Friday, August 13, 2010


Master on how to manipulate the media, the population and get away.
 By SBC and Joel Morgan
Contributed by Delokaka La Misere on Friday, 13 August 2010 at 00:55

Joel Morgan ponders over new falsehoods to cover up his shit...

Yesterday, in the statements of Minister Joel Morgan to the residents of La Misere, he spoke of the government's strategy in the negotiation.
He appeared today in the news with new statements, perfectly edited and produced by SBC technicians.
As anticipated on this page, one of the strategies that the government will adopt is the usual divide and rule.
Despite having published in Nation, we were 100 people a brief account in the photographs were published yesterday show that we were more than 500.

Today in the news in English, edited cut for expatriates, it is reported that the amount requested is 4.7 million rupees for each of the three hundred household, however much in Nation, as the news in Kreol has stated that this amount is for each of the person involved, about 6 times more. (Note that the journal is distributed among local mass and has little impact among the foreign community)

What are the objectives behind this "mistake"?
1.For the foreign population to believe:
■a. - Effectively the government is seeking fair and reasonable compensation.
■b. - Reaffirm that ASCON is solely responsible and refuses to pay a sum entirely reasonable, close to what the committee originally requested 650 000 rupees per person, about 50,000 USD.
■c. - Clean the image of Sheikh Khalifa.
■d. - In case of publishing in international news that is what we shall see in the world.

2. With the enlargement of the audited statements to the native speakers,they are trying to convince the local population of:
■a. - Residents of La Misere want to enrich ourselves through the incident.
Rs 4.7 million is much more than what most Seselwa perceived as salary throughout their entire live.
This discredits our true intentions of obtaining redress for choosing appropriate and specialize treatment in foreign clinics, and causes a reaction among the rest of the population of disapproval of the claims of La Misere.
■b. - Do think that the protest group is a minority, less than 10% of those affected, we do so uncivil and manipulated by opposition members.
Trying to do its part to voters of La Misere, deter some of the participant to stop participating in protests and those who have not joined do so to avoid, and foresee and threatening to use force in future events to dissolve
■c. - That with the roadblock, other local workers for the project are directly affected, such as transporters, wreckers, blasters, etc..
Again try to make the unaffected refuse their solidarity with our case and condemn our attitude.
Since the government took the lead in negotiations, has deliberately increased the amount by 700%. The government is aware that the figure is completely unworkable, but it has done it only to provoke the disapproval of the rest of Seselwa to our demands. And thus allow Sheik Khalifa complete his project.

That was the reason why the government forced the members of the comitte to sign the secrecy oath, to be sure they could brainwash them so they will accept with eyes closed this extravagant amount .



Anonymous said...

Morgan attempted to calm down the protest just don't work .The banner behind him speak for itself.He could at least be happy that the demonstrators have unstil now keep their temper at bay because Morgan deserve a good hard blow in his ass.

Jeanne D'ARc

Anonymous said...

People of La Misere, next time bring some eggs with you to the protest. If Morgan shows up again with his lies, pelt him with those eggs so that he goes into hiding behind his gurkas. Justice will be served and the people of Seychelles are watching you brave people of La Misere. We are 100% behind you always. Continue to fight until you have justice. When you get it, vote Michel and Morgan out of power forever.

Anonymous said...

Michel and Morgan are MISCREANT MORONS. MM Spirit (commonly known as delo KaKa). JJ Spirit (Commonly known as Jumping Jackasses). Rene Spirit (probably whiskey). One thing and one thing only sticks out a mile from all of this, and that is the Parti Le Pep DO NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF SEYCHELLES.

Patrick X said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick X said...

...but they certainly give the people of Seychelles a lot of shit.

As to the part about the eggs I must say that I wouldn't waste eggs on Morgan. With all the crap he's done he's not even worthy of getting rotten eggs thrown at him.

Besides, that would easily lead to violence and that's the last thing we want.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

ASCON has to rectify and pay for everthing to the satisfaction of all parties involved in this affair at La Mizer in the same way BP has done with the Gulf Oil Disaster.

No ifs or buts. Fullstop. I know how rivers have been polluted badly in the Highlands of Papua and New Guinea by a Giant Australian Mining Company and the Villagers have been fighting for years without success.

I most sincerely hope that Minister Morgan in his capacity as Chief Negotiator can and will outsmart the Owners of ASCON in a lateral way, because I know for a fact that JM is a Lateral Thinker by Nature. To all the above X Y ZEE sepa ki langate Miscreats, you should stop your insults on JM's character, intergrity and dignity.

Patrick X said...

EOULA tonton. Until Morgan proves the above comments as wrong then we will continue to 'pet son gron fron' with whatever we have. Lateral thinker my arse. So far he's only proved himself to be a lateral stinker like the rest of the PL gang.

As to integrity and dignity? sorry mate, I can't see much of it and neither can most of us. I'm sure the guy is trying his best, but it just ain't good enough.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Well after readind some of your garbage i think minister morgan and JM have tons more dignity that you guys from MSR. Heard your big boss from anse lablag is a big crook and he dares talk about integrity. You should listen to what people of GUAM and Praslin say about him and his half bro( the one who pretends to be in praslin but in fact is nowhere to be see on the archipelago. call him dondosya lo facebook)
("Sa boug y fou e in voler en plis y rasis y pa kontan nwar y fer zot trayay parey lesklav dan bwa e kot son lotel y enploy zis ban etranze. Y pa fer konfyans seselwa y koz zis angle parey in merikin ;
laba lanmerik guam dimoun y dir zot pakonpran akoz sa boug pa dan prizon) apresan zot le donn seselwa leson dignity ek integrityi!


Anonymous said...

So far ASCON is winning and waiting for La Misere residents to blink first.. This company can sit tight and wait for its derisory offer to be accepted. There is nothing La Misere residents or the Lepep government can do, apart from continuing protests by the La Misere residents.

ASCON has said it is not prepared to pay more than $250,000 in compensation, as it is not a charity. It can also afford to ignore any court ruling it does not like. It is that powerful.

Meanwhile we are left to wonder what kind of person is Sheikh Khalifa, if he thinks he can move into his palaces at La Misere with so much discontentment from his La Misere neighbours. Sounds like he does not care that he has antagonised a section of the Seychellois population, not after having secured a military base for his army to protect him while in Seychelles. A decent statesman would care.

Patrick X said...

Alas we do not have anything that resembles a decent statesman, at least not in James Michel who servers the Sheik as if he was bought and paid for to do so.

As to Ascon, yes they can probably do whatever they please as they are UAE based and are well shielded hiding underneath Khalifa's white robe. The case will go on from their side as they can afford to ignore it and there is fuck all Michel can do about it even if he wanted to do so.

In today's Nation the editor allowed a person, 'an observer', to write a long piece about the 'La Misere Deadlock' which the author said had gone too long and is likely to be settled in a high court. If that would happen, the case itself is already lost on the behalf of the affected residents as our judges are all on the PL 'yes sir' list. Personally I don't think the case is much about money anymore, more the fact that the people have had enough of the PL and their allowing of Khalifa to do as he pleases. One thing is a palace being built on the best spot on Mahe, but another is his personal naval base. the latter is to me a direct insult to the Seychellois. Not the fact that it will contain a mosque, but the fact that it will employ a foreign army on our land. And if there is anyone who should be really insulted by this it is tje members of the SPDF themselves wo apparently are no longer good enough in the eyes of Michel. In fact, in Michel's view they are so useless that he wants to use a foreign army to defend the country.

I don't know if James Michel knows what he os doing, but he is playing with the loyalty of the SPDF who has always been a loyal supporter of the prezident's office. Take away their pride and dignity and their loyalty may well disappear sooner than later. Somehow I doubt that Michel has thought that far.

I myself have never been a fan of Rene, but even he would never sink as low as Michel has done with regards to allowing a foreign army to be stationed on our soil, especially on reclaimed land that was meant for our own people.

The 'observer', by the way failed to criticize anyone in his article so my guess is that he is a sworn supporter of the PL judging from the fact that the article was in the main paper itself and not a mere letter to the editor. Just that itself however, shows that the entire case has become more than the government bargained for and since the precious relation between Seychelles and UAE was mentioned, one would think that the observant observer holds a ministerial post if not higher up.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Sorry mate,
Morgan would never be able to outsmart Ascon because Morgan has the interest of Ascon not Seychellois people and for that matter la misere residents. Morgan is all about deception,lies, greed, money and power. He has no compassion for anyone except himself and his money. His ultimate aim is to become the Kaliffa of the Seychelles.

I have nothing against Morgan and i know him personally and this is damn true.

Those die hard PP surpporters who think that Morgan has your interest at heart think twice.

If he did he would have not used his position to buy the plot of land on praslin for his own business to build a block of flats to rent to foriegners when the people of Praslin have a dire problem in getting their own house. What a travesty of justice? When people like Morgan he does not even need a block of flats because he is already a millionaire in the gangsters paradise of the rich and famous SPPF elites.

Do what you want Morgan but sooner or later the wrath of god will come on to you and this time the only person who will be fooled is yourself and all your ill gotten riches will disappear right in front your very own eye.

You are not smart you are just an opportunist who has master the art of lies and deceptions to achieve your ultimate goal. Having lots of exposure on a bias media does not make you smart. You are just a damn fool because you know that you cannot be challenge by an independent media. Is that smartness for you.

This guy fits in very well with the SPPF because he has all the credentials for the lust of money, master of deception, pathological liar,uncompassionate and uncaring. He is willing to use other people to achieve his ultimate aim.

If like one blogger has said the Gill brothers are racist then what about Morgan?

From a true patriotic Seychellois

Anonymous said...

Some Patriot you are Patriotic Seychellois.

On one hand you say that "you have nothing against Morgan as I know him personally" and on the other, you come on here and not only vilify the man, but assassinate Morgan's character to smithereens in the most cowardly way!!!!.

Truly Patriot Langate, you are all Ass and no Class Mate. Fer ou lekor un faveur and nek nek nek nek Bez al sot dan kannal O Por you pathetic Mal elve pa konpran.

Anonymous said...

Wow, to Anonymous Nek Nek my such language. Calm yourself down and explain your thoughts in a coherent way so we can take you seriously. Set an example for the youth and others my good man.

This topic has been discussed on many levels and from various points of view, so I will not expand any further.

I agree that politics shouldn't be involved, but we do not live in an ideal world. Politicians and people with hidden agends will always be there to capitalise. As will the current government. This I assume you will agree with.

Now, let me ask you something. How would you feel if the tables were turned and this same situation happened to you and your family? Would you be singing the same tune if you did not have any connections? Or you felt some form of injustice?

I am not saying that you are connected, but I am only raising an honest question to an honest opinionated person such as yourself.



Patrick X said...

Sa 'nek-nek-nek' pa lot ti Tikolor sa. And he has the nerver to cal lothers cowards when he cannot even sign with his usual name. That hypocrite ass kisser is the biggest coward of them all and after all those years in Australia he has the same bad manners as when he left Seychelles in 1967. Or was it 1976? Now which year was it Tikolor you pathetic so and so?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

TIKOLOR is short-minded like all other PP members and cronies,the truth is that he doesn't remember on which day is his birthday, how could he recall when he left for Australia?And now with all those baka he is brinking daily,being produced with delo kaka it makes its ability to think much more difficult.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Tikolor ,after La Misere rsidents,soon Truck drivers will rally to and also IOT workers plus taxi drivers and residents of Praslin for the destruction PP has allowed Raffle to do.It is getting hot and it is the begining of the end of PP.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Beau Vallon residents have to take exampel like La Misere take in the street or rally in front State House.Because Michel and PP are continuing selling our lands where ever there want to sell.Michel you are a fucking bastard Mafia,YOU and Rene have good lesson taken from Mario Richie.How mafia works and how mafia still his own peoples and take away what belong to Seychellios peoples.
Michel and co you are just some blood suker like vampire.

Anonymous said...

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