Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Addendum to Transcript of H. Gappy Refusal to accept 4th Submittal of MSR
The transcript of Hendrik Gappy refusing to accept a 4th Submittal of MSR of its manifesto is highly indicative of his bias, arbitrary and capricous intent to deny MSR certification.
Mr. Gappy attempts to lure MSR member Isaac with the way forward as being a case before the Constitutional Court to seek redress because Mr. Gappy  knows the process before the courts will be long and drawn out with appeals, that will go beyond Nomination Day for the 2011 Presidential Elections. Final court decisions will be made long after elections have passed.
It is for this reason, why MSR has submitted numerous amended manifestos to attempt to satisfy Mr. Gappy, as much as we can over the last Eight (8) months.
But because Mr. Gappy is making maliciously driven decisions in regards to MSR, there is nothing we can do satisfy Mr. Gappy.
It has been in exhausting all possibilities before us, that we have exposed Mr. Gappy's bias, his arbitrary conduct of public affairs, which render him not qualified to be the Electoral Commissioner to officiate fairly over any  election in Seychelles. Our experience demonstrates, Mr. Gappy is not capable of fairness. The recording, says it all when taken in the context of the realities MSR has faced. 
Mr. Gappy says we must go to court after each decision he makes. This is false, as he accepted Three (3) submittals and two amended submittals from MSR. The 4th submittal, was a Party Platform I gave Philippe Boulle to file, which he later amended slightly by simplifying it and eliminating the section on a poltical party. Mr. Gappy accepted that document, and Mr. Boulle is a Presidential candidate now.
The final exposure of Mr. Gappy's discriminatory conduct and effort to obstruct the process of certifying MSR is evidenced by the simple fact that as a Public Servant, he refused to even accept the document addressed to his office, and he refused to even give the MSR agent a written receipt for the documents intended for his office.
Can you imagine handing in documents to a government office, and they refuse to take them, refuse to give a receipt of acknowledgment of receipt of documents? The whole country would come to a standstill. This is what Mr. Gappy has done to the democratic culture in Seychelles, within the context of the election process which he officiates over. MSR has just been a tool to expose this flaw in our system.
The laughing over a serious matter by Mr. Gappy, in my opinion exposes Mr. Gappy's hidden agenda to block MSR from running in the Presidential elections to protect James Michel, the only President, to ever Bankrupt Seychelles. PL know that MSR's support bas eis from the opposition camp and their own party, as SPPF defectors have joined the MSR and  Michel cannot afford to have to face a third flank in the upcoming election. 
MSR has filed a Constitutional Court case as a last resort. But in the  meantime , the Commissioner of Elections has disenfranchised thousands of voters, from having the right to freely associate, and choose their representatives freely, a prerequisite to any democratic system. What Mr. Gappy is doing to MSR is not any different then what Apartheid South Africa did to ANC; it is not different then what the JUNTA in Burma has done to Aun Sun Su Kyi.
Tyranny has many faces, but always the same intent: keeping power at all cost.


Anonymous said...

You are correct in saying that James Michel and his party is afraid to get MSR register, as some votes will certainly be taken from SNP and DP, because some Seychellois is fed up. I do admire you are trying, but in the end SPPF i pes drive non in the dark days.

Anonymous said...

First, a happy New Year to you Mr. Gill and glad to see that you are back on the air.

Secondly, it is time to tell the world about Hendricks Gappy and all his misdeeds. If he wants to play dirty, then I urge everyone who knows Gappy's dirty laundry to write about it and see if he can continue to ruin the lives of the Seychellois people. Give him aa taste of his own medicine for a change. Start with his wife and extra curricular marital affairs, then delve into his bank accounts and his new found riches.

Thirdly, the problem with civil servants like Gappy is that they have become too big for their boots. James Michel and Albert Rene have put many of these PUNKS and PTI MEN and PTI LADIES into high positions in OUR government, and today, these people think that they can do whatever they want. A lot of them are corrupt, run their own businesses from the GOvernment's office, use Government's assets such as cars and drivers to do their personal work, use state funds to buy everything from food stuff to alcoholic drinks, fly business and first class at our expense, have chauffeurs drive them around as if they are some African dictator from the 70's, use their so-called power to get free services such as hotel stays and free meals at restaurants, and some even use their power to solicit sex with office secretaries who are then given unjustified salary increases or promotions. Prostitution at its best!

Our country is tired of civil SERVANTS like Gappy. Yes Gappy, you are nothing but a bloody CIVIL SERVANT, and you are there to serve the people of Seychelles and not James Michel and State House. So don't be surprised if you are knocked off your high chair one of these days very soon. Remember that bad karma happens to bad people, and you should repent before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Gappy is definitely corrupt. Someone should ask him about his shares in Space95 with Francis Changleng and Bernard Moutia.

Anonymous said...

Gappy is a collaborator of PP no doubt about it,he was Appoited not Elected at the helm of the election commission to do just what he is doing now,namely fraud election,block participation in election any party or movement that pose a threat to Pp existance.

Gappy and PP can preach the gospel of transparency and fairness but communists are afraid of change they donot hold elections in order to promote democracy but rather to save their ass.

Whether you like it or not PP and collaborators MSR will become a party sooner than later.
Seselwa wants a government of the people ,for the people ,by the people, and not by communist crooks and foreigners turned pseudo-seychellois.

Sesel Pou Seselwa.Vive MSR!

Jeanne D`Arc

Anonymous said...

I urge Ramkalawan and SNP and Boulle to be serious and to boycott the upcoming elections and send a clear message to James Michel that the people of Seychelles are fed up with their cheap politics. This would go a long ways to establish a credible opposition to Party Lepep and show the world that we are truly fed up with Michel and his antics.

Wavel, do the right thing. This is your last chance at proving to the people that you were worth voting for in the last election and that you are still standing up for the people of Seychelles. By being silent on the matter, it will simply prove that your party is no longer working for democracy, but for your own pockets. The people can forgive you for the salary increase you voted for, but they won't forgive you for giving up on them.

A female victim of the SPPF era.

Anonymous said...

For boycott to be effective of course all parties must have one voice but RAM does not seems to be bothered about being elected according to his own light and does not show any sign of bringing unity in the opposition.RAM Has been silent on Gappy's refusal to register MSR,as he has been on all issues in the past.RAM deos not have any political ambitions he only concern is how he can pocket the people with Tax payers money.

RAM never work for democracy but for himself,usually he cries out against Pp in the Assembly to give us the impression he is doing a good job then later he goes for tea at state house to negociate his personal benefits with Pp.

This guy is not to trust as pp unless he shows the contary,so far so bad RAM-get off your backside and do something for your country.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

If this is a true transcript it makes Gappy look like a complete idiot.

Anonymous said...

The transcript is genuine ,it gives ordinary people a insight of the real face of those communists and collaborators .Both Gappy and Pp are concerned of the growing strenght of MSR ,they feeling the heat under their asses.Msr means danger to the communist regime ,and register MSR as a party is a too risky game<. In otzher words in Gappy's point of view allowwing MSR to participate in the coming election would be as if Pp committed suicide before anyone had even murder him.

Gappy will try all his best to please his Master Michel else he will be disposed and will losshis big cat salary being paid by tax payers money for doing nothing than fraud elction every five years.

Whatever your tactics Gappy in the end good will win other bad.

And remmeber BOURIK sesel pou seselwa!Vive MSR.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

How can an election be free and fair if not all players are allowed to participate?

I do not support MSR up to now, but I have followed Gills writings, and he is begining to make sense to me.

I came back on a flight from South Africa, it was full of South Africans that told me they live in Seychelles and are residents, but they come once a year.

One man told me he know heegar and they plan on buying all of seychelles and will own it in 3 years at most.

cookie said...

MSR is a joke... and if you don't believe me, read some of these articles. Hilarious to say the least. Always looking for something to "lie" about.

Anonymous said...

MSR is the only serious movement in this country so far.Pp always finds it necessary to block its registration as a party,why'? it suggest that Pp is worried.

MSR has done what others have failed to do in the last thirty three years,enveil pp criminal activities.
MSR is the party Pp has to learn to live with,for it is not going anywhere,it is here to stay.
Lastly,if pp crimes are lies,prove the contary noz be words but physical facts.

Sesel pou Seselwa!
Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Reply to Lie-

The written verbatum is from an actual recording of Gappy. There is nothing to lie about.

MSR seeks Truth and defends truth. Log on to lavwa Sesel and listen to Gappy's ramblings.

Sesel Pou Seselwa is not based on lies. It is based on a historical truth.


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