Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Mr. Governor Takes Us On Deep Dive Down

The Seychelles Governor of the Central Bank Mr. Pierre Laporte has been pre-occupied with making hotel establishments display Seychelles Rupee pricing. He has been vigorously implementing legislation, sending out published notices in the Nation newspaper, to direct the earners of hard currency how to participate in the economy. He even gave us a deadline.

Mr. Laporte’s attempt to legislate confidence in the Seychelles Rupee, also has a stiff cash penalty and term of imprisonment for non-compliance. That should get everyone to shake in their boots.

He could not have chosen a worse time to threaten the Public and the Tourism Trade with prison sentences, when the Judiciary has only one (1) magistrate, after six(6) resigned for want of better pay. An average drug charge can take ten (10) years to get to trial these days, according to those in the know. It will get worse if Finance does not come up with a lot of money fast.

Euro Strong on the World Market, but Weak In Seychelles Only

Under Mr. Laporte’s “hocus-pocus” central banking, the Euro is weak in Seychelles, and getting weaker everyday. Currently in the world, the Euro is enjoying an all time high against the Pound Sterling, against the US Dollar and against almost every other convertible currency on Earth.

In Seychelles, the Euro has lost over 40% of its value since Pierre Laporte started to implement his “hocus-pocus” banking polices. Since devaluation of the Seychelles Rupee last year, the Seychelles Rupee traded as high as 22.00 – 1.00 Euro. Now, it is trading as low as 13.00 – 1.0 Euro. Remarkable success for a country whose GDP is (minus) -25% for the same period. We are truly living in “Another World”!

How does Mr. Laporte pull off such miracles with the system? Divine intervention maybe?

Seychelles Not Paying Debt

A small part of the answer is that Seychelles is not paying its unsustainable debts. It has a moratorium on all its debts bilateral, multilateral, commercial, until January 2011. At that time, we will have to pay debts. It will be very painful for about Fifteen (15) years. Mr. Laporte has built up 2 months reserve of about $100 Million, which will be used in part to service debts. The President says it is for rice in emergencies. Well, we are in an emergency now and it is not for rice, try Seychelles Rupees. The people have none.

But the answer is more complicated than that.

Pierre Laporte’s Plan was focused on Inflation Primarily

The reason why we are in an economic grave hole, is that Pierre Laporte’s prognosis for our economic woes focused primarily on inflation fighting by empowering the Seychelles Rupee. He has been successful at that. Initially, after devaluation last year, Reuters reported Inflation in Seychelles reached 78%. Most recently, as the Seychelles Rupee built up muscle, inflation now stands at 31%, but still second highest in Africa. To get an idea how bad the Seychelles has been managed, we are second only to Zimbabwe. Frightful thought indeed.

Now he has proposed to buy up Euros and US Dollars from commercial banks to stabilize the rates. Of course, this a great way for Central Bank of Seychelles to buy foreign currency on the cheap seeing the Seychellois people have no rupees left to buy currency from the commercial banks, let alone rupees to buy food. All this is good and normal, but it is not enough. I hope Mr. Laporte will not be travelling over the next 60 days.

What He Did Not Do

What Pierre Laporte did not do while he sat in his leather chair at the Central Bank and plot the countries recovery is establish an early program to ensure that liquidity in the market was preserved to foster economic stimuli and activity. He ignored that and admits in the Sunday evening news, he was relying on the “good morals of bankers to do the right thing”.

Since when do central bankers rely on the good morals of bankers to run the economy? For that matter, the good morals of anyone? Did Mr. Laporte rely on the good morals of the Tourism Trade to establish confidence in the Seychelles Rupee? No, he legislated it, however improper it was. But why is Mr. Laporte treating the biggest profit centres in Seychelles, the banks ,like a club of toddlers who need a baby sitter?

What Mr. Laporte has not done, and he better do it fast, is establish a global banking standard in Seychelles instead of letting the commercial banks run amok like they are currently doing at the detriment of the Seychellois business community. Banks, lest we forget, are those little institutions that are in the business of earning money at small amounts at a time in the form of reasonable interests rates, and reasonable commissions, for money related transactions that make the economy of a country run efficiently and hence allow it to prosper and grow.

Banks must not be in the LOAN-SHARKING business, or in the business of charging exaggerated fees and interest, that go beyond what is acceptable trade practice in the industry. Not just in Seychelles, but in the entire World. After all, banks in Seychelles enjoy a sort of cartel. Hence, they cannot be the standard of proper banking business practice. And let us not forget that the Seychelles Government also operates 3 banks in Nouvobanq, Development Bank of Seychelles and the Seychelles Savings Bank!

Exxagerated Commissions or Simply Robbing The Seychellois Customer?

Where in the world does a bank buy a British Pound for SR 15.05, and then turn around and sell it at SR 19.25 rupees, making a SR 4.20 gain or 28% profit in less than a minute? Where in the world does a bank sell a US Dollar for SR 9.30 and then turn around and sell the same for SR 11.98, making a SR 2.68 profit or a 29% profit?

But tell us where in the world, other than Seychelles, can a bank send a wire transfer of Euro 100,000 and make a profit of SR 311,350? Yes, Mr. Laporte, that is THREE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN THOUSAND, THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY SEYCHELLES RUPEES profit, plus of course additional wire transfer fees to boot? That amount is more than what most Seychelles businesses make as a net profit in an entire year!

And while Mr. Laporte wants to put local hoteliers in jail for not following Central Bank’s par rates, the commercial banks are free to gouge their customers to financial oblivion! And Mr. Laporte has even suggested that if hotels don’t like it, they can apply to become an official money changer through a Bureau De Change. Pity the small guest houses and small hotels that will now be burdened with another license fee and running a bureau de change in order to satisfy their guests who simply want to pay their bills!

So, it is now up to Mr. Laporte to set the parameters for the commercial banks in Seychelles. That is his job. If he needs help, I volunteer my knowledge, free of charge, to get it right. Seychelles cannot afford to stay indefinitely on the wrong track. If we do, even Mr. Laporte will want a seat on Tiger Airways flight from Singapore to Perth, Australia.

What Is Wrong With Our System

Interest rates are not controlled or subjected to any controls. Banks and for that matter, any one with a license, can charge any interest rate they choose. Interest rates can mercilessly be compounded monthly under Seychelles laws or lack thereof.

This is a medieval business practice found in the days of King Arthur, the Patriarch of the Kingdom of England. If we are a civilized society, banks must come to the table all trimmed out and proper.

We must set limits to prime rates of interest and additional interest charged for risk analysis. Banks must then start working within those margins. After all that is what banks do. This will encourage them to lend more and spread their lending and business base; as opposed to restrict their lending base to 1.PUC, 2.Seybrew, 3. SEPEC, 4. Cable and Wireless, 5. SPTC.

The wider the base for loans is spread, the more penetration and impact money will have in the economy. It will be a critical tool to remove us from this stagflation status we are now living under.

But banks must direct capital to solid partners as well, and not toss their reserves to every one and anyone that has an idea, albeit a bad one.

As money circulates, and properties are placed as mortgages in real terms, then citizens will become active participants in the economy in a meaningful way. And more responsible citizens too.

Government must allow properties to be marketable to enrich its citizens. This means it will have to get rid of the “Gardette Law”, “no construction at or above 50 meter topography”, found on Praslin and La Digue. This type of policy is a disincentive towards economic prosperity. If we are to watch every fruit bat pass by as an economic principle, then SPPF-LP must say so. Then we will judge who is the fruit bat, or sick-bat!

I remember the quote in a meeting not so long ago where one smart intelligent businessman was explaining to an idiot about the fundamentals of business (without having to steal from his neighbour that is): “You cannot promote growth and restrict it at the same time”. The idiot of course answered: “Yes We Can”! Maybe he was an Obama groupie!

Why Spread The Access To Loans

Because that is what banks are suppose to do. Make money available and not hoard it. Banks must make reasonable profits from involving others, and this fosters greater stability. When banks restrict access to funds unreasonably, banks in turn foster greater instability themselves. In fact, they will be in a big way, responsible for high risk they assess to borrowers when they say Seychelles is a high risk lending jurisdiction, hence the 10%-15% clip above what should be charged for lending fees.

Now that we are in a stagflation-depression, our Rupee is mighty again, hotels are cutting costs, freezing hiring, unemployment will rise, occupancy rates will drop further, total receivables will drop further than -25% as Seychelles will structurally get more expensive then any 5 star investor ever imagined, to the point that goods in warehouses will rot, the public will suffer greatly. I ask Mr. Laporte and the LP, wake up and seek a second opinion my friends, for you have made a royal mess of an ordinary communist mess.

I suggest you provide the business community a few seats on your board Mr. Laporte. Then make the Central Bank Governor present bi-annual plans to the board. Once approved, implement. If a crisis arises, call for an emergency meeting and resolve the matter. But do get a bit more serious over the affairs of our economy because we are now in a truly royal mess.

That means we are in a royal communist mess......nothing moderate about that, huh!

May God Bless Seychelles and All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

This is the first time that I have read this blog and I must say it is rare to see such honest reporting for a change.

I very much agree with Mr. Gill that the Central Bank is doing a terrible job of managing the monetary policies and letting the commercial banks get away with murder. As a customer of Barclays Bank, I have been paying excessive transfer fees and when one looks at the difference in buying and selling rates, it is indeed a crime that the banks are allowed to charge such rates. The Government must do better to regulate the banks. Remember what happened in America and Europe when banks could do whatever they wanted.

Customers should demand more from their local banks and we need to put pressure via the media to stop this daylight robbery of customers.

A new fan of the STAR blog.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Gill. At least someone has put the pieces together.

What has the Government been doing about this excessive charging by banks in Seychelles. We are all prisoners of their success.

I have been paying my huose loan for 25 years and still not half way through. It is painful.

What is SNP doign about this? They just sit in the Assembly and laugh with SPPF over our problems.

They call for rallies and use us to make noise. Then Monday morning, back to 23% nbank rates. We need a more serious approach.

If Gill did not write this article who wwould show us the rel situation?

Anonymous said...

Central Bank of Seychelles is being mismanaged agains under Laporte as with Chang Leng.

The SPPF are saying Laporte is the best man they have for the job.

If this is the case, we must all be worried dearly for Seychelles.

Laporte operates from closed doors. His mind is not sharp enough for the problems we face. He has no market instincts, and reacts only to what the market does. This is dangerous for Seychelles right now.

It is a little like the Police have no crime prevention in place. They only react to a crime incident.

That is like wearing one shoe on one foot and walking to town, expecting everyone to say you look good today.

Give us a break Laporte, and give us a break SPPF/LP. Enough with the failure model. How much do you expect a people to take. People are suffering in Seychelles, in case you did not know.

Anonymous said...

What Pierre Laporte has done is make Seychelles expensive for Tourist.

How will he make it cheap for Seychellois if Tourist do not come?

This strong Seychelles Rupee is the complete opposite of what Alain St. Ange and STB are promoting: "an affordable Seychelles".

In fact, this year STB is promoting Seychelles with a once in a lifetime special price offer.

Laporte wipes out STB objectives overnight and has made Seychelles more expensive, and end result is less money in the coffers for everyone.

Will someone get this guy off th estage if he cannot maintain a sustainable beat!

Anonymous said...

I read this blog for first time and I was surprised to see so much free positive thinking, congratulations ladies and gentlemen.

Regarding this article,

Rule No. 1

Seychelles is too expensive;

Rule No. 2

Laporte just made it mor expensive;

Rule No 3

He has no one to blame since he is Independent

Rule No4

SPPF/LP support his reforms so they accept it.

Anonymous said...

I have been a reader of STAR since early days, i must say that i am terribly impressed with this article.

Somone asked what is the SNP doing? Let me tell you my friend that in Seychelles there exists no Opposition to the SPPF. What exists is a bunch of people who knows that as much as the SPPF/PL are going to be there till Kingdom come so will the SNPs and its Leaders. So they are basically going into the processes of a few debates, a few rallies just to maintain the facade whilst they reap the benefits i.e salary, pension and other perks just as the SPPF/PL does.

So that leaves me to say what is the alternative. Simply there is no alternative. We have shit on one side, and shit on the other side. Take your pick. Either way it is shit and we as people are shafted!

Other than that we can scream and write all we want on blogs...blow off steam and hope and pray that a miracle happens....that a tsunami one day or some other catastrophe "i bez sa bann politisyen"!

Mr Gill, top keep writing...if you decide to run for office, you have my vote!

Anonymous said...

Writng blogs is not just letting off steam, IMF reads them regularly.

The leadership goes over them on Monday morning.

The people who are interested, know that for all the shortcomings of our situation, at least their are Seychellois that can see beyond the trees and see the forest for what it is.

I will not run to divide the Opposition, nor will I form a political party to divide the Opposition. We must allow all players. regardless of the shortcomings along the way, to renew the Opposition and renew their engagement.

The future of Seychelles is waiting for men to act responsibly and seriously with a sense of urgency.

I call on all readers to lobby the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Mancham, Leader of the NDP Mr. Volcere, and other leaders like Mr. Boulle and others as they announce themselves for a Seychelles Opposition Conference, with the objective of uniting the Opposition.

95% of us are Christians. It is our faith's principle, that we exercise the pardon amongst ourselves, where there has been a trespass. It is Christain to forgive and rebuild where we have destroyed.

The key to transition lies in th emost fundamental principles of our lives. Once united, SPPF/LP will run like goats facing a banquet. Rene will tell them not to run, but they will.

Anonymous said...

Writng blogs is not just letting off steam, IMF reads them regularly on all countries they assist. We send them to the IMF as well.

The leadership goes over them on Monday morning to see what they have to do.

The people who are interested, know that for all the shortcomings of our situation, at least there are Seychellois that can see beyond the trees and see the forest for what it is.

After all, we would all be in a state of depression or suicidal if our impression of good leaders were restricted to Rene, Michel, Faure, Morgan.

I will not run to divide the Opposition, nor will I form a political party to divide the Oppositionat this time.

We must allow all players, regardless of the shortcomings along the way, to renew the Opposition and renew their engagement.

The future of Seychelles is waiting for men to act responsibly and seriously with a sense of urgency. The future will be about great scrifice and great efforts at rebuilding a Nation and end the scourge of corruption that is upon us.

I call on all readers to lobby the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Mancham, Leader of the NDP Mr. Volcere, and other leaders like Mr. Boulle and others as they announce themselves, for a Seychelles Opposition Conference, with the objective of uniting the Opposition.

95% of us are Christians. It is our faith's principle, that we exercise pardon amongst ourselves, where there has been a trespass.

It is Christain to forgive and rebuild where we have destroyed.

The key to political transition lies in the most fundamental principles of our lives.

Once united, SPPF/LP will run like goats facing a banquet. Rene will tell them not to run, but they will. Why? Becuae they know Rene failed them!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill

An attempt at a united opposition was done in 2006-2007. What did we see, for reasons known only to themselves the leaders of the SNP and the DP broke off an alliance and the end result is a dis united and in shambles opposition.

I appeal as you do to the good senses of the Opposiiton leaders to put aside petty differences and work towards the common objective and better good.

Maybe you Mr Gill could circulate a petition (though i admit that fear is still a factor in Seychelles).

I tried appealing and that was done via Jean Francois Ferrari, he shrugged it off and described the DPs quote "en bann donner grenn" unquote!

I believe however that the situation of the Opposition has been allowed to deteriorate because the leaders of the Opposition are not accountable to their members, arrogance and small mindeness has settled in. Absolute power corrupts. People like Mme Georges and others who one would have hoped to check the leaders have failed or her and others like her have contributed to this state of affairs. I do not see this as criticising the Opposition, but calling for accountability.

The truth remains that the Opposition calls for democracy when they themselves do not practice democracy. Without democracy within the Opposition i fear that very little hope remains for Seychelles. If you live in glass house do not throw stones is a reality in Seychelles!

Vox Dei

Anonymous said...

I know what Mr. Ferrari's attitude is. This is why the SNP always come second best and never first.

If someone keeps on doing things wrong all their lives and they habitually fail at whayever they do, surely you do not expect me to become their advisor or to help them win. I cannot help losers, as a business man I know a winner when I see one. I know a loser when I see one.

People are defeated in their minds not at the ballot box my friend.

If we are to move forward, the Oppoaition, Ferrari, and everyone, must change their mind set. Start thinking like winners and stop acting like losers, looking for a nice comfortable salary stipend.

As for Democracy in the Opposition, with this grouping, I have had a gun to my belly, I have been kicked out, kicked about, but I have survived all of them.

We must hold them all SNP DP accountable for no democracy in the rank and file. For because they are autocratic, is why they fail the People of Seychelles each time around. The challenge for them all is to go beyond their personalities and personal interests to do what is really best for Seychelles.

This my friend will take a big man or woman that thinks like a winner.

Winners do not go down with the first punch they roll with it!

If SPPF has intimidated everyone, then our leaders are no longer leading.If one cannot lead, we are confined to defeat.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

If an Opposition cannot organize itself with -25% GDP prevailing in the Country, it will not do it with -50% or -100% GDP.

Salary men protect their salaries.

Freedom fighters fight for Freedom.

Leaders that seek change work towards change, but change must be for the better.

We need our leaders to pronounce themselves, are they salary men, Freedom Fighters, or leaders of change for the better?

No petition will change a man's heart. It will not make a weak man strong. A petition will not bring light to the dark room.

Anonymous said...

I have been following this blog for about 3 weeks.

Some points are very good and it is good they are being highlighted.

Why is it that no one presents a bill in Assembly to restrict interest rates and abusive practice by banks. LP must have an idea on that? SNP has nearly as many MNA's why do they not act?

Come on we really need to get our act together. Banks in Seychelles are killing business and are the direct cause of high costs. Merchants cannot be blamed all the time for the same thing.

Thank you.

Thank you Gill, the country must appreciate for making such an effort.

Anonymous said...

I just came out of a Central Bank of Seychelles meeting.

I believe our situation is worse then I thought.

1. Mr. Pierre Laporte did not know that Inflation in Seychelles is 29.8%, he thinks it is 0%.

2. Mr. Laporte thinks the Paris Club already pardoned all our debts by 45%. They did not. 22% was written off immediately. The remaining 45% debt is written off in three (3) year increments "if Seychelles continues to implement IMF recommended reforms".

3. Mr. Pierre Laporte thinks that the Seychelles Rupee will stabilize in spite of IMF saying our international debt burden will remain unsustainbale until 2017 in the last Seychelles Report.

4. According to Pierre Laporte, the new legislation FEC applies to everyone, but he will make exceptions under the act. He has cited Four Seasons Hotel a huge international chain owned by Bill Gates and Alaweed Bin Talal Billionaire Saudi company as being an exception. He says initially that he will hold little Seychellois investors like myself to the law, but he is rethinking about this, and will let us know.
I have more, but will save that for an article.

Christopher Gill

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In an era where peoples rights have been trampled for so long, it is a mater of time before change will be decided on the streets. This call for sacrifices - that is how nations are built.

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Imagine аll thе changes hаρpеning in the
20′s: WWI еnded; ωomen’s cагеers
greω outside the usual homemaker role; anԁ Europе’s ϳаzz ωas introԁuced in the U.
Hе ωore suits, a fedora аnd veгy formal occasions
found him in а tuxedο ωith tails.
Pаir it with sоphisticateԁ coсκtails straight from this erа, including рlenty of сοncoctions ωith gin.

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Some of the most pοpulaг shoes are іnsρіred by
the 1920's "flapper era" when Mary Janes were in vogue. First I'll show you the highschoolеrs and theiг dаtes.
Dоn't worry if you can't find any red shoes, you can alwаys
paint an old pair of ѕhoes reԁ using
ѕρraу paint.

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