say a French or other foreigners must have a license for whatever the do in our country.Why becuase it is a law.

It is justifuied to sayx that eDEN SHOULD BE FOR sESELWA WHY?IT IS TAX PAYER MONEY and foreigner are not Seselwa there is law in place to follow by foreigners those brought illegal by PP will be deal with like in any other countries.

All in all your agument is non cogent and absurd.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...


Let me put it this way

whether is Khalifa present in our country,whether those foreigners invading our country at Eden ,whether it was Ascon,and so on the simple question that begs was all those deal made by PP legal?The answer is a big fat no.So if the answer is no illegal what is your point then.

this country is soveriegn ,it has laws in place to be followed,if PP thought they about the law and can abuse it ,all those who illegal benefit from it whether is Khalifa or others we will deal with them as stipulated in our laws.

Jeanne D'Arc

jeanne DÂrc

Anonymous said...

President James Michel is all: DO AS I SAY NOT DO AS I DO. A Total hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Jeanne D'Arc if this is your personal opinion you must believe you are the Queen of England.You cannot say "I" everything is "We". Who the f**k is WE?

And you should consider taking your own advise about arguments. Yours hold as much water as a tea strainer in the queens castle.


Anonymous said...

Reply to JAM JNRJ-


You say Emirates Qatar have established themselves as strongest strategic partner in West- East using "Hub and Spoke System".

Answer: So what. The Hub and Spoke system is intended to maximize profits of long haul flights, by centralizing transfer to small shorter routes. Big deal for Seychelles. It is a big deal for Emirates and Qatar because they can move passengers and make a larger profit per flight.

What commitment did you get from them for marketing Seychelles as a destination, that was the question.

Unless you answer, my reply is : ZERO.

If it is ZERO, the Hub and Spoke thing might as well be on a bicycle for the people of Seychelles,which, it is.

DO you intend to hub and spoke visitors from Europe and expect Euro 500 per day per diem or Euro 50.00 per day Per diem.

If you choose Euro 50.00 per day per deim, will we have enough water for them, to meet out national budget, since Euro 500.00 per day will not work successfully on Hub and Spoke.? But it is great for contracted workers and average travellers.

2. You say,stop exploiting the economic reform to create disruptive politics and grab assets, like an opportunitistic speculator. Oh, I forgot what is exactly you do for a living."

Answer: I do not exploit what you call "reform" and what I call "national bankruptcy administration".

You have failed Seychelles and bankrupted her. Nothing will change this. What I write exposes the failures because I do not have airtime at SBC and space at the Nation.

Give me and all others Air Time on SBC and I will reduce my blog and internet time.

Give us all radio stations for under 5,000 per year fee, we will reduce internet air time.

I or any other writer that reveals the truth does not destroy Seychelles reputation. We enhance it. To remain silent, and let JAM destroy Seychelles, is what would destroy Seychelles.

The writer, is not the President, nor does he make the bad decisions. He only reports on them .
When you give the opposition full air time, then you can call the ballot box a fair gauge of support. Before that, you are just rubbishing yourself.

You have said nothing else.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Obviously you dont know what you are talking about. That was pure bullcrap. Learn a bit more about distribution strategy before you kick off on product strategy.

And you want airtime to peddle your half baked shit? I would rather listen to primary school children sing do re me out of tune!

Anonymous said...

Reply to "Bull Crap" himself-

Airtime is our right as Citizens.

We are born free, and not born to be subservient to communists that fill their pockets with the National Wealth, while they bankrupt our country.

Sesel Pou Seselwa means we do not have to beg Whitehall for Airtime.

If you do not give it, then you know where to put your crap.

We will use the internet, move to You Tube, broadcast via radio, dvd, cd, and unearth your rot, for all Seychellois to see.

Do not worry, we will not lose sleep over your contemplations.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Yes airtime is the right of all. SBC should be one 24x7 party political broadcast so each of 80,000 citizen can say what they want.

Specially the ones who make half baked pseudo-educated argument.


Anonymous said...


The most elaborate system of rights,remedies,and procedures are of little use when there is no independent,impartial and competent judiciary.The independence of the judiciary is ensured by the judges` security of tenure as well as the judiciary`s own distinguished traditions of learning,integrity and technique and the law of contempt.

The most elaborate system of substantive,porcedural and remedial provisions is meaningless without an independent,impartial and competent judiciary for one reason:"administration".Without jurisdiction to administer,the law is purely academic and without a proper judiciary,the jurisdiction to administer is purely oppressive.

In order to have a proper judiciary,properly exercising its jurisdiction,several things are necessary.They fall into three broad groups:technical competent,commitment to sound ideas and institutional(thus personal)independence.

Furthermore,in democracies,independence from political pressures of elected officials and legislatures gurantees the impartiality of judges.Judicial rulings should be impartial based on facts of a case,individual merits,and legal arguments and relevant laws,without any restrictions or improper influences by interested parties.These principles ensure equal protection for all.

The power of judges to review public laws and declare them in violation of the nation`s constitution serves as a fundamental check on potential government abuse of power-even if the government is elected by a popular majority.This power,however,requires that the courts be seen as independent and able to rest their decisions upon the law,not political considerations.Enthusiasm is not and cannot be a judicial virtue.It means taking sides and if a judge takes sides,he loses the appearance of impartiality and quite impartiality itself.

An independent judiciary assures people that court will be based on the nation`s law and constitution not on shifting political power or the pressure of a temporary majority.Endowed with independence,the judicial system in a democracy serves as a safeguard of the people rights and freedoms.

An independent judiciary is vital to honest government practices and the prevention of democracy.


Anonymous said...

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