Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Seychelles Taking The Maynmar Road To Sham Elections
The Government of James Michel’s recently re-appointed Registrar of Political Parties, Hendriks Gappy, has failed to certify the registration of Mouvman Seselwa Rasin (MSR) for now Five (5) months.
From was a Three (3) day approval process according to Mr. Gappy, has now gone over Five (5) months and counting.
The main contention of the Registrar of Political Parties has been the Manifesto and party platform of the MSR: “Kredo Rasinist”, a document which highlights the main principles and beliefs of the party members.

The first refusal to certify the party registration documents, came after Four (4) months of not hearing a word from Mr. Gappy.
In a letter dated October 12, 2010, Mr. Gappy suggested that we file a case in the Constitutional Courts within 21 days to appeal his decision taken under recommendation of the Attorney General Mr. Ronnie Govinden.

The dubious grounds of the refusal was that the beliefs contained in the Manifesto are contrary to the Constitution of Seychelles.
MSR, under the recommendation legal consul amended the Manifesto to make its contents more palatable to Mr. Gappy and Mr. Govinden, as both men are agents of the Communist Party of Seychelles, currently in power.
It was agreed between MSR leadership and legal Consul, that these agents of the Communist Party, may have misunderstood the nature of a Manifesto or the place of political beliefs of a group of people in a democratic society in relation to the Constitution of Seychelles.
Mr. Govinden for his part has been losing cases before the Constitutional Court, example the landmark case of Elwyn Talma vs. Attorney General, concerning land use at Anse Lazio, Praslin.
I had personally advised Mr. Talma to file the case to secure his rights, once and for all before the Constitutional Court. The rational of the Attorney General in the case is highly dubious. I found the Constitutional Court to be on point, given great weight to the right to use and enjoyment of property enshrined in the Constitution.
Within Two (2) weeks of submitting an amended Manifesto, the second refusal letter to certify MSR was received by MSR Administrator at Docklands Level 3 MSR office on November 5th, 2010.
This time Mr. Gappy was not citing the Constitution of Seychelles, he cited Cap 173 of the Codes of Seychelles. The plot to block MSR from participating in the upcoming elections worsens.
Constitution Defends Our Right To Freedom of Belief and Expression
Article 5, states that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any law inconsistent with the Constitution is void. This would stuff Cap 173.
Article 22 gives the members of MSR the full.....right to Free Expression and for this article, includes the right and Freedom to hold opinions and to seek, receive, impart ideas and information without interference....from the State.
The right is subject to laws prescribed in a democratic society, but no regulations or laws even, have been drafted by the Registrar of Political Parties to limit the right to beliefs and expression yet under Political Party Registration.
The Registrar has been sleeping and relying on its enabling legislation for over 17 years now, without amendments or rules.
Yet, he is paid a Ministers salary for the post plus another ministerial salary for the post of Commissioner of Elections. Correct me if I am wrong, but is the man paid over Rs.64,000.00 for this funny business?
Administrative-Legal Hurdles To Block MSR From Participating in Upcoming Elections
It is becoming clear at this time, because of MSR’s principle of “Sesel Pou Seselwa” is the underpinning principle of the Manifesto, the Communist Party of Seychelles, intends to use all administrative hurdles and all legal hurdles possible to inhibit the certification of the MSR registration.
They have said in People paper, their rag tag weekly this week, that MSR ‘s principles undermine their efforts to “sell Seychelles” to foreigners while under REFORM, which we refer to as NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY.
This principle is captivating the minds of Seychellois across the country and is ending the politics of division played out by Red, Green, Blue, which are the divisional politics of the past 34 years.
“Sesel Pou Seselwa”, today, is uniting all Seychellois under one banner to remove the Communist Party of Seychelles from power and set her free.
The Communists intend on preventing the MSR leader Christopher Gill, from standing as the next presidential candidate, and prefer to have stooge candidates like Philip Boulle and Wavel Ramkalawan running.
Boulle is an attorney for numerous foreign interests in Seychelles. Mr. Ramkalawan is a Priest who has now become a millionaire in opposition and is happy with his new status and has remained quiet for most of the last Five (5) years while in Opposition.
He has become a loyal Opposition to the party in power, voting along with the Communist Party in Seychelles on key issues: 38% salary increase for MNA’s and Ministers, 70% salary for life pension for MNA’s and Ministers, all in a bid to keep everyone quiet and towing the line no different then the military Junta in Burma. His party recently voted in favour of a Supplementary Budget of Rs.77 Million, while the Seychelles remained under IMF Administration and external debts un serviced.
Myanmar Same Story
In Myanmar, elections are up the road and Aung San Suu Kyi’s party will not be able to field her as a candidate. Aung San Suu Kyi will be blocked by the socialist military government, led by General Than Shwe, who holds title “Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council. A little like the JJ Spirit Chairmanship, held by James Alix Michel.
In Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi’s supporters and the international community are already calling the elections a SHAM ELECTION PROCESS, because the ruling socialist military junta will NOT allow her party to participate with their leader in the upcoming elections.
Seychelles walks the Road of Myanmar SHAM ELECTIONS
In Seychelles, the situation with MSR is no different, and MSR will advise the SADC community and the Commonwealth Secretariat of this fall back to communist tendencies by the James Michel PL Administration, and until MSR is a duly recognized political party in Seychelles, we will consider the road to elections a sham and seek court redress on the issue and we will seek damages and cost for hindering the evolution of the democratic process in Seychelles.
Pending registration certification MSR has spent nearly Rs. 1 Million and will seek recoup these costs from Mr. Gappy and the Attorney General of Seychelles.
Bring On The Troops
Because Seychellois troops will be reluctant to fight for James Michel and the Communist Party of Seychelles when faced with internal strife, arrangements have been made in advance, to bring in troops from the UAE under the guise of fighting piracy within Ten (10) months to Seychelles. The base to house them is being built and will cost $50 Million with all the creature comforts a soldier could want, including a mosque.
This will usher in an old strategy the Communist in Seychelles have used in the past: oppress and crush the will of the People, with foreign domination and the use of force and guns.
After all your games, administrative hurdles, you pose before us, and all your legal symantics are done, PL, remember this:

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

These donkeys are afraid of chance becuase such creatures will just not survive in a democratic society.We knew that Gappy was put in this position to do just one thing manipulate the peoples^votes in order to keep PP communist sytem artificially on power becuase in fair election it would be defeated over and over again.As to the justice system calling MSR manifesto against the constitution is a joke,for if Govinden is serious and respect our constitution can he told us why he have never looked in the whereabouts of our missing billions?,of our land illegally sold to Khalifa and other foreigners?Or he can at least explain the why he was part of this handful of criminals who approved the building of an illegal mosque on our sovereign soil.When Pp isin difficult its followers and cronies run to the constitution but when they disrespect it they find it normal.

Foreigner troops will not deter us ,in fact it make us more determined to get rid of this communist system in order that we get rid of this nomad called Khalifa and all the rest.

We will not allow PP to dictate to us our future,nor will we allow a nomad to disrespect our people .More and more it seems there is one way out,for election is just a joke in this country and that is the use of force to restore democracy and the dignity of our people back and get all those despots,foreign mafias out of our land.

Sesel pou seselwa and we are going to make sure that this land stays to it owner-seselwa donkeys.

the struggle will continue until we get PP and all his lackeys to justice.

Jeanne D^Arc

Anonymous said...

If MSR cannot challenge PL in the next elections it will be a SHAM ELection.

My next step independent of legal Consul will be to advise the Commonwealth and the SADC Nations of the SHAM in the making.

No different then BURMA.

Tiklo, will agree of course.

Christopher Gill

Patrick X said...

Naturally the PL will not want MSR to be registered as a party. Wether or not its principles are against the constitution may be, but then again it may also be just a way of buying enough time to keep MSR away till eventually after the election. The time it took to respond is in no way any surprize whatsoever and clearly the fine art of buying time.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the real world. There are many ways invalid MSR to the polls. You still have time to get acquainted with them.

I sadly look at your fight. Today, you lose. But it would be unacceptable if you're going to take violent action. It will be madness. It will be big trouble for the Seychelles. Do not try to be directed in this direction.

"...and that is the use of force to restore democracy and the dignity of our people back..." - this is insane madman words.


Anonymous said...

I donot think so ,if it is madness if it is so, then it is right to assume that the Coup dêtat by the gang of criminals in 1977 in order to hijack our rights and freedom was right.There are norms to follow in society and these norms are there for everyone to abide with .Now when all democratic principles including election have been hijacked by a gang of crooks ,the people has a legitimate right to use whatever means they find appropriate to restore their liberty and freedom and that including the by the use of force.

The American supported the use of force to oust Saddam,a dictator who thought like Michel that he was above the law and had a right to victimized its people.The American also the Europeans not to say thev world supported the use of force to get rid of Milosevic in Serbia etc and etc.

If force is the last resort to free ourselves from these crooks it should be considered.I personally ready to participate in its financing :My motherland is worth than gold or a herd of camels.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

What a disgusting dispicable egotesticle audacity for this roadside gang leader Christopher Gill to compare himself to Aung San Suu Kyi! Please tell me this is a fucking joke!!

Patrick X said...

Guys, just because the Americans or other nations used force to achieve a political stand oes not mean that we should. I find it pretty hypocritical that with one breath one can criticise the '77 coup and with another say we should use force to restore democracy. I understand the frustration, but 2 evils do not make one good. Excersising violence is exactly what the PL want you to do so that they can come down on you like a ton of bricks in addition to pinning every possible little thing on you.

By all means file a complaint to every possible international organisation, I believe you should, but violence and force will if it leads to reaching your goal, only again lead to isolation from abroad. Remember Madagascar? Yes, Rajoelina reached his goal and restored what he defined as democracy, but at what cost internationally?

Try again and change the crede to something more neutral and edible, not least to one that is 100% constitutional. When that is done and you've got power, then you start kicking ass just like FAR did. You must beat PL at their own game, not at your game.


Anonymous said...

Everywhere in the world people,fight and die for their rights to be recognized.
Only in Seychelles that people whinge, but take no action.
As long as they remained complacent.the same situation will go on."corruption thrive when the good men do nothing"

Anonymous said...

It would appear that the beliefs and platform of the MSR is protected under the Constitution.

Freedom of Expression is the foundational stone of any democracy along side the Right to Free Association.

Take these two fundamental rights away from a people you do not have a democracy.

Deny a political party the right to participate in elections , you will have SHAM ELECTIONS. This is undisputed.

That would do more to destroy Seychelles image then the coup of 1977 at this point.

Gill does have a valid point, if you read what he wrote carefully, and put the bias aside for a moment and reflect.

I don't agree with everything he says, but it looks like he has SPPF in a box.

JF London

Patrick X said...

Indeed he has a very good point, but my point is that the PL will use ANY excuse to delay the registration of the party till earliest after the election. Freedm of expression is indeed a right that applies to all, not just those who agree with whoever is in power or the majority.


Anonymous said...

Can you register a Communist party in the USA?

Can you register a Nazi party in Germany?

Can you register an Aparthide party in South Africa?

Didn't the BNP have to change to allow non English members? oherwise they would be illegal?

Why should MSR be different? Oh wait Micro-state is a suitable excuse for bigots, racists and opportunists.

Anonymous said...

Reply to PL Proxy concerning MSR certification-

Yes, there is a Communist Party in USA, like there is one in Seychelles.

Yes, there is an Apartheid party in South Africa, they hold seats in Parliament.They are called the Democratiic Party, there.

BNP is legal in the UK. Though I do not agree with many of their ideas.

In Germany Neo Nazi parties are illegal because they advocate violence and the killing of Jews non Arians as they practice the ideology set out by Adolf Hitler in Mien Kiemph, which is race based.

Germany had to outlaw Neo Nazism as a condition to the surrender in World War II, in order to be accepted in the World of Naitons.

MSR has not advocated the killing or hating of any group in Seychelles. Members of MSR come from all differnet races.

MSR only calls for Sesel Pou Seselwa and that all Seychellois love their country and stand up for her in the face of great corruption and the wholesaling of our citizenship.

MSR calls for the recognition of the Seselwa Rasin and descendants , as the true Seychellois who were bequeathed Independence on June 29th 1976. They must be given special rights and responsibilities over naturalized Seychellois and those who buy passports from the Government of Seychelles.

Sound sensible enough.

Fail to register MSR in a reasonable time before the next elections, and PL will if they win, will be carrying with them the stigma of SHAM elections for 5 years.

By failing to certify MSR, the SHAM is already in play, because PL is afraid of "Sesel Pou Seselwa".

Christopher Gill

Patrick X said...

And yes one can start a nazi/racist party in most democratic parties as freedom of speech is respected although not necessarily liked. In Sweden's previous election, a party that is anti-immigration won their way to parliament through the ballot box.

As you keep reminding us, the voters are judge, jury and executioner so why not allow anyone to register their party so that the voters can judge, condemn and execute? Or is the PL afraid of competition? Or is Gappy afraid that his position will get executed by a new government?


Anonymous said...


And MSR is founded on creating a concept of true and false citizens so it deserve its place in that rogues gallery.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Rogue Communist-

We in MSR exercise intellectual patience with you Communists, because we know, you are slow. Hence, why you kill, mayhem or breach fundamental human rights when you are frustrated.

Seychelles is similar to BURMA in that respect.

In many Nation states there are distinctions made between born citizens and naturalized citizens.

Some even require that you be born in a Nation state to hold high office ( USA case in point).

In Switzerland the restrictions are even more distinctive and duanting, because small societies have the greatest interest in protecting the rights and culture of it indigenous native population.

Seychelles as a colony had no indigenous population 200 years ago. It was colonized by many different peoples from all continents.

These people became one people on June 29th 1976, and the United Nations recognized them as the Seychellois People when they were recieved with the Seychelles Territories and waters, as a Nation State and a member of the states of world nationhood.

MSR ideology recognizes this distinct People as the Seselwa Rasin people.

We believe, that only Seselwa Rasin may have political control over Seychelles.

Example, under our ideology, when in power through democratic elections, we will amend the Constitution of Seychelles to reflect this.

Example, like the USA a Naturalized Citizen like Dr. Ramadoss who cannot speak Creole, or English and French hardly, will never, never be able to run for high office in the Country.

However, someone like the great Dr. Ramadoss would be free to run his businesses and partake in social affairs and run a hospital or casino if he likes. He will have to pay taxes . But he will not be able to seek high office.

Rogue Communist, you cannot defend your road to SHAM ELECTIONS. It is indefensible and primitive, like Myamnar BURMA where the real opposition is banned from running against the JUNTA.

I call on all parties, that believe they are a sincere Opposition to stand up to the non registration of MSR by publishing this article in Regar and Weekly this week.


Christopher Gill

Patrick X said...


Agree or not, but MSR is expressing its opinion and excersizing its freedom of speech. I believe that the PL may well get a surprize if this hits the international media and gets the attention of the UN, not least powerful allies that are our life support. Remember why FAR had to abolish his little dick...tatorship? Was that poppycock or did they pop-his-cock?


Anonymous said...

Still poppycock. Poor confused mind cannot see the chasm between what is recognized and what he believes!

Let alone political, diplomatic, legal and ethical issues of disenfranchisement and of retrospective legislation.

Must be the weight of three mail order degrees

Its "SESEL POU SESELWA" not "Sesel pou Rasinwa or bigotwa or speculatorwa"

Anonymous said...

Patrick X -

You are always a bit ahead of the crowd. Undoubtedly very, very, smart. Hats off to you. Tiklo has no a nail, or a clue.

I am preparing the letter to the Commonwealth Secretariat;

One to Barack Obama as he denounced tyranny states like Burma in his speech in India today. Seychelles is in the Indian Ocean;

One to the Prime Minister of India himself;

One to SADC Secretariat;

We will of course, cc all relevant embassies;

The road to SHAM Elections in Seychelles, must be put to rest.

As in Burma, they are restricting the participation of MSR and myself as candidate, and they are known to use violence, intimidation, murder , and rig elections, buy votes.

So I think PL will have launched us on to the international scene quite well.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Can't wait. These world leaders need a good laugh in such difficult times. Make sure you tell us when its sent so we can keep our ears open for the laughter.

lmao roflmao

Patrick X said...

Chris, it is important that freedom of speech applies to all, this includes you, myself, James Michel and even Tiklo. Applying to all, it also implies that however absurd, racist, nationalist, communistic or imperialistic that speech may be it has the right to be excercised.

I find it disgraceful that the reply to MSR's application has been deliberately delayed with the purpose of shutting you and MSR out from the elections, a totally non-democratic act and disrespect to freedom of speech.

If indeed MSR has no right to life, it is to be decided by the voters, not by the PL or any other party for that matter. But having said that, it is also MSR's obligation to respect the public's voice in an eventual rejection. But again, that should be up to the public, not Hendricks Gappy.

I think it's important that the issue is raised to the right organisations, not only for MSR's sake, but for the sake of any future political party or movement in Seychelles. If we are to amture politically it is vital that we give our voters a variety of choices, not only two of the same colour.

THe fact that they refused MSR as a party itsefl proves that they see the potential damage the movement could do to their comfy existence.


Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is one thing. Incitement to discriminate and hatred is different. We can see what incitement to hatred does with Nazi Germany, Rwanda, Kenya and Islamic preachers of Jihad. We know where MSR is really going by intention or incompetence. Both of which have been well proved.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who will be Michels Commander in Chief should there be trouble?
I think the Irish Mercenaries may be back picking potatoes before picking up arms and defending their "illustrious" paymasters.
I can hear the cowards knees knocking now whilst running to the airport with their swagbags full of stolen cash.

Anonymous said...

Beliefs in a free democratic society cannot be attributed to Incitement.

Under the law of Incitement, the cause must be actual and immediate, hence the act of incitement which is actionable.

If there is no act , there is no incitement.

It is not "Ripe", for a cause of action.

Who taught you law? Lenin or Stalin?

Anonymous said...

To win any elections in the Seychelles, Opposition Parties will have to be as perfect as possible in almost everything they do. If MSR needs to amend provisions of its Manifesto then i suggest that it does so...any amendment will not give or take support from MSR. The important thing is to have the party registered. You cannot give any reason at all to the SPPF to delay matters. I am unsure if Gappy has indicated the offending provisions though!


Anonymous said...

Reply to Vox-

We have posted all the documents on MSR Facebook page.

Any suggestions you have are welcome.

We have made Two (2) submittals.

We will meet with Pardiwalla and Lablache this week and chart a course of action.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Is Tikolor going to spend the rest of his life defending the Parti Lepep's villains, one after another ? It will be a full time job.

Anonymous said...

Unite the majority by promising to disenfranchise a small minority? This is your "Beliefs in a free democratic society"? Somehow I don't see real democratic governments queuing up to defend your manifesto.

Not incitement? Now look who is relying on legal technicality to defend his version of fascism.

All that you have done with your crude MSR manifesto is expose the ugly side of racism and bigotry in Seychellois society. The very ones which gave FAR some degree of worldwide sympathy when he took his drastic action to break it down.

Anonymous said...

Yes I guess Christopher Gill will defend the right of Islamic fanatic preachers to do their evil work in New York and London. After all Christopher will say it is not incitement if the resulting acts are not actual and immediate? And it is freedom of speech, isn't it?

They are the same bag of scum as MSR in my book!

Anonymous said...

Reply to Last Comment on uniting the majority to dienfranchise a small minority.

Many of the small miniorty paid to become citizens of Seychelles through passport sales or GOP permits;

The Majority is being disenfranchised everyday, through the corruption mentioned above.

The propositions of MSR are not un democractic.

High office in USA can only be held by a Citizen borne in the country, and naturalized citizens cannot hold high office. We propose the same in Seychelles.

In Switzerland, citizenship is closely guarded and not handed out on a payment of money to the government. We propose the same.

I believe the proposals of MSR are reasonable.

What is not reasonable will be to prevent a group from participating in Seychelles Elections, in violation of their Constitutional Rights. It will not look good a bit especially since this government is known to trample on fundamental human rights.

Keep licking the mess off the floor PL has left, collaborator.

Our Patrimony is not for sale.

Sesel Pou Seslwa!

Anonymous said...

Yes I guess Christopher Gill will defend the right of Islamic fanatic preachers to do their evil work in New York and London. After all Christopher will say it is not incitement if the resulting acts are not actual and immediate? And it is freedom of speech, isn't it?

They are the same bag of scum as MSR in my book!

Anonymous said...

Reply to Islamic fundamental issue in New York City.

Barack Obama said that we must let Islamic Church go up as a healing process.

President Obama said, "Permit them build their mosque in New York City."

There is no incitement on that issue. Incitement must be immediate and actual, it cannot be remote in time or place, and merely philosophical.

In New York, the issue is the current ongoing pain from 9/11 that the survivors of the victims suffer. Survivors of victims said it is too soon to allow a mosque to go up down the road.

I understand there sentiments. But I also understand what President Obama has said. For it, I hope America will become stronger as a democracy as it always has when it took the road of tolerance and equality before the laws.

You Communists are really, really slow. You should give me a Medal of Valor for bringing your weaknesses out in Public.

A Manifesto is a collection of ideas and a political platform of beliefs, for the up coming elections. If the people shoot it down by vote, the idea dies.

If they raise it up, the idea manifests itself into reality through constitutional amendments, change of law and change of policy through Due Process of Legislative process.

In reality, you are afraid SPPF supporters will abandon your ship.

You are right, they already are. So for that, you have great fear.

But we in the Opposition have lived in Fear, until we have been numbed to death over fear.

So relax and gain your composure, learn to deal with your fears SPPF.

Catch 22 Communists, no certification of MSR, no credible elections,just a SHAM MAN just like Burma!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Anonymous said...

SPP gran gapon, but this is not only a barrier but it should be seen as an opportunity.

An opportunity to think outside the box an gain external support as the goals of MSR are rather clear and follows international norms like in Australia, UK, USa etc. We cannot allow free riding in this country. Norms and standards have to be followed by everyone.

Anonymous said...


Did you not listen to President Obama's speech to the Paliament in India.

India is the greatest democracy made up of 1000's of parties, of different ideas. Even Communists, like you.

Obama said the tolerance of tyranny must end. Vote buying must stop, and politics of threats intimidation must come to an end. The voice of the people must reign in respect of our common humanity.

The way of torture must stop and false accusations and fasle imprisonment to retard the democratic process.

Where are you Communists?

Looks like Gill has given you something to really take home to the wives.

JP London

Anonymous said...

Of course as a patriotic American you would like to follow that constitution. But if they follow your MSR logic then Obama needs to be a Native American not a wannabe pale-face displacer of indigenious people.

And you mean the Switzerland which will gladly hold the blood dripping gold for you while you burn its true million Jewish owners? Of course this is the kind of "guests" you want to attract to Rasinland.

Of course MSR will turn to these examples to seek inspiration!

Do you still think what goes on in other countries is not your concern? or should we start comparing Seychelles and the Guam Rasin?

Anonymous said...

Well the americans did practice torture in Guantanamo and on prisoners of war in Irak That is a fact.....heard about WATERBOARDING,,,,,,????????? Obama does not have the monopoly of saying what NGOS have been saying for many many years now and not been heard by international community cause they were all busy torturing and stilfling democracy around the world....
You too JPLondon did you feel bad about Guantanamo or were you condoning cause most of the prisoners were arabs?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So Christopher Gill and JP London is Abu Hamza (the hook arm Islamist looney) just exercising his freedom of speech and cannot be called inciting acts of Terrorism because they are not immediate?

Poppycock, of course he is inciting and brainwashing just like you when you repeat your key words.

And he has rightly been stopped.

Don't kid yourself. No amount of sheeps clothing can hide the odour of the wolf underneath.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Wolf in Sheeps cloth-

What happens in America, conerns Americans and their Citizens. I only addressed an issue which you raised.

I highlighted an example from USA wherein there are distinctions in citizenship. This is normal in any country.

What happens in Democratic Switzerland conerns them, not me.

I only highlighted Switzerland as an example, of/to what extent countries defend, protect their Citizenship status, even to the point of testing to what degree an applicant has become Swiss enough .

In France, another democtratic country is deporting Romas. I do not agree with that, but it happens. Is France un democratic?

In England, students from India are denied Visas to UK if they cannot answer a question in English with 12 hours of a flight to Heathrow. Is UK Undemocratic?

In Germany, last week Angela Merkel said people applying for Citizenship or who live in Germany MUST speak German.

Each country does what it must to secure reasonably the interests of it citizens.

Are you suggesting Seychelles cannot and should not have any controls as is the case now?

Are you saying MSR is cutting into your action to sell passports for $25,000.00 to anyone willing to pay?

Are you saying that the 10,000 residents on Eden Island can become Seychellois Citizens and we People of Seychelles will remain silent?

Are you saying that Shiek KHalifa can import 3000 workers and leave them here indefinately, to the point that we have to feed them?

Seychelles is a country, and it has a People, they are called "Seychellois", we have a language called Seychelloise, and we are not called Creoles for your convenience to call yourself Seychellois!

Next time you post a comment, make sense, nonsense.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Nice try Mr. wolf, you cannot compare ongoing tweaking of controls and tests with your blatant appeal to greed and bigotry. You don't speak of limits and caps. You speak of backward looking dis-enfranchisement and complete exclusion.

You fail to see that a people are not defined by inheritence law. One woman can inflict much damage on your definition of "a people" by spreading her legs for a Presidents brother, an Opposition leader and a Yank amongst others.

All your nazi demographic and cultural policies overridden by the proverbial itch, huh?

I am a Seselwa because I am a Seselwa and I speak Kreol because I am a Seselwa.

Sesel pou touzour Kreol!

Have you decided yet whether you are American or Seselwa?

Anonymous said...

Zot O Gillidiot,

Sa wee bougla. Your contribution in branding Seychelles to Burma not only highlight how stupid your are, but it also shows what a Willy Wanker from the Chocolate Factory you are Christopher Gill.

By rejecting your application to register your idiotic Mouvement Racist, Monsieur Gappy has come to the same conclusion as Wavel Ramkalawan when he has continuously stated in not so many words that "you cannot be trusted Christopher Gill."

Ti Kreol Le O i waylele le la lila lilo et sap ti Kreole Le o zanmen pou les son L'oneur tom dan delo.

And Gill, you are all Ass and no class. The Seychellois made you welcomed as an American Citizen and now you think you own the bloody place as the Mr. Vilificator!! Biento ou pou souk en bon beze Kouyon avek mon Dallon Pesi Padiwala akoz i pou bez anvoy ou ek ou bann donner grenn
Rooters ferfoute en sel kou. You insult and then you want the same ones you insult to come help you?.

Your father Gill was a Seychellois and was not married to your mother so how the hell did you qualify to become a Seychellois Citizen?.

Anonymous said...

I reply to Wolf the Collaborator-

You say the MSR Ideology and my writing appeals to greed and Bigotry.

You are wrong. We have no greed in our hearts at MSR. Nor are we bigots.

We have only love for our country in our hearts and love for our people. We do not want to see our people become 3rd class citizens under your grand scheme to sell Seychelles, at our expense.

Seychelles Mr. Wolf Collaborator, is not for sale.

Our Citizenship, is not for sale.

Greed and Bigotry is from the people who come to Seychelles, and want to do every business under the sun, that they pay bribes for and enhance the corruption barometer of our micro state.

You say we do not speak of limits and caps. You are wrong.

For many articles gone by since February, we have written and debated on limits and caps.

Example: A person married to a Seselwa Rasin can claim Seselwa Rasin status through naturalization and marriage. Currently, SPPF says 5 years with a bribe, one will be accepted as a Seychellois.

We say no, 10 years of marriage , no bribe.

Example: We have a Humanitarian exception aswell. Let's say a Fabrike contractor has made millions in our economy but he gave back in a big way to our people, we woould accept him as a Seselwa Rasin on humanitarian grounds.

Example: Let say a person arrives in Seychelles, from Kenya, and is in flight for his life, for political reasons and it is bona fide. We could accept him as a Seselwa Rasin.

Example: All the displaced brothers from Chagos archipelego islands, they are Seselwa Rasin in humanitiarian grounds, no Seychellois Rasin would question that.

But, if one buys an apartment at Eden Island,we say residenct yes, but citizenship NO. Why? Because it is a commercial scheme and these people that live separately from us, will not integrate with us. It is a separate but kinda equal scheme segregation apartheid imported to Seychelles.

All your other comments, display great frustration and fear, which is becoming common iin SPPF PL today.

We profess to be not superior to any race and we embrace all Races as Seselwa Rasin. Hence, we are not NAZI.

This assertion, only shows how desparate you have become peddling our patrimony.


Anonymous said...

Reply to "We have only love for our country in our hearts"

You have love only for your country in yor heart or for many countries?

Anonymous said...

You claim to be reasonable. But you have shown you play with things you have not a clue how to control. I think dynamite, matchstick and monkey comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Christopher Gill.

Parti Lepep is not taking the Myanmar road to sham elections.

Whatever gave him that idea ?

Parti Lepep SHOWED the Myanmar colonels and generals the road to sham elections.

Anonymous said...

Nice try wolfman, you can sanitize your words but you dont hesitate to employ lies, exaggeration, malice and threats. Not the signs of a good character.

Also your followers and supporters dont sanitize their words. We see it all over these trashy pages. You dont make any meaningful actions to temper them, admonish them or distance MSR from them. Thats because it is the very greed and bigotry that you are appealling to.

Love etc. my foot. Poppycock!

Anonymous said...

Political skulduggery and other varieties of skulduggery have been the SPPF's biggest export. However, James Michel is now rather scared to congratulate the military in Burma on their success in last weekend's elections. He does not want to annoy the EU, now that we are totally dependent on foreign handouts and crumbs. Go on, send a message to 'bann dalon' in Burma.

Anonymous said...

The Indian aviation authorities are frustrating Air Seychelles attempts to fly to Chennai. They know how to protect their own interests, unlike us who give away everything and then depend on Sheikh Khalifa soi-disant benevolence. Air Seychelles is facing opposition from Indian airlines who do not want to see Air Seychelles in India. Flights have been cancelled. Permission to land was delayed. In a further foot-dragging technique, the Indians have asked for the flight schedules to be re-submitted, as if they have lost the ones submitted earlier.

The Indians are giving us a lesson in how to protect one's own country's interests. It is a lesson that Parti Lepep has yet to learn, as they revel in yet another small donation from the court of Sheikh Khalifa.

Anonymous said...

Side-step to the left, side-step to the right, but tango in the dark and you might bump into the piper. Time to pay up:

Question 1: This freedom of speech and not inciting hatred and bigotry. So the likes of Abu Hamza are just like MSR and Gills and JPLondon?

Question 2: Goody two shoes Gill who is all heart. What about all the racist tripe that MSR supporters write, which you refuse to control or distance MSR from?

Anonymous said...

I wish at times the Seychellios removed their rose glasses and see our country politics for what it is
We will never get ahead if we don't agree to disagree in a more civilized manner.In reading these post I found that some people do not know how to debate a subject without belittling another,it is very sad and pathetic that we adults behaved in the manner.I pray that we all grow up one day it is only then that we can move forward and achieve results.

Anonymous said...

I presume you mean those people who are swearing at and insulting our elected officials? And calling the majority that supports PL as stupid and commie and collaborator etc.?

Yes it would be so much better if they could follow the example of the mature SNP and conduct their politics with dignity for all! Of course these people they think politeness and dignity means weakness or "collaboration".

And come to think of it as if that is a bad word!

Anonymous said...

Pp will use all kinds of terminologies in order to negate the image of MSR.PP has recognized that MSR is a strong movement, stronger than SNP and DP combined and that makes the flesh of Michel and his gang creep.PP thought it was just a little weak movement which it could shut up the mouth by intimidations within a few months,but has come to realize that it is not the case,in fact each time PP attempts to discredited the movement the more it popularity increase.

MSR, whether PP likes it or not ,is the movement that would surely brought Michel and his collabrators to their knees and bring chance in this country.

Change is in the offing,no one can stop this tsunami from happening.

Jeanne D^Arc

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Reply to Non Sense-

The SNP who you claim to be a polite Opposition is in bed with the ruling party over 38% salary increase and a 70% pension for life, most Seychellois still do not know about.

There leadership says they cannot change the system so they are working from withing it to change it.

Hence why Mr. Ramkalawan trekked to State House with a little Petition last month.

Sesel Pou nicer phase I have ever heard in my life!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The oppostion said it cannot change PP communist system.This typies that the don't have the will,ability or brain of how to do it.And Why do they think they cannot chance the system,is it becuase it is impossible that they do not do anything or is it becuase the they donot do anything that it is impossible?

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Its because they is not BIGOTs!

Leonard Francis Gill said...

The Pp Collaborators know that if the MSR is registered as a political party it will expose the approximately one third of our electoral role consisting of Fabrike voters and fraudulent voters. This will thus expose the fraudulent "democracy" that the Collaborators have concocted to obtain international legitimacy.

We must now begin efforts to take direct action to restore Rasin rights in our country. All dedicated Rasin must be ready for the difficult road ahead. But it is a road we must take or we will lose our country to the Fabrike.

We must begin with demonstrations and ultimately a general strike to force Gappy to register MSR so we can expose Pp Collaborator fraud and win an election to remove the Collaborators from power and bring those Collaborators who have murdered Rasin and looted our patrimony to justice for their crimes against their own people.

Sesel Pou Seselwa in 1964 Sesel Pou Seselwa now and Sesel Pou Seselwa Forever

Dianayllh said...

Poppycock. And MSR is founded on creating a concept of true and false citizens so it deserve its place in that rogues gallery.

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