Friday, June 19, 2009

James Michel & Cheap Politics in Seychelles


During the June 18th Seychelles National Day speech, using brand new teleprompters that SBC continues to hide from the public, James Michel delivered one of the most appalling speeches ever heard in the history of Seychelles politics.

While struggling to impress the public with his speaking abilities via the teleprompter, the supposedly President for all Seychellois had the audacity of informing us (the people of Seychelles) that we are tired of cheap politics, and that the taxi drivers, fishermen and other politicians who have been denigrating our country should stop doing cheap politics!

What a statement from a gun-toting traitor who has used Gutter Politics all his life, and continues to use SBC to fool the few remaining red voters who still cannot see through his antics and emperor with no clothes presidency! How disgustful and low can you get Michel, given that all your party does is take every opportunity to lie to the people with the state media colluding in the process. Nation, People, Rising Sun, Isola Bella and SBC are all accomplices in your own “cheap politics” charade.

And speaking of cheap politics! How low can you go Michel, to try and use our sacred National Day to play cheap politics with our unfortunate Seychellois sailors who were taken hostages by Somalian pirates many weeks ago? To plan their release to coincide with our Seychelles National Day, and your plan to parade those poor hostages and their families in the stadium so that you can get more political mileage is simply repulsive and nauseating! These poor hostages should have been flown back already and taken directly to their homes to be with their families; not paraded through a stadium so that you and your pathetic Le Pep party can look good at the expense of these brave Seychellois souls who have been in captivity for over 2 months! Cheap politics indeed!

And what about asking those young people who won the Presidential Awards to take part in the parade as if they were part of the Young Soldat Rene group? Cheap politics or NYS flashbacks?

And what about “Bon Question” Onezime lying through his teeth on SBC-TV prior to your grand arrival telling the viewers that there were hoards of people still waiting outside the stadium, when we all knew that the crowd was very thin and that there was not a soul outside the stadium apart from your hundred bodyguards? Cheap politics or ghost voters?

All we can say Michel is that the CHEAP POLITICS is your SPUP/SPPF/LE PEP party’s invention, and you will continue to use these same tactics because you have never, ever told the truth in your life. From the Coup D’Etat to the killing and disappearance of our own Seychellois brothers, to the corruption and drug scandals, to the selling of our motherland to Arabs and your cronies, you have lied to our nation right from the start. And as the bible states, you speak with a “forked tongue” just like a poisonous snake.

In summary, the majority of people in Seychelles have seen through you, your lies, your metamorphic SPUP/SPPF/LE PEP party and your extremely CHEAP POLITICS! And your comment that “Politics is an art..” does not make you a Picasso. So go ahead, do keep on painting your lies, do keep on practicing your own cheap politics, and we will be waiting for you at the ballot box.


Anonymous said...

What about the 5 New Honda Goldwings motorcade, thats over 2.5million rupees worth!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your article. The man takes himself too seriously and truly believes that he is the saviour for Seychelles when he is the same person who has bankrupted our country and has played CHEAP POLITICS all his life!The leopard will never change his spots!!

Anonymous said...

Despite all that, he looks like he is still going to win the next elections, because there is not much of alternative is there!

Anonymous said...

There is plenty of alternatives to a loser like James Michel. He is only there because he used the people's money to win the election, plus there was voter rigging with the help of Gappy. To put it into perspective, ANY candidate who stands for President (other than an SPPF/lepep) is a better alternative than Michel. This man has bankrupted out country in a matter of years, and corruption is rife, as is prostitution, drug dealing -where are the escobars he was supposed to catch? Unemployment is high, young people have no future and you think these people are going to vote for Michel. Seriously, even the SPTC bus service is in shambles. I will rather vote for a monkey over Michel if it can put its face on a ballot box.

Anonymous said...

Who ever posted that James Michel will win the next election is wrong. I am not an opposition SNP or DP and I voted for Boulle last election. There are plenty of people who could run for President that are not attached to a party. I will vote for any independent candidate who is not corrupt like Michel.

Anonymous said...

Giving out 500 rupee notes and houses made Michel win the last election, plus they cheated with underage voters with fake ID cards. He will have to give 5,000 rupees this time around for people to vote for him. Seselwa pe war kler, et son vote pou vin pli ser. Anmas largen ban boug le pep, y pou tre ser.

Anonymous said...

God really help us all if Michel wins again in 2011. We will have a mass exodus of our young professionals,this is already happening, more poverty, more prostitution, more drugs and don't forget the millions of dollars in debt which would be even higher by then. We need a new leader who is younger and smarter to lead us into the future. Enough of SPPF and the old parties.

c. gill said...

If Rene is runs Michel, Parti Lepep loses.

So we should hope Rene runs Michel.

If Rene runs Danny Faure, they lose again.

But to win, Opposition and Independents and sensible SPPF who have been fooled and now see enough, must come together to end this madness, Rene has taken us on for 45 years.

Anonymous said...

Christopher, don't be so secure that Parti Lepep wll lose when JAM runs for a re-run in 2 years time. On the contrary, they will win no matter ho runs unless a united opposition stands strong together, puts up a fight and beats them at their own game.

So far, I have not seen the opposition, i.e DP and SNP make any effort to oppose the PL. To be honest what I've seen you all doing is baking cakes for yourseles instead of collecting nough flour to bake bread for a hungry population. Now till you start doing so, nobody is going to cheer for you, follow you or let alone donate their vote to you.

Now show the STAR readers some democracy and let this post stay here.

STAR - Seychelles Truth And Reality said...


For your information, "Christopher" did not post this article.

Comments from ALL Seychellois are welcome as we believe in freedom of the press and freedom of expression; unlike the Le Pep party who has hijacked the State Media since 1977 and continues to abuse its power to lie to the people of Seychelles on a daily basis. Cheap Politics on a daily basis shoved down the throats of our people!


Anonymous said...

SPP/SPPF will never lose election despite all the failures because the weakness is among us all. For now i provide three reasons to why SPP will never lose.

1. When do we stop fighting among ourselves in the opposition?
2. When will all the Seychellois citizens sacrifice three months and return back home to cast their right to vote and work collectively for the same goal? This is the real chance to make the last difference.
3. When will the opposition push nationally and internationally to ensure that the recommendations of the international observers with respect to the election be finally implemented? Winning is achieved ONLY when you do 80 % of your homework right and maybe less than 20 % during the open election campaign.

Overall my message is simple, we really do not have a collective strategy and we need to come up with one immediately.

I will be posting my new blog soon as part of the effort to support real brave guys like Christopher Gill. The reason is simple. SPP controls TV, media, and ALL the rest but not INTERNET YET and we need to reach out to bring the desired outcome for all Seychellois once and for all.


Anonymous said...

SPPF will only lose an election when Seychellois people who are supposedly intelligent stop asking Wavel, Ralph Volcere, Christopher Gill and other fringe politicians to save the country. It is up to every single one of us to save Seychelles from the corrupt SPPF. All of us have a role to play and instead of blaming the opposition, we all need to get off our butts and help the opposition win the next election. It does not matter who runs because anyone out there would be better than Michel. The man is a liar, has followed in the footsteps of Rene and is only there to protect the gains of his cohorts such as Albert, Mukesh, Sarah, Ramados, Dolor, Dugasse, Herminie, Gregoire, Changleng and all the other SPPF thieves we have seen through the years. So let us stop complaining and blaming a few opposition leaders who are at least trying to get us out of this mess. Instead, get up and stand up for your rights like Bob Marley said. Your vote AGAINST the SPPF is all that is needed.

A young English River resident who will definitely vote AGAINST this corrupt Government in the next election.

Anonymous said...

I posted the 24th June comment and I will assure everyone that we should not be blaming one another as the last comment may be suggesting if I understand it correctly, but there is one important thing to remember and this is the key to overcome this final hurdle. That is one has to identify and improve on his or her weaknesses to defeat his adversary. This is the ultimate strategy to winning; otherwise even before the Election Day we have already lost. So we need more tactful strategies rather than walk down the same old path as dominantly set out by our opponent.

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