Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Sale of La Misere Land
To Sheik Khalifa Illegal
The health crisis of the residents of La Misere has received international coverage, on CNN I- Report, AFP, and Star Seychelles, Seychelles E –News and other media outlets. The plight of the residents affected by Delo Kaka is now common knowledge the world over.

Sheik Khalifa in Abu Dhabi according to the SBC is watching and listening carefully for the news and settlement of the case by ASCON. Construction of the Sheik's project at La Misere has stopped (supposedly) and some workers have been moved over to the Military Coast Guard Base project at Ile Preserverance while others have already left the country. This time, workers are working for TROJAN Construction company, another UAE company in Seychelles, sent by the autocrat Sheik Khalifa from the UAE. The tragedy of La Misere has taken a life of its own, the skeletons are coming out of the closets one by one, day by day.

SNP fanatics better buy an extra bottle of Panadol. SPPF and PP, you need a jar of ENO.

Sale of Ex- United States Tracking Station Site
The sale of two (2) plots to Sheik Khalifa, we were told were to be a gift to the 'chief' to entice him to fall in love with Seychelles, and encourage him to spend his wealth here.
One plot was sold for Scr. 500,000.00 and another was sold for Scr. 1.0 according to the registered deeds. A prominent SNP MNA had done initial deeds of transfer for Khalifa to buy land in Seychelles, mostly Barbarons properties. We will research all deeds and get a complete picture of who has done what.

However, James Michel said in a meeting with the Committee of La Misere that the sale for Scr. 1.0 never took place and much more money was in fact paid. All the deeds indicate that stamp duty was free of charge and no taxes paid either.
Whether or not the land was sold for Scr. 1.0 or Scr. 5.00 five (5) times the registered sale price is not relevant. What is relevant is that under the SPPF and now the PP, there is a systematic effort to sell out our patrimonial properties that belong to us only as Seychellois, to numerous countless foreign elements and individuals. Sheik Khalifa is only one of them. There are many. Most of these transactions that involve State land are being done illegally and the Notary Public for the transactions know they are illegal and they are completing the sales under stamp and seal of their office. These Notary Public officials are major Collaborators with the SPPF to sell out our country for a few pieces of silver. There are a number of key personas in the conspiracy. The collaborators to sell our patrimony includes SNP leadership. This, we are 100% .

People of Seychelles open your eyes. Sheik Khalifa’s money has contaminated the Opposition and PP just like Siva’s money has. We need to change course and change it fast to save our country and guarantee our people’s place in our homeland.
In spite of those who sell out Seychelles each day, we must say to them in un-bashful terms: "Sesel Pou Seselwa". Embarrass them publically without mercy until they fully disclose their collaboration with the SPPF and PP and JJ Spirit “Sell Baby Sell” program.

Alienation of State Land
State Land and Rivers Reserves Act Cap 228, provides:

6 (1). "No portion of State Land may be disposed of by free grant or at any other than its full value...except in cases of religious charitable or educational purposes or public utility".

(7) All sales of State Land shall be by Public Auction or by public tender, provided that sales of State Land up to five (5) acres may be effected by private contract.

The sale of the La Misere plots of State Land violated these key provisions of the State Land and Rivers Reserves Act. No Tender was offered, no Public Auction ever took place. The SPPF in complicity with the opposition Notary Public, broke Seychelles laws to stroke the Sheik from UAE. How much he was paid for this bad deed and sell out of our patrimony, he can tell us.

We have no time for Collaborators who conspire with the SPPF and PP to sell out Seychellois patrimonial lands and resources that belong to the People of Seychelles.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!...... Call us extremists if you like, Seychelles is not for sale, bunch of sell outs!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

Very reasonable Mr. Gill, let the Public name and shame.

Let us see where the dominos end.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Clean house while you still can. Sooner or later, it will not belong to Seychelles.

Anonymous said...

did anyone mention freemasons?

Mr. Gill, you are so naive. you dont know about the secret agreements...

Anonymous said...

Tell Ace Sabadin about the secret agreements, don't call me naive.

I am no fool.

C Gill

Anonymous said...

Tell Ace Sabadin about the secret agreements, don't call me naive.

I am no fool.

C Gill

Anonymous said...

you are not a fool, just naive, like many other good people in the seychelles. the reason why the latest sales are hidden is for reasons you do not know. I must say, the truth is shocking. keep on investigating, but be careful with what you find.

Patrick X said...

This is absolutely nwes for the IMF I'd say. Great example the government is stating when they break their own laws. Good work Chris, keep it up and let the world know what kind of snakes we have in the Garden of Eden.

Anonymous said...

Please refresh my memory as to when the gifted land at La Misere including the now famous Kennedy Road from the Church to the summit were put to "Tender/Auction" as you say Chrissy Pissy. And please pull out from the Register the date and day Philco that carried out the Major Works was registered in Seychelles.

Rene demanded yearly rent of 250.000 dollars from the Americans as a contribution to our Socio and Economic requirements then and today HRH Khalifa has and is still donating massive sums of money on an ongoing basis.

And by the way you big stoopid, it just shows the Class of the Man for ordering his Private Air Ambulance to be diverted so as to pick our injured children from Mahe to Medical assistance.

As for you Christopher Gill, you deserve a Kick in the Backside. Nothing more and nothing less.

Regards TI KREOLE LE O. And I do hope that you choke on your poisson fri Kouyon.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Patrick X-

This is the tip of the iceberg.

Next week we unload major scam that IMF will be put on notice of.

All this while SNP leadership Committee zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Tikolor,we never take independence then to turn ourselves as begglars.Pere Hoaureau charity is long gone.

To Kalifa's plane,shows in fact how PP has bankrupted all our systems in place that our hospitals couldn^t delivered such tretment.

You said Chris doesn't know the secret,you know why booby?,becuase it is still a secret otherwise it won't be called a secret.This secret will sooner than later come out to light just as the whereabouts of our u$2,5 missing billion.

MRS is in fact become a pain in the A.. for PP and its twine-brother SNP.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

New York City
New York (CNN) -- Plans to build a mosque two blocks away from ground zero have set off an emotional debate among area residents and relatives of victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.
Cordoba House project calls for a 15-story community center including a mosque, performance art center, gym, swimming pool and other public spaces.
The project is a collaboration between the American Society for Muslim Advancement and the Cordoba Initiative, both of which work to improve relations with followers of the religion.
The two groups presented their vision to part of the Community Board of lower Manhattan on Wednesday night.
Ro Sheffe, a board member who attended the meeting, said the project did not need to get the board's approval.
"They own the land, and their plans don't have any zoning changes," Sheffe said. "They came to us for our opinions and to let us know their plans. It was purely voluntary on their part."
The 12 members who were at the meeting voted unanimously to support the project. Community board members are appointed by the borough president and serve as advisers to the borough president and the mayor's office.
Daisy Khan, executive director of the Muslim society, described her vision of a center led by Muslims, but serving the community as a whole.
"It will have a real community feel, to celebrate the pluralism in the United States, as well as in the Islamic religion," Khan said. "It will also serve as a major platform for amplifying the silent voice of the majority of Muslims who have nothing to do with extremist ideologies. It will counter the extremist momentum."

Anonymous said...

The need for the center is twofold, Khan said, because it will support the needs of the growing Muslim community.
"The time for a center like this has come because Islam is an American religion," Khan said. "We need to take the 9/11 tragedy and turn it into something very positive."
Sheffe said a community center for lower Manhattan residents is "desperately needed." The area was mostly commercial, Sheffe said, but as more people move downtown, the lack of residential amenities is a problem.
The project got mixed reviews from families and friends of September 11 victims.
"I think it's the right thing to do," said Marvin Bethea, who was a paramedic at ground zero. "I lost 16 friends down there. But Muslims also got killed on 9/11. It would be a good sign of faith that we're not condemning all Muslims and that the Muslims who did this happened to be extremists. As a black man, I know what it's like to be discriminated against when you haven't done anything."
Herbert Ouida, whose son was killed in the attacks, supports the project as a way to bridge cultural divide.
"I understand the anger, the bitterness and hatred, but it only generates more hatred," Ouida said. "Such a large part of the world has this faith, and to say anyone who has this faith is a terrorist, it's terrible."
Others decried the idea of building a mosque so close to where their relatives died.
"Lower Manhattan should be made into a shrine for the people who died there," said Michael Valentin, a retired city detective who worked at ground zero. "It breaks my heart for the families who have to put up with this. I understand they're [building] it in a respectful way, but it just shouldn't be down there."
Others such as Barry Zelman said the site's location will be a painful reminder.
"[The 9/11 terrorists] did this in the name of Islam," Zelman said. "It's a sacred ground where these people died, where my brother was murdered, and to be in the shadows of that religion, it's just hypocritical and sacrilegious. "
However, Khan emphasized that the attacks killed Muslims, too.
"Three hundred of the victims were Muslim, that's 10 percent of the victims," she said. "We are Americans too. The 9/11 tragedy hurt everybody including the Muslim community. We are all in this together and together we have to fight against extremism and terrorism."
Cordoba House is still in its early stages of development. The American Society for Muslim Advancement is hoping to raise funds for the center to be completed in three to five years.

Patrick X said...

Chris, as I and several others have said repeatedly: The so-called opposition, i.e SNP, is bought and paid for and may just as well change their name to SNPL. I look forward to furter revelations coming to light.

Keep it up, but keep your head down. I once made a comment about who one should fear more, PL or SNP where I said I thought that the PL were worse, this with regards to one's own safety after speaking out loud. A fellow blogger replied "think again!". He is so right.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Soon the truth about Chris and SNP will be reveal and people would know who is Chris really working for and who is SNP really working for!

You all have been warn!

Anonymous said...

It is obvious the Chris Gill has a political agenda. He has admitted as such. One of the tactics of politicians is to discredit the opponent. One such way is to spead lies and another is to divulge the truth. So if Gill says/writes anything that is untrue about Ramkalawan/SNP leaders should it not be the truth, Ramkalawan/SNP can always take Gill to court for libel/diffamation. What the SNP apologists (like the one above) are trying to do is paint Gill as an agent of the SPPF. Does Gill tactics differ from what Ramkalawan/SNP used/did when they were a minority in opposition to the Mancham/DP?

There are facts which are easily verifiable and unrebuuted. Gill has accused SNP leaders of accepting money from SIVA. SNP has not denied that. It is to be noted that SNP abstained from voting when it came to appting Siva as embasador? Why? Bernard Georges acted as Notary for Kalifa to purchase property at Barbarons, Georges admitted as such, his name appears on documents. Yet at same time SNP cries that Seychelles is being sold to foreigners. If you are a politician which soi disant place nationlism on its agenda, does it necessarily follow that you should not be participating in allowing foreigners to buy properties in Seychelles. SNP votes alongside SPPF to increase own salaries when they know a devaluation is a few days away, is that ok?

My point is SNP bury its head in the sand and hope all their misdeeds would just fly away and nobody says anything about it. Those who dares speak about it are treated the same way SPPF/PL deals with its opponents. How sad!



Anonymous said...

For those Seychellois who still believe this is a joke, here's the real scenario that is developing in Seychelles:

1. A mosque the size of the Catholic Church is about to be unveiled for Victoria. Another one for Barbarons side in the near future.

2. Young men without jobs are now being recruited and being paid to become Muslims. These are our catholic brothers my friends.

3. Soon, the young men will become "militants" and will become Islamic fanatics.

4. They will end up forcing their young Seychellois wives to convert to Islam, wear a burka and hide their faces.

5. Then we will have Burkinis on our beaches. No more lovely Seychellois girls and their great bodies for us to look at.

6. Laws will be passed by Parti Lepep that will ban topless swimming or topless tanning on our beaches. Bye bye European tourists.

7. Sharia law will creep in. One of these young Islamic fanatics will stone his wife to death for some reason, and our courts will have to turn a blind eye and state that this is not murder as it is part of Sharia law that the young man was following and practicing. Bye bye English and French laws.

8. Our Coco-de-Mer stamp is gone from our passports only to be replaced by a square box. Thank you Khalifa and James Michel.

9. The beautiful La Misere river is now called "SHIT CREEK".

10. The once beautiful mountain and vista of La Misere hills have been scarred forever by Sheik Khalifa's monstrosity of a palace. Shame on you James Michel for allowing this.

11. The residents of La Misere have been dealt the joker card by James Michel and Joel Morgan. Paying them 12,000 rupees from the State coffers is a disgrace James Michel. The rest of the taxpapers of Seychelles have to bear the brunt of your stupid mistakes you bloody moron!

Anonymous said...

12. Sheik Khalifa is giving us money to build our new coast guard base. Why can't we build it ourselves? Simple. Because Albert, Mukesh, Michel, Adam and the Savy brothers have stolen all the money. Meanwhile, the Sheik will be protected and the mosque will be used for prayers... by whom may I ask if not UAE muslims? Unless of course all our seychellois coast guards are being converted to Islam soon. Wonder if the IDIOT of the Century James Michel has converted already? After all, he has more women than Albert Rene!

13. Sheik Khalifa is giving us 2 generators for PUC. Why can't we buy our own? Same reason as above. Albert, Mookie and Michel have taken us to the cleaners while their overseas bank accounts are overflowing.

14. Plantation Club Hotel was stolen from the Davison family by James Michel so that he could give it to another bunch of Arabs who bring in prostitutes for their carnal pleasures. So instead of real tourism for our country, we now have Arab sex slaves. But the curse of Dr. Davison will remain and soon, one of these Arab sheiks will meet a bad ending in Seychelles. The curse is already on Michel.

15. Michel, the United States is watching your every move with these Arabs closely. The Christian world is watching you too. So are the Chinese and the Indians. If you want an Islamic state for Seychelles, you better watch your back. Even Sarah Rene is on the alert even though Albert is away for medical treatment; not in an Arab state mind you.

16. James Michel has been a traitor from June 5th 1977. He is still a traitor who continues to steal from the people of Seychelles. He used to shout Sesel pou Seselwa with Albert in the olden days. Today, he is selling our country to foreigners and the Arabs especially. We must stop him in a any way we can. And take the likes of Morgan and Faure along too.

17. IDC boat Enterprise caught on fire this weekend on its way to Remir with cosntruction material. We hear that Glenny Savy has sold a couple more islands to the South Africans, including Remir who once belonged to Albert Rene. Go ahead Glenny, tell us the truth. Go ahead SBC, do your job and ask him.

Enough for one day.

URS said...

Can someone tell me; Is it ok that the la Misere Residence be given socail assistance from public fund or they should be compensated. How will the Money be refunded back to the public fund. I suggest this money could have been used in situation like natural disaster, in the case of La Misere it was more like a negligent.

Please me to understand how this business of using public fund are used and where.

Anonymous said...

To the last comment:

James Michel can pull money out from almost anywhere because they are above the constitution and the laws of this country.

However, the real source of the money may also come from the right pocket as Mr. Gill pointed out to give credit to the SPP goverment, pretending that they do care after 6 months. To offer this financial assistance, one has to admit to ceratin wrong doings first, but this has not happened officially yet. It is virtually a bribe to the vitims..a bribe to shut up


Patrick X said...


The 'compensation' stunt of paying the residents SR 12.000 is a mere pre-election stunt like the oens the SPPF puylled prior to the previous election. Ony then they gave away mnoney in the form of reduction of loans or amortizing loans completely. Unfortunately now they cannot do so as the IMF is watching them with ebady eyes so they use the 'disaster' as an excuse. Mind you, SR 1000 per month is a good sum of money for an average household, money which most probably will be spent on anything else than the PUC bill. With SR 1000 a household can get about 6-8 bottles of gas, a major part of an annual consumption I'd say.

This of course will divert the attention from Michel's cock-up and now with the Ascon workers pretty much gone he can beat his chest and say 'I made them leave'. The fact is that they probably would have left anyway as their wor was done and for every Ascon worker gone, 2 new ones will come to start building various projects for Khalelefa.

Then of course after recieving SR 1000, the conscience of the people will be rather mild when asking for compensation as the officials will be able to say 'yeah, but you've already been getting SR 1000 every month....'.

Now you all know why JAM took so long time to react? So that the workers could finish and leav on schedule of course. Will Ascon ever pay? Probably not as they'll be gone and replaced by another cover-up company also owned by the same people. And there is not a fucking thing anyone will be able to do about it as they have been let off the hook by James Michel and his adminstration.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

There is something we can do. Burn the palace down and all La Misere residents should start raising pigs.Every time Khalifa shows up, let some pigs roam around La Misere and shit around his gates and on his property. It should not take long for him to get the message that we are shitting on him for a change. Let him ask for compensation from his cock-sucking, ass-licking friends James Michel and Joel Morgan. Maybe they can give Khalifa Twelve Thousand Rupees to shut him up. Michel and Morgan, you are a disgrace to your people and you should resign. As for Khalifa, he will regret ever setting foot in seychelles one day. Along with all his arab clan. Arabs go home and take those 2 camels of yours Michel and Morgan with you.

Anonymous said...

Good idea,we could also prepare a good "well- done" steak for Khalifa,it is believed that he fancy pig meats.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

He already has several Seychellois pigs working for him.

Anonymous said...

One of the claimed goals of the single-party state and coups d'état was (1) Equality (2) Fraternity ... Let us focus on the first issue which is equality and the famous political words of redistribution of resources and wealth (i.e. land).

Without wasting time, I point out that many ordinary people in the Seychelles are still on a waiting list in the past two decades for a small parcel of land. In each district there are over 1000 people on the waiting list. Many have even offered their hard cash for a small parcel of land while others without the cash hope for something magical to happen. It is a constant force between demand and supply issue for our own land. Therefore, it is not strange to find that land or having a house is a political tool used by the SPP at every election.
When we ask for a parcel of land less than a quarter of a hectare to live on peacefully with our family we are informed that the list is very long and people have to wait. Finally, many families are waiting and waiting while these corrupt politicians’s gives away our land for R1. In return the Sheik gives us gifts. In this modern world the issue of gifts easily translates into corruption and charity. This is what is stipulated even in the Public Service Order (PSO) in the Seychelles regarding gifts. So gifts are actually acts of corruption when there is a lack of transparency and accountably on what has been negotiated.


I am not asking for redistribution of land (a typical socilaist paradigm) but equity in oppotunity to buy.

Seriously, for the first time the issue of land has become a key agenda and is an opportunity for advocating for real change in the Seychelles, but this requires extra momentum-

A campaign should be centred on the issue of equity. Today, I am not only expressing my views but I am also officially declaring and calling for a political agenda and theme for the next coming election centred on:


And this adds to the other theme already centred on:



Anonymous said...

mon annan en mesaz pou bann escobar sesel,dan plas fer vini lapoud akoz pa fer vini en pe zarm na kas likimanman jam avek son bann klik

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill. Read below.
la detaytravay ki Mr. Georges in fer pour
Sheikh Khalifa.
Le 21 Desanm 1994, Sheikh
Khalifa, ki sa letan ti ankor en
...Prens, ti apros Mr. Georges pou
azir koman son avoka pou
negosye lavant en later Barbarons
avek Gouverman. Mr. Georges ti
swiv tou prosedir e gouvernman ti
vann sa later ki ti donn 10 arpan
pour $600,000. Nimero sa later i
B1478. Sa i sel lavant ki Mr.
Georges in fer pour sa imsye, e i
nepli avoka Sheikh Khalifa.
I enteresan pou war ki apre sa,
Gouvernman in deside vann en
morso later 2.5 arpan avek Sheikh
Khalifa pour $500,000 e 3 lot
morso ki donn 27 arpan pour R1.
I pa Mr. Georges ki ti azir
koman avoka pour lavant later La
Misère ant Gouvernman ek
Sheikh Khalifa. Alor i enportan
pour dimoun ganny sa kler akoz
tro soufan Mr. Michel i anvi trenn
dimoun avek li dan son salte e
alor i fer sa kalite politik bon
marse. Parey en dimoun ki pe
noye, Mr. Michel pe esey atrap
tou lapay pou sov son lavi.
Sa i vreman malere akoz pour
Mr. Michel, koz manti avek lepep
Seselwa zis pour li ganny en lavantaz
politik i normal. I dan son natir.
I ti dir byen for ki i pe kennsel GOP
bann travayer ASCON. Ki diferans
i fer kan zot in fini travay?
Anplis zot pann pey GOP e tousala
i larzan ki nou pei in perdi.
Nou espere ki i kler pour Mr.
Michel e pour tou Seselwa ki
Mr. Bernard Georges i pa avoka
Sheikh Khalifa depi 1994. Mr.
Michel in vann 27 arpan later
La Misere avek sa imsye pour
R1. Lepep Seselwa pa pou zanmen
bliy sa.

Now before you make any more false accusations get your facts right. if not STFU

Distinctly Seychellois
AsSeychellois Asweare

Anonymous said...

Isn't the fact that Mr Georges facilitated the buying of Seychelles land by a foreigner in conflict with the prinicples of SNP being 'Sesel pour Seselwa' and the selling of our patrimoine against this principle?

If i was Mr Georges, if not by sheer morality not say political conviction i would have abstained from doing this deal!


Anonymous said...

So every notary and lawyer who has provided service where land has been sold to a foreigner should have abstained? There will be no lawyer left in Seychelles.

Who makes the law in your version of democracy? the lawyers?

Patrick X said...

Since Bernard Georges as a laywyer participated in the sale of land in conflict with the law, then I'd say he is either totally incompetent or he also got his share of the cake. Now maybe that can be defined as another arrow pointing in the direction of SNP and their lack of fighting spirit against the PL who literally own their ass now. En pli move ki lot foutou.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Si en avoka I defann en kriminel ankour, eski sa I vedir I pe siport kriminel or he is just doing his wrk!

The only traitor is Christopher Gill & sppf! They are the only one who had turn their back on Seychellois!

Anonymous said...

Reply to Beer Bottle Leader of SNP and his side kick unknown-

Since you lost the plot, allow me:
The scene is this:
A micro island state, with severely limited land and an over run by different Arab Royal families in land grabbing, and settling in with imported faithful follower of Islam to a quiet Christain based society to serve royal familes from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE.

Act I:
Land sales have been going on for years, with lawyers from SNP and SPPF doing the deals and making money at the expesne of Seychllois patrimony being sold forever;

Act II:

SNP remains silent for over 15 years until the light that shines on SPPF and PP accidentally drops in on them due to incompetent leadership at the helm;

Act III:

SNP Nationalist Party, no longer nationalist, but b/c opportunists;

Act IV:

Gill exposes SNP along with SPPF and PP for selling our patrimony.

Act V:

SNP blames Gill for doing a good job. Calls him names, and gets mad at Gill for ruining their little private show between Ferrari Ramkalawan, Mancienne, and Georges, which numerous people could not take already and resigned to save face early;

Act VI:

Seychellois people pick up the pieces and move on.

Closing Scene:

Pathetic Indeed!

Anonymous said...

Seeing MSR Facebook page will not allow me to publish this without entering my phone no I have no option but to paste it here.

Mr Gill are you paranoid. Have you not got the message that I am not Wavel Ramkalawan.It is i that said you have blocked an access that stops the buses that cannot go to Anse La Blague when the roads from turning round. The buses that are taking your fellow Seselwa rasinn that you lead us to beleive that you care so much for. Not Wavel Ramkalawan.

Talking of land transactions. Did you not once have a shady land transaction with an Italian woman that led to your Mercedes being seized by the supreme court and sold off. Was that italian not a foreigner trying to by some seychelles patrimoine.

Mr Gill. If the people of La Misesre want Bernard Georges to step down they have the right to ask him to. It is not you a resident of baie Ste Anne to decide for them. Anyway you are a lawyer. Did you offer any legal assistance. Did the ghost leadership comittee of MSR offer any assistance.

Now Mr Gill, stop trying to fool the people with the following statement." Additionally, thank your lucky stars Weekly and star covered the photo of the Coast Guard base, soon after Regar did, or else Ronnie Govinden would have already locked you up on charges. By printing it, we defended Free Speech and the Right of Free Press. Something Regar would not do if it had to."
The simple reason that it has not been done is because no law has been violated and they have no ground to prosecute regar . PP and SBC just used the raid and JoMo's statement to try and brainwash the Seychellois people.

Stop trying to fool the people Mr Gill. SNP is stronger than it has ever been. They have a proper structure and constitution. They have a comittee and everyone knows who they are. They are not like MSR with an invisible leadership comittee, no constitution or structure in place. The reason why James Michel has made 2 visits to praslin in the past month is because SNP are winning over his supporters. You claim to have registered your party over a month ago with signatures of Ti men that were paid Scr100 each.. Where is your comittee, where is your constitution. Get up from behind that computer screen and do some real political work. Visit the people listen to their problems maybe offer them some assistance where you can. Then maybe people will take you seriously.

Distinctly Seychellois

AsSeychellois Asweare

Anonymous said...

Beer Bottle Leader-

Today, you are everywhere, MSR Face, Star, wow, good work.

The blocked road to Anse La Blague Beer Bottle Leader, is lined with 6 rocks. It is to my house site on Praslin.

The Anse La Blague road is open for now. If Land Transport needs a lay bye or larger road, they can negotiate it themselves.

Now, why are you Beer Bottle,doing SPPF's PP Land Transport's work on Star and Face? Are you collaborating again, like Georges did when he circumventing the State Lands and Rivers Act to sell land to Khalifa?

Beer Bottle Leader, you are pathetic.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Wrong again Chris Gill.

The Land Transport Authorities can resume any land at any time and at the value the Valuer-General sees fit. And don't you forget that.

I have come to the conclusion that you are too cocky for your own good.

And that Land at Bay St. Anne Gill, was it the reason you crossed the floor Traitor?.

Anonymous said...

Hey gill,

Monn donn lord Minis Tranpor pou investigate si sa access to your future home is actually interfering with the bus transport route and if so, to resume that portion of your land. Who gave you permission to block that access with "rocks" in the first place?. TIKLO.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Razwar-

Land Transport Act is an inferior legislation to the Constitution of Seychelles, that provides, any lands taken or acquired will be paid Fair Market Value.

Under Constitutional Law principles of interpretation of conficting legislation, the Constitution remains paramount to any inferior legislation.

When were you at Cambridge? Was it when they laid the foundational stones?

Now Tiklo u-

The rocks are on private access, under construction. Beer Bottle Leader, who you are supporting thought it was a public road, because it was wider then the public road.

This shows-

1. Beer Bottle is incompetent to inspect roads;

2. SPPF cannot public decent wide enough public roads, for 1000 people that use it each day.


SPPF and Beer Bottle, are inept, both pathetic .

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...


Seselwa suffer at your front gate and Christopher Gill says "Not my problem".

This is the man who claims he has Seselwa interest in his heart.

Anonymous said...

Beer Bottle ,i think BAKA Bottle fits better.If Michel speaks of MSR in his boring speeches,it is not by accident,MRS with Chris at its head are bringing to light PP criminal acts on a weekly basis and that make Michel,Rene worry that justice might be near for them ,something they think would never happen,this make them livi in fear,We will continue to pressure pp until its members face justice.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

James Michel & Joel Morgan can no longer fool the people of Seychelles. Even SPPF Lepep supporters are fed up and I am certain will vote these two out of power soon. The people know that Michel is a weak leader who let Khalifa come in with his Ascon workers without GOP and planeloads because Michel is a fool. He thinks that by allowing Khalifa to build a palace here, Khalifa will take care of him and his cronies, fly him around in private jets, and give Seychelles money for projects like a radiology centre. What Michel the idiot has forgotten is planning. If he was smart, he would budget for projects such as schools, radiology centre, hospitals, judiciary and assembly buildings and so forth. But when was the last time SPPF planned anything, let alone budget for anything that would make us SEychellois proud. Today, our justice and assembly buildings have been built by the Chinese. Our Coast Guards needs donations from India. We need to beg and borrow to survive. Why is that? Simple answer. Michel and Rene do not know about planning. The only thing they know is how to steal and fill their own pockets, and keep their upper level friends in power by corrupting them with bribes, land, contracts etc. The 3 biggest crooks in Seychelles are Rene, Mukesh Valabhji and Michel himself. We need to vote SPPFLepep out if we are ever to recover our dignity. Khalifa is just a drop in the sand and the people of Seychelles can deal with him later when a new party takes over. This is not about SNP, DP, MSR or any other party. The goal should be to remove Parti Lepep once and for all so that we can start planning our future. Destiny will be in our hands finally and not with the idiotic SPPF so-called leaders or in foreign hands. Wake up people.

Anonymous said...

Seselwa are waking up,La Misere residents are in the street,IOT workers were striking on Thursday,truck driversand taxi drivers will be soon.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

I think Michel spoke about a few xenophobic racist opportunist.

If you think the cap fits you and Christopher together, then wear it together Jean D'arc.

I certainly think it will match the T-shirts ;-)

Anonymous said...

Michel is trying to make racism his battle field to divert attention of his mess and crimes.
We have a constitution and rules of law when Michel think he can unilaterally gifted our land,sell our passports to foreigners,import thousands of Indians to the likes of Ramadoss to modify our society in order that PP can artificailly stay on power forever that is not racism it is call Patriotism and we will continue to squeeze his old ass until we get him to justice.

Heyday is over PP.

jeanne DÂrc

Anonymous said...

Who rounded up Irish civil servants and other foreigners on the day of the coup d'etat, kicked them in the arse and then frogmarched them at gun point in their slippers to the airport to take the first available flight out of the country ? It was of course James Michel and his band of drugged traitors armed with AK47 or Armalite or whatever.

It is just as well that the Irish have a short memory or choose not to recall the humiliation heaped on their fellow countrymen in 1977. We'll stick up for Paddy, if some of their mercenary countrymen won't.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha you try to hijack many issues: La Misere, Delo Kaka, IMF, SCCI, IOT, Air Seychelles, Taxi Drivers, Tourism.

But? But in the end you always lose your debates and come back to plain old racism and any excuse to justify it.

The leopard cannot change its spots.

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