Tuesday, August 17, 2010


STC - Local Parastatal company advertises jobs overseas
Seychellois are not being offered jobs in their own country. While President James Michel is firing Seychellois, STC is hiring foreigners to run our supermarkets. Of course, the real reason that they want foreigners is that they can steal and control those workers versus Seychellois people who would speak out! We are still waiting on the IMF audit of STC and we recommend the complete shut-down of STC as it has been the monster that has siphoned off millions and STC (the disguised cousin of SMB) under the past leadership of Mukesh Valabjhi and Albert Rene have stolen enough!
As advertised by Hawkins Associates Ltd Job Adverts in Kenya
Career opportunities in the Seychelles
1.Head of Internal Audit
2.Supermarket Manager
3.Trade Marketing Manager

Our client, the Seychelles Trading Company, is the leading supplier of foods and fast moving consumer goods in the island nation, off the East African coast, renowned for its tourism and fishing Industries.
The company’s core functions include sourcing, importing, warehousing, marketing, sales & distribution of a wide range of goods.
The company now wishes to fill the following positions to be based in its capital city, Mahe.


Anonymous said...

Please! Oh Please!
Stop kicking the dog whilst it is down!
Surely there are very capable Seychellois men and women who can fill in these positions!
Another kick into our peoples gobs!
But then I presume that the remuneration package for the Seychellois leaves a lot to be desired compared to what the foreigner will get!
Is this progress????
No! Progress is when the PEOPLE of the country is running the country, by all means get some experts to show us the ropes if necessary, but let us stand on our own feet.
One should just look at the development of a baby....learns to sit on his/her own, learns to crawl, learns to walk, talk, read, write...etc need I go on? All supported by their parents, evently they become independent and do it on their own. Parents who love their children encourage this independence. I guess the leader of the government of the Seychelles DOES NOT LOVE HIS PEOPLE!

People of Seychelles, get up and make your voices heard before it gets too late!!!!


Anonymous said...

To Sam,

Your statement "people of Seychelles, get up and make your voices heard before it gets too late!!!!!!".

Sam Sam Sam, the Seychellois Voters have been doing that at Election time because they are the Judge, Jury and Executioner.

Have agooday Same.