Thursday, August 12, 2010


Minister Morgan get tangled into his own web of deceit
Morgan spins his web of lies!
The water pollution saga of the La Misere residents takes new twists and turns by the day. The issue of compensation is now a major migraine for James Michel and his team of spin doctors. Since the mass street protest three week's ago, the government has put on a show (too little too late) to try and appease the striking residents. The president promised that a solution would be forthcoming in three (3) days. He was 'taking the matter in his own hands' and delegated Joel Morgan - Minister for Home Affairs - to handle the matter. Work permits (which did not exist in the first place) were supposedly cancelled and all construction works ordered to a halt and bosses of ASCON (construction company) summoned to Seychelles for urgent talks. The offer of Sr. 100,000 per household as compensation was considered an 'affront' by the President!

In a move to placate the victims of this fiasco, Michel ordered the payment of Sr. 1000 per month to cover incidentals incurred this week. This is a blatant insult and the residents have made their voices heard once more by taking to the streets yesterday (11/08). This is a result of works having resumed at the Sheik's palace, with the chief negotiator Morgan taking everyone for fools.

Morgan took to the airwaves last night in a desperate attempt to cover up the dirty deeds of the government and baffling the population with lies and fabrications that he himself could not keep track of, as he sweated in the spotlight of the TV camera. The latest spin is that the workers that have been allowed to carry out the works are NOT ASCON workers but a different company! This has really angered the entire nation in solidarity with the La Misere resident seeking justice. As he twists and turns, getting entangled in his own web of deceit, Morgan goes from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Heavy handed tactics to intimidate
James Michel's government is now stuck between a rock and a hard place. The standoff threatens to bring down this bunch of morons who are hell bent on protecting Sheik Khalifa's interests with a total comical handling and disregard for the well being and justice for SEYCHELLOIS citizens. Panic has now settled in the President's camp as they run for cover and start employing intimidation and heavy handed tactics to try and scare the protestors. Their farcical handling of the situation has now inflamed a whole nation and residents in other districts have expressed their total support with the residents in this standoff. Social network sites such as Facebook have acted as the catalyst in mobilizing the nation and residents of other districts have threatened to join the protests in solidarity with their fellow citizens.

It would seem that the James Michel, Parti Lepep propaganda machine has run out of steam and its hot air balloon minister is about to pop with rage.
The pictures tell the story and the residents plan to repeat until a fair and equitable compensation is agreed. A tough proposition for the Michel government whose survival depends on Sheik Khalifa's largesse with an impending election that looms and loud cries of impeachment/resignation for a president who has indeed lost his way...dragging his people's dignity and the country's name into disrepute.


Anonymous said...

One thing on those guys in black uniforms,it seems intimidation of unarmed residents is what they know best,but are unable to guard a handful of hungry Somalis Pirates at Montagne Possee, that tax payers'dollars must be used to illegally bring in Gurkas for the job.

Jeanne d'Arc

Anonymous said...

One of this guy is with a Bazooka in his hand,he is a soldier but he don't even know when a bazooka must be to use.Michel Seychellios will not let you make them afraid of your Bazooka or Ak-47.THIs are old fucking tatic of PP.We have warn you if your mans in black and blue or green hit or kill and run away in the camp.ACTION WILL START AND MORE DROUBEL WILL COME YOUR WAY.

Anonymous said...

It is mostly women and children at the forefront of this unprecedented display of popular anger against Lepep government and its backing Sheikh. Their civic action is justified because they face a health crisis of yet unknown intensity. Just like the SPPF buried its big head in the sand when AIDS started to ravage the country, the Parti Lepep ostriches are now playing fast and loose with the health of the people of La Misere.

With ASCON having, well, absconded, legal action against them will be futile. Furthermore they have important backers in Parti Lepep.

La Misere residents have no option left but to take to the streets to put pressure on Parti Lepep and to embarrass Sheikh Khalifa. He will take notice sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

If Michel doesn't stop ignoring the call of la Misere residents,then they should rally in front of Statehouse gate.

Jeanne D'Arc

Patrick X said...

This is indeed getting better and better as the days go by. It is clear that the lies of the PL(Parti Lalang) no longer stick like shit sticks to the bowl of a filthy public toilet let alone to the water of shit creek as it now commonly known.

First of all, the public should be given answers to as wether or not the workers working at the palace have work permits or not and who they are working for. Ascon or con another Ascon subsidiary. I wonder if Minis Sanmanton has answers to those questions.

Secondly, I can't see the need of dragging in the army into the protests as they have nothing whatsoever to do with defence of the nation. And dragging mortar launchers(someone referred it to be a bazooka) is just amazing. I certainly hope the fellow was armed with tear gas and nothing more lethal. Again it just shows the cowardice of the PL as to drag in the army against woman and children.

I am however happy to hear that the rest of the nation is supporting the La Misere residents. All this shows that taking to the streets does help and I hope that the Seychellois in general take this as a lesson next time that corrupt governemnt tries to take us for a ride. I also hpe that the headache infliced on JAM and his clique is a really bad one that causes his arse to squueze together giving him the constipation of his life.

Keep up the good work people. Your voices are finally being heard. What 30 years of oppression and corruption didn't cause, a load of excrement in a river certainly did.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Didn't Joel Morgan give the game away last night ? It was a pathetic performance from someone who is supposed to be the star turn in this cabinet of the talentless.

He was sweating profusely. His body language showed he was in great discomfort. He had no control of his hand movements. Maybe he knew he was not telling the whole story. La Misere residents got no reassurance from that performance.

The truth is that ASCON has made a take it or leave it offer which by universal agreement is downright insulting.

ASCON has rejected the reduced compensation demand and has made no further counter-offer.

ASCON sees itself as bigger than the country and will not allow a country that is persistently begging off Sheikh Khalifa to tell it what to do. ASCON did after all simply walked into the country with thousands of foreign labour to build the Sheikh's palaces.

We will get treated like dirt by foreigners if we do not stop begging. To stop begging we need to stop thieves stealing our money and property. To do that we need to get rid of Parti Lepep government. Couldn't be easier to regain our national dignity.

As for the La Misere residents, they have a fight for compensation on their hands. They need to keep protesting so that their protest will gather momentum and gain international recognition. In this battle of David and Goliath, Sheikh Khalifa needs to be shamed into coughing up the dough.

It is not as if he is short of dough.

Patrick X said...

Keep blocking the La Misere road which is now a main artery after the Anse Aux Pins bridge went down and block all traffic to and from the palace starting by removing those concrete blocks over the gutter and chucking them far away. Then arrange another blockage of the entrance to State House when Michel is there. Maybe then his master Khalifa will pay up. Else block every single road to every single construction site belonging to Khalifa. Les sa bez son min konpran kisisa Seselwa anraze.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

After hearing Morgan, I am totally ashamed and can not believe material things and donations, are more important to a nation, then the welfare of its people.

I guess we need it for election money or to replace the 2.5 Billion.

This is a sad day and I hope others see this as a wake up call.


Anonymous said...

Morgan deserves some bashing with eggs...

Anonymous said...

There is one thing missing and this is within ourselves. That is a new leadership and a united force against SPP


Anonymous said...

Fact: Government has opened clinic on-site to make health monitoring convenient.

Fact: Fanatic opposition advise and urge residents to get sick so problem can be escalated.

Fact: Government has moved to help residents make water safe by boiling.

Fact: Opposition are spreading rumours that this help is settlement/election trick, so some residents dont take this vital help and safeguard their health

Fact: Fanatic opposition was collaborating with PUC chief to delay fixing pipes so they can make politics from it.

Fact: Government has moved to remove this blockage.

Fact: Research of compensation around the world for such accidents shows the amounts claimed in Seychelles is excessive by million percent. You think ASCON does not know this?

Fact: No expense will be spared on anybody who is really sick. The Sheik have already proved he will send planes to fly sick people to the best hospital. But you expect him to do this whie you swear and insult him with racist terms?

So the real sad thing is that the fanatic opposition is again making Seychellois look bad as greedy opportunists who want to fleece as much as possible.

The real sad thing is that it is the opposition that have no interest in the poor peoples health.

The real sad thing is that the fanatic opposition is setting false expectation, and exploiting the poor people for political mileage.

The real sad thing is that this will just bite you in the ass. It will expose your dishonest and devious ways.

When you wake up and smell the coffee you will see that you are all cats on a hot tin roof, and the world don't give a shit because how you fanatics behave.

Anonymous said...

ASCON has rejected the compensation demand made by JAM's high level committee.

Does Parti Lepep think that SR100,000 per household is adequate compensation for a ruined health ? If so, they should come clean.

I say the protests should continue until Sheikh Khalifa come to his senses. He has put the health of hundreds or thousands of Seychellois at serious risk.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr Fact,Governemnt has opened clinic without medications in it.
-Government allowed a camel to shit in our rivers and now ask us to boiled water,would it not has been cheaper if Michel had respected the rules of law'?
-Eight months after the incident the victims have not been compensated and it took Michel eight months to visit two ailing families .There were more bodyguards than victims.

-_Research around the world show that the amount paid by legal companies are less than those which operated illegally.

_Fanatic communists are trying to pocket the compensation money for themselves as stealing has become their national sport.

-Fanatic pp cronies the unexplainabale can be explained and justified

The sad thing is that after all the mess-plus coup d'etat,bankruptcy,delo kaka,selling our passports,stealing u$2,5 billion from our coffers,the BUTCHER Michel and his collaborators still think that their illegal actions are okay.

Therefore the only tool that can clean the ears of PP is taking into the streets.We will continue until Michel kneel in front of us and ask for ofrgiveness.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...


Patrick X said...

By the way, Ascon is UAE based and has many of the country's official departments on it's customer list and for all we know Khalelefa probably has direct or indirect ownership in it so I doubt we'll ever see a penny in compensation from them.

However, they should bloody well be able to afford it as they are not exactly a small firm.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

You know, the biggest shame is not that the government sold our country for the sake of filling their own pockets.It is not that the citizens of La misere are being shamed as people who take advantage of the situation to enrich themselves when the fact of the matter is that they will be sick for life, so sick that they have been banned from donation blood even if their own family is of need.It is not that our military fights against the very people they are meant to protect and let pirates have their way with our fishermen at sea.No none of those things are shameful. The biggest shame is that these people in power have always been the same person and still we have Seychellois who actually votes for this and believe this is all right and fair and that the leaders of this nation are saints.That's the biggest shame.That after all we have been through people are still stupid enough to believe that these guys have any good within them, allowing themselves to be played y the joker for fools every election campaign only to eat from the ground when they have been crowned king.

Seychelles was once a country were everyone looked after each other.I still remember how we could go to our next door neighbor to burrow some salt when we were out,or how the we would always send some 1 dizef zwazo' ,fish, or a little something from our garden to our neighbor out of good will the moment we could.Today everyone is for themselves,even as we speak, i am sure the seychellois contractor who got the job of ferrying gravel for ascon is too busy counting his money to even begin to pity the La misere Residence.Why? Because its everyone for themselves.

It is time for Seychelles to finally unite and for Seychellois to not just have Strength but also learn how to use it.We were taken by for more than 30 years ago, we were indoctrinated for almost 20 years and now our pride, land and identity is being sold.What are we waiting for?

Anonymous said...

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