Friday, February 19, 2010

Seychelles - La Misere Residents Drink Water with Human Excrement

James Michel & Parti Lepep Have Residents of La Misere Drink Human Excrement Water

The 20 foot containers leave the Seychelles International Airport runway with no Australian Customs bigots around to check the contents.  Buses full of Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans drive straight from the airport to the forested hills of La Misere; fast-track immigration procedures not a problem.  More containers leave Victoria Port and drive right through the Customs and Security Gates.  No Irish policemen to be found and no searches or bill-of-entries required.  The large overloaded trucks drive up to La Misere, destroying the roads and scattering cars, people and everything else on their way up the narrow La Louise and La Misere roads. No import permits required, no paperwork, no work permits, no tax and no duty levied. All courtesy of one President James Alix Michel and his corrupt PP Party.

Destination of containers: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan's Palace which is under construction on the now scarred mountains of La Misere.  All 27 beautiful acres gifted away for ONE SEYCHELLES RUPEE (SCR 1) or TEN AMERICAN CENTS (US$ 0.10).  An abomination of a castle that has forever ruined the skyline of the once beautiful La Misere mountains is now under construction for the Ruler of Abu Dhabi. Courtesy of one James Alix Michel and his corrupt PP Party.

Meanwhile, apart from the blasting and destruction of million-year old granite rocks and the sad annihilation of the endangered Seychelles White-Eye bird habitat, the La Misere water sources have recently been contaminated with human excrement from SEVEN HUNDRED (700) construction workers who are working on Khalifa's massive concrete monstrosity of a structure. No Gainful Occupancy Permit (GOP) paid, making these workers illegal.  The Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) has reported that the construction company doing the building works has no license and has not applied to do business in SeychellesCourtesy of James Alix Michel and his corrupt PP Party.

The residents of La Misere and the surrounding mountainside villages have had to endure nothing short of torture to have feces running out of water taps at their homes. A few months before, they had to put up with water contaminated with diesel fuel that had leaked when a fuel tank was damaged by the illegal construction.  State House, Ministry of Environment, SBC, the MNA for Grand Anse/La Misere and all of the other PP Party stalwarts buried their heads in the sand and ignored the cries of help from the residents of the area.  Farmers crops were wiped out, and residents had to haul water from elsewhere in order to bathe their children let alone cook their meals.  Only after the residents were faced with an ungodly, inhumane predicament such as human excrement in their taps and after hundreds of calls to state-owned SBC did the Station finally show up with a camera to film the evidence.  The SBC filmed excrement flowing through a bathroom sink of one poor resident, who will now have to re-pipe and replace all sanitaryware in her home. Some residents have been admitted to hospital with stomach pains and other ailments.  All courtesy of one culpable James Alix Michel and his corrupt PP Party… Mukesh Valabhji’s desalinated salty water is starting to taste pretty good at this point!

The La Misere construction site lacks sanitary living standards acceptable to accommodate 700 workers, let alone 5 workers. But then, the Sheikhs of United Arab Emirates (UAE) are used to enslaving their workers and getting them to work in inhumane conditions in the desert heat for little pay.  If you don’t like it, you are deported.  And here in our small Seychelles, all caution has been thrown out with the Arabic Al-Shamal wind.  Even the Government of Seychelles authorities were initially denied entry to the site. This in itself is preposterous and violates our sovereignty, let alone our laws. Any other site would have been issued with a Stop Works Order, pending a hearing and full 100% resolution of the matter of overflowing excrement and diesel in drinking and potable water. The site would have been swarming with workers from the Ministry of Environment and the Immigration Department.  But not this time around.  The Sheikh has been given immunity and laws have been changed to please the Abu Dhabi Kingdom Ruler.  Courtesy: who else but James Michel and his corrupt SPPF Party!

Sheikh Khalifa

The question remains to be answered is does this construction company even exist in Seychelles? Has it incorporated in Seychelles or did the workers just get off the Russian Antonov that flies in daily and go up to La Misere to work for Sheikh Khalifa?  The answers of course, just like the content of those 20-foot containers, lies with no other than James Alix Michel and his corrupt PP Party.

Meanwhile, global traveler Michel and Secretary of State Adam are nowhere to be found and hiding behind Minister DO-IT-ALL Joel Morgan and the ever-ineffective Environment Principal Secretary Dogley.  Not a time for photo-op or TV appearance now is it, Mr. President of all Seychellois?  We guess this gives new meaning to the saying that “when you are in the sh*ts, you really have no friends”! 

Minister Morgan addressing the audience during the closing ceremony
 Joel Morgan

So in steps Mr. Dogley from the Ministry of Environment to state that “they are dealing with the matter”. Which matter we are not sure, but we have to assume he is referring to the brown matter!  He has urged the non-licensed contractor to negotiate individually with the residents of La Misere to reach amicable monetary settlements.  I guess the “MATTER” has finally been taken seriously and someone is in deep doo-doo!  Reminds me of UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon sending “nice” letters to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-iL respectively to ask them to stop enriching uranium!

In the meantime, we certainly hope that the affected residents choose an excellent lawyer to file their class action lawsuit.  Incidentally, one Mr. France Albert Rene is available.  He may be willing to take the case since it smells of you know what, and he is retired and living off a small Seychelles pension and has told us so many times that he has “tres peu de sous”.  With his old slogans of “Sesel pou Seselwa”, I am sure that he can dust off his old white lawyer’s wig and get his state-paid bodyguards to drive him to the dilapidated Victoria court house.  Maybe in his twilight, the old man can put some order back in the Judiciary, a branch of Government that he single-handedly dismantled and brought into disrepute throughout his 33 years of reign over us poor Seychellois.  What a comeback that would be, and what a way to go out with a victory for the poor, hapless Seychellois people.

France Albert Rene

My recommended settlement would be at least the following for all members of the affected La Misere families. And lest we forget, “La Misere” ironically translates to “The Poor”:

1. UAE Passport and Emirati Citizenship - should not be difficult to win this as we sell our own Seychellois passports and dole out citizenship to anyone with a few dollars in their pockets

2. Free Medical for Life at UAE’s best hospitals and clinics - Seychelles health system is deplorable, so once again, this should be non-negotiable

3. Free First Class flights on Emirates Airlines and Etihad for life - since James Michel and his SPPF-PP entourage prefers those 2 airlines over our own Air Seychelles, this is simply a matter of following the leader.  Furthermore, First and Business Seats on Air Seychelles are reserved for the Renes, Savys, Adam and Corvina family members. So this is non-negotiable.

4. Lifetime disability payment of US$ 25,000 per month to each family member

5. A one-time settlement of US$ 5,000,000 each per family - Drop in the oil bucket if you ask me, so need to stand firm on this point

6. Free Evian Bottled Mineral Water for life - Might as well go for Evian because Dr. Ramados’ Aqua water is already tainted with that “brown matter”

7. A Gold Toilet for each house affected - This will simply serve as a reminder of what the poor La Misere residents had to endure

8. And finally, a house on 27 Acres of Free-Hold land in Abu Dhabi or Dubai; preferably on one of those man made islands with a view of the ocean.  With one condition however that the affected members will buy the plot for US$ 0.10 (Ten US American Cents).  This is simply to remind Sheikh Khalifa of his own guilt when compared to the generosity of our own ruling President Michel whose guilt is impossible to describe in this short article.

And if the supposedly great Attorney can wield his influence on the local Judges like he used to in the past, then by the power invested in this great Architect cum-Messiah cum-Attorney, I can see some new Seychellois-Emirati millionaires in the making.  Finally, the man would have created some new millionaires other than the SPPF-PP ones he created while in power.  And his journey would be truly complete and God might even find it in his good heart to offer redemption at the Pearly Gates.

Sadly for Seychelles, most Seychellois and foreigners alike have realized that the SPPF-PP Party led by James Michel, have taken the citizens of Seychelles to its lowest level ever.  After all, can one get any lower than drinking water mixed with excrement from 700 non-GOP, illegal workers?  Even the UAE Arabian desert camels have more dignity!

James Alix Michel

Now that some foreigners can do whatever they want in our small Seychelles and get away with breaking every law in the book, courtesy of one James Alix Michel and his corrupt PP Party, I guess it is time for Seychellois to be put to the test once and for all. The ballot papers will be printed in the near future, and we will all get the chance to give one man or one woman our vote of confidence.  Michel told us and I quote: “Judge me by my actions”.  I guess we will and the answer hopefully will hold water.  Clean water that is, and not the brown water he has been serving us since he came to power!

Contributed to STAR by Smart Alec


Carlos the Jackal said...

It's all getting a little tedious especially the anti-foreigner drivel. The idealist in me admires the espousing of using your vote to get rid of the SPPF clique however my inner cynic tells me that the vote in this country simply will never count and nothing you guys do or say on here will change that. I know you can't be that naive but really ask yourselves the question of what happens if they (SPPF)are beaten at the ballot box. The present international climate is no longer so gung ho on democracy per se leaving the door open to 'Seychellois democracy' a la SPPF and the end of the pluralist democratic dream.

Carlos the Jackal said...

Storm La Misere and smash the monstrosity down in the name of the environment! Great publicity for your cause all around the world. Bring cameras, upload to the net, youtube etc. and alert the likes of AP and Reuters. Are you mice or men? Time to stand up and be counted me thinks or is it just better to be an armchair revolutionary?

Anonymous said...

James Michel is worse than Albert Rene. While they are both traitors who shed the blood of their countrymen to gain illegal power in the coup detat, Michel has proven that he does not care about the people of Seychelles, but only his own survival and his own ego. He has sold out to foreigners and given them carte blanche to screw the people of Seychelles. While he travels first class on Emirates Airlines at the expense of the people of Seychelles, he drinks coffee and eat dates with his Arab friends. At the detriment of the poor Seychellois people. As this article states, the people will soon get a chance to judge that SOB by his actions. And I for one will definitely vote for a change.

Anonymous said...

There is a lifetime SPPF supporter up at La Misere who was complaining so loudly and says that she will never vote for Michel and SPPF again.I saw her by the La Misere church yesterday and she told me that:"Kant mem Myse Rene ti fer nou bwar margoz anmer,zanmen nou ti bwar kaka malbar. Fodre touye sa Shek arab e repran nou later". To translate in English, she said:

"Even if Mr. Rene (ex-President) made us drink a bitter concoction (basically gave us a hard time), he never made us drink Indian (construction workers) excrement. We must kill that Arab Sheikh and take back our land".

I guess this says it all. Michel's actions are catching up with him and his own supporters are starting to see the light. Let us exercise our right and vote this fool out of power once and take back what belongs to us.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the water would have tasted even better if a Seychellois Rasin septic tank had leaked into the river. Kaka Rasin is better than Kaka Malbar.

I agree totally with Carlos that the focus is not on excrements leaking into the river, but rather than foreign excrements.

It is really sad to see that politicians from a multi-cultural nation like ours is using racism to promote their politics.

I do wonder though that if the mentioned 'La Misere SPPF' would have even been bothered if the leakage had happened in another district.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

It seems that this article has got Carlos and Patrick X's knickers in a big twist and they are shitting the brown stuff themselves. Well done Smart Alec! Deflated big mouths??
Perhaps Carlos and Patrick X should go try this trick in the UAE desert and see how they will be treated!!
So you guys are already getting cockeyed and labelling this as foreigner bashing. Glad to see you so called true Seselwa citizens going out of your way to give support for this total disgrace. Keep drinking the 'dilo kaka' and hopefully the Sheik will consider giving you a small plot in the desert or one of the man made islands for your staunch stand and defense of his misdeeds. Or perhaps you will just be content on being invited for Arabic coffee at the Castle once it is completed to contemplate the 360 degree view and take home some dates or a few dirhams to show the wife or children that you are rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty of the land of black gold.
Keep supporting the foreigners and down grade your own citizens! This is the best way forward... what else can you expect from two idiots (Patrick X and Carlos) who's grey matter is getting black from drinking too much 'dilo kaka' that their communist masters have forced down their throats...

Carlos the Jackal said...

Interesting to see the coup in Niger, a nascent democracy with substantial mineral resources and a population of 15 million. A muted outcry at the OAU as the rest of the world ignores it. Surely the SPPF elite are monitoring such events with great interest for the inevitable putsch if they are ever defeated in elections. They know that a coup will sustain their power base/ privileges and provided it is carried out swiftly and with a minimum number of casualties will not impact on the country's image.
I wonder if the oh so patriotic Rasin will flee (like many did before) or have the stones to stand up to tyranny next time around.

And please don't misinterpret what I am saying and have said on here. I am vehemently opposed to Michel/Rene and their clique yet am realistic enough to know that there's not much I can do about it at this point. I don't advocate violence but a lot of the rhetoric and mud slinging on here is divisive when what is needed is a strong opposition with credible leadership and a willingness to take action. Do I know who could lead that force and what policies should be adopted? No I certainly do not but that's what debate is all about. Mark my words however, the danger to Seychelles does not involve foreigners building castles up at La Misere. Sure it is unpalatable and an eyesore. The real danger is what lies in the minds of the SPPF elite and higher cadres.... and that is creating the circumstances where a 'coup d'etat' becomes inevitable. The opposition should rally around that as a force for unity and action.

Anonymous said...

With such intelligent replies that 'Anonymous" writes, no wonder the opposition cannot make progress in any way whatsoever.

There is no doubt that the safety aspects regarding sanitation up at the La Misère site has not been taken seriously enough, but what is evident is that the matter has been twisted to become a 'Rasin vs Fabrike' case and not a HSE matter.

I would however like to remind all that sewage leakage is the cause of many epidemies worldwide, even in the Western world where whole cities are often asked to boild tap water before drinking due to leakage of bad sewage treatment.

I jus wonder if the reaction had been the same if the leakage had come from Kaka Rasin.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Drinking human feces laced water by Seychellois today, is only a symptom of Michel P.P. policy to give foriegners a free for all in country country.

I am sure Jean Paul Adam, Michel, Joel Morgan will find an excuse for Sheik Kalifa shitting on all of us.

Michel Resign! Jean Paul Adam, get a real job you kouyon-top part!


Anonymous said...

France Albert Rene- are you happy now that we Seychellois are drinking shit water?

James Michel is Seychellios drinking shit water your idea of your own style?

Danny Faure, you expect Seychellois to pay taxes when Arabs pay nothing?

You people are all sick!!!!

Araze's -Sister

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

Your position is that our rage about the situation in La Misere would have been muted or less if it were caused by Rasin. You again miss the point.

This situation would not have happened if a Rasin were perpetrating the crime. He orshe would have been stopped in his tracks unless he was a high level PP collaborator. This is happening because Khalifa appears to have bribed our leaders who have sold out our country to him. Now he treats our country like a vassal state, his personal colony - the land that belongs to us Seselwa Rasin.

And yes it is more offensive to us to have an Arab come to our country buy 27 acres of our land for SCR1 bring in hundreds of Indians in violation of the law and who then release uncontrolled excrement into our drinking water than if a Rasin had done the same thing. Though if a Rasin had done it we would have demanded action. But with foreigners doing it in our own land land that belongs to us Rasin we are in a rage.

Leonard Francis Gill said...


You are vehemently opposed to the Rene/Michel dictatorship you say. You intimate that those who are advocating their removal are cowards and have not fought hard enough to remove them from power. There are many dismembered tortured bodies that have been disposed in the deep waters off Mahe that evidences the ultimate price paid by Seselwa Rasin who loved their country and their liberty and were murdered by the Fabrike Collaborators because of it. What have you done to remove the Rene/Michel Fabrike Collaborators from Power, or are you simply a Fabrike who has been betrayed by your former Collaborator friends?

Though you do have a point that the Rene/Michel dictatorship will never give up power voluntarily. They have stacked the electoral role with 10,000 Fabrike and frudulent voters. This will give them the "margin of victory" to keep power. If that is insufficient they will use force to stay in anyway. Then we will have a true revolution to remove them from power and punish tnem for their crimes.

What will you do to help in this great crusade?

Leonard Francis Gill said...


You are vehemently opposed to the Rene/Michel dictatorship you say. You intimate that those who are advocating their removal are cowards and have not fought hard enough to remove them from power. There are many dismembered tortured bodies that have been disposed in the deep waters off Mahe that evidences the ultimate price paid by Seselwa Rasin who loved their country and their liberty and were murdered by the Fabrike Collaborators because of it. What have you done to remove the Rene/Michel Fabrike Collaborators from Power, or are you simply a Fabrike who has been betrayed by your former Collaborator friends?

Though you do have a point that the Rene/Michel dictatorship will never give up power voluntarily. They have stacked the electoral role with 10,000 Fabrike and frudulent voters. This will give them the "margin of victory" to keep power. If that is insufficient they will use force to stay in anyway. Then we will have a true revolution to remove them from power and punish tnem for their crimes.

What will you do to help in this great crusade?

Anonymous said...

Contaminated potable water with human excrement is simple & purely wrong, no matter if its Seselwa rasin, imported illegal workers or foreigners. At the end of the day, it shouldn’t have happened.....period! Seeing these brown stuffs coming out of someone kitchen’s tap, is just mind boggling and disgusting!

In my opinion what make Seselwa `araze’ plainly because its foreigners coming into your own country and do whatever they want and they will be immune to prosecution.

Since, they are well aware of their status, they won’t give an fcuk about the environment or its endogenous populace.

The blame should be laid fair & square at the government’s doorsteps because merely they didn’t provide enough protection to the Seselwa people because they surely knew about the extent of the construction. Health and safety issues should have been at the forefront of this type of development.

Today, it’s kaka Malbar and I wonder what next, before the people of Sesel will crawl back to claim their sovereignty and dignity?????


Anonymous said...

All the comments that I have read in the previous article and this one, have similar underlying tones/messages - The government has mismanaged the Seychelles, they have robbed us, they are draining us, and they do not have our interest at heart. At the end of the day, they are not a real government but a bunch of people who have had no professional training, experience and were given an opportunity to fill their pockets. Say what you want to say all you pro-PL who read this blog, but this is true.

They are an embarrassment at representing who us Seychellois really are.

I tend to look at things in a wider scope.

To be frank, although us voicing our frustrations are good and necessary, it is becoming like a broken record. Apologies if I have offended some people, but it pains me to see so many people on this site voicing their hurt and sufferings time and time again.

We all know who the culprits in government/business/society are and to be honest, this is not the first time that we get screwed over. Will it be our last? We have been there before (in various PL forms of bills, acts, amendments, plants, projects, committee name it, we had it) , but it never involved making your fellow countryman drink shit.

I believe in signs. Whether they are from God or nature, they are still signs, informing us of situations that we should be cautious of and that we need to react to.

If what has happened at La Misere is not a sign, then I really do not know what is.

Patrick X repeatedly talks about that there is no better alternative to PL. Are we seriously going to believe that the best this country has to offer is the PL? I shake my head and question why God has given us such a beautiful country, only for my brothers and sisters to rape it.

When will we as a nation be able to have someone/ a party lead us, give us direction to a better life, with the Nation’s interest at heart? When will the people stop forgetting the wrongdoings against us when it comes to election time, be intelligent and also responsible. We really owe it to this country, that we are lucky to have.

Let us look at the bigger picture.

We keep getting material from the government to fight a good campaign against the government (economy, water shortage, cost of living, selling of land, depts etc.). Do we really use it? Can we not capitalize on their wrong doings? Can we think of other ways to promote our issues, instead of the same medium (newspapers/fliers, campaigns a few months before an election) that seem to fail?

It’s quite obvious we need a new strategy and something concrete with less talk.

I am a man of my own opinion and action, and have the Seychelles at heart and always number 1. I would support an approach where we make the international community aware of the crimes we are enduring day in and day out. Make more noise! It may not be the perfect approach, but it is something different.

I also believe in time. We are not on this Earth forever and neither will our children.

Let’s shit on the government, the false identities that they are portraying of themselves and their future for a change.


Carlos the Jackal said...

In Response to B:

The most reasonable voice I have heard on this blog yet. A solution and strategy is there somewhere and maybe the eyesore in La Misere is a physical manifestation of the problem which can be exploited. What an embarrassement it would be for the SPPF clique if they were exposed internationally as the money grabbing, corrupt gang they are. If only some international reporter of repute (a foreigner!!) like the BBC's John Simpson were to file a report on such goings on the foundations of corruption would begin to crumble. It is certainly a newsworthy story especially in these days of global recession.
The problem Seychelles faces is its size and relative lack of importance internationally. This government will only fall when exposed on a much wider scale. The world doesn't give a damn about localised Seychelles issues but when clear injustices are perpetrated especially involving the rich and powerful they must be seized upon as is the case at La Misere.

Anonymous said...

If the opposition itself was squeaky clean they could be the ones raising questions about the ongoing dealing between the PL and those exploiting our country, but unfortunately our opposition seems to have been bitten by the venomous beast called Corruption and can no longer throw stones as they are trapped in a glass house within a bigger glass house.

So to B:
I'd say our foremost tool would be the IMF who could be contacted by the opposition. Alas that same opposition refused to meet the IMF when it had its chance so why would they be taken seriously now, especially when its leader himself has a storm raging around him because of alledged abuse of his party's money.

So who else can help? Those in the PL who know won't because they see nothing and would very reluctantly become whistle blowers. So I'd say it's up to our other politicians. Ferrari? THe same one who resigned only to go for re-election again, another abuser of public funds. Volcere? Another joke. Gill? All talk and no action.

I'm very tempted to say that the only hope is Ramadoss as he certainly would not tolerate Arabs giving any crap on any sort, but as said before, Ramadoss will not last in politics for obvious reasons.

Now you tell me who will help. Anyone I've forgotten?

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Gents Jackal and X:

What are you going to do to help? That is the qeustion I have possed to both of you without a reply. So how about it?

To Jackal: While I agree that the wider world must become aware of the gross corruption and mismanagement of our country by the PP Collaborators this is a Rasin issue first and foremost. We are now developing the ideology to match the feelings in our hearts that underpin Rasini-ism and that identifies and defines the Fabrike Collaborators' actions that have betrayed us Rasin.

This process of politicization will take some time. As we Rasin understand who we are, who has sold us out and how that has been done and is being done we will develop a common agenda for action. This is what we Gill brothers are doing now.

This is the first and critical step in a several step process to take our country back from the PP Fabrike collaborators.

This insult at La Misere is but one instance of the Collaborators selling us out in a string of insults and betrayals to the banner of "Seychelles Pour Seychellois". But looking at the incident through the looking glass of Rasin-ist ideology makes it clearer what the PP Collaborators have done and what the consequences of their betrayal are to us Rasin.

Anonymous said...

The Construction company unlicensed, with 700 workers did not show up to a general meeting held on Sunday, of affected residents. NO respect for any SESELWA.

The recourse proposed by Waven William P.P. MNA, Grand Anse Mahe, is to file a claim with the District Administration office, so SPPF can steal the claims.


You allow an unlicensed company to shit on your people and ask them to enjoy it.

Kalifa should tell us what money has he paid behind the door for the 1.00 land deal or go home!

GO BACK TO YOUR Dessert with your bag of shit if you cannot pay us for compromising our dignity.

Where is the Stop Order from Government for violating our laws?

Another Proud Seychellois!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I have on numerous accounts told you how I can help, i.e by supporting a party that proves to be a real option to the PL, but so far there is none.

I can see that we are heading down a path of hatred where Malbar/Fabrike-bashing is inevident. There has already been an attack on an Indian who lost his eye in it and a blogger on another site bragged and laughed about the whole matter. Is this what we have become? Please take time to read and comment my latest blog on

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

What you can do is create the replacement to the PP that you say is lacking. Perhaps others will join you in your efforts. It is not enough to complain there is not a perfect option and then do nothing to bring about the perfect option you say is missing.

On your other point: I for one do not advocate Malbar bashing or the bashing of anyone else. I advocate taking back our country from the Fabrike and the Fabrike Collaborators at all costs and by any means necessary but non-violently if at all possible. However, when you look at the history of betrayal of us Seselwa Rasin by you Fabrike Collaborators the raging fire in our hearts and souls is easier to understand.

You PP Fabrike Collaborators have created intolerable conditions in our country and you have turned us into colonial subjects of foreigners in our sacred homeland for your own profit. There is a long history of this betrayal of us Rasin by the SPUP/SPPF/PP. It started out when Rene/Michel brought Tanzanian troops onto our sacred soil to murder us Rasin in our homeland so you Collaborators could sell us out at the barrel of a gun for a few pieces of silver. Rene/Michel then proceeded to exile 30% of our people whom they replaced with more pliable Fabrike - this is the Great Suffering of the Seselwa Rasin who have been forced to live and die in exile; no one Rasin has ever single handedly inflicted more suffering on his own people, we Rasin, then Rene has. Then Michel/Rene sold us out to Fabrike so they could stack the electoral roles with Fabrike and fraudulent voters to keep power at all costs. Then Michel/Rene have sold our islands and our land for SCR1 and given our jobs and favored concessions to Fabrike and foreigners when such privileges are not even given to a fisherman in his or her own country. To add insult to this partial list of injuries Michel brings in Irishmen to police us in our own country. Rasin should NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, ever, be policed by foreigners in our own country - these Irishmen must go home and go now!!!

These actions have been a betrayal of the ideals of "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" that my father Peter Gill started the SPUP with Rene and Philibert Loizeau and sacrificed greatly to accomplish. You PP Collaborators have created the conditions that have us Seselwa Rasins' blood boiling with anger and rage and then somehow say it is our fault we are enraged?

This problem is easy to fix. Cancel ALL the Fabrike passports immediately, allow exiled Seselwa Rasin to vote in their own homeland, bring all foreigners under the rule of law while treating Seselwa Rasin equally to foreigners in their own country. Get rid of all foreigners and Fabrike in our civil service where they are not needed and especially get rid of foreigners policing us Rasin in our own country. Do this now or our rage will explode into a true revolution during which we will bring all you Collaborators to account for your crimes against your people the Seselwa Rasin.

Carlos the Jackal said...


Personally I propose that I'll be doing nothing. Call me a cynic but I have seen it all before from coup onwards. I was in the Pirate's Arms the day Jean Francois Ferrari was brutalised and beaten by state agents, I was also a friend of Gerard Hoareau. Nothing that has been attempted has removed the SPPF clique, not even multi-party democracy. The realist in me told me a long time ago to get on with my life and not depress myself by trying to involve myself as a catalyst for change in Seychelles.

It's a sad state of affairs but true. My musings on here are nothing more than personal opinions and I enjoy a healthy debate. My greatest disappointment of recent times however has been the performance of the opposition which despite the goodwill of certain people leaves a lot to be desired. This Rasin-ist approach that you espouse (I'm sure you have nothing but the finest intentions) is doomed to failure due to its divisive nature and the rhetoric used. It is certainly not THE strategy which will remove Michel and his cohorts from power (although I'd love to be proved wrong).

Anonymous said...

We Seselwa Rasin are not anti Arab or anti Indian or anti anyone.

We want Arabs to invest in Seychelles.

We want Indains to come work in Seychelles if they like. They are very good hardworking people and our people can learn from them.

How else are we going to pay up SPPF debts, unless they are removed.

We want them all to follow the laws, respect all Seychellois and pay their way. Scr 1.00 land is not paying their way,P.P.

No GOP payments or applications for GOP is not paying their way,P.P..

Fake bribed passports is not paying their way!

We will not accept any exceptions when it comes to selling of our citizenship.

No Irishmen running our Police. Or Frenchman, collecting our trash or running PUC. We can do that ourselves.

NO Australians collecting our national revenue. Mr. Hannaford does not inspect 20 foot containers on the Antonov that flies in 20 at a time, but he can sieze Ralph Volcere's extra bottle of wine?

Mr Nusse calls that a man of high qualification to justify hiring a man out of Australia to monitor customs at the airport?

Give us a break!

Michel with the support of Rene, since Rene has not arrested him yet, is selling our homeland. He is selling out the People that elected him and the people that did not elect him. They are all Seychellois!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Well said Carlos,

I couldn't agree with you more although I would like to support a party worthy of support.

I am also sure that the Gills have the bes intentions in their propaganda, but unfortunately they lack the social intelligence needed to see what it can lead to if promoted to certain members of our society, for instance those who find it totally ok to go 'Malbar bashing'.

I am not saying that either Chris or Francis would ever send someone to go out and attack Indians, but as said before, the Thomas Becket syndrome is what could happen and the more Rasinism is promoted, the more likely someone will take the matter in their own hands all in the name of Rasinism.

If any of you lived in London's East End in the 70s, or in any poor part of the UK then, you'd know what I am talking about. Or even better, just as any Indian who came to Seychelles from Uganda when Idi Amin promoted Rasinism. The difference is that he encouraged it, but then again, who inspired him?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

路過看看哦,請加油 .........................................

Anonymous said...

Michel is the biggest idiot Seychelles has ever seen. He was a traitor when he took the gun that evening of the coup detat to kill his own people. He then went on to kill his own son who did not want to join his murderous army. The second son who married Myrna Hoarau was a drug addict along with Changleng's son and was caught smuggling drugs into Singapore in Seychelles diplomatic bags. Right under Daddy Idiot's nose. Supposedly he is in jail in Singapore or has been executed for all we know. Michel's ex-wife spends all her time in church praying and probably praying that Michel dies a slow and painful death for either his stupidity or all his sins and murders. The man was a nobody and was a clerk at Cable&Wireless. He will always be a nobody and as long as he has a gun by his side and his buddy Leopold Brigadier filling his own pockets, he will continue to kill the citizens of Seychelles now that he has no family members left to kill. What did we expect from this killer who never finished school and is an illiterate and nothing more than an idiot who thinks he is such a smart man? He actually thinks Sheik Kalifa loves him because he is smart? When Kalifa is done with him and Seychelles, there won't be much left. Hell, Forest Gump is smarter than that idiot Michel. He will soon win an award for The Most Stupid President in The World and he will even fly out on Emirates First class to go pick up the trophy. This award will probably be from Gadafi or little Kim in North Korea. And his Praslin wife who he is screwing behind her back will probably have to wear a burka soon to impress the fucking sheik. Maybe Michel can offer some Seychellois girls to the Arabs next as we won't have any land left to give to these Camel fuckers. And we all know the Arabs like to rape underage girls. So if there are no laws for these Arabs, let them do whatever they want to. I suggest all the people of La Misere needs to go up to the old US Tracking station gate and shit everywhere so that the damn Kalifa and his crowd can smell the shit of the Seychellois people. They should also go to that other FUCK Waven Williams and shit on his veranda or in his water tank. If the Americans threw tea in the Boston Harbour as a sign then we can shit on those fucking camel heads and call it the La Misere Shit Party. All Seychellois welcome to shit and piss in front of the La Misere palace. This will tell the Sheik that we can also shake our asses too and that Michel's tiny brain is up his ass. Even Albert Rene would not give him a goat because that stupid animal would outsmart Michel. BLOODY PISSED OFF and ready to SHIT on Arabs and SPPF heads.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Jackal and X:

Just to recap, both of you look at each other nodding how awful the opposition is, how divisive Rasin-ism is, how corrupt and intolerable the PP is and then continue to do what you have done for 30 years, that is nothing, and expect a different result. To paraphrase Einstein, a person smarter than all of us combined, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. And you say Chris is all talk? Anyway, I accept that you are just expressing opinions and do not intend to act and will consider your comments in that light - all talk and no action intended.

On the issue of Rasin-ism. Neither Chris nor I advocate violence against any foreigner, Fabrike or not. No "malbar" or Indian should be attacked in Seychelles and no other foreigner should be attacked in Seychelles for what they are. These individuals are simply looking for a better life and have been provided an opportunity to obtain a better life in Seychelles by the Fabrike Collaborators.

However, Fabrike who vote in our elections should be deported and all their crimes punished to the full extent of the law. These Fabrike by voting in our elections exhibit a total disregard of Rasin rights to exclusive ownership and control of our own country.

Those Fabrike in our civil service doing jobs Rasin can do, must go. This is especially true of those in our police force - we Rasin should not be policed by foreigners.

Our real problem and the individuals who should be confronted and contested in our country are the Fabrike Collaborators. They are our real problem not an Indian trying to get a better way of life and who is not a Fabrike, does not pay bribes and does not vote in our elections. It is the Fabrike Collaborators who must be brought to justice for their crimes against us Seselwa Rasin, their own people. It is the duty and obligation of every Sesewa Rasin, in all spheres of life, the army, the police the coast guard, the fisherman, the carpenter the street sweeper to do what each of us can do to see that this justice is done and is done thoroughly.

Mr. X, in that context there is no Becket Syndrome applicable to Rasin-ism that you referenced when you advocated that your PP Collaborator friends put a bullet in your former Fabrike friend Ramado's head because he would not continue to pay you his normal bribe. Here, our focus is plain and simply to retake our country from the Fabrike and their Collaborators. Our ideology is clear. The limits are clear. The discipline is clear. We are not PP who traffics in propaganda, persuasion, salesmanship and subtle signals and deceptions that lead to the Becket Syndrome as you call it. We say what we mean and we mean what we say and we do it plainly and clearly.

Mr. X you are quick to point out how Rasin-ists will likely do whatever is necessary to retake their country from the Fabrike Collaborators. That is true. We will retake our country from Fabrike Collaborators. But, that should cause fear in the hearts and minds of Fabrike Collaborators only - they are our target and they will be brought to justice. You should have no fear of Rasin-ist revolution if you are not a Fabrike Collaborator or a Fabrike who votes in our elections.

Anonymous said...


Have you ever stopped for two seconds and thought of the consequences that you Rasinism campaign can lead to? I'll tell you since you both seem too stupid to see it:

Let's say the word Rasinism becomes a very common term and local little groups of Rasins pop up both here and there and start having little meetings, but without any power they will be helpless so what will they do? They'll start a series of petty attacks on foreigners and as usual the 'Malbar' shops will be the first to suffer. Then we'll have a nice series of harrassment toward IOT employees, then the Gurka guards at the hotels, then the Arabs etc.

This has happened before and is already starting again. When I hear someone bragging about an Indian losing his eye in an attack and the person encourages more of it, then it is just a proof of how out of hand this has already become.

Rene did the same with the Americans asking them to go home. You say your father was behind the starting of the SPUP. Did he also a the Yankees to go home? Quite a paradox no when the Yankees went home and so did the little Gills.

Sorry to say this, but by advocating this Rasinism thing you are no better than Rene. You may say that you are welcoming foreigners as long as they do as you say, obey your rules and not least supply plenty $$$$$ to the country. You're just as bad as Rene.

Please stop this spreading of hatred before lives go lost. One has already been partially lost, at least a part of it, and soon people will go to more extremes. Do you want that on your conscience or will you simply wash your hands and say 'I didn't ask them to do it'.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

One more thing. I thank you for your invitation to read your blog. However, I must respectfully decline your generous offer.

I do not see the benefit of reading and commenting on a blog written by someone who has no personal honor. You have shown me you are dishonorable, and therefore untrustworthy, due to the manner you handled being caught lying about advocating putting a bullet in your former Fabrike friend's head, Mr. Ramados because he would not pay his "tax" or bribe to you Collaborators any longer. After being caught red handed lying, you admitted that you were caught lying and then refused to apologize to us readers and commentators for the intentional deception. You even took offense at my "audacity" to ask you to apologize. Could, or should I have asked you for anything less? Your position shows a lack of respect for yourself and for us readers and commentators.

Someone with that kind of mentality, one where he thinks he is too good or too superior to apologize for a mistake, cannot be taken at his or her word in good faith. The prerequisites for a good healthy discussion is an atmosphere of good faith and respect for each other, and a sense of personal honor. If we have personal honor and respect for each other and we are guided by good faith and sincerity we can disagree strongly, as we have, but we can rely on those good qualities to allow us to disagree without being disagreeable or without shooting at each other over the issues over which we are in disagreement. With good faith, honor and respect we Seselwa Rasin can work out any of the differences we have between us. Without these qualities almost nothing is possible without fear or even violence.

With all due respect, you therefore must apologize for your lie and deception, and thereby exhibit personal honor and respect for yourself and for us readers and contributors, before I accept any invitations of any kind from you.

Anonymous said...

The construction company - ASCON's offer to compensate residents for a bottle of water or for cleaning a pipe is ludicrous.

There are some damages that do not come with a reimbursable invoice, like physical exposure to
ecoli and drastic disruption of daily life.

Leonard Francis GIll said...

Patrick X:

First you say us Gills are nothing but talkers, then you accuse us of having the power to instigate violence against foreigners by the mere words you just disdained. Which is it?

In the first instance, I do not accept that those who read my comments will go out on a rampage attacking every foreigner they see. Seselwa Rasin are attacking foreigners not because of what Christopher or I have written or said, but because of what the SPPF/PP have done and are continuing to do by selling out our country to Fabrike and foreigners who are then placed above the law in our own country, the Seselwa Rasin homeland. I can assure you that if the PP reverses their position of selling out our country, all attacks will stop, not because of anything I have written, but because that is the source of frustration and resentment for us Seselwa Rasin.

Secondly, if anyone is guided by reading my comments they will know I do not advocate attacking any foreigners especially relatively powerless foreigners like the Indians who have not bought a passport, given bribes and voted in our elections. Those who read my comments will know that I blame you Fabrike Collaborators for selling out our country and betraying us Seselwa Rasin to the Fabrike. You Collaborators are and should be the target of our anger and our rage. I will say that to my last breath and for that I do not apologize.

If as you say there are those who read my comments and converge in small meetings held in secret inspired by my words, I say to them that the Fabrike Collaborators are our real enemy. Prepare to take action against them. Reserve your energy to take action against the Fabrike Collaborators and undermine them whenever and wherever you can. Prepare all your energy and efforts for the day we will need you to bring these Fabrike Collaborators to justice for selling out our country and for making us third class citizens in our own country the Seselwa Rasin homeland.

For seeking "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" I do not apologize and will not relent. So I will not stop until ALL Fabrike passports are canceled, until all foreigners are out of our police force, until all unneeded foreigners are out of our civil service and until all Seselwa Rasin, wherever they live and however long they have been absent from their homeland, have a right to vote in their homeland, and until all foreigners are treated equally before the law as any other person is treated in Seychelles, the Seselwa Rasin homeland.

Lastly, my late Father did advocate "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" and he did advocate a removal of American influence in Seychelles that he believed was preventing us from achieving independence and therefore "Seychelles Pour Seychellois". However, when we became independent on June 29th 1976 he believed we had achieved "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" and was happy to see the Americans staying in Seychelles and was very fond of the country and people who gave him asylum when none was to be had elsewhere. For that I will be forever grateful to the Americans and I do not apologize for that either. So we Gills both big and small do not hold any grudges against anyone who does not try to steal our country from us Seselwa Rasin. If you leave our country to us Seselwa Rasin we welcome you and hope you will welcome us to your country too. If you try to steal our country we will not stop at any cost and will use all means necessary to take it back and we will continue until we win or die. That has been our family character.

Anonymous said...

So you were against the Americans until you realized that were the better option right?

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

My late father Peter Edwin Gill was not against anyone, he was in favor of "Seychelles Pour Seychellois". If Americans were opposed to or impeded "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" he opposed them. If the British were opposed to or impeded "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" he opposed them. When they accepted that Seychelles belonged to us Seselwa Rasin and not to them, he became their friends and freely admired the good things about them, their culture and their achievements. He hated no-one, he did not know how to hate, he was generous and forgiving to a fault to all, and loved his country Seychelles the Seselwa Rasin homeland, and opposed all who tried to subjugate or betray us Seselwa Rasin including Rene whom he had previously loved dearly. So we Gills big and small liked the Americans when they accepted and recognized our independence and accepted and recognized that we Seselwa Rasin, as the indigenous people of Seychelles, are the rightful owners and heirs to Seychelles the Seselwa Rasin homeland. I am proud of my late Father's legacy and now stand in his shoes with the same ideals he held that I hope to and will strive to live up to. That was Peter Edwin Gill and that was his relationship to Americans.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

In one of your previous comments you stated that Rasin-ists may "pop up" in little secret or clandestine meetings but since they would have little power to vent their frustration and grievances they would strike out at relatively helpless foreigners. I have already pointed out how we Rasin-ists will not attack relatively innocent foreigners in the name of Rasin-ism. Now I will address your misconception that these Rasin-ists, holding little clandestine meetings, have no power. You are wrong. Every Seselwa Rasin holds in their individual and thereafter collective hands ultimate power to retake their country from you Fabrike Collaborators.

In that sense we Rasin have ultimate power over you Fabrike Collaborators. You cannot continue to control our country, betray us and sell us out to Fabrike and foreigners like Khalifa if we do not let you continue to do so. We Seselwa Rasin do not intend to continue to let you Collaborators continue to escape judgment and punishment for your crimes against us Seselwa Rasin.

Leonard Francis Gill said...


So what can we Seselwa Rasin do to enhance and coalesce our power into a revolutionary force to retake our country from you Fabrike Collaborators? We must begin by doing two things. First we must educate ourselves about the principles underpinning Rasin-ism. While we feel Rasin-ism in our hearts, now we must educate our minds about Seselwa Rasin-ism. Secondly, we must recruit and organize ourselves into a covert but coherent political group that can focus our revolutionary force to retake our country when the time is right to do so.

How are we Seselwa Rasin-ists to educate ourselves about Rasin-ist principles? We can take the comments on this blog beginning with the comments on the first Khalifa piece and print them out. You need a hard copy because the PP Collaborators will soon likely block access to this blog. Study the position of the PP Collaborators as expressed by Patrick X. Study the responses from all the commentators to the PP Collaborators. You will see the PP Collaborator’s positions and you will see the Rasin-ist positions. You must try to understand the implications and interactions between the two positions as best as you can. If you have questions come back to the blog and ask them. The discussions that happen as a result will flesh out an answer for you. If you prefer, you can send your questions by an email to me at This is the process of politicization that all Rasin-ists must undergo to adequately prepare themselves for the coming battles to take our country back from the Fabrike Collaborators. There will be victories and there will be defeats in that process. Our individual politicization is an absolute necessity to build our internal fortitude and strength to persevere and not give up through all the obstacles we will encounter until we can take our country back from the Collaborators and bring them to justice.

Once an individual Rasin-ist feels he or she is sufficiently politicized and committed, he or she should begin to participate in the political organization phase. This will require every Rasin-ist to recruit three persons you absolutely trust. Do not exceed three persons. The more people you recruit the more of a risk you take of your being discovered as a dedicated Rasin-ist. It is important to keep your Rasin-ist commitment confidential because the PP Collaborators will retaliate against you or your family in increasingly harsh ways as they become increasingly desperate to hold on to power. When you have recruited the three new Rasin-ists, instruct each of the three people you recruit to politicize themselves by educating themselves about Rasin-ism as you educated yourself. Then ask each of them to in turn recruit three individuals they can trust and to instruct those new recruits to politicize themselves and participate in the organization phase and repeat that process with the next set of recruits. Do not keep records of any of the recruits. Our organization must, in its initial stages, remain completely anonymous and decentralized.

Lastly, when the process of politicization and organization is completed or sufficient, we will take direct action to retake our country from the Collaborators and the Fabrike.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder what planet you were raised on Francis. Even better, why not start a Rasin School for Rasin kids with Rasin parents only where Rasin values will be taught by other Rasinists like yourself. You can even have your own uniforms and kids will have to stay there at the school in case they maye have collaborator parents like me and others who disagree with your views. A good name for it would ne National Rasin System(NRS). Pity you didn't come up with this quick enough, els you could have used the old schools at St Anne and Port Launay/Cap Ternay.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Star is approaching 15000 visitors, over 22,000 views our target prior to the State of Nation Address by James Michel on Thursday.

We will post a cartoon shortly,to just make sure we do get over 15,000visits.

Print the cartoon, post it in all offices in protest over Michel selling Seychelles.

SPread Star through use of your mailbox addresses. Let all friends know that STAR must be read to bring down P.P.

We call on Review, Regar and Weekly to provide sections of your paper to make STAR news available to all Seychellois. Fear Not when you must defend your motherland and her people.

People of La Misere, we stand by you and we stand by all Seychellois, even if it is difficult and costly to us.


Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I was raised in Mont Fleuri actually, not too far from the cemetery where up to 4 of my Rasin ancestors are buried in the same grave. I sailed the waters as a young boy between Mont Fleuri, Cerf and St. Ann Islands. That's when my heart became Rasin. As a young man in Point Conan, at my Father's dinner table, I listened to my Dad and others, some who are Collaborators today, talk about "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" . That's when my mind became Rasin.

Rene forced us to accept a foreign and false opportunistic communism. This was his means of betraying us Rasin and subjugating us to his one party state dictatorship so he and his family could rape and pillage our homeland. He needed the National Youth Service (NYS) to make us accept this betrayal of "Seychelles Pour Seychellois". We Rasin-ists have no need for such propaganda and brainwashing tools.

Rasin-ism is a purely voluntary effort. It is a labor of love. It is a study of ourselves, it is a means of self expression and affirmation of our identity, of our individuality and of our indigenous status as the owners of Seychelles the Seselwa Rasin homeland, as such, it is a very private and personal journey. So we do not need or want big buildings and state sponsorship to learn about our inherent and inalienable rights. We will learn that in our living rooms, on the front steps and verandas of our homes and at our dinner tables and in discussions between family members and close friends in our homes in our homeland and throughout the world where we Seselwa Rasin reside.

I would not expect a Collaborator to know about or value this personal journey and the deeply held sense of personal and private individual motivation and devotion that propels this journey of self discovery.

But we are making progress with you Patrick X, in educating about some aspects of Rasin-ism. You have for the first time correctly identified yourself as a Collaborator selling out our country to foreigners and Fabrike.

Anonymous said...

I guess your late father never taught you sarcasm whilst you sat at that dinner table Francis. FYI, I have not admitted being a collaborator, merely said it in pure sarcasm. In other words I was ridiculing you and your pathetism.

Good luck with your mission in Rasinimizing the Seychellois(that was also sarcasm). Don't get tangled in those roots now and then cry for help when you're stuck.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Kalifa is treating Seychelles like the dessert sand dune.

GO HOME Kalifa, we don't need investors like you in Seychelles.

When you go home, I will come home.

As for Michel, he is one sorry man. Has he hated himself so much, that he has taken this hated out on us?

One son shot dead, by yours truely,one in jail in Singapore, ex wife on STB payroll as a consultant- in singapore.

New wife cast aside for girlfriend Director I hear.

Oh yes, one country Bankrupted by yours truely. Anyone that works for this man has a tall order. I left and am now liberated.

I do wish I could come home if I could find a decent job, but the Irish and Australians and whoever else has taken all decent jobs.

Thank you for this site. It is inspirational. I read it every week.


Carlos the Jackal said...

I'm really enjoying this blog though I do get the impression that some of the posters might actually be foaming at the mouth when typing and giving their keyboards a hell of pasting in the process ;-)

Anonymous said...


If their sexual endurance is as good as their typing, their partners must 'mars karte'.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

True, you can see variations within the agenda spectrum on this site.

Yet at the end of the day, there seems to be a general flow towards the same goal, although the road is at times bumpy and not a highway.

But that is expected when you want something really bad.


Anonymous said...

I should clarify that I was referring to Carlos J's comment and not Patrick X's "mars karte"- although it was slightly humorous.


Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I did not think you would stoop to sarcasm on such an important topic. At your dinner table you must have never learned that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit: and coming from a self-proclaimed superior gentleman with such good manners as yourself, this is unexpected. So I accept the fact that I overestimated your abilities and manners and accept that you were being sarcastic.

But insofar as being tangled in the roots as you put it, have no fear Patrick X. Rasin-ism is not something you get tangled in. It is something that liberates you. It is something that streghthens ones resolve to take back our country from you Collaborators and from your Fabrike friends. So there is no risk of looking for help to escape Rasin-ism. We Rasin-ists welcome all its consequences however entagled they may be. But as a Fabrike Collaborator you would not understand that point.

Anonymous said...

Hello there Patrick X,

We are now seeing your true face (not to say trou fes!). You sound so much like Patrick from Spongebob Square pants... Now you are into humour and sarcasm. You mask behind sarcasm and humour when you commit blunders that is reflective of your youth & inexperience.
It is so funny to see that you have now adopted this Shakespearean demeanour to hind behind the fact that you do not want to apologise / own up (like all humans do)when you have committed a blunder.
Judging from your contributions on this blog,you fit Carlos's description perfectly as I can see you banging away at this keyboard with the destructive JJ Spirit fire buring you inside to the point that "ou pe konmans mars karte!!" And you have only one thing to defend and that is the current status quo - your main man is the only option. Even if he gave us rat poison to eat, it would still be OK. 'Ou pe protez ou pye diri mon frer' - till death do us part...
Oh one more thing about sarcasm and humour - you seemed to be shooting down the State House Anytime Now as you found it not serious for this blog. A bit too close for comfort?? Well my dear JeanPa, you ain't see nothing yet. Soon the "mars karte" will be followed by a serious dose of 'ladyare'... to follow on with the humour of 'kaka malbar'... Watch this space my collaborator brother

Anonymous said...


From Patrick Pillay to Jean Pa! I'm flattered as I'm getting more and more handsome. :-D

But regarding to 'ain't seen nothing', I must say I've both seen and heard about everything here. Looking forward to your famous cartoon, I'm sure it'll start the revolution of the century.

Keep looking for that true face guys, but please stay away from my 'fes', I ain't that kind of guy.

Rasinism may liberate you, but it may very well tangle the nation as a whole. Would you want that to happen being the good patriot you are?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Whilst i appreciate the work done by Gill and STAR on the net, i frankly cannot see dividends on the ground. No sign of a unified opposition, no sign of the opposition on the ground in the districts apart from David Pierre in Mt Buxton and that despite dire situations in the country. Participation on STAR (despite anonymity) is still very much restrained to a handful of people, most of them not in Seychelles nor even allowed to vote in Seychelles. I am sorry to say that unless and until the Opposition politicians get off their backsides and go on the ground, i see very little possibility of a change of govt! The internet opposition has existed since the begining of internet being accesible, it is unlikely that it change much on the ground!

Mise a part, REGAR and Seychelles Weekly nothing concrete is being done to change Seychelles!

Frankly i find it ridiculous the guessing work going on around Patrick X identity. X has managed to grab everybody's attention, Francis Gill has almost exclusively spent his time of late "fer kankan" with X. If we were to admit that X is an SPPF/PL progandist i must say he is doing a good job diverting attention!


Anonymous said...


There will never be a united opposition as long as those who cry for one cannot or will not respect others' opinion. A united opposition must be build on goals, cooperation, determination and respect. So far I cannot see either cooperation or respect let alone determination althoug all have a mutual goal, it being 'tir SPPF/PL'. That's about the only thing they all have in common.

With the 2011 election coming closer day by day, although a date isn't set yet, nothing more is being done apart from campaigning on STAR which as you so correctly state is followed up by a handful of individuals whom most of don't even live in Seychelles let alone have the right to vote there.

Then again, STAR has become more of a campaign against the Gills' Fabrikes and not least a campaign againt yours truly where even its uttermost promoters have sunk so deep that in pure desperation they are speculating in finding X's true ID.

I recall a blogger on another sire once saying something in the course of 'I though it was the SPPF I should be more afraid of rather than the opposition' and another blogger wisely replied 'Well think again'. I am slowly sensing the same feeling here on STAR.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Reply To Vox-

For the sake of a better country tomorrow, and for the sake of our children, do not resign yourself to the doldrums of pessimism.

State of Nation - Tommorrow.
Let it ride. Let Michel say what he wants to say. Give him a little space.

Let Ramkalawan say what he wants to say. Recall in December I advised you that Ramkalawan asked for the State of Nation period to kick in gear with a united opposition. Allow him time. He asked for it. Let's see what he comes up with.

Boulle- said he would launch another party in January. He did not. He has said he will launch now in March. Allow him time. Give him the benefit of the doubt.

We all know that operating under a fabian communist regime is not easy for any opposition force. So let us not poison the politcal water and then call us all for a drink.

La misere should not be emulated.

There will be more to come.

We have not heard from the Army yet. They may want to kidnap Michel, and place Danny Faure in his place. Who knows. Anything goes when you are dealing with a sell out leader.

But we do know, Seychellois have had enough of Michel and his sell outs and left footed-failed administration. That we can all agree on this.

But unfortunately, only Jean Paul Adam benefits from Michels' mishaps. Ironically, he writes the speeches. The more mishaps Michel makes, he caves in to Adam, and gives him more political appointments to boards, from Air Seychelles , Nouvobanq, and God only knows what else.

Now figure that out "X" the only voice that supports a sell out of Seselwa interests.

Chirstopher Gill



Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X & Vox:

Patrick X represents the views of the PP Collaborators. It does not matter who he is and I do not care who he is. What matters is what he says and how he says it. It is the PP Collaborators saying it. That point of view must be contested since it is the point of view that advocates selling out our country to the Fabrike. I will continue to contest that point of view and allow the readers and contributors to evaluate our different points of view in a free and open debate. If either of you think this is a useless exercise, you should just enjoy what we have to say and not concern yourself with more than that.

I on the other hand can sense us Seselwa Rasin developing and internalizing our ideology and therefore engaging in the most important phase of taking our country back from the PP Collaborators and their Fabrike friends. That is the phase of politicization. Work on the ground as you put it, must be backed up by an ideology that has been well developed and that has withstood the rigors of a truly open and free debate. Rasin-ism has passed the first test of withstanding an open and free debate and is now going into the politicization phase. In this phase it will gravitate from the internet into peoples homes as Patrick X has already recognized in some of his previous comments.

With respect to X's comment that Rasin-ism will liberate me but entangle the nation I have this to say: Your argument Patrick X is like blaming the police officer for engaging in violence because he had to shoot an armed bank robber. The PP Collaborators have sold out our country to the Fabrike and foreigners to the extent that Khalifa now tells us not to use a Coco de mer outline as our visitor arrival stamp in passports because he complains that this stamp is too sexually provocative for his 7th century Muslim ideals. And our government complies and removes our national symbol of our uniqueness to comply with Khalifa's orders to them. Rasin-ism will re-establish our sovereignty the sovereignty of Seselwa Rasin over the likes of Khalifa no matter the cost. How can that be wrong except to PP Collaborators like Patrick X who are on Kalifa's payroll at Seselwa Rasin expense?

So whatever costs we have to undertake to untangle the crimes of the PP Collaborators we Seselwa Rasin must pay the price and endure whatever it takes to take back our country from the Fabrike and PP Collaborators and people like Khalifa who are treating us like their subjects and our homeland like his personal colony.

Anonymous said...

Danny Faure as prezident? A non Rasin as you'd put it? Jean Paul Adam maybe, I believ he'd be a good prez because he has what it takes not least knowledge about diplomacy which you, sorry to say, do not posess. JPA can shake hands with the people he hates and smile from ear to ear whilst doing so. You can't and that's why you will never make it anywhere near where he is.

Quote[Your argument Patrick X is like blaming the police officer for engaging in violence because he had to shoot an armed bank robber]

Personally I'd blame the robber as he shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Now, would you blame Ramkalawan or the police woman who battered him when he refused to obey orders when asked to stop the illegal protest he led about Radio Freedom?

Or was that the police woman's fault as he(WR) was a non PL?

Anonymous said...

Patrick X(forgot to sign)

Anonymous said...


You have just proved to be a bloody racist by criticizing Khalifa's '7th century muslim ideals'.

So not only are you, Francis Gill, against foreigners, but you are also against muslims?

Thanks you for showing your true side and clarifying that for us all. So what now? You're going to say that 'Seychelles is a Catholic country'? What about our Muslim, Hindu, Bhuddist and Protestant Rasins? Hassan Ali was a Muslim I believe and he too had Muslim ideals in addition to be a Rasin.

You guys are becoming more and more scary by the minute. And after all, if there is somebody to blame for removing the stamp at immigration it is James Michel, not Khalifa as it is/was Michel who gave the final order of approval to remove it.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I agree that the robber should not rob in the first place. I agree that the Collaborators should not have sold out our country to the Fabrike and to foreigners in the first place. Michel and Rene should not have brought Tanzanian troops into the Seselwa Rasin homeland to murder us Rasin on our sacred soil. Rene/Michel should not have brought Irishmen to police Selsewa Rasin in our own homeland. Rasin should not have been exiled from their own country by Rene/Michel. Michel should not have sold our country to Khalifa. The list can go on and on of what the Collaborators have done to rob and sell out our country. They should have done none of this in the first place just like the robber should not have robbed in the first place.

But once the person has done the wrong and is continuing to do as as Michel is doing, it is the job of every Seselwa Rasin to stop him. Rasin-ism exposes the Rene/Michel betrayal and is the ideology that will stop them from continuing to sell out our country to Fabrike.

On the issue of Ramkalawan: The PP Collaborators have put in place a system of rules and regulations that are intended to inhibit free speech so any opposition leader faced with these unreasonable restrictions has the right to take direct action to have their say. We need more of this kind of direct action to promote Rasin-ism and to retake our country from the PP Collaborators. So I do not fault Ramkalawan for disobeying an immoral order from anyone.

It is the duty and obligation of every Seselwa Rasin to disobey any immoral order that is designed to keep the PP Collaborators in power so they can continue to sell out our country. We must do this through non-violent direct action and if we are met with violent repression then we must do it by a true revolution that removes the Collaborators from power and bring them to justice for their crimes against us Seselwa Rasin.

You state that Jean Paul Adam is qualified to be president because he "can smile ear to ear" and shake your hand even if he dislikes you. I disagree that an ability to deceive and to be hypocritical is a good indication that a person has the qualities to be president. If Jean Paul Adam is such a hypocritical and deceitful person as you say, he is exactly the kind of person we do not need as president. We have had enough deceitful, underhanded and backstabbing presidents to last a few generations. We do not need one more. We need people like Christopher who is straight talking and honest who can shake your hand whether he likes you or not and tell you straight what he thinks and work out differences in an open honest debates and compromises reached in good faith and through respect of each sides position. This is the Rasin way.

Furthermore Danny Faure is Rasin. Anyone who has an ancestor who was Seychellois on Independence Day, June 29th 1976, is a Rasin and always will be. Both Danny Faure's parents are Rasin therefore Danny Faure is Rasin and Danny Faure's descendants will be Rasin. He is therefore not disqualified from being president because he is a Fabrike or a foreigner as Ramados your former Fabrike friend is disqualified. Though, in my opinion, Faure is likely to continue the Collaborationist policies of his masters Rene and Michel and will likely continue to betray and sell us out to Fabrike.

Leoanrd Francis Gill said...

On the issue of disliking Muslims: I do not hate or dislike anyone. I am for "Seychelles Pour Seychellois". Khalifa has come from his country with his 7th century Muslim ideals and imposed them on us. There are many millions, and perhaps hundreds of millions, of Muslims that have a modern perspective and would not be offended by our cocco de mer stamp and they would not have demanded we stop using it. Hassan Ali and many other Seselwa Rasin Muslims are in that category of modern and progressive thinking Muslims as well - in fact, Hassan was tortured and murdered by Collaborators because he loved liberty; he is an example of a Seselwa Rasin Muslim hero for whom I have great respect. I believe Muslims refer to this kind of progressive thinking in its Arabic term Etihad, and was the philosophical basis that made Muslims the world leaders in mathematics, architecture, poetry and literature before the 7th century. And the world owes Muslims much for these achievements that were products from a progressive and tolerant atmosphere.

Khalifa on the other hand is a backward thinking man and wants to bring us backward to where his thinking lies. This kind of backward thinking is not only found in pockets of the Muslim religion but is found in pockets of many other religions as well. We Rasin want our country to be progressive, tolerant and open minded. Our Seselwa Rasin culture embraces our sexuality and equality of the sexes. We are not so insecure about our sexuality that we would find the coco de mer shape offensive as Khalifa has. To us Rasin the coco de mer shape is a celebration of our uniqueness as a people, and of our Rasin culture, and of our Rasin views on sexuality. So, while Khalifa is free to establish the sexual and other moral values of his own country he should not be allowed to impose his backward and insecure values on us Seselwa Rasin.

I am against that kind of colonization where a foreigner like Khalifa, with a few pieces of silver to give to you Collaborators, is able to dictate to our government. While I do not blame Khalifa for seeking to make our beautiful country his personal colony, I do blame you Collaborators for allowing him to do so and for betraying us once more.

Finally Seychelles is not a Catholic, Buddhist, Protestant, Muslim, Christian or Hindu country. It is a Rasin country - it is the Seselwa Rasin homeland. We Rasin can choose whatever religion or politics we want; for that matter, any Seselwa Rasin can chose to individually follow Khalifa, but he or she has no right to impose those values on the rest of us unless we freely chose to accept these values. But what is non-negotiable is that Seychelles belongs to Seselwa Rasin and not to Fabrike and foreigners like Khalifa. You Collaborators have sold out our country to the likes of Khalifa and your Fabrike friends.

Anonymous said...

Well done Francis!
We are finally unmasking who the true Patrick X is! His intention is the same as his masters - divide and rule. And that is all he has been doing under the umbrella of free speech. Now we can see that he is propelling himself to the presidency. He has tasted power in his short time by the side of his lame president and wants to bask in the limelight.
For anyone with a bit of grey matter, it is obvious that he is using the divide and rule tactic to try and shoot down the Rasinism philosophy! And yet, in public they try to play the 'diplomatic' card of 'Koste', 'Ansam' and all those rosy words as it suits them!! They do not want to be judged for their past and present blunders, so they hide behind this unity BS. The Seychellois people has always been united since it became an independent country. It was your masters who created this wedge / chasm that you are now trying to bridge as it is the only way forward. But it will be an impossible task as you guys have been and will remain the perpetrators (collaborators) and you have managed to create a 'fabrike' state!
As Rasins, we profess that the SPPF have sold us out and invented the Fabrike to keep them in power and thus become perpetrators (collaborators) in the process. And what does Patrick X do? He invents plante, re-plante and all this crap.
Now that he is being cornered on all the blunders that his masters have created and the 'shit is hitting the fan' literally, he tries to divide us as being anti muslim, anti this, anti that!!

Get real Patrick X!! You will never make it as president as you are a collaborator right from your ass up. The Seselwa Rasin are the most tolerant people in the world. We have always been and will always be. No one will divide us. We welcome everyone without fear, malice or favour! This is our country and we intend to take it back. Whether you like it or not...

Anonymous said...

I refer to Anonymous (post just before mine): it is not Patrick X or SPPF/PL who has divided the Opposition. It is the Opposition Leaders namely Wavel Ramkalawan/SNP and Chow/Volcere/Gill/DPs in 2007 who played into the hands of the SPPF/PL, divided a unified Opposition and voice, started a campaign of mud slinging, voted for an austerity budget alongside the SPPF/PL and increases in their own salaries and perks whilst ordinarry Seychellois were made to pay the brunt of economic reform under SPPF/PL.

So please let us have a little decency and objectivity here. As a Seychellois (my ancestors coming from both Europe/Africa/Asia) i feel badly let down with my elected representatives: with the SPPF/PL for following a course of destruction and SNP for selling themselves out as whores under the darkness of night!

Mr Gill says give Ramkalawan/Boulle time. Time is a luxury which we do not have in Seychelles. As time goes by the SPPF/PL continues to pillage this country!


Anonymous said...

Well said Vox! These guys whom we elect in the opposition need to take their roles more seriously! They seem content with their fat salaries and perks and forget what they were elected to do in the first place.
In another post on this site, there is an open letter to Michel by Paul Chow and I made a contribution stating that it is well and good to come up with this issue but what were they doing about it since multi party?? They were all obviously sitting on their fat asses (gro bourik)and expecting that the SPPF bandits would relent and let go of their tight grip on the media.
They are all dreaming those fools if you ask me...and the more they dream, the more the SPPF will whip their fat asses!!

Anonymous said...

Well said Vox! These guys whom we elect in the opposition need to take their roles more seriously! They seem content with their fat salaries and perks and forget what they were elected to do in the first place.
In another post on this site, there is an open letter to Michel by Paul Chow and I made a contribution stating that it is well and good to come up with this issue but what were they doing about it since multi party?? They were all obviously sitting on their fat asses (gro bourik)and expecting that the SPPF bandits would relent and let go of their tight grip on the media.
They are all dreaming those fools if you ask me...and the more they dream, the more the SPPF will whip their fat asses!!

Leonard Francis Gill said...


I agree that there is an urgent need for action. The PP Collaborators are by the day selling out our country to Fabrike and to foreigners like Khalifa. However, it is incumbent on each of us to do our part.

I am doing my small part. You should too. My brother Christopher and I have articulted the details of a unifying ideology - Rasin-ism, that protects Seselwa Rasin intersts. Do your part to help us unify Seselwa Rasin around this ideology so we can coalesce into a revolutionary force to remove the PP Fabrike Collaborators from power and bring them to justice for their crimes against their people the Seselwa Rasin.

How can you help? We are now in the politicization phase of our efforts. You can recruit and inform three people of the basic principles of Rasin-ism and ask them to do the same thing after they become familiar and comfortable with Rasin-ism.

So tell me you will help and become part of the solution to the problems you have so ably and eloquently stated.

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