Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Seychelles Comedy - State House Anytime Now

Trips galore

In this year of recession, the President believes that we need to spend money wisely. So charity begins at home. He needs to travel more to spread the word about Seychelles and get the world to know more about the dilemmas we are facing. From piracy to global warming, lack of food resources and a bankrupt economy (begging bowl in hand!)…. We need to get the message out there and at the same time show our people that ‘nou prezidan pe leve debrouye!’

Jenpa: Good morning Mr. President. I am happy to report that we have had an additional allocation of about 4 million rupees to cover the rest of the overseas trips we had not planned for in the supplementary budget. We really stretched it when we did this last trip to Paris followed by South Korea, China and Singapore. But now thanks to MaryLou and our red gang in the Assembly, we have enough dough to go visit old Fidel and Raul in Cuba.

Mr. President: Yes JP, this is what we call globetrotting. Mancham thought that he would be the globetrotter president when we took Independence. But now I can show him how it is done. And he is collecting awards as a has-been president and I am collecting them while in office. I am in the same league as Obama JP. My next target will be the Nobel Prize for fighting piracy!

Jenpa: Ah Mr. President, if not Nobel then the Mo Amin award maybe and the five million dollars that goes with it.

Mr. President: JP, today my life just gets better and better. I have never been so happy in my life. I fly in First Class with all those nice sleeper seats on Emirates. Why do you think we allowed those Gulf carriers to come into the market? We need the comfort and luxury that goes with the trappings of this office. Soon my friend Sheik Nayan will bring in Etihad. And this is even more super luxury. I am waiting for Prince Talal to get his A380 so that I can get the chance to ride in it. Apparently it is one of the most amazing. Not bad for a guy who started out as a small time communist. JP what do you think?

Jenpa: Well, Sir, the communist label is still with us due to our close affiliation with the Chinese. But they were so welcoming during our trip to Beijing. And you delivered a brilliant speech which I am sure will bring in swarms of Chinese tourists to our shores. Perhaps you should also take up the portfolio of Minister of Tourism as it goes hand in hand with foreign affairs right? There are a lot of similarities between Beijing and Victoria don’t you think? Especially the bumper to bumper traffic!

Mr. President: Will have to check what it entails as a workload on my schedule JP. As you know, I am managing the communications section very closely with Onezime at SBC and our Guinean friend Sila at Nation newspaper to ensure that we keep this momentum going. Add the People and Rising Sun, and we are definitely all over the place now. We need to keep the machine turning at 400% to try and drown out the little voices of truth and democracy being put out on the STAR blog, Nouveau Weekly and Regar.

Jenpa: But Mr. President, they say that the truth always prevails in the end. We cannot keep lying about everything. I know that the people have been conned into thinking that we have weathered the storm in our economic reform. But the reality is just being pushed under the carpet. It will be our children who will have the monumental task of solving these problems.

Mr. President: Not to worry my man! Perseverance is on the way with the donation we got from the Sheik. So we are on the right track. This is what has made us win elections all the time. The opposition will never be able to compete with us. All’s looking good. We are in for a landslide come the next election. Judge me by my words and actions...and of course the Arab funds.

Jenpa: Well the two prizes you won recently surely raised your profile. The UNESCO medal and the prize for Innovation say a lot about our small country. We are really living in a global village. You took the mantle from Mugabe at the FAO meeting and stressed some very important points as we import everything and we cannot feed ourselves. The Lebanon stopover was also very enriching. I am sure that Ramadoss must have made some good contacts to continue building our empire. We should take him with us to Cuba.

Mr. President: Yes, soon we will be announcing some new bilateral deals with Lebanon. We tried to get some deals going with the South Koreans as well when I took him there. He is really enjoying the fact that I am including him in some of these important trips. We have to do it like Sarkozy does. When he visits countries to discuss diplomatic ties, he also makes sure that business deals are done.

Jenpa: Sir, on the home front while you were away that last time, we have successfully launched the Drone missions and this has gone down well with the Americans. Our fight against piracy and the stance we are taking towards this menace has allowed us to forge closer ties with Europe, Asia and America. We have also created an elite corps within our defence forces to deal with any eventualities. We got an additional budget to support all this. And I came up with the name “Tazar” or Baraccuda for that elite team.

Mr. President: Good job JP and I am glad that all has gone well. Next time I will try out the Drone! I heard that there has been a huge debate about Air Seychelles getting this additional budget. I know that I have been criticized for preferring Emirates but we have to support our local carrier. It makes us proud. I took it to Rome last time and find nothing wrong with it. But we are in a bind when it comes to the management. Those Savy boys at IDC and Air Seychelles are really a pain in the rear end. But my hands are tied in this one as you know. Let’s hope that it now gets back on the right track.

Jenpa: This year will go down in history as a milestone year Mr. President. Top marks all around. From the way we handled the piracy situation, weathered the economic reform storms, handled the disgruntled public in our district meetings to the high profile overseas missions, awards and launch of our very own university (with yourself as chancellor of course), not forgetting the once in a lifetime viewing of a grand prix event in Abu Dhabi.  And yet we haven’t finished. There is still the climate change meeting in Copenhagen where we need to make our voices heard together with our Maldivian friends – and perhaps get to shake Obama’s hand and get a photo opportunity we can beam back home.

Mr. President: This is just the beginning of the James Michel legacy JP. There are many more years to come. As our close working relationship develops you will see what I am made of. I leave no stones unturned. Next year we will focus on Africa as we have the World Cup there. I had the immense joy of holding this coveted trophy when it visited our shores last week and I assure you that I will be on a plane to see the World Cup in South Africa next year. We will have a look at the world map and pick out some countries where we need to improve our ties with. Now here’s an idea. How about a trip to the UK to reopen our Embassy with Pat and use the opportunity to make a call at 10 Downing Street? After all, your old Uncle Albert entertained Blair on La Digue, so Brown can certainly entertain me for a change.  And we might get a few pounds out of him too. And while we are there, we can run down to Harrods to get some Christmas gifts for all the ladies in our lives!

Jenpa: Brilliant Sir. I can already see our agenda pretty well booked out in 2010. The boss of the Chinese communist party will soon be here on a visit and I suppose that you will want to stay away. So I will get Danny and Joe to meet with him. We are rubbing shoulders with the capitalists so we cannot be seen to be engaging communists right?

JP exits the President’s private office to attend to his briefing with the press secretary and to get the pulse of what is going on in cyberspace. The world seems to be in turmoil and little Seychelles will have plenty more financial storms coming its way. Wonder how IMF will cope with all this. Oh, before he forgets, he needs to make a call to Finance to ensure that next years’ Presidential travelling budget gets the appropriate allocation.


Anonymous said...

I would have rather you posted an interesting article with your comments on the tax reform that was all over today's Nation where you weigh up its value and its effect(both positive and negative) on the average Seychellois.

Sorry to say this, but I cannot take an alledged politican who'd rather author and publish comedy scenes rather than matters of national importance. Our tax system is about to do an about-turn(who unfortunately has no bloody clue of what he has done let alone see the total benefit of it) and you give it no serious attention?

I could list up at least a dozen faults in Danny Faure's new tax scheme that has no other function than to put up a show for the IMF, but I really do not know if it's worthwhile.

Patrick X-tremely disappointed

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick X,

Christopher is not the only freedom fighter in Seychelles! There are many of us who contribute to this blog, and for your information, many of our readers enjoy State House Anytime Now (SHAN). It used to be published in the Weekly but we decided to take it online.

Comedy as you stated has a role to play in democracy. It keeps us sane, just like a good political cartoon. It makes us laugh too, and releases some stress. However, if you open up your mind and delve deeper, you will understand that behind the "comedy", there is much truth. Go back and read some previous SHANs and you will understand what I mean. State House is a comedy today!

For example, you refer to the tax reform and Danny's "leve debourye" budget. We mentioned that in the SHAN too. What do you think we are referring to when we speak of the budget increase for State House? Is it not to be used by Michel and his little Jean Paul (JenPa for short) for travelling first class to all those countries? Why the reference to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Formula One race? Why the mention of Castro and Raul?

Anyhow, I hope you take some time and look at our archives and you will see that SHAN is not really comedy at all, but quite serious about the day to day issues affecting Seychelles, let alone the jokers at State House who have zero leadership abilities and yet are leading the blind into a proverbial hell hole!

By the way, I do agree with you that the "new" tax system and measures announced by Danny boy yesterday is a total joke! If he thinks that a 33% tax rate is going to kickstart our economy while he imposes a 15% tax on interest and dividends, he has another thing coming! Workers are getting nothing, and the so-called salary increase will be eaten up quickly in January by the PUC increases (notice, he mentioned that rates will be announced later.. probably with fuel increase as well).

So I urge you to put your thoughts to screen and contribute to our forum/blog with some constructive criticism for a change. Comments are great, but it would be good to see some real analysis of the budget. I have been reading all 144 pages of it and making notes as I go along. We are truly a nation of IDIOTS if we believe that Danny and Michel are going to take us down the yellow brick road paved with gold!

Looking forward to your serious comments. No comedy now!

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy (SHAN), can you believe that REGAR is not publishing this week of all weeks and a few weeks ago did not publish because there was NO NEWS?

Anonymous said...

REGAR is not publishing this week- what the f***,of all weeks the week of the budget and the main opposition party does not see it fit to comment...Vox De should seriously consider his choice of vote, how can anybody take SNP seriously is beyond me! :)

Anonymous said...

Reply To "Patrick X"-

I wrote the first State House Anytime Now (SHAN).

But then a lot of people caught on to it, and understood what it was about. They made their contributions regularly and there it is.

Different people write these articles from time to time, I do not take credit for it.

Different people contribute to this blog as well. I am not the only person that writes.

My name appears, and picture at times, but it is not just myself.

I could not produce so much work while having to run a business in communist Seychelles.

Truth of the matter is that there are a lot of smart people out there, displaced by communists Patrick. They come together on Star.

If Regar is not published this week, fine. Weekly will publish I am sure.

Seychelles Review is out soon, with a double Christmas issue and we man handled Faure a month ago already, accurately predicting what was in the Budget.

Star will give you additional multiple comments and articles on the "4 Joker Budget".

However, Patrick, this Budget is so bad, I will refer to my 9 year old for advise and his ideas, since he will be paying back most of the debt SPPF created from my family.

You better stop riding the fence Patrick and siding with the P.P. mentality my fellow Seychellois, because, it is thinking like yours that is digging a deeper grave for our children.

Repent and the World of Freedom will open to you and recieve you.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...


Sorry if Chris feels directly accused, but being the one responsible here I pointed the finger at him.

I have no problem with SHAN whatsoever although it's not my cup of tea. To me it is a little too immature, but then again taste is like a pair of buttocks: split in two.

My point is that there are rather more important issues to discuss at this moment rather than make comedies. We have a new tax reform that is tailor made to give the Seychellois an imaginary boost in salary(read: buy PL votes in 2011) and the country has been accused and had a law suit filed against it by a Barclays bank customer who claims he's been robbed of millions by our government.

Now if you lot cdo not have the ability to discuss the new reform or simply do not want to to do so as it won't make any difference to your poackets plaease say so.

But no, I do not believe that Danny faure or any PL will lead us up the yellow brick road. They're more likely to lead us up a "semen later rouz" full of pot-holes along a steep hill.

I havn't had the possibility or access to the entire budget, but from what I can read it's all a bloody farce that is little thought through in the long run. Then again, it is a mere short term solution to secure a long term stay for the PL.

what i don't understand is why the opposition(both of them as I consider DP also as a part of it) cannot publish the truth about the budget and make the people understand what it really means for them.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

One thing Chris(in reply to your last comment about fencing):

All you need to do is convince me that I can rely on you(opposition) and I will be 100% on your side. And if you can convince me then you'll also convince the percentage of Seychellois needed to give PL victory.

And for the record(since you're all convinced that I'm a sworn PL): I am not, but I do see them as the better evil at this moment.

Now convince me with action, not comedy.

Anonymous said...

'Better' Evil?

That is the attitude that women, beaten by husbands who come home home drunk and smelling of other women(or sometimes even other men)take.

They look at their choice(leave the bastard) as the worst of the two evils- because they need the money-what will people say- my kid needs a father...

PP has tried, over the past fifteen years or so, to present itself as 'not so bad' This budget is a 'not so bad' picture too. Everything about PP is deemed 'not so bad'.

Hey wake up people- 'not so bad' is not GOOD. Sometimes the seemingly untouched, untravelled road(labelled as scary/unknown/unworthy...is the best road. Some decisions need to be taken short term.We are still a young democracy, and we look at removing a corrupt, selfish and arrogant government as a long term decision. It is not.

It is only a days' work. We vote, they cry and run away to their farms and wherever, and the country keeps rolling. Closer to the elections, we'll hear again how SNP(or DP) is bringing in arms, planning to legalise drugs/ going to fire all expatriates/ cancel all disability pensions. The same mind games that encourages the likes of PatX to stay on the PP side, fearing that SNP/DP/opposition is 'the baaaaad' while accepting that PP is 'not so bad'.

This is why i cannot see myself talking to a PP openly and expecting a dialogue. Because at the end of the day, 'not so bad' is just not good enough for me.

My child, my wife, my students, my mum, my friends need better than 'not so bad'.

I missed the budget talk. But i hear that there will be a 5ish% increase.Ooohhh i'm so grateful So grateful. Really, Patrick X, i'm so grateful for this beautiful government, full of its selfless, good-hearted policy-makers. They make me so oh feel so oh good.

I have mentioned that i am an atheist.I am no more as of today. I believe in the new god.

Not-So-Bad, the God of Fire and of Ice. The 5% god. The God of R7 bus fare, with its hands always in its own pockets. The God of Panadol and of students telling me they have no pens cos their mother told them they should be grateful for the food on their plates and shut up about the F*****G pens.

Oooh I'm a believer.


Zaklen Zoulou.

And Chris, keep up the good work. Please do. History remembers not those that pretend, but those that do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,
I don’t wish to dwell on the comedy issue, because I do get the point and understand why it is used. The issue of the budget deserves more space and attention than I can possibly contribute right now.
This is in reply to Patrick X, who seems like a smart enough gentleman, who is well versed and travelled. I really enjoy reading his comments. His points raised regarding the budget are valid.
May I however just say that as a mature person who does not support the PL/PP (as Patrick X just stated), why does he not work together with people like Mr. Gill to achieve progress and a plan that would result in sustainable action?
I know that we are all having healthy debates, but please do not tell me that people like Patrick X are only interested in making critiques (which is easier to do) of the Opposition -with no action from their side as well.
I do feel his frustration to a certain extent and realize that no matter who you are, the people need stability and progress. This is our and the future generation’s lives people!
We all have a role to play and at the end of the day, hopefully the Opposition is not even considered evil- as was stated before. But I also know that no one is perfect.
Suggestion: Why not also help by using his experience and maturity as a positive for the Opposition.
This is a great site, and I know many people enjoy it. So let’s use it for a greater purpose to combine minds and hearts.

Anonymous said...

While both negative & positive comments help us grow as an invidual, a communitee, a society & eventually as a nation. But, at the same time, we should examine both sides of the coin.

As another contributor said, comedy form part of our development and surely a definite stress reliever. I personally enjoyed SHAN.

Also, we have to be at least greatfull to bloggers like Chris & the rest of the crew for this enlighten blogg, where we can all share our thoughts, views and comments. Considering, that they might have a day job & trying to survive in the daily Seychelles, we should at least give them a thumb up for keeping ontop of this site.

In saying that, I will also wait with baited breath about the complete dissection of this year's budget since I haven't been able to read it entirely.

Keep up the great work guys/gals.


Anonymous said...

Zaklen Z:

Your comparisom between battered wives' excuse and my so called support to the PL is in a way valid, but my opinion still stands in supporting the evil that I know instead of giving my support to one who frequently shows the same sides they so criticize. We all want the better for our wives, children and grandchildren and choosing the better for me, or what I think is best for me according to my opinion, is not necessarily what's best for you according to your opinion. The important thing is however to respect others' opinion, a gesture the SNP lacks completely. PL lacked the same previously, but now do respect it in such a way that they in reality don't care. Why? because they can afford not to. SNP cannot and therefore shows aggression instead of respect. Speaking of battered wives and bad male behaviour, your bunch reminds me of those men who lack the ability to charm a lady and when they fail to impress they insult and verbally abuse instead of loking into themselves and trying harder. That's SNP in a nutshell.

Now over to you 'B'
If you analyze what I've posted here you'll see that I've been giving Chris Gill and the opposition the very best advise. I've been harsh to him at times and pushed him to the limit several times, but I have also given him credit for good work as Vox Dei also has. I have also stated my sincere opinion of the PL and asked Chris several times to see things from several angles. I have also stated that I am in no way a PL supporter, but would choose them as the better evil(this to ZZ's great frustration who pretty much has stamped me as a traitor for saying so). A traitor to who may I as? With people like ZZ in power half of Seychelles would be put away and have the key thrown for daring to even say they vote PL. Democracy or 'Demokraze' as a blogger put it once?

You ask why I do not support Chris. Well, I have, but done so in my own way and I think I've achieved something as he has matured a great deal lately deserving all the credit he needs. Chris still however needs to become less 'sansib' as we say. This thread started with critism of posting a comedy instead of an article about the reform and other important matters and judging from the aggression from several of you I'd say you all need to get less 'sansib'. If you can do that, you'll take away one less power the PL has over you. Think about it.

To Niya
I see your point and agree, I just saw the timing not being the best.

Thanks for all your replies folks :-)

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

It is not my place to try to change people. It is growing apparent that the only reason that PX writes to this forum is to make himself look as if his position is based on 'age/wisdom/maturity'.

You are right, PX, you are entitled to an opinion. But what you are neglecting to see/accept is that your opinion, while yours, is wrong.

'evil' is evil.

PL is evil, and as they say, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it would still...

You sincerely believe i am a hard core SNP supporter?I am just an advocate of the truth. I could not care less about who wins the next elections- i just believe we need to make a stand. Otherwise, like always, PP will use/abuse/ Sodomise us for eternity.

Love ya PX

Love Sey back my friend.

Listen to the news one night, then the next day go out on the street and watch the real news there.The people is not doing so well. Who is to blame?If you believe in the PP news, you would not know that, or take the time to find that out. The sad thing is, little people have no pockets to put in the 5ish%raise.

Their pockets belong to the government.

So they give and take in the same breath...PX, i will probably respond to your contributions again, but i have lost faith in you nevertheless.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


I will prepare a perspective on the Budget as usual. I do it every year, to fill in gaps missed by others.

Why don't you give us some ideas on the Budget.

My e mail address is sezfree4u@yahoo.com. I will send it to STAR and they can post it for you.

SHAN is not out of place. It has been posted as OCB. Ordinary Course of Business.

What is out of the ordinary is your attack of it, and attack of me for it. I do not write this section all the time. Rarely in fact.

This only uncovers your charades of really trying to undermine our efforts, because P.P. is scared that I will use my positioning to unite the Opposition. Which I will.

When I do that, the political equation in Seychelles will change fast.

Relax Patrick, as long as you are not one of those top 15 who stole everything we have, you will be fine and you will be able to have your own personal views, but if you place them in the public domain, you will have to defend your position.

Why? Because in the future, only the best ideas should be allowed to stand. Simple. The rest of our ideas will waste more of our time.

The future looks bright indeed.

You do not have to worry about aggressive opposition people. Some may be mad and hurt indeed. But we must heal. Inside they are mostly very good people, perhaps the best Seychellois, in our country, for them, I am proud to know them each day of my life.

They struggle with the frustrations of failure. Do you want them to celebrate the failures of SPPF and P.P.?

Ramkalawan Volcere Mancham and all of us may not be perfect in the Opposition, but how many of us are responsible for the missing $2.4 Billion from our banking system, Patrick?

How many of us have killed fellow Seychellois?

How many of us have destroyed the economy of Seychelles single handedly?

How many of us wiped out $375Million Pound Sterling from a Central Bank Reserve?

Or do these issues not matter?

I await your clarifications. Seven (7) days is reasonable.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

The budget is an improtant occasion in a country. I have been fortunate enough to be in a few countries at time budget was presented and all of them were an event. Not far from us, Mauritius had its budget last week, minutes after it was read out in Parliament, economist and Opposition Politicians were disecting and commenting on the budget.

Seychelles has had 15 plus budgets since re introduction of Multiparty.

Is it so demanding to expect that our Opposition Parties (especially SNP being the main one, and have 11 MNA's) to show respect to the population and comment. We complain that SBC does not give publicity to the Opposition, but how does one explain SNP not printing its newspaper. I understand that there is a conference of sort, but is that conference more important than the Seychellois people. I have been to a few of similar conferences, and it is just wine and dine event!

A commentator said i should reconsider my vote, the way things are going i just may stay home.

Vox Dei

Anonymous said...

No Mr Gill, 7 days is unreasonable. A serious Opposition should have been able to comment immdiately and at most the next day. That is what they are paid for...by making the buget take a back seat in my opinion is that the impression is that there is no urgency, and things are ok? Which is contrary to what they say all the time!

I am to say to least extremely disappointed! :(

Vox Dei

Anonymous said...

Zoulou: Cut the superstitional nonsense out and spare us for the evil description of the PL and making a saint of Ramkalawan. The way I see things here, the same way many Seychellois see it too, they're both simply after power and keeping it at all costs. The only difference is that the PL has power and will keep it for another 6 years unless a united opposition gets off their comfortable cushioned recliners and rolls up their sleeves.

PL evil? No, but they can be described to be useless, greedy, incompetent and bunch of other things. They are however smart, devious and know every dirty trick in the book. The result of the last elections prove that they are smarter than you lot, else you would be in power, not them. I'm sick of hearing conversations where you lot utter 'sa en bann kouyon sa' when refering to those 'kouyon savan' who have managed to keep power since everybody was given the chance to vote for candidates and not give a yes/no vote for one candidate which is exactly what Ramkalawan is doing within his own party when he pretty much says "everybody who disagrees with me can go to hell".

Chris, get over those lost/stolen monies as neither you or any other politician will ever be able to retrieve any of it. France Albert Rene has one foot in the grave and as long as he's alive nobody will be politically able to lay a hand on him unless they want to feel the wrath of 54% of the Seychellois population. It would like if Obama did get a hold of Osama Bin Laden and had the choice of imprisoning him or killing him hence martyrising him and enrage a good portion of the Islamic World. Besides, diggin into all the stealings of Rene and bringing the culprits to justice will require funds and resources that we nowhere posess so if you've ever wondered why James Michel let those Somalians go you can just imagine what trialing Rene and his 40 thieves would cost. Take Pinochet as an example, did anybody get to lay a hand on him?

Now back to the budget:
Both parts of the opposition failed miserably by not going out as soon as the budget was made official and

1) praising the positive sides(yes there are som of that too) and justifying them. You're probably wondering why you should do so right?

2) criticizing the negative aspects and clarifying who it will affect and how it will affect them.

3) making constructive suggestions with how and why it would be better to do it your way.

The problem with the oppostition, yourself included, is that you are so focused on removing the PL that you often tend to forget the good of Seychelles and its people. It's a case of gettign power and dealing with things from there. I am sorry to have to disappoint you, but you(opposition in general, not you personally) lack strategy and plan. And withouth that you will remain just as you are, i.e opposition.

I appreciate you giving me your personal e-mail for comments, suggestions and will eventually take the step and contribute. Thanks you for that. In the meantime though I'll keep to this site and others to get inspiration from all sides. I suggest you do the same, i.e get inspiration from all sides, not just those who are having hard time. It is after all not them who support the PL, it is those who are doing ok or better. It is also however those votes you need, the others you already have.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Sadly, once again, you totally missed the point. Or was that your point?Babbling off at a tangent when my point was never about superstition and my use of the wprd 'evil' was only due to your having used it to defend your cowardly decision to support your master.

PL is not more clever than SNp or DP or anyone in particular for that matter. Access to media-Control over media- and a carefully splayed 'radyo-banbou' network allows it to inseminate the country with its lies, propagate further fears, and the domino effect of this approach where fear is used, where power is used to con the little man, is simply that the little man does what you preach- secure the 'lesser evil'.Defend its little man's pockets, little man's kids.

But PX- you are not a little man, are you?Far from it.

Fear is a powerful thing. Do you understand that PX?In your life, have you ever been afraid of the power of the PP?I have. I fear for my job, i fear for my life. Cos these things are totally under their control. I have been conveyed into top offices and questioned about my allegiance. I have been 'explained' why i need to be 'red'. I have been shown the future.Yes, you are right, it look red. Think about that.

I have seen the effect of PP using its massive power to influence my life. I am talking about things i cannot detail here for the likes of you, jotting down all i say so you can track me down.

SNP/DP has not moved PP from power because of the lies, the power of the lies. rumours spread about SNP killing babies in town, about a coup being planned, about Mr. Mancham's decision to leave the country being more than he himself claimed it to be.

You see PX, with power, even if SNP/DP wins the elections, it just won't be enough. Even if SNP gets 54% of the votes- will PP leave its throne. And who would intervene?You?

We know the answers, yet we strive on. Because sometimes,PX, even fear is an incentive.


Anonymous said...

I have just have to add this PX

Mr.Gill was giving YOU 7 days to respond to HIS questions.

I really need to know what you think about the good/bad implications of PP having organised the MURDER of several of of our brothers. As recently as this year. 2009. THey WILL be judged. And maybe, just maybe, explaining your senseless, illogical need to suck up to your PP master, YOU will be judged on that day too. Are your hands bloody too ,PX?I need to know.

Zaklen Zoulou.

Anonymous said...


For the umpteenth time: I am not a PL top gun, lesser gun or PL home made catapult for that matter. Is it so hard for you guys to acccept the fact that someone who cannot see the SNP as reliable is at the same time not a PL but a person with a differnt and eccentric opinion? Rene and his clique had your mentality back in the early 80s where anybody who did not sing along was a traitor. Now you're treating me like a traitor because I don't share your opinion! Now where is the respect of my opinion and my freedom of speech in your form of politics?

But Zoulou, PL is more clever than the SNP and DP put together and will stay so till the opposition wins an election. Then you will prove otherwise. People are easily led Zoulou, just look at the Zimbabwans, pre WWI Germans, Pre 1917 Russians, all led by smart and devious leaders to think that they'd be better off if they give their support. The same way the Seychellois were led to believe they'd be better off if they voted SPPF as it was called then only to find that life got worse straight afte the election when prices of commodities, fuel, gas, beer etc rose to a level that sent households shaking.

The PL won the last election as they will win the next because they have confidence, strategy and not least charisma. What does SNP have? Confidence? Not a bit give or take a few who are still stupid enough to hink they can win in 2011. Strategy? The word doesn't even exist in their dictionary! Charisma? One pig headed leader with a grumpy face asking everyone to go to hell and another one pouting away like a teen who's just been turned down after asking for a slow dance at a school ball. Oh yes, I did forget to mention something else: The will to make an effort to win. If you lot could get off your hineys you may qualify for a few votes. Stand up and you will be seen in teh crowd. Keep sitting down and you will remain in others' shadows.

I see your point about being afraid for your life, job etc and I am sincerely sorry to hear that you have to live in the state you do, but you have to remember that the PL, like any other party, consists of many individuals some with stronger opinions than others. I can't say that I have experienced what you say you have, but if it's so bad why not coem out with it through one of the medias? Regar did not publish due to lack of news so why not give them some news to publish? I'm not saying I do not believe you as I've heard he same from others(not about life and death, more of the economical side), but then again why not coem out with it? Why can the SNP and Ramkalawan support you by for instance allying himself with the IMF which he refused to meet last year?

As to Chris' 7 day offer to make my 'budget analysis' I'd first have to read the entire 140+ pages it alledgedly consists of. In order to do so I'd have to recieve a copy. Would you send me one by e-mail? Or even better, post one which we can all download.In the meantime I'll have to narrow it to the parts I read about on Nation and other media. I was particularly interested about the income tax part as it is the part that will affect the man on the street most and I was hoping that would wake the interest of others too(that means the opposition), but alas.

As to murder, it disgusts me in every single imaginary way be it cold blooded murder, murder commited during war or simply murder of a vulnerable nation like ours by slow suffocation through 30+ years. Now if you still believe I'm a sworn PL after reading this then I have overestimated your intelligence and you are no Zoulou, but a trouloulu, i.e full of air and sand!

Patrick X

P.S.: Do you really think I'd use my real Christian name if I was who you think I am? And if you do, then please read my last sentence above.

Anonymous said...

I must say that Patrick X has a point when he comments on the fact that many Seychellois (especially politicians) still harbours the "si ou pa dakor ek mwan ou bezwen kont mwan mentality")! I believe that this same mentality is being expressed here vis a vis Patrick X.

There is also the little difficulty of "La verite i ofans son met"! Patrick X has said many truths about the way the Opposition is (unfortunately) and he seems to be hated for that. We may or may not agree with many things he says about the SNP but the fact remains that the SNP/Opposition are unable to mount a strong challenge to the SPPF/PL despite the discontent in the population. Notwithstanding the fact that SNP has been hit be some public resignations of some Excecutive Members and workers, the Party seems to suffer from acute lack of imagination now when it comes to counter SPPF/PL propaganda, and as is shown by Zaklen Zoulou is now reduced to severe paranoia.

I believe that attacking the SPPF/PL is good, but time has come to look at our strengths and weaknesses. Concentrate on our strenghts and solve the weaknesses. This is basic for any good organisation.

Patrick says something interesting, and i ask the same question. Is there a WILL on the part of the Opposition Leaders to remove SPPF/PL, or should we not take Wavel Ramkalawan's words of him being happy not winning elections more seriously?

Vox Dei

Anonymous said...

Put it this way Vox Dei:

The will of the opposition(now I mean SNP) is naturally to gain power, but the problem is that they want it for free, i.e without too much effort.

In plain and simple English that means that they want the power, but t not the responsibility that comes along with it and as long as they keep getting fat salaries for just being a dormant opposition, they can feel important by attending buffets, cocktail parties and not least by refusing to attend meetings with foreign heads of state, head of IMF and similar by accusing the govt on not formarly inviting them.

Ramkalawan did have good intentions when the multiparty system was introduced, but along the way he was bought and paid for by the same regime he so criticized and wanted removed.

Why that happened we can only speculate about, but my main theory is that The PL has something on him that would be so embarrassing and take away all his power. Hence he shuts up and ridicules himself time after time while maintaining power within the SNP. Ramkalawan has become nothign more than a puppet that the PL want sto keep right where he is as they have him in their pockets.

Why else do the SNP not take affair in their media or take up several othere important cases during assembly using Ramkalawan's priveleges to do so without risking anything?

Why else does the SNP not once and for all clarify the alledged accusation about the million Rupees they raised for Radio Freedom? And not least why did the PL not raise the matter in order to possibly harm the SNP?

Simple: Because they have enough on him and are playing him like a well tuned instrument. Ramkalawan cannot leave the SNP as he'll have nothing then, not even a place in the priesthood so his only option is to be a good boy and do as he is told by his master James Michel and the PL.

Some of you here claim that I, Patrick X, is an obedient slave to the PL, but I believe that it is Ramkalawan that is a true slave of the PL, not I. Or what say you Zoulou?

Patrick X

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