Sunday, June 7, 2009

Albert Rene's Legacy - Blood, Greed & Corruption

Seychelles - Albert Rene's Greed and Corruption

On June 5th 2009, the SPUP-SPPF-Lepep said that 30 families held 90% of all the land in Seychelles and blamed it on the first President Mancham. This is an ultimate lie, as everyone knows that this situation was not Mancham's fault, nor does it justify the Coup D'eta. SPPF says that today, many Seychellois have a little block of land here and there, which would have been unthinkable in that era.
To set the record straight, Mancham inherited a colonial system.  So it is not right to pin the shortfalls of that system on him historically. In fact, he was a big part of the solution. Secondly, Rene was Minister of National Development in the coalition Government. He could have easily embarked on a plan to buy large tracks of land for redistribution, which most owners would have been too happy to part with and receive cash instead. Had Rene done that, land redistribution in Seychelles would have taken place without blood shed and injustice.
But that was not the real reason for the Coup.  It is THE real excuse.
The real reason for the Coup was GREED of one man. Hence why $2.4 Billion is missing from our banking system today. Today, more then ever, Le Pep suffer for one man's Greed. As Seychellois are called upon to make more sacrifice, SPUP-SPPF=Lepep are trying to enslave the People of Seychelles for another generation.
As Rene steps down, he leaves massive debts for the next two generations of Seychellois.  Those are our children and grandchildren.
The real reasons why so many people fell out with Rene over the years were the murders, the corruption, the greed which went on without limit or barriers. Real Seychelles citizens (not those who bought a passport) were relegated to second class citixzens, while his foreign friends and family were treated like royalty and gobbled up large tracts of the best land available as well as islands.
Today, SPUP-SPPF-Lepep Party can change its name, but it does not change its DNA of criminality. Today, there is just much less to steal and murder is frowned upon and no longer celebrated in SPUP-SPPF-Lepep camp,especially now that the world is watching, banking systems are more regulated, and IMF is on our shores.  But that does not mean some no longer relish the scent of fresh blood.  Albert legacy is tarnished in blood, corruption and greed. And this is what he will be remembered for!

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Where is the 2.4 billion now. Why don't people start tracking it down and bring all that money back into the country. It's simple to find out. Work with God. Ask hm to tell us where it is, and how should we go about bringing it back into the country. There's nothing wrong with this train of thought, and it's the right thing to do.