Friday, October 8, 2010


Interesting events within the Roman Catholic Church
(Letter from Father John Gappy circulating on the internet)

Dear Friends,
As September comes to an end my actual university semester also ends, and it closes on a high note: I have completed language requirements for my actual Licentiate in Theology degree and also passed my final comprehensive exams with an A- grade, which is the second best, as A is the highest mark.
I had to follow Latin classes for 2 semesters as part of the ecclesiastical degree since I did only Greek and Hebrew at the seminary. Do not worry, no, I will not be celebrating Latin masses when I come back home….I will make use of my studies to go further with the process of doing theology within our Creole context.

Now, I am aware that strong rumors are going around….I am not surprised for 2 main reasons:
1/ It is our nature to project onto others what in fact are our own issues…
 2/ Our own Diocese is keeping silent about my situation. 

Therefore, I have decided to come out with a few facts and will let you draw out your own conclusions. This is a long email…bear with me…and be patient enough to read correctly right up to the end.

1. End of 2005: Resignation from Diocesan Administration
When I resigned from the Bishop's admin I mentioned clearly in my letter that I did not want to go abroad for whatever reason because my mother was elderly, alone, and not well (and she died!). Just about a week later Mgr gave me the EAPI ‘obeyed’ and left for Manila.

2. April 2008: Administrative problems with my EAPI degree
The first degree I started was partially completed in 2008, with only thesis needed. I moved to another course since there was an administrative problem with my MA degree at EAPI.
Having studied in France I only had a church degree. This was not accepted by the university linked with EAPI. So, I moved to a church degree course which began in June 2008, in a different section of the same university.
3. June 2008: Mgr Denis Wiehe agrees to my new course at Loyola School of Theology
Mgr Wiehe came to Manila in June 2008, met with EAPI director and myself, agreed for me to begin the church degree at LST. I have an official email where he clearly states his agreement for my actual Licenciate in Theology with the option for a doctorate all open…. The Licentiate needs around 3 years to complete, and I am right on target since June 2011 will be 3 years since I began this course and I expect to finish this degree by then.

4. 31st December 2008: Mgr Wiehe changes his mind about my studies.
I got a shock when Mgr bluntly told me that he will not allow me to continue beyond March 2010. The reasons he gave me were bogus, he even contradicted himself, and never allowed me to speak out!

5. January 2009: One-Way Ticket to Manila.
I was given a one way ticket and this is why I cannot come back home as I did before…. I assure you that Christmas 2009 and New Year’s day 2010 were really painful ones for me. I spent them in complete loneliness!! In a certain way, this experience has made me stronger.

6. March 2010: Mgr maintained his decision not to extend my studies
I prefer not to go into details about this event but I had enough of these games being played with my life. I took things into my hands and decided against Mgr’s ultimatum to stop everything and return..empty handed!

7. April 2010: Cancellation of Money transfer.
Becoming responsible of myself also meant that I finance my studies without the Diocese’s help. So, I cancelled the monthly transfer and since then I have not taken ONE CENT from the Diocese of Port Victoria. Even the yearly international medical insurance has stopped…. I will come back to money issues at the end.

8. April – May 2010: Fighting time
When I referred to his official email of 2008 Mgr Wiehe panicked, promised to support me if he mentioned it before…up to now nothing has been done. Mgr did not trust the information I was giving him so I put him in email contact with the Dean of L.S.T. After several emails, where the Dean’s assessment came out to be the exact info I gave Mgr, Mgr gave in and told me to decide how long I need to complete my Licentiate. I then requested we make a calm discernment instead of reacting without solid reasons….no news up to now.

Friends, these are facts, and perhaps now you understand why there is a silence about my situation. I have decided to break it now.
Now, with my EAPI studies on pause I had to move out of this Institute and find another place to stay. So, since May 2010 I am renting a bed-sitter in a building close to the parish church I help. Most of the residents here are students and professors. Yes, the “impossible” has happened, I cook!!!...LOL….

Last issue: Money
1/ The Diocese and myself
I want you to know that all through my 12 years of ministry in Seychelles I NEVER went on holidays….Each priest receives a free ticket to any destination every 3 years…and of course each one will be buying tickets above $1000….multiply by 4 and you see how much I saved the diocese from spending during that time.
So, I truly hope that people will stop blaming me for wasting church money…
Look around and they will see worse than that. At the same time, I will be using my training to help our church. Who said I was not coming back? That’s a lie!

2/ The way I am financing my studies
I do “freelance ministry”…. I help the Our Lady of Pentecost parish with masses, Baptisms, blessing of places, confessions etc…. I do the same for several schools around here…. I have parishioners texting me for family gatherings (masses)…. I give retreats…specially to Miriam College. I have a contract of nine 3-days retreats for BA graduating students till end of December. Have done 6 already, three more.
By accepting more requests than before I am able to support myself and pay for my studies…..again, do tell people who blame me about money to shut up.

3/ Sale of my property at Petit Paris
I have sold my property, and this was a decision I took a long time ago. As a diocesan priest I am entitled to possess any kind of property and this is my civil right. Now, I have my personal plans what I will do with my money when I come back…and I pray that people leave me alone about this as it is my private life. Lies are going round that I have transferred all my money to Manila….I am really amazed how people can invent such things. If banks were open to the public I would ask for my accounts to be published!!!
Not one cent has moved out of my Seychelles bank account!
Even if I were to transfer money…it is MY MONEY and no one should be bothered about this.

I hope you are still with me at this point of my email….

Please pray with me as I grieve the loss of a dear cousin, Rita Gappy. Her funeral will be on Thursday. Rita was one of these rare women who trusted in me and would not be deterred by any rumor once she had heard my side of the story. She was therefore a source of strength for me…and I already miss her.

I thank you also for being by my side as true friends and may this email enlighten you about my situation. Rest assured that all the pain I have gone through have turned me into a stronger man and priest.
I am happy sharing myself through my priesthood and I thank God for blessings He sends each day upon me. It is surely divine providence that I am able to support myself by exercising my ministry and finding happiness and joy in doing so.

Have a blessed day,

Fr. John Gappy.


Anonymous said...

I have always thought that Denis Wiehe was up to no good. To me, he is a useless cleric who should be peddling his stuff back in Mauritius.

Is Gappy saying that Wiehe has been rumour-mongering ?

Anonymous said...

It is very shameful for people who called themselves man of god to try deliberately to spread rumours on a fellow man. Remember Father Gappy < nobody will kick a dead dog>. Be courageous in what you are doing and you surely have something in you that are troubling them that they resorting to evil tactics to destroy you like the politicians do.

It is very shameful when a fellow human being has to reveal his private life in order to defend himself against baseless malicious accussations.

All Seychelloise should learn from Father Gappy. This is a man when all the odds were against him. He never gave up but he pursued his goal knowing that god is there with him every step of the way. Keep on doing what god has asked you to do. People who behave like they have done to you are not worthy to call themselves servants of god.

Seychelles will surely oneday get a Seychelloise with the calibre of the late Monsiegneur Felix Paul to lead the Seychelloise nation spiritually.

Anonymous said...

Wiehe and some other SPPF loving priests are so busy becoming Seychellois that they are forgetting the real reasons for being in Seychelles. God is no longer important for them, but citizenship is.

Father Gappy, know that my family will be praying for you and that God will continue to help you, guide you and lead you to greater things.

Wiehe is a coward and has gotten himself tangled in Michel's politics and has turned to the devil for salvation. God bless his soul.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Wiehe likes his workforce uneducated, like the sermoniser who could not tell the difference between a chapel and a mosque.

Anonymous said...

One cannot help but wonder if Mgr gave in and told [Gappy] to decide how long [Gappy] need to complete [my] Licentiate. Then why Gappy continue to seek to go his own way?

We all know why Morel had to leave the church. Ah yes that was one good pere Rasin. Is this another?

Anonymous said...

Wiehe behaves like a lickspittle, third-rate cleric in kitenge cloth.

Anonymous said...

I won't argue with that. If Wiehe is a man of the cloth, it must be the kitenge variety.

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that father John Gappy was involved with a woman and that is why Mgr Wiehe had to send him away to spare the catholic church of shame and ridicule. Father Gappy should tell the truth and not lay blame of Mgr Wiehe.

Anonymous said...

There you go.

1. Bishop Weihe- Father John Gappy has made some allegations in his letter, could you clear your side up?

2. Father John Gappy, can you deny or admit whether you had an affair with a woman?

Anonymous said...

Several inunendos about whether Gappy had affair with a woman, at least he did not do it with a child or a man as most of the others do. In his wisdom as Monseignor, Wiehe should have counselled this young priest about "rumours" etc. and not turn his back and leave him in limbo overseas, of all places in Manila.

Anonymous said...

It is not unusual for Catholic priests in Seychelles to shack up with a woman. It has not damaged the Church in the past. The damage to the Church is shacking up to the Parti Lepep government.

Anonymous said...

Mary MacKillop will be Australia's first Saint and yet she was ex-communicated by the Bishop of New South Wales for exposing a Paedophile Priest there. Is it just possible that Gappy will be ex-communicated and when the truth will finally come out in a hundred years from now, Gappy will be nominated for a Sainthood?.

Gappy, please heed this free advice. The church is a like any Organization and in the case of the Catholic Church, it is very powerful dictatorly and even though they help bind together the Citizens/Communities, the church is not above the Law. This is your chance to expose the church's dirty deeds that you have witnessed in the 12 years that you have been a priest and forever hold your peace.

You might be able to enlighten us in regards to how and by whom my Seychellois Par Excellence personal Friend in His Eminence the late Bishop Felix Paul got shafted after he took part in our Third Republic Constitutions where he expressed his view points as an Individual first and as a Bishop secondly. I have never and will never forgive the Catholic church Head Honchos for doing what they did and as a result, Seychelles ended up with a Monseigneur from Mauritius and no Bishop.

On conclusion Monsieur Gappy, in the 12 years that you have been a priest, you have failed to follow God our Father's instruction in his letter to mankind -the Bible- that we should go forth and multiply. I'm sorry to say this to you Gappy but on judgement day, God will say to you "what a silly, silly, silly little man you have been because I gave you the tool to go and multiply and you come back to your Creator with your tool still intact!!!!!!

TIKLO wishes you all the very best for the future and don't let any Turkey let you down. God Bless you

Anonymous said...

mon kwar an sa ki konsern lavi selibater, pret i devret swazir swa pou marye e fond en fanmir ouswa reste selibater. sa i en sistem demode e petet en pret i kapab enlighten mwan lo sa prensip. avantou e per i en zonm avek feelings parey nenport ki zonm. eski en pret "protestan" kin marye i mwens en pret ki enn katolik?

Patrick X said...

Get sa ou mem. Legliz katolik pa oule zot fer viss ek famn, ni batsik sa bann pret pa ganny lese alors zot a bez kanmarad dan fes oubyen pli move ankor, zot al fer viss ek pti garson. Mon napa okenn respe pou okenn legliz ou okenn larelizyon ki ganny dikte par en liv kin ganny ekrir sepa kan. Pran tou sa bann pret, koup zot kalele ora koumsa zot a aret anraze.


Anonymous said...

Michel&Morgan soon you will be starting your work on the new Navy Base.We welcome a new Navy Base but not a Mosque build in it,because we will take in the street if this happen like we did at La Misere.At La Misere was just a sign for PP.

Leonard Francis Gill said...


The Khalifa Navy Base is a Trojan Horse. It is a means by which Khalifa will consolidate his neocolonial hold on the Seselwa Rasin motherland.

Khalifa is posting troops in Seychelles under the guise of fighting pirates but in fact to keep Michel the Collaborator in power so he can continue to sell us out to Khalifa for a few pieces of silver. So we should not welcome the UAE troops that are going to be based on our soil. We should scream for Khalifa to go home and take his military forces with him.

We Seselwa Rasin must learn to defend our own country against the pirates. The current Pp government's failure to do so and their need to rely on foreigners for our well being and to defend our sacred soil is but one more example of the Pp's inability to govern.

Furthermore, our government has no business building religious facilities on any government owned installation. In this case a mosque is offensive to all other Seselwa Rasin who do not believe in that creed.

When a Rasin government takes power, we must remove this mosque from our soil to uphold our principle of separation of church and state and to uphold the principle that all religious beliefs held by all Seselwa Rasin should be treated equally.

We will not be colonized by Khalifa. We fought for independence to be a sovereign people not to be colonized by the likes of khalifa.

Sesel Pou Seselwa and Khalifa go home.

Anonymous said...

We asking this nomad to leave our soveriegn christian land and to go back to his Islamic land now.Our people do not want you here .
Your Refusal to do it voluntarily might force us to smoke you out sooner than later.

Jeanne D^Arc

Anonymous said...

Leonard Gill,

Like your batsik amigo Patwick, you also suffer from excessive masturbation you racism insignificunt bastardo.

TIKLO left Seychelles over four decades ago, and there were already Seychellois born Muslims that were denied their place of worship by our then colonial masters.

And Gill, like your other "it's not me who posted was the administrator" brother, your are nothing but a pair of vindictive oxymorons and fraudsters that are beyond help.

Anonymous said...

Well you wrong .No one single Seychellois was ever denied the right of worship in this country.If you disagree with me give me one single name of any muslim Seychellois who was denied his religious right to worship his god.Maybeit was Tikolor himself.

But what is your point here anyway?Are you trying to tell us that Khalifa is a Seychellois muslim and he can build himself a mosque in our land?

Jeanne D^Arc

Leonard Francis Gill said...

TIKLO; proxy for Rene the Butcher:

You are quick to point fingers at others and to call others names.

That's coming from someone whose idol is Rene the Butcher who has literally been rumored to carve up his own people while they were alive, screaming for mercy.

You defend and love your friend the Butcher who along with his family and cronies are rumored to have stolen up to $2.5 Billion from the Seselwa Rasin people - even while our homeland went bankrupt.

Yet you call me and Christopher "fraudsters"? You call us names because we challenge you and your Butcher friend for all the misdeeds they have inflicted on us.

Now on the issue of Seselwa Muslims. If anyone attempted to deny any Seselwa Rasin their right to practice their religion that does not cause harm or injury to others, they will have to contend with my strenuous opposition. Seselwa Muslims should have the right to worship their religion.

But that does not mean that we should build tallow foreign soldiers on our soil to build mosques within our military bases - maybe this is not our Navy base and is really Khalifa's base to subjugate us? Is that it TIKLO?.

This mosque a Navy base on our sacred homeland is an affront to all other Seselwa Rasin who are not muslims - and this includes a great majority of our people. The Pp Collaborators have signaled that Muslims will have preferences that other religions do not. This is wrong and should be stopped immediately.

We do not want Khalifa's 14th century religious and moral beliefs imposed on us like he did when he directed that we no longer use the cocodemer stamp on passports. He should take his paranoid morals and his soldiers and go home.

Sesel Pou Seselwa TIKLO; or did you forget because your pockets are bulging with Arab cash and money covered in Sesselwa Rasin blood.

Patrick X said...

Tikolor! Was it 4 decades ago you left or 3 decades? Make up your mind you bleeding liar ans stick to one lie please. There is a recent post here on STAR where you testify how many years you've been gone and I seem to remember the number '3' in that figure. Or what say you?

Bez ou min, sa memm sa lakord ki ou maltrete pou anmar dimoun avek, samem sa lakord ki mon pou pann ou pa ou grenn avek.


Anonymous said...

You are off the topic. What has all this got to do with the allegedly fornicating catholic priest? And was there an alleged gay one before that? You know the one who helped certain people to crucify Bishop Felix Paul?

Tousala Rasinsa

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right. The poofta and pervert priests like Morel were not allowed to preach or teach religion at the NYS. And then that same prick as Editor of L'echo des z'ils went on an anti Rene campaign and the rest as they say, is HiStory. And now we have Preacher Gappy who has come to wash his dirty line in public instead of entre fanmilles. So sad. Who was the great man who said where there is fire, there is not necessarily any smoke. And from that, the coined Seychellois adage "ou rotin i enba la sann."

Sap ti kreole leo zanmen mon pou les mon lonneur tomm dan delo and have a nice weekend all.

Anonymous said...

does not know how many decades he were away because he never went this far in his life.In fact he was send by FAR to Tanzania to be trained as prepetrators of 1977 coup.I am convince if you put a map before him and ask him to show you Australia he will point his finger of Madagascar instead of Australia.Australia was a dream of his childhood by he never made it until there.

Jeanne D`Arc

Anonymous said...

Tikolor we are suffering from there action,we also we have take to action.if we will continue suffering from this cominunist sytem and those killer.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is a disgrace that the main icon in the Roman catholic church (the bishop) and his team of wise-asses (a.k.a L. Moustache and the other god knows who mo'fos up there at L'eveché) have sank so low to a point of causing harm to another member of the clergy. This shows that the head of the catholic church and his surroundings have lost focus on their roles as preachers and promoters of peace and goodwill. How the fuck can he (the bishop) promote all these and preach the word of God when he cannot even hold true to his word (quote "I got a shock when Mgr bluntly told me that he will not allow me to continue beyond March 2010. The reasons he gave me were bogus, he even contradicted himself, and never allowed me to speak out!"). The Roman catholic church is no more but a good show nowadays. It is more of a circus of which the circus master (the bishop) seems to have lost control! Moreover, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Seychelles is nothing but a lucrative business. I dont see why they cant pay business tax LOL. but on a serious note, the Bishop has lost all his principles of which he continuously preaches every weekend. I have known Father Gappy personally and I have had the chance to work with him in the church in one of the parishes he served. It saddens me to read this email. He has been in the forefront of the battle into getting the youth to come closer to god through music and even luring more people in through preaching in the local Creole language. Im sorry MONSEIGNEUR DENIS WIEHE (a title whom we all know you do not deserve) but Father Gappy is by far way better a priest that what you have ever been. My conclusion is that, you saw that he was better than you and you adopted a cowardly ruse to get rid of Father Gappy. It shows how low u have fallen and how disgraceful all these have become. if you're a man of God (and if you truly hold to your title) man up and correct your mistakes. After doing such a thing, I cant understand why you're still holding your head up high when it should be underneath the desk. God will forgive my insolence in telling you that you and your entourage is a disgrace to his Church. It's high time you practice what you preach. It's high time you analyse before you act. So many youths are stepping away from the church because the catholic church is not welcoming anymore. Getting rid of people like Father Gappy is causing your own harm. He was that guy I looked up to. Hell no I will not look up to you, as you're a big a sinner as me.

I am fucking disgusted by this. If you cannot hold things together, get the hell out along with your puny bitches surroundings and let someone who is more in control do the job!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is a disgrace that the main icon in the Roman catholic church (the bishop) and his team of wise-asses (a.k.a L. Moustache and the other god knows who mo'fos up there at L'eveché) have sank so low to a point of causing harm to another member of the clergy. This shows that the head of the catholic church and his surroundings have lost focus on their roles as preachers and promoters of peace and goodwill. How the fuck can he (the bishop) promote all these and preach the word of God when he cannot even hold true to his word (quote "I got a shock when Mgr bluntly told me that he will not allow me to continue beyond March 2010. The reasons he gave me were bogus, he even contradicted himself, and never allowed me to speak out!").

Anonymous said...

keep strong father Gappy,life is a circle,what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

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