Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill


The SPUP/SPPF/Le Pep Party faced with the invasion of pirates from Somalia this year have used most of their diplomatic energy to seek find secure assistance from foreign nations to protect Seychelles territorial integrity.

Parade of Desperation

In a desperate move, President Michel sought aid of distant Japan when the first hostages were taken. He then sought the assistance of the French Embassy and France has embedded French marines with weapons on board the tuna boats that fish off the Somalia coast and the Seychelles. The French marines participated in the National Day June 18th parade and demonstrated their ability to march along side the Seychellois Coast Guard platoon. Unfortunately, President Michel going through the lowest support to date, had few people turn out for the parade except for the children of the enlisted watching on and some government officials.

We Must Welcome The AUV's

Most recently, the United States have rang in with support to place unmanned aerial vehicles in the line up to fight the pirates that threaten the safe passage of ships through and about the Gulf of Aden. The United States are sending 75 men to prepare the ground operations for the AUV drones which will be based in Seychelles, a highly strategic area to fight off pirates in the region. This represents the USA first military involvement in Africa since the debacle in Somalia under the Clinton administration days. Because lives are not placed in arms way, this effort is likely to prove very successful.

Say Thank You, SPPF Communists!

We must be grateful to the United States dealing Seychelles this favour and assistance in our hour of need. After all, this is the same United States that was practically kicked out of Seychelles by France Albert Rene, and James Michel himself, as they opted for Communist ideology and the close ties maintained with Communist Cuba, North Korea, USSR and China.

Yankee Save Our Communist Ass (Donkey)!

The Seychelles Government has been a regular at sound off calls internationally when it was time to do a little USA bashing. In the 1960's and 1970's the popular call led by Albert Rene and James Michel, was "Yankee Go Home"! Today they are calling, "Yankee save our Communist Ass (donkey)"!

Without the United States of America coming to our aid in our hour of need, Seychelles could be faced with an invasion of 2000 pirates when the Southeast Monsoon subsides. This is a reality that forced the Michel Administration to seek help from the United States of America.

USA Drones Will Save Tourism in Seychelles

The reality check for us is that if the United States would not have volunteered a fleet of drones to monitor Seychelles waters, our Tourism Industry would be all but sent to the intensive care unit (ICU) by the end of the year 2009 in spite of all the excellent work Mr. Alain St.Ange and Mr. Louis D' Offay's team are doing to clean up the morass left by SPPF after years of inertia. Our most important industry today still does not have a dedicated Minister under the SPPF! Same goes for the fishing sector which has been left to rot like an old “poisson sale”, along with the corruption and mismanagement that have dragged this sector into oblivion!

USA Drones Will Save The Fishing Industry in Seychelles

The French and Spanish Tuna fleet would leave Seychelles and make for fishing in safer waters and land their catch in safer ports. Our economy would all be done in. Poverty and crime would consume us as we head for the Failed States Club of Africa.

Now, with the material and significant United States intervention, Seychelles has a fighting chance to climb out of the doldrums of economic depression and debt unsustainability created by Michel himself and all his Communist free wheeling, which led him to believe that Seychelles could borrow money around the World and not ever have to repay it. SPPF Communist leader Albert Rene and stepson Glenny Savy were no better at managing the economy let alone the fishing sector.

I Warned SPUP,SPPF Before!

I wrote in numerous articles in the past that the Government of Seychelles must cut its military budget and allow/invite international forces to protect Seychelles territorial integrity through mutual assistance agreements. This idea was shunned upon and the SPPF People rag, tagged me as an extremist and non nationalist. Now what has happen is the same people have run to seek external assistance.

National Pride on a stomach full of food is fundamentally different from National Pride on a stomach full of air you Communists! As your communist stomachs came face to face with the reality of a stomach full of air, you went on your knees and came to your senses.

How much time and money have you wasted over the years SPUP, SPPF, PL? Even the Indian Navy sounded off in the National Day Parade and delivered Topaz again after another engine rebuild and a paint job you could not even afford. Seychelles should encourage more interaction with the Indian Navy, but this time do not shun India while you make a run with the begging bowl to China. Respect India for her might, presence and success as a Nation, as we respect China. Even when China does not respect us, for example, by building our National Assembly (Legislative Branch of Government) and Judiciary Building, both democratic houses of debate and law, when China has no democracy and is still a one party Communist state.

Most recently, the Military Budget ballooned from SCR. 82 Million to SCR.225Million for 2009. The excuse was for fuel consumption of patrol boats. But now this expenditure has lapsed and the United States will foot the bill to patrol Seychelles waters.

Now SPUP SPPF PL, why don't you reduce this budget and save the People of Seychelles some badly needed cash? Or perhaps it is your undeclared intention to use that money to fund the theft of another election? Or will the SPDF be using the funds to build new flats, or importing some containers of fridges, flat-screen TVs, washing machines and building materials?

Audit The Army and Coast Guard - Set Up Hotline For Abuse

I call on the Leader of The Opposition, Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan, to cause the establishment of proper procurement procedures within the Seychelles People's Defense Forces (SPDF).

I also call on the Leader of The Opposition, Mr. Ramkalawan, to not take SPUP SPPF LP words to be of much value, hence call for a audit of all funds given to the military, because it has been alleged and not denied or proved otherwise, that the military budget is nothing but a slush fund for the few, as many as two. It is not acceptable either for a military force to be writing “return to drawer” cheques in town.

Finally I ask the Leader of The Opposition to have the National Assmebly set-up a hotline to register information of abuse of funding and state resources. Push SPUP back in the holes of corruption and criminality that gave birth to them.

Welcome back Yankees, welcome back to your senses SPUP,SPPF, LP, but when it comes to the People's money, there is no compromise SPUP,SPPF,LP.

Audit the Defense Forces and let us find out who really owns all those big houses and apartments and businesses. Surely those measly Armed Forces salaries could not make some servicemen millionaires overnight!

Now that the Yankees are back SPUP, SPPF, LP, make sure no one lays their blood laden hand on me for my writing......I may have to contact my Congressman in Washington DC and he may have the drones sent back to Las Vegas.... and taxpayers money in USA will not be used to protect a bunch of corrupt Communists! Just remember Obama’s recent speech in Ghana. The world is now watching.

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!


Anonymous said...

GIll is right. Leopold Payet and all the army people like defin Ti Claude should be audited. These people have amassed millions in assets including houses, flats, land and vehicles. Where did they get the money? The army funds have been used for years for personal use and it is time to bring those crooks to trial.My grandmother needs a carer and she cannot get one.We don't have an airforce and yet David Savy is the commander of this ari force. Is he getting a salary there too? All those captains in the army past and present must be auditd as they have stolen millions. A pst SPPF supprter who will never vote for James Michel again. Michel and SPPF has filled their own bank accounts wheile we live in poverty.

Anonymous said...

I Wonder it Obama knows he is assisting the most leftist communist regime in the Indian Ocean without any conditions to move towards better democratic practice?

If America stands for what it says it does, surely the GOP will not let Obama have a free ride using $120 Million in drones to protect a little communist outpost.

Anonymous said...

My question is this? If you are spending as much money on military funding as you say, how big is your army and ground forces? There has to be something to show for all that spending. Is there no new artillery, armor, air defense equipment? The money has to be able to be seen somewhere.

Anonymous said...

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