Friday, October 8, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill


The SNP held their convention last week, the 3rd in 12 months. SBC was there on hand and provided them with ample radio coverage, ample TV coverage, and the leader, Wavel Ramkalawan, was interviewed and gave a soft melancholy call to the public, advising them that the SNP is now ready to take control of Government and run the country after 17 years in opposition.
He was not serious of course.

The Motions in the Ocean
Mr. Ramkalawan said that the SNP had passed Two (2) motions, one was to send a petition to the President, at State House; the second motion was to ask the Attorney General to draft a new Public Orders Act.

What kind of Opposition sends petitions to the President? That is utterly a total joke. If a lead opposition party wants things done, it uses its strength to negotiate. It does not send petitions. Pathetic.
Secondly, why does SNP not draft the new Public Orders Act and table before the National Assembly? They had 17 years to do that.
Their actions resemble total ineptitude, bordering on the ridiculous leaning on the elementary.

Did The Departing Members Know?
Many members of SNP have told me they attended the Convention because it was their last convention to symbolically bid a farewell to the leader Wavel Ramkalawan.
I have referred to Mr. Ramkalawan as a millionaire- priest, referencing his departure from caring for his flock the last Five (5) years, to now caring for himself.

The evidence speaks for itself:
1. 38% salary increase, while the people suffered under IMF administration;
2. 70% of salary Pension for life in conspiracy with SPPF which SBC hid from the Public;
3. Ramkalawan complains about not having land for an office, but could build a multi level villa for himself;
4. taking money from foreign interests like SIVA, Eden Island Khalifa likely, and others, and remaining silent while these interest take Seychelles patrimony, ( example Eden Island has 10,000 potential new citizens);
5. remaining defensive on Bernard Georges’ representation of Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nayan and those dubious land sales in violation of the State Lands and Rivers Act;
6. remaining silent on Pauline Ferrari taking employment with State House as a Vice Consul in Paris;
7. remaing silent on mis use of party funds- what will he do in power; I believe this man who deeply lacks integrity in my opinion, will do what SPPF does: PILLAGE; that time Vivian Soundy departed and was put under threat if she spoke out on the abuse of funds; I am told she was even threatened with loss of life if she spoke, typical tactic of a bully;
9. Alain St. Ange departed, another Treasurer, and has been castigated by the same leader;
10. the pension Ramkalawan voted himself in conspiracy with SPPF will give him and Marie Lise Potter (PL Leader of Government Business) Scr. 12 Million each, if they retired today, over a period of 40 years.

They will each take about Scr. 34,000.00 per month, for the rest of their lives, unless we cancel this law, and send them breaking macadam together.
All they have to do is breath in and exhale, while the People of Seychelles suffer from their scandalous legislative conspiracy, they will collect this money at our expense if we do nothing.

Left Arm Pushing Right Arm Up To Vote
As the motions were voted the SNP delegates, who I have been told by Mancienne are not very smart, used their left arm, to raise their right arms and they voted in what appeared to look like a state of manic depression.
They have good reason to be depressed. Their leader has failed all Seychellois and he has failed all of them collectively.
But he chooses to stay, while younger potential leaders like Prea, Pierre and Henri are kept on the back burner, and their talents are wasted.

No Call For Unity in Opposition
If a leader can be given a mandate to destroy a party, the delegates of the SNP convention did just that last week.
There was no call for a united opposition. Not even a discussion. This is contrary to even Wavel Ramkalawan’s word to me last year, and his promise that he would work in that direction, setting a February 2010 deadline for himself.

A Word From Mandela Ramkalawan
Nelson Mandela said to throw a punch and be effective, all fingers must fold to form a fist. Mandela said this in reference to bring all factions on board no matter what the differences are to defeat a common enemy. Failing that, we will not throw a punch and we will suffer defeat and pain.

If Mandela is right, SNP is heading for defeat and it would have voted for the defeat itself, at its convention that had a fair amount of empty chairs.
When that happens SNP, do not blame MSR…..because, we told you so.
People of Seychelles, unite as one fist to destroy SPPF once and for all to set all Seychellois free….unite under MSR!
SNP has wasted our time, now they intend to waste our money for 40 years.
In spite of that, I encourage Mr. Ramkalawan to join MSR. But water seeps it ‘s own level, so be prepared to follow, for you have shown us you are no leader of the People. You are only a priest –millionaire, whose wealth has been gained off the plight and suffering of a people.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

I must say that Wavel Ramkalawan has in the past fallen into the Intelligence Trap with his politics of Saboule, [Nous pa pou les tombe];

Politics of confrontation [If SNP does not get elected, mon pou bez al plant bannann];

Politics of vilification and disrespectfulness [mon pou en pikan dan ou fes Imsie Rene];

And of course when he went to State House to consult with the President in the way he should have done from day one, Wavel in the last year or so has re-invented himself after finding out first hand that it is not bloody easy to run a Country and was "very happy for not having won the Presidency/Elections".

To the chagrin of the Dead Party's Chow/Volcere and Christopher Gill's self appointed, and self-important Windbag for his handfull of fer-la-peine Racist/Zenophobic supporters that calls themselves the MSR of the SCAR Team, Wavel and the Leadership of SNP have found out first hand that those Fouter Dezord just cannot be trusted.....fullstop.

And Gill, Wavel wants you to stop begging and refrain from mentioning his name in your pathetic column that is making you the laughing stock and giving Seychelles and Seychellois a bad image.

In the final analysis Gill, you are on record for calling the late French Ambassador Monsieur Tretout "a pig whose Widow has to give back their Seychelles' Passports"

And Gill, you are indeed a bloody disgrace and your statement has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that you a very very sick person.

TIKLO ki la et bientot someone is going to dress ou lapo lagel if you don't retract and apologise to the Tretout Family and Friends.

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting patiently for this article to appear on the site. Hearing on the TV and reading Ramkalawan's speech leave me so angry and annoyed.
In his speech Ravel said "he is ready to lead" the party, but in the same breath he said that doesn't mean that he wants to change the government, but to make sure there is no corruption in Seychelles and change the standard of living.
Who is hetrying to kid? Ravel doesn't want anything to change in Seychelles, as long as he is making his money and when he retires he will get everything he is due. What he do is resign and let the real people who wants to get this government out do their work. An SPPf/LP will always remain an SPPF/LP. It is beyond him to change his colour. I am surprise he accidentally change to Green just like a cameleon... but ddep down he is a true RD RED... move over Ramka and let the real people work...

Anonymous said...

Shame on mr.wavel ramkalwan.

Anonymous said...

Another case of sour grapes from Gillmsr gangbang. First it was "no one will come", now it is "they only came to say goodbye" and later it will be "its not our fault PL won"

Well: They did come Mr. Gill; It IS your fault if SNP dont win; And you know you dont fight to get your party registered for elections because you are afraid to lose your deposit with only handful of votes.

Patrick X said...

Why will it be Gill's fauly if SNP doesn't win when SNP is the ONLY other party next to the PL? Very convenient to blame Gill for SNPL's failure isn't it? Why not blame the leader who is after all 100% responsible?

May I ask who's fault it will be if the PL shouldn't win? SNP's or the leader of the party?


Anonymous said...

If the main leader of the oppostion believed and still believes that he doesn't have the intellectual ability to run a country of 80,000 people then what the hell he is doning at the head of the party?Why does he refuse to leave in order that someone serious can take over the oppostion?Is it because of all those fat bonuses PP gifted him?

The real laughing stock here is to hear RAM preaching the gospel of change but fail to unite the opposition in order this change can happen.He told us he will win this coming election but at the same time confesed that he is not fit to be President.What for a paradox.

Tretout must give back our passport illegally gifted to him by Michel.Why? Our passport and nationality are not for sale.We refuse to see our country portraited as a banana Republic like Zwimbabwe.We have rules and conditions ste up under which a foreigner can apply for citizenship and the way Tretout was gifted our passport is surely not part of these rules and conditions.

Tikolor stop bleating and looks at the reality in front of you.Stop your piffle Tikolor!

Jeanne D`Arc

Anonymous said...

My advice to Mr Gill is very simple. Stop asking SNP to unite the opposition because we will be caught up forever with only two party system where people we vote for the devil they know.

Successful people take calculated risk . Please put forward your agenda to the Seychelloise people and let SNP dance to the JJspirit rhythm as they are accustomed to do because of their lust and greed for money. They stole our money that they asked us to contribute for Radio freedom and to this date not even a transistor they do not have to show us for our contributions. They should give back the money to a charity since they would not be able to identify all of us.

This coming election will be the end of the party of politicians who have presented themselves as an alternative to the people and look what they have been doing nothing except looking after themselves with SPPF crumb after had been left under the table for us and they are taking all for them.

Let it be if your deposit is lost like the blogger had said because he did not know that a gaint leap start with a footstep.

We simply need more parties in Seychelles to give people more alternative to the two parties that are busy helping themselves with the limited resources that we have.

Like they said that you cannot be trusted so is Ramkalawan and remember what he did after the election with DP and the flimsy reason that he gave. Today is one of the greatest collaborator with SPPF than what he feared that Mr Elizabeth would do in the assembly. We do not need a united opposition what we need a is co-existed oppositions where each party are competing on equal terms.

Anonymous said...

.The person is confronting Unity and the amalgation of two parties to form one party.That is not the sense of unity here.

Uniting oppostion parties do not mean having one party.The purpose of unity is to achieve what one party cannot achieve alone namely defeating the communist government which has bankrupted our country and selling our patrimony to foreigners.

Unity means coalition not two parties merge into one.Unity doesn't mean that different parties have the same political agendas but put their diferents away ,join forces to achieve a common purpose in our case, bringing change to this country and getting those crooks out of power in order that justice can be done.

Of course the country needs more parties,but it is not the quantity but the quality of those party that would make a difeerence.If you are going to have twenty more parties that would act as fake opposition to the ruling party as RAM is doing, at the end of the day the result would be the same.It would be shame shit from diferrent ashholes.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jeanne D'arc i stand to differ with you and i can tell you that i know extremely well what unity is all about. The point that i was trying to make is that you cannot mix water with oil because they are immiscible liquids, do whatever you want with it nothing would happen.

Begging another party to unite to fight a common enemy is not wise politically because i truly believed that if you form a party you should be convinced that you can win an election.

Please get real SNP are interested in removing LP in power and are not interested in uniting the opposition. If that was the case ground work should have been made a long time ago and now they would have been formulating election strategies to unseat LP.

I do not see anything wrong with a million parties because this situation is like in a business environment. Business which are not innovatives would be obsolete since they would not have the competitive edge so this the same in the political environment.

I think you should take a look at the British politic and learn the lesson from the liberal demacractic party which has always compete as a party in every British politics and today they are the game changer in British politic. Why is it a must that political parties should unite to defeat LP? You did not see that it had never worked in the past and why are not convinced that it would work this time.

To end this is a quote from Hillary Clinton< The road to insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome>

Thinking that you have all the answers is not very wise and your point of view is always the best. One should learn to respect others point of view without trying to be judgemental.

Anonymous said...

Of course i don^t have all the answers it was just my piont of view.Sorry if it offenced you.

I personally think it wise for party that cannot win an election alone should unite it force with another party that also cannot win an election alone.

Today we have two parties fighting a common enemy each one with its own tactics that have proven so far to be ineffective.Their tactics did work and did not have any effect on PP in the past because they preached of biulding coalition but in reality it was more words than actions.

The ability to build coaltions is a basic skill for those who wish to attain and maintain power and influence.Coalition biulding is the primary machanism through which disempowered parties can develop thier power base and therby better defend their interests.The formation of coalition can shift the balance of power in a conflict situation and alter the future course of the conflict. I think ,people who pool their resources and work together are generally more powerful and more able to advance theirs interests,than those who do not.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...


You tell the Tretouts to hand in the passport to MSR.

I will personally forward it for them to the right office that is resonsible for destroying documents of that sort of deasead persons.

Treotout is a disgrace for France. How can he be a honour for Seychelles?

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

The call for unity will likely be answered by SNP and Wavel Ramkalawan.

They will likely unite with PL to form SNPL and run a coalition party in the next opposition.

Michel as Prez, Ramkalawan as Vice.

This week Postman Wavy treked back up to State House with his little Petition in hand and delivered it to James Michel.

The word in the SNP camp these days, is to change the system from within.

That says more then this little Tribute to SNP could ever say.

Tiklo coming to Ramkalawan's rescue in debate says alot aswell.

People of Seychelles need to open their eyes, but they need to take action as well. Their is strenght in unity of purpose and unity of effort.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

It will be the leadership of SNP's fault if it loses another election.

I offered them all I could, except silence.

I gave a speech to their convention to wake them up in a state of depression;

I asked Ramkalawan to take meaningful steps to unite the opposition, no matter what the problems are;

he said give him until February 2010, at State of Nation Addess and I took him on his word;

he took me on my good faith and knew he was going to take me and others like me, on a ride again;

since then, we have discovered our fair share of SNP and company shams and scams, it is sick and they are Jr. collaborators with SPPF in selling our patrimony;

they are collectively responsible for failing the people;

myself and MSR offer the alternative to free the shackles of mental, emotional, enslavement SPPF has gripped our people in.

We must fight united under MSR to take our coutnry back from those that dare attempt o take it.


PL and SNP cannot even say that with a straight face.

they have gone off course, selling our patrimony.

Stay focused, unite,we will bring change.

Meanwhile Ramkalawan, has gone back to State House to deliver a Petition.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

The current SNP will lose the next elections, even if the result is closer than last time. It gives any other parties the opportunity to take part in the elections without being accused of splitting the opposition vote, preparing themselves for 2016. Wavel will lose in 2011 and bring down SNP with him.

Anonymous said...

Gill MSR,

First and foremost, Wavel Ramkalawan pa besoin rend kont avek ou akoz ou pa zis en naryen di tou mais osi ou en Rasinneur kinn les ou lonneur tombe dan delo.

If Wavel is doing what he is doing, it is because Wavel can. Wavel will never become the Vice President because he can-not. He could become the CEO of Law and Order and there is nothing wrong with that. This is what the Parti Lepep calls "Shared-Vision" and the Key Word is "Unity of Purpose" as you rightly said.

In the final analysis Gill, that's one of PL's Points of Difference.

When are you going to water your roots as Sonny says for your Party's new shoots that would be the start of your Points of Difference instead of badmouthing a deceased persons by calling him a "pig".

You know what Gill, do us all a favour and bez al zet ou lekor dan kannal au port kot oun fini zet ou l'onneur mon boy.

And GillMSR, Moin Ti Kreol LeO pou balance mon tikololo lolo pou moin elele lele lo li la lilo akoz zanmen mon pou les mon lonneur tom dan delo. Have a nice day.

Ou dallon Sonny Morgan pe sante "aide moin mon bann dallons, aide moin ek en larozoire pou aroz nou rassine akoz zot pe vinn sek sek sek."

Anonymous said...

Tiklo Proxy of Rene The Butcher-

Your references to shared vision and offering Wavel Ramkalawan CEO of Law and Order is a good point.

I expect that. I agree on this point.

I agree also that Wavel Ramkalawan will accept that form of collaboration with failed SPPF PL, which you represent. No Problems here TIKLO.

Reference to Tretout being called a "pig" mon boye TIKLO- is not my comment, but another RASIN.

But I understand his pain and suffering, we must repect the comment in the context it has been delivered; though I do not condone people who call people names, unless well earned.

I am waiting for the passport to be delivered to MSR office, in order that I may assist Immigration and forward it to them as a good citizen.

In the meantime, more interesting information is coming on the activities of your long lost friend Ambassador Michel Tretout, who has brought great dis-honor upoon the People of France and the Republic of France.

Shame, Shame, Shame, across the width of the Indian Ocean for a few pieces of silver.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

To pick up on my earlier post about the certain defeat that awaits Wavel in 2011, the fourth on the trot.

The man must have a thick hide, to submit to yet another humiliation at the hands of James Michel whom many people said was unelectable.

The 2005 message to Wavel from the electorate was clear -- it is you who are unelectable. That message will be reinforced in 2011. But will he get it ?

I find it puzzling that SNP at the last minute decided to cancel the election of its executive. It decided by a show of hands to prolong the life of the executive until after the presidential 2011.

Hardly democratic stuff. You would have thought that if he was scared facing re-election at the convention, he would be even more scared facing Michel in 2011. Apparently not.

In voting to prolong the life of the executive, the convention was like turkeys voting for an early Christmas.

How about Parti Lepep voting to cancel the 2011 presidential on the grounds that the result is a foregone conclusion ? Would Wavel be able to protest ?

The only reason why the electorate would protest is that elections provide a chance to get some bribes out of Parti Lepep.

Anonymous said...


Just to let you know that I have never met the deceased person let alone know him. Now do not go in denial that you called another person a "pig". Everything that you write nek nek nek nek ou nek drag yourself out of the gutter a tou kou foutou. Oun fini gagne di mal and you will struggle to get 30votes like Volcere Mr. 69 did when he stood against Wavel at St. Louis

Gill, that's because you are damaged goods like your brother Francis Leonardo #112768,41, of Agara, Guam who was placed on interim suspension in January 3rd 2000 following his conviction for conspiracy to commit theft, attempted theft and conspiracy to tamper with public records and ordered to comply with Rule 955.

Question asked in Guam was "what's the low down on these Morons Francis and Chris Gill that have been giving Seychelles and the Seychellois a bad name?." And the answer is a simple: "They are Deux grand Voleurs."

And Gill, in the final analysis, Francis Leonard Gill engaged in conduct unbecoming that defeated the administration of Justice that has brought courts and the legal business into disrepute.

And Gill, do heed the old Kreole dan Leo adage that says "kan tu cherche tu gagne, et kan tu gagne, tu pleure.

And Gill, do you know why Ton Karozen sings nappa kankan dan Leo?......that's because en ler dan Leo, la kolinn montagne i rezonnen.

Anonymous said...

Reply to JENPA on Gill/MSR-

I can see you bobbing up and down while you write your comments.

What a load of rubbish.

Cannot you say anything that is solid enough for a counter comment?

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Tiklo Proxy For Rene The Butcher-

You do not understand the real labour situation in Seychelles.

Seychellois are under paid for the same jobs INdians Filipinos do. Hence why they do not want to do skill labour, or menial jobs.

Pay them better, they will work better. They may even have an incentive to do a good job.

Stop fleecing our People TIKLO !

Sesel Pou Seselwa!
Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

The way i see things going only a Ramkalawan/Mancham platform can save the Opposition from a crushing defeat in the next Presidential elections. I think everybody will agree that only a common opposition front can muster enough support to come close to defeating the SPPF (but a mouvement with a solid plan and organisational structure)! The Mancham element will serve to tuck in all disheartened supporters, and those who do not particularly like the SNPs but would come onboard if Mancham is there. Mancham would also bring international community (you may not like him but he does have his way on the international front) and give a sense of statemanship to the Opposition front. Mancham may also be important in gathering the fringe SPPF voters (who were in any case SDP supporters).

Ramkalawan has his following, there is no denying that. Maybe a 20-25% of the electorate. His support is important in the election. Yes, there is disenchantement, some are even angry at the antics at what Ramkalawan has done over the last few years, his many faux pas, but these ppl who are bitter now are intelligent enough to do the right thing come election time....question that begs is: will Ramkalawan put Seychelles first before self. Can Ramkalawan put what he preaches on Sundays? Can he look at the bigger picture?

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind...time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Why the change of heart about Mancham ? He has his support, but nowhere near enough to matter. That is why the Parti Lepep government tolerates him. There is no evidence that disenchanted SPPF voters are prepared to flock to him in numbers that will make a difference. His international support is much overrated -- most organisations that he hobnobs with are way too obscure to the initiated. His constant praises for James Michel are jarring to the opposition and confirm that he lacks political nous. Then there is the paradox that Mancham needs to explain. Abroad, he works tirelessly for peace. At home, he sucks up to the unreconstructed revolutionaries in their ill-fitting democratic garbs. Something to do with that fat state pension ? Aye, there's the rub ...

Anonymous said...

SNP defeat in the coming election is inevitable for the fact that RAM has opted to put his personal gain for that of the country.
If the oppostion allow themselves to be maginalized again in this election ,they risk the conclusions that they are ill-equipped to govern and would reinforce patterns that normalized dictatorial tendencies and traditions.

We need to get this countr out the rut that it has fallen into and to be able to get us out of this rut the opposition must organizes into a strong network to leverage their capacity in order to make a robust impact.Failing to do so would surely lead to the defeat once again though PP has accidently paved the way for SNP to gain power.In fact PP has provided SNP with a manifesto it never had from bankrupting our econômy,illegally selling our passports,U$2,5 billion missing and so forth but RAM still cannot ,or do not want to use the situation in his favor.

Today what we can all sayand agree on one thing namely, that RAm is not fit for duty.

Jeanne D^Arc

Anonymous said...

Reply to Understand the real labour situation Gillmsr

Of course you lead by example. You have only Seychellois working in your hotel? And they work because you pay them enough money to make them excited?

What about when you said unemployment is zero on Praslin and this is a problem?

What about when you said Seselwa are lazy and dont want to work, so you must bring GOP workers to your hotel?

Anonymous said...

Reply to Vox-

On Ramkalawan - Mancham Ticket.

Ramkalawan works for State House to keep the Opposition loyal to SPPF.

To know a man's inner thoughts, you only have to analyze his actions, Vox.

That is the reason why there is no united opposition today.

Mancham- Do you know Mancham is over 70 years old and has an array of medical issues that prevetn him from having a full days work in spite of his wish to do so?

His latest move to curry favor with Michel is just that.

It centers around working out his land acquistion cases for himself, before he heads for the great divide. He is working that angle.

I suggest we let JRM handle his settlements as he chooses. He is a senior citizen and can do as he likes.

However, if that is what he is doing, he must stay out of the way of change and not meddle in politics that are not of his generation. We must move forward and not look back.

Failing that, he will be handled like any collaborator to SPPF PL.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to Vox-

On Ramkalawan - Mancham Ticket.

Ramkalawan works for State House to keep the Opposition loyal to SPPF.

To know a man's inner thoughts, you only have to analyze his actions, Vox.

That is the reason why there is no united opposition today.

Mancham- Do you know Mancham is over 70 years old and has an array of medical issues that prevetn him from having a full days work in spite of his wish to do so?

His latest move to curry favor with Michel is just that.

It centers around working out his land acquistion cases for himself, before he heads for the great divide. He is working that angle.

I suggest we let JRM handle his settlements as he chooses. He is a senior citizen and can do as he likes.

However, if that is what he is doing, he must stay out of the way of change and not meddle in politics that are not of his generation. We must move forward and not look back.

Failing that, he will be handled like any collaborator to SPPF PL.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to Labour Crazy-

1. Unempployment on Praslin is 0%. Anyone who wants a job can have a job. Many people can take a second partime job if they like.

2. Unemployment on Mahe is 3.8% -4.8% depending on which stats we look at.

3. The problem with unemployment in Seychelles is the Employment Office registers unemployable people like drug addicts or theives, as unemployed.

4. Hotels cannot hire drug addicts and theives to serve visitors or watch them.

5. SPPF has underpaid skilled labour like Masons and Carpenters for years. Hence no incentive for young people to go in that field.

6. It take years to develop skilled labour cadre.

7. In the meantime, while SPPF destroyed skilled labour, all companies had to employ imported skill labour to survive or grow.

8. That includes contractor, hotels, and just about any company in the service industry.

9. Recently Employment says we must pay same wages foreigners or higher then Seychellois. A joke, increasing the cost of labour imported.

10. That means if you increase cost of imported labour, have no skill labour locally, you will continue to pay your own people peanuts, because SPPF said to.

On a personal note, I have one foreign carpenter at the moment.

I pay my local labour higher then any hotel in Praslin for the respective posts they occupy.

Talk sense, aviod the bin in your brain.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Sound like even yoo agree everyone who want a job have a job.

So who are these Seychellois are under paid for the same jobs INdians Filipinos do. Hence why they do not want to do skill labour, or menial jobs?

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Tiklo proxy for Rene the Butcher:

You forget that I was declared innocent. That does not matter to someone who cavorts with the like of Rene the Butcher who brought foreign troops to our sacred soil to butcher us Seselwa Rasin. And, who is rumored to have personally supervised the dismembering of our citizens and blowing them up to cover up his crimes.

You are concerned about the reputation of Seychelles and state that me and Christopher have brought disrepute to Seychelles. You - proxy for Rene the Butcher and apologist for Michel the Collaborator have the audacity to make that accusation?

You have no problem with the rumors of the Butcher massacring his own people just to fill his own pockets? You do not think that brings Seychelles into disrepute? You have no problems with Michel the Collaborator selling us out to Khalifa and allowing him to post his troops on our sacred soil to colonize us? That does not bring disrepute to Seychelles in your view? You have no problem with some of the Savy's and Adam's raping and pillaging our homeland? That does not bring disrepute to our homeland in your view?

If is people like Christopher and myself and thousands of other Seselwa Rasin who will join together to bring the likes of you and your friends the Butcher and Michel the Collaborator to justice for their crimes against their own people. That is your real objection to Christopher and to me - not your love of justice in Guam that fuels your comments.

Anonymous said...

James Mancham is off his rocker again. For this tell-tale sign of advanced dotage, he can always rely on the complicity of the enemy press.

He was at the stone-laying ceremony for Khalifa's military base. James Michel was absent, presumably he does not want to upset Rene or the voters. But Mancham does not do stupidity by half. He has written an ode to Khalifa in Seychelles Nation, just as anyone else is going off the man.

James Mancham is an excessively vain man, such vanity unabated by dotage. He likes nothing more than to see James Michel do in 2010 what Mancham would have done in 1977 if James Michel had not picked up his AK47 to stop him.

He likes the notion of Khalifa annexing Seychelles to become part of UAE (as if he would), starting with a military base. That tickles his fancy. It is similar to Mancham's failed pre-independence policy of Seychelles being turned into an English shire, with BIOT as the military base.

Mancham's national development plan would have been to turn us over to some wealthy arabs (sugar daddies, not big brother), while he swans about in an open-top jag with topless ladies. James Michel is doing the same thing, a bankrupt economy and untold suffering too late. It is just that he can't find the topless ladies to get into the jag with him. Mancham feels vindicated. It warms the cockles of his heart. He shows boundless but politically unwise gratitude in return.

True, Khalifa could have built his palaces in southern France (if he does not already have one there) but the French would have made him pay his own way in hard currency. We have gone for bartering (custom duties forgone in exchange for a military base) and we all know who came out on top. A clue, Mr Mancham. It is not the long-suffering people of Seychelles.

That Khalifa is not Mancham is obvious. Khalifa wants to make sure that his security is in place and under his control before he sets foot in his palaces. Should there be any bother from restless and unhealthy locals, his army will only have to look up towards the mountain for the distress signals. Unlike, James Mancham who never bothered at all with national security and was promptly deposed by James Michel and others.

Anonymous said...

The only reason malbar were brought in to do all the menial job is because the Seychellois are too "Fiere" to do anything unless it is behind a desk!
The Seychellois people want a lot out of life and they want it delivered to them on a silver plater!

Start by educationg the population that ALL work is important.
Even the waitresses in hotels serve you like you were a bit of s**t stuck under their shoe!

CG, tell the people of Seychelles how things will be better, how you are going to change things for the better and stop mug slinging on this page

Anonymous said...

Ton Jim is known to go off the rocker occasionaly.

I told you so.

Seriously -
it has something to do with a Scr. 12 Million settlement for SMB and,

a Scr 18 Million settlement for Capternay Estate 10 acres, right in the center of Emirates Hotel 486rooms.

That explains why he is kissing Khalifa up along main street openly and overtly and his cozt friendship with Michel.

He will endorse Michel in the next Election as well.

It explains the shelving of Seychelles Review and starting Voice of Indain Ocean and Arabian Sea.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

They have been making him sweat for it for the best part of 15 years. Is he now hoping that Khalifa will step in and settle his gripes, because Rene will not do it ? In the meantime, he is getting low on dignity. His epitaph might well be -- he got his millions back but not his dignity.

Anonymous said...

His Epitah could read will read:

"I loved Seychelles as long as she served me, but I loved money more, as long as it was served to me, and my dignity never meant much to me anyways.....nothing ventured, nothing lost".

Anonymous said...

You are right about his motives. I was trying to look on the bright side of James Mancham, if it can be found, by attributing some lofty reasons for his actions. I was obviously looking in the place. It is just that I hate looking for vulgarity. I'll know better next time.

Anonymous said...

There are no Blue dressed Santa Claus,no red dressed Santa Claus, and no green dressed Santa Claus.

People of Seychelles need to take their future into their own hands.

No fancy poet or preist will take care of us. They will take care of themselves first.

Anonymous said...

You right,the time when priests cared for others are long gone,like RAM they more materialistic then spiritual.And Tikolor would agree with me.I am sure he remember very well how pere Houreau gave his all for the poor.Even Tikolor benefited from his donation,he received his first ever smoking before leaving for Australia from Pere Houreau.

Jeanne d'Arc

Anonymous said...

UAE orders Canada out of its base, airspace

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Ramkalawan is a disgrace to the Anglican Church and so is his side kick Bernarnd Georges.

There actions have held the church in disrepute.

We pray for them both.

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