Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Air Seychelles Business Plan

Another SR 40 Million bailout package for Air Seychelles needed for David Savy's playpen....& Christmas Gifts too.

The plan is to bankrupt the airline, then break it up so David, Francis and Glenny, Adam, Mukesh, Corvina (with Albert as the key Mob Leader) can own the domestic airline that will have a monopoly on flights to the inner and outer islands. Add the Zil Air helicopter service, add the stolen islands such as Farquar and Felicite, add the villas sold to Mauritians and South Africans while they get their cut on each sale, and one can see where this is all going.

Then after another study by some James Michel task force that will cost the people of Seychelles a few more millions that we don't have, Michel will sell Air Seychelles to his Arab friends from Abu Dhabi.... and bye bye Air Seychelles, hello Arab Island Air. Or maybe Air Mauritius can bail us out and Glenny and David will get some shares. Or how about the South African group who now owns Desroches and Alphonse and probably more islands that have been sold off by Glenny and Michel?

Well, thank you David Savy for bankrupting our national airline, thank you Michel, thank you Albert Rene, thank you Glenny Savy, thank you little Prince Francis, thank you Geva, thank you Sarah Rene, thank you Ramadoss, thank you Corvina, thank you Guy Adam and thank you all or all your hard work in selling off our heritage and stealing the remainin pieces. Thank you to all you traitors and thieves who have the gall to call yourselves patriotic Seychellois. A pitiful bunch you are. But the people are watching closely. The end is near, so keep acting as if Seychelles still belongs to you lot. My advice is for you to move overseas with your stolen millions while the going is still good. Because when we find you after the deluge, Montagne Possee will not have enough bars to hold us from getting to you. Retirement will be quite tough.


Anonymous said...

you have no clue what you talking about, no respect for your fellow citizens and i wonder what Seychelles would be like with idiots like yourself at the helm. Air Seychelles is a remarkable airline and you should be proud of its achievements... sorry mate it would take a lot more than a bunch of lies to convince me.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill,
You are full of excrement. As the previous commentator has said; you sir, have no respect whatsoever. Furthermore, what, pray tell, does Geva have to do with any of it? The woman is near enough 80 years old. But then again, it is the LEAST to be expected from a narrow minded invertebrate such as yourself.
I personally thought that this blog would help promote DIALOGUE and DISCUSSION in the Seychellois community no matter where in the world we may be. However, it is clear now, that it is simply another instrument of slander.
You Mr Gill, are causing untold damage to our newly budding democracy by promoting such abuse and perversion of free speech.

Do not masquerade your filth under the veil of debate, democracy and transparency. This is completely and utterly insulting to my intelligence and, I am sure, the intelligence of the wider Seychellois community.

Anonymous said...

I refer to the 2 comments.

I did not write that.

This is another opinion being expressed.

I am not the only person that loads things on this site. I am but one of many.

You will know when I do write, because my name will be with it.

Not all of us can afford to do that for obvious reasons.

One one thing is write, the Airline is bankrupt or else it would not need money from Government. An airline succeeds or goes bankrupt with its business plan.The success of that is based on ideas that are good. Bad ideas of course, usually fail.

Finally, if you defend failure, you prolong the financial cancer that eventually consumes all of us.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Playing on a globalized field we too are required to follow the global laws of economics, i.e the capitalistic laws of economics, not the communistic laws which France Albert Rene followed when it came to state owned companies like Air Seychelles, PUC etc.

However remarkable our national airline is and however friendly the men and women who work onboard making your trip pleasant are, there is a dominant but simple formula that decides wether the airline has the right to live or not:

f(i,e) = Income - expenses

When that simple formula results in a sum greater than zero, all is well. Else David savy needs to reduce the part called expenses or start updating his resumé.

Air Seychelles is experiencing the same phenomena as just about every government owned business that has been heavily subsidized during the last 30+ years where subsidies were taken from the same big pot of monies given to us from our main sponsor the USSR which no longer exists nor funds our luxuries anymore, hence the wake-up call last year when we realized that the party was over and it was time to start cleaning up.

I personally see only advantages of closing down Air Seychelles' international flights to the EU and maybe keeping only the South African and Singapore flights to start with, this to reduce costs. Domestic flights are however an affordable must. If David Savy had any wits he'd start getting rid of every flight that has an average capacity rate of less than 50% which in reality means just about every international flight. We have enough othere airlines flying to and from Seychelles, amongst those not less than 2 from the Arabian Peninsular who both have direct links to Europe.

I say shut the international flights till the economical situation has stabilized and we can once again afford to have our airline operating outside our boundaries.

Patrick X

Steven said...

I think we will all assume that these kind of articles are published by chritopher Gill until proven otherwise, as it corresponds to similar vitriol that he publishes in Weekly every now and then.

My biggest problem however is how such comments are completely unconstructive.

Certainly there are challenges to be addressed in Air Seychelles, better to highlights olutions for these than to engage in a rant which is simply destructive and typically designed to prmote 'kankan'.

Firstly I should note that this is not the first time Air seychelels has lost money.

Secondly, almost every airline in the world lost money in 2008 because of teh high fuel price. This includes high fliers such as Singapore airlines, Air France etc.

Thirdly, in these kind of circusmtances it is very reasonable for the airline to ask the state to back it up. It has happened before. It has happened to other airlines- Air Mauritius just last year.

In fact it is amazing that they have only asked this year.

Finally, everyone should be trying to think of ways to make Air Seychelles more competitive- not just throw mud.

I personally believe we cannot allow Air Seychelles to go under. IUn response to Patrick X, the setting up costs of an airline are so huge, that if you close it down now, you will never start it again.

I am glad however that it seems the majority of the comments here are totally against the excrement secreted by mr. Gill.

'Excrement' is much too polite a word......

Anonymous said...

Sad to see that in Seychelles some cannot post their names. Is it really so or is it that they do not have the guts to stand by their words!!!

Anonymous said...

Steven, I see clearly your point about shutting down an airline and the cost of starting it up again, but at the end of the debate it is the financial situation that counts is it not?

If the government was in the situation where injecting money into a clinically dead airline was a drop in the ocean I am sure nobody would give a damn, but alas teh truth of oa rather different character. Singapore and Seychelles are just as alike as apples and pears.

You bring up the subject of making Air Seychelles more competitive, an excellent idea indeed, but my question is a big HOW? By competitive I gather you mean making it cheaper which is what really matters to 98% of flyers. A blogger has several times suggested that Air Seychelles should, instead of flying with 30% occupancy rate at full price tickets, rather fly full flights at let's say giveaway prices like for instance 70% reduction. That way we'd have full flights with people coming in the country to inject foreign capital, occupy hotel spaces and lubricate the economy.

Unfortunately that is impossible due to several factors:

1) It would make David Savy's end-of-year account look bad and make him look like a failure and a laughing stock.

2) It most certainly would annoy James Michel's Arab friends who would undoubtedly lose on their flights to Seychelles and that would mean no more helping hands from them in times of need.

In reply to "Anonymous" who complains that Seychellois cannot post their names either due to fear or cowardness. I wonder what Anonymous' real name is because I certainly could not find anyone with that name in the last Telephone Catalogue...!

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

I am an employee of Air Seychelles but would rather not sign my name as it is against company policy to discuss company business publicly.It is very sad and demoralising for the very large majority of Air Seychelles staff to wake up every working day to read and hear on how the national airline is being pulled left, right and centre. Some people will either criticize but not allowing space on how they can run it. In some other cases some would prefer to blame and would prefer to see a change in the management. What will happen with the rest of the staff, let us say 750+. Forget about the management and and the 25 expatriates, they can get jobs overseas or with other airlines. What about us the little people? When I study the comments and arguments of some people.It makes me think that you are taking us locals for granted as you too are not supportive. What we see !!
for the first time in 10 years our company has made a loss like over 95% of the other airlines around the world.You people who attack us let us down by not supporting us and rather support the rich arabs. If we all support the national airline why did some members in the assembly not vote in favour of a loan which the company needs? I see no harm in asking. This would probably have at least showed that you care. Bad-mouthing us is destroying us.Also to tolerate some of our colleagues in the company who have been sacked because they steal and break custom airport law is supporting criminals. Instead of calming some situations and play your role as good politicians you set spices to it.
Messages/reports sent internally are seen in political papers. why you tolerate this. You could have at least supported those messages/reports by advising my colleagues that we should take things seriously.
Our company does a lot of good things but rarely mentioned by those people. We forget that it is the same Air Seychelles the majority earn a living from it. Mr Patrick X , you want to get me to lose my job?I beleive in God and pray every night for my company and those who are working so hard to keep it alive. I will also not forget who is the one supporting us in out trouble time. good days will be back because God is kind to those who are honest, talk the truth and work hard.

Anonymous said...

We are all missing the point re Air Seychelles or anything else concerning P.P. The people of Seychelles have been fed with lies for 30 years, the audit of PUBLIC owned or Government Ministries are not published for all to see, so what are they hiding? The tax paying people of Seychelles own Air Seychelles NOT Parti Le Pepe! Yes Air Seychelles may well deserve this bail out, but until we see the recent audit how can we be sure we are not being ripped off again? The same with the recent 3.5 million Euros given by the EU, where has all that gone, to The BLACK HOLE called the SPDF.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Air Seyschelles employee:

Just to make it clear, I am in no interest whatsoever of anybody losing their jobs or any company going bankrupt, but unfortunately business is such that if money coming in is less than money going out the business cannot last unless sacrifices are made.

Patrick X

When a business makes sacrifices it usually implies sacking employees or cutting costs by reducing their salaries and/or reducing other running costs. The latter, if there is anymore meat to cut around the bone.

I fully understand your fear of losing your job which is your livelihood and I am one that supports Air Seychelles and its staff 110%, but I support Seychelles' 80.000 souls more than the 750+ that run the Creole Spirit. With that said i must say that I find it astonishing that such a small airline employs almost 1% of its country's population. It also sets my mind thinking of how many of those employees are nothing more than dead meat around the bone?

God maybe mighty indeed, but miracles do not happen in our time unless a new Messiah was to tread on Seychelles' soil and turn coral to clinging US dollars so Air Seychelles can get a boost.

I say let the airlining be outsourced by foreigners, but leave it up to the Seychellois to serve our visitors so they can get an experience unique by a thousand miles.

Anonymous said...

I do not think Christopher Gill wrote this because he would put his name to it. I think it is Volcere who hates Air Seychelles because they have taken him to court for the one million he owes the company when he owned the travel agency in Deenu's building.He is praying that Air Seychelles collapses so the case is dismissed. Ralph pay up and the amount asked in the assembly can be reduced. M.C

Anonymous said...

The first response from anonymous says that "you have no clue what you talking about" and that this is a "bunch of lies".

How does he or she know what the writer knows? And the blogger never said that Air Seychelles was not a remarkable airline. He or she pointed out that David Savy has bankrupted the airline and that the Savys are planning a coup of their own to increase their holdings at the expense of the Seychellois people. This is not a lie. What about ST.Anne for a rupee? What about Felicite island? What about the islands controlled by Glenny Savy? What about the sale of Desroches villas? Where did Francis Savy get money to buy helicopters? What about the money from the hotel Gleny has bee running on Farquar that has been highly publicised by the local opposition papers? What about the Sheik building the palace on top of La Misere? Is it not James Michel and Joel Morgan who gave the land to the Arab for one rupee? Waht about Rene's 10 acres for sixty thousand rupees? What about Mukess selling Firsherman's Cove and Barbarons to his Mauritian Currimjee friends? What about Intelvision? WHo does it belong to? And didn't Mancham recently question why Ramados has the only casino license? What about all the land on the reclamation that belongs to Sarah Rene Emerald Holdings that is rented out to Airtel? What about the ARmy people that have built flats and many houses? Where did they get the money?

So when anonymous challenges these allegations and says that this is filth, can he or she please respnd to the above. Granted the blogger who wrote the article may have sounded frustrated and angry, maybe he or she knows more. I for one have retired from Government as I could not take it anymore. I am tired of watching idiots like anonymous try to blame others when corruption has been happening in front of our eyes since Albert Rene had the coup d'etat. It is obvious that anonymous supports party Lepepsppf because he is part of the system who is milking this country. I for one am happy to see blogs like this where the theft of state assets are being exposed. Surely we cannot expect the Nation newspaper which is under direction of James Michel to enlighten us and tell us the truth? Surely SBC and Onezime is not going to shed light on corrpution in Seychelles? And do you think the SPUP Attorney General is going to start a case against Rene, Mukesh, Brigadier Payet, the Savy brothers, Sarah Rene, Ramados and all the others who are now rich beyond their wildest dreams?

So anonymous, while I appreciate your comments as this is truly a forum for freedom of speech where we can vent our opinions and our anger, stop acting as if there is nothing wrong with our country, or with Air seychelles for that matter. Mr. Gill is right. Oru country is bankrupt and it is people like you who are living in denial.

And for your information, I voted for Mancham in the first presidential election, but then voted for Albert Rene in the next one because I did not believe that SNP Ramkalawan was good enough to run the country. Today, I am an independent and I would vote for the person who can bring real change to this country. At the moment, this is not Michel, Ramkalawan or Volcere. I am hoping for an Obama miracle and pray every night that God will help this country find a real leader who will lead us from this corrupt bunch into a civilised society.

Thank you for reading my comment. It is the first time I have ever wrote something on the internet and I feel very happy at the moment that I have contributed.

So why is the writer pr

Anonymous said...

I agree with the writer that David Savy, Francis Savy and Glenny Savy are corrupt. The Attorney General shoudl investigate their bank accounts and assets. Savy should resign from Air Seychelles as he is a disgrace to the men and women who serve our national airline so well.

Anonymous said...

My dear friends who are trying so hard to bring Gill down, let me tell you that to many Seychellois, Gill is a hero amongst all the idiots who call themselves politicians. He is the only one left with guts and has the courage to say what no one else wants to say. I have followed this blog for a long time and doubt very much that Gill wrote this article, but in the end, the writer is probably right in his assumptions as these so called princes and kings have had the run of the kingdom of Seychelles for far too long.

As for others trying to keep SPPF in power and want the corruption to continue, all I can say is shame on you. Wake up and take the shades off and break the shackles that keep you prisoners in your own country. Albert Rene has stolen. So has Mukesh and the Savy brothers, along with many others such as Greagoire,Lafortune, Lablache, Dolor, Adam and all the servants of the corrupt system created by Albert Rene.

There is one way forward. Vote for new leadership at State House. When we get a new President one day, little boys like the Savys will not have their way with our money and won't be able to run to Step-Daddy Albert and Mommy Jeva for more money or new island properties. One thing is correct. The days of nepotism, cronyism and corruption is coming to an end. Never too late to start over and learn from the mistakes of the Rene and Michel years of doom. Seychelles needs a new start and I will be voting for a change.

Anonymous said...

The arguments here show clearly what is wrong with Seychelles. On one hand you have people who want to expose corruption and bring change to the country and on the other side you have die-heart supporters of the ruling party who want to retain power at all costs, despite the fact that the SPUP-SPPF and now Parti Le pep has bankrupted the country due to mismanagement of the country's finances. It is quite evident to everyone with an education that there has been a high level of corruption, be it by the people in Government or others who are now retired.

What is striking is the desire of some to wash away this corruption and get on with life as if nothing has happened. This is the shocking part to me. While a person may support a political party due to his own convictions, no person in Government has the right to abuse his power and steal from the state coffers. A free airplane ticket is a theft. An island for one rupee is also daylight robbery if I may say so. So is ten acres of beach property for sixty thousand rupees.

Another simple example of corruption is when the President of the country sells land to an Arab leader for one rupee, and then states that the person will donate money to the country. I would prefer that the state land is sold at a premium and the funds are used to help us rebuild the country. Then the Arab person can live in peace as he has paid for his property and the President would not be called corrupt. In the end, it boils down to having a smart President who puts his people first instead of putting his personal friendship with an Arab leader ahead of his own people. Remember that James Mancham was also accused of selling land to Kashoogi back in the 1970's. But at least he sold the land for a premium at that time and Kashoogi was to build a hotel on the land which would have been good for our budding tourism industry and created jobs as well. Selling hundreds of acres to an Arab for a personal home does not create many jobs for our country.

While I am not here to pass judgement or name the thieves, it is clear that we as a country and a people must put a stop to this abuse of power. Justice must work for all and must be the same for all citizens. We cannot have small empires in our country being protected by the President or anyone else for that matter and we cannot have a President who continues to give away our land for nothing. He has no right to do so under our constitution and he of all people must be held accountable.

An Attorney General is there to protect the country and prosecute when there is cause. He is not there to protect thieves and corrupt Government workers or politicians. Until this happens, we will remain a country that is divided between political lines and also between corrupt officials and hard working citizens. In the end, the latter toils while the former enjoys the real fruits of our labour.

I therefore urge all Seychellois to rally behind a change to oust the thieves from our midst. I too believe that a lot of people have stolen too much and the country can do much better. But only real men with convictions can take this country to new heights. The day will come when a true leader will emerge and I will give him my vote. Until then, we are doomed to the dustbins of history as a real African nation who is in love with their corrupt Government officials or who has no power to stop them from pillaging the country.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I confirm again, I did not write this stuff on Air Seychelles. It is another opinion.

I will write an article and post it. It is almost finished and you will have my clear views on the matter.

But briefly, Air Seychelles is important to Seychelles, just like all econmic players. But they need to be run well. Leadership at the helm must be solid. In bad times, for the airline industry, for instance, you donot take Scr. 20 Million to finish a building and refurbish a pearl class configuration and a reservation office. This is madness.

Patrick X you hav esome good points, I am pleasantly surprised.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Vox Dei says

I have read the postings which started off as an Air Seychelles article to one on wish for change.

My observation are the following:

1. To the Air Seychelles employee. I believe that everyone feel to you or any other person who loses one's job. If i were in your place i would probably react the same way. But the question that we must ask ourselves is whether there are more advantages or disadvantages to the Seychellois people (who are the owners of Air Seychelles) in keeping Air Seychelles? Over and above sentimantalities, i believe it is all a question of finances. Somebody else pointed out the necessity of an audit, i think this is a fair point. I for one takes pride in flying Air Seychelles and i always favour Air Seychelles over other Airlines. This is the policy of the company i work for, maybe because my Director was instrumental in setting up Air Seychelles. That is one way in supporting the Air line. But should Air Seychelles turn out to be a "white elephant" then it should go.

2. I have noticed that quite a few people have mentioned the need for new opposiiton leaders. Many have expressed the hope for a messiah. It is therefore a just conclussion that many do not believe that the person who occupies the seat of Leader of the Opposition has what it takes to challenge the SPPF/PL. Many "bailleurs de fonds" have simply distanced themselves from what remains of the SNP, and i wonder how the SNP would be able to stage a campaign.

Therefore i ask myself, should not the priority be for the time being in replacing Wavel Ramkalawan by someone who will be able to galvanise opposition forces?

I personally believe that Ramkalawan did a very good job for some years, but not any more.

I make the above proposition, because without a strong resourceful Opposition leader the possibiliy of removing whoever is at the head of the SPPF (be it Danny, or some other idiot) seem slim!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch the repayment schedule of this loan?

Mary -Lou said"to be discussed later". What kind of serious government does that in today's world?

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I have read the surge in the debate centred on Air Seychelles. This shows that the message is getting across somehow.
It appears there is nothing more to add as much have been said,however some argue that we need solutions rather than criticising!! Here is one more solution.

"We need strong institutions and norms not personnel mandates on our infrastructure and resource”.
This explains all that needs to be done.


Anonymous said...

Marie Louise Potter should not be any leader of anything, let alone Business. Has she ever ran a business in seychelles or elsewhere? The woman is a shrieking freak show every time she opens her mouth. If Air Seychelles as she says has 5 million dollars in insurance claim, then surely they can borrow from a commercial bank against that claim. And Vox Dei is right. YOu do not build new buildings when you are bankrupt and downsizing.
As for new leadership in the SNP, SPPF has the same problems too. There is no political leadership in this country. It ended with Mancham and Rene.
Who in their right mind would hire ML Potter for their company? WHo would hire Danny Faure or Dugasse to run their company? Or Mitcy Larue or Shamlaye or Marie-Pierre Loyd or all those idiots in the assembly? SPPF has serious personnel issues too, and they certainly do not have leaders in the making. Unless that little twit Rose whose CV says People Reporter believes she is a leader. So where are all the great SPPF leaders? I do agree that SNP and DP have problems too but then again, Seychells has a problem with managers. Where are the hotel managers, the finance managers, even cooks? THey are all foreigners. THis is Albert Rene and Michels fault for keeping our bright people down. Today, we are left with ML Potter and Danny Faure as the saviours. God please help us. Maybe we can look at the business community and get people like Patel, Pool, Doffay, Hoareau, Mason, Bonnelame, Gabriel and other honest people to start a new party and lead us into a new direction. We need HELP...pray for us.

Anonymous said...


1. How much money did Albert Rene and Moukesh steal together?

a. US Dollars 1 million or less
b. US dollars 5 million or less
c. US dollars 50 million or less
d. US dollars 100 million or less
e. 100 million dollars plus

2. What is the nett worth of the 3 Savy brothers?

a. US Dollars 1 million or less
b. US dollars 5 million or less
c. US dollars 50 million or less
d. US dollars 100 million or less
e. 100 million dollars plus

3. What is the nett worth of Michel? Don't forget to add all the land for his wives and girlfriends too.

a. US Dollars 1 million or less
b. US dollars 5 million or less
c. US dollars 50 million or less
d. US dollars 100 million or less
e. 100 million dollars plus

4. What is the nett worth of Gregoire Payet?

a. US Dollars 1 million or less
b. US dollars 5 million or less
c. US dollars 50 million or less
d. US dollars 100 million or less
e. 100 million dollars plus

5. What is the nett worth of Brigadier Leopol Payet and defin Colonel Ti Claude?

a. US Dollars 1 million or less
b. US dollars 5 million or less
c. US dollars 50 million or less
d. US dollars 100 million or less
e. 100 million dollars plus

6. What is the nett worth of Sarah Rene and ex-wife Mrs. Geva Rene together?

a. US Dollars 1 million or less
b. US dollars 5 million or less
c. US dollars 50 million or less
d. US dollars 100 million or less
e. 100 million dollars plus

7. How much money has the current and past Minsiters in the SPPF stolen together since the coup detat?

a. US Dollars 1 million or less
b. US dollars 5 million or less
c. US dollars 50 million or less
d. US dollars 100 million or less
e. 100 million dollars plus

For those who can,please respond honestly. And then we will see if those anonymous people who are trying to hide the truth from the people of Seychelles have anything to say.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of this Star blog site. I'm sitting Down Under sipping a Victoria Brew and have thoroughly enjoyed this debate. It is so obvious that the country's coffers have been raided by the people in power. One only has to ask where Rene got the money to buy his big farm right here under my own nose? And Mukesh has millions stashed away as well. What is amazing is how people still defend those thieves and continue to turn a blind eye to all the corruption in Seychelles. Really amazing to sit on the outside and watch.

All I can say is good luck to everyone trying to bring real democracy to the country. You have my complete support my friends.

Anonymous said...

First off, VB stands for Victoria Bitter, not Victoria Brew.

Secondly, it seems that very few people can separate themselves from 'party politics'. Quite honestly, the only person who has so far is the Air SEZ employee.

This 'party politics' system needs to stop. We have to be pragmatic and objective.
What purpose does it serve to be a die hard SPUP or SNP? Absolutely none. Not for the country, not for self.

We need to update our systems and infrastucture. For example, if it is thought that Savy Inc should be made to answer questions, then we need a Judiciary that can cater for this. As a people, we must endeavour to bring the right tools, instruments and systems to bring about a judiciary which satisfies our needs and wants.

Any idiot can talk. We need to talk about HOW we will get what WE want.

Kangaroo Jack

Anonymous said...

The situation in Seychelles will greatly improve if the two Opposition parties will publish the multiple choice questions in the comments section.

Thank you for you valued input.

Thank you for helping Seychelles. Now I hope Regar and Weekly will publish the questions. Over and Over again.

People need the issues simplified and broken down.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Gilly Boy!

You really don't get the point do you?

What good would publishing childish 'multiple choice' questions do?

Grow up!
Propose solutions rather than trying to be a 'funny guy'. At the moment, other than entertainment value, this farce of a blog has not much going for it.

Cheers chap,

Ton Lwenten

Anonymous said...

Hey Kangaroo Jack, SPPF, P.P. i.e the Government cannot seperate ANYTHING they do from PARTY POLITICS so why the hell should we?

Anonymous said...

I know what VB stands for you old Kangaroo! But most Seselwa do not, thus why I said Brew which stands for beer!

But the discussion is not about beer or bitter. It is about Victoria being victimised by old bitter Albert Rene and his goons and the David Savys of Sesel who believes that he can do whatever he wants.

Remember that his pockets are already full, so if he leaves Air Seychelles,do you think he cares for his employees or whether the airline goes bankrupt. There is a lot of corruption at the airline and contracts are given to all their buddies for everything from printing to bottled water etc. And I heard that they are part of Skychef too, so let the judiciary go solve that one.

Too much corruption in the SPPF and they have milked the country and its people dry. Seychelles needs new leadership who really have clean hands, unlike the dirty ones of Albert and Michel and their cronies.

Anonymous said...

Ton Lwenten, are you scared to answer the questions? I just did and most answers were e. Those are our millions these bastards have stolen. Maybe you are really Ton "FAR" which means "Lwenten". And FAR stands for France Albert Rene. Or we can say FARM, for France Albert Rene's farM - the one in Australia which he paid for with our stolen money.He lives on the stolen 10 acres at Barbarons too, for sixty thousand rupees. He made a speech for his birthday yesterday and could not stop himself from having a go at the "pti group" once again and told them to go and plant bananas. That old fart is sick and even the Devil does not want him in hell. Together with Michel, they will continue to steal all our bananas that we plant so that they can continue to eat and get fat off the sweat of hard working Seselwa. Int he meantime, David comes on SBC SPPF Broadcasting Corporation to lie again and tell us that all is ok and that AIr Seychelles is doign just great. Well, he flies in Pearl all the time, so how would he know? His employees are harrassed at the airport daily by drug goon squads, and morale is as low as you can go. If he made such a big profit all these years, where is the money David? Or have you spent it all. Excuses about the accident in paris and high fuel prices. If you had insurance cover you would not be crying. Why is insurance not paying out if it was an accident? Same as when the Singapore flight caught on fire. Eveything is ok he told us. Just a small problem. Really? I suggest you retire soon along with your fat brother Glenny who controls th eislands. Then try and run a legitimate business and see if you can make it without help from Rene, Michel or Government loans so easily given by Marie Lousie Poter. But I am sure that with the Australians about to put in a real tax system in place, you boys will be running to Mauritius to count your millions and add the itnerest on a daily basis from MCB your favourtie bank. I vote for a new CEO for AIr Seychelles and also a new board too. Savy has disgraced our airline.

Anonymous said...

I must say the quiz was rather funny, though in a tragic way. Whoever posted it uses humour to deal with the thefts that Seychelles has been exposed to the last 30 years. I wouldn't have problems if France Albert Rene had his millions through transparent businesses, but I must say that it is hard to believe that he could have made all this money on a prezident's salary. The same goes for many other ministers and their loyals.

During the Rene era there were however many could be top cats who left their posts or jumped ship simply because they saw the ongoings being too gross. Those had conscience enough to look themselves in thh mirror every morning and say "I am an honest man and if I can't be honest here I shall not be here". Hats off to those true patriots who rather left than stay behind and take part in the gross rape of a country. I wonder how many bloggers here on STAR can say the same about themselves?

There are however men and women amongst us who refuse to even have the slightest thought that such happening took place, either due to ignorance or shear blind loyalty to the PL. Loyalty is admired by yours truly, but see no evil, hear no evil mentality certainly is not. Remarkably enough though, these call themselves patriots.

As to Air Seychelles, the debate rages on in several Seychellois forums and some even play with the thought of having a joint venture with Air Mauritius liek BA and Iberia did this day today. Others however claim that teh extra money asked for by David Savy is to re-open the direct route to Perth, an 8 hour flight that Air Seychelles had some years back. Wether or not this is true remains to be seen, but it does sound like typical PL propaganda coming out of nowhere, just like the famous railway projet that entered a dark tunnel never to come out again.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Reference to the person that changed my name to "Gilly Boy".

The multiple choice questions are not funny. They are a serious attempt by someone to simflify a complex issue.

In terms of marketing an idea, it is very powerful.

I do not see why a paper cannot publish it.

Afterall, it is only a question and the person that reads it has to answer it.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Trouble is Chris, that whenever a paper publishes something anti PL, they get sued good old American style so finding a paper to publish such a quiz would be suicide for them. As said further up, I found the quiz rather funny although it's completely tragic and so true.
Having said that i myself would not publish it if I had a paper, not because I didn't believe in it, but because it doesn't belong in a serious newspaper.

Now the problem with the papers in Seychelles is that they are too similar to our politicians as they only see things from one side and show little maturity in their articles, this with the exception of Nation who does write in a serious way, but: They are very selective in their writings when it comes to publishing anything anti-PL. I was therefore surprized when I read the article abour Air Seychelles where the editor(or whoever wrote it) first criticized Ramkalawan and Regar for their critism, but later declared that there was truth it their sayings.

What I miss in Seyhelles regarding media is an independent newspaper that reports a non political side of the story where the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the hard truth is published in black and white for all to read and analyze. That way our people may learn to open their eyes. Having said that, such a paper would have to be so professional that one would have to set aside all political views and see their own favourite criticized. And take it.

Such a media would have to report with facts, not favoured facts to for instance advertise for some sotre selling bread at a price lower than others, but at the same time forgetting to mention the fact that the bread they are selling is 10% less in weight than the other shops. Such a media could for instance report that Seychelles has cheap fuel compared to Norway which has the highest priced fuel, but then also state a line or two about Seychellois' buying power compared to the Norwegian or whoever has high cost fuel.

Once we have such a media who bases their articles on facts, then we set up a questionaire like the one above. Of course with facts. It would then of course have to have the documentation to prove it too.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

I do not know where this Ton Lwenten is coming from.

I having been proposing solutions constantly.

Unfortunately these P.P. people cannot see that. That is why we must work to throw them out.

We are wasting energy teaching these old dogs new tricks, and trying to get them to sharpen their instincts dulled after 32 years of communism.

C''est La vie!

Christopher Gill

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