Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Communism Surges In Seychelles

On 2nd June 2009, the SPPF led by ex-President France Albert Rene, held a party congress and announced that he was changing the name of his party from “SPPF” to "Parti Le Pep".

The Congress was held at the International Conference Center, connected to Maison Du Peuple, the party office built with funds from Algeria and hijacked by the communist party itself. Outside the 1970's style concrete bunker building, blood red banners and flags draped the entire building which spans for 2 city blocks. A giant billboard with the new party logo was erected in the gardens in this massive brainwashing exercise. The message was clear - no one will dare to get this coup d'etat party to repent. Inside, party loyalists who had been summoned to the congress, wore red dresses and red shirts to please their master. They remained silent, unless they were told to speak. What they said, came from cue cards and prepped statements handed down from zone leaders and SPPF members of the national assembly.

As Seychelles is undergoing the worse economic crisis since World War II, the communists are renewing themselves under the Parti Le Pep (the people’s

party), acting like the cowardly chameleons they have always been. And they are bringing with it the dark red colors and yellow sun which symbolize international communism. As they shout the times are changing and they must change as well, only the name of the party is changing. Everything else remains the same. The people who are shouting change are the same people who have been propagating the communism dogma in Seychelles for 45 years.

Parti Le Pep will be run by the same people who ran SPPF much like SPPF was run by the same people who ran SPUP - total allegiance to the party and die-hard militant philosophy, blindly following one man's cult persona and outdated thinking in today’s world. Some old fuds will leave, here and there, some will be tossed out as their use by date expires, some will dance the musical chairs routine and some opportunists will be brought in to add a semblance of much needed change and legitimacy.

But what is common is the ideology, corruption and the criminality, which historically does not change. Will Parti Le Pep be a criminal gang party like SPUP? I do not know for sure. But as the saying goes, if it smells like a dead fish, and it looks like a dead fish, then it must be a dead fish.

Time will tell. But not much time, and do not lose any sleep over this riddle. In the meantime, Seychellois beware. When a person has exhausted and destroyed the name of a political party not once, but twice, what makes you think on the third round, he will do a better job than the first two times? After all, Seychelles is bankrupt, and they did not address that little issue in the congress. Our GDP is - 30 % and they remained silent on that little detail. Danny Faure has taken us one year into an IMF Plan and is already asking for another 5 years in all.

More Suffering Ahead

People of Seychelles, under Parti Le Pep, we must be prepared to endure great suffering now over the next few years. According to Rene, it is six (6) years of suffering, but I expect much more. It is clear to us all now, that the "party people", is the same people who have been responsible for 32 years of failure, under SPPF, while they called us to work and sacrifice, they partied and spent our money!

As SPPF-backed Electoral Commissioner Hendricks Gappy smiled and accepted the change of party name from Danny Faure with full SBC support crew on hand, and accepted all proportionately elected members of the National Assembly as Parti Le Pep members, although they never stood for that party in an election, BEWARE!

As it is the same people with the same dreadful ideas on how to ruin Seychelles, who will make the people of Seychelles pay for their failures. Hence, why the name "Parti Le Pep". It is the people who are at the centre of the debt repayment program; it is the people who will repay debts created by F.A. Rene and James Michel in our name; It is the people who will suffer the most for generations. With this Le Pep party, it is our children, those little 6,7,8,9 and 10 year old treasures who will suffer the most in attempting to repay the huge debt burden SPUP-SPPF has created and now handed the files over to Parti Le Pep for collection.

As the debt collection effort starts in January 2010, Parti Le Pep, like SPPF and like SPUP before did, will fly the red banners, the international colour of communist parties the world over and visit all the households of this country to try another round of lies and 'bat latet'.

Seychellois, I ask you to reject communism and to embrace a new future without SPUP, SPPF and Parti Le Pep! Tell Parti Le Pep they are still SPPF and they are still SPUP, and that red chameleons cannot change their colours. Tell them that they can change their names, but their hands will always be soiled with failed communist ideas, bloodshed, failure, backruptcy and stolen lives that never lived long enough to see the birth of a still-birth party.

I salute Mr. Ramkalawan for asking his supporters to reject Communism in Seychelles. He is dead on point. After we reject communism we can haggle over the details. Seychellois must be able to live in Freedom, in equality, free of victimization and harassment in their own motherland. This "Parti Le Pep" is non-negotiable. The people's money must remain the people's money and not be taken to fatten a few royalists in Parti Le Pip Party and allow them to party while the people suffer greatly. There is no compromise when it comes to the people's money Parti Le Pep!

Michel Confused Over 5th June 1977 Coup

President Michel has announced this year to be the "Year of Koste" (come together). He has thus far gone to every district meeting in Seychelles and appealed to all Seychellois to Koste. He has occupied the SBC almost every night, practically and asked us all to Koste. The Government has commissioned a song writing competition to commemorate the theme.

On June 5th 2009, Parti Lepep made a lukewarm timid run to Zomn Lib . Less dancing, more innocent youngsters who were not even born when the coup happened, more heads looking at the tarmac so SBC would not bear witness to the embarrassment. As usual, James Michel was notable for his absence as he dispatched VP Belmont to this embarrassing task of adorning this metal structure
which has no sense or purpose in our history.

On SBC in the evening, Michel told us that June 5th is part of our history like July 14th "La Bastille Day" is to France and we must all accept it, even if we do not all agree with it. Michel's intellectual acumen cuts him short to spite himself. Is this the perfect formula for his 'Koste' campaign?

There is one key difference that betrays Michel's effort to cover up an act of treason, which he, as a communist celebrates on June 5th, every year, along with other die-hard communists like Rene and Faure. Even Russia has shed its communist past and the Bolshevik revolution is long dead and buried!

The key difference is this Mr. Communist President Michel. From our history lessons, we will recall that "La Bastille Day" 14th July 1789, was the day that the monarchy in France was overthrown and replaced by a republican (voting) system.

June 5th 1977, Mr. Communist President, is a day that a group which now calls itself Parti Le Pep, overthrew a republican (elected) government and not a French monarchy a "La Bastille Day", and implemented a One Party State Dictatorship with no voting rights. There is no glory or cause for celebration in that, Mr. Communist President. In fact, I would go so far as to say, it is a down right shame, especially when the leader of the coup Rene was the Prime Minister of the republican (elected) government. There were no Kings or Queens in Seychelles to overthrow on 5th June 1977, Mr. Communist President. We all know today, the act was born only out of personal greed, as we have witnessed with the demise of our national accounts for the past 32 years. Take a look around the world Mr. Communist President. ALL communist states that are still around are FAILED states. They are all BANKRUPT but they are still holding on to power to protect their own skin through fear, guns,
intimidation and corruption. There are still a few like
Zimbabwe, Cuba, North Korea and Seychelles left. And as their leaders on life support system are extinguished, their legacy of sleaze, vice, corruption, distortion and thuggery is buried with them.

This being the case, as it is and not disputed by any Seychellois, except perhaps Dr. Rolph Payet, who actively seeks a job at UNDP, June 5th amounts to nothing but a day of shame and a day of infamy for all of you who rely on it to perpetuate your crimes of corruption on our people and hence, make our children all suffer more than we could have ever imagined in the late night of June 29th 1976, when we became an independent republic. The PEOPLE (Le Pep) of Seychelles shall NEVER pardon you!

The June 5th Farce Attempts To Live

Allow me some words of wisdom at this juncture Mr. Communist President. As you and SPUP, SPPF, Parti Le Pep perpetuate the farce of June 5th arrogantly upon the People of Seychelles, as your communist-leader Rene insists, Seychelles will not change the tracks of failure you have planted her upon.

As the farce of June 5th is recognized and celebrated by you communists, Seychelles will continue to fail. For it is the poisoned seeds of sentiments that you plant on that day, that you so reap all year long. With it, comes the -30% -40% growth rates, the unemployment, corruption, the rise in drug abuse & prostitution and

crime, inefficiency in YOUR Government service, and all the other things that make a country fail. And all your talk till you are blue in the face about 'Koste' will fall on deaf ears!

For all of us young and old know, that you reap what you sow. That is if you are not faced with drought. Then you reap nothing, like in 2009 and all the years since your sorry coup of 1977! Because it has been a drought ever since you introduced communism to Seychelles!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!


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