Friday, November 12, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Seychelles President Michel
Takes To The Districts To Save Himself
Recently President James Michel took clown and pony show from Abu Dhabi and the Dubai shopping malls and moved the parade of horribles to the districts. Surrounded with uzzy holstered body guards, wearing sunglasses in the dark, and all the ministers available and in country, plus an entourage of advisors of bad advise, and no advise, Michel made his way to Point Larue, the traditional SPPF strong hold which has garnished 64% plus percentage votes in every election.
After 45 minutes, it was clear for all of Seychelles, that aside from the senior citizens on crutches in the front row, the populace of Point Larue were not very amused with the promises of riches in 2006 and the gift of poverty bestowed on them in 2008-2009, by President James Michel, the man who feels for all our pain, in spite of being the man himself, that is responsible for inflicting our pain.
Lets break down the main lies as Mr. Franke of Point Larue challenged Mr. President but instead, he ran for cover under the arm pits of Cuban trained Danny Faure. The minor lies, we will leave for the people to take down as they take down this Jack Joker liar communist regime.
Mr. Franke Is Frank!
As Mr. Franke of Point Larue challenged Mr. President to account for the $2.4Billion missing in overseas accounts according to IMF, Mr. Michel coward away from this difficult question and handed it over to Minister Danny Faure, to “play it again”, as he put it.
Under instruction, Faure said again, but in a very arrogant tone of defiance, that the $2.4 Billion IMF has alluded to, is in fact money held by off shore companies.
Mr. Franke was denied a follow up question to this pertinent issue, and State Security apparatus started to circle him, should he insist on asking a key follow up question that would end the floating of the JJ Spirit once and for all in Point Larue prematurely for SPPF supporters. The question Mr. Franke would have posed if he could, is along these lines and is damning indeed on SPPF.
Of course Mr. Faure, and Mr. President, we know all that the $2.4 Billion missing is in the name of offshore companies. Former dictators and their cronies like Albert Rene and the People around him, perhaps, do not traditionally hide stolen money in their names. Dictators and cronies use offshore companies to hide wealth stolen from the People. To keep it onshore, would lead the People to notice it everyday when they go to work, like all the buildings on Providence in companies belonging to cronies and lovies.

Dictators and cronies use numbered accounts to secure and transfer wealth offshore. In Seychelles, only Nouvobanq has numbered accounts registered with the Central Bank of Seychelles. Mr. Laporte has easy access to that information. Nouvobanq happens to be Standard Chartered Bank, the largest bank in Africa, but it is also Government of Seychelles , SPPF controlled through majority shareholdings. Mr. Siad works for his shareholders, mainly Government of Seychelles aka SPPF Government. Hence why a Pakistani national was granted citizenship in spite of the fact that he could easily return to his homeland, which enjoys a higher credit rating then Seychelles. After all, he does not really love Seychelles in my opinion.

What IMF said to correct Mr. Faure our Finance Minister, was that these companies offshore, that hold these funds are owned by Seychellois Citizens. Consequently, we want Mr. Faure, to ask IMF to publish the list of those companies in order that we can proceed to execute on ill –gotten funds, if they so exist to the amount of $ 2.4Billion, as per the implication of IMF’s statements. We can cross check this list with Mr. Laporte’s numbered account list, created while Francis Chang Leng was Governor of the Central Bank of Seychelles. The list and subsequent transactions will show where much of the $2.4 Billion has gone.
Faure Says offshore is Not in Seychelles
Faure says monies offshore is not in Seychelles. He seems to want the People of Seychelles to forget about the $2.4Billion; he and SPPF hope and aspire to beat the Opposition to death over mentioning of this amount.
President Michel, a man that cannot even ride a horse, or drive a car himself, says the $2.4Billion missing is a horse of battle for the Opposition. It is not, it is our money you arrogant SPPF failure, that can only claim to be educated publicly, when a gang of body guards with AK-47’s surround you!
People of Seychelles can be forgiving about a lot of things, but when it comes to the People’s money, there is no compromise and no pardon, SPPF. So give back the money SPPF.
Remember The Mango Lesson
People of Seychelles, when a thief is holding your mango in his hands, remember, he will tell you the mango was broken off the tree by himself, he will have you believe because he took the mango, it belongs to him. Now SPPF want us to believe, that because the corrupt took this $2.4Billion belonging to People of Seychelles, according to IMF, this money belongs to them now.
Do not be fooled by the thief! We need this money to help us through a period of great hardship which SPPF has dragged us into since they drove Seychelles into financial bankruptcy before we ever heard anything about a world financial crisis.
Now, as time goes by, the days become weeks, the weeks become months, the months become years, SPPF will have us believe that the world financial crisis is the cause of our problems in Seychelles today. Do not be fooled.
The only thing that the world financial crisis will bring to Seychelles and SPPF is one fact, SPPF will now have to repay all its debts. Because they have fooled us before, we will pay the price for failure as long as SPPF is around. When we get rid of them, much of our debts will be pardoned and we will be able to live again as a decent people, gifted with a most special place by God, on Earth.
As the next District meetings get under way, People of Seychelles, gather your courage like Mr. Franke and tell it like it is.
Mr. Payet Calls For True Unity
At Pointe Laure, Mr. Payet bravely , with great courage of a true Seychellois, cut through Mr. President’s charades and challenged him to cause to be resolved, as a Nation, the atrocities committed by James Michel Government and France Albert Rene’s Government during the One Party State. Mr. Payet called for a Commission of National Reconciliation to be formed to hear and bear witness of wrongs committed against fellow Seychellois to help the Country heal a wound that SPPF wants to believe does not exist. Being indecisive and wiggly for fear of offending France Albert Rene and murderers that still walk our streets, James Michel said the suggestion can be placed before a Committee.
People of Seychelles, in this moment of despair, how many issues will be placed before how many Committees. We live in an era, wherein we require Leadership , true Leadership to navigate through the disaster before us. Michel proposes that Committees handle even basic and simple but important ideas. He has none of his own, he goes to the Districts and converts frustrations into ideas, and then send the idea to a Committee. To lead a Committee he needs Irishmen. Michel has taken Seychellois pride and reduced it to a basket of incompetency.
How many more years can we survive with this kind of putzy ,incompetent, leadership? In no time, we will need a Committee to decide when we can use the comfort room, when we can use electricity, when we can fill up our gas tanks. We will need three (3) stamps and two seals to buy 1 packet of 6kg Pampers for our young babies. We will need a Committee to approve use of S -26 infant formula, since it is better then the Donkey milk products they want us to use to feed our babies, which have writings on it we cannot understand, nor can the Customs Officials figure out.
I salute Mr. Payet for his great courage to face a putzy, incompetent leader and ask for a Commission of National Reconciliation. But Mr. Payet should have also asked for a Committee to pour water for the Committee as well, and one to approve of the water pouring for dry seasons, since the idea of $25Million for desalination plants has not worked out too well. But the commission money has been banked.
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and our Beloved Seychelles!


Anonymous said...

Mr Faure the monies is i precisely in Basel in Switzerland.And Mr Fuare as other countries had done already,contact the Swiss government and ask them to ask this Bank to provide the information.That is called diplomacy Faure.Many countires have already done so, USA,France,Germany and others had been given list of names of all their Nationals who have secretly banked money in Swiis Banks to avoid taxes etc.
Nigeria for example through deplomacy was given back Half of the Money purloined by Dictator Sony Abacha and the rest still under negociation.The same has happened with Duvalier from Haiti,money stolen was confiscated by the Swiss authority then given back to the Haitian people.And there are many other example.

Off shore banking is not used by criminals just for the shake of hiding their stolen money, it alllow them to launder the money easier after,usually then money last destination is the country of origin under the pretext of join ventures etc.A good example is Guy Adams five star hotel at Port Launay,it is SEPEC money laundered into hotel industry in order to hide all traces of it.But one thing Mr Adam International banks keep records they can probably traced back the movement of the money and therefore can provide any information of the whereabouts of the money.Faure has just to do his job and this is contacting the Swiss authority.

Jeanne D"Arc

Jeanne D'Arc

Patrick X said...

It is indeed good news that people haev started to stand up to the government openly and challenge them with importnt issues. I believe that the days of mumbling and doing nothing are definetely over and soon the government will simply have to take the public seriously.

With regards to the voices of people here on STAR, AKS and other media as well as on the facebook pages of our prominent politicians, we can clearly see that our voices are being heard and positive action is being taken. The foremost example of this is the illegal hotel/guest house matter where the ongoing at Eden Island have been brought up. Of course it's 'election honey' so far, but nevertheless an important step in the right direction.

Wether Gill reaches State House or not is beyond the point at this stage. As far as I can see he has done a better job than the opposition the last years with regards to saying his say and bringing the PL on their knees n such matters. Well done Chris and Francis, keep it up guys. I certainly am proud of the work and effort you have put into this. I once said that leading Seychelles does not necessarily have to happen from State House alone. The debates and discussion here on STAR have proved that.


Anonymous said...

But not to worry, we have the secret komite of the leadership bowel movment which will fulfil all this tasks?

Anonymous said...

did you say money?

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