Friday, November 26, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Democracy Collapsing In Seychelles Today
It is now over Seventeen (17) years since the Seychelles moved from a one party dictatorship Communist junta regime run by France Albert Rene, to a multi party democracy, that ushered in a new era of hope and bought Rene more time to ply his corrupted ways.

In 1991-1992 the time the Western democracies which included United States, Britain , France, Italy, Germany all collectively placed Seychelles Communist Junta under pressure to make a transition to multi party democracy. All these countries sent high level delegations to Seychelles, to ensure the process was completed and they all helped to keep Rene’s hand to the fire, after the end of the Cold War.

The Commonwealth Observers Played A Critical Role

In the first elections, the Commonwealth Secretariat sent Observers to oversee these elections, and made numerous recommendations to establish a true democratic culture in the Seychelles.

The common Communist Junta response to these recommendations has been that it will take time to implement the recommendations, but they were welcome and that assured the Public and the Commonwealth, they would proceed with best efforts to implement democratic processes and most importantly, respect fundamental human rights and level the political playing field in Seychelles.

In effect, today we know, the Communist Junta was just buying time, and in the meantime, they have stifled Democracy in Seychelles. Today, Democracy is on the verge of collapsing.

Commonwealth Recommendations Totally Ignored

Of all the Commonwealth Observer recommendations in 1993, 1998, 2006, none if any have been put into practice.

Since 1991, we are in terms of democracy, with few exceptions, still in the One Party State Communist Junta Era. Human rights are still not respected, and the concept of equality before the law is still alien. I will elaborate on this later.

Seychelles and World Financial Crisis

As the World refocused on the financial crisis, and Seychelles itself became one of 12 states to default on sovereign bonds, and become the most indebted country in the world per capita in 2008, the focus of the Communist Junta, who had pulled the wool over the eyes of the international community for now 15 years, shifted from giving the impression that Seychelles was implementing democratic processes to literally surviving the bad economic policies of France Albert Rene’s successor James Alix Michel.

With that effort of survive borne out shear desperation, the true nature and intention of Rene and Michel in the early days of October 1991, now comes to light today, for the World to see today.

There was never any true good faith intention to move towards genuine democracy in Seychelles on part of the ruling Communist Junta.

It has all been a sham and a scam exercise on the international community and the People of Seychelles themselves. I highlight the main points below that reveal this. It is an indictment of evasion of democracy by the ruling Communist Junta for 17 years using the tools of violence, intimidation, fear factor.

1. Stringing Mancham Along For Over 17 Years

I have not always agreed with Former President Mancham or his policy of National Reconciliation from a position of weakness. But I know he and many other people have been strung along for 17 years needlessly on property acquisition settlement cases.

While the coup of June 1977 was perpetrated on a Nation, Mancham, since his return has been a financial prisoner of Rene and company, as he has had to endure long settlement negotiations on properties taken after the Coup. This has not strengthened Democracy in Seychelles, it has weakened it Democracy intentionally by the ruling Communist Junta.

2. Overpaying The Opposition

On the eve of Seychelles being declared a Bankrupted state by James Michel on October 30, 2008, in the previous year, Opposition MNA’s and Wavel Ramkalawan trekked up to State House and negotiated a 38% salary increase for MNA’s, LO, Leader of Government Business, Ministers, Vice President, and President. The salary increase, weakened the Opposition by feeding them to their hearts content on over inflated salaries for a part time job in the National Assembly. In the case of the Leader of Opposition and Leader of Government Business, they now earn an outrageous Rs. 1,800.00 per hour, for Five(5) hours work a week, sometimes less, or Rs. 36,000.00 per month. MNA’s earn Rs. 700.00 per hour, an outrageous sum when compared to the hourly wage scheme newly created wherein an average worker earns less then Rs. 20.00 per hour.

3. Pensioning Opposition

Another measure taken to weaken the democratic foundations of Seychelles, has been the erroneous pensioning of politicians. Some will be paid out Seventy percent (70%) of their monthly stipend for life. This has the effect as we have seen, of discouraging opposition from being alert, affective and responsive to the needs of the democracy. Opposition MNA’s have gone to sleep from a case of perpetual over feeding for life. They no longer have to perform.

4. Use and Threat of Force At La Misere

When the residents of La Misere took to the streets this year, to protest the water source contamination resulting from Sheik Khalifa Al Zayed Bin al Nayan’s castle at La Misere, the Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Joel Morgan, and the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Quarte, invoked the use of the Public Orders Act 1991, a One Party Communist Junta legislation, to threaten the protestors with use of violence and force, if they should continue to protest and assemble in a Public area, in groups of more then three (3) persons at a time.

Both Commissioner Quarte and Minister Morgan, used full air time on SBC the Nation’s Broadcasting apparatus, controlled by Mr. Antoine Onezime, the Communist Party Junta propagandist, to air their views on prime time news broadcast. SBC never question the veracity of implementing the provisions of a One Party State law versus the right of the protestors to peacefully assemble under the Constitution of the Third Republic. At that moment, SBC went to sleep and saw no evil, heard no evil, spoke no evil, questioned no evil. It is a travesty for democracy and Mr. Antoine Onezime has brought shame upon the entire crew of SBC for his inaction.

5. Burning Lydia Jumeau’s Car at La Misere

Immediately, after this broadcast was made to the Nation, the car of Madam Lydia Jumeau, a front lines protest organizer, at La Misere, was doused with fuel and torched in the darkness of the night, at her residence under a garage.

This incident, attest to the lack of commitment to true democratic process and ideals in the Seychelles, under the ruling Communist Junta till today, in 2010.

Again, the SBC under Mr. Antoine Onezime, did not see the correlation between the lead protest organizer being threatened and her little car being set ablaze. No news coverage, but for Regar, Weekly and a facebook You Tube film on the MSR page, which international reporters caught and followed up with subsequent articles.

6. Sheik Khalifa Al Zayed Bin Al Nayan

The Constitution of Seychelles provides that all persons are equal under the laws of Seychelles, Article 27 Equal Protection Clause. However, the ruling Communist Junta, has blatantly ignored this Constitutional Article, and has openly defended the special treatment of Sheik Khalifa Al Zayed Bin Al Nayan.

Because the special treatment is widespread, and unabated, without restriction, Sheik Khalifa has a free for all in Seychelles, to the point that he has openly interfered in the internal affairs of the Seychelles, to the extent, that his involvement will be determinative of the coming elections due to extensive largess and funds being donated to prop up a failed regime.

This includes:1. Buying 30 buses to prop up a collapsed bus system,2. Funding a scan centre at the hospital to prop up a collapsed health care system;3. $15 Million for a military base;4. $16 Million for two generators for a collapsed electricity grid system;5. BMW’s for transfer of VIP, to prop a failed Government; and other gifts like planes and boats, tickets to the Formula 1 Races with dinner for the President and over night flights.

In exchange, Sheik Khalifa has been granted free import duties on all goods he has brought into Seychelles, which we believe exceeds $300 Million in taxes.

These funds, if collected as they could have been, could settle much of Seychelles external debt and set a solid practice of equality before the law for all residents, citizens and visitors, hence strengthen our democracy. Instead, the Communist Junta, has done the direct opposite, and has weakened our democracy.

Our creditors are put on notice that these funds are available.

7. Eden Island Project

The Eden Island Project has violated the norms of Equal Protection in article 27. One can only ask who is really behind this project, when a Government baby sits an investor to the extent that laws, norms and policy, are broken to forsake the Tourism Industry and purchasers of Eden Island to the benefit of Eden Island Development Company and Eden Island Management Company.

Eden has recently been given permission to continue to operate its once illegal apartment pool as a hotel. Eden Management has the exclusive right to market these apartments as hotels and the owners will not be able to do so independently or in cooperation with each other.

The decision sidelines Eden’s original project memorandum and allows it to venture into a business it did not put the Public on Notice , that it would be entering.

If the Constitution of Seychelles is suppose to be the legal document that determines all rights in Seychelles, today, it has been sidelined as a symbolic document of little meaning with the recent decision of Eden Island.

This only weakens the respect for democratic practice in Seychelles and it will have a long term adverse impact on the economic stability of Seychelles, and Eden Island as an investment. The Promoters are hoping they can sell Phase Two fast. Hence the sale contracts will provide for tender of 75% payment for villas once the roof is up. Roofs may go up before the foundations have set.

8. Breaking Into Democratic Party Office

Between 2005-2010, the Seychelles Weekly, has earned a reputation of reporting on many controversial issues, and exposing many politicians of wrong doing.

This is healthy in any democracy, and should be encouraged even by the persons who become the subject of such articles. The strength of Freedom of Speech is not in the speaker or writer, but in the listener and subject of the Speech to exercise due tolerance and accept the critic if true and not defendable, defend it if false and defendable.

However, in that same period, there have been many break-ins into the Seychelles Weekly office, which is also the office of the Democratic Party. The break ins show the lack of tolerance by the ruling party of opposing critical views. It demonstrates that the ruling party, fundamentally does not believe in the right to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, protected under Article 22 of the Constitution. The Freedom document, our Constitution, is being taken to be a sham cover document, to only allow the Communist Junta to function with the credit of being democratic, but in practice, Democracy, does not exist in Seychelles today.

The irony of these incidents at the Weekly-DP office , is that the Seychelles Police, controlled by State House, itself, has not come up with one suspect for the break ins though fingerprints have been found. Yet, the Police has a budget of Rs. 125 Million per year to deal with crimes. But political crimes go unsolved habitually in Seychelles.

9. Burning of the Regar Printer

Sometime in 2005, during the heyday of the SNP aggressive and positive critic of the government of James Michel, the Express Printing (Regar) printer was set on fire after an office break in. The printer was down for a few months, and Freedom of Speech had been trampled upon again. Since that time, to participate in the process, Regar, has toned down, as not to offend the subject of its articles; a compromise that compromises democracy and destroys it at the same time. This political related crime, has gone unsolved, because the culprits are the ruling Communist Junta themselves.

10. Breaking of Ferrari’s Head and Ramkalawan’s Head by SSU

On October 3rd, 2006, not long after an election, the SSU openly attacked Jean Francois Ferrari, and Wavel Ramkalawan in the corridors of the National Assembly precincts. A crowd has gathered to protest the license fee of Rs. 800,000.00 and restriction of political parties from broadcasting. However, the PL through SBC and propagandist Antoine Onezime, broadcast liberally in the name of the Nation every night, a disparity in opportunity that demonstrates Seychelles is not even close to being a democracy. Ferrari and Ramkalaawan then toned down to continue to participate in the process. This weakened democracy and has helped it collapse. The culprits of this incident were actually promoted.SBC the state broadcasting company remained silent on the promotion.

11. Breaking into the MSR Office

Most recently, the MSR office was broken into and all hard copy documents taken along with manifestos and stickers. By coincidence, this incident took place only two days after Mr. Hendriks Gappy, the Registrar of Political Parites and Electoral Commissioner, refused to certify MSR as a political party in Seychelles, using provisions of a One Party State law, to circumvent a primordial provision of Article 22 the Right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression and Right to receive and impart ideas protected fully under the Constitution of Seychelles.

If these provisions are not given full unfettered effect, there is no democracy in Seychelles. If a group of Citizens cannot participate in elections, then elections cannot be free or fair. Nor can the political playing field be levelled if players cannot even make it to the field to participate in due time. MSR filed registration documents Five (5) months ago. Fine finger prints were taken from this crime scene as well.

12. Threats of Violence and Intimidation Attempted Drug Fixes on Opponents to Attempt to Silence them into Submission

Throughout our multi party experiment with the Communist Junta government led by France Albert Rene, and now James Michel, an ex Colonel and both coup plotters, the road has been rocky and bumpy for anyone at any given time, that opposed the corruption of the Junta.

When opposition has been meek and weak, the Opposition has been allowed to co exist and share in cocktail party canapes.

When opposition has been steady and assertive, they have been attacked, threatened with violence, intimidation, drug plants, breaking of offices, stealing of documents, burning of printers ,burning of cars, and so forth.

When the Opposition works as it should, they are constrained with threats of violence, intimidation, counter violent attacks, to subdue them, and set their work back. The pattern involving the DP, SNP, now MSR is obvious and serves as an indictment of the Communist Junta’s intention to never allow Democracy to take a deep root in Seychelles.

These acts, because they have been systematic for 17 years, with a distinctive pattern, demonstrate that we are still in a one party communist junta dictatorship, with only the basic dressings of Democracy in place to please the west and investors that are fooled by the window dressing. With the window dressing up, projects like Eden Island can take investors money. With the dressing down, the investors will see the gamble of Eden for themselves.

People of Seychelles, the international journalists, international community, I call on you all who believe in the promises of Democracy, to place light on the situation of the Republic of Seychelles.

Today, in our country, the ruling Communist Junta is making a mockery of Democracy and they are making a mockery of civil conduct in the affairs of men.

Though we are a small country, every person deprived of the right to persuit of life, liberty, happiness, and denied the right to be equal before all men, must live a life of fear and intimidation, sometime violence, is a life lived in vain. This Truth is self evident.

Next week, I will write part II of Democracy Collapsing in Seychelles Today and focus on the crumbling structures.




Anonymous said...

PL SPPF is so stupid. They should have registered MSR. Now Gill has you people by your left and right nuts.

Well articulated article.

Anonymous said...

All this would make for a good campaign, IF you did not stoop to employing RACISM and BIGOTRY as a strategy to gain popularity!

Anonymous said...

IT is a pleasure to read a well written article and it appears to be factual to this day,most of us are aware of the unfairness ,the corruption and the poverty that some is enduring because of the misuse of power by certain group of people.
This is the reason why the Seychellios/e needs to move forward with changes or else it will become worst.Social reform is a must in the Seychelles.
good luck with your struggle Mr C Gill I applaud you

Anonymous said...

yawn...just a re-hash of same old same old.

Anonymous said...

This reads a bit more then yawn yawn. I read it twice, and it does not leave a positive impression to democracy being tended to.

Surely, if it is not truthful the ruling party will rebutal the writer.

Anonymous said...

The incidents highlighted in the article by author, happened. So clearly there is a pattern to obstruct the opposition and trip them up with violence and fear intimidation.

This confirms only because it has been 17 years, this government is not committed to democracy and democratic tolerance.

Good article.This is what Seychelles need. Opposition should start workig together, and seek common ground to unseat SPPF.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this stright. Mancham has had material damage yet he can work for unified national interest.

Wavel and Jean Francois have had physical hurt and they can lead a responsible opposition to take over government with stability.

Gill has phantom menace happen to him and he cross the floor, and he will lecture them on strong opposition?

What will Gill do when it goes beyond QWERTY? That is the question!

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr. Gill. It takes courage to write the truth and the truth is that there is very little democracy in Seychelles today. Continue to fight and I assure you that you will get my vote in the next election as Michel, Ramkalawan and Boule are not worth consideration. Michel will never change and Ramkalawan has sold his soul to Michel. Boule is full of himself and will never get more than 300 votes.

Anonymous said...

Michel, Onezime, Albert Rene, Gappy and many others have stifled democracy for decades. They are afraid of what will be discovered from their dirty closets, from murders to corruption and millions stashed away in their bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

Since when was Albert Rene interested in democracy ? Democracy is his bete noire, his nemesis.

Multi-party system was forced down his throat by western foreign aid donors who had finally got fed up sitting at the same table as bloody dictators at conferences such as the Commonwealth conference.

By then Seychelles was too weak economically to resist. Since 1993 Rene has been conducting a guerilla war against democracy. As long as he can use one-party state tactics to remain in power, he is prepared to tolerate an ineffective opposition which gives a veneer of multi-party democracy to the outside world.

As long as there is an opposition and credible elections, the western world is happy. The thinking is that credible elections provide an opportunity to change the government. If, as in Seychelles, the voters do not vote out the government, that is their problem. Eastern European countries kicked out their communist government at the first opportunity of multi-party elections.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant article Mr. Gill!
It shows you have a clear cut vision of the show that Alber Rene and Jame Misel have been putting on for more than 17years. They employ every trick in the book. They start with the propaganda, when this fails they try to bribe everyone come elections. They f..k up our economy because they have established the most corrupt regime (country). They are now at the end of their tether and are starting to prop up the army with big salary hikes and bonuses (after they have fattened themselves for decades)to try and buy they loyalty and start their fear mongering...
Democracy will prevail in this country only when the SPPF/Parti Lepep machinery is dismantled.
Change is on the horizon.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

What a pathetic effort to pump your own ego with regurgitated vomit and phoney comments!

Anonymous said...

Reply to Vomit-

You caught me on line.

Please, highlight the false comments.


Anonymous said...

What is not written is Manchams own opinions on his story, only your prejiduced opinion

What is not written is the sanctioning of the personelle who attacked Wavel and JFF, and the compensation awarded by our functioning courts.

What is not written is why You don't make more real fuss about the burnt car and the office break in. Is it that these are more value to you unsolved than solved?

Just like it is more value for you to be banned from elections than allowed? Where is your filing of the constitutional case so we can get a legal judgement on your "creed"?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Incoming message for Patrick Xeno(phobe?)

When you say Gill is as bigoted and racist as JAM and FAR...

Is this your argument that it is OK to be racist and bigoted?

Or is it your argument that you dont want change, just a change of face?

Anonymous said...

What a load of rubbish Gill and you have the guts to talk about democracy you racist xenophobic nerd! Get a life and leave us alone go back to GWAM GWAM GWAM with your Bro Francis the culprit. AMEN OU LAROSWAR EK OU E PAS BLYE ZANDARK EK PATEX ( GILL 1 AND 2)

Anonymous said...

With the intention of writing a thread associated with "then Lady Diana Spencer engagement ring 30 years ago," the 4 or 5 Exile faction in London, Paris, Europe, SA, Canada, USA, Australia, read your article on Facebook. Beside the common people, how it is Tradition among the Royalties, Nobilities, their institutions in Europe and the world to pray, to wish that a given royal engagement/wedding will bring a new era, happiness and positiveness - those 4/5 exile faction Leaders had all one aim/objective to assasinate/kill most of the leadership of then SPPF, by what ever means, involving the USA, Britain, South Africa, Israel, Kenya, certain Gulf Nation, their objective to rid Seychelles and the Indian Ocean of Communist China and USSR. Sechelles Seychelles being a former British Colony and "your grudge against those Seychellois Exile who really helped change Seychelles not the Commonwealth" - 30 years on in Seychelles, the Indian Ocean and the world, Africa. The same ring Prince William has choosen to engage Miss Kate Middleton, "why" - the Yorkshire people, culture, history.

Anonymous said...

NOTICE - A post on this blog has triggered counter-terrorism intelligence unit alerts.

IP addresses associated with contributors to this blog are now placed under automatic monitoring.

* This is a legal disclosure notice *

Anonymous said...

Your articles are not objective at all regarding Overpaying the opposition/pensioning the Opposition.
Brother Gills, you are misleading people.. Not only the opposition that are being over pay but the whole bunch of politicians. Your article is as if you saying that SPPF are being well paid and they deserve the sum that they are getting while the opposition are being over paid cause they goes to other shops other than the SPPF and also they are living outside Seychelles therefore need less less amount. donn kozpa tou larzen.. I vre ou ou kapab ankor SPPF ou..

Anonymous said...

Reply Fake Myth Buster aka QWERTY himself-

Looks like you have run out of arguments QWERTY.

You have even placed a second notice, that the counter terrorism squad is monitoring this site.

Wow, we are now all scared.

Now, what would counter terrorism have to do with Free Speech and a democractic forum QWERTY?

You are sounding very simialr to the junta in BURMA, QWERTY.

That just takes a few more democratic credentials away from Seychelles, by your mouth not being put in gear with your brain.

Is this one of the qwirks you put in place as soon as you became a Minister?

Did you run out of ideas after your District meetings and the youth said to you: "SESEL POU SESELWA", follow Black STAR?

Unless you tell me what Race is MSR Racist towards, I am afraid, you are a simple BIGOT Minister QWERTY, according to your own definition.

You will have trouble in your meeting at State House this week, if you cannot explain yourself.

As for MSR filing a Constitutional Court Case,this is a matter that conerns MSR and its Attorney's not Agent Collaborators that promote Racism in Seychelles, such as QWERTY himself.

Meanwhile, we have sent out articles and press releases out to the world, to put them on Notice of the sham democratic process in Seychelles, and upcoming sham elections.


Anonymous said...

Reply to Colonialist exile,

Look at the Royal family today they are all marrying commoners. Next queen of England is guaranteed to be a commoner. Change is happening and change goes forward not backward pathetic colonialist exile.

Now be careful little boys who play big boys games get sent to bed early. You will be surprised when CIA or MI5 or Mossad sings you a lullabye. China is more important to their interest than your sorry colonialist exile arses. More now North Korea is in the frame.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gill, MSR court case is a matter for us MSR supporters? Are you going to keep us in the dark like MOJO? Whats going on, lets get our election started man.

Anonymous said...

So you have asked Jeanne d'Arc etc. to stop posting in order to clean your name. This proves you KNOW Jeanne d'Arc and know who makes racist and bigoted statements which you defend.

So ask Jeanne d'Arc and Patrick X etc. who they are racist and bigoted against....and ask yourself why you defend them.

You cannot even put a figure to the number of people you want to disenfranchise because this will either expose you as a Nazi or it will loose you bigoted support.


Anonymous said...

Fake Myth Buster cum QWERTY HIMSELF-

The Hong Kong residents that bought Seychelles passports is not a different kettle of fish . QWERTY- do not crawl away on your belly on this issue. It is the trait of a COWARD.

It is the same kettle called- Seychelles Citizenship.

On the BIGOT issue, it is you who wears the hat, that you brought to the table, not I or anyone else.

MSR targets no RACE in any of its policies.

RACE is not the issue Minister QWERTY, Immigration is the issue.

Here is the nail to your coffin, thread carefully now:

1. My grandfather was from China. Is it racist to say do not sell passports to Chinese?

2. Another granfather was from India. Is it racist to say Indians coming in on GOP must leave on GOP unless there is a HUMANITARIAN reason to grant them Citizenship?

3. One granmother was part French and black. Is it Racist to say a resident of French or South African decent at Eden Island cannot be permitted to run a small guest house, or rent a car reserved under policy for Seychellois Nationals?

4. Another grandmother was French Norwegian.

Is it Racist to say that French or Norwegians, or anyone, must disclose ownership publically of interests in Eden Island to prevent money laundering?

That is me. What about all the other MSR supporters that come from all RACES of this Earth.

You and PL and other scoffs that support the selling of our patrimony to anyone willing to buy it, are the BIGOTS, I or MSR.

Now back to the Hon Kong residents- Tell James Michel to give back the money and cancel the passports.

That should be your Monday State House task to save his Presidency.


Anonymous said...

Reply to BIGOTWA-

Jeanne Dárc can post whatever she wants, when ever she wants, just like you.

This is part of opening the arena to listening and hearing any and all views, and is an exercise in tolorence that neither Nation, SBC, People, Regar have done for Seychelles.

Each post must be defended or defeated.

Each writer, blogger is the defender of their own ideas, and that cannot be attributed to any one else, though others can agree or disagree.

Grow up a little, BIGOTWA

So far, you have just wasted our time with all your nonsense.

In spite of that, we are patient with you.


Anonymous said...

Good article, makes a good overview.

Why does not Ramkalawan counter sign or concur with it?

Anonymous said...

Mon plis ki kwar ki I’n ler pou nou ban dirizan funksyon koman adilt e dir nou laverite.

- Oli nou larzan vole?
- Oli nou fanmiy ki’n disparet?
- Oli nou delo?
- Oli nou ban lakaz ki zot in promote?
- Kan zot pou balans nou bidze?
- Oli lazistis dan lakour?
- Kan nou pou annan konfyans dan nou lasante?
- Oli nou abilite pour dormi an pe se nou?
- Akoz zot in les drog propaze pour tou sa ban lannen?
- Oli moral dan nou lasosyete?
- Oli laverite e larzan pour sa ban dimoun La Misere?

Mon ti kapab ekri bokou plis ankor selman, nou tou nou konnen ki manyer sa governman I ete.

Napa oken larzan bribe, burger ek labyer dan stall, CD, rice cooker, fridge, tol, later ni siman, ki pou fer mwan ek mon ban plizyer zanmi vot pou zot.

Lannen prosen zot pou vol larzan lepep ankor e fer vini cap, parasol, triko, ruler, mont, telefon etc…e don lepep pour eleksyon. Silvouple, pran sa larzan e met en pe koltar lo semen, latizan dan loptital, fer vini en lanbilans, aranz nou lekol, adjust lapey travayer e lezot keksoz ki zot ti deveret fer.

Pa bezwen al mandyen larzan ek konsesyon partou dan lemond konmsi nou nou’n vin fanm devi.

Mon fyer mon en Seselwa. Selmen, sa governman I fer mon kanmi. Mon kanmi zot ansarz nou pei e zot kontinyelman kwar ki zot kapab fer sa ki zot oule. Aret arogan.

Gras a zot, mon pou kontinyelman pey sa ban det ki zot in met nou ladan, ziskan ler mon mor. Mon zanfan pou don lanmen peye zot osi. Selman, zot zanfan pou OK, akoz zot pou benefisye sa larzan lepep ki zot papa ek manman in don lanmen vole.

Zot letan in fini. Zot in fail lepep e in ler pou zot ran sa lakle lakaz ki zot in vole.

Aret don Seselwa gren. Nou pa kouyon e nou pasyans in fini.

In ler pou en sanzman.

Anonymous said...

I have been monitoring this site for a while and am pleased to offer the following information to readers. I do this in the spirit of freedom of speech and because I hate fakes and manipulation.

Guys, Christopher Gill is plainly manipulating you. Hear this:

Gill writes his column, posts it, and a few minutes later opens the debate by sending his first comment under the signature 'anonymous'. He then sends a few insults to himself to get the exchanges really going. Gill and Jeanne d'arc are the same person. Most of the anonymous comments are in fact Gill himself. We all suspected that he was a masterbater and now we also know that he suffers from premature ejaculation syndrome ... he cannot wait for the other side to say of feel something.

The guy is sick and in the name of freedom of information I am warning you against this organised manipulation. Beware!

Anonymous said...

Once again BIGOTWA GILL its not how you look or what you do not say that makes you BIGOTED, its what you DO or say you will DO or cause others to DO.

You forget Gill its RACIST and BIGOTED to threaten citizens with disenfranchisement just because you don't like the way they look or speak. Otherwise at less than 100 immigrants per year on the island why is this the MAIN political issue for you? Why do you call this wholesale, and displacing, and use exaggerating terms but NEVER numbers?

Hong Kong Passports don't live on Mahe so they don't take jobs, business or social benefits of Seselwa. So its not the same issue as people who have lived and work in Sesel, which is less than 100 per year.

Have you given back your American Passport or is Seselwa some superior race which is the only one that can take many nationality? And judging by criminal convictions some definitely brings dishonour to other citizenships they have taken!


HEAR THAT BIGOTWA GILL as you crawl away on your belly?

Patrick X said...

Right! And you guys are all so open by using names for yourselves? I seem to see a lot of Anonymice here repeating themselves like scratched records.

When you SPPF bigots start using your signatures consequently then maybe others will do the same. In the meantime stop bigoting about you bloody cowards.


Anonymous said...

I confirm I am not:-

Jeanne Dárc

Patrick X

Beer Bottle

Priest Millionaire

or Fake Myth Buster, who doubles as a Minister Monday - Friday, between apartments and home.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous who just wrote that Gill writes the columns and then blogs to himself. You are quite mistaken.

I am a regular contributor of articles to the STAR blog and also a founding member of STAR. For your information, there are several of us patriotic Seychellois working on this site for the sole reason of bringing democracy back to our shores.

We are not alone. Something you obviously do not understand or care, since all you do on the blog is attack Gill on a daily basis instead of writing constructively and adding positively to the debates. No one has asked you or other bloggers to agree or disagree with Gill, but at least if you have an iota of brains, you can contribute to the well-being of YOUR country. And even if you are a staunch Party Lepep follower, we do care about your opinion. What we don't care about, even if we don't censure you which we could, is your constant barrage of abuse towards someone who writes the truth about real issues in our country.

Gill did not start the STAR blog. He was only one of the group of patriotic Seychellois who did. Gill contributes a column every week because he had stopped contributing to Seychelles Weekly, Ralph Volcere's political paper.

Gill also has his own style of writing, and this s quite clear to a layman if you have followed this site for a while.

Gill is not perfect, and we do not always agree with him. However, he is the ONLY politician today who is honest enough to write about the major issues affecting our country. Where is Michel's blog? Where is Ramkalawan's ideas? What about Albert? And where is Boulle's website? As Pete Seeger wrote:

Where have all the flowers gone? Gone to graveyards everyone,
when will they ever learn,
When will they ever learn.

Do something for your country my dear friend. Be constructive for once in your life, and contribute to the well-being of your country and your fellow Seychellois. Stop living in the past and under Albert Rene's and James Michel's dark shadows. It is people like you who have been cowardly all your life, because you continue to believe in a failed system. Remember that these so called great SPUP, SPPF and Party Lepep leaders have let ALL of Seychelles down. They have brought shame to our shores. They have murdered our own brothers and sisters. In fact, this week is the anniversary of Gerard Hoarau's murder. Shame on Albert and Michel!

And they have stolen millions if not billions from our state coffers. The money could have been used for better health services; better education for OUR children, for better roads, for a dam, and for other infrastructure for OUR country which is sorely lacking today. Today, we cannot fight pirates, but Albert Rene has 50 soldiers guarding him every night. Do you ever ask yourself why he needs SO MUCH security? What does he have to hide? Today, we queue up for water from a bowser. Is that progress? Today, our children do not have desks let alone chairs in their classrooms? Drug dealing and prostitution are the two growing professions! Are you proud to be a Seychellois?

I hope that since this is Christmas time, you will reflect on your life and your inner self. Be humble and ask God to forgive Michel and Rene so that our country can move forward.

Good luck my Party Lepep friend. Freedom will reign one day, if not today, it will be tomorrow. Remember that Michel is hanging out with Princess Anne today. How ironic that he wanted the British out of Seychelles in the 70's before the Coup D'Etat. So Michel has at least seen the light.

Have you?

Anonymous said...

Sa ki mon'n ekri (...Zot letan in fini. Zot in fail lepep e in ler pou zot ran sa lakle lakaz ki zot in vole.) i mon menm, e pa person ankor.

Sa ban kalite largiman ki siporter govenrman pe anmennen, pa ni fer sans.

Annou koz facts. Pa koz lo prezonptsyon e spikilasyon.

Zot rikord pour sa dernyen 33an i sal. Si ou balans zot rikord avek tou sa ban lakizasyon ki zot pe sey anmenn lo latab, zot perdi.

Zot perdi e zot sal dan lespri e leker.


Patrick X said...

Yeah, and if you PL BIgidiOTs wern't such BIGOT cowards you'd have the sense to at least use a signature when you spread your daily vomit here.

You're like those cowards to come in the dark and throw rocks at the window to spread fear and then run off in the night hiding or those who burn people's cars at night.


Anonymous said...

Wrong - One is constructive and one builds by cementing one block on top of another. Not by encouraging negative attitudes in the construction force. Not by questioning the effort of each building block, and all this just because you cannot see the skyscraper yet or in your lifetime!

Wrong - Yes Gill has a talent for identifying real issues. But his solutions - no merci! Stick to the day job. This is where his team around him lets him down, and he is his own worst enemy.

Constructive - Of course we are. Where it matters. Not where we are arguing with rabble rousers. The caravan moves on as the dogs bark in the night.

Open your eyes and you will see that a democratic system is like the field of dreams. "Build it, and they will come" not "Ask them to come before you can start building it".

Put your resource into reinforcing the system whereever democracy has made inroads. If you keep nuking it all you will have is toxic dust, just look around Africa.

Anonymous said...

Bravo PatEx when you are defeated by your own words and the message, go looking for the messenger!

A little upset are we?

LOL said...

Are you for real??
"Sesel Pou Seselwa" - yeah that's a great way to attract tourist which is basically all Seychelles has to offer. So what if Eden Island rents out apartments short term... you and your friends all benefit from it when they (“10,000”!!!! according to you ha ha ha...) buy your paper, buy groceries from their stores, hire their boats for charter, eat at their restaurants and the list goes on and on. Please check you facts before you start embarrassing yourself (further that is)

Anonymous said...

The need to underline why former President Mancham with all his global and international connections, WANGO among others, his prominent role in international judiciary issues/their institutions has done nothing/refused to do anything, to demand that UN appropriate agency, UNHCR, EU appropriate bodies, Francophone or Commonwealth write an appropriate report on the Sechelles Seychelles Exile return and integration process, development, like they have done, is the practise as part of the charter and responsibilities, function invovling other nations if the politic dictate.

Equally, the position adopted by Dr Maxime Ferrari, former UNDP Head in Kenya, our region, Vice President of Seychelles , Cabinet Minister and leading Catholic Church executive.

{We live in a world of law and order - actually look at the developing issues with Wiki Leak} The need, necessity, requirement to have some form of respect for those institutions, bodied of the world - It took nearly 18 years for the EU and the International community to get involved in our regional issues because of the Somali pirates, what we as a Nation have/are learning meanwhile and its impacts. The same process, learning about greater accountability - had we not been/found ourself in the situation, the IMF never made any enquiry and vast array of issues unsolved/unresolved -hidden, burried, and coveredup for ever. .

What took place between 1977 - 1991 by any nation standards was evil, horrendous, criminal, constituted an international criminal investigation, the death, killings, disappearances, imprisonment, property confiscation, and the hell life of exile for which they/we have never been compensated and never an acknowledgement form the politicians, political party, government - even if such global powers like USSR, China, OAU and Arab Nations were involved. {There is a great Bar Association in Sechelles Seychelles, their functions/purpose}

Anonymous said...

Excuse us the rest of the Comment we/I may not get the Time to:

There is the urgent need, necessity to challenge those international bodies mentioned aboveall, foremost, their approach and attitude - they have reports, monitor, discussions on those issues, the plight of the Seychelles exile and the exile return program, process. We need to demand that they be brought forward/brought to light and made public. 20 years have gone by almost and they keep refusing to print or demand any form of accountability. How can we/ what legal challenges, by waht means do we have as a small nation, the Opposition to demand from the SPPF, Seychelles government accountability.

Given those who have called us "colonialist exiles" those of us who have been lobbying, challenging, demanding the UN, EU, Francophone, African Union and Commonwealth for some kind of accountability from 1991 to date - we have enough written documents. Beside our web portal, forums and blog.

Typical of the world functioning { the reason for such process/issues as Wiki Leak and this morning issues}, for daring to address, protest, lobby those above mention, to those world bodies - created for these above mention functions, we get/are targeted as Terrorists, marginalised/excluded, terrorised, intimidated, constantly threaten, stigmatize and oppressed. If they dare give us the legal resource and allow us to start a proper legal case/proceeding in the European Court or International Court.

Those of you really concern about Justice and Democracy in Seychelles make a copy of this comment and keep it.

Anonymous said...

NOTICE: A comment on this blog has triggered an alert at the counter-terrorism intelligence unit.

IP addresses of users of this blog are now subject to automatic monitoring.

* This is a legal disclosure notice *

Anonymous said...

By the way yesterday Switzerland vote a big "Yes" to deport foreigners already naturalized,if the latter are involved in crimes,fraud etc.It seems Tikolor for Pp the whole world has become racist or it is Pp communist thinking that is absoleted?

Sesel pou Seselwa communists.

Jeanne D'Arc

Patrick X said...

Oh yes, and even the Swiss have now started exchanging bank account information if or when foreign governments ask for it. Nowhere to run and certianly nowhere to hide stolen money anymore.


Anonymous said...

Sesel Pou Seselwa!....Pa pou komminis!

Anonymous said...

Government of Seychelles only has to make public the owners of Eden Island apartments and villas and give this information out to all Governments and we will find hundreds of millions dollars of laundered money, hidden behind IBC's, doing business as little one bedroom two bedroom hotels in Seychelles, yet those same persons are suppose to be living as residents in those apartments and villas.

Seychellois are not fools, communists!


Anonymous said...

The Swiss definition of crime is not like your BIGOTED and RACIST one.

Where you say GOP is a crime if it help you target the RACE you dont like.

And by the way the Swiss are the ones who welcome the proceeds of monster crime from all over the world. They are only upent when the crime is against them.

Its interesting where you seek your hypocritical inspiration from.


Anonymous said...

Tikolor'this is called Democracy in practice.The Swiss decide who they want in their home or who they don't want.It is not a dictation from a handful of communist criminals like here in our country.You should adivise Michel and his cronies to have a check of how democracy operates.

In all democracies and amount all freedom loving people,crime is a offence again public law.For Pp crime means anyone who opposes PP and not themselves.You see Tikolor only communist to your likes understand things to the contary of its normal definition.

As you said,maybe Michel the Butcher can try to ask the Swiss for asylum,he is also a big criminal.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

UK is reducing the number of work permits for immigrants. UK is also reducing the number of permits for overseas student. Perhaps here is an opening for University of Seychelles where Princess Anne was the guest honour at its opening yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Dream on! Racism and Bigots will never become acceptable again, no matter what example you use to try and justify it. Humans have grown up monkeys, try and make the jump as well.


Anonymous said...

Dream on Bigotwa Collaborator with PL-

You say dream on, and refer to us as BIGOTs. But you cannot say which race we are RACIST towards.

Yet, you play your old record over and over again, as if to say, if you make the comments enough times, we will go away.

The more you falsely attack us in MSR and myself, the more support we gain.

You dream that MNA's and Ministers will keep the 38% salary and the 70% Pension for life......Dream on.

We will stop your thieving of public funds by conspiracy with PL.

Thank you.


Six pack said...

Lest we forget, Mouvman Seselwa Rasin is a political movement, based on The Rasin-ist Creed, which brings the Seselwa Rasin people and their friends together, in a political organization, to take the Rasin motherland back from the PP Collaborators.

If there is a need to regulate the economy to stabilize the countries earning in reference to settling debts, to provide fair trade and better standards of living for the locals, create job opportunities, good education standards and a better medical care. The people of Seychelles should be prioritized.

Ask your self who stand to lose more when the going gets tough or when problems comes knocking on your door? Who can pack up and leave you with your troubles?

One should have the chance to reap what he or she has sowed. And i believe the Rasin-ist creed is paving the way. It is not xenophobic it is awareness and responsibility which is portrait when you read the creed.

Just now some of our young locals are completing their finals into becoming professionals by 2011, which will be able to fill post in any department next year. Disturbing matter when you wonder, will there be any post for these local graduates to fill??

News in at SPTC after some downsizing in employees of a lot of departments, a group of Indians is being recruited from overseas and brought in to conduct duties such as maintenance work and others. Is there truly a necessity for this since next year their will be availability of ample locals qualified to fill in such posts? Maybe Ms. Veronique Laporte can explain this!!

Thats why sesel pou seselwa is worth every word and the creed is worth every read despite any attempt to discriminate or misinterpret the creed through xenophobic accusations and threats.

Six pack said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Ask your self who stand to lose more when the going gets tough or when problems comes knocking on your door? Who can pack up and leave you with your troubles?

You mean the dual citizenship patriotic Gringo who has one foot in each boat?

Anonymous said...

Could it just be that the TATA buses which work fine elsewhere in the world for much longer is not being maintain well in Seychelles and schoolchildren are hurt in accidents?

Six pack said...

Are you accussing seychellois workers at SPTC especialy in the maintenance division to be incompetent and reckless??

Goes to show that you never paid any attention to your local news, these buses we had and still remain some are out of lifespan yet our brainy maintenance mechanics kept it in working conditions to provide a service to the people, for the country is bankrupt and there was no money to invest in new ones on the contrary they wanted to borrow from the department to assist in debt recovery by raising the bus fairs.

The workers who knew of this ongoing some quit the rest who refused silence was laid off under the big term " Depar Volonter", ask to quit yet forced to surrender.

Now you tell me why was there a large donation of buses to us from other countries why did we not simply purchase and replace??

More expenses right!! So don't blame the hard working locals who has seen the light of day from paradise seychelles blame those who is coming here to bar the place and a plate of meal to the local families.

Lest you forget Sesel pou Seselwa.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To this well articulated list of dastardly deeds used by the Pp Collaborator in their "guerilla war" on Rasin democracy we must add the impact of the PP Collaborator created Fabrike or false Seselwa citizens on our liberty and on our control of our mohterland.

Shortly after their coup, the Pp Collaborators directly or indirectly deported or exiled about one third of the Seselwa Rasin population because they disagreed with the Pp Collaborator dictatorship. The Pp then replaced these deported and exiled citizens with Fabrike - false citizens claiming to be indigenous Seselwa Rasin with equal rights with all other Seselwa Rasin. These Fabrike are the margin of victory for the Pp Collaborators in any election.

Gappy refuses to certify The Mouvman since that will allow MSR to obtain the official election register and expose the fact that the Pp Collaborators have loaded about one third of our election register with Fabrike voters or false citizens.

The role of Fabrike in undermining Seselwa Rasin democracy and control of our motherland extends in other directions as well. Just look to the Fabrike whom the Pp Collaborators have purposefully put in control over our judiciary so they can control them. Fabrike do not, as a general rule, seem to have the same deep affection for our motherland and our liberty as does the average Seselwa Rasin. The Pp is aware that Fabrike judges will not stand firm against the Pp Collaborators when they attack Seselwa Rasin democratic rights - they make for reliable stooges for the Pp.

Furthermore, look at Ramados who has in my opinion been a principal co-conspirator in fleecing our national assets to share with the Pp Collaborators. And, look at Jeyasingh and others working in some of our banking institutions whom, in my opinion, have conspired to lauder the stolen patrimony of the Seselwa Rasin people to enrich themselves and their Pp paymasters.

In short, the Fabrike are an essential component in the arsenal of evil that the Pp Collaborators have mobilized against Rasin rights and democracy in our motherland.

We must not forget that until we fully and completely address the Fabrike issue we will never have a genuine Sesewla Rasin democracy and we will ultimately lose our homeland.

Sesel Pou Seselwa in 1964, Sesel Pou Seselwa now and Sesel Pou Seselwa forever.

Anonymous said...

Very different message from the other posts of late.

More wink wink nod nod to keep the bigots on board!

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Previous Anonymous:

We in The Mouvman do not traffic in "wink, wink, nod, nod" for anyone or to keep anyone "on board". We are not like the Pp Collaborators and their junior partners, the SNP, who traffic in deceptions and trickery. We in MSR say what we mean and mean what we say - period.

We want cadres who love their country who will fight by any means necessary to keep and recover our motherland for Rasin only and to be ruled by Rasin and Rasin only. We do not want anyone with us who hate anyone. Our Creed speaks plainly for all to see - if you want Sesel Pou Seselwa you are with us. If your motive is to hate Indians, Arabs, Africans and others you are not with us - you are fighting for yourself.

All who are enemies of Rasin rights are our enemies no matter who you are, what color you are, what religion you are or what political party or movement you belong to. Vis-a-versa: all who are friends of Rasin rights no matter your color religion or national origin are our friends and we welcome them.

So we do not pander to anyone. You want to fight for Rasin rights join us. You want to be racist or if you are power hungry or if you want to fill your own pockets you are fighting for yourself - you would be better off joining the Pp or the SNP.

Sesel Pou Seselwa in 1964, Sesel Pou Seselwa now and Sesel Pou Seselwa forever.

Anonymous said...

But if you want to fight someone by any means necessary, you must hate them? For it would be worse to want to fight people you do not fear nor detest nor hate.

Anonymous said...

As an unrelated example: aparthide South Africa could have said it just believes in keeping South Africa for White South Africans and to be ruled by White South Africans alone. And to fight by any means necessary to do so.

Stating only one half of the story does not make the other half disappear, nor does it bestow morality or honour on the storyteller.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Previous 2 Anonymous Comments:

First you do not have to hate something to fight for something you love. You Pp Collaborators fight because you hate everyone else and love only yourself. That is why you have no shame in selling out your own people and motherland to foreigners like Khalifa and Fabrike like Ramados and have murdered and are planning to murder your own people in order to do so.

We in The Mouvman say fight by any means necessary because you love your country and want to preserve and recover Seychelles as the Rasin homeland for all Rasin all over the world - even for those who are fighting against us so they can sell out our homeland to foreigners and Fabrike.

This policy of fighting for love is at the center of The Mouvman's Creed - of course I understand why you Collaborators have a hard time with the concept of fighting for love of our homeland for the benefit of all Rasin, even those you disagree with.

Many white South Africans did fight by any means necessary to disenfranchise the majority of South Africans from their birthright - much like the Pp Collaborators are now fighting by any means necessary to sell Rasin patrimony to foreigners and Fabrike to fill their own pockets.

But we do not have legitimacy and moral authority simply because we are willing to fight for our ideas or our greed as the Pp Collaborators do. We have legitimacy and moral authority because we are right. We have moral authority because we are being sold out and our patrimony stolen. We have moral legitimacy because we successfully fought for independence to achieve Sesel Pou Seselwa and we have been betrayed by the very leaders who promised us Sesel Pou Seselwa.

Sesel Pou Seselwa in 1964 Sesel Pou Seselwa now and Sesel Pou Seselwa forever.

Anonymous said...

Gill and his cohorts, have you in a JAM.

Funny how such a large political machinery like SPPF can be taken on single handedly by a few Bloggers.

It just goes to show how shallow power can be.

Keep up the good work people.

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