Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome Omen 2009 – by Christopher Gill

Koste Omen 2009!

Welcome, welcome, welcome...we are back, to service for the People of Seychelles, for free, free of paper, online, linked with Googles to the World, and for Freedom...but we want our US$2.5 Billion back and in 2009 we will not hide that slight little problem in the closets of skeletons SPPF wants us to! 

I would like to wholeheartedly thank all Seychellois who have prayed for me, and supported me through the year 2008. Without your kind thoughts of encouragement and prayers, I would not be able to face evil in the eye, and stare it down to its knees, every week. Thank you for your support and prayers. As one door shuts, the Lord opens another. Praise God!

Head Spirit Says "Koste"! 

The SPPF "Head Spirit" has announced that the Year 2009 is the year that Seychellois must "Koste" and come together in fraternity and work together to build our motherland, our patrimony which we all love dearly and want to see succeed. A nice gesture indeed, although a bit late and in the twilight of some people's lives, especially Head-Spirit and Boss themselves.

Year 2009 An Omen For SPPF

The Year 2009 is an omen year for SPPF. It will not just be tough, tough, tough, when times are good, and it will be bad, bad, bad, for the rest of the year for them, as calamity sets in after 32 years of bogus policies and failed ideas that we ordinary Seychellois, will be called to make extra-ordinary sacrifice again and again as SPPF face failure created from years of mismanagement, that has now collided head on with a world financial crisis rivaling the 1932 Great Depression.

Year 2009 will be worse for SPPF than any nightmare they could have ever, ever, dreamed of, since seizing power in a bloody coup on June 5th 1977 from a duly elected democratic government. 

At the end of 2009, don't blame me SPPF, I just write what happens. God's divine plan for us all is written by him, not humble me. I hope you don't decide you are going to sue God, after all, according to Bloomberg, you do not believe in God so he will not be a Defendant against you SPPF. (See Bloomberg Article For Reference on Atheist President, Head-Spirit himself). 

Have No Fear In 2009!

The time to fear is over, for we have nothing to lose anymore under SPPF, for all has been lost already under their failed leadership. Fear no more Seychellois! Once your land is acquired, you have no fear of land acquisition; once you have been detained, you have no fear of detention; once you have had your goods seized at port for malicious reasons, you have no fear of losing your goods; once you have unfairly been assessed taxes to finance corruption my brothers and sisters, you have no fear of ill conceived taxes; once your family member has been murdered or dismembered by acts of brutality, you have no fear of brutality; once you have been fired from employment or asked to politely leave, so fat cats can go on eating more then their waistline can take, you have no fear of employment termination; once you have no house, you have no fear of losing a house.

We only have to fear that they will keep on stealing if we remain silent. The time for each Seychellois to do what he and she can do to remove SPPF from elected -power, has come. Get to work People of Seychelles, work like there is no tomorrow. Because under SPPF, there will be no tomorrow. I am doing my share, now everyone, young and old, strong and crippled, has to raise his and her voice, for it will only get worse now if we remain under SPPF leadership. When they start begging, you will know times are bad and panic in their rank and file is about to set in. Be careful of the Army and former officers terminated abruptly. 

In 2009, Seychellois will begin to have no fear! As this mind set sets in, SPPF will now live in fear of itself. For the seeds of destruction within SPPF have been planted. No Bollywood stage show on SBC will uproot the planted seed from SPPF's gardens. No conspiracy with our weaker brothers and sisters in the Opposition will prevent the seeds of SPPF destruction from bearing fruit.  

Next time SPPF, be careful what seeds you sow. Even a farmer can tell you that you must pick your seeds very carefully, SPPF. But then again, you know nothing about farming, you just use farmers, like you just use fishermen.

SPPF= Zomn Lib

As SPPF goes to SBC and gives you eloquent prepped and practiced speeches, they have died standing up, like Zomn Lib. 2009 will be the year that we all see SPPF say whatever it wants, as it stretches its archaic, intellectual brain power now over 70 years old, conceived even before the typewriter, to overcome their failure.

But SPPF will not overcome its failure, it will not prevail, it will only start to walk its path to its end and final destination. Do not expect them to go quietly, Boss will not have any of that. As we show you the mud, and we uncover it in 2009 and show you the acid underneath the mud, you my dear People of Seychelles, will see the details of graft, corruption and gross mis- rule under SPPF. This time we will not merely allege, we will start to itemize, so make sure you have pen and paper Mrs. Nair, just like the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) will be noting, as we reveal numbered accounts scams and every other scam to the People of Seychelles and the international community watchdogs. 

As we uncover the mud to show you the acid below, Boss and Michel, will scream, call all MNA's to order to fight back our advance on Truth. After they tire from one article, or one speech of effort, they will ask if they too can go to Farquar for a rest for a weekend, just like the French-Mauritian friend of Savy. Boss and Head-Spirit will allow them a visit, just to keep them fighting a false battle that was lost on June 5th, 1977.

As the MNA's grapple with losing their pay packet, they will knock on your door, to see you, to preserve their pay packet and tell you all kinds of stories about why the $2.5Billion is not missing.... it is just overseas.

Ignore them and prepare the kettle. When they leave, tell them, Mr. Gill says,"Where it concerns the People's money, SPPF....there is no compromise!!!!! They will never bother you again and you will be on your way to Freedom. 

Watch SPPF Counter Attacks

In 2009, Boss will attack, call people names, even arrest people if things go too far for his personal comfort zone. Boss will use all his energy after a doze of oatmeal in the early morning, to coach the MNA's, teach them to act and defy Truth, fake it, like a Pro-Communist, even if Truth stares them down the throat.

He will tell them in life there is always struggle, so if you run out of fuel going up La Misere, push your car. He will say, we have struggled before, and can do it again, but he will not tell you that before, we had one of the highest credit ratings in the world, now we have the lowest credit rating, under his leadership. He will not tell you before we owed no money, now we owe more than all our money to someone else, and we have to beg them for money to feed ourselves by importing seeds not fruit.  

While Boss works hard to protect SPPF, Head Spirit will work hard at enjoying himself and make like there are no problems. He will enjoy his trips to Doha, Dubai, Singapore and shopping as usual. If Barack Obama had invited him to Washington, he would be there, but no invitation was forth coming to a champagne communist, even if begging for an invitation was in order, before the out-going US Ambassador.

As Head Spirit sends out a calendar and 2009 Diary in black, paid for by OUR money, signifying an omen year, and he captions the entry with his infamous words and gobbledygook, with such captions as "Towards A New Frontier And Beyond", when our new frontier is National Bankruptcy, People of Seychelles must be dearly concerned for their future under SPPF. The word REFORM hides the word BANKRUPT, but Head Spirit's face tells is all.

You in the North, open your eyes. You in the South, wake up and see how the failure of SPPF has damned our Country and ruined your lives and the lives of your children. Resolve in 2009 that you will personally do what you can to rid our Country of this scourge upon your motherland and family, once and for all.

Do not expect no Buzz lightyear- Communist to fix what they themselves have destroyed! It is not reality to have such a high expectation.

Boss will coach MNA's to be defiant in failure and resilient when faced with catastrophe, in order to beat the Opposition in its brain and destroy its sense of resilience and purpose over this great challenge before us all to rid Seychelles of Communism and the graft it has chained us in stainless steel. The worse Head Spirit gets, the harder Boss will have to work to keep things together. In the end, Boss will be able to do no more and he will not be able to keep up with the disasters of Head Spirit. They are numerous and may possibly out number the amount of grains of sands on our beaches. But Boss's mistakes are like granite boulders along our lovely coast, they too, cannot be tallied and they are huge of a historical scale. 

Opposition Beware

When Head Spirit seems hopeless, Boss will try to infiltrate the Opposition to save SPPF. He will try to chain and shackle opponents and voices of Freedom. Boss will buy who he can buy.

Head-Spirit will buy who he can buy, only because Boss is buying. Each will have his own budget independent of each other. As the buying and selling gets under way People of Seychelles, remember, I warned you it would happen. Head Spirit is already giving out loans, never expecting to have them repaid ever. Jj Spirt at work indeed.

Those that are bought and sold, we pray for you, and look forward to welcoming you back into the community of Freedom when you are done playing with the devil’s agents.

For today, we live in a Country, where the Nation is officially Bankrupt, but individuals possess greater wealth than even our beloved Seychelles in 2009. Thank you SPPF! 

In spite of all that, Boss is destined for La Zil as his place in history has been die-cast already. Head-Spirit, because he is not smart, thinks he is smart, so he does not read the fine print and leaves that for ordinary staff. So expect more policies that result in annihilation of our way of life coming from State House in 2009. As they are announced, I will sound them off. No longer are they saying we are rich, we are rich, we are rich. The queue phrase now days is we must "koste to survive...don't drown, struggle is part of life".

Today, the little voices of "Koste" are meek and weak. They announced the Year of the Constitution in 2008 and simply used our children to recite the Preamble for 12 months. In the end, little or nothing was recognized under our Constitution. Government offices wrote termination letters under the heading "Our Constitution, The Voice of Our Nation", stop orders were issued under the same logo and individual rights were generally trampled upon, SPPF broke every promise it had ever made, even to the pig and chicken farmers. In the face of national bankruptcy, and the lowest credit rating in the world, they now say," Koste"! I say, unless we have very good reason, just " Kile"! Get lost with your empty words SPPF, we see right through you like those red plastic bags you want to outlaw in 2009.

We See All Your Evil!

In 2009 we will not be alone. The Seychellois public will see through you; your international friends will see through you, the international financial community will see through you; the IMF, ADB, World Bank will all see through you; your former loyal supporters and government employees will see through you; managers will opt to leave government service, instead of staying on board to waste their talents; secretaries will walk away and keep the Terios you gave them; air stewardesses will get a job on Emirates, and leave Air Seychelles, because they have had enough; drivers will tell your Ministers to go drive yourselves; army soldiers will tell you they have dignity, so you should watch yourselves at night and not count on them any longer; Police will tell you Law and Order should start with you SPPF; nurses will tell you they would patch your wound but for a slight detail, no needle or thread; the Courts will say they would write a judgment but no paper and ink; SPTC will say they would service the routes but there are no more patches for the tyres and brake pads are finished; you will tell us that the train you promised us is not coming after all; the Dreamliner you promised is now off the list in 2010; there is no limit to what you will say SPPF. You will tell us the Seychelles Rupee is not devaluing again, it is floating, or you will say "adjusting". You will say it is the market that determines the value of the Seychelles Rupee, without mentioning how much of it you wasted and squandered over 32 years of graft and corruption.

Give Back $2.5 Billion in 2009

You will say our human right, to demand that the $2.5Billion be returned to us is bogus and a fabricated scheme to place SPPF in an unfavorable public light. But one moment SPPF..... one moment.

Read on Miss Bingo and Marie-Lou, read on Charlie don't miss the next paragraph. I boldface it so it remains imprinted in your minds.

The allegation of $2.5Billion missing from our banking system is not a fabricated notion by the Opposition or this Column. It is a credible assertion that has been made by ....your friend the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

SNP could not tell you that in the National Assembly, because they were flustered over SPPF MNA's debate. They mistook speeches for political assertions, when in fact, MNA's were acting like actors in a Bollywood film. This Column can take you home on the missing $2.5Billion SPPF. The IMF says the money is missing, so SPPF, give it back!  Our people can then go from being “Slumdogs” to “Slumdog Millionaires” like you SPPF fatcats!

There, I just took you home on it SPPF! What do you have to say for yourselves? What the entire SNP could not do in a whole session of the National Budget debates, we have done with one simple little line.

You SPPF, have played your violins, strummed your guitars, beaten your drums, danced into the night through the morning with the People's money . You SPPF have pillaged to your hearts content. Where there stands one house or one hundred houses, there should have been four houses or four hundred houses. Where there is 100 students overseas in university, there should have been one thousand students bursars being paid on time; where there is a water tank, there should  have been a water dam; where there is a little fishing boat, we should have had a fleet of purse seiners by now. You SPPF have played with the People's money. Now, in 2009, you will judge yourselves, or the world will judge you.

Give back the $2.5Billion missing, according to IMF. At least ask them to publish their assertions that sound so ridiculous to the Minister of Finance and Leader of Government Business are made public.

In 2009, I call on President Michel to request IMF in our name, to Publish the list ! Then go to the Districts for consultation.

Thuggery In Power

A Country cannot be led by thugs and then have a low incidence of crime and theft. Thugs set the example and everyone else follows. When you cry over a leader taking $150 Thousand and placing it in his private account overseas, who did he learn that from SPPF? Is it not you SPPF? So don't run too fast to call the little kettle black when you are a big marmite of graft and corruption, boiling over in failure and in 2009, utter despair and desperation is setting in as you ask us to "Koste", and keep you from drowning.

If you have an ounce of courage SPPF, read on a little fact, read on all year long, the entire year of 2009, we will have Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to put you to task over. When it comes to the People's money SPPF, there is no compromise!

Stratezi 2009:Hide The Truth 

In 2009, SPPF will be at it again, trying to hide the Truth from the People. They will try to say that Seychelles is not BANKRUPT under their management, but it is. They will hide BANKRUPTCY behind the word REFORM.

The SPPF will heighten their lies in fighting as Truth surfaces over missing money and increased liabilities for monies, some of which the People of Seychelles never saw. These funds are in the hundreds of millions of Dollars.

As President Michel says he is fighting corruption, ignore him. No leader in history of mankind has ever, fought corruption as slow as President Michel. He has redefined the definition of corruption by remaining indifferent to it for so long. As he announced his audits of 20 top companies in Seychelles, be forewarned this is IMF pulling his teeth, not him fighting corruption.

People of Seychelles, no longer are we naive, we must now see through the politics of deception and doublespeak.

Any leader that is fighting corruption will make a national call for Accountability. President Michel till today ignores Accountability. As the amount of resignations mount, he allows members of his gang to go free, cash in hand. Watch in 2009. We will back track and show you the double standards. As we do, we will check and balance an Atheist regime for the whole world and every Seychellois.

Imagine, this gentleman was in charge of our finances for many years, and he ignores Accountability. I wonder why. As President Michel tries to evade Accountability in his administration we will continue to place pressure where pressure is needed. Our authority to do so lies in one fact: we are Seychellois and Michel ignores Accountability to the detriment of our children who will have to pay back in full all the debts that he and Rene created in our name.  On their watch!

They will all be gone sooner then we can even repay 5% of our debts, which they created in co-conspiracy with each other over 32 years. However, when Michel tells us to "Koste", remember, over 600 Million of the 826 Million in external debt we have was created by himself in only four (4) years. So do not "Koste". Do not be fooled by the Spirit of deception (Bat La Tet!).

As our debts breach $1.2 Billion, remember, we did not have to be so indebted today. Where did all the money go can only be determined through Accountability , if this takes place, even Michel will have some questions to answer,e specially about his e mails to Lehman Brothers Director, the former "Master of The Universe" for Atheists.  

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and our beloved Seychelles

For comments, email me at




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