Thursday, November 25, 2010



Anonymous said...

Wow, MSR threatens Antoine Onezime with lethal poisoning and bullet in the head!

Anonymous said...

Hey gilly Gozye. Did commonwealth and all western democracies reply to your letter. If yes publish them for public to judge. If not how about sending them a reminder like you did to sbc...
Antoine Tirant

Anonymous said...

It is good that Christopher Gill has raised the issue of SBC bias. This provides a concrete example of SBC bias and that SBC is state-controlled. Antoine Onezime can't keep going to international conferences (e.g. commonwealth ones) and brag that SBC is objective and impartial, when the evidence that he is lying has been put in the public domain. Next time he goes to an international conference on freedom of the media, his reputation as a state-employed censor will get there before he does.

Anonymous said...

No problem in criticising SBC for not replying. But Did comonwealth reply. Did nation reply. Did LNSW reply. Did Regar Reply. Did all the embassies reply. Surely he should complain to all and publish all. How about a letter to afif. Head of Seychelles media commission.

Antoine Tirant

Anonymous said...

I figured out why MSR chose the BLACK STAR as their anblem. Watch out there will be a new sherrif in town!He better carry a pistol loaded with silver bullets.ANTWEN did you get that letter? Let MSR know!


Anonymous said...

Anyone that uses Public Funds, to stifle the advancement of democracy, Free Press, the airing of opinions, across the board of society must be exposed.

Mr. Antoine Onezime has shown time over and over again and again that he is bias and does propagandist work for the ruling communist party he is particularly fond of.

The international community will know of the situation, and the Journalist at SBC are aware of it.

They should resign, and leave Onezime to handle his 20 new laptops funded by JJ spirit, if he does not commit publically to change his approach and air issues of national interest, no matter which camp they may come from.


Anonymous said...

Onezime is a well known supporter of Party Lepep and was seen in the rallies in the last election flying the red SPPF banner. That is his right.

What is not his right, since we the people of Seychelles are paying his salary, is his will to stifle debate and democracy in our country. Onezime in the past has reported very little on SNP and NDP activities, but has given hours of airtime to James Michel and Party Lepep. In fact, my 10-year old son laughs everyday when the local news comes on and tells me that "Dad, the funny man Michel is coming on the news again". This is how bad SBC-TV is and it is certainly not independent, but merely a mouthpiece for State House. What about the one-hour monthly show "En Momen avec Prezidan" (a moment with the President"? How about an hour with the other political leaders of the country such as Ramkalawan, Volcere, Gill, Boulle, MNAs and others who might want to join a national debate? How about presidential candidate and district candidate debates next year? Will we ever see this on SBC, or is Onezime taking orders from Rene and Michel to stifle debate and democracy?

It is clear that Party Lepep has hijacked the media in Seychelles, with SCR 800,000 annual license for a radio station and manipulation of SBC TV, Radio plus the sad newspaper Nation which is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the sitting Government and James Michel. It is time for all Seychellois to start boycotting these institutions and move their advertising rupees to other mediums such as internet, billboards and other avenues not connected to a state-funded institution. This in effect will force the likes of Onezime and Nation to change course, especially if budgets become tighter due to the financial bankruptcy issues we face and revenue from advertising starts to dwindle.

Part 2 to follow below.

Anonymous said...

Part 2.

Meanwhile, Christopher Gill has rights as well just like all citizens under our constitution, and he has the right to start a political party, regardless of his motives or beliefs, and the right to be heard by SBC, Nation and other state-funded medium. While I am not an MSR supporter at this point, I have read its manifesto a few weeks ago. I don't see anything racist about it, except that he has called for reforms in our immigration system and demanding that so-called naturalised citizens who have bought their way to our Seychellois citizenship be deported from the country. While I tend to agree with him on the reforms, I do not agree that these citizens should be deported. I would take a softer stance and allow these citizens to be given the opportunity to explain their individual cases, and if their reasons are valid despite the fact that they paid to acquire their passports, then by all means they are legal Seychellois. Passports fro criminals like Krejcir should definitely be revoked, and residents of Eden Island who have been given the right to enter into the country freely should not automatically be entitled to a passport. Today, most countries are making immigration procedures more stringent, and we should be no different. Try getting a UAE, USA or European passport today!

I call for fair reporting on all state-funded media and state employees liek Onezime should not stand in the way of freedom of press, freedomof information and democracy in general. The people of Seychelles are watching and are not happy with Michel's handling of the media.

One last point about the Commonwealth, UN and other international institutions. They are USELESS and afraid to do anything good for "African" countries. We will continue to be exploited by rich foreigners and corruption will prevail as long as we have corrupt politicians. And frankly, we have too many corrupt politicians in Seychelles, starting right from the top with Albert and Michel.

Anonymous said...

Its a dodgy road we walk when we say public funded institutions are obliged to promote racism and bigotry for a political party, even those with secret leadership committees!

This is the way MSR does a dis-service to the calls for faster reform.

This pseudo-intellectual attempt to sanitize bigotry by making it institutional, it cannot hide the smell.

Ask MSR supporters to elaborate on what they think the terms in the MSR "creed" means, ...and the bigotry comes bubbling to the surface.

Yes the emotions evoked are powerful, it does not make them right. And it makes the exploiters of these emotions the lowest of the low. This is not an agent of change, it is a race to the bottom.

As Paul Chow said in his letter to the Nation recently - It is troubling when we propose to weaken democratic principles. Such as the onus for prosecution to prove guilt and not the individual to prove innocence! This is also the problem with MSR's approach to existing immigrants.

And yes Africa has been exploited since the beginning... by western governments with their own national interest agendas. We will take no moral lessons from them!

You may call the UN etc useless, but at least they don't make it worse by fermenting trouble each time African countries start developing our own kind of democratic structure.

Please allow our democracies to develop through reconcilliation not confrontation!


Patrick X said...

Very good points part 1 & 2. Interesting reading indeed indeed and I agree 100% with you. I see nothing racist about the MSR Creed, but I agree that the wording could have been softer and less harsh.

People complain about Onezime, but would they complain as much if an SNP sympathizer was in his place let alone an MSR sympathizer with the same loyalty to their political belief? A perosn in Onezime's position should however be neutral on the job, but I guess in Seychelles that is difficult. The same applies for Gappy who is there to serve Seychelles, not the PL which he makes no secret about his loyalty towards.

As to the UN, yes they are useless and selective regarding who they support as the UN is controlled by the super powers and is there to serve their interests, not the interests of the meber countries. If we'd already struck oil maybe then the UN would be interested in helping us, but for the moment we can keep waiting in vain.


Anonymous said...

Reply to points 1 &2 and Pat-x.

Thank you for your valid points raised.

The Deportation provision shall allow for "Due Process of legal procedure" before Deportation is imposed.We will go beyond what EU practices in affording individuals subjected to possible deportation, rights to defend their claim to being SEYCHELLOIS, if questioned.

Mitigating circumstance will of course be considered and a Judge will have the final say, not a President as under Rene's dictatorship.

The point is that individuals that bought passports or paid bribes for Citizenship will not be able to benefit from their fraudulent act and call themselves SEYCHELLOIS.

This is normal in law and it is just as normal in a democratic society.

It is an integral part of the process of reclaiming our dignity as a people, and our pride once again as a Nation, after 34 years of a communist government selling passports for pocket money.


Christopher Gill

Patrick X said...

Naturally. Even EU countries practice their rights to reclaim acquired citizenship if:

- it is acquired illegally
- the citizen has breached the country's law and/or not abided to the terms and conditions involved upon obtaining the citizenship.

A typical example of the latter is for instance where the citizen has performed acts of criminal activity and/or sentenced to prison.

So all in all I strongly support Gill on that point because despite the fact that many of our 'citizens' may have acquired their passports 'legally', they have done so by paying bribes(an illegal act) and done so to perform more illegal acts by for example using the diplomatic immunity to do such. A prime example her is our dear friend Radovan Krejcir who cannot seem tostay out of trouble wherever he goes.

Now that should gove certain people food for thought that they may choke on. It also explains why they are so shit scared of MSR.


Anonymous said...

Well as far as illegal activities are concerned, it is already provided for in the constitution and in law. The condition is made very clear to the applicant. It certainly does not need the kind of amendment that MSR proposes. If illegal activity can be proved, then citizenship can be revoked.

As for paying, well... all governments charge a fee as part of the naturalisation process. If fees are paid to the government of the day, over the table and as per a published tarrif, it is neither illegal nor does it make the citizenship inferior.

And this is where we come to the wording of MSR...

It uses a derogatory term like "Fabrike" to catagorise naturalised immigrants. In fact its leadership encourages Seselwa to prefix peoples names with this title in normal conversation.

It leaves its wording vague enough to cover targeting all immigrants at MSR's pleasure. (And allow it to say it is vague enough not to cover anything as well!)

In practice it allows and encourages and defends its supporters to believe it covers everybody they are bigoted against; from the little Tanzanian teacher who paid SR5,000 25 years ago, to the millionaire-of-the-wrong-colour who has invested in Seychelles.

In the final analysis:

Immigration <100 per year on average is more an issue of perception than impact,

Provisions to tackle illegal activities are already in place,

MSR's focus on a small pool of existing immigrants, and its exaggerated language is aimed at raising bigoted emotions.

Just like a bully forms his gang by isolating and picking on a victim. When the gang members see the treatment of the victim they see value in remaining in the gang.

This is age old dictatorship, not democracy!

Patrick X said...

Good points indeed. I agree that the wording of the MSR Creed is not the best and can seem to show a certain aggression, but fact remains that there is no racism in it as many would like to put it.

Yes, many countries charge a fee in conenction with the application for citizenship, but that is limited to fees that are meant to cover the cost of paperwork, like getting a new passport for instance. However, paying for citizenship in most countries, through fees that is, gives you a standard passport, not one with extra rights like dimplomatic immunity depending on how much you pay. Some have argued that an Australian passport can be purchased, but they do not mention wether or not Australia also sells diplomatic immunity.

You mention the poor Tanzanian teacher that has lived in Seychelles and served the country for 25 years. Well, according the MSR Creed he has nothing to worry about as he has acquired his legally and without paying bribes for it like Radovan Krejcir for instance. And again, the MSR Creed targets all scum who have purchased their passports be they white as the snow on the Ural Mountains or as brown as the gutters in Chennai. It does not target any colour in particular nor nationality although alas many of the ones who should be worried are from India, a people whom are mostly dark in colour and are naturally easy to use as victims by those who are opposed to the Creed.

My suggestion to Gill is to re-author the Creed and remove all language that can easily be linked to racism or associated with it and re-send his application. If that still does not make Gappy happy, then Gill can most certainly have good grounds to involve the UN and others without being stamped as a racist.

Fact remains: MSR Creed has no racist elements in it.


Anonymous said...

Myth buster-

You are bankrupt of valuable ideas to defend your premise that MSR Manifesto is Racist ideology simply because you cannot identify which RACE MSR is racist towards.

You infer fees for passports are normal. But fees that go beyond processing fees is not normal, you defeat Collaborator.

$25,000.00 is a normal fee for you for a passport?


Anonymous said...

So Patex what is the basis and evidence on which you base your statement "It does not target any colour in particular nor nationality although alas many of the ones who should be worried are from India"

What is your number for "many" and "ones"?

If its from your "gut feeling" and because you "know the way these people are" then it is BIGOTED and RACIST.

As for your question delusional bankrupt Gill.....See Above!

Now MSR's creed may not name names, but its voices certainly speak to fill in the blanks and defend those who fill in the blanks and refuse to condemn those who fill in the blanks.



Anonymous said...

As for fees/deposits for naturalisation or residency or citizenship (not passports dodo) it varies from country to country and even figures like AUD1.5m exist.

The point is as long as the open published tarrif fees are paid directly to the government of the day you have no basis to call that illegal or the citizenship inferior.

What is illegal in domestic and international law is to disenfranchise citizens out of bigotry and racism.

Anonymous said...

Patx are you a two faces?

Anonymous said...

Fake Myth Buster-

The reality is that the $25,000.00 is not banked into Government of Seychelles account. It is banked in private accounts.

The KUMAR DE Consutlant who made off with $3 Million in passort fees he collected for Michel is an example of that. Remember his little HONDA he left at the car park in town?

The issue is not the amount charged for a passport, it is the corruption culture your policy as a Collaborator breeds and the consequential disenfranchisement of SESELWA RASIN, who do not want to pay bribes to your corrupted government.

If you call Corrutpion in Immigration Policy, Racism, then call it what you like.

We will call it what we like.

You still have not identified any race that MSR is racist towards.

MSR members are Black, white, Indians, chinese, a mix of the all and none. They all know who is a SESELWA RASIN and who is not. Patrick X knows as well.

So where is your justification for playing the RACE card?

You are setting a dangerous precedence in Seychelles, and it will come back to haunt us all to our mutual detriment.

If only your brain was large enough to see the damage you are doing to Seychelles not to MSR, when you play a race card instead of addressing the Immigration Issue, which we all know is a real problem because of abuse.

MSR has responded to the abuse in a Manifesto to end it!

We in MSR will end the abusive Immigration Polcy.

The longer you play your hide and seek games, and hide behind RACE CARD with no identifiable RACE, the more Seychelles, will suffer.

The real BIGOT is yourself. I would add the word coward as an adjective to Collaborator.

Tell James Michel to send someone else to replace you as you are becoming dust in this debate, to your own surprise.


Anonymous said...

SBC is biased and heavy leaning towrds ruling party. It has not committed itself as an organization to insuring democracy flourishes.

It has done the opposite and it needs new leadership if the existing leadership cannot deliver, especially in the road up to the elections.

Because the SBC is the only TV station in the Country, the burden on Onezime is that much higher to be fair and not biased.

Patrick X said...

If I'm double faced? No but I have 'de kote fes' just like all of you.

To anonymous wh keeps repeating himself like a spook haunting everybody repeating the same old crap:

There is no racism in this as Gill has clearly stated. MSR supporters are from all colours. How can Gill be racist when he himself is a mix? I can assure you that there is more racism amongst our Indian community, not least amongst themselves, than there is amongst us. And about my gut feeling, who do you personally think I'm referring to. Which 'people' do you feel I'm writing about? Please let me know then I can tell you wether it is gut feeling or not.


Anonymous said...

A lot of waffle, but I ask again:

Patex made this statement only yesterday: [MSR] does not target any colour in particular nor nationality although alas many of the ones who should be worried are from India

We are not attacking you Patex, everybody has unconscious biases. All we are saying is when you get political in a democracy, one must constantly strive to keep these in check.

So tell us how many is "many"? How many are "the ones"?

If its from "gut feel" you are BIGOTED

If its is a sweeping generalisation based on a couple of individuals, it is RACIST and BIGOTED

If it is because you "know the way these people think", it is BIGOTED

If its a handful, it hardly justifies a sweeping catagorisation of all immigrants. So the catagorisation stems from RACIST and BIGOTED sentiment.

The damage to the image of Seychelles and Seselwa is being done by MSR and Gill.

Gill you keep playing your game of cards, and take this race to the bottom wherever it normally ends.

You can even use it as a threat like you have just done.

But you will not squirm your way out of your responsibility for inciting it and leading it there. The documented evidence is plenty.

This is the real world, its not a QWERTY game of letter writing and cards. There are real consequences when you use bigotry and racism.

Consider yourself on notice!

Anonymous said...

Like you says Patex there are Indians who are racist to other Indians, Kenyans racist to other Kenyans etc. So because MSR is all colours does not mean it cannot be bigoted or racist.

Bigotry is in the way you act not the way you look!

The difference is MSR is inciting and encouraging racism and bigotry at the national and institutional level. Like they wish a state recognition that bigotry have a right to exist and to be proud of!

Patrick X said...

Guys, before I bother making further statements on this issue, could you please explaing your understanding of the word 'bigotry' that you keep banging on about? I get the feeling that you don't understand the meaning of it and probably use it as it sounds cool or you've heard it elsewhere from someone else who has not understood the meaning of it. And once you've understood the meaning of it, please explain the difference between Gill's bigotry and your own(read: PL's) bigotry. Tell us also why Michel and FAR are less of a bigot than Gill.


Anonymous said...

Patrick X makes a valid point-

He says, you (PL) people and (SNP) do not know what the word "BIGOT" means that this is the cause of all your pent up frustrations.

He is right of course. defines a "Bigot" as: "a peron, who is utterly intolerent of any differing creed, or belief".

That of course, would not make me a BIGOT nor MSR.

However, it does make Gappy a BIGOT, PL Communist party a Bigot party, and FAKE MYTH Buster, himself, a BIGOT.

Your insinuations that the MSR creed is not acceptable to society, and our beliefs must not be aired, are not to be tolerated, conclusively, makes you all BIGOTS, by the very definition of the word .

All the while, I have tolerated all your views, though I counter them in debate successfully, and even live under your oppresive corrupted regime with my family and children.

Now SNPL, go change the definition of "BIGOT" so you can live with yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Pathetic Gill and sidekick, I think you looked up BIGARADE the sour fruit on a tree, not BIGOT.

Try these definitions of bigot on the Web:

bigoted - blindly and obstinately attached to some creed or opinion and intolerant toward others; "a bigoted person"; "an outrageously bigoted point of view"

A prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own

A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.

bigotry - the intolerance and prejudice of a bigot

bigoted - Being a bigot; biased; strongly prejudiced; forming opinions without just cause

Anonymous said...

So now Patex tell us the numbers and reasons to support the sweeping statement you made only yesterday:

[MSR] does not target any colour in particular nor nationality although alas many of the ones who should be worried are from India.

Is there not some prejudice in it?

Anonymous said...

Well Fake Myth Buster-

Your definition search only confirms everything I wrote in my last comment. You add a lot, but cannot seem to circumvent the definition to the point I can see you digressing.

The definition of "BIGOT" applies to PL and Gappy the Registrar of Political Parties, and of course, yourself.

I tolerate you. I give you the opportunity to air your views, beliefs and creed. I even allow you to challenge me and MSR 's beliefs openly.

There is nothing BIGOTTED in that.

You all collectively have not tolerated myself or MSR or any supporter of MSR.

1. You badger me endlessly here though a guest to STAR;you do not have to log on to STAR.

Log on to People Plus.But you cannot place a comment there. That is part of being a BIGOT, you know.

2. You denied MSR certification which is illegal and BIGOT according to the definition;

3. You have even questioned the validity of our beliefs as a party and individuals, this is BIGOTRY aswell.

Anyone that cannot tolerate a belief, is a BIGOT.

So, you are a bigot and so is Onezime at SBC, from your definitions.

A pleasant exercise in Democracy at that on STAR.

One commentor said it best, you should have certified MSR a long time ago. Now it all seems to be back firing on you all.

What will you say at State House on Monday morning?

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

So what happened to your constitutional court case? Time is of the essence!

Anonymous said...

You are not a bigot for how you look and what you say. You are a bigot for what you do, or say you will do.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes you say all the right things, and write vague statement. But you know the sentiment it plays on in your supporters which is racist and bigoted. And when they express these, you defend them. Thats how you are racist and bigoted clever Gill.



Anonymous said...

Racism and bigotry is not tolerated in all true democracy. So if you say democracy is bigoted against bigot, well keep making your silly argument. Pathetic.

Patrick X said...

bigoted - blindly and obstinately attached to some creed or opinion and intolerant toward others; "a bigoted person"; "an outrageously bigoted point of view"

That just about describes France Albert Rene does it not? Especially the three words "intolerant towards others". I think you are the ones who have drank too much undiluted bigarade and now it's gone to your little brains.

i can clearly see you guys plans here trying to confuse others by using a lot of fancy words someone else taught you without however teaching you the meaning of it. As to your figures I have already asked you to post documentation(that's Tikolor's and every communist's favourite word) to prove how many immigrants actually have come to Seychelles the last 40years. Alas I believe that even the Parti Lipou doesn't know as they have been dealing out passports right, left and centre. So if you need documentation, look it up yourselves at the statistics bureau.

You're the ones who are busted by not being able to come up with good arguments. After all, your leader Rene was the biggest bigot of them all so it's not surprising that none of you can tolerate others' opinion that differs to your own.

Talk about busted. Prezan bez riy zonn. Y pass byen ek zot bann triko rouz sa.

PaTeX - La pou kas zot lagel

Anonymous said...

Less than 100 immigrants per year averaged over 40 years. Disprove that! Passports to Hong Kong residents is a different kettle of fish, they have not and do not wish to live in Seychelles. Most will happily give back the passport for a refund of their money. Ask the British High Commission about request to help Honh Kong residents with an insurance policy when handing it back to China.

You have not defended yourself or Gill about being bigot. All you have argued is you are exactly like Rene. This is the change you are peddling?

Pete Den X - la ek sonn lagel dan fess den!

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