Friday, October 1, 2010

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

No Stamp Duty For Eden Island, SPPF Gave Away Our Waterways
and Beaches

Who Is Selling Seychelles Patrimony
In 2006, the SPPF, represented by Mr. Patrick Lablache, then Principal Secretary of Lands, signed away over Scr. 30,000,000.00 in stamp Duty to the benefit of Eden Island Development and to the detriment of the People of Seychelles, coffers.
At a stroke of a pen, Scr. 30,000,000.00 could have been banked by Government of Seychelles, or it could have been lost to the Transferee. Mr. Lablache and SPPF gave Eden Island a Scr. 30,000,000.00 free ride.
Ironically, the Scr. 30,000,000.00 due rightfully in taxes, in 2006, would represent $US 4.4 Million at the official bank rate at the time.
The Total Amount For The Island
The total sale price for the lease of the Island of 99 years, which was later converted to Freehold is $US49 Million. This is for V12514 and V12515.
Section (1)of the Transfer acknowledges that $US 4 Million was paid for and received by the Government of Seychelles. This amount ironically, comes very close to the stamp duty fees due on the sale if enforced $US4.4Million.
In a sense, the Government of Seychelles has paid Eden Island, to buy the island as sums owed and sums paid are offset.
Time Limit To Pay Up
The Transfer document states that the payments of the $49Million will be broken down into installments. Within the first Five (5) years after 7th July, 2005, a total sum of $24 Million. This means by July 7th, 2010, Eden Island will be obligated to pay Government of Seychelles $24 Million. It is unclear to the Public at this time, if this full amount has been met by Eden Island.
I call on the Leader of Opposition to propose a Private Notice Question to shed the necessary light on the matter. If he cannot do that, he should resign himself to drinking SEYBREWS.
Soft & Sweet Deal For Eden Island
The soft and sweet deal SPPF and Patrick Lablache in collaboration with the SPPF dished out for Eden Island is indeed too soft and too sweet for our realities. No Seychellois has ever been given such soft and sweet deals, except for the Savy and Adam, Rene, Michel families-cronies. The payment of the $24 Million is to come from a 17.5% sale tax on all the proceeds from sales of apartments and villas on Eden Island or V12515. But the People of Seychelles went bankrupt with Lehman Brothers Bonds to pay for building Eden Island under James Michel leadership.
Don’t STOP Now SPPF: Give More
The SPPF did not stop with this self financing scheme to help Eden Island along. They broke our laws and violated our Constitution to please their South African master and perhaps some top brass communists that lurk in the back ground.
SPPF signed away the waterways and our patrimonial beaches to Eden Island. Beaches that come from our sand, our Lehman Brothers Bonds were given away.
The Agreement provides:
Article 2. …that any beaches created or formed along any waterways created by the Transferee on the Property, shall be the exclusive property of the Transferee….”.
Mr. LaBlache Said Beaches and Waterways are Public Domain
The very person who signed this document on behalf of Government of Seychelles, Mr. Patrick LaBlache, first cousin and close confidant to Honourable Jean Francois Ferrari ,and supporter of SNP, went on SBC and told us that all beaches in Seychelles are public and all waterways are public under our laws.
Why would Mr. Lablache and SPPF remain silent on beach ownership in the Eden Island Transfer?
People of Seychelles, the time is now to open your eyes to the selling of our patrimony. We are systematically losing our country to corruption or bad deals.
After signing land deeds for Khalifa, now Eden Island, Mr. Lablache is quietly watching over our outer islands at IDC.
Call For IMF Driven Audit
I call on International Monetary Fund (IMF) to cause to be audited the Eden Island payment to Government of Seychelles and IDC sales and subsequent transfers because they are a material part of Seychelles marco economic reform in terms of revenue incoming, or revenue missing. If there is a substantial amount missing, then it could undermine the overall macro economic reform.
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

And now it is another Par Excellence Seychellois' turn to be subjected to Chris Gill character assasination.

And Gill, the SNP Leadership will continue to treat you with the contempt that you so deserve...

And Gill, Patrick Lablache and the others that you have mentioned in your name dropping tirade will not be crushed by your criticism because they possess high self-esteem.

And Gill, I cannot say that for you because you are not only a Loser and Nobody to be asking the Opposition Leader how to do his job, but you are Morally Bankrupted. TIKLO ki pe koze la.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, when will the corruption ever end in our country? We cannot continue to deprive our children of facilities such as hospitals and schools while others in high positions fill their pockets.

Patrick X said...

The corruption will end when the highest officials set up an example. In the meantime it will continue and the likes Of Tikolor will keep on supporting and defending them as he most probably is also a part of the ongoing corruption like many others in Seychelles.

Malediksyon pou bez zot en par en. Napa traka.


Anonymous said...

Malediksyon! I think is on the whole of Seychelles. You are all a divided people and the devil has corrupted your souls! I would say repent, but the time has come and gone.

Anonymous said...

I reply to Tiklo Proxy For Failure.

The article I wrote this week, is based on a public document registered with the Land Registry.

When public funds on stamp duty are not paid, it is a matter of public interest and concern.

When officials sign off on such documents, TIKLO, they remain acocuntable for the signature. No one can say they were forced to sign. They could always resign.

Now as for your tirade concerning the SNP and myself, let it be known to you TIKLO Proxy For Failure, I seek no bedding relations with anyone selling our patrimony in collaboration with PL and persons as yourself.

You are all traitors to our Beloved Seychelles, and you have all used Seychellois and profited on the lack of access to infomration by the simple minded people dans leo.

But beware TIKLO, the truth lurks and it will reach every door step of Seychelles, sooner beofre, later.

PL and the leadership TIKLO represents are sell outs!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Gill the Hihihihihipocrite,

As far as Patrick Lablache the Par Excellence Seychellois is concerned, please substantiate your allegations and as we say in my Trade, put up or shut up and not just talk about it. What are you waiting for Gill?.

And Gill, did you know that Lablache has an English University degree as a Valuer General?.

And Gill, just a reminder ki monn donn lord mon bann Freres Cordon dan SNP that they are not to give Chris Gill a lifeline/political freeride what so ever because you are bad news Mate.

Anonymous said...

Tiklo Proxy For Failure-

A Valuer "values" and does not give offer stamp duty for free.

What's your point, you seem to be losing us.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

IMF should do what GILL ask : AUDIT !

Make it public.

Patrick X said...

I agree completely that Gill is bad news, bad news for those who have been milking the system for decades that is.

Of course the SNPL will take Tikolor's advise and not give Gill any ride as it will mean the end of their free ride not to mention freebies. Not to mention others' freebies.

Isn't that right Tikolor?


Anonymous said...

SNP has lost their rudder.

They no longer stand for any viable principle. This is why they rely on the public not knowing reality, to retain support, much like PL.

When that happens, it only shows how bankrupted an opposition has become, not to mention PL, which we already knew was bankrupted.

Tiklo is their spokesman.

The best thing Ramkalawan can do if he has even one decent bone in his body is to sit down and enter discussions to unite the opposition.

How many years has SNP remained silent on Eden Island?

It is becoming a bad joke.

There is more to come.

C Gill

Anonymous said...

Kisenla ki pa oule Gill's MSR's Flotsam and Potsam politics?....

SNP. That is because Gill and Volcere cannot be trusted.

TIKLO ki la.

Patrick X said...

The pot calling the kettle black Tikolor? So who in your opinion is trustworthy amongst our top politicians, PL ans SNPL?


Anonymous said...


How many times do I have to try to put it through your koko-sek that the Voters of Seychelles are the Judge, Jury and Executioner?.

As far as I am concerned, Ramkalawan is doing a fine job because it is not easy to be the Leader of the Opposition.

Like yourself, Gill has been complaining that our Politicians are over-paid and keeps belittling them at every opportunity.

In response, TIKLO says that is the price of DEMOCRACY. But then again, what would one expect from a pair of MSR stool pigeons!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Twistopher. By the the time we will get to the elections, you will have succeeded in uniting the opposition ... against you! More and more people are now recognising the principles of honesty and moral integrity within the SNP just by the fact that our party is refusing to have anything whatsoever to do with the likes of you. You have really helped us a lot in defining our image as a respectable political party. If the SNP ever makes the mistake of giving you a second chance, supporters will never forgive them.
Please Twistopher, continue to swim in your shit and show the world what dirty and sick politics is all about.

Patrick X said...


As many times as I have to explain to you that the system has failed and has been doing so the last 3 decades, but that simple bit of logic seems to be too much for your koksis epe.

The only good job Ramkalawan is doing is preventing the SNP from making progress. The other good job he's doing is helping to keep PL in power. Apart from that only a liar like yourself would claim that he is doing a great job.

As to democracy, it indeed has its prize, but the only thing we have democratic in Seychelles is perhaps the voting process itself. Apart from that there is little democracy as both the election process is tailored to suit the PL and prevent others from having the same advantages(ref electronic copies of the voters list etc).

I'd tell you to aret bat latet dimoun, but it would be a waste of time and effort as it wouldn't penetrate your kosis epe either. I won't ask you to go suck eggs either, but please do keep on siskok epe as it might be the only way to shut you up from talking so much crap.


Anonymous said...

To Patrick Kokart Patrimony X

You have been well advised by the blogger just before your last blog for you and Gill to "continue to swim in your shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit with your sick/cheap politics."

I repeat that I am very satisfied with RAM's performance and he has to go up to State House more often for Tea, Biscuit sale and JAM in the true spirit of Friendship and co-operation for it is not easy to run a Country. Kesenla ki la?.

TIKLO ki la.

Patrick X said...

And I repeat that I am NOT satisfied with Ramkalawan's nor James Michel's performance.

You can give all the advise you like, but it is up to me and me only to take it. And in this case I choose not to take advise from those who cannot give advise, but only cheap critism and verbal abuse.

So put up with it or forever hold whatever you can hold.

Anonymous said...

Ha,Ha,Ha, SNP a respectable party!

1. Bernard Georges lawyer for Khalifa selling our patriony is respectable;

2. Ramkalawan collecting envelopes of money from SIVA to remain silent on Siva, respectable;

3. Gozye Ferrari collecting Scr. 1 Million from Eden Island in last election and SNP remaining silent on 10,000 residents cum citizens is respectable;

4. Conspiracy with SPPF for 38% increase in salary while People of Seychelles suffer is respectable;

5. Conspiracy with SPPF for a pension for politian is respectable;

6. Mata Hari Ferrari working for State House is respectable;

7. A priest cum millionaire spending time building a villa 3 levels is repectable;

8. Spare time bidding in embassy cars is respectable;

9. Ask Soundy about respectable;

10. Ask St. Ange about respectable.


You SNP are a pathetic joke, run by Four (4) stooges, covering up for each other, people are seeing it everyday.

That is why those that attended the convention to prop up a failed opposition said: "This is the last Convention".

They used their left arm to push up their right arm to vote for you, and your ridiculous motions.

1. Petition to President ( Since when does an opposition Petition a President?)

2. Request AG for new Public Orders Act? You cannot draft a Bill yourself?

After this election, they are going to bury you alive. Your own people.

SNP has a moral obligation to unite the opposition, because JF Ferrari and Ramkalawan were open conspirators with France Albert Rene from June 5th 1977 onwards.

Bunch of pocket fillers.

Mr. Ha,Ha, Ha, himself.

I bet you believe in Santa Claus and his name is Ramkalawan from the North Pole of St. Louis.

To get your present, look for the big green house, inside lives the big green preist- millionare, made rich of the suffering of our people.


Anonymous said...

The pathetic convention shows you SNP is dying fast.

The opportunity for progress was unity of purpose.

Mandela says," a fist can bunch when all fingers join, left open, the hand gets hurt and cannot achieve the delivery of the blow effectively.

Wake up you bunch of stooges, all 4 of you.

Collectively, you have as much brain power as one single David Pierre, I understand.


Anonymous said...

Tiklo Proxy For failure-

Ramkalawan can go to State House as often as he likes. That is his decision.

As he seeks a coalition, because he has not the back bone for the job, he can now adopt a new title: "Postman Wavy", when he delivers his "Petition".

Besides, we have a shortage of Postman these days.
Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to Silence-

I have allowed Francis the pleasure to reply concerning his prosecutors.

He ahs done that quite eloquently.

His prosecutors were child molestors, and greedy politicians.

I suppose that will hit some home turf at Anse Polite as well.

Anymore questions Collaborator?

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Did you take your happy pills this morning?

Anonymous said...

Same question please because he eloquently does not answer.

Juries and Judges convict, not prosecutors nor governors.

What are the names of the judges that he is accusing of corruption or bias?

Anonymous said...

I comment on Silence-

Reads like Francis Gill has eloquently signed sealed delivered you as a PL Collaborator package.

Dred Scott case, is your tomb stone Collaborator, do you still want to defend child molestors and corrupt leadership in Guam?

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

C Gill

Anonymous said...

Reply to Shut Him Up-

No we do not want him to shut up, we want him to go on and on, so we expose their PL Collaborator state of mind.

We will then expose to what extent, these sellers of our patrimony are ready to go, to defend the selling of our beloved Seychelles, to the likes of SIVA, RAMADOSS, Heeger, Eden Island, Khalifa, while Seychellois suffer.

Gill's have nothing to hide.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

"Gills have nothing to hide?."

What a joke!!!. It is now common knowledge on the blogs and in and around Seychelles that Christopher Gill is the self-appointed and self-important windbag.

As for his partner Patwick-Xtra read all about it, they can babble and blow their windbags until the cows comes home only to discover to their chagrins that the Seychellois Voters are not only the Judge, Jury and Executioner, but in fact they are also the Plantiff and the Procecutor.

And Gillidiot, why are you so jealous of Wavel and the SNP Leadership?.

And Gill, the man asked you a simple question about the Judge and not about "child molesters".

And Gillidiot, Ti Kreol LeO i fer ou salam. And remember the words of your old man when he sang his first song....
Lev ou la tete enler
Wa trouve sa gro montagne Troi Frer
L'exzanmp i devant nous
Pa necessaire ki nou lageur [bis]

L'exzanmp i devan nou
Nou a vive koman freres
Pa necessaire ki nou lageur.

And God bless his soul.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Piece of shit-

I thought you enjoyed the battle of the minds.

What happened?

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

For a hot shot doctor of law it looks like you cannot tell the difference between civil rulings, wartime excess and an individuals CRIMINAL conviction. You should stop buying Internet degrees 3 for the price of 2.


Trust me the Ex-Senator is all ears. The same one who took back Guam land from the US Military. Land that now certain pardonez moi people hope to make a killing by leasing back to US military who will be moved from Japan. Our freedom is a bitch is it not?

Anonymous said...

JENPA- is that you working at 5.00 am to respond to a Gill with such vulagarity on STAR?

When you take it in the pants, don;t feel bad, you put your silly ideas on the line and we allowed you to, freely.

Like I said, we have nothing to hide. Now, what about you?

C Gill

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