Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seychelles has lost its morals


The destructive effects of over 3 decades of SPPF rule – the NYS

When the ‘pti group dimoun’ overthrew the democratic government of the barely elected (not even one year) Independent Seychelles Coalition government that was supposed to take us into a new beginning, a new departure after years of political confrontation was dawning on our beautiful little Paradise. The architect of this Coup D’Etat made his first LIE to the people by saying that he had been called upon to form a new government.

ALBERT RENE, today 32 years older decided that he would implement his own dictatorship on our small islands and decide the fate of all its citizens. According to him, he wanted to reverse what colonialism had done to Seychelles in the past and install a more ‘equitable society’. This society which he experimented with was based on a communist ‘utopia’ that we would all partake in what the country had to offer us. In doing so, he chased all those with the money that could invest and create wealth for its people and opted for assistance and welfare from failed communist states such as Russia, Cuba and North Korea.

Nationalisation was the order of the day. All businesses were taken over to be managed by a central system composed of Rene’s own self appointed cronies. And of course with himself as Chairman and strongman of most of them, no one could overrule him. He based his philosophy of providing the basis for all the people from education to housing and health. This was being paid for through a budget via tax systems but the poor Seychellois did not realise this. He had obviously realised that Seychelles has a very strategic location and played the Americans (who had a tracking station at La Misere) with the Russians who wanted to expand their foothold in the Indian Ocean.

Knowing that the prime barrier to his utopian state was the Catholic Church, he tried to dismantle this institution in several ways and ended up tearing down the Seychelles College and the Regina Mundi Convent schools which were the top academic institutions of our society open to those who could afford to pay to get in but primarily the brightest of our students who could attend through bursaries. Ironically today, most of the people in key positions running the country and playing ‘dodo’ to the same SPPF system that destroyed these institutions are the bureaucrats / technocrats keeping the country afloat (apart from Sosis who burst!). It is also ironic that it is this same generation that showed Albert Rene that they were not scared of his violent tactics and opposed the NYS system through two days of peaceful marches until the grounds of State House. The will of this generation was there to avoid this catastrophe but unfortunately the ones that followed were not equally determined and were trapped into other lies that it would not be compulsory – which it turned out to be.

Millions were spent on so called NYS camps with the likes of Danny Faure (freshly back from studying in communist Cuba) as the head of this terrible experimentation that has inflicted a lot of damage on the youth of today. Some were even sent to Desnoufs by boat in the howling ‘vann swet’ to pick up birds eggs which today even Glenny with an IDC plane can barely bring back to Mahé. The experiment did not last too long as little Francis & Geva decided that he could not handle the environment and the President’s son paid for it with his life. How sad! Kids at a vulnerable age of their teens when they need to have their parents having a closer eye on them, sent to mystery camps where they could only be seen once a month. Heaven knows what went on in these camps as the teens became sexually active in a ‘laisser fair’ environment (learning more or less what Albert Rene was preaching as his model society). Rumour has it that a lot of these young chicks were plucked from the rooster so that the ‘coq du polailler’ and several other studs could assess their potential growth.

From Ste. Anne 1 to Ste. Anne 2 and Port Launay to Cap Ternay our vulnerable youngsters endured an experiment that has cost this country a fortune and tainted the lives of many parents and their beloved children. Many will remember that it was equality for all at the camps and some had to sneak in a little snack once in a while when they went home and all other horror stories still persist. Albert had to give in on creating this model society that he could control forever. So the camps were left to rot away and Danny Faure got his first gallons!

Most of the kids who had been trough this experiment had difficulty to fit back into their home environment and society. Their further education continued till Polytechnic which was basically another Seychelles College and Regina Mundi Converted under one roof. As we were communists, this was build by the Chinese. When you are a staunch supporter of Albert Rene you do happen to go very far, irrespective of the blunders or the little bit of grey matter you have between your ears. Danny moved on to become a teacher in political science at the Seychelles Polytechnic (to maintain his efforts in enforcing this communist dogma). With Albert being his mentor and Cuba being his utopian society, he rose to the ranks of continuing with the youth experiment – The SPPF Youth Organisation (young pioneers etc…) – where he  is well know for his chants of ‘bere, bere, bere’! His devotion to the party was unwavering and Albert Rene trusted him with the communist model by promoting him as a National Executive Committee -, Member of the SPPF Central Committee, Principal Coordinator of the SPPF Secretariat, and Principal Executive Co-ordinator of the SPPF Secretariat.

From 1993 to 1998 he was appointed as Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly. Having defended the government in a ‘pluralist’ assembly for the first term, he moved to the rank of Minister for Education. In that role, he still believed that the communist utopia could service in a multi party democracy and did everything in his power to halt the re-emergence of private schools which are now ironically producing the future leaders of this country.

There are a few exceptions of people who have been through the NYS system and are faring pretty well today. But it sad when you talk to several families whose children have been traumatised by this experiment and today have barely a future apart from hanging around the ‘ghettos’, the ‘lapire’ joints or acting as drug pushers. This is the model society Albert Rene and his pupil Danny Faure has left us with in the 21st century. No wonder the SPPF rallies are all about free booze, insults and more free booze.

Now that you are the Minister of Finance Mr. Danny Faure, it is your duty (and you are 110%) well placed to give us an account on what this bogus experiment of trying to create puppets with no brains you were orchestrating in the early ‘80’s has cost this country. Now that we are under the IMF microscope, the failure of such a white elephant rests squarely on your shoulders. Or perhaps your side-kick Marie Louise Potter can come to your rescue with her squealing voice in the Assembly. She was after-all another pawn in Albert Rene’s ploy to keep his communist utopia going. Cuba has just celebrated 50 years of the so called socialist revolution but I doubt if Seychelles will be fortunate enough to see it through to 2011. Otherwise, as you rightly said during the budget speech reply in the assembly, “si fodre desann, nwa desann”!!!

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