Monday, August 30, 2010

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In a new twist in the Radovan Krejcir affair, the Seychelles connection with the  Czech mafia underworld has resurfaced to make headlines in South Africa and worldwide. It is a well known fact (Krejcir has been boasting locally when he was in Seychelles), that the SPPF and James Michel's election was funded by a heavy donation from his dirty money. Herewith we reproduce this breaking news article that further implicates James Michel and his government.
It makes for interesting reading. And of course we welcome your comments...

Krejcir scoffs at 'Mafia boss' claims
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By Julian Rademeyer, Rapport
2010-08-29 18:19 - Johannesburg - Fugitive Czech billionaire Radovan Krejcir scoffs at suggestions that he is “some big Mafia boss from the Eastern Bloc” and says he has “absolutely nothing to hide”.
Breaking his silence ahead of a renewed bid by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to have him extradited to the Czech Republic, Krejcir told Rapport he was the victim of “fabricated stories” and a “dirty plan” concocted to “get me deported from this country, either legally or illegally”.
He says that his record in the Czech Republic is “clean” and claims the country's Constitutional Court has overturned a prison sentenced imposed on him. Despite this, the Czech authorities still want him extradited.
Krejcir has accused “elements” in the NPA and police, Czech intelligence operatives and prominent whistleblower Paul O'Sullivan – who describes Krejcir as the head of an “evil trans-national crime syndicate” that “wants to control the underworld in South Africa” - of conspiring against him.
He claims O'Sullivan is in the pay of the Czech intelligence services and “stands to benefit by $500 000” if Krejcir is successfully extradited. O'Sullivan on Saturday laughed off the claim.
Wealth and power
Krejcir - who was sentenced in absentia in the Czech Republic to six-and-a-half years imprisonment for tax fraud and reportedly investigated on charges of conspiracy to murder, counterfeiting, extortion and abduction – is a flamboyant man, given to ostentatious displays of wealth and power.
In recent weeks his links to a coterie of controversial South African businessmen and underworld figures has been in the spotlight.
He arrived in South Africa in 2007 and was arrested at OR Tambo international airport on an Interpol “red notice” while travelling with a Seychelles passport, issued in the name Egbert Jules Savy. An application for his extradition was unsuccessful.
Krejcir, who has applied for political asylum, has since ensconced himself in South Africa. He holds court at the Harbour Fish Market restaurant in the Bedford Centre, usually with one of his two Porsches, a Lamborghini Murcielago, a Ferrari Spider or a Mercedes parked in a private, roped-off bay near the front door. He has free reign of the restaurant.
One corner of the outside patio is shielded with bullet-proof glass, installed at Krejcir's expense after he discovered that a “Russian hit team” had been sent to South Africa by the Czech government to snatch or kill him and planned to position snipers in a block of flats across the road from the restaurant.
Until his murder in May this year, Teazers strip club boss Lolly Jackson – along with George Smith, the man who would be accused of his murder, were Krejcir's frequent companions at the restaurant.
Krejcir's R20m Bedfordview home – which he shares with his wife Katerina Krejcirova, a 9-month-old baby boy and their teenage son, is a four storey mansion replete with a steel and glass lift, aquarium and an infinity pool looking out over the Johannesburg skyline. They also own a holiday home on the Vaal Dam.
Once a week he rents Kyalami racetrack so that he and his son can race superbikes and sportscars. “Lolly and I were very good friends because of my sickness with cars. I love cars. He loved cars. Every week we rented Kyalami for two hours to have some adrenaline because I cannot travel, I cannot do fuck-all. I really love these toys.”
Krejcir says he has no desire to return to the Czech Republic. “I believe this is the best country in the world,” he said this week. “I don't want to go to the Czech Republic because I'll never have the chance of a fair trial and they will kill me.”
There, 5km from the capital, Prague, Krejcir once lived on a 2 000m² estate in a villa estimated to have cost R151m. It boasted a squash court, basketball court, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a giant aquarium containing reef sharks, a 1.7m moray eel and “other dangerous fishes”. There was also an enclosure on the property for a pet tiger.
Czech police say the house contained a secret strongroom packed with weapons, jewellery, share certificates and classified police documents.
The Velvet Revolution
Krejcir had amassed a fortune by the time he was 30, making most it during the wave of state industry privatisation that followed the 1989 “Velvet Revolution” which saw the overthrow of the authoritarian communist government.
In June 2005, balaclava-clad security police and state prosecutors swooped on Krejcir's home. Press reports suggest that Krejcir escaped through a bathroom window. According to press reports, he was supposedly spotted three days later in neighbouring Slovakia at a petrol station filling up the tank of a Lamborghini.
He says he was allowed to leave by a state prosecutor. “In my bathroom there was no window. I don't know how you could escape from 20 guys with machine guns and masks on their faces.”
In the wake of his disappearance, police said they had found billions of crowns in fake currency at a factory owned by Krejcir.
Mixed into the boxes of cash was 8 million Czech crowns (about R3m) of genuine currency.
Krejcir says the boxes of cash were an elaborate gift for a close friend who was turning 40. “We as rich people after the revolution gave some presents like this. The top and bottom of the boxes was real money and the middle was fake and inside it would say: 'Happy birthday'”
“So you give a present that looks like it is billions of crowns but in reality it is only 8 million crowns.”
Seychelles prison
Krejcir next turned up in the Seychelles where he gave financial support to the ruling elite. As a result, he says, “they offered me and my family a new identity”.
“I submitted an application and received from Home Affairs passports under the name Egbert Jules Savy for me, Sandra Savy for my wife and Greg Savy for my son. I came to South Africa believing my passport was a genuine one.”
The Seychelles authorities later claimed the passports were fake.
But Krejcir says “it is not important if the passport is false or not because if you are successful in getting political asylum, it doesn't matter how you ended up in the this country because you tried to save your life.”
Krejcir argues that he is a Seychelles citizen and that his Czech citizenship lapsed when he accepted a new passport.
In the Seychelles, to stave off boredom, he wrote a book titled: Radovan Krejcir - Revealed.
“It was so boring there, like being a prisoner in paradise,” he said. “At least I could go diving and fishing...”
In the book he claimed he had advanced about R20m for the 2002 election campaign of Czech Social Democratic candidate Stanislav Gross and in exchange had received a promissory note which stipulated that if the election bid was successful, Krejcir would be given control of the State oil company, Cepro.
Gross later did an about turn and Krejcir was arrested on a “trumped-up charge of fraud”.
That same year, Krejcir's father was kidnapped. He was never seen again. Krejcir alleges his father was killed by Czech state agents who believed he had the promissory note in his possession. He believes his father's body was dissolved in a vat of acid.
The Czech Godfather
In early 2006, while Krejcir sunned himself on the Seychelles beaches, Czech newspapers linked him to the assassination of Frantisek Mrazek, the so-called “Godfather” of organised crime in the country.
Mrazek was shot by a sniper outside the building that housed his offices.
Krejcir laughs when asked if he had anything to do with the killing.
“Yes, I shot one bullet from the Seychelles and the bullet travelled all the way direct to his heart. I'm very good.
“What must I say my man? I saw this guy twice in my life. We never had a fight. It is the same situation as my father. They killed him and afterwards said it was my criminals. All the time it was the top government and secret service guys.”
“They say he (Mrazek) was the boss of the Mafia. Apparently, if you believe them, there are Mafia bosses all over the place. If you know any more people from the Czech republic, you probably know more bosses. I must be the worst one because I am wanted for murders and all this.”
Krejcir – who suggests his detractors have found him guilty by association – readily admits that he befriended or became acquainted with several of South Africa's most controversial businessmen and notorious underworld figures.
Among them were Jackson, Smith, security company kingpin Cyril Beeka, Brett Kebble murder accused and convicted druglord Glen Agliotti, banker and self-confessed money launderer Alekos Panayi and Gauteng police crime intelligence head, Commissioner Joey Mabasa.
“So what?” he asked. “People find me because they believe I've got money, that I'm an opportunity for them, that I can do some business with them. So the people are coming, especially to this restaurant, like a bee on honey.”
He said he had a wide network of contacts.
Krejcir said he befriended Jackson's alleged killer, George Smith, in April 2007 while he was awaiting his extradition hearing. The two shared a cell at Kempton Park police station and after their release, Smith helped him “get connected” introduced him to “most of the people” he knows today.
“I don't need anybody. I've got my money clean overseas. I've never made one rand in this country from any business. I'm enjoying my life. I bought property, assets, cars. I'm spending money which I brought in officially through the reserve banks of the Czech Republic and South Africa.”
Krejcir believes it will be to his advantage if the State wins their application tomorrow (Monday) for a review of the Kempton Park Magistrate's Court decision that has allowed him to remain in the country. If they do succeed, the State will proceed with a new extradition application.
“If they start it again, it will take another four years. Even if they decide to extradite me, they cannot do so until the political asylum case is finished.”


Patrick X said...

So Krejcir finally confirms that his passport was an authentic fake. I wonder how many more of these authentic fake passports are circulating around, especially around election day.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Ramadoss and all those foreign judges who have been given a Seychellois passport by Parti Lepep must be busy checking whether their passport is the real thing.

Patrick X said...

LOL! Kaka dan lenz sak fwa zot pass dan Passport Control deor foutou!

But on a serious note: Is there actually full control of who is the bearer of a Seychelles passport? Considering all the dishing out of passports left right and centre, one can speculate wether or not department of immigration has control on that front.

No wonder there is need for a census 5 years before schedule.

Anonymous said...

TONY BLAIR'S latest holiday host dumped his former wife and child to live on benefits in Britain before having a string of children by different women.

Seychelles President Albert Rene not only left his British wife Karen penniless, but ran off with her best friend before leaving her holding a baby too.

And according to government sources in the Seychelles, the multi- millionaire President also has "a number of illegitimate children" as a result of his affairs with islanders. He also has two children by his third wife.

It may come as a shock to Mr Blair, who - always keen to stress family values - took his wife Cherie and their children to spend New Year in the President's house on La Digue isle.

But Karen is well aware of the scheming ways of the Blairs' host, who caused international alarm two years ago with a scheme that would have made it easy for drug barons to launder money in the Seychelles.

Sitting in her cramped one-bedroom flat in Leicester, Karen, who survives on a State pension, income support and housing benefit, told how she had put the President on the path to success.

She said: "I was used by Albert. I saw my husband through his student days in London when he never had any money.

"He was studying law and I was working to pay all the bills. He used me to finance his early career. But when I was no longer of any use to him, he just chucked me aside."

"He has never provided maintenance for either me or our daughter."

Karen had even moved with her husband to the Seychelles, in the Indian Ocean, when he got a job at its Supreme Court and she gave birth there to their daughter, Pandora. But her husband was in the early days of his career and because they were struggling to make ends meet, Karen and the baby returned to England.

Anonymous said...

Karen stayed with her parents in London until her husband was able to follow her. But after a brief period back together in England, he suddenly announced that he was leaving her.

Karen said: "He had been having an affair with my best friend Renee Buttle and had got her pregnant.

"He left Pandora and I in this country while he went back to pursue his political career in his own islands.

"Renee left her husband William for him and followed him to the Seychelles."

His new English woman gave birth to their love-child in the Seychelles. But within a few months, she had been ditched by him too and had to return to Britain.

"Serves her right," said Karen. "I think Albert had hoped he would get some of her money. I don't know where she is these days. I've never kept in touch with her since then." Karen had to bring up Pandora on her own, surviving on social security. "I had a very rough time, it was extremely difficult. I was left totally penniless.

"I couldn't get at him for any money because he was in the Seychelles and he was a qualified barrister, so how could I fight him?

"I didn't get a penny. My daughter and I had just had to survive."

Karen added: "He has at least two illegitimate daughters in the Seychelles, apart from the son Mrs Buttle bore him."

Karen said that Rene later came back over to England to divorce her because he wanted to re-marry, but she did not get any financial settlement.

He wanted a divorce to marry widowed mother-of-three Geva Savy. But yesterday Geva told how the womanising President dumped her for another woman.

Geva, who married him the year before he became Prime Minister, and two years before he became President in a coup, said: "I know that women liked him. They were forever chasing him and imposing on him.

"You know what women are like. They like to chase a man for his position."

Geva, head of the National Council for Children in the Seychelles, added: "I suppose he was in a very vulnerable position and maybe he had his weaknesses and he could not resist, I don't know.

"I never questioned him about his women until one day he came to me and said he wanted a divorce. I did not even fight it.

"I just accepted it, because once a man wants to leave you, you do not achieve anything by fighting it. He got married again soon afterwards."

Rene dumped Geva four years ago for beautiful Sara Zarquani, a civil servant at the Seychelles' education ministry. She gave birth to a baby girl before he had divorced Geva.

Iranian-born Sara, now his third wife, gave birth to their second daughter four months ago.

The President was last night described as a "typical Seychellian, a womaniser" by Carl St Ange, a former Government minister who worked under Rene in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

But it is not just his sex life that has caused concern among observers.

The playboy President also has a dubious reputation for financial wheeler-dealing.

After the Seychelles obtained independence from Britain in 1976, he was made Prime Minister.

A year later, he ousted his friend, James Mancham, from the Presidency, seizing control when his onetime political ally, Mancham, was attending a conference in Britain.

With the backing of Communist North Korea and the former East German regime, he imposed a Marxist state.

Anonymous said...

But after the collapse of the Soviet Bloc, he began to steer the islands away from Socialism, establishing the Seychelles as a tax haven.

There was an international outcry over a proposed law that would grant diplomatic immunity in the Seychelles to anyone with at least pounds 6 million to invest, regardless of their criminal past.

The Bill, known as the Economic Development Act, was withdrawn after worldwide protests.

A second scheme of his, also later withdrawn, involved a cash-for- nationality deal.

Wealthy investors from Hong Kong and Russia were offered nationality and a Seychelles' passport in return for giving its government pounds 15,000 in cash.

By the time the deal came to public attention, 200 people had already been allowed in.

Last year Lady Chalker, when she was John Major's Overseas Development Minister, cancelled a scheduled visit at short notice.

She was reportedly advised that the President would refuse to discuss allegations that the islands were being extensively used by money-launderers.

Despite two attempts to oust him, he has stayed in power for 21 years.

Living in a 12-bedroom mansion on the main island, Mahe, he travels around the islands in a four-wheel drive jeep.

He is always accompanied by two army jeeps - one in front, the other behind - filled with bodyguards armed with machine guns.

Anonymous said...

The former Marxist, who once relied on his 'British wife to feed him, now plays host to world leaders and counts his fortune in the sun-kissed tax haven.

It is understood that an informal invitation to visit the Seychelles - where 70,000 people live on more than 100 isles - was extended to Mr Blair at last autumn's Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Edinburgh.

Mr Blair, his wife Cherie, her mum Gale Booth, and their three children Euan, 13, Nicholas, 12, and Kathryn, nine, spent a week on the President's exclusive L'Union Estate on La Digue isle.

The house's verandah was the setting for a steamy scene from the Seventies' soft-porn movie Emmanuelle, featuring actress Sylvia Kristel.

The beautiful location of the isle, famous for its giant tortoises, has made it a favourite destination of the wealthy, such as Richard Branson, who can rent it out for around pounds 300 a night.

The Blairs' visit was regarded as a public-relations coup for the 62- year-old President who had his VIP visitors round for tea at his State House.

Mr Blair was accompanied on his holiday by Special Branch officers and a small Downing Street entourage.

The taxpayer footed the bill for the Prime Minister's official entourage.

But Mr Blair paid for his family's flights, although it was unclear whether the President waived the normal fee for use of the villa.

It has been under the President's control since the estate was seized by his government 16 years ago after legislation that gave him compulsory purchase powers.

Its previous owners are seeking compensation. Herbert Mittermayer, from Germany, bought the estate for pounds 1.5million in 1976 and spent a further pounds 1.5million renovating it.

Anonymous said...

His son, Klaus, 39, is now fighting for pounds 18million in damages.

Back in Leicester, Karen, 66, would give no details about the whereabouts of the President's daughter Pandora, 39, other than to say she was married and works in the legal field.

She said: "The only reason why I've kept my married name is for the benefit of my daughter.

"I wouldn't want her to have name which is different from mine which makes her look illegitimate ...she's not."

Anonymous said...

Rene dumped Geva four years ago for beautiful and... Sara Zarquani, a servant. She gave birth to a baby girl before he had divorced Geva

Anonymous said...

what I dont want to understand is that blair is a croock too. and the british government is involved in coruption in the seychelles. C&W are involved in that too.

Anonymous said...

and the father of Christopher Gill is the man who puts his tikolor in his manman or the man who bring him up? Whats your point?

Patrick X said...

And James Michel's father? Was that the one who brought him up or the one who put his tikolor in his manman? I believe there is similar dispute about Rene's 'father' too, not to mention the real father of his stepsons.

So based on that I'd say Gill is the right man for the job as prezident since we're in the tradition of having the country run by bastards.

Besides, who in Seychelles really knows who's kololor was used to make who the way we are 'bez piten konman lera'?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

lol zactly. All we are doing is making Seselwa look like lera to others. Seselwa dont give a shit about this. So whats the point?

Patrick X said...

Looks like the rope is tightening around Krejcir's neck:

The South African courts have now decided to reopen the extradition case against Radovan Krejcir.

Question is, where will he run to now? Maybe Michel will welcome him back with open arms as he has an election ahead. Then again with the new Sugar Daddy Khalifa, there is a fair chance that the game he's been playing will end in 'Czech Mate' or rather 'Czech Inmate'

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Who solf Krevicjir the fake passport?

Anonymous said...

Who else than the criminal gang PP.The passport was not even sold but gifted to him .

Jeanne D`Arc

Patrick X said...

An officer got the blame and was dismissed from his job. There was never any prosecution cased raised against the officer who claims that he was handling upon orders from higher up in the system. The fact that he was never prosecuted pretty much confirms who gave the orders of issueing Krejcir an authentic fake passport.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Your silly system sold me the passport.
And I had to invest 8 million dollars to save you, your grandmas from starving .

If the passport was fake me dont care. You are all fake people from seychelles, fake internet politians, -you all look like the ALKA's press realease on Aljazira TV station and nothing more.

Radovan Krejcir
I invite you all to the Farm to grow mangoes.

Anonymous said...

Ok Radovan-

You say the government sold you a fake passport and you spent 8 Million Dollars to save us.

You claim that you were implementing or applying a system in place.

You sound like a victim of a bad system.I can understand that.

Who told you to spend $8 Million to save Seychelles?

Who sold you the fake passport?

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...


We are not only on the internet. We have file dparty registration papers, we have an office, bought a high production printer, and we are on the ground moving forward.

I will prove you wrong about Seychellois, because the SPPF are a bad example of what Seychellois are.

While they would be good at planting mangoes, I myself and my family, could do that, but we chose not to, since I believe the Farrari family had mastered that a long time ago.

We would be grateful for the information requested.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I had to write the cheque to a guy called Peter Gill.


Anonymous said...


Peter Gill has not lived in Seychelles since 1981.That cannot be.

He has since died, and his ashes scattered at the lighthouse of Port Victoria, according to his last wish.

You have attempted to beguil the name of a man that rests in peace, that is the author of "Sesel Pou Seselwa".

He handed it to Rene, and Rene betrayed the principle, on June 5th , 1977.

Today, only collaborators of PL to sell our patrimony, say that Sesel Pou Seselwa does not apply.

Why? Because they benefit directly from the betrayal of our people.

You are not Radovan, you are a PL Collaborator.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I wrote the cheque. I have a copy. Why do you sweat?

Anonymous said...

Fake Pl Collaborator, posing as Krevicjir:

As you are a fake, you can write a fake check anytime and place any name on it.

Your modus operandi underlying your comments, only confirm one thing: you are silly.

If you are silly, it means you are a Board Member of Air Seychelles Domestic.

As you are the lead commentor, I can only reasonably conclude, you are the Chairman of the Board of Air Seychelles Domestic.

It is you that must go for Air Seychelles to survive.

That assertion, is already in the article. Now, James Michel only has to do the necessary for Air Seychelles Domestic.

When he does, I will personally applaude him.

It's never too late to do the right thing, even when it is late.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

This is Gill. He asks the question, when he gets the answer he runs with his tail between his legs.

You see too many ghosts when you sleep. Get help man!


Anonymous said...

this message that i quoted below is from a fake Radovan.
quote"I had to write the cheque to a guy called Peter Gill.


second thing:
Since i came to seychelle, I who Christopher Gill (for sure not Christpohe Columbus looking for his roots in AMERICAS)is and hwere he lived -I know the descendant of your family. I forgot your uncle's Chinese name!

You are an investigator, arenot you? so if you investigate you will find out were my money went.

I know a few things about before and after 1977.

Stop barking you all lot. show me your teeth. even the somalien can protest on high sea against foreign occupation (- by piracy)

What about you? I know you guys have been on political forums 2000years before Jesus Christ came.

Just count with me (from TEX's forum)how forums you have destroyed until this new blog.

All are pretty much boring same shit,same repetition, same faces -even anonymous.
I know you well C.G. plse dont lecture me on where you migrated or born.
-I need to go and check my biz in SA banana court.

{Radovan Krejcir
is still running.}

Anonymous said...

Christ for christ sake!
How can you prove that I am not me myself.

did you see my INTERPOL'S site.
very sexy eh!! and you want to to say it is not me..

Anonymous said...

It looks like Krejcir admire you Gill. He recognise and admire someone like himself.

Anonymous said...

eh: ban donner gren, ban revolisyonner; how are u all doing?
lets fight..!

Anonymous said...

i forgot to sign ma name to the above.

Anonymous said...


That is the different with communism ,we can argue,we can fight but at least we have a choice and it is your legitimate right , a right which PP has for the last forty years forbid you to practice and STAR has given you the opportunity to do so.That is one of the many reasons why we need to get rid of PP in order that you can exercise your freedom of expression as it should be in a democratic society.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...


That is the different with communism ,we can argue,we can fight but at least we have a choice and it is your legitimate right , a right which PP has for the last forty years forbid you to practice and STAR has given you the opportunity to do so.That is one of the many reasons why we need to get rid of PP in order that you can exercise your freedom of expression as it should be in a democratic society.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

eoula Jean d'arc, leur ou koz ek mwan pa bezwen ki tremble -e tap enter de fwa.
Do you know the trinity -lepere lefils, le ste espri.

the correct trinity in Sesel is me: SPUP, SPPF, PP.
I am the SPUP, I am the SPPF, I am the PP.
I gave you freedom more than 30 years ago.

I have some bad news for you:
The sppf has sold one of trwa fer's mountain head to the arabs,
on the right head they will erect the half moon,
in the middle we will have the cross,

now we are trying to sell the far left head to the jews, to put a star up there.

i refer AKS against the star.


Anonymous said...

correction: "prefer" and not "refer"

Anonymous said...

it is bad news for the people of this country but also another reason why we should topple PP.foreigners biulding on our mountains must keep in mind that Sesel Pou seselwa and if Michel has made them believe "Sesel pou entranze" they will sooner than latter realize that they were all wrong,because once we topple PP we are to take over our land from them.Why?Because they optained them illegally.

Taking about the Jews as you do is a good example of Racism.

Jeanne D`Arc

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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