Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A member of the MSR (Mouvman Seselwa Rasin), Anthony Battin has been tracked by State thugs who, according to him they want him dead. State knows he is a member of MSR and he is also a former bidyguard of former President Albert Rene. He abandoned them after they killed his brother in the 80's.
This is further proof of ongoing Human Rights Violation in Seychelles.


Patrick X said...

For what reason does this man believe the state wants him out of the way? Is there any particular thing he has said or done or knows something that is not fit for public ears?


Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Murders and corruption as usual under the SPUP, SPPF and now LePep parties. You cannot change the leopard and this country will never change until the 2 murderers Rene and Michel have left us for that place we call HELL.

Anonymous said...

I believe he served in the Army, and was Rene's body guard at one point and a key soldier that rebuffed the Rebellion.

The case, when taken with all the other incidents MSR has faced recently, Break ins, files, stolen, IP addresses monitored, phones bugged, clearly display a lack of respect of human rights in Seychelles, and the lack of ability of MSR to function free of intimidation, violence, or threats of the same.

The fact that Mr. A. Battin filed a separate report incident years back corraborates that these types of incidents can and do happen in Seychelles today.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Patrick X said...

Well, good thing he's done this the right way by filing a report to the police so it's on record. I think it's important to do just that and make everybody aware of the ongoings if indeed they are true.

The saddest part of this is, if indeed true, is that the official opposition does nothing about it or posts articles in their mouthpiece.


Anonymous said...

Reply to Patrick X-

He had cc Ramkalawan in the Police Report.

The matter is on star and they are free to down load it all and print.

Unfortunately, like many things said on STAR, the official opposition will not publish because though true, it will offend the ruling party.

Just read Regar and any one will see how they baby along the PL with their atrocities on our democracy.

They even win court cases, dragged out over years and years, and headline: "Reaffirming Our Rights".

No wonder PL does not take them seriously.

At this time, the only serious thing SNP can do is unite the Opposition.

Failing to do that, will spell the begining of the end of SNP.

They have been, a big let down, as much as PL sometimes but not all the time.


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Mr .A. Battin He appears to be a man with integrity and great courage."Bravo"
It is about time all the discontented seychellios/e speaks up
I have hope of seeing a more equitable society in the near future.
We all need to ensure our countryman safety .Nothing in this life last forever .If we live long enough we all can witness what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

This guy seems to had problems since 2007 when MSR dont exist. How mouvman razwar can take credit for this? It is definitely nothing to do with drug running route from Kenya. Maybe Gill should repeat the previous advice to threat of violence by MSR "you reap what you sow" ?

Patrick X said...

Ok, so the guy has alledgedy been involved in drug running from Kenya. How come the police have not arrested him for those crimes? Is there any evidence or indications or are those merely rumours? Nevertheless, the state and government should not persecute him for that, but rather arrest him. Or perhaps he knows a bit too much about who else is involved in drug running?


Anonymous said...

Murder being ordered from State House ? Impossible !

Anonymous said...

Soon Tikolor will come and say that it was all for the best of the nation.

Anonymous said...

The point is not MSR taking credit for anything little one.

Battin is an MSR member and Sergeant at Arms officer being threatened with death, not in 2007 but today in 2010.

The death threats correspond to the timing of the break in into MSR Office. The threat corresponds to the denial of certification for participation in up coming elections.

The death threats corresponds to the bugging of my phone and information released by State House Agents on the contents of my conversations.

The threat corresponds to the People paper expose that placed their own finger print in writing to the break in.

The threats correspond to MSR distribution of over 10,000 MANIFESTOS to SPPF PL in October and November 2010.

On the issue of DRUG running. This is unfounded, unless there is a case against the man. If there is, PL can file it.

So there is no case. It is not right to speculate in public on drug running. I have had numerous attempts to have drugs placed on me and it is a synical practice that must stop.

If he is drug running, why do they not charge him for that, instead of trying to kill him?

Would Michel choose death for his son for drug running? I think not.

Why does death go well for MSR member, as a remedy?

Because he was not drug running, he was spreading the Creed of "Sesel Pou Seselwa".

This scares Michel to the point that perhaps he would give an order to kill?

The era, of "getting difficult people out of the way", is over SPPF PL.

Every person is innocent until proven guilty, the Constitution of Seychelles cannot be reduced to a living room decoration item, if we are to have a Democracy.

Right now, it is looking very much like a something that is being placed under the PL wheel to keep its flat tire upright, while they try to hitch another ride.

Want a Cartoon on that?


Anonymous said...

James Michel running death squads from State House ? Impossible !

Anonymous said...

The President does not kill !

Anonymous said...

Reply to the President does not kill-

This is present tense not pas tense.

It sure as hell is not future tense.

Who are you kidding,

Is this your blog as a lame excuse to pose as a defense to the President?

The issue is the safety and personal Security of Mr.Anthony Battin.

Address that issue Collaborator, before we start putting your fat stubby legs out to dry,that have been fatten off the the blood of our people, as you enjoyed your fake CNN reports over our sweat pain and suffering as a People.


Anonymous said...

SARJI Collaborator Fabrike-

The President does not kill.

Guns kill?

Does the President put killers behind bars or in front of them?

Or does he put them in blue Terios jeep to drive around on State House Fuel Budget?

Anonymous said...

The President is not a killer !

Anonymous said...

As Richard Nixon said, the president is not a crook !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How about how James Michel was looking at the conference the other day ? Nation did not dare put the photo on its front page to accompany the article. Any photo of James Michel in state-run media is sickening. But this latest photo suggests the man is sick.

Anonymous said...

To "Every person is innocent until proven guilty, the Constitution of Seychelles cannot be reduced to a living room decoration item, if we are to have a Democracy".

Does this apply to FAR and JAM? or is democracy only reserved for you and your convienience?

Anonymous said...

YES JAm is running death squard from state house:He did not hesitate to rapped our democracy in 1977 to in order to rob our freedom and in order to keep himself and his gang from prosecution he will use what he knows best to intimidate all opposition forces.

Battin is a man of mettle.He we must not only comment on him but he should be supported.trying to say that Mr Battin is involve in drugs dealing is rediculous but at the same time it is normal when it is done by Pp ,that is how communism works_it is always the others that are wrong but never communism.

Jeanne D'Arc

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Anonymous said...

"The front page will have a more modern look, with the masthead size slightly reduced but enhanced with an orange/red colour, in the place of green, for greater visibility"

Hummmmmm interesting ain't it! Now the supposedly national news paper will look more like "People" rather than a modern look (as they put it) sporting the original colour. I smell a rat!

Anonymous said...

Giving it amore xmas colour maybe? LOL

Anonymous said...

I hear through radio bambou that a new paper is coming out and that is why they are rushing to change their format. But once a mouthpiece for Party lepep & James Alix Micheil the Jam man, always a red communist mouthpiece. We will still see Michel on the front cover every day and also on Sbc every night. Leopards and Lepep have the same spots always.

Anonymous said...

Johnny sent is best wishes to all members of MSR and all beloved Seselwa who beleave in change and Democracy a Merry Christmas.

Tikolor i think PP&jAM gona give you some baka and prepare some curry Tortie for you on Christmas Eve.Enjoyed it Du wichser.


Anonymous said...

Albert y lo zil Deros pe bez son torti. Dani For pe zwen li bientot pou lenne akoz li osi y bezwen delwil torti avan y tek over State House avek Misel. Liki pou sal 2011. Zat a war biento.

Anonymous said...

Guys, whatever 2011 will bring will remain to be seen, good or bad. Regardless, a merry xmas to all red, green and blue. Have a good one.


Six pack said...

A funny story which will cause PP to end up in shame.

Anthony Batin a former soldier of the late tyrant Albert Rene is now a target to all sorts of attack's.

A drug trafficker they accused him of; what a joke if only they would go to Facebook and see Mouvman Seselwa Rasin's profile where a post with Batin's consent clearly show's why the fight against drug traffickers as we know (Gro Pwason is failing).

Instead of going all out to put two kids into misery without a father, why not act as a real government and leave him be. Leave Batin Alone.

If a seselwa claims that Sesel is for Seselwa he or she is right.
Because the last time i checked we are in Seychelles and the people is called seychellois/e.

Les Anthony B. trankil!!

God bless Batin his kids and all around him.

Anonymous said...

Just because a person does not support them, they threaten and try to kill him?

That is pathetic and it is a sad statement of the State of Affairs in Seychelles.

We all know Battin is not a drug dealer. We all know who deals drugs in Seychelles.

Next thing we will hear, is the PL want to run over any one that opposes them with 20 ton trucks to make it look like an accident and not a political killing, or murder.

Keep on drinking at Level 3 thugs.

As for James Michel, who habours thes ethugs in his official domain, he has the rsponsiblity to curtail incidences of violence in Seychelles, not increase them.

PL says they are watching us.

I say this to PL: We are watching you. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Level 3 happens to be the new drinking hole of these thugs and it happens to be just down the corridor from MSR's office.

I encourage all MSR supporters to go enjoy a drink at Level 3, preferably after 8.00pm.

Let us know how it is.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Six pack said...

Not only is it their best drinking hole but also famous for Naiken the NDEA who constantly goes to see movies from 07:30PM onwards at deepam just around the band of the MSR office.

People like Marengo, Scully,Sheedy,Queen and more are like kings there spending all out at the bar and influencing Level three bar management to seek Irish songs which when they come over turn the dockland into a irish paradise.

Home away from home!! WHy the sudden change now from coco d'or to docklands??

Is it the MSR office?

I for one am going to constantly pass by for a drink att level three and see these xcalibers in play, i read that MSR office was broken into rather mysteriously.

Sesel Pou Seselwa.

Am going to gather my MSr friend and am going down when i hear they are on.

How would i know?? Well simple listening to the irish tunes coming from docklands floor.

Anonymous said...

MSR encourages SESELWA RASIN to come down and have a drink at Level 3 Docklands in the evening.


Smith said...

I believe he served in the Army, and was Rene's body guard at one point and a key soldier that rebuffed the Rebellion. The case, when taken with all the other incidents MSR has faced recently, Break ins, files, stolen, IP addresses monitored, phones bugged, clearly display a lack of respect of human rights in Seychelles, and the lack of ability of MSR to function free of intimidation, violence, or threats of the same. The fact that Mr. A. Battin filed a separate report incident years back corraborates that these types of incidents can and do happen in Seychelles today. Sesel Pou Seselwa! Christopher Gill

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