Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seychelles Raffles Hotel on Praslin - Environmental Disaster

Seychelles Raffles Hotel Bleeds Praslin Red

The site where Raffles Hotel and villas are being built by Vijay Construction was recently hit by heavy rains.  Because there were no precautions taken by Raffles agents and Vijay Construction, the island went bleeding red soil into the Anse Possession Bay, fronting Curieuse Island and the Marine Park. As the rains fell and currents flowed, the red soil made its way up to beautiful Cote D'Or beach, in front of Paradise Hotel.  This is an environmental disaster that will destroy the eco-system of the beautiful island of Praslin, and if this keeps up, there will no longer be white beaches on Praslin.  Anse Lazio is next when the monsoon changes soon.

To date, the SPPF Michel Government of Seychelles has not publically said anything about this environmental destruction. Silence has reigned. But in any other legitiamte jurisdiction that truly cares about the environment, stop order certificates would have been issued, heavy fines and penalties would follow, which would be used to protect the environment.

Apparently, even environmental officials on Praslin have responded to the Raffles project with disgust, but no action has been taken. Raffles has set a bad example and has demonstrated that it cares little for our environment and what we respect in Seychelles.

Once again, the SPPF Government is not serving its people and prefer to pay lip service to the environment while rolling out the red soiled carpet (no pun intended) to foreign investors who do not have Seychelles at heart.  Money talks, and it speaks louder when our Government remains silent on such important issues.  Shame on you SPPF! And shame on you Ministry of the Environment!  You both continue to fail the people of Seychelles.

A group of concerned and very angry Praslin (Seychelles) citizens.

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