Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

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Why Seychelles Downturn Will Be With Us For A Very Long Time With P.P. (Parti Le Pase)

Parti Le Pep (P.P.) has launched a propaganda blitz to ease the minds of Seychellois to make them believe that the Economic Reform is a success and that we are on the road to prosperity. The propaganda is so successful that it has gripped even the best business people in the Country, let alone the simple ordinary Seychellois.

In this special supplementary article, I take this propaganda machinery and half truths apart to help those in business come to grip with the big picture. Those that are part of productive workforce must take note because it concerns your future as well, regardless of political party affiliation.

From Bankruptcy To Reform Economic

I have already written about October 31, 2008 when Seychelles went to her knees and Michel announced the “Economic Reform” Programme under the aegis of the IMF in the form of a Stand By Arrangement for $26.75 Million, which was to be disbursed over two (2) years.

The term “Economic Reform” was only a term to hide the fact that Michel had driven the Seychelles to bankruptcy (faid). Most recently, we have gone through one (1) year of reforms, many structural matters have been addressed by the Ministry of Finance to bring the Government of Seychelles policies in line with IMF recommendations. This is all good and necessary, although long overdue. What P.P. should have done when it was SPPF over 32 years, it has done in one (1) year alone.

This has included abolishing currency control rate regimes, cutting expenses, firing thousands of Government workers (most of them from the opposition), cutting loans which go unpaid while interest goes up, privatization of old state monopolies and industries (most of it going to party stalwarts such as the milk, juice and water factories), increasing PUC utility rates, and shutting down white elephants such as the Coetivy prawn farm and Barbaron Orchd Farm, two infamous ideas of Albert Rene and Mukesh Valabhji. The new tax laws will take effect in 2010 according to World Bank recommendations and IMF pressure. These are all good moves to try to put order into the government house. But they are not the signs of “reform”, they are the signs of a bankrupt government of failed ideas.

Grace On Debts

Seychelles under the leadership of Faure and Afif has successfully negotiated some grace period to restructure debts and hold off repayments. This is good and necessary as any Bankrupt government would seek this request. A solvent Government would continue to make payments and service its debt. But of course our poor bankrupt Seychelles under the PP Michel administration is not solvent according to Messrs. Faure and Afif and even good friend Mr. Peter Sinon of African Development Bank.

In that time of course, Mr. Pierre Laporte has been brought in to float the Rupee, and he has. Is the rates indicative of its true values? No. The Seychelles Rupee has gained on hard currencies like the Euro and US Dollar because of deflation and lack of demand for hard currency. The economy has shrunk. In the case of US Dollars, the Seychelles Rupee gained 70% in just one year, yet the economy shrank. Instead of the 1989 movie “Honey, I shrunk the kids”, Mr. Michel and Mr. Laporte have now given us a new comedy: “Seselwa, I shrunk the economy”!

As demand for hard currency stifled in the market, Pierre Laporte had to intervene in the market, buy the Euros and US Dollars from the commercial banks to keep rates palatable. Had he not done that, the Seychelles Rupee would have become a moon-currency. This allowed the Governor to build up a reserve of over $134 Million about 1 ½ months imports to Seychelles. He has a very long way to go.

As he is building up reserves, interest on commercial debt is ticking and increasing. Interest rates at commercial banks are too high to encourage any economic activity beyond survival mode. Growth under this situation is out of the question.

P.P. Is Not Counting New Debts Signed

Our country is sinking with over $850 Million in external debt and another four billion rupees more in local debt. To keep this country afloat, P.P. is not counting and announcing the new debts it signs. Afif says the debt has gone down to $760 Million to mislead the Public into believing everything is a grand success. It is not. In order to fool you, he counts the $70 Million or 45% Paris Club write-off before it has been completely written off. Remember that only 22% has been written off. The remaining 23% may be written off in six (6) years, that is, if we stick to the IMF reform signed by P.P., advocated by Mr. Danny Faure, and applauded by Mr. Michel.

The total IMF obligations undertaken, plus last week’s World Bank loan exceeds US$69 Million. All to be used used to keep Seychelles afloat. The interest on most of the commercial debt is 10% per annum. That is roughly US$ 50 Million per year on commercial debt that Afif and Ministry of Finance do not count when they talk about external debt portfolio. Domestic debt at SCR 4 Billion is a story in itself lest we forget!

Business Must See The Failure

People of Seychelles, People in business, People with real estate in Seychelles, hear me out. This debt is unsustainable. When something is not sustainable, it collapses.

IMF said Seychelles collapsed last year. We are still in collapse mode. There is no success story this year, next year or in Ten (10) or Twenty (20) years under P.P. Our bankruptcy is here to stay!

This year property values have slumped by 60% and sales are still not happening in the local market. When a market drops over a short term by 30% it is a bubble burst effect. In Seychelles we are undergoing a bubble explosion, resulting from the collapse of 2008 that went undeclared.

There are few properties that are holding value and resale value. Property is the basis of national wealth, but P.P. never figured that out. Hence, values are depressed not only because of market forces, but also because of poor, antiquated legislation and restrictions on alienation and property use, that protect fruit bats over humans.

By being left footed on property issues, P.P. today, has pricked a hole in the life jacket that could have saved Seychelles if we had our act together. Instead, they get desperate and seal deals for SCR 1.00, without building a proper real estate tax base focused on growth that can reduce taxes for everyone else, while increasing revenue for the Government.

We will never be able to educate P.P. on how to do things as they still have the Communist mentality for us while they think Capitalism for their own pockets. These P.P. people are beyond help.

Our only hope is a strategy of debt forgiveness in Seychelles. This is it! No other option. I am dead serious about this proposal.

After that, we use our energy to rebuild Seychelles, make it the shining star it was meant to be. Our children will thank us for it, instead of cursing us for doing nothing.

We must now work towards it.

More Incredible Propaganda To Fool Us

In our national newspaper, the Nation, the government goes out of its way to fool us again. In Nation, Wednesday, November 4, 2009, vol. XXXII NO. 212, headlines,” in bold face: President Addesses Special CBS Event- ECONOMIC REFORM FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN. What are they doing in State House?

This economic reform has nothing to do with a better future for our children. The economic reform is about our children repaying the debts created by SPPF for over 32 years. It is about our children repaying the debts the Michel Administration created, the debts the Rene Administration created. The debts of a Communist Party!

Seychelles National Debt For Our Children

My son is 9 years old this week. Pierre Laporte says we will have a grace of five (5) years to repay loans and on the obligations. As these obligations tick interest, who will pay the interest?

It is not Rene, he is too old to pay any interest. It is not Michel, he will be too old to repay interest. It will be you and me.

In five (5) years, my son will be 14 years. He will be too young to pay interest. But in another five (5) years, when we start looking at principal debt repayment, my son will be old enough to repay the debts France Albert Rene created and James Alix Michel endorsed with pen, silence and signature. This is why I write. I will do more if called to do so.

Dear People of Seychelles, today, the debts we are talking about are the debts the next generation will inherit. Our children will repay the debts. This is not about their future as James Michel tries to fool us into believing. This is about our children assuming today’s debts, in the future. If you love your children, love your family, then you must wake up from this hypnotic sleep P.P. has put you under.

By the time they start to repay the debt, the houses built will be falling apart. The roads built will be falling to rubble, many are already. The electricity grids will be on brown out and black out scheduling. We are heading for a real social disaster. Make no mistake about it. And not even another US$70 million loan to PUC for new generators will help us as it just be more debt burden for you, me and our children!

“Leve Debourye” Program

To get us up on our feet, to move again, and get on to the productivity path, the P.P. has created a campaign called: “Leve Debourye”. The inference in the campaign is that Seychellois do not “Debourye” or hustle in English.

Never has a campaign slogan printed on T- shirts insulted the intelligence of a nation so much.

This campaign focuses on increasing work productivity in order to generate economic prosperity and hence, increase our bottom line as a Nation: increase our GDP. This year we are (minus) -8% according to the last IMF statement.

To repay our debts and make them sustainable, we must generate 10% GDP per annum every year. This is a huge challenge today. Why? Because Seychelles lacks the available productive capacity to field a functional workforce that can achieve 10% GDP.

What is Gill saying? Well put another way, we have too many drug users and drunks in the country that is actually preventing us from succeeding as a Nation.

According to CARE the main anti-drug NGO, on the low scale, we have 9800 drug users and addicts in Seychelles today. On the high scale, we have 18,000 (32% of population) drug users and addicts.

According to NDEA, we have 3000 heroin users. Scary isn’t it?

Michel Blames Patients For Downturn

If Michel Administration is asking 18,000 drug users and addicts to “Leve Debourye”, then we have a serious problem down the road. President Michel and his team of communist propaganda spinners at State House are ignoring the lack of productive capacity by thinking drug users and addicts can just get up and get to work. These people are unable to maintain employment. They are unemployable. When they come for an interview, we smell the drugs or alcohol on them, we see the needle marks, we see their blood shot eyes. This is why they do not get hired.

These people are sick. They should be patients. Before you get anything out of them, you need to heal them. Any other policy is just a joke and the hard working People of Seychelles will pay the consequence of this bad policy and joke P.P. is playing on us. Stop playing politics with our unemployable people P.P. Help them in a real way and this starts with rehabilitation. But where are the centres to help those porr lost souls? And remember, we still have to learn of one Escobar that has been caught. I wonder why?

People of Seychelles, open your eyes. SPUP, set your grandchildren free. SPPF, set your children free. P.P., give us a break as your communist antics and slogans have no place in a country that needs to “Leve Debourye”. We have been doing that for years, while you have been spinning lies and misrepresentations upon a people and filling up your own pockets at the detriment of our nation and future generations. Even to “Leve Debourye” you spin a lie! Shame on you!

$30 Million From Abu Dhabi

Recently, Michel squeezed US$ 30 Million from Sheik Khalifa of Abu Dhabi UAE while he sipped tea and at crumpets at the Yas Marina Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Formula One race. SBC announced immediately that because the economic reform is a success, we will be investing US$ 30 Million into Ile Perseverans Housing Project. This project was to build 5000 houses in 2000 and it is now 2009. Nothing is complete, not even electricity grids, sewer, roads, houses.

Ten years late. The next project will be 25 years late.

To restart this project is putting bad money into a bad idea. We are bankrupt. Our debts are unsustainable, which means for a long time, we will not be able to borrow money as a sovereign state. Therefore, after giving away mega acres of prime state land for one rupee to the Sheikh instead of selling the land outright, after removing our proud coco-de-mer immigration-customs stamp from passports, after bending over backwards to accommodate our new “friends”, after giving duty-free tax exemptions on imports to his new-found friends, we now have to tell our children that our country needs hand-outs from rich Arabs in order to start let alone finish any capital projects for our country. There goes our sovereignty once again while the begging bowl gets larger! Shameful, shameful, shameful!

Finance Money Factor

Without financing at reasonable rates, commercial interest rates will kill growth industries that are much needed to remove us from the stagflation predicament we are now in and to create new jobs for our children leaving school.

Pierre Laporte has focused on inflation reduction and has allowed growth industries to suffer at the expense of curbing inflation. Hence, inhibiting the opportunity for us to reverse the deflationary cycle we are now in. The banks now hold our economic jugular for future growth.

Thank you Mr. Laporte. Thank you Mr. Michel. Thank you P.P.!

How Will Next Year Be?

The question is not whether we will do well next year, it is rather, how much more will we lose from the -8% this year. Will Seychelles economy shrink another -8% in 2010?

If not, how much will it shrink?

Unless the debt is serviced, we will continue to shrink. The debt is like a cancer that eats the body of a human being. Ignore it, it will grow. Attack it, it will become smaller, perhaps. The bigger the debt, the less likelyhood you will get your economy back on track. As you fail, IMF will give you another Stand By Arrangement (more debt) to keep you alive.

Pay Down The Debt P.P.

Having said that, P.P. should have been brave with all the money it gets in donations to PAY DOWN THE DEBT, especially the commercial debts. This would show a great amount of good faith to the Creditors and it may open up negotiation space for additional debt reduction based on early settlements which could be negotiated. It would take pressure off our children tomorrow and off us today. It would prevent bankers from saying Seychelles is high risk so we charge 18% for a commercial loan while you need to include your grandmother’s farm as collateral and Granpa’s watch as a guarantee!

Find Another Option For Ile Perseverans

The houses at Ile Perseverans should be given to any Seychellois, that is in need and can provide a bank performance on completing the houses on an “as is” basis, and add 20% for infrastructural contributions. Those that cannot afford it, need to save to afford it. Those that cannot save, need to get a guarantor to vouch for them.

Government can encourage creation of civic groups to promote self-help programs to finish these houses. As a family or person helps to finish one house, they earn guarantee credits to the extent of their labour input in helping their neighbours complete a house. They can work after hours, if they have to. Surely Seychellois can “leve debourye” and mix cement and paint houses and get the carpenter Uncle or Electrician cousin to assist at this time. In return, a beautiful home with pride and “sweat equity” included. Is this so difficult a scheme that P.P. cannot think of it?

Seychelles today, needs to use cash very wisely but it must boot strap these houses into functionality and get them occupied. People need houses to allow their dignity to flourish. Jimmy Carter, former USA President, has done that throughout the world with his NGO Habitat For Humanity.

In the Western Pacific, it just so happens that a Seychellois, is building houses under this program by the hundreds every year. His name is Peter Gill, Jr.

This is not time for Government to go back to the drawing board, to handle a project in the style and fashion that led to their bankruptcy. Wake Up P.P.!

How many times will you bankrupt Seychelles?

I will address external factors that are real, next week. That will explain why we are in for at least a ten (10) year downturn under the P.P. “ economic reform” as we know it now.

Unless we have critical changes from them that are meaningful, we will have to throw them out at the next elections in order to survive. Be it SPUP, SPPF, P.P., SNP, NDP or whatever other party or name comes next. So keep an open mind as it will be the key to our survival. Remember, we hard-working “leve debourye” Seychellois are used to that. After all, we have been doing it for 32 years.

Fortunately for us and unfortunately for those 15 clueless P.P.’s, throwing them out will be easier than teaching them how to function in a limited environment wherein resources are very limited.

And one last word of hope for all you faithful readers. Instead of blaming the Opposition for not uniting or doing nothing, remember that it is P.P. who bankrupted our country, and not the Opposition. Remember that it is P.P. at State House with a majority in the Assembly, and not the Opposition. Remember that it is P.P. people who are rich today while our country has unsustainable debts. So point the fingers in the right direction. To Parti Le Pep (PLP) which today should stand for “Parti Le Pase”!

May God Bless Seychelles and All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

No one is BLAMING the opposition for our predicament, but they are blaming Ramkalawan for his lack of spark, dismissing the DP candidate, refusing to print the DP newspaper and generally seeming to be happy to plod along with the flow. WE NEED CHANGE IN BOTH GOVERNMENT AND OPPOSITION or we are doomed forever!
Mr Gill you are the only hope for Seychellois desperate for change, so challenge for the leadership of the SNP.

Anonymous said...

Just received this post via Google and as a first timer on this Star site, I must say that I am impressed by the few articles I have read so far. Well done.

I believe that Mr. Gill is correct in denouncing the James Michel administration for lying to the people about economic reforms. The Government of President Rene along with Mr. Michel is fully responsible for bankrupting our country and Mr. Gill is correct in his assumptions that our children will pay for the sins of those so-called leaders who today have become the richest capitalists in our country. They stole right under our noses and somehow conned the less educated and less fortunate in Seychelles to vote for them while keeping the remainder under siege at the barrel of a gun or denial of a license or other illegal carrot.

What a revolution it will be one day when we can all come together to vote this Parti Passe out of power for ever? This will be remembered as the new dawn of freedom in Seychelles and once we achieve that goal, we must be relentless and never let our country be led by those blind egotistical colonialists ever again.

As for the last point, I disagree with the last comment from Anonymous. While Ramkalawan might not have the spark he had a few years ago, we need to back anyone who can stand up to this regime. The goal should be to remove James Michel and his Party from power at all costs. I am sure that even Ramkalawan or whoever takes over will surround himself with new faces who are not idiots or political cling-ons and will turn this country around in no time. After all, we need the country to know the truth about our debt, our past, and where we stand as a nation. I laughed yesterday when I saw that James Michel had won another trophy for innovation and peace and tolerance. Who in the world gives out such trophies to a person who took part in a bloody coup detat and had his own countrymen murdered? He even lost his own son because of his "revolution". I have lost all respect for Lebanon and I am sure that the departed Hariri would have never embarrassed his country by giving the undeserving James Michel such an award. What a disgrace.

The world has lost sight of democracy. Let us hope that in Seychelles, the Seychellois people can regain what is rightly theirs at the next election. I for one will be voting for anyone other than James Michel.

Anonymous said...

I agree if the Government is really serious with the “leve debourye” program slogan or theme, they should immediately transfer the responsibility of building houses to the people. Socially vulnerable people can be assisted in many ways on a priority basis rather than housing development used as a political tool.

This practise has many consequences but satisfies only one and only one goal which is to stay in power for as long as possible and at all cost. Firstly, the government continues to borrow as we sink deeper in the sh... Secondly, the people continues to depend on the government who has promised everything. In doing so, people lose their own RESPONSIBILIES. So they DO NOT NEED TO “leve debourye”. The vicious part is that the SPP leaders actually enjoys this vicious cycle because it is a political tool to bribe the Seychellois people and finally help them to win the elections. So this is how this President achieves his short term success and award of the day!

In the end if you want to know what SPP is thinking, just think opposite to what a sensible, honest mind would do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Christopher Gill

You know many things and you know nothing. why dont you check on the bank accounts of jimi? you will see that he is no better than albert rene.

Anonymous said...

I quote from Anonymous who says

"As for the last point, I disagree with the last comment from Anonymous. While Ramkalawan might not have the spark he had a few years ago, we need to back anyone who can stand up to this regime. The goal should be to remove James Michel and his Party from power at all costs. I am sure that even Ramkalawan or whoever takes over will surround himself with new faces who are not idiots or political cling-ons and will turn this country around in no time."

I believe that it is opportune at this point in time to say that Ramkalawan has gone on the National Assembly record (everyone is free to consult) that he his happy for not winning elections in Seychelles. That is just one of many things he has said and done over the past few years to show that he is not interested in removing the Parti Lepep from power. His antics like walking our of Assembly elections last Tuesday, or semi column in REGAR is just going through the motions of Leader of the Opposition.

Personally i believe that one of main obstacle to removing the SPPF/PL from power is Wavel e Ramkalawan. Having said that, i ackowledge that has in the past done some things, but we are not living in the past. Looking towards the future, and if we were to take stock from the present, the present Opposition and its Leaders will NEVER defeat the SPPF/PL. I say that after observing the dwindling attendences of SNP public meetings (i was at both the one held at Sullivan in Beau Vallon, which gathered 50 odd people and the one held in Victoria a few weeks ago which had at most 250 people, and the Convention of the SNP, which the SBC did not have to do any effort at all to show empty seats, the auditorium was at most half full), that the next elections would be a "bate bef" for the Opposition.

Even a hastily marriage of convenience now, will not be able to do much expect mayber add a 3/4%more.

The SPPF/PL are doing immense harm to the Seychelles. But unless and untill a viable Opposiiton sees the day, they (the SPPF) will no doubt be around for many many years to come.

Wavel Ramkalawan must resign and if does not then those that surround him must say to him, sorry mate, it is time for you to go, for the simple reason that you are losing the elections. He is in any case subject to getting quite a good retirement package, so why not to do the right thing to the people of Seychelles!

Whilst many still cling to glorious past of SNP/Opposition, the present and the future (and the next election) will hoepfully force the Opposition supporters to assess their leaders. Even now, i don't know of anyone (except for those close to Arpent Vert and depending on Wavel for a living) who thinks the fellow has any chance or will to remove the SPPF/PL.

Anonymous said...

I wish to add on the above, and say that we (in our Opposition Newspapers, on blogs, websites) been SPPF/PL bashing for the past 30 odd years. But very few attempts have been towards looking at the Opposition itself. Unless change occurs in the Opposition, it will not occur in Seychelles as a whole!

Anonymous said...

Hello All-

I am not privy to challenge the SNP leadership as I am not an SNP member. I only gave a speech to their convention as an "invited speaker".

SNP must reconcile its leadership issues itself.

As for comment on "jimi's account"- well, I am disturbed by this slant. Inference is JRM. He has not bankrupted Seychelles, and he has not been in Government for over 32 years. Hence his bank account is irrelevant to me and others who want change.

In any case, the Mancham's like the Gill's are known to be very enterprising people that earn money off their wit and business ideas.

These Seychellois families are not known to steal from government coffers and use government funds to live off the people of Seychelles.

If this is not true, advise me otherwise. Perhaps I can change and amend my opinion.

As far as the need for change, yes, we must change to survive. I am most certain Mr. Ramkalawan, Mr. Volcere and others have an appointment with the history of Seychelles at this Christmas.

They will all either rise to the occassion and do what is right for Seychelles, or they will be remembered for deciding to do what is right for themselves.

Let them decide, give them time to work out the issues they believe are important.

Then if they fail the People of Seychelles, we will do the necessary.

But in this moment, give them time to unite the opposition, for it is a mandate from the People. The People want a united force.

I have opened a door, not knowing what is on the other side, but I have been brave to do it. Now let the politicians decide what they will do or not do.

The dailogue is ongoing, but it starts with small steps.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

The Opposition must understand that removing P.L. is a battle.

There will be casualties,do you forget Gerard Hoareau so fast as you remain divided and pawns of SPPF; there will be victims, this is part of the battle when you fight communists. What were you people expecting?

Do you think Rene will pack up and leave so fast?

When you threaten to remove a family from their kingdom, you will be faced with discouragement, and intimidation, divisions, this is normal. Be prepared. Prepare to struggle, and that is good to achieve the success needed for Seychelles.

What you people have to do is be prepared for the battle and stop thinking that you Seychelles Opposition are entitled to a soft ride, and comforts, and a lifestyle in a comfortable sponge.

If you want change, go get change. Wake up hungry for it, instead of full of complacency.

If you want a sponge lifestyle, go for that if you want, but at least be honest about it to yourselves.

I am watching you guys.


Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

Always nice to see some professionals contributing to this blog. This is my third time.

We all know today that all of PP government’s actions, policies, loans, assistance, schemes, slogans, committees, themes, appointments, programs, studies, clubs, boards, commissions, EIA and investigations, are only aimed in benefitting them. Whether it results in them being longer in office (more votes, lies, money, loans, overseas accounts etc..) which in turn effect us (in terms of hardships, recession, depression, unemployment, loss of income, eviction, drugs, prostitution and other social/economic problems etc..), we need a solution to the equation.

Most Seychellois know and see these problems around them. However, to cut a long story short, PP has influenced too many in terms or contracts, money, fear or even jobs etc..

What can be done by the Opposition to make these people see the light?

Of course with such a small electorate and the defining moment that we are in, the Opposition needs to be unified, committed, credible, have a structure, a plan and be in it for the long haul.

Everything I mentioned, is known by everyone. Nothing is new. So let’s not dwell on the past (that will come later), but let’s do something different.

A proposal (and I’m sure others feel the same):
- Enough debate on the government. WE KNOW THEY ARE EVIL.
- Opposition leaders and key people meet. Discuss and hammer out a plan/proposal/ with targets NOW
- Give a realistic deadline
- Make everyone accountable
- Promote it NOW
- Have sustained efforts in reporting of the plan
- Meet the people regularly
- Create action
- Nominate someone who can be the voice of the people and our children. Make him/her accountable
- Put differences/egos aside

Seriously, let’s get some balls and make something happen.



Anonymous said...

I am unsure why anybody would think that Wavel Ramkalawan, James Michel or Volcere would resign from their post because they have failed and unsuccesful in removing SPPF. I fear that carrying the responsibilty for one s failure is something which alien to our culture. Therefore my advice is that removal of any politician should be done proactively. Publicly calling for them to resign one way. One way is at Conventions to mount a challenge.

I know that none of the Politicial Parties structures are grounded in democracy. All are pale copies or bad immitation based on English politicial parties or western ideologies.

I also believe that unless dramatic changes occurs in Opposiiton politics, we may be looking at another generation before any there is any hope of removing the SPPF/PL.

Vox Dei

Anonymous said...

Ramkalawan has a significant cult following from some grass roots. But he has not delivered. Today, it is clear, this following makes a good showing, but does not win elections.

They must know that.

Mancham had the same type of cult following, he did not deliver. The rest is history.

If Ramkalawan does not carefully navigate through this forest of division, I am certain he will end up like Mr. Mancham on the local scene.

The rest will be history.

Anonymous said...

After my last posting yesterday, i ended up an after picnic at Anse Royale yesterday with some family and friends. There must have been close approximately 15/20 adults present. As is customary in all Seychellois gathering conversation turned to politics. At these occasions i keep my participation to a bare minimum and listen intensely. I must confess that this was a 100% Opposition supporters ganthering.

NOT A SINGLE ONE, believed that the Opposition is going to win the next election and despite a unified Opposition. Many of those present (i suspect 75%) felt betrayed after the the break up of the SNP/DP alliance and no one knew the reasons behind the break up of the alliance. Most of those present were former DP supporters and switched over to SNP. Most of them prefer (except for 2 intellectuals which includes myself) reading the Seychelles Weekly.

On the issue of Wavel Ramkalwan, 2/3 disciple of conspiritist theories believed that WR had soold off to the SPPF/PL that is according to them on the evidence of the voting of salary increases/budget, break up pf the alliance. Others simply believed that WR has simply "les tonbe" because Seychellois will "zanmen konpran". There was more or less consensus that in any case WR is compromised and will never win an election against any SPPF/PL candidate.

On issue of voting in next election, as it stood on Sunday, on a ratio of 3/5 will not bother going to vote in next election and that is despite economic difficulties.

I left the picnic with a sense of dread and foreboding. I also fear that the Opposition will suffer a thrashing in the next elections that will so psychologically affecting that we will de facto be going back in a one party state status!

Vox Dei.

Anonymous said...

I do not support the SPPF, and I have not yet chosen a party to side with, I'm 31 already!But why not supporting anyone yet? because...I think it's the fault of the parties against SPPF that things are that bad in Seychelles. WAIT, before you call me en kounyon. People need to stop thinking about money or how much so and so is making or stealing. All i read is money. So what? People need to show example AND lead by example. The SNP needs to stop ARGUING and making jokes in parliament, get serious and stop playing games. It's immature. GROW the F up and then I'll believe in you. Then the SNP/OPPOSITION will win my heart. I'm yet to be convinced. I'm 31, I left Seychelles because there was no hope, because SNP pe dormi. aret donn grenn, TRAVAY, donn nou en sans e en rezon pour retourn se nou! Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Well bloody said. Hopefully the Opposition all read and felt your belief - one that is shared by so many others. Maybe it's time for new blood or at least a shaking up of the old. The people feel let down and are frustrated. It's only human to feel this way.They had high hopes. Enough talk please, as time is running out. We are desperate for something new!


Anonymous said...

You have all expressed solid comments. Your points are all valuable except for the "jimi" one. But keep writing Ton Far, you will get use to it.

Opposition is reading this blog and they are sensing what the situation is in Seychelles.

I pray every night for devine intervention in the hearts of these men, in order that they all become soldiers for change and peace in Seychelles.

Seychellois need leaders of vision and courage today, they will not settle for less, not even in picnics.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I started the comments on this page and again will reiterate my point, if you are not a member of SNP, form a NEW OPPOSITION party and start kicking some ass. Everything you say hits the nail on the head, you have passion, if you believe we can change Seychelles, then get out from under this BLOG (which a large proportion of Seychellois cannot access)and do something about it. Get raising some funds from all these well off Seychellois abroad who want to see change too and kick some ass. Alas until someone does something other than talking, NOTHING WILL CHANGE! SNP IS dormi, may it rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

I understand a lot of people here are on a Wavel-hunt and blaming him for the failure of 'the opposition', but shouldn't we rather be blaming him for the failure of the SNP? It seems like even sworn DPs are blaming Ramkalawan for the facat that the PL is still in power.

Did the DP, by not participating in the last 2 prezidential elections with a candidate not also help the PL to stay in power?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Hello -

I reply to Patrick. I believe the DP did not field candidates because they cut a deal with Ramkalawan and SNP. This was the deal in one elction. The first one, they sat out.

I was not part of this. I am an Independent Opposition voice. I speak free of DP editorials and instructions. I like it that way.

The agreement fell apart. There is a blame game ongoing,but in my view, it is the past.

We must look to the obstacles of the future. Try again.

Failing that, we will have to take other measures.

One writer said start another party. Ok it is an option and is always there. But we need to give these existing parties every opportunity to do the right thing. By doing that, we strengthen our democracy and strengthen opposition democracy.

One writer said there is little democracy even in the Opposition. This is very true. But we are an infant democracy.

I believe I can help foster a stronger Opposition by helping both sides meet. I have taken steps in the direction.

But alas, these men must become more reasonable and exercise tolerance and pardon. It will make them better and stronger for it.

They do not have to agree on everything, nor do they have to trust each other 100%. But they must conduct themselves as gentlemen and sign along the dotted line and pay money damages if they do not follow agreed terms.

I thank you for all your thoughts. Do not be discouraged.

Jesus taught us that it is better to teach a man how to fish, then to just give him fish to eat. If you teach him how to fish, you feed him for life. If you give him fish, you feed him for a day.

Jesus encouraged those in his following to cast the first stone, towards a whore, if they were without sin.

In the end, the Opposition must get serious and move forward.

I think the next few weeks will be interesting.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Good points Chris and thanks for the sincere reply. Yes, you are right in saying that we must let the past go and move on, but we must not forget it. Not in order to gain vengeance, but to learn from past mistakes.

You are absolutely right about us being in our infancy regarding democracy, but at this point believe we are about to enter our puberty period which should be used for what it's worth to develop ourselves for adulthood. Meaning, the next election period must be used to prepare for a change of power in 2016.

PL, or SPPF as they were known then, have their strategy 2017. A united opposition should have their own strategy too whith the main goal is to take over power in 2016 at the earliest. If that is not achieved there is no need to give up, but work on and make it reality in 2021. A good close race , i.e 49.9% will after all scare the life out of the PL and even if an opposition does not win, the PL will feel it breathing down their necks and do even more for the people in order to pelase them. That way an opposition may not be in power, but instead have more power than those officially in power.

Show that you're serious and they will take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

Patrick X (forgot to sign)

Anonymous said...

I reply to Patrick X

Strategy 2017 was shelved officially by Michel last year. Right now in two years, he is at -12% GDP not 30% wher ehe was suppose to be by now. His negative performance according to standards he set himself is -18% in the hole.

He has no program no plan. He is implementing the IMF Reform and the medication changes as things get worse or better. Right now, they have gotten worse. Hence the third Stand By Arrangment. There will be a fourth.

Michel has no program today.

The reference to Seychelles Opposition needing 49% to be taken serious is silly.

The Opposition is tekan seriously when there is serious leadership. I can tell you I would not let the Opposition become a sponge-opposition like one guy said in the comments if I ran this show. I don't run my business that way, why would I run a politcal party or Opposition that way.

I run a lean mean machine with high equity and high asset value, no debts. Politics is the same.

If you know what I have done in the SHTA Public Safety Committee with the Police to reduce crime, it will give you an insight, that I do not let people walk over me and then ask me to say, "I am sorry".

If you step on my foot, I will tell you, Hey, Joe, you are stepping on my foot, get off". Today, I sent a Memorandum to the Chief Irish (Scully) advising him, he has stepped on my foot.

This is the problem we have today.

I am sure we will fix it and we will not have to wait until 2016 to change that.

Good Evening.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I go better than Patrick X, but i am convinced that on the ground the Opposition must have at least 75% of the popular support which is transformed in 60% popular votes at election.

I agree with Gill, a serious leadership of the Opposition is more than necessary. Unfortunatelty looking at our present Opposition leadership structure looks like a bad live version of "Les guignols"!

Vox Dei

Anonymous said...

I do not want to do James Michel and his Strategy 2017 any false step favors.I amend myy last comment on -18%. It is not right.

Michel said judge me by my actions-

Strategy 2017 was to double GDP in 10 years at 10% per year. We are 3%,-4%,-8% so far. That is -11%.

Our net loss under Michel's program as envisioned by himself is actually -30% for the years he did not mee this targets and -11% for the results.

Total loss to People of Seychelles is actually- -41% GDP promised vs. GDP realized in reality.

Judge me by my actions has taken a new dimension indeed.

If the Opposition cannot remove P.P. with that kind of ammunition,
then they are a sad bunch of fellows.

Let's get our show on the road gentlemen.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

It is inevitably easy to criticise from behind our computer screens, while those that have the power to effect change feel saddened by the years of seemingly fruitless endeavour. The SNP crew(management) struggle on a day to day basis with a hard-headed, hypocritical, and above all, selfish group of people forming the leading party- this is not easy. The people who voted for them need to be strong, because while they stand for us, they remain human. DP should be realistic in its visions. It is an educative, fair institution, a needful part of any opposition. It has not been discarded or dismissed by its SNP brother. But even brothers sometimes will not see eye to eye. But the point is not what we disagree on. What do we all agree on?

That this country is in deep shit. Michel and co. spend every minute of every day painting over the shit they themselves smeared over our country's image.

You know where the opposition fails? When we step back and let SNP and DP do all the talking. When at work we let the PP ass-suckers show off their affiliation and we stay quiet. When on the bus-stops we listen to old people complain about food prices and blaming it on merchants, not the PP(oh, no, not PP). When the sick and challenged fear for their PP 'hand-outs' and we fail to remind them that nothing comes from PP, everything comes from SEYCHELLES.

We stand back and we accept the bullshit. And we HOPE SNP or DP can change things. Change will never come if we let the brainwashing machine work right in our faces. Speak out. Buy your REGAR, your WEEKLY when the shop is FULL. Read it in public. Start political discussions in the bus. They do it to us, let us do it to them.

Everyone who has ever grilled a friyapen or fish on labour koko knows the fire starts from right under, and it eventually reaches the top. We are the fire.

Let us be PROUD to hate this warped government.

Stop being scared.

Zaklen Zoulou

Anonymous said...

Zaklen Zoulou

Hatred is not something which i am not proud of. I am unsure if you live in the Seychelles or not but you seem to disregard to fear factor that still exists in Seychelles. The SNP MNA's are paid with public funds and are subject to gratuitiies and pensions. Other people are not, and can be subject to the retaliation of the SPPF/PP anytime. I am now scared to voice my opinion publicly and obvioulsy so are you otherwise you would have signed your name underneath your contribution.

But Opposition have not always been living in feared. Just before the 2006 (and even as far as 2007) Opposition supporters were proud to walk with their green umbrellas and other apparatus.

All that stopped when Wavel Ramkalwan/SNP choose to feather their own little nest in 2007, broke off the alliance with the DP, and all that happened afterwards. So Zaklen, either you seem to have forgotten those events or have a selective memory. Little bro DP was kicked in the ribs and teeth, just like the SPPF/PP does with people they have used. I am no DP supporter, but i am for principles of fairness and democracy! I do not see these prinicples in either the SPPF, the SNP or the DP!

Some say we must put all this in the past, i agree. But let us not make as if these things have not happened.

Yes, people are scared. But people are "kanmi" as well. So Zaklen Zoulou, tell me what response do i give to my SPPF/PP neighbour when he tells me Wavel said he does not want to become President?

Bottom line is that the Opposition "pa enspir konfyans" and for many zot menm kouyon ki sa ki zot swadizan pe konbat!

Anonymous said...

Zaklen, i forgot, yes i do see the struggle the SNP crew are going through... so much struggle the we do see all big houses, business empires, and cars! Is the struggle in filling their pockets whilst doing fuck all! The people of Seychelles struggles whilst the corrupt politicians (ALL political parties) have a good time! Are you one of them Zaklen, is that why you cannot see the suffering of the people!

Anonymous said...

I reply to Zaklen Zoulou.

Hate is not a positive energy. It destroys.
We are already victims of hate in Seychelles. Look at the mess we are in.

We need positive energy and ideas to build this country and make her proud again. To give our children a hope for a better tomorrow.

We must rise to the occassion to solve the problems of Seychelles. Problems SPPF created, and P.P. cannot solve them.

But the Oppostion must be open minded and propose solutions internally , then outwardly.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Damn right! Hating the government, or the PL for that matter is not the way to go and by doing so you will be no different from the regime that took power in 1977.

That is the main problem many Seychellois are facing these days, the fright to express themselves freely in public as well as in private. In the early days of France Albert Rene's reign it was forbidden to criticize, no free press was present and there were spies everywhere. One could not even enter the country with music cassettes without those being confiscated for listening before being returned.

That was then! Today the threat of getting in trouble for speaking one's mind is not from the government(who encourages people to say their say, but does not listen), but from their die-hard followers who seem to think that they will achieve a lot by doing dirty deeds to their opponents. The scary part of it all is that today one has more reason to be afraid of die-hard SNP followers than die-hard PL followers. Ironic isn't it that the party who shouts loudest bout freedom of speech and expression are is the one who practices it less. And what signal does that send to the people?

The very kind of behaviour by Zaklen Zoulou is the same type of behaviour that sent many Seychellois packing to live the rest of their lives abroad. Would Zaklen Zoulou do the same to the PLs if his party would come to power? I wonder if Seychelles would be any better then or would the Zaklen Zoulous of Seychelles be first in line to be recruited to our own Tonton Macoute brigade?

If that is the case then I pray to God(to any God for that matter) and hope that the likes of him never get power. Then we're better off with a corrupt PL. ANd if you read this Zaklen Zoulou, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Zaklen Zoulou's statements remind me of an anonymous posting saying to another bloggger "we know who you are"!After reading, how many SPPF/PL would rightly think that should the Opposition come to power, then they would be subject to retaliation!

I tend to agree that the fear factor exists, and will continue to exist unless and until there is a tiny bit of democracy in Seychelles.

Intolerance for opposing views seems to be the trademark of our leaders, the SPPF/PL are champions at this and followed closely by the SNPs. Wavel Ramkalawan has managed to rid himself of anyone who dared think differently, yet he now calls for a unification. I wonder how long Bernard Georges will continue to be tolerated to be different, he sent a letter of apology for his abscence at the JAM meetings and recently he went with JAM to a visit at Les Mamelles contrary to his leaders directives.

Whilst a unified Opposition is more than desirable for Seychelles, it should not be done at the cost of freedom of speech, thought and democracy.

For the time being the only person who has been able to promote free debate/speech is Christopher Gill. I am unsure as what his motivations are, but he has over the weeks earned my respect (after i had come down hard on him), if only more of Govt and Opposition leading figures could follow suit, Seychelles would be a better place!

Vox Dei

Vox Dei

Anonymous said...

Let us hope that Chris keeps walking the walk the day he does get power. Rene abused it and so did Ramkalawan and that before he even got any real power. Come to think of it, just about every single African leader, black, brown, red or white abused theirs after getting it. Do I think Chris will be different? To be honest I don't know as he has matured more the last 2-3 weeks than he has the last 2-3 years, but if he can really get over his anger and beat the PL at their own game, although in an honest way, and keep his cool I think he may be able to.

The problem is that Seychelles' politics is like a sewage tank: You can't enter it without getting covered in shit.

Anonymous said...


You can think of me like the political and economics plumber.

I come to clean up the "shit" if you will. I know I have to do it. I will one way or another. With the leaders of the day or without them.

I don't need money from parastatal or government to live. My business does that for me.

But I need a decent country that I can leave for my children and yours.

I'm not worried about the septic tank. When its time to pump, we pump.

We need to set a higher standard from the low standards Rene set for our leaders.

When we do that, everyone, SPPF SNP DP, you will be able to say we rose above the "shit".

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

The question :) now is what does Mr Gill does with his notoriety. As said above, he has shown up till now he can hold himself up in public debate (even if most if not all of his opponents are hidden behind pseudonyme)!!

Frankly i do not see Wavel Ramkalawan and the current leaders of the SNP changing. They never really believed in democracy, free speech etc...and certainly did not practice that within the party. Hence the present situation where the Executive Committee of the SNP is filled with follow the leader type of people or people without much substance! However i will agree with a posting above that Ramkalawan has personal following (but which we all agree is insufficient to remove the SPPF/PL)! I have no reasons to believe that the recent invitation of Gill to the Party Convention is an honest change of heart....what i see is a desperate attempt to woo some supporters in after poor showing of public meetings and apathy which has set in in the Opposition.

So where does all that leaves Mr Gill then...Mr Gill no longer forms part of the Executive of the NDP. He does not have or form part of a political party. He only controls this blog (which has limited influence within a few intellectuals and political animals)!

I see him as having only 3 alternatives: join one of the existing political parties. I almost certain that Gill is wise enough not to let himself be used and discarded like Paul Chow/DP were used by the SNP in 2006/2007. Form his own political party or remain :)!

The other question is what is the role of Volcere/NDP in a re-unified Opposition? I write some time back on STAR that i found the call by Ramkalawan/SNP for unity a bit farcical in the sense that they do not seem to be engaging the NDP (i read on the People that SNP had sent Gill as an emissary to
offer the DP their Assembly seat back, i am unsure as to the veracity of that-coming from the People or what is the outcome of all that)! As it stands the SNP has a lot more to lose than any other political party if it comes to 3 way fight! So what is gonna be?

Vox Dei

Anonymous said...

Political plumber Chris? I like your attitude and admire your will to jump in head first and look for that drain plug so the septic tank can be emptied. I would however advise you to wear adequate PP(Personal Protection) as such tanks contain a lot of surprizes. Trust me, I know and have seen the horrors from within and it ain't pretty.

Now to Vox Dei's contribution and where it all leaves you standing. VD mention 3 options and personally I see you standing alone(partywise) as
- joining the PL is out of the question on yur behalf
- joining the SNP will mean challenging Ramkalawan, another losing battle. DP is dead as it gets and I cannot see that allying oneself with that big baby Volcere will do you any good or get you anywhere.

So I guess the only option is to start a new political party and start with blank pages and slowly fill them up with the good that have left the SNP and not yet gone over to PL. You will get supporters, but you have to have a good strategy and a political programme that holds water and not least an online newspaper that is serious and reports facts, even if those are in favour of the PL. The paper should analyze the political situation, be open for discussion and report both good and bad that the PL achieves. You basically need to prove your points through the media, but of course in a professional way. Paper is too expensive at this moment and today everyone has a PC with printer so it will be available to pretty much all.

The party must have a name that every Seychellois can associate themselves with it, not one that will make some feel out of place by having any association with either Mancham or Rene or Ramkalawan for that matter.

Cannot wait for your next move and read the first issue online.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

I reply.

The exchange of ideas is fruitful. It has taken the debate to new hieghts.

It is an example of how democracy can work.

The exchange of ideas is critical to a healthy democracy. We do not have to agree with everything, but in the end, Truth must be accepted by all and the best ideas must prevail.

The Opposition has an edge over P.P. right now. They are talking. My goal is to have the opposition parties and players, all talking more to each other, then they talk to P.P. individually.

P.P. plays divide and rule. Recently they are sending out questionaires to ask their people if Allain St.Ange would be an acceptable Minister of Tourism.

This is divisional politics.

Mr. St. Ange is an asset to Seychelles, regardless of his political color. Be it SPUP, SPPF, SNP or whatever.

As the opposition engages in dialogue, we will have solutions. Much is being done behind the scenes to unite everyone.

In the end, we will need the "best team" to move Seychelles forward.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

No matter which bunch of politicians are given governmental duties next elections, one thing will not change. People are people, and it is always the little people who expect from the big people.Let me explain this properly.

I posted that we need to back this present ruling opposition party because sadly, even tho' DP might offer a more centred, stable and fair ideology, SNP has the bigger force behind it. It is true that SNP is sometimes too passive, but they remain the voice we need.It is the only way we can put the present party in its place.

I am not a politician. I am a teacher, and i write from the point of view of someone who interacts with the little people on our little level, in our little lives, with our little pockets and our little dreams.I hope for something better.

Sure, it is obvious that the SNP will make the most of the opportunities that comes its way. The PP has made it possible.They have made it ok. The people knows this, sees this. Yet can do nothing about it. Corruption comes with power , and once SNP comes into power, it is obvious there will be traces of corruption too. This is where we hope our voice will stand a chance of getting heard.

Will a ruling SNP party, having spent so long waiting to oust this PP bowl of SHIT, take the easy route into losing the following elections?No way. THINGS will change for the better if only for the basic self-preservation instincts inbred in people, sometimes sadly fueled by greed .

It is only when the people show that their voice is directed at fairness above all that a country will work.

My point remains- let us give SNP our support. I believe in Ramka, and if anybody asks about his concerns about being the next president- i will simply say-who would want to openly admit they want to inherit a bowl of SHIt? That is what Seychelles has become-let us not pretend otherwise. But will Ramka accept?Beyond a shadow of a doubt-YES. Because no matter how many properties he owns, what he says when he is down, he remains our best choice.So let it be so- let us inspire him.Not find reasons(i believe some of you contributors are PP sneaks trying to put us off this revolution) to look for someone else because we don't have enough time.

Michel and co. want us to believe those rumours that the SNP is as bad as them. It is not-it can never be. For the simple reason that SPUP-SPPF-PP has been around for about thirty years, and the opposition for much much less. So PP, shut up and instead of whimpering, GET OUT OF THE WAY COS we will take our country back, and the people will control Seychelles' visions ONCE AGAIN.

You are a great man Chris. Does this mean i believe you are perfect? Do you think i believe that if you become president you would be 100% pure? Would you not make the most of your power and priviledges?If you do so without being unfair, without stealing, would that make you a bad man?

I am an atheist, and there is no such thing as heaven and hell. But i believe man has choices. If we make a choice knowing it hurts others, do we need God to know its unfair?

Zaklen Zoulou AGAIN

Zaklen Zoulou(Scared????Yes-Cos i cannot dodge bullets or digest lannet)

Anonymous said...

Reply to Zaklen Zoul Lou-

My friend, we are already dead if P.P. stays, so don't worry about the bullets and Lanet.

Our future is nothing but a social - societal prison cell under P.P..

We are fed to stay alive, no dignity, no carefree expression of our humanity and no respect will come to us or our families as long as these communists stay in power.

Seychelles will suffer greatly down the road if change does not come.

We need a formula for change based on a prosperous future.

Fear not the parasites in our society that suck our blood , and we have our national debt to show for it, which we will gift to our children on our watch.

With this heavy load on our shoulders, our greatest challenge is not to hate, but to sysyematically, hold accountable,until we see their backs.

Do not let people like "Patrick X" confuse the two issues in your mind.

Patrick X is smart. You have to be alert to his spohistry (half truths).

Example,he tabled "Strategy 2017 " on the comments section, when Michel already shelved it for "Economic Reform" (Bankruptcy).

I am waiting to hear from Patrick X to see what he has to say about this - this week.

Allow him an opportunity to clear his assertion. Give him a little time.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Zaklen Zoulou,

It is obvious (even i) would vote for Ramkalawan should i have any other choice between Ramkalawan and SPPF/PL candidate, simply because I have had enough of the SPPF/PL.

The question that Zaklen and all others must ask themselves is whether Ramkalawan can deliver an Opposition win in elections?

Personally i do not see that happening. The SNP/Ramkalawan has been and is basically presently the only de facto "challenger" to the SPPF/PL by virtue of his post of Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the biggest Opposition Party. The SNP has a newspaper and 11 MNAs.So what is preventing Ramkalawan/SNP from winnig the elections and removing the SPPF/PL from power? And why does it look a certainty that despite bad economic times that the SPPF/PL are set to win the next elections?

I put it to you Zaklen, that despite his now dwindling personal following, Ramkalawan does not have what it takes to remove the SPPF/PL from power: that is because Ramkalawan/SNP are essentially and SPPF/PL bis (in terms of democracy, respect of fundamental rights...) and that the majority of the people will not support SNP because they do not see in them an alternative to the SPPF/PL.

Basically Zaklen, your contribution is just an appeal to support Ramkalawan/SNP. Despite your claims, it is obvious that Ramkalawan/SNP are not doing much if anything at all to oust the SPPF/PL from power. And the SNP support mark my words will hit well below 40% in next Presidential elections, and Parliamentary probably end up with 5/6 MNAs.

So Zaklen, how many electoral defeats do you think it is ok to ask Ramkalawan to step down?

Zaklen, you choose to dismiss the DPs. I have never been a fan of Mancham or the DPs, but i believe that we should realise that without the DP, an Opposition win is impossible (and it will surely accentuate the defeat), the DPs have nothing to lose and for me a 3 way fight goes to the SPPF/PL then the DPS. Surely it is not difficult to understand that. Furthermore since in the eyes of the majority of the public they seemed to be doing a good job in the Weekly (though i wonder what is there to read in that paper)!

"I am an atheist, and there is no such thing as heaven and hell. But i believe man has choices. If we make a choice knowing it hurts others, do we need God to know its unfair?"

I really like this quote Zaklen, i am an agoostic (despite the pseudo), i believe that the greatest error the SNP/Ramkalwan could have commited in all his political carreer, was to break off the SNP/DP alliance and toss the DP member out, and voted for an SPPF/PL budget! Following that it has just been down hill...and Zaklen (i go to all political meetings ) you must surely have noticed the continuous decreasing number of people attending SNP meetings since then. The last SNP Convention could hardly fill in the ICCS convention Center.

There is only one thing Ramkalawan/SNP can do now, one to show that they are serious about the unity of the Opposition and correct the wrong done...give the DP back their seat. This to me and to the majority of the Opposition supporters would be a sign of forgiveness and moving forward. This would create a synergie in the Opposition Camp. If that is not done, then prepare ourselves as mentioned above for a real political masacre of the SNP!

Vox Dei

Anonymous said...


I'm grateful for your compliments, but must say that you've misjudged me in accusing me of telling half truths which is not somethign I feel I am doing in any way whatsoever. I am merely expressing my opinion and seeing things from several perspectives, i.e from all three camps, that is if DP can be considered as a camp rather than a tent in the middle of a praire full of red indians.

About the Strategy 2017 I must humbly admit that the fact that it had been officiallly shelved had passed my knowledge. All along it never stood a chance and I reckoned that the financial crisis was just the excuse James Michel needed to justify his failure in achieving his goals. Sometimes I think the man's ambition are something taken from Alice in Wonderland type of story.

Vox Dei says he'd give SNP his voote despite not believing that SNP will be any better(human rights, democracy etc). I was hoping to hear that that Vox Dei and those who also have had enough of the PL would say that they'd give SNP their vote because they have a slight hope and belief in the SNP. This just shows that many Seychellois feel that there is nothing to lose and that it doesn't really matter who their vote goes to.

Personlly I am in general an opponent of of socialism as it breeds laziness and idleness and given the choice between PL and SNP the way things are today I must say I'd be very tempted to vote PL as I do not believe that SNP will do anything better, especially if the likes of Zaklen Zoulou represent the hard core in that camp. The God help us for those who believe in one. If however a third party was involved, for instance DP with a promising candidate like you in the front line, you'd get my vote. But to choose between two evils I'd choose the one I know till a better option comes along.

But that does not make me a PL supporter, merely a voter with a choice, but no real options.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

By the way Chris, you say that James Michel officially shelved Strategy 2017 las year. Nation posted an article this year, April 24th to be precise, where it is stated that Strategy 2017 is still on track.

Realistic? Not a chance in hell? Shelved officially? You tellme! So which is it?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

All Such talk makes you is a hypocrite. How can you look our country in the eye(figuratively) and tell it that you votee PL and your conscience is clear. PL is led my murderers, thieves, liars and above all hypocrites.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Didn't say anything about a clear conscience ZZ, I merely said that I'd vote the option representing the evil that I know.

And speaking of hypocrites, isn't the SNP led by one huge hypocrite who preaches democracy, freedom of speech and expression but practices dictatorship within his own party? I believe the same hypocrite also is frequently accused of pocketing money raised for Radio Freedom in addition to using party funds used to built a private house. Is that not the same type of hypocracy you accuse the PL of consisting of?

With the above, the SNP can be accused of the same things apart from the 'murderers' part. But wait a second, I believe there are members of the SNP who once were members of SPUP/SPPF. Now, does changing sides clean their conscience from being part of a party full of murderers?

You tell me ZZ(And please don't go around in France calling yourself Zizi)

Patrick X

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