Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Why The Downturn Will Last For Ten Years With Parti Le Pep (P.P.) - External Factors Part II

This article is the second of two articles to explain to the people of Seychelles, business community, and the outside world why the economic downturn in Seychelles will last 10 years or more under P.P.

World Financial Crisis-USA

Not long after the Government of Seychelles defaulted on the interest payments of the Lehman Brothers Bond of US$ 245 Million in August 2008, the World entered into a financial crisis that took down financial house giant Lehman Brothers and numerous other companies. Those that survived were bailed out by the United States Government or they were significantly downsized.

The sub-prime mortgage crisis in the housing sector of the United States collapsed at that time, and instantly over a few months, as much as US$ 840 Billion disappeared from the US Economy (Economist Magazine). This took the total amount of money in circulation in the United States back to Year 2000 levels. In other words, the US economy downsized by eight years overnight.

As this downsizing took effect, the auto industry came to a skidding halt. This hit the big auto makers like GM, Ford and Chrysler. The vanishing of money sent property prices spiralling downwards. Factories came to a standstill and unemployment started to climb. Today, it is beyond 10% and still climbing. The initial predictions that we were in for a short term recession in the early days of the financial crisis vanished quickly. In fact, the USA is in for a long term, deep recession that will likely last many, many years. The fall out has been the worse downturn since the Great Depression.

For a country to come out of recession, it must have productive capacity to come out of troubled waters. The USA has that. With interest rates by the FOMC set at .25% or less, the US Dollar now lower then the Euro at 1.0- 1.51, the USA is poised to climb back out of the hole it is in. In Florida, property prices are coming back as Europeans start to reinvest taking advantage of the fire sales and great exchange rates that will not last forever. If the USA will take 10 years to get back to 2008 levels of growth and economic activity, what makes JJ Spirit think that they can register a grand success in only 12 months of Economic Reform after an undeclared bankruptcy in October 31, 2008?

They are lying to us of course, to fool us into believing they are doing great deeds. People of Seychelles remember what I always say: “Oen your eyes, do not be fooled by P.P......Communists always try to fool their People to stay in power.”  

World Financial Crisis- Europe

As the USA went through a rough unprecedented downturn, Europe, our main tourism market, was not to be spared. While the USA has one Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) to make decisions and negotiate directly with the White House and Congress for a solution and bailout package, the European countries that make up a common market, may have a single currency, but they have to lobby each other for consensus to do anything. Hence they lack the ability to rally and take measures to lessen the financial crisis. In Europe, it has been bad. Productive capacity has dropped to -15.75% this year alone. If Industry drops, there is less money in circulation, Europeans will not travel on long hauls, as the feel good factor has gone. Beware!

Bad Loans = Bad Banks-Bad Structure

As European Banks lent out money to former communist countries of the eastern block and those loans were inadequately secured, and these new republics approached default status, IMF had to come in and shore up their debt servicing to keep many European banks above water.
In the UK, a property bubble burst dropping real estate prices by as much as 60%. The market has stabilized, but nothing near to 2008 levels. It will take years for recovery, unlike in Seychelles, where according to Mr. James Michel, one year has done the trick. That in itself is a trick.
People of Seychelles do not be fooled by Communists.

In the United Kingdom, banks fell to the road side and the Government had to intervene in banks and take over ownership in institutions like Northern Rock, Lloyds of London, Royal Bank of Scotland, etc.... the fall out affected the feel good factor Britons enjoyed for years, and curbed travelling to our destination.

In Europe the close connections between banks and industry worsened the crisis, because the banks’ close relationships to industry inhibited their ability to raise funds on the open market to meet immediate liquidity shortages.  Collusion covered bad debts and bad deals. The problem is deeply rooted. In Seychelles, our Central Bank had no problems according to Mr. President.

The European Central Bank dropped interest rates to 2% and 3% respectively over the last 2 years. This had resulted in overly cheap credit facilities that translated into real estate bubbles, credit bubbles, a boom in consumer spending and consumers taking their trips of a lifetime, in some cases that meant a trip to Seychelles. Hence the progressive numbers in 2007 and 2008 with corresponding top revenues, before the crisis hit home turf. It had nothing to do with STB, that did practically nothing to market Seychelles in those 2 peak years.  

Most affected by this downturn will be the EU countries with large deficits such as France andItaly, our 2 primary markets. Both have very active banks in failing emerging markets of former communist countries. The French and Italian banks are heavily exposed.

The crisis in Europe is a long term protracted crisis that will last for years. When growth rates of 2% or 3% are applauded, when GM executives cheer a US$2 billion plus quarterly loss, when loss of production is as high as -15.75% in a single year, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out just how long it will take for Europe to get back to 2008 levels of growth. That is, after it overcomes the bailout of these banks and other key industry players. Stake a claim of 12 years since Europe will not recover until the United States markets recover.

In Seychelles, according to Mr. James Michel, the man who told us we had paid off all our debts after visiting the Pope, Seychelles has turned things around in only one year. The People headlines 3 weeks ago declared: “SIKSE”- SUCCESS!  Success indeed a la communism!

The Dubai Financial Centre Bust

Four hours of flight time from our shores, the Dubai Financial Centre vision (proposed replacement to New York and London) has come to a standstill. Buildings built under the Islamic Bank finance schemes stand incomplete in the financial centre. The World’s tallest building the Burj Dubai sits unfinished and unoccupied. The non-moving cranes have become part of a stark landscape. Instead of seeing thousands of working getting on with the work of the day, you see one here, and one there. Roads are incomplete. The dream is lost in the sands and the only positive is that traffic jams have become less frequent.

The real estate bubble in Dubai has burst. Property values have shattered. Five star hotel rooms in the best hotels in the World can be reserved online for US$ 100 per night. You even get free breakfasts and transport to and from the airport. Marinas are full of boats with “For Sale” signs.

Retails sales have slumped in Dubai to all time lows of -35%. Emirates is experiencing a drop in activity by -30%, officially, perhaps more. They angle the best possible news to a bad situation, but nothing like what JJ Spirit is telling the People of Seychelles today, that the worse is over, we have been through the toughest storm etc....”

The worse, Mr. President Michel Sir, has just begun!  Right under your nose, while you attend high-profile evetns like the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, or while you continue to spin tales and tell the world that Seychelles is sinking due to Global Warming.  But Sir, with all due respect, granite islands do not sink.  But we are sinking indeed from hot air, but it has nothing to do with global warming!

Wasting Resources - Wasting Time

The most valuable commodity in life is time. As Seychelles goes through her worse financial storm -4% GDP in 2008, -8% GDP in 2009, -12% and counting, an unsustainable debt portfolio exceeding US$ 850 Million, President Michel is busy flying around to unknown markets, trying to establish new routes for Air Seychelles in countries wherein their citizens do not care much for sun, sea and sand, like China and Korea.  Mr. President waste time, limited resources to establish vague markets when our main market, Europe has a GDP of US$ 14.91 Trillion (2006). Is that not enough market for Seychelles to cultivate and to continue to focus on?  Again, does it take a genius to figure that out?

He rushes off to give a speech on World food requirements at an FAO conference attended by ministers of agriculture and secures some fertilizer and seeds for Seychelles for another year of planting.  That is, if we still have farmers on the blocks.

Mr. President is off to Lebanon for a meeting with its President to secure a dubious award, likely organized by the one investor we have in common with Lebanon: Alwaleed Bin Talal, owner of Raffles, and part owner of Four Seasons Seychelles. He is a dual citizen of Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, and a main investor in Lebanon, as in Seychelles.

What does Lebanon have in common with Seychelles aside from a few ladies that went there in the 1970’s and 1980’s as maids? Most if not all, have already come back and do not want to go back.
As there are no loans to secure, no money to collect, Mr. President spends his time travelling, instead of attending to managing the economic and social crisis in Seychelles that is engulfing us all.  

When he returns, he does a little photo prop in a district or holds up the World Cup as if he is the new Maradona!  But for us, we are financially excluded from benefiting from South Africa World Cup promotions because we have been late to make deals and establish flights to Cape Town or Durban for years. Air Mauritius flies to these cities 3 times a week by the way.  Again, it does not take a genius to figure out that an affluent South African market is right under our noses, pretty much our neighbour. Mauritius have been tapping this market for over a decade while we stand still.

At WTM, Seychelles was re-launching the UK market.  AGAIN! Air Seychelles will start a direct flight. AGAIN!  And a new marketing campaign has been re-launched.  AGAIN! With new staff.  AGAIN!  At least Alain St. Ange reaffirmed that the UK market is an important market for Seychelles.  Though someone else may have said the same thing before. How many times will Seychelles re-launch critical markets for Tourism that had already existed?  Why do we abandon our markets? How much time and money have we lost over the years as a result of this market abandonment, relaunch programmes?  Something wrong with our leadership (geniuses), don’t you think?

Where Is The Much Touted Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)  

Remember when Mr. President told us his Government had secured US$ 2 Billion in Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)?  Most of that money is history. It is gone indefinitely. This money will be gone for 10 years or more. Why? Sure the world recession will linger for years. Sure no one will invest in a country whose debts are not sustainable. That will take us to 2027 at least. That is 17 years Mr. President.  Not 1 years as you infer.Why do you continue to misrepresent our true financial reality and mislead the People?

Seychelles as a remote emerging market, with an ongoing, revolving IMF Stand By Arrangements, will not be able to attract Foreign Direct Investments for many years to come with P.P.  running the country. The World knows our finance and our debts have been mismanaged. Our portfolio is upside down. Our credit rating is Selective Default (SD), and we have the worse credit rating in the World under P.P. and the stewardship of Mr. President Michel. Who will take the risk now? 

Only a strategy of 100% debt forgiveness, once in place, will be able to attract FDI within a short period of time as opposed to 17 years from now under P.P.

People of Seychelles, open your eyes, see our reality for what it is, and do not let P.P. and Mr. President Michel fool you. If you do, we will move to the status of Lesser Developed Countries (LDC) and debt forgiveness will be at hand anyway.  But it will be painful for you and even more painful for your children. To achieve this status with P.P. in place will mean great, great suffering for the People of Seychelles.

Somalia Pirates Factor

This issue is our Achilles heel. The piracy activity in our region is a US$ 450 Million business per annum for the pirates. It is a pillar of the Somalia economy. Over 100,000 ships have to traverse through the Gulf of Aden each year. As long as the World community ignores the suffering on the ground in Somalia, piracy will continue. These people have no intention to stop hijacking ships and taking hostages. Do not let P.P. fool you into believing the hijackings are over. They are not.  They are attacking boats in our waters as a matter of routine now.

The escort of ships through the Gulf of Aden is big business as much as $3 Billion per annum and this industry will continue to grow. It is a growth potential business for Seychelles security companies, but Mr. President Michel ignores that, even though the opportunity rests right under his nose. Seychelles is ideally positioned to offer escort services as a business venture to ships making the trip through Gulf of Aden, or at least from the Mozambique channel northwards.

As we remain idle and wallow in our economic sorrows because of mentally defeatist resigned leadership, Israeli private security firms are making a mint of money in this new industry. They are quickly establishing themselves as security escorts with 5-6 men per ship, earning a minimum of US$ 1,000 per day per man, for trips that can last up to 15 days.  Do the numbers P.P. This is serious business and it is happening right under our nose, in our waters. 

If Israeli private security escorts start making money, some of it will find its way to the Jewish lobby Political Action Committees (PACs) in Washington D.C. They will prevent and pre-empt President Obama, and any other US President down the road, from intervening on the ground in Somalia.

Without a ground solution, this piracy issue will not go away for us here in Seychelles. It will whittle Seychelles down over the next 10 years if left unfettered. If Seychelles maintains -8% for 10  years, it will bring our economy to -80% in 10 years.  Possibly, our own people might turn to piracy, and instead of “taxi pirate”, we would have “Bato Pirate”.

Mr. President Michel would have done the direct opposite of what he promised under his election promise “STRATEGY 2017”. Instead of doubling GDP in the positive in 10 years, he would have reduced GDP by almost 100%. Unfortunately, he has already shelved this little book. We no longer hear anything about it.

Perhaps it is a good time for Mr. President to think about how Seychellois companies can get involved in the security escort service for ships, to guarantee safe passage. Remember that old saying you revealed to us at Providence when fuel prices were US$ 150 per barrel in 2008: ”People of Seychelles, we must learn to think out of the box”. Well Jack, start thinking or we will all become “Jack in the Box”; no disrespect intended.

But the sooner you cut into the Israeli action, the better off Seychelles will be, because they already have it in for us, since you have made friends in Lebanon, and you wine and dine with the grand sheiks of the World, on the World stage, without regard for the consequence and retaliation Seychelles will face. 

And instead of creating a new “TAZAR” special force in your little Army to supposedly fight piracy, how about using the current personnel who watch over you, ex-President Rene, Ministers, wives, mistresses and other important P.P.s at night, and send them out to fight piracy and earn the country money instead?  Food for thought Jack, and money for our coffers too! After all, if our Police Force is doing such a great job of patrolling our neighbourhoods, why are you high-level guys so worried that you have to have Kalashnikov-toting guards watching over you when you sleep at night?  If you need them so badly, what about the safety and security of the rest of the Seychellois public? Or are we second-class citizens?

World Tuna Stocks Dropping

This year we are experiencing a drop of -53% in Tuna Fishing due to piracy interference. This is an incredible drop in turnover for Seychelles. The numbers just do not make sense at this time. Perhaps by year’s end, we will get the figures right.

World Bluefin Tuna is almost extinct. Not found in Seychelles. Yellowfin/Albacore Tuna is a threatened species, as is Big Eye, and other species found in our waters. The situation is alarming, because in the good years, when we could have maximized the benefit of the resource, we did not. Instead, we offered cheap licenses, built the most funky tuna-boat in the history of boat-building, and built infrastructure for a canning business, instead of focusing on added value products like tuna-loins. Now it appears it is too late to cry over spilled milk. Perhaps we will have a decline for a few years, then after the piracy abates, the tuna will be back.  Or maybe IOT will just shut its doors and move the factory elsewhere where labour is cheap and abundant, and where the Government does not interfere and where utility rates are not exorbitant!

In that time, Seychelles will need to focus on added value. For that to work, you need direct flights to markets that offer top prices for your products. Mr. President, that would not be China, Sir. It is Japan

Coincidentally, they do love the sun, sea and sand. They are the ideal Asian market to develop with a direct flight, if you can ever get the hotel and service product right for that market. The flights that bring fresh tuna to Japan, could return with tourists. It would be a complementary exercise. This is much more profitable than exporting coconuts on Air Seychelles for IDC.

Don’t Count Mauritius Out

Our neighbour Mauritius is a member of SADC. They have angled Seychelles out of competition for hub positioning to SADC markets and the region. Recall well, when Mr. President visited Mauritius as Mr. Paul Beranger’s guest and did the parade thing. He told us he was going to make Seychelles a regional hub. What happened to all that talk, was his attention diverted to Asia, the Grand Prix, now Lebanon?  

While Mr. President travelled the World and watched the Grand Prix races, and dined in fine restaurants of Asia, Mauritius set up a regional hub second to none, creating a pivotal new economic pillar for itself with its SADC status.

While Communist China was asked to build a National Assembly on Ile Du Port for Dr. Herminie, Mauritius asked them to build and expand a new Airport worth over US$ 100 Million. They are doing it.  While China gives us a grant of US$ 6 million for our new Supreme Court Building, Mauritius’ Judiciary arm is functioning flawlessly with Mauritian judges.

With 15% Business Tax plus Ebene Cyber City Centre, and its cultivation of the Indian business market, which is experiencing unprecedented growth of 8% plus per annum GDP, Mauritius has invited Indian subsidiary companies to set up shop and business in Mauritius, and to use Port Louis as a base to access SADC markets free of taxes.

Business in the Mauritian offshore, transhipment base is booming. As Tourism slacks, the SADC market access business is booming, hence offsetting the down fall in Tourism revenues due to the extended downturn in Europe.

Now, why did Seychelles not take the lead over Mauritius? Simple.  It is because you cannot teach P.P. communists anything.  They will not learn and they have no capacity to learn because brain power is sorely lacking.  Because free thinking, smart thinking let alone future thinking are not their thing.  Remember their great visionaries and architects!  Where are they now that they have bankrupted us?  Counting their millions I’m sure!

People of Seychelles, P.P. SPUP and SPPF have let us down. As our neighbours’ economies flourish, ours continue to decline.  As their people are employed, ours are getting the sack and returning to the P.P. masters or their District Administrators for a social handout.  Mr. President and P.P. has counted us out of the SADC markets in any material manner, for not just 10 years, perhaps now for 100 years.  Because for every opportunity we lose to our neighbours, it is an opportunity lost for Seychelles and our people. There are no second chances here.

People of Seychelles, unless you want to see 10 years or more downturn in our beloved country, we have no choice but to throw the P.P. out. The sooner we take steps to correct this “sleeping on the job” error.....or I should say, travelling on the job error, the better it will be for our young nation.  The case for change has never been any stronger than now.  And our so-called leaders are not about to wake from their slumber.  Let them sleep and dream of their millions and their worldly luxury travels while we take the reins of our country back.

May God Bless Seychelles And All Freedom Loving Seychellois! 

Christopher Gill


Anonymous said...

Considering that when a person is left with a debt after failing to pay down his/her mortgage it takes up to 10-15 years to get back on track again and that to repay a loan of let's say 70.000 USD, one can imagine what a debt of 800 Million USD does to an economy.

So those who believed that the recession would only last 4-6 months as a senior citizen with contacts all the way to the prezident's office said last year, must have been either very naive or had no clue whatsoever about what we had gotten into.

It's very easy to say we're on track again and have increased our cash reserves in the Central Bank, but would it have been as easy to make the same statement if the increase in cash reserves had not come from new loans? As told further up tourism had had a huge decline, fishing has had a huge decline at the same time that we're having to spend money chasing a bunch of marauding Somalians who are using our waters as hunting grounds. And it goes on and on as the dark clouds close in over our nation.

Wether or not some of our citizens will go over to piracy I doubt very much. Yes, we do have stupid good for nothing people in Seychelles who will try and make a profit from anything(just look at James Michel's predecessor for instance), but where would they keep a siezed ship? Derriere St Anne? What they are capable of however as someone mentioned in another blog is to cooperate with pirates by selling them info about vessels leaving Seychelles en rout for the Red Sea or mainland Africa. That I do not doubt a second.

But regarding the time it will take to get out of the mess we've been put in primarily by France Albert Rene with James Michel playing minister of finance, it would have taken an opposition party just as long if not longer as only a fraction of the mess has surfaced and is known to the public. Several foreign banks have been keeping some of their deepest and darkest cock-ups secret for years so why should the CBS be any different? Anyone wonder why it is very quiet on teh Chang Leng front after his 'resignation'?

Anonymous said...

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

It is really bad.

Hence we must seek debt forgivness through Paris Club and case before courts of justice, to render transactions fraudulent on their face. Once done so, this will free Seychelles, and the onous shall be on the fraudsters to repay the debts.

Domestic debts are heavy as well. For this, we will have to ask P.P. princes and princesses to simply give back what they have taken in exchange for immunity from prosecution. We must bury the hatchet, but they will have to meet us half way. There is room to compromise.

When Treasury bills were 32% a lot of oney came back into the system and it did not come from Fiahing and Tourism.

Thank you Ton Far. But we need more. Keep on bringing the money back, even if Treasury Bills are now 1.0%.

In the meantime, IMF can assist us by putting pressure on this government to account for the $2.4Billion missing from our banking system, while our offshore business collapses.

Christopher Gill

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Has the opposition sent any formal letter to the IMF or whichever organ is able to help trace those missing billions?

Anonymous said...

There you go, reply to las comment.

Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan Leader of Opposition, can write a formal letter addressed to Dominque Strauss Head of IMF asking for assistance to the missing $2.4 Billion from our banking account.

He can initiate the letter, have NDP Leader mr. Volcere sign it, have the Former President sign it ( Rene and Mancham) and all NGOs such as Bar Association, SHTA, and so forth.

This will place pressure on IMF Board of Directors to handle this matter as they said the Programme belongs to us. They will not be able to ignore such a letter.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Why does it have to come from Ramkalawan though? Why can't any MNA make such a letter and get Volcere's and Manchams's signature? Surely a letter from a proactive MNA will be taken as seriously as a letter from a dormant leader of the opposition.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Drop the pictures in your postings it take bloody ages to download. Again I read every word you write and again you have me hooked on your every word. Why not a letter signed by the population of Seychelles after all the IMF said the 2.5billion dollars is for the people of Seychelles to press the government. Maybe you could do an email protest for people to sign?

Anonymous said...


Mr. Ramkalawan is the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly.

As LO it is proper protocol that he initiates the letter.

Of Course, there can be numerous key signatories, but the point is that the letter must be sent as per comment.

A letter is an official position.

IMF must take a position on the matter and it must become public.

PP. has tried to bury this issue and the Opposition has been too quiet about it.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

We all know that Ramkalawan is not interested in writing such a letter for whichever reasons he has not to(I'll leave the speculation for another time). So here we are behaving like communists and thinking "Sorry it's not my job, try another department".

The truth is unfortunately that nobody is willing to stick their neck out and send such a letter and if I know Mancham right, he'll also do the very same by washing his hands and conveniently say "Sorry chaps, it's not my table, but I fully agreee that such a letter should be sent". So while we're waiting for Ramkalawan to compose such a letter on behalf of the Seychellois, nothing gets done. We may as well wait for him to start planting bananas as he said he would if he lost the previous election.

PP will of course keep it all hushed down to whispers in teh corridors of State House as it will mean the doom of many of them, including France Albert Rene himself, the PL's own Ali Baba.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,
Again I love this site.
It all comes down to education and indoctrination. The PP has brainwashed our brains for so long. Some of us were strong enough to not let them destroy our principles and some were not as lucky. In any case, we need to support each other and help those that have been effected- no matter what party they support.

I agree in that there needs to be serious proactiveness , responsibility and maturity on not only the part of the government and opposition , but the people of Seychelles need to also have a sense of belonging, independent thought and urgency to our situation.

Yes, if a letter/petition is the proper way forward, then let us do it. If there are other ways, let us do that to.

Time is running out and our people are getting older and situaion worse. We all know who screwed us over. We all know where they live. But let us not for once lose our maturity and professionalism and become like them in the process. If that were to happen, we would only become the people, ideology and government whom we want to remove. Therefore, no better.

Have action, be honest to all and yourself, professional and an example for others in the process.


Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,
Again I love this site.
It all comes down to education and indoctrination. The PP has brainwashed our brains for so long. Some of us were strong enough to not let them destroy our principles and some were not as lucky. In any case, we need to support each other and help those that have been effected- no matter what party they support.

I agree in that there needs to be serious proactiveness , responsibility and maturity on not only the part of the government and opposition , but the people of Seychelles need to also have a sense of belonging, independent thought and urgency to our situation.

Yes, if a letter/petition is the proper way forward, then let us do it. If there are other ways, let us do that to.

Time is running out and our people are getting older and situaion worse. We all know who screwed us over. We all know where they live. But let us not for once lose our maturity and professionalism and become like them in the process. If that were to happen, we would only become the people, ideology and government whom we want to remove. Therefore, no better.

Have action, be honest to all and yourself, professional and an example for others in the process.


Anonymous said...

Again the last two writings have been very informative as it captures very well the existing and post- 2009 financial and economic situation. It also reveals very clearly the opportunities we fail to crab because of the bad politics and policies.

The critical issue is that we need to figure out how such information can reach the wider audience so that they can really uptake and reflect critically on the different issues. The main issue is to foster a shift in communication from individual to group (i.e. families), from writing, verbal to visual interactions, and from measuring (complex statistics) to comparing, from extracting to empowering the people.

This requires a decisive strategy for communicating to the public, noting that we do not have access to the mainstream media. Preparing interactive CDs, DVDs is a powerful example of how we can communicate such important message. All we have to do is organise ourselves and things can be done. We can delegate virtual task among ourselves for different activities which can reach the playing field in different forms. We can come up with an agenda, topics to be addressed on how this can be done. Many of us prefer to remain anonymous, but we can still organise and do things to reach out to the people. This blog represents some kind of social network, but there is no social –virtual organisation. We can do that. Virtual organisation can make a lot of difference, noting the world of today is governed to a large extent through emails and other web based applications. Let us not underestimate its power to influence the ground realities.
We have judged the political leaders of all sides, but as individuals, we need better organisation.

I remember what one great men that I came across said. "Large groups of people do not make breakthroughs or significant contributions in any field or domain of knowledge, it is small groups of people who makes the most significant contribution to this world".

We need to translate concepts to actions. The letter to IMF is an example of what can be done. IMF would certainly view this as a people accountability issue not to be undermined whatever the outcome.


Anonymous said...

If we gonna wait for the dormant opposition to make changes in seychelles, we can wait till we turn blue in the face.

Why don't we as simple citizens start up a petition for the unaccountable billions.

I believe being under Rene's indoctrination for so many years have lead us to be a very passive & submissive nation.

I say, let kick start the petition on this blog.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the last contribution. Let's make our voices heard.

Of course some people will be reluctant out of fear, and some would prefer to be anonymous. There should be ways around this and ways to make it happen. Nothing is impossible.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign my previous contribution...


Anonymous said...

The two papers can use these articles. But they should not edit without clearing with me. They should also give credit for the work instead of hacking it and using bits here and there as filler to meet mass in their papers. This is a dis service to democracy.

I have written to Weekly and Regar, and ask them to publish the two articles to help us beat back the SIKSE story Michel is giving us.

As for the letter to IMF, I have already written to Mr. Volcere and Mr. Ramkalawan and some member sof their party's to ask that a jiont letter be put out.

If they do not do it, I will write the letter and seek signatures.

Its no load, afterall, Danny Faure said that money is well accounted for and it is not money taken from Seychelles.

We just need to make sure, and I am sure Faure, Michel, Rene will want that as well. So it is a good idea.

I have to go mix cement for a road, since I do not have enough workers this week to do it.

We are a real success indeed with JJ SPirit.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I will contact Mr. Gill through his personnel email so that we can virtually collaborate and work on this issue of shift in communication to reach out to the greater audience.

It is one small step towards the larger goal. There are two things to remember.
(1) We should be aware of Negative Outcome Expectancy (NOE)and
(2) Positive Outcome Expectancy (POE).
The NOE reflects beliefs of the ‘die hard’supporters and the extreme difficulty to influence a change in their decisions while in the POE reflects the possibility were people do not possess all the information they need themselves. They need to be convinced. We need to show them that change leads to prosperity and their own security as many people on the other side stick around the party because they are not prepared to change because there is a strong element of fear of their own security (i.e. jobs, housing, and scholarships.We need to show the young people the alternate and better ways to reach their desired goals which is surely not the NYS, or the emerging mind controlled young leaders Masters program. The POE will be of a less challenge to accomplish. I will end here without too much taking but walking the walk. But the bottom line is that we need separate strategies to deal with NOE and POE people.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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