Monday, August 30, 2010

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Systematic Grant of Privileges to Sheik Khalifa Undermine The IMF Marco Economic Program in Seychelles (Part II)
Vienna Convention Does Not Apply
I have clearly established in past articles, that the granting of diplomatic immunity to Sheik Khalifa, and offering him tax free entry of goods status into Seychelles, under the Vienna Convention is illegal and Secretary Barry Faure’s statement that it was normal practice, is absolutely absurd, and nothing but a cover up misrepresentation and likely even a fraudulent act upon the population of Seychelles.
Sugar Daddy Tries The Groove Thing
With that established, what laws of Seychelles has James Michel used to stroke Sheik Khalifa, and offer him sweet daddy deals?
Customs Management Decree, Section 126.1: The Minister may waive , reduce or rebate any duty payable on any goods, where considered in the national interest to do so.
This law, would have to be implemented by Minister Danny Faure, to provide tax free status to Sheik Khalifa on the goods he imported to build his villas. It is estimated that $280 Million has gone uncollected. But Danny Faures’, brother, Barry Faure, Secretary of State, said that the Vienna Convention had been applied to Sheik Khalifa. Since the Vienna Convention cannot be applied to Sheik Khalifa because he is a principal to diplomats and no embassy exist in Seychelles, only Danny Faure could approve such exemptions for the tribal king.
Even if Danny Faure, as Minister of Finance had implemented this section, he would have to establish that the goods for Sheik Khalifa are in fact, being brought to Seychelles in the national interest. PP would have a difficult time establishing that Sheik Khalifa’s over bearing presence in Seychelles is in the national interest. If this cannot be done, Sheik Khalifa would still be liable for the $280 Million in taxes unpaid. This tidy sum could cut our external commercial debt by more than half, and set Seychelles on the course of real economic recovery.
If anything, Sheik Khalifa’s La Misere residents has not been in the national interest, but contrary to the national interest, as the incident and chaos brewing at La Misere, has shown us and the World, clearly and without doubt.
Since this project has begun, 1200 residents men, women, children have fallen sick due to contaminated water supplies from sewage contamination of Sheik Khalifa’s construction workers working under the name ASCON, an unregistered construction company in Seychelles. Clearly, there is no national interest to give the man tax free status, on everything he has brought into Seychelles, which now exceeds 400 containers of goods. About Four (4) months of container traffic in Seychelles, these days. The exemptions have been granted from the clouds in the air, because James Michel has developed a close friend ship with Sheik Khalifa. Unconfirmed reports are coming in that suggest Sheik Khalifa, gifted a villa in the UAE to James Michel. If anyone in the UAE can confirm this report, please send information to to shed light on this material matter of public interest.
Under the Trades Tax Act, Section 4:1, 4.2 ...the Minister may by regulation, exempt goods and services from the payment of trades tax.
Clearly, no regulation has been put in place to this day. Hence, the Trades Tax Act, would not allow the Minister of Finance Mr. Danny Faure to grant Sheik Khalifa, tax free status on the importation of Sheik Khalifa’s goods into Seychelles.
Over 400 Containers Tax Free Are a Systematic Undermining of National Revenue Base
Each container entering Seychelles, and taxes not paid for Sheik Khalifa is a single fraudulent component of a larger systematic program in place, by the government of the day, to undermine the receivables of the Government of Seychelles and to shift the burden of Sheik Khalifa’s unpaid tax bill upon the People of Seychelles.
This systematic and fraudulent undermining of our receivables balance sheet, has a detrimental impact on the bottom line of the Seychelles undergoing marco economic reform. Roads break, water pipes burst, electricity is used, hospital services overloaded with Sheik Khalifa’s workers on so on.
Furthermore, by the PP Government of Seychelles, placing 4% economic activity around Sheik Khalifa’s projects for residences and hotels, and marinas, we are registering growth rates that are not based on our main industries, and input spread over different players, to reduce risk of fallout.
In fact, the Government of Seychelles, has placed its economic viability in the hands of a single man’s whims. This is highly risky for the future development of the Republic of Seychelles, as an independent, viable, state.
Why? Because Seychelles is a proud Christian based society, that will be very unhappy having Sheik Khalifa, a tribal king from UAE running our proud country from his Blackberry. That’s why... if you don’t like that, we pay taxes, so there is no reason why you should not, after all you use the water and the roads for your Seventeen (17) tax free BMW X5 series.
Pay as you Go Sheik, not as you wish! Or else..... we will not rest!

Sesel Pou Seselwa, PP, bunch of sell outs!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Patrick X said...

The solution is simple as pie:

Participate in the coming election merely a year from now, win the heart of hte Seychellois and enter State House which will then have it's first non-corrupt government sin 1977. Once this is done, make a review of the construction of Khalifa's palace with regards to all the imported goods, labour costs etc and tax the sheik till he shakes. If the bastard refuses to pay, then simply sieze all his assets in Seychelles as compensation. And if that's not enough, size the assets of all those asses who allowed him to practice his own 'tax-free' policy.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Patrick X, whilst I agree with your dream and fantasy, we unfortunately have to face fqacts and reality. We Seychellois, are a peace loving and passive nation. FAR knows us very well and has used our weaknesses over the past 33 years for his personal advantage and gains. Seychelles is 'unique by a 1000 miles and her people are unique in a 1000 ways'. No matter what we dream of - we need a united opposition to remove SPPF/PP from power. I am not a member of any political party. However, I know Seychelles deserves a change of Government and this can and will only happen by a coalition of the opposition. We will 'forever be pushing water uphill with our hands' if the opposition fails to co-oporate and form a coalition.

After all, this is what FAR did in the mid 1970's in order for him to bring about unwelcome change to the shores of Seychelles. SPUP formed a coalition with the then DP in order for SPUP to usurp power by an unlawful and unwelcome coup in 1977 !

I am asking the opposition to be sincere with each other for the sake of the ordinary Seychellois. Unite in order to bring about welcome changes to the shores of Seychelles.

Do not unite if you are going to behave like FAR did in the mid 1970's.
Do not unite if you cannot work and trust each other.
Do not unite if you are not sincere.
Do not unite if you want to fill your own pockets.
Do not unite if you want to fill your friends pockets.
Do not unite if you want to fill your falilies pockets.

Unfortunately, SPPF/PP will continue to 'divide and rule' if the opposition cannot unite. The ordinary citizens of Seychelles will keep on having these fantasy dreams.

So Mr Ramkalawan, Mr Volcere and Mr Gill it is high time you look at yourselves in the mirror, examine your consious (If you have one). Ask yourselves the following questions.

1. Am I in it for my personal gain ?
2. Am I in it to fill my pockets ?
3. Am I in it to keep SPPF/PP in power ?
4. Do I love the Seychellois people, ireespective of their political affiliation ?
5. Am I sincere to work in the interest of Seychelles and her people ?
6. Will I put Seychelles first at all times - even if it means me putting myself lower down the pecking order ?

There you have it People of Seychelles. The facts are as above. Let us not kid ourselves. Let us stop dreaming and let the divided opposition know that Seychelles deserves better !


Patrick X said...

Hello Mr. Andre,

Good and sincere reply, this is the kind we need and I'd like to use your example and try to follow it(I'll try).

Indeed it is a dream that many are hoping for, but can you seriously speculate as to why the opposition has failed to unite? Now let's try to not make this thread in to an SNP bashing one, but it may be more difficult than so. Gill has after all invited Ramkalawan to unite, but without success so where do we stand today a mere year before the election that so far nobody officially knows when is to be held?

Sometimes I believe that the best thing that could happen right now is that the PL itself would have to form the next government in coalition with another party, i.e a minority government where the supporting party would have to get support from whoever it may be. Not that I'm a PL supporter, but so far I cannot see who can take over as a responsible party.

I believe that the only possible way to hold the PL in place is not to 'cross their floor' as certain people are obsessed with, but to step on it firmly and stay there as long as needed.

One thing is for sure though: SNP is too corrupted to be relied on, unified or not, as their leader cannot be trusted. In that sense I can only see the dream of a unified opposition turning into a terrible nightmare.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

P Andre,

Please get your facts right. The elected Leader of the Opposition is Wavel Ramkalawan and his Party is the SNP.

The SNP as far as I am concerned is united and not devided as you are trying to make out.

The DP has been the Dead Party and together with a pompous Ass by the name of Christopher Gill from the so-called Rasin/Racist Party - if it is a registered party after all - with their derogatory comments/insults, half-truths and innuendoes, it's ridicule and it's insulting are behaviour unbecoming under Seychelles' defamation Law/Act.

And Pee Andre, say what you want and with sa lot Kouyon Patwick X ki croire i un grand savant, and after all of you have come to your conclusions, in the final analysis, the Voters of Seychelles will be the Judges, Juries and the Executioners.

And by the way PDanre, there is nothing wrong with "Dreamers." How can the Parti Lepep Dreams come true if Parti Lepep does not have a dream you big stoopid.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why would the SPPF representative come to the defence of Ramkalawan/SNPs?

Patrick X said...


You are absolutely right in saying that the SNP is united, that is that they are uniteed with the PL, hence have become SNPL.

I believe that Gill's and Mr Andre's dream was that the opposition, i.e those who are opposed to the ruling party(that means PL) were to unite. An entity cannot unite with itself Tikolor unless it suffers from one of Dr Maboulle's diagnosis, for instance schizofreni.

Anyhow, we thank you for your contribution, but were rather hoping you could keep the debate as good as it started. However, hoping that is a dream that cannot come true.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Ok Patrick X, what examples do you have of SNP becoming SNPL?

Who is SNP works for PL?

Give us a break!!


Patrick X said...

Hello Leo,

I'd say take a look at the very top of the SNP leadership and you'll see who has added an 'L' to SNP.

There is countless evidence that Ramkalawan has been reduced to a mere figure from being the leader of the opposition, but that is beyond the point as this debate is about the lack of taxation from Sheik Khalifa and James Michel giving him freedom to do as he pleases. I'm sure the STAR Team can post a seperate post about the SNPL.

But since we're discussing just that, please tell us why the SNP leadership has not raised hell on the issue, but rather held a low profile. After all, writing a few articles in Regar about the Sheik's sovereignity over the Seychellois isn't exactly what i call taking the issue to another level.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Patrick X, perhaps SNP leadership cannot offend Khalifa.

B.Georges was his lawyer, and I am certain Georges maintains close ties with him.

Would that make them SNPL?


Anonymous said...

To Patrick-X the Rasin Port Parole

I am very happy indeed that The Ram has re-invented himself and I want him to grace the front pages of Nation with the President of Seychelles more often than he has been in the past. There is nothing wrong with RAM having tea or whispering in JAM's ears in public at State House.

And in a nutshell Boof Head X, the SNP is not only a responsible Party, but it is also an accountable Party.

The SNP wtyle ofPolitic Saboule and confrontation are a thing of the past. And there is nothing wrong with his throw away line "thanking the lord for not having won the last election.

Last but not least, HRH Khalifa is welcome to Seychelles anytime. With all due respects, You X and your fraudster Gill who somehow fraudulently acquired the Berlouis Family property are firstly Losers and secondly, two egg-sucking Nobodies.

Patrick X said...


A series of cock-ups, both individual and political have turned the SNP to SNPL. In the case of Bernard Georges and his participation in the Khalifa land bargain the leader himself, Ramkalawan, should have intervened and known that this wouold boomerang back one day.

Now, was Ramkalawan's passiveness due to pure laziness, lack of knowledge or simply because already back then he had both hands tied? And Bernard George's participation? Does an attorney who is also a politician choose where and when he can/may oppose the principles of his own party? After all, the principles of the SNP was violated, ref the 'sale' or should I say giveaway of the La Misere land to Khalifa.

So in that sense, yes, the SNP was already SNPL, this naturally with regards to its upper leadership. Maybe all this was the casue to why so many prominent members left.

Food for Leo's thoughts?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Patrick X

Bernard Georges represented the people of La Misere in the Delo kaka case,not Khalifa.

Georges represented Khalifa in Barbaron land sales that violated the State Lands and River Act.

You cannot expect Ramkalawan to know all that and be accountable for it.

Viyzon has defended Bernards land sales.

SNP is not SNPL. This is a false accusation.

SNP needs to make a living, I am sure Bernard will defend that.

Do you epxect the opposition to live in CI Sheet houses? We need comfort too.


Patrick X said...


Of course you are happy for SNP's re-invention(or should I say intervention) as they are merely an imaginary opposition for the sake of having one to satisfy the requirements of our constitution.

There is as you say nothing wrong with Ramkalawan having tea with the prezident, I agree there, but alas his function is that of a puppet the same way you are a puppet to the PL. As leader of an opposition party(that normally means to oppose, i.e be against in case you didn't know) he has failed not only his party, but his people.

As to Khalifa being welcome to Seychelles I also agree, but on the condition that he contributes to the country like any other foreigner, rich or poor. Alas, Khalifa has been given priveleges that is beyond those of our own citizens. Now since we're into the matter I will ask you one simple question which I hope will not be too much for your brain to cop with:

Why do you think that Khalifa should be exempted from paying taxes on all his imports(construction materials, cars etc) when the regualar Seychellois is taxed to the bone when doing the same?

Shall I keep on posting that question till you reply with a legible answer or will you be polite enough to do so?

Patrick X

Patrick X said...


I'm not saying that Ramkalawan shall be accountable for George's cases, but I am saying that George should choose his cases more delicately and that the LOP also needs to intervene when his members(himself included) go against party policies.

How can a politician be trusted when he is a politician and opposes to certain things during assembly and has a different opinion in public?

Mind you, the same goes for many PL leaders as they preach one thing in assembly, then another as private individuals, ref personal deals buying land and allocating it to their convenience etc.

Therefore I see the SNP as no less than SNPL. But by all means, convince me that the SNP is still serving the interest of the Seychellois and not least how they are doing that.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,

Thank you for your reply. There was no need to get personal.

I was not trying to imply that SNP was divided. Indeed SNP is united. I was merely stating the facts that SNP will not be able to remove SPPF/PP from power on their own.

Neither will MSR or NDP be able to remove SPPF/PP from power on their own. I was just exploring to find out if opposition leaders were sincere towards the people of Seychelles. Hence the idea of joined coalition of opposition parties !

Unfortunately, it hit a raw nerve with you. It reminds me of the words of David Philoe 'La verite e offaence son met'. You came to the rescue of SNP by throwing abuse at both Partick X and myself. I therefore have to agree that SNP is totally united to SPPF/PP. If this is what the people of Seychelles want, then, we have no choice but to live with the wish of the people and we will have to accept 'SNLP' as the majority. Of course I do not agree with this, but will have to respect the verdict of the people.

However, I must add that I would prefer a sincere government who would rule for all Seychellois and not just for a small group of people, including invading foreigners.

You see Mr Anonymous - there is no need to fight, no need to call each others names, no need to rant and no need to rave. We can just debate in a civilised manner and finally agree to disagree. This is the Seychelles I dream and long for.

So the finally one has to accept and come to the conclusion that SNP is indeed covertly united to SPPF/PP.

If the covert alliance of SPPF/PP with SNP does exist one can only stand back and admire the cunningness of modern day Seychellois politicians.

P Andre

Anonymous said...

Answer to your question X....HRH Khalifa can. That's why.

What the Sheikh has brought to Seychelles in the containers are things/raw materials that Seychelles cannot supply to build what he has built.

And if I was JAM or RAM, I would piss in HRH pocket a tou kou too.

We should be grateful that a King wants to have his holiday Palace in Seychelles and this so called pristine location that was first destroyed by the Americans is in fact the Ideal location for HRH Khalifa's satety and peace of mind when he should decide to spend his time amongst us Seychellois.

And as they say, the rest is HiStory.

Patrick X said...

Tikolor, the only one who is doing the pissing is Sheik Khalifa, and that on the heads of every Seychellois in the mouth of some, yours being one of them.

Your answer is however not very good and it simply shows a total lack of respect to the debate and to the people of Seychelles in general. Your answer is as degrading as a wife-beater saying 'because I can' when asked by his kids why he is beating their mother. I guess you're familiar with that kind of behaviour, hence your response.

You state that Khalifa needs to import those materials that Seychelles cannot supply, but so does every Seychellois who needs to import materials that the country cannot supply be it car tyres, cars or food for that matter. The difference is that they are taxed heavily, Khalifa isn't because 'he doesn't have to'. Now the question is why doesn't Khalifa have to pay?

I urge every Seychellois to ask themselves that question and next time their a public service that is missing they can ask themselves why the service is not available to which the answer could be:

'Because Khalifa doesn't have to pay taxes which could have been used to supply that service'

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Monsieur Pandre,

The reality as to why Wavel Ramkalawan will not get the Dead Party and Chris Gill on board the SNP Opposition State Ship is pure and simple. They cannot be trusted because they have this sickness that's called "Crossing the floor."

Patrick X said...

One would be tempted to think wether or not SNP are to be trusted either as they also seemd to have crossed a floor covered by a red carpet. A red one stained with blood.

Patrick X

Patrick X said...

One would be tempted to think wether or not SNP are to be trusted either as they also seemd to have crossed a floor covered by a red carpet. A red one stained with blood.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Patrick X

He has he has he has. Bez en lape dan ou nanm. Vraiman, la zalouzie est la mere de tou les vis.

Please move on. You and your Brother in Arms Chris Gill are yet to put your key points of difference for us to debate on.

As a matter of fact, we are sick and tired of being sick and tired of your rants and raves about Khalifa. Bour ou bann comment sal lo Khalifa dan ou fess Kouyon. Arrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh wee seigneur.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous,

If it is Ramkalawan/SNP's executive decision not to trust NDP and MSR, and the people of Seychelles agrees with it, then, we will have to live with it. This is music to JAM's ears. The old 'divide & rule' scenario.

Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, this is not the best solution for Seychelles. Seychelles deserves better !

P Andre

Anonymous said...

SNP will not unite the opposition because it will mean:

1. dealing Bernard Georges- Khalifa lawyer a retirement as a junior collaborator in selling our patrimony to Khalifa in violation of State Lands and Rivers Act;

2.dealing SNPL a salary cut of 56.75%;

3. dealing SNPL a pension cut of 70% of retirement;

4. dealing SIVA a broken deal on the silence of the ambassadorialship ;cannot do that since they took money from SIVA;

5. exposing Eden Island as an incubation site for 10,000 residents, cum citizens in the near future; they cannot do that, since they took money from Eden;

6. it may mean that Pauline Ferrari would have to resign as Vice Consul for Paris;

7. it may mean Ramkalawan will have to retire since he is a spent force;

8. it may mean Regar an Ramkalawan will have to stop copy and pasting;

9. it will mean that for once in 17 years, they will have to earn a living and career politicians raping the people under IMF administration will have to stop;

10. it will mean accountability to people that help them, instead of ignoring the hand that helps.

At the end of the day, each Seychellois must educate another Seychellois of SNPl selling out our patrimony to fill their pockets and the effort they have made to defend the sell out of our patrimony.

We have a millionaire preist to show for our efforts, and a divided opposition.

One writer suggested Sylvestre Radegonde to lead the party. Good idea.

There is also Marc Hoareau, Suketu Patel, and others, Dr. Jose Souyave, as potential leaders that can carry their wieght about with ease and general support from the entire opposition.

The bottom line is this: an open mind leads to better options. A closed mind leads to no options.

Once you are in the no options mode,you are regulated to defeat, be it self, party or country.

You dudes are really pathetic, worse then I thought, initially.

If I knew you were this kind of basket case, I would have never wasted time at your convention giving you lessons on IMF, Paris Club and our future.

What ever happen to the private notice question you promised on the $2.4 Billion missing from our accounts, according to the IMF, who I met with while you SNPL ignored them?

I exposed this to the public and SNP went to sleep on it!

Get a life dudes!
Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

IMF and certain International Banks are not really concerned about these very important issues because they become relevant and function only when there are huge debts. Debts are their interest. When there are huge debts like Seychelles, you become their business and this is how they control and exercise their power. Debts is what they care about, the greater debt you have, the stronger the friendly relationship. They do not care about the rest.


Anonymous said...

With only a maximum of 8 months before the next presidential election let me address an open question to Mr Gill, Patrick X, Jeanne D’arc, Vox and others.

Many claims have been made recently about Mr Ramkalawan and SNP’s ability to lead the opposition in to the next presidential elections, however than just insult no proposal has been made.
If Mr Ramkalawan was to step down who should be the presidential candidate for the SNP ??

Mr Jean Francois Ferrari – Also deemed by all of you as not been suitable due to his past links and his aggressive approach

Mr Bernard Georges – Strong accusations against him as having sold Seychelles patrimony in corrupt land deals

Mr Roger Mancienne- Accused of doing no better than plagarising Mr Gills speeches

Mr Anthony Juliette – Accused by Mr Gill of conspiring with other SNP lawyers to have Mr Gill made guilty in land transactions.

Mr Alain St Ange – accused of now being a member of PL and Mr Michel’s right hand man in Tourism

Other SNP leaders will be deemed by yourselves to be to young and inexperienced.

Mr Mancham has been slated for looking after only his own interest.

Mr Boule has been told that he does not stand a chance and is out of touch

Or do you believe that you Mr Patrick X is the man for change. A man who has no respect for other religious beliefs and can only use vulgar language when losing an arguments

Anonymous said...

Do you believe you Mr Gill are the man for change. One who has betrayed his people more than once and can like Patrick X only insult people that have a different way of thinking to him even they are anti PP. One who does not represent any political party, have a constitiution and other than a blog is still to face the people and start campaigning
Do you think Mr Ralph Volcere . A man who has jumped from one political party to another just in his quest for leadership.

If I had the choice of any of the above. The answer is simple. Mr Ramkalawan the man who has taken SNP (Then Parti Seselwa) from 4% of the electorate to 45%. A man who the majority of the opposition have got learnt to trust.

I look forward to your multiple replies

Anonymous said...

Do you believe you Mr Gill are the man for change. One who has betrayed his people more than once and can like Patrick X only insult people that have a different way of thinking to him even they are anti PP. One who does not represent any political party, have a constitiution and other than a blog is still to face the people and start campaigning
Do you think Mr Ralph Volcere . A man who has jumped from one political party to another just in his quest for leadership.

If I had the choice of any of the above. The answer is simple. Mr Ramkalawan the man who has taken SNP (Then Parti Seselwa) from 4% of the electorate to 45%. A man who the majority of the opposition have got learnt to trust.

I look forward to your multiple replies

Anonymous said...

Big Stupido has spoken from behind his computer. Gozye is back after a long hibernation... his gost characters can now rest ( Patrick X and co ) NB Jeanne was off the air for a while too must have lost her horse! Gozye never answed the question of John Bull;;;;;;will you be a traitor and cross floor again??????
Guys cant you leave khalifa alone for some time we are getting sick and tired of the same old song . How about talkig abou the oil hot subject . Hiha jeanne there must be arabs again behind the scene!!!!
Lets get paranoid lets vote MSR !!

Katiti lo brans

Anonymous said...

That is the question. Who should lead the opposition?

I am not sure about the options provided by Gill, but I am certainly not encouraged by the list provided from the SNP fan.

This is the point, perhaps a new leadership should emerge from SNP. SNP is a party and Wavel and the rest are part of it. The old leadership of SNP should provide advise and give opportunities to new leadership. Do not control the power structure of SNP for this will not be better than SPP. If Wavel and all the rest was to support a new leadership, that person would gain the respect from the party and all the rest who may have different views of SNP. An old SNP leadership will simply not do better in the next coming election. I do not see how this will happen. As I have mentioned earlier, you can change players or strategies or both, but none of these options will lead to the same old result. A big Loser again.


Anonymous said...

Well Mr Gill, You wrote your post as I was posting mine.
Lets Eaxmine your 3 choices. Two of three are hardly known by the General public.

Marc Hoareau. Absent from the political scene until now. Built up a lovely empire under PP goverment including some juicy contracts from Air Seychelles and STMA Run by Francis and David Savy who also happen to be his nephews.
What are his credentials.

Dr Souyave. Absent from the Political scene. A Dentist by proffession. has a practice in Seychelles and London. High profile client includes Pierce Brosnan. Has spent more of the last 20 years out of Seychelles than in. What are his credentials.

Suketu Patel. Absent until now from the political scene Probably the most well known of the three. (Not too sure if patrick X will approve)Chairman of SFF, officer of CAF. . What are his credentials.

ID1. Who do you propose. Its 8 months to go. We need names.

Anonymous said...

Katiti says DEREK SAVY as leader of opposition!
What do you say gozye?

Anonymous said...

Reply to Look Forward to your reply-

Ramkalawan has revealed himself today to be a pocket filler, and has the dubious title of millionaire preist, using the peoples confidence to get rich off their plight.

This is why Ramkalawan uses Viyzon to defend Bernard Georges, junior collaborator, in selling our patrimony to Khalifa illegally.

Ramkalawan hides the transactions as one, but there are many.

Georges has been instrumental in establishing Khalifa in Seychelles, now Khalifa wants to dominate us.

You say I have been in many parties. This is not true. But if it were, so what. Today the battle ahead is not about political colors, it is about preventing the whole saling of our patrimony and reducing Seychellois to 3rd class citizens in our country.

This fight SNPL has shwon they are not prepared to take on.

Volcere may have his short comings, but he fights, while Ramkalawan sleeps with Pl as a junior collaborator of Pl in selling our patrimony.

I ask you SNPL to abandon your collaborator tendencies with the PL in selling our patrimony.

I am doing the right thing and standing up for Seychellois.

SNP should be ashamed of itself, it has taken me to do that.

What does it say about your pathetic leadership?

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to Propose:

The point is this: new blood can make a difference and you need to start looking, because the SNP leadership is totally pathetic.

All the three names I gave you are high potential. You cannot run politics using just a half educated half illiterate preist cum millionaire as a prop.

Bottom line is this: SNP with current leadership has lost already. So any other leadership is a viable option. So get moving and adjust your lexicon.

What is not done in 1000 years, can be done one day.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends'
Well! there are real debates going on democratic SBC unfortunately a lot of Seychelloise do not have access to information technology.

Back to the real issue some of the bloggers who have fall inlove with Khaliffa great for you because you have the heart for all Seychellois.

The reality on the ground is that in the month of June i paid Rs1900 as income tax. Ask the Seychellois teachers they will confirmed it for me. Khallifa the billionaire 0% tax. what a travesty of justice for poor Seychellois people< social justice into action a la lepep.

Now for those who believe in their icon Wavel. SNP is going into an election next year during their 5 years in hibernation. What has really change in terms of the implementation of the commonwealth recommendations for a true and fair conduct of an election that really convince you that Wavel will win the election. How many institutions are now independent and democratic after the last election?
If the editors of Newspapers are threaten and taken to court of saying the truth do we have now have an independent press.

If all the above is false then Wavel can win an election without joining forces as an opposition. Remember the old Seychellois adage which says< par fwa nou bezwen met delo dans nou divin> if we really care for the Seychellois people.

So sorry to offend you i can tell that lamans pwalon i pli so ki i ti ete 5an passe. SPPF will do what is takes to win the Khallifa election and that is a must. Please if somebody has lost three elections in a row it is democratically normal if he is really visionary to give people in his own party a chance because the seychoise people deserve better.

I can sincerely tell you Wavel will never win any election in the Seychelles simply because he does not appeal to the 54% of electorate who voted SPPF in the last election. If that was not true today even with SPPF dishing all their money he would have been president.
Take an example of the last British election. The people of British people forced the politician to have a coalition. It is very possible to have similar scenario in Seychelles if the arrogance of these politicians with their hidden agendas who are continually back stabbing the Seychellois people with their lust for money, insincerity and lack of compassion to that very same who have made them millionaire. We want some bread we are fed up with crumb under the table.we were once a dignified Nation. please help to restore our dignity that we have lost 35 years ago.

From an unbrainwashed Seychellois

Anonymous said...

Gozye Ferrari-

You are a collaborator with pl. Your suggestions are irrelevant to me, because you poke fun at our future and our disposition under a failed regime, you have failed to eject.

Now you claim relief and pardon and excuses.

Leader of the Opposition after the elections will be you Gozye Ferrari, if you have your way.

After Ramkalawan loses, you will deliver him a final Ferrari coup de grace.

Then, Gozye Ferrari, we will have come full circle as a People and a Nation: a person in the coup of 1977, will now become the Leader of the Opposition to undo the Coup of 1977.

In between your escapades, you would have wasted 3 generations of Seychellois lives.

I forsaw this many years ago, and for this I knew, if I do not stand to make a difference, Gozye Ferrari, will come full circle.

You dudes are really pathetic, and getting worse each day.

My regards to Mata Hari Ferrari and Cecilia Chamorro -Ferrari in Kansas.

Get a hold of yourselves, SNPL

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Well Christopher.
You have answered one question only.
You are not fit to lead as all you do is insult those that disagree with you. I never accused you of being a memeber of many parties. I only accused you of betraying people more than once.
I started a simple debate looking for opinions and airing mine. Tough luck if you dont agree with mine.

I asked a question and if you call yourself educated you would have given me a straight answer. not insults.

Are you calling all of SNP leadership members uneducated??

Anonymous said...

KAtiti says GOZYE is going nuts;
Vote paranoid vote MSR!

Anonymous said...

Unbrainwashed Seychellois. Who do you propose

Anonymous said...

That is a good start and the forum is becoming more relevant. The question raised to me ID1 contains four word:

“Who do I propose?”

The answer will not be a straightforward. Moreover, my answer is based on three strategies, that is :

(1) Change leadership
(2) Change strategies
(3) Or Both of the above

Let us explore together what this really means.

Within the SNP there should be new potential candidates, if there is none then there is a big question of why did this happen and who is responsible for that. Sometimes lessons must be learnt even from your opponent. Look at SPP the away they plan everything although it is based on a communist-socialist ideology and practice.
So assuming there is no emerging leaders within the SNP, If Wavel Ram were to remain as leader, he should show real commitment and have serious strategies in place such as accepting to work immediately towards one opposition and urgently start working with the international organisations to get some of the key recommendation of the last election through. Failure to do so is securing our failures before we even go to the next election.

So, if this option is failing, then the answer cannot be within SNP as none of the above options have been satisfied.

Now, there are few people outside the known political circle who are intelligent and have strong networks with other top elites in the opposition, however, I also do not see these mentioned people as resonating with the people, but if this is one option to keep in mind as Gill has mentioned. You never know who has it inside of him. Many people had little chance to show their real competence.
I converge my final discussion towards my choice with none other than a question.

The answer to our question may not be found among ourselves here, but within our opponent.
Therefore, I urge you to analyse and look very closely who our opponent is most feared of. Yes, who are they really scared of? Have a look at their website, newspaper, in their speeches. Who do they attack and insult most? Who do they have nightmares over and why?

This person is the one who can lead us to change. This person satisfies all the three criteria. That is the answer to the four letter word question.


Anonymous said...

Another way is to have less opposition parties as this only dilutes the votes.

The likes of Gill, Volcere, Houareau, Patel, Savy, Souyave and any other should sit in the same opposition party which happens to be SNP. If they are sincere, they should debate from within SNP to make it a better and stronger party. If Ramkalawan is weak, fight him out of office from within. Please do not dilute your collective strenghts. Running away, creating more political parties is music to SPPF/PP ears.

We all have the same goal. Unfortunately, we are too small minded and go about it the long and wrong way !

Seychellois deserves better and unfortunately rely on weak opposition without clear strategy.

Finally do not attack me - attack my ideas !

P Andre

Anonymous said...

"The likes of Gill, Volcere, Houareau, Patel, Savy, Souyave..." would certainly make a better political team than the likes of Ramkalawan, Ferrari, Georges and Mancienne. And of course better than Jj, Danny and the band or merry thieves at State House.

Apart from Volcere, Gill, Hoareau, Patel and Souyave are all successful businessmen who have made it on their own sweat and by using their brains. Unlike the faux SPPF businessmen like Petrousse, Brigadier Payet, Hugh Payet, Joe Albert, Changleng, Gregoire and many others who needed the SPPF to make them rich.

In the end, iD1 is right in speaking about real leadership. It is obvious today that SNP has no fallback presidential candidate. If Wavel loses this time, and this looks quite likely at this point, who will fill his shoes assuming of course that he resigns gracefully after his 4th defeat? Surely not Ferrari, Georges or Mancienne. Prea is too weak and the other bald man ..can't even remember his name..just does not have the charisma and brains to lead this country. So where does that lead us back to. SPPF of course.. They have Danny Faure in the waiting room, JeanPaul Adam who is amassing experience, Barry Faure in the shadows, and many other potential candidates. Why is it that the SPPF can re-invent itself and at least have candidates ready, when SNP has gone on for over 15 years with the same old people? Surely there is a leadership problem in the SNP camp.

I believe getting all the people mentioned above in one room would prove one thing. Wavel would not last through a single meeting and he would be forced to resign or he could of course punch everyone and declare himself king.

The question remains: Who has the guts to stick his neck out for the country? Who wants to be vilified by the SPPF, torn to shreds by the People newspaper, bad-mouthed all over the country, lose their livelihood through malice and manipulation, forced to use their own money to run an election campaign and so on? I say no businessman in their right mind will step up take on the hot pwalon at this time except for Boulle who obviously has a lot of spare cash to spend. Maybe new candidates or parties will emerge after the next election when once again SPPF will triumph and win 53% of the votes... don't worry, Hendriks Gappy is already fixing the list to make sure that SPPF wins at least 53 to 55%. Census already going on asking people how many fridges they have in their homes. Quite timely!

Patrick X said...

To whoever asked the question as to who shoule lead the opposition, I can assure you that it is the SNP members to decide who their new leader should be. What strikes me is how shit scared you sworn PL supporters are of Ramkalawan being tossed as LOP. I wonder why? You are so shit scared of a real leader leading the SNPL rather than Ramkalawan who is a mere servant of James Michel and has no intentions whatsosver of winning the 2011 election.

I for one am not a member of SNPL so it is not up to me to decide, but it is my strong opinion that Ramkalawan has failed his supporters and the Seychellois. Grossly too.

Now, who indeed would stick out their head as asked in the previous post? Gill certainly wants to and if there is one who can take the heat, he is judging from all the crap he gets here on a daily basis. And judging from the usual answers from Tikolor & Co hiding behind various nicks, it is evident that they consider Gill a threat to their cozy existence. And if James Michel is scared of Gill, Ramkalawan is even more scared of him.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Obviously Patrick X you are not the man you claim to be. Are you hiding behind somebody. Is it right for someone to give stick and not take it back.Gill is a dreamer a little like alice in wonderland. Tell him to keep on dreaming. In the meantime how about coming up with a name. It is easy to say someone is not fit to lead but have you suggested an alternative??

Anonymous said...

So finally the faces emerges from the shadows. About time too. Welcome to the light brothers but what a clumsy entrance you make!

Dear P. Andre, you speak with education but your wishes are dreams. Of course everything is personal because this senators-plot starts by personally targeting all in its way that speaks differently- friend and foe. For it is the only way they know how to plot and conspire.

This be my enduring conclusion - that such exercise leads to opposition failure in a very important election.

In 5 years all this will be irrelevant. Not because of some silly fantasy of foreigners controlling the sacred temple, but because by then the strategies of our regional competitors will have destroyed us as a serious superior tourism product.

They build and destroy on our islands, not to gain control of us. They do so to make us more like their products - artificial and plastic. With this done they can compete on price, where their scale leaves them advantaged.

This be the true political target to aim for, but Gill has not the five forces to identify it.

With this said I say once again that we must measure realistic probability of success - as this election is the last democratic stand for the Tourism industry.

We have no polls or surveys to use, so let us use the measure of performance in facebook friends over the past 6 months.

State of the Opposition (August 2010) measure by Facebook Friends:

A: Wavel Ramkalawan = 2,255

B: Sesel Pou Seselwa (general opposition) = 1,573

C: Mouvman Seselwa Rasin (possible MSR supporter) = 986

D: Christopher Gill = 104

Remember that these are the "Stress Test" informed INTERNET audience and many overseas Seychellois.

So imagine the difference in people on the ground!

The "Stress test" backs my conclusion, get behind Wavel. Rebuild his image that has been tarnished by selfish egos. It may not be what we like, he may need to learn to be more inclusive as a leader. But at this time in this place he is what we have to hand and ready. Energise and mobilise, the campaign is nearly upon us!!

On the other hand you may continue with smearing campaigns, but all the names mentioned have sufficient smear to be afraid of themselves. And in the end what do we have opposition smearing opposition. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Khara kul khara Bouse tizi inta sharmout inta humar gozye kul khara we moot ibn haram kelb arie fique akroot boofta ars!

shaitan tfoo ala wishak humar.

Anonymous said...

Let's say wavel is no longer leader of opposition, but decide to stand as an independent candidate!

He will manage to pull 20% of snp supporters with him!
Not only that, he will beat Gill & company as we say in creol 'an pasan'

Wavel is our only chance in removing sppf! So I suggest we all get behind him and do what we all want! Put all your selfish ego on one side & let's make it happen!

Gill & company here is how you can get over it! Once you've had your ballot paper in your hands, swear at wavel pic, curse him if you want then close your eyes look away & tick next to him!

In that you will be doing yourself a favour in bringing change in this country!
Wavel is the only one with a chance of removing sppf!

If not, you might as well vote sppf & countinue recieving your cross the floor money deal!

It will be easier to remove wavel from power than it is to remove sppf!

--John Bull--

Anonymous said...

Reply to educated-

SNP has some capable people in its leadership committee.

Some are more educated then the leader himself. This is no secret.

They even say they pull his strings.

The point behind the issue of education is this: what do you do with it?

Thus far, all the collective education of SNP, there have been no results for change.

This is a fact. Hence why you are defensive towards me, when you even copy and paste my articles for speeches. My writing is good to copy and paste but you do not have courage to face me to work to unite the Opposition, because facing me, means, you will have to face your faults and short comings as a Party aswell.

If you do that, you might win an election and SNP does not want to do that. It wants to be No. 2, collecting money and perks without much effort, building houses and businesses on the side.

With all the collective education of SNP leadership, has not stopped SNP from being co opted as junior collaborators to PL to sell our patrimony.

In fact, when Bernard Georges is found out to be selling Seychelles land and patrimony to Khalifa as notary and lawyer, SNP uses Viyzon to defend the sale.

What kind of National Party has SNP become?

In that circumstance, what use is all that education in your collective leadership?

That is my point.

Same can be said of Eden Island, that incubates 10,000 residents cum citizens soon enough. SNP take money from Eden and remains silent on Eden and its impact on Seychellois.

What good is all that education if you do not use it?
My point confirmed again.

Siva- ambassadorialship abstention vote of SNP en bloc to allow a passport buyer to become a citizen and ambassador.

What good is all your collective education if you allow this to pass without debate? May as well be illiterate.

56.75% salary increase and subsequent 70% pension for life, making politicians millionaires on a vote. What good is your education if you did not see that going into conspiracy with PL for a little money when people were suffering, is?

Is SNP in the business for change or in the business of politics?

Your accusations of betrayal are baseless and ignore facts I have disclosed to you that neither Mancham, Rene or Ramkalawan have ever denied.

Their collective silence, is also their collective admission of involvement in a greater conspiracy to stifle debate in Seychelles, for their own personal gains financially, through politics at the time, in their repsective capacity.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Boulle is a collaborator with PL selling our patrimony full time with offshore instruments.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Stress Test-

You are lost with your facebook numbers.

I joined facebook a few months ago (3) to access MSR. I do not actively persue my facebook page, simply because Pl sent me numerous fake profiles.

In 10 weeks MSR has gone from nothing to near 1000 friends.

I have watched the Ramkalawan page occassionally and understand he has been on facebook for a few years. But only he can confirm that. Grateful if he would.

Rehabilitiating Ramkalawan is another jesture to do the puppeter-puppet thing.

What do you do when the puppet loses his nerve, or imagination in a critical moment and gets tied up in the strings?

What do you do when the puppet decides he is in charge of you.

Ask Bernard Georges, he tried to puppet along Ramkalawan for years.

Yet we ended up using Viyzon to defend Georges-Khalifa land sales. 17 years of effort, banked in a basket just like that.

No leadership to say,"Bernard, you crossed a line, we have to address the issue".

Worse yet, fundamentally, SNP no longer stands for anything, aside from pocket filling culture, which defeats the opportunity for change.

SNP even uses fake profiles to pass comments, not enough courage to face the music and stand or fall on the balance of ideas.

In a democracy, an elected official cannot go lower than that. Why are you paid so much, if not to engage in the battle of ideas?

SNP is a National party, but has become the Sponge Bob type, sponging off money from any foreigner that comes to Seychelles, and picking up scraps it can in conspiracy with PL as a junior partner.

Sorry, dudes, this is not on. The Seychelles for change will mean we will have to curb this culture, go back to Seychellois, not because we have to, but because it is the right thing to do. Stop seeking foreign funding for campaigns.Put a little back bone into your opposition.

Stop blaming others for your systematic failures, day in and day out.

You SNP are the official lead Opposition. The temperature in the room is set my you, not Gill, MSR, or NDP, or who ever.

If the heat is on, it is because the you said the kitchen pots are too hot to handle, and your leader was pre-occupied with building his house for 5 years, instead of building an opposition for change for 5 years.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

John Bull

Good morning to you.

Your reference and inference that I would swear at Ramkalawan is misplaced. I hold no grudge against Wavel.

Like I hold no grudge against James Mancham.

He is a product of his environment, primarily the one party state.Just like Mancham functioned under the pressure of being in Rene's fish trap.

I trust Mr. Ramkalawan can open his heart as a man to see that in a genuine way and put deceit aside.

The issues tabled on STAR or MSR are so because we cannot table them elsewhere. If we could we would.

There have been numerous meetings, and invitations, some not attended.

Additionally Mr. Bull, the ideas tabled are for debate. I fundamentally believe the battle of ideas produce the truth and the best possible way forward.

Debate is healthy, I see not why Mr. Bull an SNP follower and likely leader, should be intimidated with the battle of ideas.

The point that you highlight Wavel can run as an independent and garner 20% of the vote reveals a key point.

Wavel has a substantial loyal support base. I agree. But this is the key: it is not enough to win an election. It will whittle down as he does not deliver, and it will whittle down as he is exposed for his junior collaboration with PL.
If you need examples, reference them, Mr. Bull.

Bottom line is this: you are asking us to drop arms and back a politically dead horse. If we do not, we are accused of ego stroking.

It is the EGO that got us into the mess we are in now!

Good Day to you, Mr. Bull

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

It seems that it it is easy to criticise SNP & Wavel but difficult to come up with alternative names. Is it because you cannot name someone. Seychellois need people they know not names that appear on the scene at the last minute. Come on guys give us some names.
How about Kathleen Mason. Seychelles own iron lady. Built a business empire during the one party era against all odds. Illegaly detained over komplo 412

Anonymous said...

Its great to se we are all debating and all agree that SPPF/PP is the common enemy.

The real challange is, how do we get rid of SPPF/PP at the next election when the opposition are squabbling amongst themselves. In my opinion the will is not there from Ramkalawan, Volcere and Gill. I don't know if it is an ego thing. Maybe SPPF/PP have got a real stranlehold on Fader Ramkalawan, hence the no budging and no corporation attitude!

Wavel come on you can do it for the love of Seychelles. Meet up with Volcere and Gill to map out a future for all free loving Seychellois. The ordinary Seychellois have suffered so much and have lost so much over the past 3 decades. Wake up to your responsibility and let history remember you as the catalyst that help Seychelles move forward in this time of need.

To Mr Gill, it will be helpful if you were to refrain from 'washing dirty linen' out her on STAR Blog. I feel this attitude of 'rubbing salt in ones wound' is not helpful at all. I'm sure , one day, Ramkalawan will repent for his collaboration. I'm sure with the help of supporters like yourself you can galvanise a strong team to move Seychelles in the right direction.

But remember you should all be sincere and put Seychelles first and your egos last !

P Andre

Anonymous said...

The obligation to find a name to lead SNP is the obligation of SNP, itself.

It is not incumbent on non party leadership to find a name for SNP.

You will find a fault in any name proposed to justify running a losing horse.

The Iron lady is an option as well. All are options.

The point is that the Opposition needs renewal of leadership and renewal of purpose and direction with "Sesel Pou Seselwa" as the lead and unchanging theme.

I call again, upon you SNP cadres, work to unite the opposition and call an opposition conference to do the same.

Stop playing with people's lives and attempting to denegrate those as myself, that do hard work for Seychelles everyday, for free and do not ask for a salary or a pension.

I do not even ask you to pay for my security, which has doubled in cost.

I only ask you SNP leadership, do the right thing, and hold everyone else to do the right thing.

With that, change will come.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to P. Andre-

You say do not rub salt.

I say, "when all else fails, it is salt that cures all".

You may not be privy, but allow me:

1. last year, numerous meetings held with Ramkalawan; details do not have to highlighted;

2. Meeting of Leaders of Opposition that finance opposition have been ignored;

3. Deadlines set by leadership himself ignored;

Time for salt is now. Sugar can flow later.

Call for Opposition Conference.

I have been making this appeal for over one year.

Finally, P Andre, if you doubt my intentions, just know well, and reflect the level of danger I live through, much of it is documented and will be released in due course.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill, you are asking SNP to nominate a new leader as it is not for u or another party to decide. Well SNP do not have to take orders from you either. If they want Wavel as leader so be it. If they do not change before the next elections what are u going to do? It has been 2 months now since you are supposed to have registered your party. You are yet to present a manifesto. We are yet to know who your leadership committee is. Is it Marc hoareau? Is it Dr Souyave. Is it suketu Patel. Are u proposing these people because they are sponsoring you as the opposition. Are they the opposition financial backers you refer to. Do they also finance SNP. If they do well they have the opportunity to attend the next snp convention and challenge Wavel. We also know that Marc Hoareau will be launching his own newspaper soon. You also have your expensive printer. Put it to use and publicly challenge him through massedia. Not just your blog where we always see the same names appearing.
Then we can judge the publics feedback and opinion.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill,

I fully understand and appreciate your situation. Believe you me when I say I understand your situation, including your personal safety, I know what its like to be in the thick of it.

When FAR conspired to overthrow a legitimate government he did it behind closed doors. He was calm and thought of all his options. He had a clear strategy. Unfortunately, his SPUP party started murdering people and greed set in, hence we are in this mess today.

You need to learn from the old master. Please do it for the right reasons. Not for greed and not to intimidate and murder people. You need a one to one meeting with Ramkalawan & Volcere. You need to agree a strategy that is a win win for all Seychellois.Such meeting cannot take place with Ramalawans full entourage. It will not and it will never work if you involve too many people from day one.

Once you have brainstormed this idea in closed doors you can come out with an action plan to go to your respective office bearers.

Remember, it should be a win win for all Seychellois. Be sincere and put Seychelles first.

Good Luck

P Andre

Anonymous said...

And so we see why there is no movement forward.

This secret committee of plotters, this gaggle of fake profiles and psudonyms, it makes such clumsy manouvers to position Gill as the only credible leader. When we see by his actions and arguments and words that clearly he is not. Even numbers will not get in his way.

Gill you don't understand - Wavel's friends on facebook asked him to be their friend, clearly you are suggesting you have not actively solicited friends. Worlds apart my friend, worlds apart.

Why should the opposition hinge on a one to one meeting with Mr. Gill? What has he done other than sing populist tabloid headlines? What does he propose other than siezing power by conflict? Who is Gill to influence my leader without my input who has loyally supported him for years?

If the secret committee of backers has an agenda it is time to speak out and communicate as a group instead of using a front man.

How about Mwatilda 2me for President? I recall she was the most popular of the televised constitutional negotiators on BOTH sides. She has no ambition which makes her clean. And being female she has the advantage of being reasonable, responsible and level headed in everything except affairs of the heart. This is crucial for attracting more support from PL ranks.

Your theory that you can attract PL supporters with fear and greed is foolish. It only justifies PL using fear and greed back on you. Gill, for your external backers this is of no consequence because all they want is an unstable and pariah Seychelles. But for Seychellois it means we will have to pick up the pieces yet again.

Anonymous said...

Matilda would be good as she is a true iron lady. How about adding Nicole Tirant to that list of iron ladies? What we need is a Pink Party with Ladies as candidates. I would vote for them any day, but doubt that those fat-bottomed Lepep pary followers like Madame Gamatis would do the same. Michel will probably sing the racist song if a white lady was nominated as a party leader. But in the end, I agree with many that SNP has lost its lustre and that Wavel is a spent force. I don't see him reinventing himself anytime soon, and the same people are behind him. I think if Party lepep wins the next election, SNP will be finished and will end up like DP.

Anonymous said...

Sa ban gros fam nwar zamen pou vot pou en fam blan. Zot pa rapel Madam Anette George? En gro mistake pou SNP ek Ramka. Si tyn met en fam nwar, maler.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, akoz SPPF pa met Herminie ek Faure koman kandida? Akoz i toultan e pour toultan en nwanr ek blan?

Sa zafer Mme Georges ki responsab defet Ramkalawan an 2006, mon in deza atann ek bann SNP menm sa. Mon pa tro kwar ladan.

Selman mon dakor ek en komanter la anler, mon pe trouv SNP pe al menm direksyon ki DP si zot pa sanze. Se byen lorogans kin anmenn Mancham/DP kot zot ete. Philip Moulinien ti dekrir Parti Seselwa koman ti baba dan politik an 1993. Sa bann ti baba ki ti bez Mancham. La osi mon trouv bann SNP leaders pe dekrir Gill koman pa popiler, sepa ki i annan mwens 'friends' lo fes book- i sitan pa poliler ki zot pe pleny ek li pour pa diviz lopozisyon. Mwan mon annan sas pour dir, lakord bi anmar bef...menm taktik ki Wavel ti servi pour detrir Mancham pe ganny servi kont li. Pa plennyen prezan.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bloggers

I have a worthy suggestion for the People of La Misere which i think is worth exploring.
Please those who have contact why not help the La Misere people to take their plight internationally because with Michel Morgan and Co forget it. I am well aware that in the foriegn media this issue has been addressed. But we have to pursue it further. Justice is only for Khallifa because he has done a lot for Seychelles. I suppose that Seychelles came into existent because of Khallifa. Please Quatre,morgan Michel and Co give us a break! we say no to Arab colonization.

One way that these people can be help is to try to link with the non-NGO organisation like Green Peace who have lawyer, politicians and powerful lobby group to take these environmental catastrophic to the international arena. They can lobby their Government to put pressure on the Seychelles government in order that these people can have justice. They will even shame the Michel government in forum when they boast themselves as champion of the environment because they will have facts on the ground to confront them with. So those who can try out this avenue because it is worth trying and these people are the real champion of the environment.Since he has now threaten to kill the La Misere people by sending these blood thirsty fools with AK-47 it time to tell the people of the world who has influence to take the La Misere people plight to a new level. Send them Photos of the catastrophy if you have. They have publications which are distributed world wide and our Jewel the Seychelles will be put on the map by the cowardly destruction of our beautiful country by these crooks, heartless and egocentric individual who are prostituting our country with the Arabs.

The La Misere Voice

Anonymous said...

Yes We Can!

I truly believe that Mrs Mason is a viable option. We wnat game changer like President Obama said. People with good track record in their professional lives. There a lot of potential candidates that can win the opposition the election only if only Mr Ramakalawan put aside his self ego and accept that losing three consecutive elections is more than enough. He wants to go in the guiness book of record for a leader who has lost the highest number of elections in a row, he can try it for the fourth time and condemn the people of Seychelles for another five years of irreversible destruction.

Accept that the other 54% of electorate would not vote for you because simply you do not appeal to them. We need a real game changer a person with integrity and who is visionary.I am confident that there is one such person in the Seychelles. Seychelles politic is not only Wavel and incumbent LEPEP leaders. Stop believe it cult leaders. A true leader prepares his troop for battle in advance, he his proactive not reactive.

An optimist

Anonymous said...

Another clumsy attempt to position blue eye boy.

So the question remains are you guys playing short term or long term?

MSR raison-de-etre is base on short term. Clear and present danger require immediate action!

But the plan seem to be a long term one -first to bring down SNP and Wavel then maybe in next election to take his place as leader.

The theory agree that this election is best chance for first ever smooth peaceful change of government.

Ramkalawan is position to be the opposition man who can appeal to more than 50% of population and make it peaceful. What appear to you as lackluster appear to the important 10% swing from PL as a safe step.

But the ship is most vulnurable when it approach the dock to pick up more passangers. This manouver also make him vulnurable as the sharks circle in the water to pick off any fearful supporter who jump off.

All is useless if we pick up 10% and also 10% jump of to sharks below.

So if we pull Wavel down now, and if we keep this politics of confrontation, then this chance is gone and we have 5 year of increasing instability.

Foreign capital will leave, Creditors will call debts, Seychellois capital will not come in because PL still in power. Our economy and the poor of Seychellois will really know what their grandparent suffer before 1977.

Socialism will grow stronger as it blame you rich businessman for racist sabotage of economy and suffering of people.

The writing is on the wall.

Anonymous said...

If Ramkalawan is to be candidate should he not be the one wooing the voters? And if we believe in democracy why are some villifying Christopher Gill or Philip Boulle because they want to stand in the Presidential election?

I once had a hard time convincing an SNP leader, i forgot his name but i just know we used to call him Bakaylo that P Boulle's participation in the election is to the advantage simply because mathematically one has to win 50% plus one vote to win the Presidential, and that people who voted Boulle in fact brings up the % score required by SPPF!

Anyway frankly i don't know what the last guy who wrote is going on about- from waht i read from SNP die hards, Gill or any of the other Opposition is not worth much and that Ramkalawan alone will defeat (i did hear him say he did not wish to win an election) the SPPF- so frankly i don't understand why the SNP die hards are scared of Gill?

Just one comment- all these people mentioned from Mason, Patel, Souyave, Hoareau none of them have ever shown an inkling of interest in doing politics (be it passive or active), in fact none of these people are seen at any political event not have i seen them on a campaign trail for any political cause or another cause (apart from Patel in football), what makes any one of you believe that those guys are interested?

Those people mentioned do not have an inkilng of an idea what us normal Seychellois go through (Ramkalawan did, but seems to have forgotten where he came from), i do not believe any of them knows what makes the hard core SPPF tick, and these are the people that needs to be targetting.

Let us be realistic guys.

Yes i do not like what Ramkalawan has done to the Opposition over the last 2 years, and i have yet to see him show any sign that he want to reunify the Opposition around him for the next election. But at least initially he did the effort by putting in place a party, a newspaper. Other than Gill i do not see anyone doing anything!


Anonymous said...

This is where you are wrong. Wavel did not put in place a party and a newspaper. We did. We ordinary Seychellois living in a really dangerous circumstance.

Today in mulitparty circumstance what has Gill put together? A group of murky financier who dont want to come out in the light because they are eating their cake with the PL administration.

If you really believe in Gill why dont they come out and name their support for him in public? Why do they wait to see for some public reaction first?

Keep up this clumsy charade to position your blue eyed boy while sitting in darkness!

We are not scared of Gill, we are ordinary people supporting our leader and defending our flanks. So our leader can concentrate on the real strategy which is against PL.

Patrick X said...

Vox, they(SNPL) are scared of Gill because:

a) He is bringing a lot of crap out in the light, crap that is smearing both the PL and SNPL(corruption etc)

b) If Gill and MSR hypothetically should become bigger than SNPL, it would mean that they would lose their places in assembly and the one most concerned there is Ramkalawan himself.

c) With MSR having a good chunk of seats in assembly they will represent a threat to both camps.

d) Since Ramkalawan is owned by PL(you guys can deny it, but he is), if he is removed or forced to step down, then both PL and Ramnkalawan have a problem as without Ramkalawan SNPL can once again become SNP.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

So says the man who thought his money had bought SNP as a personal toy.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, REGAR belongs to Ramkalawan, Ferrari and Mancienne as shareholders, you Anonymous(unless you are one of those 3 people)do not have a stake in REGAR. FYI, the original journalists (apart from Mancienne and Ferrari) who did set up REGAR have long gone. REGAR does not even belong to SNP the political party.

I am not sure your reference to blue eyed boy, and frankly i cannot comment on that, i am not one of the members of MSR nor one of its leaders.

You must be a joker anonymous, Wavel and strategy,that does not sound right does it! Don't make me laugh!


Anonymous said...

You claim the original journalists of Regar other than Mancienne have left SNP. Do you know who the original journalists of Regar were.
A lot of you have slammed Ram, SNP and it's leadership. Patrick X. Who do u propose. Vox who do you propose.
Christopher Gill. I am still waiting for your proposals with these peoples credentials. There is also a post from earlier today addressed to you waiting reply.

Anonymous said...

Who is Christopher Gill?

A man who cross the floor to become sppf & now whats to be united with the opposition?

Who is Ralp Volcere?

A man who is now known as weekly?

Who is Boulle?

A man who got excited everytime there is an election?

Who is DP?

Dead Party?

Who is MSR?

An unregister movement?

Now with whom you want snp to unite with?

As far as I'm concern a political party must have 500 sign registered member?

Gill, Volcere and Boulle are all individuals who are claiming they are a party on their own!

SNP is a Party & been there throughout since the begining!

If you want to join SNP do it as individual as you represent & Join their suporters! Otherwise bring your party foward & register & join sppf in their defeat!

One question Chris!
Who do you want out Wavel or Michel? If you had to choose one!

--John Bull--

Anonymous said...

Is Albert Rene a drug dealer ?

Anonymous said...

Ask his friend Christopher Gill. He is the one working on a plan to legalise it as well.

Anonymous said...

John the Bully

Your question is who do we want to get out? ,Well anyone who failed participates in prolonging the suffering of our people,be it RAM,JAM they will be dealt with accordingly.

MSR is not a party yet but the different between existing parties is clear,it is keeping PP on his toes from fear of being expose to the public.

Why unity? Because past elections had shown that no one single party is able alone to defeat PP and if RAM really cares about his people he should opt for unity rather than stooging for PP and Khalifa.

Now a little word about crossing the floor which in fact shows how confused you are.What happened it was not crossing the floor in it political sense but rather walking from one side of the table toward RAM in order to tell him to stop accepting those illegal bonuses from PP and get to the real issues ,which of course RAM refused.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Reply to SNP No Name, No Profile, intellect from Facebook-

You ask why should I go to a meeting with Ramkalawan one on one?

This is the suggestion of P. Andre. I did not say that.

What kind of leadership do you represent? You are still doing the merry go round thing.

Additionally present your point in a coherent valid manner please,for the love of Seychelles, that takes into account the reality of our situation.

Stop making things up and forming your reality in your brain. Only a fanatic party supporter would do that. Fanatics lose the battle all the time.

Now, the comments on Seychelles Column have evolved out of an article that I wrote last week, on the "Leader of Opposition missing a deadline to unite the Opposition".

It is in this context that the discussions focus.

You cannot ignore that the LO set a deadline himself!!!!!!!

You cannot ignore that he did not meet it himself!!!!!!!!!

Just like the voters will not ignore the 56.75% salary increase, and the SIVA money, Eden Money, and 70% Pension that will make our politicians millionaires an so forth.

Are you hoping on a wish and a pray the population never finds out, and SNP scrapes through and wins an election based on the lack of information the people of Seychelles have?

If you do, you have been contaminated with James Michel fever.

Symptoms: "plan strategy for tomorrow uses today's or yesterday's setting, hope the world does not change so you do not miss your target"

Side affect: Total Failure!!!!

Cronic effects: Depression, tomatoes on head, price of fish doubles just for you.

Cure: Visa and/or residency permit in Madagascar.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

SNP fanatics, attack other people in the opposition to prop up Ramkalawan.

If you said something sensible to shed some light on Boulle Volcere, Gill, I could understand you and give you credit.

But you SNP sound so much like children- the high school type,unfortunately.

God protect us.

You infer that many people named have nothing to do with politics. They have nothing to do with Ramkalawan-Ferrari style politics.

Seychelles is bankrupt SNP, did you not notice that when you voted yourselves 56% salary increase and a 70% pension for life?

Who could best take her out of bankruptcy, Ramkalawan or Patel, Mason, or Houreau?

Ramkalawan could not make sense of 10 files placed before him, and keep them in order if Georges Ferrari Mancienne, were not available to sort it all out after 45 minute debate.

Ramkalwan will double our debt, double our suffering. Last year,the SNP had only Scr 40,000.00 in its account and it did not have an active Treasurer. Who are you dudes fooling? You could not even produce a Treasurer report in a Conference attended by guests.

What will you do when IMF shows up with a deadline?

Ramkalawan I understand walks with 50,000.00 in his brief case as Standard procedure of politicing.

You intend on beating PL by buying votes?

If you do, you will lose. Because Khalifa and SIVA will give Pl 10 times what it gives SNP.

Get real SNP dudes, the People of Seychelles are suffering,the greatest suffering ever since 1972 before the airport was opened.

The world is in the worse recession since 1934, did you know that SNP?

Did you know as well SNP, that it will take more than 10 years to get Seychelles back on her feet, if, if the world comes out of a recession?

SNP Dudes, and Fanatics, leaders alike, did you know we are now facing the liklihood of a double dip recession in USA then Europe?

Wake up SNP Dudes, fanatics, leaders.

The need for serious people helping Seychelles is greater now then ever.

Unfortunately for SNP you have pumped up a preist much like Gobbels pumped up Hitler.

Then they did not know what to do with him. Then they could not find a replacement for the guy, because no one had a picture large enough to match, since most people never film themselves to death walking or poster size simple family pictures.

That does not mean those people are not larger than life in ability then your puppet show leader.

Open your minds and hearts, before you are buried in your dark corner with a little light.

The theory of SNP being 10% from winning or less is false. Many opposition do not want Ramkalawan.

Many SPPF do not want Michel. They will stay home if there is no serious alternative.

Dream time is over !

Christopher Gill


Anonymous said...

"Many opposition do not want Ramkalawan.
Many SPPF do not want Michel."

That said, you mean many seychellois want Christopher Gill right???????

LMAOSHBCSOOMN: Laughing my ass off so hard beer came shooting out of my nose.

Great joke Gozye!

--John Bull--

Anonymous said...

It is clear you are Sheiking in your boot Monseigneur Gill. This is obvious.

It is even pathetic that you argue like this under a scruffy article that take you three months to write. This is it? The killer article that will bring down PL? It kill itself with the first five words "I have previously proved therefore ..."

We advised you against playing the smear game and the hypocrite game, it is a losers game. You do not trap us to smear people who don't support you in public. Just remember that everybody can be smear. Lets hear from Patel and HoareauX and Mason that they subscribes to your smearing mentality.

Now SNP showed you it listen. It converge the message on economy with yours. Is this not what was agreed? To converge the message to adopt your ideas on economy as SNP.

In SNP don't work with ego Mr. Gill. All puts ideas in, and nobody tells Wavel in speech he must say each line was provided by so and so.

This is your problem Gill. You want to use SNP to launch your own name, it is not for love of Seychelles or the people. You want SNP to adopt all your idea even fanatic extremist one. And if SNP don't then you are prepare to help PL win the election.

You are a simple political blackmailer Gill.

We ordinary supporter give you attention Gill because our leaders recognises that the crying child with tantrum can cause emotional reaction. They know that the seedy drug dealers can tempt victims to vice like greed and racism and arrogance.

So we ordinary supporter we face the tantrum child but we don't give in to the tantrum. We face the drug dealer and we push him away even if the victim hate us temporary.

Unfortunately the damage of this tantrum will be magnify for Seychelles because of the time and the place this child Gill choose to have it.

Anonymous said...


Patrick X said...

Now I understand why John Bull writes so much crap! He's drunk on beer every time he's on the net bogging....ehhh blogging.

Must be John Bull bitter, from Wolverhampton Brewery right? ;-)

Patrick X

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bull for confirming what we already knew ,namely, that you an alcholic please contact Dr Maboulle he is an expert in the field.
Now Bull there is one thing that is clear today, if there is one man with the quality of leadership to lead this country it is no question that Chris is better armed than all those pseudo-politicians that we have now who have not deliver anything since there existance.

Who will the people chose to lead them probably the person who shows seriousness and care for the people.To this date the only person who has shown public-spirit is Chris.And you know it to, that why you concern but as a coward you afraid to it publicly.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

is that the boule who stole money from his clients? where do you think he has the money from?

Anonymous said...

He lives under th aegis of PP which also is being kept afloat by Camel Khalifa.That is why he is so concern as the change he would have to work to make a living instead of prostituing.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Since you asked nicely for once, I'll give you a clue. AR stands for Albert Rene. DD stands for drug dealer.

Anonymous said...

:-) Thank you. Now ask Christopher Gill please. He is the one planning to legalise it.

Anonymous said...

It is clear you are Sheiking in your boot Monseigneur Gill. This is obvious.

It is even pathetic that you argue like this under a scruffy article that take you three months to write. This is it? The killer article that will bring down PL? It kill itself with the first five words "I have previously proved therefore ..."

We advised you against playing the smear game and the hypocrite game, it is a losers game. You do not trap us to smear people who don't support you in public. Just remember that everybody can be smear. Lets hear from Patel and HoareauX and Mason that they subscribes to your smearing mentality.

Now SNP showed you it listen. It converge the message on economy with yours. Is this not what was agreed? To converge the message to adopt your ideas on economy as SNP.

In SNP don't work with ego Mr. Gill. All puts ideas in, and nobody tells Wavel in speech he must say each line was provided by so and so.

This is your problem Gill. You want to use SNP to launch your own name, it is not for love of Seychelles or the people. You want SNP to adopt all your idea even fanatic extremist one. And if SNP don't then you are prepare to help PL win the election.

You are a simple political blackmailer Gill.

We ordinary supporter give you attention Gill because our leaders recognises that the crying child with tantrum can cause emotional reaction. They know that the seedy drug dealers can tempt victims to vice like greed and racism and arrogance.

So we ordinary supporter we face the tantrum child but we don't give in to the tantrum. We face the drug dealer and we push him away even if the victim hate us temporary.

Unfortunately the damage of this tantrum will be magnify for Seychelles because of the time and the place this child Gill choose to have it.

Anonymous said...

RAM doesn't have any ideas because he is not a geniune politicien.He was thrown in this position by Rene when the latter decided to implement multi-parties in order to block any real oppostion to defeat PP.RAM deosn^t have any idea since he has been participating in elections ,apart from criticizing PP he never had a manifesto.RAM doesn't have any idea that is why he said he was not fit to be president.

Yokel if PP ,Ram are concern by MSR it is not by accident but because they have identify that this movement will bring all of them down and they would not be able to enjoy their bonuses and so on but rather face justice.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, battle of the gods from Jeanne D'Arc. Will it be RAM or CHRIST or ALLAH?

Why don't you call yourself the rebel lords army? It is a good name isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I have an impression of deja vue...yes the very same things, sometimes eaxt same words being used against Gill/MSR by the SNP's were being said by the DPs against the SNP (then PS/UO)!

Is that we call history repeating itself.


Anonymous said...

I think it is more jamais vu than deja vu. The bilious attacks from Parti Lepep and SNP are unprecedented.


Patrick X said...

What would you do if your nice comfy lifestyle on the compliments of hte taxpayers was threatened?


Anonymous said...

Well he scratch his bombom in his nappy and wonder why his fingers smell of poupou


Anonymous said...

Clever people learn from mistakes no?


Anonymous said...

"Boulle is a collaborator with PL selling our patrimony full time with offshore instruments."

Venesa told us all about him and his son.

St louis

Anonymous said...

Mr Andre
UNITY is what MSR has been entreating the opposition parties to do ,so far without success.
In order to have unity those leaders at the head of the opposition must find common ground and as leaders they should make the first step in achieving this.

Unity Mr Andre cannot speak with a voice of sarcasm,derison, innuedo,ridicule ,meanness,backbiting or disrespect toward others,no matter how different or wrong their point of view may seem.

But unfortunately that is the game the opposition parites have chosen to play at the moment.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

you are right!

sarcasm,derison, innuedo,ridicule ,meanness,backbiting or disrespect toward others,no matter how different or wrong their point of view may seem.

This is what Christopher is doing!!!!

+Defamation lies and racism also;;

Anonymous said...

No booby

There is nothing to do with racism and don^t confuse patriotism with racism.
Racism is being used by PP in a disperate attempt to divert attention on the real issues.For example,when we protest against Khalifa illegal present at La Misere PP call it racism as if we should have left Khalifa doe ht he aned in our land.

Racism don^t hold water pp, because what our people are concern about is not what Michel ,he doesn^t have a brain but rather howsoon are he oppositon going to bring this crook to justice for hiscrime.

Trying to use racism as a defence just won^t work.

Remember muddle-headed Sesel pou Seselwa not for Arabs .

Jeanne D`Arc

Anonymous said...

booby = ridicule, meanness, disrespect

protest agaist Arabs = racism, derision

Illegal presence = innuendo

Saying all of the above and blaming SNP = backbiting


The nutty professor

Anonymous said...

And when you call Arabs Camel and Snake is this racism or patrotism???????? When you say "Arabs belong to the desert" is this patriotism?????
When you say horrors about the muslims is this patriotism?????
When you insult foreigners.......
ASK Amnesty international and other Human Rights NGO's they will tell you stoopido!

Patrick X said...

A bit like saying 'Yankees go home!' you mean?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Not really my guy!!!!!!! This is where you get it wrong!
Yankee go home is not commendable either ! Nationalism is sometimes reactionary, calling for a return to a national past, and sometimes for the expulsion of foreigners.
A xenophobic person has to genuinely think or believe at some level that the target is in fact a foreigner. This arguably separates xenophobia from racism and ordinary prejudice in that someone of a different race does not necessarily have to be of a different nationality. In various contexts, the terms "xenophobia" and "racism" seem to be used interchangeably, though they can have wholly different meanings (xenophobia can be based on various aspects, racism being based solely on race ethnicity and ancestry). Xenophobia can also be directed simply to anyone outside of a culture, not necessarily one particular race or people.

Anonymous said...

xenophobia can elicit or facilitate hostile and violent reactions, such as mass expulsion of immigrants, pogroms or in other cases, genocide.

Anonymous said...

What Patrick X does he always does best.

He has combined the two to make xenophobia of selected races!

Anonymous said...

Well,booby,we don't have tribes in Seychelles.What you are calling immigrants in our country are Indians,Pakistanis and other illegally brought to our country by PP to do one thing.modify our society,culture,tradition,ways of lives etc in order to use them in election to illegally keep PP artificial on power,this in itself are criminal acts.Thus those who were illegal brought to our shores in containers,illegally gifted our passports etc will have to go back home.this happens in all democratic countries WHY?Because rules of law of a country is introduct to be respected those who go against it should be punished.

Your problem you cronies,like your mentor Michel ,you have been perpetuating crimes for years that now you think it is something legitimate and normal.

Jeanne D'Arc

Patrick X said...

Maybe Dr Maboulle can come up with a diagnosis for this. May I suggest 'Polyxenophobia'? Then at the same time he can diagnose Rene's 'Yankee go home' slogan and tell us what kind of phobia he had. I'd also like a diagnosis for Khalifa's phobia towards Coco-de-Mèr and PL and SNPL's phobia towards MSR gaining popularity.

There is however one phobia that iahev and that's the PL continuing to ruin the country another presidential period.

If you apply your last definition of xenophobia, i.e it applying to anyone outside of a culture, I'd say both PL and SNPL show signs of it, i.e to anyone who does not practice the culture of corruption and deceipt that is charactersitic for them. Then again one casn say they have a liking or rather a fetish for criminals, crooks and anyone who is willing to pay off for special rights and priveleges.


Anonymous said...

Yes decent people of this world, and that is the majority of people, are against racists, xenophobes, bigots and the prejiduced.

If you want to say they are racist against such people that is your own twisted rationale. You are still a pariah. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

MSR minister of immigration. Spot the SOSIE;

Anonymous said...

MSR minister of immigration. Spot the SOSIE;

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