Thursday, September 10, 2009

Seychelles Cartoon

Jj off to the Moon


Anonymous said...

"J" is off flying!

Le Pep is making all the right moves according to its mouthpiece.

The IMF Plan is a total success they say and the Opposition has been caught left footed they assert.

Well, the little detail of our debts being unsustainable as per IMF until some time in 2027 is ignored by "J" and Le Pep and their mouth piece.

So Soar to the Moon "J", enjoy the ride and Koste with any terresterial rats you meet!

Anonymous said...

Michel is living in space. He acts like he was never part of the brutal SPPF regime that brought AK47s and murders to our shores. This man lives in the stars, as he is the one who brought bankruptcy to our country while his SPPF so-called leaders and friends filled up their pockets with state assets and milked our country dry. Keep going to the moon J and may you and Albert never return. After all, there are aliens out there waiting for you. King Alien is the DEVIL himself and he awaits you both.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for small j Belmont the Vice President.

He is such a good man with clean hands, and good intentions for all Seychellois.

But unfortunately, he has been used in the sppf style just for photo props. Now they will ask him to leave.

But remember, Belmont got Michel elected, its not Michel that got Belmont elected.

Be confident Joe, history will be kind to you, you did not sign the mortgage or bankruptcy papers

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Michel can even ride a motorcycle. I doubt he can drive a car or maintain one. Has anyone seen his 4 door peuguoet he used as Minister of Finance?

It is sitting in the lot opposite Island construction, covered with plastic and rotting away much like the economy of Seychelles.

I hope he is not thinking of repairng that and placing at State House in his life time.

Anonymous said...

I know that you guys do not practice free speech, despite that i will try to comment.

The issue is despite everything the SPPF/PL has done good and bad, what is the alternative left for the people of Seychelles. Two Opposition Parties bent on destroying each other and have no more respect for democracy, free speech, and freedom of the press than the SPPF/PL does.

Yes he may be off to the moon and stars, question is what are you doing about it except the moaning exercises on the web.

Anonymous said...

Yes, J is off to the moon.

Yes we practice free speech and you have said your piece.

Now what are you doing about it?

We set up a web site, so you can say what you want,we write each week and draw cartoons for those that cannot read,so that is what we are doing about it.

Our articles are cleaning up J's corrupt government one by one,we count 12 on the departure list.

I put it to you again what are you doing about aside from bashing the two oppositionparties that are not even in power or have a mandate?

Obviously you are a young leader cum bag carrier for j himself, for this type of thinking, borne in frustration and nshort mindedness is a prequalification to carry J's little bags here and about.

Anonymous said...

Yes we write on the web because this is the only way we can express our concern and all suffering without our skulls being smashed and hope we do not dissapear into thin air.Do you want to deny us this last right? I guess not because we write the truth and the truth is out there for every citizen to see. Maybe you could see or maybe not, this is your choice and freedom no one is forcing any thing.

Anonymous said...

I was the one who posted the piece above which caused a barrage of insults from the promoters of this web site, i hope that this one is also allowed this in. I commented twice some time back, my comments were not allowed in. Allowing the one above does not make you a practitioner and believer in free speech, only consistency in allowing opposing views on your site would make be change my opinion on you.

No i do not carry JJ bag, nor would i carry any politians bag! Since you do not know me i think it is pretty cheap for you to cast aspersion and insinuate things!

My point is that a website and poking some fun at the SPPF/Pl Leaders has very limited effect. The battle is going to be won on the ground and not in cyberspace!

Second point, where have i done any bashing of any opposition parties here. In fact mutual bashing has been done by the SNP leaders and the DP leaders and sidekicks themselves! One only has to go a few months back to read Chrisotphers Gills columns about Wavel Ramkalawan and the SNP leaders to see what i mean.

On Gill's actions, need one remind him on the crossing the floor incident and joiing the SPPF to grind the the UO into the dirt! I do not know what happened between Gill and the SPPF but that certainly does not give you any right Mr Gill to pass judgement.

Nobody is denying you the right and joy of comment, i hope that so called belief in free speech is jusst not another empty slogan thrown here and there for flattering of one 's ego!

You seem to think highy of yourself, what is being done is due to the IMF. I do not think SPPF/PL gives a hoot about what you write. In fact it probbaly allows them to say that Seychelles is a democracy (when it is not) and people are allowed to write and complain about the leaders and just look at this web site!

We will just wait for the next election results and see who was right then!

Anonymous said...

The last writing raises some more issues and I would like to further comment not to rebuff the person but as a matter of open debate:

1. This is an open website and its fine to post any comment. However, the issue is then subject to a kind of debate with other people.

2. It would be unwise to think that cybernet is ineffective to mobilise debates or mindsets. It only depends how much one can promote the information. Actually the next plan is to promote the various blogs to reach out to the young people. So I totally do not agree about this statement.

3. We all know that Gill crossed the floor, and this was one mistake. However, all men can make mistakes. At all cost,this cannot be compared to the catastrophes we have seen from the government. I do not know Gill personally, but he is a real hero and I would think he will realise that he needs to make important strategic steps to help lead this country of Seychelles because he is a right , just and intelligent person.

4. The last statement regarding SPP not giving any attention to what we may say is totally correct, however, this is not the point. The real issue is that, these blogs offer an opportunity to reach out to the people irrespective if SPP care or not. We are not doing this for them because we know they do not listen until it is too late. For example, by the year 2011 there will be more than 4000 young people who will be able to vote. They will need complete information to make an informed decision. Therefore, this provides the platform to such information for better decision making. They are free to decide what to choose. On the other hand, winning election seems to be the ultimate outcome; however, winning elections does not mean life is over for the losses, it’s a constant, endless battle.

Anonymous said...

The last writing raises some more issues and I would like to further comment not to rebuff the person but as a matter of open debate:

1. This is an open website and its fine to post any comment. However, the issue is then subject to a kind of debate with other people.

2. It would be unwise to think that cybernet is ineffective to mobilise debates or mindsets. It only depends how much one can promote the information. Actually the next plan is to promote the various blogs to reach out to the young people. So I totally do not agree about this statement.

3. We all know that Gill crossed the floor, and this was one mistake. However, all men can make mistakes. At all cost,this cannot be compared to the catastrophes we have seen from the government. I do not know Gill personally, but he is a real hero and I would think he will realise that he needs to make important strategic steps to help lead this country of Seychelles because he is a right , just and intelligent person.

4. The last statement regarding SPP not giving any attention to what we may say is totally correct, however, this is not the point. The real issue is that, these blogs offer an opportunity to reach out to the people irrespective if SPP care or not. We are not doing this for them because we know they do not listen until it is too late. For example, by the year 2011 there will be more than 4000 young people who will be able to vote. They will need complete information to make an informed decision. Therefore, this provides the platform to such information for better decision making. They are free to decide what to choose. On the other hand, winning election seems to be the ultimate outcome; however, winning elections does not mean life is over for the losses, it’s a constant, endless battle.

Anonymous said...

The only people that cry over Gill crossing the floor is SPPF themselves, because they do not know why he did that.

Gill seems happy and the Opposition is happy with Gill. He even won one of Mancham's autobiography books last Saturday at the launching ceremon. Lucky number 52 was pulled from the bag.

SPPF's regret with Gill is that there was no deal with Gill. Only Gill knows why he did what he did and he explained it in countless articles in Independent before being thrown out there.

Now in cyber space, SPPF has no control over what we say and what we write. Unfortunately for SPPF the communists they are, the whole world can access these columns and thousands of people interested in Seychelles read them every week.

Keep on writing all of you.


Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I personally believe that the SPPF are embarassed with Gill's writings because it is obvious now that he has predicted their demise, failure, and he has out smarted them every step of the way.

SPPF may still be in power, but everything Rene built is crumbling.

I hope the Opposition can come together and remove SPPF once and for all. God's will must be served.
Our people deserve better then excuses every day. Congratulations Gill, keep it up. Do not be discouraged by people who put you down. They cannot touch you.

God is with you and all people that fight for change.

Anonymous said...

Every citizen has every right to participate in the affairs of his state.

Only a brained washed communist lackey would contradict this assertion.

Gill has every right to say what is right. I support him. My Husband and family read his column every week. But he should write in a local paper.

Anonymous said...

What happened to those motorcycles anyway?

If it is a shame that they are locked up in a garage when they should be on the streets patrolling and keeping the Country safe.

I no longer go out at night. We all lock our doors and windows at 7.00 pm. Seychelles was not like that.

Anonymous said...

Reference is made to all comments except made here. I repeat that nobody is denying Gill or anyone the right to free speech that does not even deserve a debate, so "passons".

We all know and Mr Gill also knows that the crossing the floor incident was based on trivialities. But the fact remains that for whatever reasons Gill voted with the SPPF, if he has done his private mea culpa so be it.

One of the commentaries refers to the need for a united opposition. The fact remains that mud slinging between the SNP and the DP seems to have been a sport activity over the last monts since the break up of the alliance, Gill himslef has been guilty of "met delwil lo dife" only a few days ago he accused the SNP of haviung been bought off...of course the SNPs never did any reason for breaking the alliance.

Until the leaders grows up and put a unified and trustworthy facade to SPPF/PL then i am afraid the Opposition does not stand a chance!

I live in the Seychelles, i suspect however than many of Seychellois living abroad do not have an idea of expectations and aspirations of the people here. Cyberspace will touch only an infirm minority (probably all converts already), so does the newspapers.

I know it feels good to vent frustrations in outerspace, the sad reality however is that very little has changed on the grouds or are likly to unless actions are done on the grounds within the population. Virtual politics will remain virtual.

Anonymous said...

The last writing makes some important point yet at the same time the writer appears to not understand the point of the blogs. For example, I would ask this person to search the internet using the words for example “Transparency and Accountability in Seychelles” or anything you can find within the headings of the respective blogs. You will find that such information appears globally on the diverse issues locally. This has important consequences in terms of global issues.For instance Transparency Internation, FBI, CIA, UN bodies etc are certainly interested to learn about these issues.

The message which must be clear is that a blog will certainly not change any country, and certainly not Seychelles, given the relatively low cyberspace users, but it is one way to keep information circulating. I am very sure no one thought of changing ground realities with blogs, but one should remember that it is the small steps that can lead to the giant steps. On a second note, Obama was one person who used cyberspace to help him win elections with massive contributions over the internet, so it would be important not to underestimate its role in politics if properly employed. World war one and two started with one killing.

I would recommend Mr. Gill to request all the opposition news papers to publish the blog address on a constant basis to attract and keep more people involved. From 1 to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 8, 8 to 16, 16 to 32, 32 to 64, 64 to 128, 128 to 256, 256 to 512, 512 to 1024, etc. This is one of the likely chain reaction patterns of human social behaviors.

Secondly, it is incorrect to suggest that we do not know about the expectations and aspirations of the people. We know too much and have experienced too much.
Thirdly, I do support the statement that conflicts between opposition parties should be avoided because it is the only thing which will continue to keep SPP in power this time. However, careful analysis of the political arena historically and globally will always consist of these rivalries; it is a way to keep even the main opposition in constant balance and checks. I certainly do not view the critics of Gill about SNP as a conflict and throwing mud. Even between opposition there should be transparency and accountability. This can only be achieved by challenging and debating on the issue. Another example is that during the US elections Hilary Clinton critical about Obama and vice versa. Once Clinton lost, they rallied strongly together as a party to face the republicans. So, it is important to recognize these critical political thresholds and avoid unnecessary challenges and conflicts. I believe this is the time to do that, if not then I agree we do not stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

I refer to the last comment (i posted the one before last) and wish to put the following in perspective:

1. I am a regular reader of the this website and i must say that whilst i do not generally share Mr Gill's analysis i commend him for his action and the people behind this web site. I am close to changing my opinion about their practice of free speech. However having said that that does not preclude me from thinking that Mancham, Gill and generally the DPs have a responsibilty in allowing the SPPF/PL to grind this country into the dirt. Between 1992 and 2001 when Mancham/DP were the Leaders of the Opposition they did very little to progress the advance of democracy, in fact they spent all their their time trying to destroy the then Parti Seselwa/UO of Ramkalawan and co. I must say however that Gill seems to now be making amends. Above he says he is the only one who knows why he crossed the floor, i only wish that one day he enlightened us as to the true reasons. Personally i believe he would have done well to remain as an Independent MNA rather than join with the SPPF crooks.

2. I maintain that Gill/
Seychelles Weekly comments about SNP are not mere criticism, it is mud slinging pure and simple. Calling Ramkalawan/SNP as sell only has to go back to the Weekly of that time to see the terms used.

3. Seychelles mentality is rather unique. Differences between the Opposition Parties are viewed as weakness and the end result is that the SPPF/PL feeds and grow stronger on the differences.

4. I believe that the ball is Ramkalwan/SNP camp to drive forward a unified Opposition because they are in a stronger position. Unfortunately however i do not see him doing that. In fact i am unsure at all if Ramkalawan/SNP are commited in removing the SPPF/PL from power. At least their actions does not seem to suggest a concerted effort towards that end. Ageed that their means are limited, but they (the SNP Leaders) seem more concerned now with their own business and personal affairs (construction of their many houses) that political struggle. I get the feeling of them doing the bare minimum so as not to slip into political obvlivion and continue enjoying the perks and privileges of Opposition Politicians.

I know that the above may anger a lot of Opposition supporters and leaders who haunts the website, but the SPPF/PL seems to be doing almost everything to keep power and the Opposition seems only to be putting half hearted attempt at removing them.

Last week we saw the SPPF/PL have their Youth Conference. When was the last time any of the Opposition Parties stage any Youth Conference/organisation? As far as i can remember the DP has Young Democrats 15 years ago, and the SNP never had any Youth Structure.

Despite, all that is written on this website and happenings, i fear that the SPPF/PL will win the next elections not because they can do better for Seychelles but simply because they are better organised and we do not have yet a credible alternative to unseat them!

Anonymous said...

I posted the writing before the last one and I agree that the opposition seems to be more concerned about their personnel issues rather than national interest while SPP is very determined not to loose power. This is one issue I have always been very concerned about from the opposition community. Many people just leave the country. That is fine because everyone has their experiences and legitimate reason, but they should be concerned about their country and find ways to participate and continue to be involved. Make a special commitment to return back in Seychelles to register and vote no matter was is the cost, if not then we are like barking dogs. That is why I recommended that the opposition need to identify critical political thresholds and start acting seriously.

I also came to the same conclusion as the last writer and we discussed in a group that there is a lack of organisation between in within the opposition. There are no serious youth movement in the opposite camp. However, we note that SPP are free to organise and use their political machinery to their advantage and no one is scared of anything because power is in their hands. Even if one tried to pull the youth together it would be difficult under the current situation. On the other hand, there are many other things that can be done to help level the differences and this may be derived from us all.

We have listed the gaps and weaknesses. Now is the time to suggest possible solutions that can influence in samll ways the ground realities. I provide few examples as indicated below.

1.How about the private companies initiating short, medium and long term scholarship programs with affiliation with international organisations. Where is the role of Mancham in all of that since he is a global citizen!
2.How about the private companies encouraging and promoting job offers to cater for victimised people!
3.How about setting up a financial foundation to help the vulnerable and assist in social activities!
4.How about promoting the blogs by stepping up an intensive campaign

To confess I was saddened to witness that the opposition leaders wanted radio freedom when they could have gone for TV media. Anyone out there knows what the rules for TV media are! Why is there no interest in establishing one! I would love to know the details. Now that media rules i.e. laws are under discussion it would be interesting to know how to join and play the game.

I am very sure there are much more silent strategies out there in our minds that can help offset our adversary.

from now on I can be known as


Anonymous said...

From now on let me known as Vox Dei :). I refer to the last post.

On the issue of radio station, i was sadened also due to the fact that the SNP was basically fighting self interest. Their issue was that as a political party the law that had been passed disallowed them to have a radio. Whilst i will sympathise with them, i believe that the way forward is not for poltically biased press but rather an independent (from political party affiliation) press corp. I read recently in the REGAR of a paper prepared at behest of Pres. Michel by Pauline Ferrari and ors on state of the press in Seychelles. Other than the usual partisanship of the SBC, what struck me was the call for an independent press. The SNP did not get much sympathy over the Radio Freedom fight simply because it was a partisan fight and not a fight for the right of the population as a whole.

Having said that nothing prevents a group of person (other than a political party or religious group) from having an independent private radio station. However the fees i think are 1 million Rs, which is too high a fee and is most certainly a ploy by the SPPF/PL to prevent independent private radio stations from ever seeing the day.

On the issue of Youth Group. Since it has not been tried by the Opposition i am afraid i am unable to subscribe to the idea that it may be difficult. I know the SNP had a feeble attempt at creating one whcih was being orchestrated by the then Secretary of Wavel Ramkalwan, Mr Rosette but since he has resigned and left the party this project has it seems been put on the back burner. The mindset in the Opposition camp is that one needs enormous financial resourses to put in place such organisation, i say that this view is incorrect. I am the Secretary/Treasurer of a Church affiliated Youth Group and i can tell you that we organise many activities without much finances from anybody other than our own meagre personal resources...what is most important are charismatic leaders and most of all a message and a purpose. Once belief is established in the cause then all follows naturally.

Private sponsorship is difficult on a/c on of the fact that such expenses are not deductible from a tax point of view, basically that sponsorship would be from profits which would otherwise have gone to shareholders of companies.

However sourcing for international grants and aids would be a good thing.

It is an observation that unless one falls in the in crowd of the politicians when one is subject to victimisation from the SPPP/PL, one finds oneself alone. The SNP/Regar seems to be interested only when it concerns their immediate family members or supporters such as the Morins. Unfortunately no support group seems to exist.

Yes, i agree a lot of Opposition supporters seems to be voting with their feet. I cannot pass judgement as one s suffering is personal to one self. I guess that we are presently back in a situation where many have lost hope for a change of Govt, and they consider moving abroad a better option.

Vox Dei

Anonymous said...

I reply to Vox.

If I have written about the Opposition it has been to make them accountable as well. SPPF is not solely accountable to the People of Seychelles.

The Opposition to pass SPPF must be organized, united, and not be using politics for making money.

Money can be earned in business, where we all take our risks.

Secondly Vox, I would like to point out that I do not spend all my time writing article. I run a business, I contribute seriously everyday through pro bono (for free service) to Seychelles.

By nature, I am pro active and assertive.

Some of the tings I have been doing are: 1. drive to start INternational School on Praslin; Board of Governors. Praslin had the worse primary public school in the system, today we have the option of having the best with UK standards and teachers. We have set up a scholarship fund, that gives bursars to over 20 pupils. More will come.

I work on a Public Safety Committee on Praslin and we have brought crime down 60% since 2007.

I am working tirelessly to complete assessments on Mahe at all regions, to reverve the crime trends.

I am pushing the est. of a drug rehabilitation center on Praslin and one on Mahe with the Catholic Mission. We will finance it from private funds. Where government drops the ball, we have to pick it up and move.

I do this to make government accountable to the people. While I critic, I am also constructive.

Seychelles is in a crisis and needs the best to stay, not to go to Australia.

But to must rise above your fears.

Have a nice weekend.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill

I am not going to Australia nor have any intention to immigrate. In my humble way i contribute to the Seychelles despite having been victim to the SPPF security clearance on account of family association with the activities of the Opposition. I run a little business in the private sector and i "survive" which is the least i can do.

In 1992/93 i was still in my teens when multi party politics was started. Due to family involvement i happen to be privy to a lot of what was going on in the leadership of the DP and the SNP (in whatever form they were known then).

To say the least i was extremely disappointed in the results of the early elections but remained hopeful. I must say here that my family was torn between the DPs and the SNPs, gradually almost all migrated towards the SNPs because i think they saw in Ramakalawan a better chance in removing the SPPF/PL. Unfortunatley NOW most if not all of my family are disenchanted with the SNP/Ramkalawan whilst they would not be seen dead in the red camp they would nevertheless not now stick their neck out for any politician.

As a young Seychellois i must say i had my opinion of politics then and now. I am more for of a social democrat and certainly do not espouse the total free market thinking which is now being apllied by the SPPF/PL. I am foremost a democrat and believes thal all politicians (paid by tax payer or those still unpaid but hoping to get elected) should be held accountable for their political actions. I am not going as far as to say that they should be morally upstanding (i.e be faithful to their wives ....i know that may be asking too much or is), that is why i am concerned with the fact that this website which you Mr Gill no doubt controls serves to attack the SPPF/PL but allow the Opposition to get a way with a number of things which are not all democratic!

Unfortunately (even if you Mr Gill is cheering for the Opposition) i do not see more substance in the actions and behaviour of the Opposition Leaders/Parties than that of the SPPF/PL and that for the following reasons: both the the DP and SNP have autocratic leaders. Elections for Office bearers of both parties are at best can be called a farce if not a sham. Debates and internal democracy are non existent. The leaders appoint their own supporters and the end result is a lot of yes and Po Fler. Just look at the line up of the SNP in the Nat Assembly, some of them cannot even read a speech from a paper and yet they are MNA by virtue of being choosen by the leaders.

MOST IMPORTANT, the Oppositon (DP/SNP) lacks the structute to run an electoral campanig let alone win it.

The end result is that SPPF/PL will continue to win the elections, today Michel, tomorrow Faure, afterwards Adam or Morgan.

It is not a question of being scared as you try to put it across as, in 2006 i and my friends (some happened to be Young graduate Proffesionals and Public Servants) were squarely in the Opposition Camp, we were in meetings, i was even on stage at the meetings ans feature in a number of TV spots (some still being used by the SNP for promotional purposes), the simple truth is that the Oppositon no longer make our hearts beat. The Opposition no longer gives us hope, and do not seem to have programme for the future. Some people may come to the Opposition now out of sheer desperation of life but wait a few months before the elections when the SPPF/PL kicks in the feel good factors (you know what i mean), all will "retoun lakaz manman" simply because they were not there because they believed in a message.

The way i see it, it will take another charismatic leader (or leaders), a new approach to politics, honest and upstanding individuals who are there to make money like the current ones are. Most importantly a UNITED front! That person is out there, maybe his time has not yet come! :)

Vox Dei

Anonymous said...

I reply to Vox,

Vox, I do not imply you are scared and a lessor person for it. Fear is a major factor of control for SPPF /LP.

We must individually over come fear to defeat he who uses fear to stay in power.

They know that.

Concerning the SNP and DP and all their democratic credential woes:

No party in Seychelles is democratic right now. This is a problem. I have faced this problem in the past and it became very risky to my body.

Democracy in the Opposition must be pushed and encouraged. You must hold your leaders accountable.

Failing that, remove them.

I can write about SNP and DP all day, but I must write about SPPF and LP simply because they are the immediate cause of our grief.

A failing Opposition is but a spice ingredient to a soup in our marmite. The main body our soup of failure is already there:SPPF/LP.

We must remain focused.

Cheers Vox.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Vox to Mr Gill

I am for long enjoying a decent exchange of views with an Opposiiton politician, unfortunately that is something which is wanting in Seychelles.

I agree that the SPPF/PL are the primary culprit of our woes. It pre supposes that they need to be replaced. They naturally need to be replaced by an alternative (which we do nto have presently). Having said that persistent criticism and finger pointing at SPPF/PL will bring no change. I am not saying that your contribution are worthless, far from that, but i am just saying that we have been doing that for the past 17/18 years with very little to show. The Opposition has traditionally scored between 40-45% of the popular votes and generally have held between 8-11 seats in the Nat Assembly over time.

The Opposition (DP/SNP) structure has not changed at all since 1992/1993, with 2 principal leaders who party structure is based on a autocratic/dictatorial system.

The coming elections will probably see the Opposition score fall back to the 2001 era, and end up with not more that 5 seats in the Nat Assembly, and Wavel Ramkalawans Presidential score hitting below 40%!

The above is just to say that to remove the SPPF/PL, comes necessarily via a change in the Opposition Leaders or in the alternative the Opposition Leaders themselves having a drastic change of heart and way of doing things! Mr Gill proposed that we vote them out if they do not perform, however you fail to realise that the Seychellois people are in their vast majority politically immature if not to say lackning in most basic form of intelligence. Ok we are 90% plus literate but are we functional literate.

I focus on the Opposition basically due to what i consider as a universal truth and akin to the dogmas of the Catholic Church. One cannot expect any good at all from the SPPF/PL and its leaders. Any good is due by pure accident! Our salvation lies in their removal from power and this can only happen either by force (a coup d etat) or through the ballot boxes. Therefore repeating myself it is only a coherent, intelligent, and commited Opposition (and leaders) that can achieve that. It is not politically correct, but unless Wavel Ramkalawan and other Opposition Leaders perform or take a hike (do not count on the Opposition electorate to remove them, in any case the election held in the SNP is nothing but a farce) we are stuck with the SPPF/PL.

Bottom line is that a good hard look at the Opposition is as necessary in the struggle as everything else. We should not expect the SPPF/PL to just one day decide to give power up, nor is it normal to replace a democratic regime by an equally undemocratic bunch of people.

It remains to say that that after observing the youth (25-35 year olds) there is a yearning and hunger for real freedom and liberation, the torch only has to be handed to them, this will be done because it is the natural order of things!

Anyway cheers Mr Gill and good luck in your writings!

Vox Dei

Anonymous said...

With reference to Mr. Gill’s last writing, I am glad he did mention that we should stay and rise above our fears and not go to Australia …In the last election I was devastated to find a family of long time history in the opposition coming to Seychelles to watch the election campaign and deliberately leave the country a few days before election despite no urgency and reason to go back. This was not fair and right.
On the other hand, I also argue that we do not have to remain in Seychelles to bring the struggle to the end. Sometimes, the most significant changes in the world have been initiated from the outside. It is based on the ‘inner’ or ‘outside’ the box approach. At the end of the day it comes to optimizing current day realities. In this context, many ordinary people do not have the same coping capacities in terms of having their own business to create their own wealth if they stay in Seychelles. It is becomes inevitable to operate from outside, but my key message is that we should not forget our country, people and the cause behind. The bottom line is that people living overseas should participate and get involved. Most of all come back, register and vote, irrespective of the cost.
Refering to Mr Vox Dei, he is very right on many issues, but looking at it from a slightly different angle suggests the following:
The constant criticism did not bring change in government in the Seychelles, but has surely brought many significant political changes we know of today.
I also agree that only a committed Opposition with great leadership will bring the desired change. However, in the end it is difficult to force uncommitted leaders to stand down in the context of Seychelles because it will lead to further division as people of all sides think about partisan politics as Mr Vox Dei rightly suggest, however a true leader has to be able to recognize when it is the time to do that, and he has to do this on his own and at the right time without further delay.

I remain vigilant on the issue of the youth taking over because it is the natural order. I expect this to happen sooner or later, most probably after 2016, however, we have not seen any emerging leadership from the youth yet and I hope this is the case. In fact, I have yet to see anyone with this kind of leadership from the Opposition and I hope I am politically incorrect. I am currently having an eye on one man playing the game in the ‘grey area’, but it is too early to judge of his intentions and I hope he is not proving himself to be an absolute fool, but a master of the game. His name cannot be spelt out at this point.
In my personnel opinion, so far, Mr. Gill is one man with the qualities to this kind of leadership and he needs to find this in himself. That is why I have previously encouraged him to take further steps, apart from the ones mentioned on Praslin, which actually was very informative and important. However, my priority of interest is for a united opposition. The leadership at all cost has to be settled peacefully between the potential contenders.
One issue we may be neglecting based on our past perceptions is that the people of Seychelles have not learned. I remain cautious, optimistic rather than pessimistic to find out this time if the invisible forces which is built on pain and suffering has changed the mind set.
Lastly, as I argued last time, we have identified most of our weaknesses and this is an important thing to do. Have we identified our opponent’s weaknesses? The most important issue now is to prioritize strategies in the context of the existing rules.

I will personally start advocating the Opposition to start the process of implementing the recommendations of the last two elections by collaborating with the NGOs, UNDP, UN agencies the United States, Transparency International etc.
The other strategy is to put together a team to look closely at the voting list and it would be another mistake to think it is the Governments duty to do that.


Anonymous said...

Vox Dei replies to 1D1

Great thoughts there.

First point, without disminishing in any way Mr Gills potential and action, i find it hard for him to play major political role, and that is for the following reasons: his cross the floor experience has many people suspicious and probably many still do not pardon him for that, secondly he has a terrible language barrier (barely able to speak kreol), and thirdly lacks the man on the street attitude and is un approchable. I see him more in a role of advisor/strategist. Despite being elected at Bel Ombre in 1993, i fear that he will be unable to reproduce that nor has he shown any intention of doing active politics. In fact Mr Gill, Hoareau and other financial backers of the DP stood on the fence and allowed Ralph Volcere do a coup and take over what remains of the DP. :)

I know of many Opposition supporters who just basically pack and go and do not do much of an effort to cast a vote. We should never forget that unless done by a coup d etat, people must vote for change! No matter how much people overseas may be interested, or write on blogs and websites from aborad, the most imporant thing is do an effort and come down and vote. Wishing for a vote aborad is probably wishful thinking.

I agree too that a change of Opposition leadership would probably be for around 2016 and maybe beyond if Wavel and co decides to let go. However as mentioned by you the SNP has not allowed the youth much leeway or possibility. The appointment of Gervais Henrie has not served much in this optic. He himself is rather a cold person by nature (though he tries hard) and lacks the natural qualities that makes a good leader. I have a fair idea of who you refer to as in the "grey area" but it is likely that the SPPF/PL will sooner or later "amadoue" him. Ex. Basil Hoareau a young lawyer from Praslin with political ambition has been conveniently "lapes" by the SPPF/PL and is now doubtful if a political carrer now interest him.

I am a member of a local charity organisation composed of mainly young proffesionals, and no one is interested in an Opposition political carerr, seeing it has too risky and unrewarding. Despite being interested in politics they all seem to think that it not worth the trouble, and in any case none of the 2 Opposition parties (SNP/DP) has any structure to accomodate them.

Weakness of the SPPF. They are no doubt a corrupt bunch of people, but when it comes to winning the elections they seem to have no major weaknesses. Unless somebody proves me wrong.


Anonymous said...

Great insights from Vox

I understand the concern regarding crossing the floor, lack of kreol and most important the issue of approachability. I personally think the first two issues are not highly important, especially in the context of Seychelles and the culture. The last point is very critical, but I cannot comment on that as I have never meet Mr. Gill personally. What is important is that people can change. On the other hand, many leaders are actually difficult to approach. So in the end these may be his likely weaknesses, but I like to highlight on the strengths of individuals rather than the weaknesses. I acquired this knowledge in some of the best literatures of leadership and management and have seen and observed the outcome on a daily basis. As suggested earlier, only the men himself can make this decision.

I just wanted to clarify that it is correct that people have to return to Seychelles in time to register and vote. We have to play according to the rules and this is clear in the constitution.

SPP may look invincible, no major weaknesses but there are major weaknesses to identify and work on. They are strategic weaknesses. As suggested, Opposition needs to find ways to implement the recommendations of the last two elections. Assign trusted people to verify voting list etc.


Anonymous said...

I thank you all for your comments. They are all very valuable.

I do speak creole and my years in Praslin have served me well.

Opposition must unite in spite of itself.

Failing that, Mahatma Ghandi once said to his people when faced with the possibility of not being granted Independence on a silver platter: "a People get the government they deserve, nothing more, and nothing less".

I leave all you very sharp minded people with that thought, and I am sure we can see the light down this tunnel.

In the meantime, our Central Banker is destroying our economy.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I find it funny how so many readers are pre occupied with Mr. Gill. The cartoon is about a man taking us to the moon on a motorcycle.

Mr. Gill is not responsible for the situation we are in.

As far as I can say, thank God he is back in the Opposition camp. His writings now for a numbe rof years, have kept SPPF in the light, while our Opposition went to bed with them. Remember the 38% salary increase? The huge pensions? I can go on.

As for his integrity, I vouch for it. I once purchased a property from Mr. Gill, I sent him euro 60 Thousand and accidentally ove rpaid him. He called me immediately and advised me of the over payment and sent the money back to my account,net. Who would do that in Seychelles politics today?

Our politicians are on the take take take train. Unfortunately, they cannot touch my friends little finger. That's the problem they have with him, they wish they could.

Keep it up Mr. Gill.Seychelles needs more people like you getting involved.

Anonymous said...

I read the Star every week.
Christopher Gill recently did a fund raising drive to send Miss Anne Marie Mathoit to Mauritius for training in drug rehabilitation. She will come back to Seychelles to work with our youth addicted to drugs.

I was amazed at how he made everyone feel committed to give money for Miss Mathoit's training.

In 2 minutes he collected almost Scr. 25,000.00 from a room of about 40 people.

It is not the money that touched me, it is the energy and initiative he took to rally everyone to help our drug dependent youth. This is a problem everyone is ignoring.

We need more people like him. It saddens me to read all this mumbo jumbo about him.

We are so full of hate that we destroy even good people before they can help us.

It is easy to destory and much harder to build.

As a social worker, I feel disheartened to see that in Seychelles today.

We need everyone to join hands to help the youth today, they need us.

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