Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seychelles Cartoon

Who do I tackle first? Juan Carlos or Zapatero? I'll have a delicious plate of criadillas Su Alteza!


Anonymous said...

I must congratulate the Cartoonist.

Hey Monsieur, TIKLO says that you are wasting your magnificent and suparp talents with those Losers.

Pareil ounn bien dir..."aret rod dizef kot nappa." Ou pa Zom Kouyon. When ASCON saw what you did to our Man JoMo, they coughed up the 250,000 smackaroos to each La Misere Household. For that, I salute you for Seychelles do need Lateral thinkers like you.

All the best for the future whoever you are Mate. TIKLO.

Anonymous said...

Let us hope that this fake Michel The Matador is gored in his small balls by the bull with the big balls! Soon Iberia and British Airways will fly into Seychelles and more tuna will disappear from our seas to feed the hungry Europeans who has devastated their own oceans and even the Mediterranean.

Where's our Blue Gold Michel? After opening your big mouth a few months ago saying that you will make sure we get more for our tuna (blue gold), where is the money?

Once a fake, always a fake. Much spills out of Michel's mouth, but there is never any substance. The only people that drinks the delo kaka that runs from his stinking lying mouth is the SPPF idiots with no brains.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic cartoon. Congratulations to the cartoonist who is really an expert.

Anonymous said...

That's where you're wrong because the definition of an "expert" as you put it, is someone who knows less and less and less.

For the Cartoonist to come up with "aret rod disef kot nappa" and sees for herself sa kalite grenn ki JAM pe donn sa Toro Chris Gill ek son bann dallon kot SCAR, that's something to crow about, sa wee. TIKLO

Anonymous said...

Anyway Tikolor kaka dan kan,You think that La MIsere residents should accept this 250,OOO rupees.NO
why?because the judge have already say that each House at La Misere affected have to get 650,000 Rupees.Were are the 400.000 gone Tikolor?
Any way the court in Seychelles are control by this cominist party.Michel and PP are once again trying to steal Seychellios to sponser there campaign in the coming next election.We want the rest of our money Michel.This ass....Morgan has big mounth to say if someone are not happy can take a lawer and bring there case to court.For What for!you pussy Morgan.When the court are rule by the cominist Party.IF PP don't give us the 400,000 Rupees left,we will take again in the street at La Misere.

Patrick X said...

Tikolor, be dir nou akoz ou ou pa al servi ou talent dan en circus koman en clown plito isi koman en clown. Ou tya kontan tete lo sa de dizef parey ou tete lo dizef Rene eh? Manke sa de y fer ou bave move kalite. :-p


Anonymous said...

It was pretty incendiary stuff from Joel Morgan, telling La Misere residents if they do not like Khalifa's peanuts offered they can go to court. He should be arrested for incitement to violence.

My hackles are up !

Anonymous said...

it showed also how ignorant our endemic little monkey is.In fact the amount ask by La Misere residents was a court decision.The residents should refuse this amount continue taking into the streets until PP understands that the time to fool people is over and if he refutes la Misere residents must show Michel at the ballot boxs that they are the power of this country by voting him out.

Jeanne D'Arc