Friday, October 29, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Regar Puts Foot In Mouth- “Save Air Seychelles”
Recently Regar October 15th, 2010 issue front page headline,” Save Air Seychelles”, revealed how lost the SNP are on issues that are threatening the viability of the Seychelles Tourism Industry. The SNP have been sleeping on the job so much, that when they finally wake up to an issue, they were in a daze and totally confused.
The crux of the article is that we must save Air Seychelles as Alain St. Ange (CEO of Seychelles Tourism Board) signed a 7th flight agreement with Emirates. Now Emirates can fly to Seychelles everyday of the week, opening up scheduling options for potential visitors.
The Boss at Air Seychelles, David Savy is not happy with an Emirates 7th flight. Regar is not happy about the additional flight either. But the Seychelles Tourism Trade is delighted over the extra flight.

The Trade, facing an unprecedented downturn in visitors to hotels beyond Eden Island and Ephelia and Lemuria Hotel ( both Constance Group Hotels), needs extra flights to fill up their rooms.
Regar did not mention the special deals Eden Island and Ephelia have made with Air Seychelles, for seats, at the detriment of the entire remainder of the trade over the past year. Nor did Regar mention the over 6000 potential new rooms that the Michel Administration approved, and will be coming on line soon enough. Who are you kidding snoozers?
Supply- Demand and Bottom Line
When the balance sheets come out each month, the Trade needs to focus on the bottom line and could careless who delivers the visitors to our shores at this point.
We would be happy if Air Seychelles could do the job and would support them, but the reality that Regar ignores and David Savy is silent on, is that Air Seychelles has been less than a Fifty –Fifty partner with the Trade.
This is where Regar and Savy, get it wrong. This is why Air Seychelles will fail. Unless Air Seychelles stops being run like a little fiefdom and coordinates its business plan with the Tourism business plan of STB, Air Seychelles will fail.
Complaining of lack of money is not a response for a CEO or Chairman. Both are hired and paid to find money to develop markets, unless they are hired and paid to be happy.
No Team Work , Face it, Accept it....but Change it!
The reality that Regar is blind to, since it is out of touch with the issue, and Air Seychelles denies, because its leadership is focused on self preservation, is that there is little team work in promoting Seychelles between STB and Air Seychelles, as a coordinated effort, today.
The strategy of Air Seychelles, is conjured up between David Savy and his Mauritian second man Rajiv.
Air Seychelles does not work to promote Tourism in Seychelles anymore as it was initially envisioned to do, a sort of insurance policy when other airlines were not quick enough to the draw to add a flight to service a market that the country wanted to develop.
Today, Air Seychelles as Col. Savy has said in numerous instances, is a business, and it is in the business of flying, sometimes that means it flies anywhere on Earth. Sometimes, this means Air Seychelles flies anywhere to survive, and that is where Air Seychelles has lost focus.
When a business loses focus, like a political party, no one can save the organization from itself. This applies to Air Seychelles, and it applies to SNP, as we see in Regar.
Air Seychelles flies to the Falkland Islands, it flies to Mauritius for Air Mauritius, it flies to Chennai, India, without a coordinated tourism marketing promotion in that city, it cancelled the Frankfurt leg all by itself, it flew to Maldives at one point, then the Comores Islands, when Singapore was developing along with the China market promotions last year, Air Seychelles cancelled the direct flight routed through Chennai. Direct flights from the key Italian markets were cancelled, without any coordination with STB. The Seychelles Tourism Industry suffered greatly from these cancelled flights. The numbers speak for themselves in those segments.
Come on guys, get a life. It saddens me to write such rubbish.
Stop Moaning and Trump Emirates
Regar and Air Seychelles are playing the same tune. They are moaning about the 7th flight Emirates will bring to Seychelles, and the 14th flight if Alain St. Ange has his way.
A Little Advise To The Mighty Air Seychelles Board
Emirates operating success is also its operating weakness. Emirates uses a hub and spoke system of flying travellers to Dubai and then it uses smaller planes to fly travellers into shorter routes. Travellers collect themselves in Dubai in a transit, then make their way to a final destination.
To out smart Emirates, all Air Seychelles needs to do is refocus on the main tourism markets in Europe, and provide direct flights for European travellers to Seychelles, cancelling the dreaded sometimes long overnight transit in Dubai. But Air Seychelles will have to coordinate its effort with a solid marketing program to win back travellers. It cannot just fly to a destination and expect travellers to jump on board because it now flies to a destination.
This is the time to coordinate efforts with St. Ange, STB, SHTA. It is sad that I have to write this, but it shows how the fiefdom strategy of management is a total failure for Seychelles. The time to end the fiefdoms is now, wherever they remain.
We Are Surrounded By Opportunities
Air Seychelles flies out of Charles De Gaulle Three (3) times a week. It can increase this frequency . It flies out of UK Three (3) times a week, but it pre-sells large percentage of seats with Air Mauritius and it can cancel that in part and focus on the Seychelles market.
Take A Deep Breath: Focus, Focus, Focus
Why is Air Seychelles flying to Mauritius so often? Air Seychelles even flies to the Falkland Islands, and I mention that, just to give you an indication on how Air Seychelles has lost focus. Our national airline cannot lose more focus then that. We all know Air Seychelles is just a one man show when it comes to bottom line decision making. It’s Board of Directors are a rubber stamp. Hence why it fails today. Michel should clean up that Board. They are menacing the success of the Tourism Industry, because they have resigned themselves to having excuses for everything that poses a challenge to them.
The infighting and back biting is more than sufficient reason to send them all packing and replace them with a serious no nonsense business oriented Board.
You don’t need to know how to fly a plane to run an airline business. You need business skills and business instinct to run a business. You can hire a pilot to fly the plane.
Refocus or Be Doomed
Air Seychelles should press to re-establish routes it closed in lucrative markets such as Frankfurt. Germany is the only EU country registering impressive 3.8% GDP and we pulled out our flight from Frankfurt. That is a bozo decision if ever I heard of one, especially when we know Germany will continue to register 3.5 % plus growth rates in the next Five (5) years.
Will Seychelles ignore this little detail regarding Germany like Air Seychelles is ignoring it?
Push to open routes in Northern Europe. Copenhagen is a hub of Northern Europe and we do not even fly there. Yet, Northern Europeans love Seychelles, and enjoy the longest holiday period in the World.
Thai Airways caught on to this and they fly directly into Oslo regularly each week and Copenhagen, cleaning up a potential tourist market that Seychelles could have easily cornered.
Let St. Ange Do His Job
Finally, Mr. St. Ange is no saint yet, as his name infers. But Mr. St. Ange is the best option Seychelles has at this point in time in marketing our destination.
Mr. St. Ange works with Government of Seychelles, and he has been appointed to STB by the SHTA, the tourism trade NGO that handles the day to day issues of Tourism Trade.
Yes the President is the Minister of Tourism, but the Trade asked for that, in order that we could face the issues that were destroying the Industry in quick time, because the Government of Seychelles had gone inept and nonresponsive to the Industries issues for too long. Regar cannot rightfully pounce on St. Ange for that.
Let St. Ange do his job!
This is the second swipe Regar has made at St. Ange in one month. The first being a critic of the Seychelles International Carnival. In both instances, I have confirmed, Regar did not even bother to reach St. Ange for a comment and the man had to resort to Nation to defend himself and his best efforts.
Such lack of respect for St. Ange and the Trade which he represents, is indicative of people that sponge off the hard work of the business community. You have all gotten use to a fat pay check being deposited into your accounts each month.

You forgot that someone had to earn that money, pay taxes, to make sure your fat cat salaries were paid. St. Ange’s strategies, under the circumstances and the reality of dealing with national bankruptcy, an IMF reform program in the face of a world financial crisis and a collapsing yield in the industry makes sense.
I will not only defend him as long as he makes sense, I will urge the dormant opposition that write in Regar to leave the man alone and let him do his job.
Did you not vote for a SCR 77 Million Budget Surplus Expenditure last week Regar-guys? Where do you think that money came from?
If St. Ange was not doing his work well, you could not have raised your hands to be fooled by Danny Faure, who rode you like a jockey on a horse.
Let me be clear for those that just woke up from a Five (5) year snooze, St. Ange is not the problem, he is trying to find solutions to the problems, while you write all sorts of mumbo-jumbo.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Patrick X said...

Air Seychelles is on its death bed and has been for a while now. The only thing keeping it alive is the fact that Prince David needs it to collect his monthly pay check.

The governemnt knows damn well that Air Seychelles is on life support, but cannot allow it to go bust as it would not be politically correct and would certainly cost James Michel the coming election. After all, the airline employs about 1% of the population and that is quite a number of votes families included.

So instead, the planes are kept out of the way whilst Emirates gets all the corridors its needs since nobody else sees the business potential of flying to Seychelles even though Alain St Ange claims there are several interestees.

I myself cannot see either Thai International flying to Seychelles as it would be a direct conflict of interest. Ethiopian airlines was said to be an interestee too, but i can so see planeloads arriving via Addis Ababa when few even bother to fly via Nairobi.

Truth is, a red carpet, or should I say corridor, has been left open for Emirates and its sister companies(Qatar, Etihad etc) whilst Air Seychelles is to fly from Jo'burg via other African countries en route to places where there are no tourists coming to Seychelles as these are now forced to fly with Khalifa's flying carpets. Hell, even our airport is now controlled by the UAE.

I'm anxious to see what will happen afetr the election when JAM one day will have to go on SBC and explain in detail as he shakes his head how sadly he regrets to have to announce the end of Air Seychelles. I just hope I'm wrong.


Yoohoo Tikolor, you can start insulting me now old boy!

Anonymous said...

There will come a time when Air Seychelles will not fly to Seychelles. The planes are currently being sub-leased to the UK Ministry of Defence to fly between UK and Falklands ( with a fly-past over Mahe now and then to impress the British High Commissioner) and to Air Mozambique to fly between Maputo and Lisbon.

Anonymous said...

Cut Tikolor a bit of slack. Even he must sometime take some time to consider whether he can continue to defend this monstrous government. It can't be easy for him, poor chap.

Anonymous said...

Thirty years long PP has used Tax payers money to keep Air Seychelles functioning,thirty years later David Savy has just pocketed the profits and made himselmulti millionaire.And as it is common practice in PP that is normal, he does not have to account for cent it is his private airline.

Jeanne D'Arc


Anonymous said...

One point your article does not make is the demise of Air Seychelles domestic. Anyone who flies these old and deplorable planes will tell you that something is wrong with the management of this airline. I believe David Savy is running the domestic sector into the ground so that his brothers Francis of Zil Air and Glenny will buy it with some foreign partners. That way, they can control access to all the islands, something that Glenny has been doing for years and continues to do as he imposes his might and his size onto the Seychellois people. It is clear that Michel must put in a new board at Air Seychelles and ask David Savy to resign. Also, there is a lot of corruption in the company and it all benefits Savy and his friends. Time to send in the investigative units and flush out the truth.

Anonymous said...

David Savy is a GAY loser. His brother Francis is a FAGGOT and his brother Glenny is a FAT slob. The only reason these Savys have those jobs is because Albert Rene fucked their mother Geva and she knows all about the killings that happened when Rene was president. So those bastards are protected and they will continue to steal until Rene dies. But Rene will probably outlive that stupid fool Michel and Rene will live to see Danny Faure as President, his golden boy from Cuba.

Anonymous said...

Now that Seychelles has become the 112th member of the International Criminal Court (ICC), let us hope that Rene, Michel, Valabji, Changleng, Leopold, the Savy brothers and others are tried at the Hague for murder and corruption against the people of Seychelles.

May justice prevail and may the Seychellois people find peace and prosperity in the future.

Anonymous said...

The Emirates Melbourne Cup when the Nation Stops is on next Tuesday and Bart Cummings trained So you Think is firm favourite.

And Patrick X, Air Seychelles cannot compete with Emirates. We are forever grateful to His Highness Sheikh Kalifa for giving Seychelles a Life Line in the same way Sir James Mancham acknowledged in his Letter to the Editor of Nation.

And Patrick, do you know Who is running the show?..the answer is PL's James michel and there is nothing you, Gill and the rest of your cohorts can do about it.

And Gill, let St Ange, Savy and Regar do their jobs. Depi kan sa bann Zanse i besoin rende konte ek en grand Kouyon narnyen ditou pareil ou?.

Sap ti kreol le O pa pou zanmen les so l'onneur tombe dan delo!!.

Anonymous said...

At last someone has openly admitted that Air Seychelles is outconquered and does not have a future as an international airline. As you say Emirates will put Air Seychelles out of business and that with the blessing of James Michel. Maybe that's the intention so that he will finally have an excuse to get rid of David Savy without having to explain it to Rene.

Thanks for clarifying that Tiklo. We all appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Tikolor does his best to smother the truth about his remote government. Often he fails and the truth comes out.

Anonymous said...

Get your FACTS right Deeks. Where did I say that "Air Seychelles does not have a future?."

You could not be further from the "TRUTH" whoever you are Deek!.

The Fact is that quite a few of you so called "patriots" just can't wait as you pray everyday for Air Seychelles' demise/and everything that is Seychelles and Seychellois. When are you Dickoes going to get a life?.

TIKLO pou kas la cle la a tou kou.

Anonymous said...

tiklo mon prezimen ou aletranze parey mwan. si sa sistenm koronpi sesel i sitan bon akoz ou pa retournen e al reste e reste e donn en helpfull hand sa gouvernman.

Anonymous said...

E ou la Anonymouse,

Leur ou "prezimen", that equates to ASS-U-Me and in doing so, you are making an Ass out of U and Me.

Where I am is not your concern. If I want to go back to Seychelles or not to settle, that is my choice and my choice alone. What gives you the right to bad-mouth my land of birth and all those in positions of Power without any justification what so ever?.

D'apre ou Master Gill-idiot, none of our Seychellois in high positions are treated with the respect that they due deserve. Gill is behaving in such a manner because as much as he wants Wavel to take him on board, Wavel keeps telling Gill "sorry Christ, you just cannot be trusted." And that is the simple reason as to why Gill is so pissed off with any Seychellois in positions of Power.

Tiklo pou touzour la dan sa gran ker soleil et i pou never les son l'Honneur tom dan Kannal delo kot vann suet pe tape. Si ou le know ki kote mon ete, demerd ou gate.

Anonymous said...

Jus sayin' -

Air Seychelles does not have to target the same passanger as Emirates. Emirates model is good for the value seeking passenger and direct booking passenger.

Air Seychelles always have a huge POTENTIAL advantage. It is a specialist point to point product experience for the visitor. For this it must provide quality and also ambiance.

If you research tourist passanger who fly Air Seychelles you will hear they were expecting a "party" atmosphere on plane with many travelling Seselwa showing the famous joie de vivre.

But what they see is Seselwa with sour face and they either bend their ear with miserable story or speak amongst themself also with obvious negative sound.

For goodness sake this is a tourist looking for fun and laughter when he spend a years saving!

For this we must all take the blame because we are helping to destroy our product image for the sake of politics. And sinc we destroy the image the tourist dont want to fly. And since the tourist dont fly the plane quality become poor.

This mentality is call cut-nose-to-spite-face.

And before you start blaming politic just look at country like Mexico and Brazil who had bigger problem, yet the ordinary travelling Mexican and Brazilian always warm and happy with foreigners. This makes their product good.

Anonymous said...

That's a new one from Tikolor -- tourists who want to have a party on the plane. No wonder the best and brightest in SPPF and Parti Lepep have taken this country to the precipice. Tourists want a value for money holiday in Seychelles -- this is what Parti Lepep and its former guises have been unable to deliver. They could not care less about the demeanour of Seychellois on the plane. And on Air Seychelles between UK and Falklands or Maputo and Lisbon they will not find a single Seychellois apart from the crew.

Why is it cheaper to fly from London to Australia than from London to Seychelles ?

Patrick X said...

Quote Tikolor:
'And Patrick X, Air Seychelles cannot compete with Emirates. We are forever grateful to His Highness Sheikh Kalifa for giving Seychelles a Life Line in the same way Sir James Mancham acknowledged in his Letter to the Editor of Nation.' Unquote

Tikolor, saying 'Air Seychelles cannot compete with Emirates' is saying that we have doomed ourselves to fail gran kouyon! You've just admitted that by allowing Emirates to fly daily there will be less opportunity for us. And by thanking Khalifa fo giving us a lifeline you have also confirmed that if it wasn't for him we would have been fooocked big time. You have also just admitted that JAM has failed his people since we need Khalifa as life support.

I'd recommend you to use your 2 brain cells more before you write things down. Anything you say can and will be used against you old boy. PaTeX pou touzour la pou dres ou lagel.

PaTeX - The sound of you lagel being smacked

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern:

Sa Air Seychelles pou touzour la long after Partrick X, Oumfou Gill and other Rooters have long gone.

The Mauricians wants Gill and his fellow saboteurs to do enough damage so that Emirates can fly to Zil Maurice 7 days a week instead of Seychelles. And that is Christ Gill's hidden Agenda.

And Gillidiot says that he has Seychelles' interests at heart!!.
Go get a life Gill.

Patrick X said...

Well, gill doesn't need to do any damage Tikolor, David Savy is doing enough by himself as he is already allowing Air Seychelles to go down in business by stepping out of Emirates' way. But at the rate things are going, nobody will any longer want to fly with any Arab airline as they seem to have a nasty habit of carrying bombs en route elsewhere.

By the way, can you tell us how many airlines fly to Mauritius on a daily basis? Airlines like the ones STB claim want to fly to Seychelles.

But no Tikolor, Emirates won't fly to Mauritius yet because Khalifa hasn't smelled the potential of oil there yet. The day we strike oil, he'll be the first one in line to present his bill to the Seychellois as if we havn't paid enough to him already.


Anonymous said...

And now Patrick X refers to the Seychelles Goverment as "we" when he has been refering to them in the past as "them communists, criminals and killers".

And now that Oil will be flowing soon, all of a sudden, one can detect a change in attitude from the Rooters' Incorporated.

Solman sa Patrsick pas Zom Kouyon ek son bann policy Voodoo on the run.

Anonymous said...

We as in the governemnt or we as in Seychelles as a nation?

Patrick X said...

My friend, you're barking up the wrong pye koko. I don't know what communism there is about the government as they are pure capitalists, failed capitalists, nevertheless capitalists. Criminals? Well, considering that they have robbed the people and allowed the people to be robbed in front of their eyes the last 30 years does qualify them to being criminals, at least criminal associates. Now that James Michel, a previous criminal himself, hears St Peter not too FAR in the distance he suddenly frequents the pope that represents the religion he doesn't even believe in being the atheist he is. Not only that, but he also states that the Church is needed in Seychelles. Now who has voodoo policies here? Me or James Michel? Oh yes, and whilst kissing the pope's hand he also kisses Khalifa's backside. And I practice voodoo policies on the run? Get real mate!


Anonymous said...

About oil,we should not allow criminals LIKE pp to control our revenues from our natural resources.And in fact all political parties should be involve in the discussion and have all information on what the government is doing.At the moment PP is signing contracts with some foreign companies none of us have heard about and none of us know what is in those contract no documentation are made public as in fact it should be.

How as it seemed clear that we have oil and gas,is PP training Seychellois in order to be ready to control and manage this industry or Adam will continue to unilaterally decide for us and purlion our wealth as he has done so far with SEPEC?

One more thing i would propose that PP sign off to the "EITI"=(EXTRACTIVE INDUSTIRES TRANSPARANCY INITIATIVE) as soon as possible in order to make sure we can trace every sigle cent from this industry.

Jeanne D'Arc

Patrick X said...


It is up to the voters to decide who should be allowed to control the potential coming oil revenue, this through the ballot box. Unfortunately as of today there are only 3 official parties that will be participating in the coming election where one has the electoral commisioner on their side not that I think it would make much difference anyway judging from the participation of the second biggest party(SNPL).

Controlling of oil revenue is perhaps the most important thing that the governemtn has to focus on as we can already see the vultures circulating around:

- Khalifa and UAE naturally are interested in allying themselves with an oil producing country. He will be the first one to stand in line offering his services when oil is struck. He's already offering to help fight piracy. Why? Maybe to protect ships sailing between Seychelles' waters and UAE, you know like tankers carrying oil.

- China/USA/India/EU etc are all interested in oil to grease their machinery. The Americans have already sent a delegation to provide 'advise' and consulting. China have already offered gifts and will soon show greater interest.

- Our own local birds of prey, ref Adam Family who already have control of Seypec will undouobtedly be interested in biger wheeling and dealing in the oil industry. Not least other 'citizens' like Siva who wanted control of Coetivy. Any guesses why? Well, well, well is all I have to say. For the moment at least.

Bear in mind that the average time from an exploration well is drilled till First Oil is about 10-12 years. Some seem to be confident that we'll get some positive news next year. On my part I hope we never strike oil as it will be the beginning of the end of Seychelles the way we know it. If you think corruption is bad now, just wait till oil is struck.


Anonymous said...

If Air Seychelles suceeds or fails, it is up to the Board of Directors led by David Savy, not Christopher Gill and not Alain St. Ange.

The Tourism Trade is facing great challenges and they are facing them independently of Air Seychelles, unless there are close friends doing deals.

Air Seychelles needs to reinvent itself as being more user friendly to the TRADE or it will fail.

I know many hoteliers discourage use of Air Seychelles, to avoid problems with guests.

Savy needs to fix this problem or resign.

I am certain a highly qualified Airline operator like Savy will be grabbed by a fledging company in no time.


Blaming other people will not get Air Seychelles directors anywhere.

Christopher Gill

Patrick X said...

Air Seychelles can save itself by being the foremost operator to guess where? Yes, Seychelles. Not the Falklands and certainly not Maputo or wherever David Savy will decide to send it to so it'll be out of Emirates' way. If Air Seychelles no longer decides to operate flying tourists to Seychelles then it may as well be renamed Air Away or Air Savy for that matter.

Air Seychelles has finally, after years of advise from bloggers, decided to give rebates to Seychellois flying from Europe, but alas too late. Then again, why try to aim for success and get in the way of Emirates?

Anonymous said...

Reply to Regar boy-

Wow, you really took that personal.

Just try to write a bit better and think clearly.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Recently we travelled to seychelles on vacation and booked a weekend flight to Praslin with Air Seychelles, and whilst at the counter we were surprised that for a Seychellois national a two way flight fees was SR475 (some 29 euros)per person whilst ours was SR3225 (201 Euros). Can somebody explain this to us? Whay do we have to pay 6 times more? What do these people at Air Seychelles think that all tourists are millionares????

We would apreciate if someone could clarify this for us

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can explain why in your country you pay so little for University but Seychellois would need to pay tens of thousands?

Anonymous said...

Because DAVID SAVY has decided so and Michel ,and its communist system is unable to reverse the course with fear that FAR would replace him by Faure.This is also true at SEPEC,IDC,etc.Even after ERNST AND YOUNG report their is still no public accountability from these firms.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

In the UK for instance, universities are subsidised by the government. The UK government subsidise EU nationals. Others pay the full cost of their university education, unless they are on a British Council scholarship. Many Seychellois have benefitted from such scholarships. Not James Michel, true. But such a scholarship would have been wasted on him -- 33 years as an apprentice learning to be president but still can't get the hang of it.

By contrast, Air Seychelles makes locals pay the full cost while tourists are asked to pay through the nose. It is a tax on tourists. We need to ask the taxman, David Savy, how he spends these taxes. It is called killing the goose that lays the golden egg -- a very well-known Parti Lepep philosophy.

Anonymous said...

We have been waiting for the last thirty years for both PP and David Savy to publish the closing balance of Air Seychelles each year and that dito to IDC;SEPEC,SMB etc we still wating.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Some one wants to know why in Seychelles students pay so little for university compared to over seas.

Answer: You get what you pay for. In Seychelles, the university has no books, and no professors that are qualified. Rolf Payet teaches numerous courses, from his coastal erosion Doctrate.

Get a Good education!

Anonymous said...

PP has the wrong person in the wrong department.Rolf Payet should in fact be working in the environment dept. not as unqualified Professor at the SeyUni.We have for instance a qualified Seychellois who has been working as a Prof. at one of the Japanese known Uni, maybe Pp should ask him to come and take over the head of Sey Uni.Another example is in the ministry of finance,both Faure and Afif do not have any degree in economy maybe PP should call in the Seychellois working at the World Bank to take over this ministry.

Jeanne D^Arc

Anonymous said...

If Rolf Payet is not qualified as a Professor then University of Seychelles has no Professors.

That means they must rely on online education degree offers which they do.

That means there is no reason to go to University of Seychelles, you can go to the same University from home or from a Bus Stop with a laptop.

Government of Seychelles should be offering Bursars to our students to be educated in top schools.

To return to Seychelles, they should be offered top salaries like Irish are, offered land plots on reduced prices, house loans and car loans on favorable terms to get them startimmediately.

Instead, we sell houses to South Africans, give land cheap to Khalifa and company Scr. 1.00.

Get Educated Well!

Anonymous said...

When i say Rolf is not qualified ,i mean you don^t take someone who has degree in costal erosion to teach medicine,informatic etc for i don^t think costal erosion is a subjuct proposed at Seyuni.
.Government has been giving bursars to students to study abroad but not to Seychellois students but to the children of expatriate workers Sri lankans,Indians,Pakistanis,and that in turn have helped to bankrupt our education system.Otherwise i totally agree with you.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

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