Thursday, February 25, 2010

Open Letter to President James Michel of Seychelles by Paul Chow

Last night (22 February, 2010) the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), the state owned and funded broadcasting media, gave you 20 minutes of prime time television coverage just on your visit to the their establishment.  In your public statement relayed by SBC on the occasion, you praised the workers and staff for their good work and professionalism, and offered them more support in the future. You also exhorted the youth (the generation next) to take up a career in broadcasting. It is good when our leader publicly bestows recognition on the good work of those tasked with delivering an important service to our community, especially in the vital area of public information. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and empowering the people to be able to make good decisions is the purpose of government in the era of the internet, a notion that you also alluded to last night.

After listening to you last night, I could not help but issue this open letter to you, to point out a serious flaw in your slick image, bordering on high level hypocrisy and worse.  This is because you have signally failed in your duty not only to the staff of SBC but also to the people of Sey chelles when it comes to this organisation. More seriously, you have also in the process failed to keep faith with the oaths of office that you twice took when you assumed the presidency of our country.  This dereliction of constitutional duty in my view is worthy of impeachment.

You may be wondering what on earth I am talking about, which won’t be surprising. As a point of reminder, you and I are two of a privileged few among the citizens of our country to have their hand  written signatures on the original document that became the Constitution of the Third Re public after being approved overwhelmingly by the people in a referendum on June 12th, 1993. We both arrived at this position (which the Irish judge Michael Riley called the “distinguished consti tutional commission”  ) through an open election process in 1992, which I and many of our citi zens then, would not characterise as fair principally because SBC, as well as other organs of state, were working entirely for your party. Ironically, SBC acquired its current name and legal status that very same year from the authority of your party alone (the one-party state) and constituted in such a way to be at the beck and call of your party.

But that is water under the bridge or should be, except that in the document that we signed which became the fundamental law of the land, there is an obligation for the government and parliament“to within twelve months of the coming into force of this Constitution, bring the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation Act, 1992 into conformity with article 168.” Article 168, for its part reads(1) The State shall ensure that all broadcasting media which it owns or controls or which receive a contribution from the public fund are so consti tuted and managed that they may operate independently of the State and of the political or other influence of other bodies, persons or political parties. (2) for the purposes of clause (1), the broadcasting media referred to in that clause shall, subject to this Constitution and any other law, afford opportuni ties and facilities for the presentation of divergent views.”

It is now 17 years since the Constitution came into force and throughout that time it has been only you and your predecessor who have occupied the post of Head of State and Chief Executive.  You are now seven years into a second mandate as Head of State and Chief Executive of our country, and this vital constitutional provision has yet to be implemented.  It is your overriding and signal duty and responsibility to do so.

That is why I find it hypocritical as well as insulting when you claim on the precinct of SBC yes­terday, that its management and Board, as currently constituted, are discharging their true respon­sibilities since both you and I agreed in 1993, that SBC’s legal status was not in conformity with the spirit and letter of the Constitution of the Third Republic which bore both our signatures
Moreover, at the time of announcement of the appointment of Irish Judge Michael Riley to chair an independent inquiry into the incident of October 3, 2006 when the police fired tear gas and rub ber bullets at a small and peaceful demonstration, you also promised to fully and equivocally im plement his recommendations. 

This year would be 3 years since Judge Riley delivered his report to you.  Just to remind you, among his recommendations are the following:
Recommendation: - Since the provision in Schedule 7.2(5) of the Consti­tution was made following consideration of the issues by a distin guished Constitutional Commission and included in the text of the Con stitution the Inquiry recommends that the requirement contained in Schedule 7.2(5) be implemented forthwith.
Recommendation: - A new system for selecting persons to serve on the Board of the SBC should be introduced.

On a further note, in case it may have passed you by, under current law, the President (you) alone appoints all the members of the board of SBC, and worse you also appoint and has the authority to fire, the Managing Director of SBC (as well as any member of staff). I could see and feel  the em­barrassment of Mr Antoine Onezime on screen, as he showed you around. I consider Mr Onezime a professional broadcaster (equally esteemed are many members of his staff). Please cut him loose and allow us enjoy the benefit of his professionalism. He dearly wants to show respect to the rest of us just as he shows respect you, but unlike us, you literally hold his career in your hands under the existing SBC Act. Indeed, Judge Riley has recommended a way to create a truly independent board for the new SBC to appoint someone like Antoine Onezime, which you are obligated under the Constitution to create but has so far failed to do so.  

On a final note, perhaps at this juncture I should remind you of the oaths that you took on assum ing office (and I was honoured and privileged to be there on the lawn of State House watching you taking them):

I James Alix Michel do swear/solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm/that I will be faith ful and bear true allegiance to the Constitution of Seychelles and that I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of Seychelles. SO HELP ME GOD

I James Alix Michel do swear/solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm/that I will faithfully and diligently perform my duties and discharge my functions in the office of President of Seychelles, that I will be faithful to the Republic of Seychelles, that I will uphold the Consti tution and the laws of Seychelles and that I will dedicate my abilities to the service and wel fare of the people of Seychelles without fear or favour, affection or ill will. SO HELP ME GOD.

On the question of SBC you have so far failed to uphold the Constitution which bore both of our signatures. That is why I say that this dereliction of duty is worthy of impeachment because it is not just an oversight on your part. And I hope you take this criticism in the spirit it is written.

Paul B Chow


Anonymous said...

Looks like Michel has angered Chow by his arrogance.

Anonymous said...

If His Excellency James Alix Michel the duly Elected President of the Seychelles is guilty of what Paul Chow is accusing him of, then Paul Chow can rest assured that the People of Seychelles will again be the Judge, Jury and Executioner at Election time.

Whilst Paul Chow continues to show his idiosyncrasies, JAM will continue to do the right things that are conducive in enhancing the well-being of the Seychellois populace because doing the right thing is the "Heart and Soul of Morality" if I may quote the late Bishop Felix Paul who was shafted by the Catholics including Paul Chow for what Bishop Paul had to say as Felix Paul the Individual first and Bishop second in that Constitution Convention that Chow boasts about putting his signature on.

Anonymous said...

A thoughtful and well considered article.

Paul, as you say this is not just an oversight. It is clearly designed to ensure that the most potent electoral tool remains firmly under ruling party control. I would venture to add that no alternative government can successfully challenge the incumbent until the status quo is altered and a level playing field established for the electronic media.

The radio, The Nation and more recently SBC Television have all been key disseminators of party propaganda in the guise of 'news'. This, for a state funded media service, is unacceptable and, as you say, runs counter to the law and spirit of the Constitution. This should not be allowed to continue into the forthcoming electoral period. To do so would be to hand the reins of power to the government for a further five year term. I believe that Opposition parties should unite and petition the Chief Justice for a writ of mandamus to compel the President to implement the provisions of the Constitution.

The SPUP was faced with a similar dilemma in the very early days of its existence. JRM, as Chief Minister, was a prolific and effective writer and he dominated the aiw waves of Radio Seychelles with his journalistic flare. The SPUP was no doubt frustrated and we all know what happened one evening in the middle of the night at Union Vale. We do not need to resort to such methods in this day and age. A more sensible approach would be to compel the President to uphold the Constitution as he has pledged to do. A court issued mandamus would possibly be the most effective way to do this.

Paul, I very much enjoyed our discussion when I dropped into your office last April during one my frequent visits to Seychelles. Keep it up. You may be a lone voice but rest assured that it is the voice of reason.

Anonymous said...

"His Excellency"- give the People of Seychelles a break! James Michel is nothing by a 2 time second rate gangster, that today as we can all see has sold Seychelles.

His record on Freedom of Speech is only as good as any dictator.

You must be joking.

For once, I agree with Paul Chow, and when you attack Paul Chow, you attack all Seychellois that want real Freedom in Seychelles, you two cent Collaborator as Gill would refer to you.

Your opinion has no place on STAR. I salute Gill and his STAR team for tolerating you. You are lucky I do not control this blog. I would have you hang.

"His Excellency" what a moron!

Anonymous said...

We Want Free Speech respected and tolerated in Seychelles.

SNP NDP need equal air time and equal opportunity at rebutal.

If not then we should burn down the radio station and SBC!

SPPF has had enough time to level the playing field. Level it now, or increase the national guard budget!

ARAZE Mont Fleuri not London!

Anonymous said...

One says "I would have hang you".....and the other one says "burn the radio and SBC Stations"...zot o! pa kouyon mem tou sa la?. Will the real "Morpion...erhhh Morron" please step forward?

Anonymous said...

And by the way, James Michel did what a man had to do and he did it himself. As for Paul Chow, he hid under the British Government's Wings and sent Mad Mike Hoare to go do his dirty deeds. Only good people like Rene and Michel would forgive pricks like Chow. And for you to come up with a statement that "an attack on Chow is an attack on all Seychellois" only highlights the absurdity of your Seychellois Rankinin because as far as I am concerned, I am a Seychellois who may not be in Seychelles but you can never ever take the Seychelles out of me.

In the way that the Gill Brothers have branded the Seychellois as Rasin...Derasinen...Fabrike....Plante...dePlante and in the case of our guest Monsieur X as a "Kolaborateur" simply because he has a different perception of how he sees things truly leaves a lot to be desired. Please Chris, stop using the SPUP Legendary catch-cry "Sesel Pou Seselwa" as your masks in your RACISM antics.

Chow for now.

Anonymous said...

Very good Monsieur Chow!
It was high time someone took Michel to task on this total control of the media. We should also be reminded that JAM still holds the Minstry of Information portfolio. A ministerial post that he assummed just after the coup d'etat. So it is no surprise that he is exerting total control - even more than Rene did.
As someone suggested above, this can be a classic case of pitting the judiciary against the executive and to see what His Honourable chief justice Ngonde-Ntende is made of. Will he be willing to hear a petition to set the constitution demands right?? He has first and foremost to have Michel implement the Reiley report..
Interesting developments indeed and the pressure needs to be exerted until a level playing field is reached (to quote Danny Faure!!).
Sometimes I wonder why this issue had not been raised from the first multi-party election. What was Mancham and Chow doing about it at this time? What did the other members of the opposition such as Ramkalawan and Boulle do about it?? Nada if you ask me... Funny that it is only now that we are trying to tackle this problem. Mieux vaut tard que jamais.
I personally feel that we have been let down on this one by all and sundry who assumed the mantle of the opposition after the 'collapse' of the one party state. But guess what, they gave you freedom of speech but maintained their grip on the one party state propaganda machinery. Surprised that they are still around and 'metamorfozed' into a Parti Lepep???????

Anonymous said...

I reply -

Mr. Chow writes an open letter and is entitled to as any Rasin Seselwa citizen. I defend his right to express his sentiments.

1000 people will read this letter this week. Next week, 2000 people will read it, and so forth.

Unfortunately for you Fabrike Collaborators such as Patrick X, most of the readership is in Seychelles offices and not overseas as you assert. People just do not trust you to tell you what they are reading.Many people express gratitude to me and the STAR Team for the work we have done for Seychelles.

Unlike Michel, Rene, and other, we do it for free and only for the love of Seychelles.

Secondly, I believe we must refrain from insinuations and threats of use of violence. This is not good. I ask Mr./ Mrs. Araze to calm down for now.

Thirdly, Mr. Chow is a signatory to the Constitution of Seychelles. Why do you Fabrike Collaboratoars deny him the respect that he is entitled to. Mr. Chow has not bankrupted Seychelles.

While you site his alleged involvement with Mike Hoare, you neglect to mention it was Mr. Chow that help SPPF along to start the Thrid Pillar of Seychelles economy the Offshore Sector. Without Chow, you P.P. would not have a clue what to do with yourselves.

Finally, Mr. Chow is pressing the issue of Freedom of Speech and fair and equal access to the national media. Now why would you not agree with that?

In any case, it is irrelevant by now, since the internet will soon make individual broadcast possible even in Seychelles. We will not need you antenna's P.P. We will only have to educate the public how to switch over from SBC by connecting to a laptop then to a big screen. Opposition will learn fast, unfortunately for you collaborators, you will never learn, until it hits you in your pocket. For it is you that keep Seychelles from progressing, because you are held hostage by a communist regime for a few pennies without regard for who you are, where you come from.

A life with no dignity and self pride as a human being is empty indeed.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I must say I agree with Paul Chow about the fact that SBC is still, as it always has been, state controlled as is Nation which is supposed to be our national newspaper. Then again, I dare say that James Michel is doing the same thing any other one of you would do if given the possibility to do so, i.e have a tight grip on any media that can be or is a threat to you and your interests.

I don't know what Michel has doen to anger Chow now, but it is ard to believe that it is merely the fact that SBC is still under Michel's control 17 years after the Constitution was signed and where it was given a 3 year period to change. Why Chow comes up with this 17 years after and not before is to me a mystery. Chow raves on about Michel's arrogancy, but as I've understood Chow himself seems to posess quite a bit of arrogance himself, amongst this a little arrogancy shown to a car rental company which he had rented cars from during an election campaign, but refused to pay for the cars after the election. If that is not arrogancy, then I obviously have to restudy the meaning of the word and will do so when Chow has clarifies the matter to the public.

I do however give Chow full support if Michel has not followed the constitution as he should have, but again, the first three years after the Constitution was signed, Michel was not controlling the country as the Prezident then was no otther than France Albert Rene. And again, although Chow represents a side of the opposition I fins it strange that the official opposition, SNP, has not taken up this matter, especially after they themslves were campaigning for freedom of speech by planning to have their own radio station. Why the lack of interest?

And while Chow preaches the controlling of the national media on STAR, Patrick X is still branded as collaborator for having his own opinion as 'Anonymous' states further up and the Gills' Rasinism is still clung on as a 'morpion anba grenn' every foreigner in Seychelles. I am however glad that the issue is raised, but Chow should sweep his own doorstep and choose his words more delicately next time he starts calling people arrogant.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

My hat is off to Mr. Chow - I salute him for a well researched and well reasoned letter. His motives for pointing out the issue of illegal unconstitutional PP Collaborator control of state funded media is not important. What is important is that he has pointed it out, and done it well.

There is one constructive critique I would like to advance however. From a Seselwa Rasin-ist perspective, we do not want and nor should not need foreign judges, or foreigners in general, to tell us what is fair and reasonable in our own country the Seselwa Rasin homeland. We Seselwa Rasin should do the necessary heavy lifting and find Rasin individuals, respected and accepted by all sides with an impeccable reputation for fairness and honesty, who can perform any future inquiries. We must escape the mentality of looking to foreigners to solve our problems. If we are to be truly independent, if we are to truly make "Seychelles Pour Seychellois", we must solve our own problems and develop mechanisms within and between us Seselwa Rasin for doing so.

Finally, let me add my voice in agreement with Mr. Chow and others who have commented here that the state media should be used for the benefit of all Rasin and not to perpetuate one group in power as the PP Collaborators have done. Our system of state media control and our Constitution must address the fact that any group in power will be tempted to control and manipulate the media to perpetuate their hold on power. Our Constitution must be amended to ensure that this does not happen again, and to ensure that the media is not used as a political tool rather than as an independent voice to safeguard, protect and promote general Seselwa Rasin interests.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To the Anonymous commentator who falsely stated that we Seselwa Rasin-ists have segregated Rasin into several categories, for instance derasine, replante etc. Your facts are completely and categorically wrong. While you are entitled to your own opinion you are not entitled to your own facts.

We Rasin-ists have repeatedly said that there is only one Seselwa Rasin people. That this status is derived from ones ancestry and is not derived from any personal effort or lack of effort. This is much like the Swiss system for determining who is a Swiss. Therefore, what a person does as an individual will have no effect on his and his descendants' status as Seselwa Rasin. For instance, if a Rasin leaves Seychelles and all his or her children are born overseas, all his or her children are still Rasin with the full rights of a Seselwa Rasin in his or her homeland.

The categories such as derasine, replante etc.. was invented by Patrick X the PP Fabrike Collaborator in order to divide us Rasin so that the PP Collaborators can control us and thereby keep power and continue to sell us out to their Fabrike friends who are expected to bribe them.

So once again, we Seselwa Rasin-ists state that there is only one Seselwa Rasin people. Those are the people who were Seychellois on Independence Day June 29th 1976 and their descendants. That no one can take away or reduce your status as Rasin and no one can make you a Rasin if you are not born one - it simply exists or it does not. It is as permanent as the stars. That the Seselwa Rasin are the only true owners of Seychelles the Seselwa Rasin homeland. That all Rasin should have a right to register as a Rasin in their homeland and to vote in its elections, no matter who they vote for. All people who claim to be Seychellois who are not Rasin are counterfeit Seychellois or Fabrike. Fabrike, or counterfeit Seychellois are not Seychellois. Fabrike have been given citizenship by the PP Collaborators in return for bribes and votes that keep the PP Collaborators in power. All persons who support the Fabrike right to claim Seychellois citizenship and to equal rights as Seselwa Rasin are collaborating with the Fabrike to sell out the Seselwa Rasin homeland. Since Patrick X supports Fabrike rights over Seselwa Rasin rights he is accurately described as a Collaborator.

These are the core principles of a Seselwa Rasin-ist.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Anonymous, you state that Christopher should stop using the SPUP "catch-cry" of "Sesel Pou Seselwa". The principle of "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" was the fundamental principle which motivated my late father Peter Edwin Gill to join with Rene and Philibert Loizeau in the 1960's to start the SPUP. "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" was my late Father's dream for Seychelles and it was what Rene said was his dream to. It was this dream that they promoted to other Seychellois families in East Africa, sometimes with Rene on the back of my Father's motorcycle, dressed in my late Father's clothes, looking for support and money to make "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" a reality. My late Father, and our family, sacrificed much to achieve "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" including, among many other things, spending what were in those days considerable sums to pay for printing the People Newspaper for years while it was in its infancy, so that we could achieve independence and "Seychelles Pour Seychellois".

Rene/Michel the PP Collaborators betrayed "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" - they sold us Seselwa Rasin out to Fabrike and foreigners. We Gill Brothers as you put it, now have taken up Peter Gill's and the betrayed SPUP banner of "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" to do all we can to make it a reality and bring those who betrayed it to justice for the crimes of betrayal against the Seselwa Rasin people. We, Gill Brothers more than most others, have an absolute right, in point of fact we have a duty and obligation to strive to finish what Peter Edwin Gill started and what you Collaborators have so thoroughly betrayed.

Anonymous said...

We are deviating from the central issue of this thread i.e. the constitutionality of maintaining the status quo with regard to state owned media. Paul has raised an important point and it would be a pity if the debate gets bogged down and sidetracked by other matters, however important they may be.

In my view this debate should now focus on how we can move forward and achieve the vision of an independent public media as envisaged by the Constitution. With respect, I do not share the view that the Constitution should be amended in order to achieve this. The existing provisions relating to state owned media are adequate. What is needed is a mechanism to ensure that the constitutional provisions are respected and enforced. The judiciary, be it the Supreme Court or the Constitutional Court, should be able to enforce the provisions of the Constitution, either by a writ of mandamus or by some other method, when these are disregarded by the executive.

オテモヤン said...


Leonard Francis Gill said...


I disagree that the comments posted so far are deviating from the central point of the need to place state owned media beyond the solitary control by the PP Collaborators. The PP Collaborators' actions on this issue are but one piece of a broader effort by them to use all means fair and foul to keep political control over our country. So there is a broader political context at issue here which is more important than the technical legal one of implementing the technical terms of the Constitution on this issue. So it is my view that the failure to implement the constitutional provision at issue implicates far more than the mere technical legal constitutional question of simply implementing the constitutional provision at issue and is rather symptomatic of broader political problems.

Given this fact, all the comments that have thus far been posted, whether I agree with them or not, have addressed this broader political context. The very fact that most of the comments were made to address this broader context is in itself part of the evidence of the relevance of the broader political context in which this persistent constitutional violation by the PP Collaborators has occurred.

While I agree that the technical legal aspects of redressing this constitutional violation is important and should be discussed, it would be a sever mistake to focus solely on this technicality because this would imply we are dealing with a law abiding government that plays by a given set of rules; and that these rules need simply be implemented properly for us to have decent governance. This is simply not true. This government is itself an outlaw government and does not respect any rules - not even the Constitution as is evident by their continued intentional and persistent refusal and failure to implement a fairly straightforward provision within the Constitution that would divest them of solitary control over state owned media and thereby threaten their grip on power.

The need to amend the Constitution recognizes this fact that we are dealing with an outlaw government that needs to be restrained and constrained by a constitutional amendment to ensure the independence of state owned media. Moreover, we Seselwa Rasin want to make a political statement about this point too. A constitutional amendment makes a strong statement of our desire for state media independence and that it should serve Seselwa Rasin interests only and not that of a single political party or any given person in power or the Fabrike or foreigners. Additionally, many of us are aware of the significant risk that any future government will be as equally tempted as the PP Collaborators have been to manipulate state owned media to achieve their political objectives. We Rasin-ists believe that a constitutional amendment will make that potential manipulation more difficult to accomplish.

We Rasin-ists are simply sick and tired of this kind of manipulation and dictatorship and want to do whatever is necessary to prevent its recurrence and make a strong legal and political statement about it too. So I disagree that we need not look to a constitutional amendment to redress these significant grievances.

Lastly, a too narrowly focused discussion on this point serves the interests of the PP Fabrike Collaborator government and not us Seselwa Rasin because it gives the PP Collaborators a legal and political legitimacy they do not deserve and we should not confer on them.

Anonymous said...

Leonard Francis Gill
Fair enough. I agree with much of what you say. The political context is certainly part of the equation. However, it is one which has been addressed ad nauseam in recent times and we are all familiar with the arguments advanced so far. There is also a broad consensus already on what needs to be achieved.

My point is that we should focus on the specific actions needed to achieve a level playing field on the issue of access to state media. The legal approach is one way. There may well be others. However, time is of essence if we are to achieve meaningful change before the next electoral campaign gets under way. Failure to act now could effectively entrench Parti Lepep rule for the foreseeable future.

Ideally, we need a flag bearer to provide leadership and coordinate a campaign designed to ensure that change occurs within a material timeframe. Such a person would need to have the necessary stature and command wide respect and support. I believe JRM, provided he can be persuaded, could play such a role. At least he could hardly be ignored and he could, if needed, orchestrate the international pressure needed to push a recalcitrant executive in the desired direction. There may, of course, be other suitable local personalities.

I agree that we should not constrain or limit debate on this issue in any way. There is, however, a degree of urgency if we are to avoid hammering the final nail into the coffin of democracy in Seychelles.

I hope this clarifies my position. We need to focus on solutions and do so with utmost haste.

Anonymous said...

Francis you should stop writing here and leave speaking on behalf of the Gills to your brother. Your passages are nothing more than angry rants which do nothing for the cause. In fact they take from it and possibly will put people off from following the cause of 'Seychelles pour Seychellois'. Of course we have free speech so thats just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Chow has a good nose, beyond Impeachment, there is coup, kidnap by army, and a whole list of things that can go bad fast when a leader cowards on his belly, in the face of great challenges to sacrifice the dignity of his people to please his foreign friends.

I agree with Chow. Now Michel knows he is out of time on the issue of Free Speech -Media.

He will make a move on it in the State of the Nation speech today.

Reply to Vox on time issue

I ask to give Michel time to make his State of Nation address. That is today Vox, in less then 5 hours.

Ramkalawan has asked me to give him time. I know we do not have time anymore. But Ramkalawan for good or for worse at this time, is still the Leader of the Opposition. If he ask for time give it to him. It cost us nothing. As he sleeps, it cost him, not the People of Seychelles. We the People, can easily go beyond Ramkalawan, we have been doing it for four years, leading the Opposition with ideas as he builds his house.

By giving Ramkalawan time does not mean we cannot lay the ground work to move on the political field in Seychelles. The ground work is being done.

Two years ago we hammered corruption till Chang Leng resigned and others at the Central Bank.

Last year we spoke about the economy and outlined the direction the country was taking to give our people a sure foot in bad times.

This year, I have outlined the basic ideology which I will proceed forward. This ideology has been stress tested on STAR by being subject to attacks from people that think like Jean Paul Adam, Patrick X and others from the P.P. camp.

They have embarassed themselves intellectually even to the point that they have asked that we stop using "Sesel Pou Seselwa" as the Rasin call to unity and defense of our motherland and what is ours.

Now "Sesel Pou Seselwa" is our call for unity and movement. It does not belong to Rene or Michel or Patrick X. It belongs to all Seselwa Rasin that believe in it.They have abandoned this call.

Today even Mr. Mancham supports it as his heart hurts to see foreigners stepping on his fellow Seychellois and Michel allows it to happen.

We Vox, are proud Seychellois and of courage, we will defend what is ours.

Other Seychellois that enjoy the fruits of corruption,are not so proud and have no courage.We know that, but we will fight for them as well.

Today, "Sesel Pou Seselwa" is in Regar, in Le Nouvo Weekly, in Review and on STAR, Seychelles E News.

Calls for foriegners to be replaced by Seychellois in Government is putting great pressure on Michel.

Calls for no compromise on Citizenship is putting great pressure on Seselwa Fabrike's.

This will increase after the State of Nation address when Michel makes appeals for false-love and false hope.

When Kalifa says remove the Coco De Mer entry Stamp, they say yes.Is it worng for us to say we are proud of the Love nut?

When Kalifa's agent a non existent company shits in our water source, the Collaborators say thank you.

Is it wrong for us to question our water source and what brought about the contamination?

When an Australian like Simon Hannaford stops Ralph Volcere for a bottle of wine a Seselwa Rasin and allows Avon to go through the airpoort without an inspection of 100's containers, these collaborators in P.P. say it is necessary.

I say its time to tell Mr. Hannaford to go back to his country. A Seselwa Rasin can easily do his job and be better at it.

Soon we will move on to political organization. Now, I appeal to Vox and all readers, commit to make a difference.This is the time.

I will do more then my share, will you do your share?

Today, Seychelles needs us to put the bickering of the past aside, and unite under Rasin ideology to take our country back from the people SPPF and P.P. have sold it to. We owe this united effort to the betterment of our children's lives, who Michel has transferred all debts to.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Great, now Chris Gill is staring to ask foreigners to go back to their country and already this case is becoming a 'Rasin vs Fabrike' matter, not a matter about SBC being in state control.

Francis is already taking it the same direction so I can already see that this case here is going to be another one where all the fault is blamed on the Gills' collaborators whom now consist of anyone who disagrees with them.

And you want the Seychellois to support you?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Give Ramkalawan time? Chris, he's had 4 years of time and now one year before the election he wants time? He's started to remind me of those guys at parties who want to chat up a girl and when friends ask when he'll make the move they say 'pankor ler, mon bezwen en pe letan' and that goes on till the last dance and people start going home.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Reply 2 X-

Look X, I'm not chatting up Ramkalawan or finding excuses for him.

Whether or not you like it or myself, Ramkalawan has the dance floor right now as LO. He leads the Opposition, not me, not Volcre, not Mancham, not Chow, not Bernard Georges, not Allain St. Ange.

It's his call. In the meantime, we are not waiting around for him, to lead us, our ideological ship has set sail.He can lead follow or get out of the way.

In the meantime, the dance floor is his. Now if he dances after the band leaves, that is his option. He will have to live with it.

Now X, let's listen to the President of the Republic give Jean Paul Adam's speech to us!

I Hope he can read it this time.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Ramkalawan has the dancefloor as LOP? Well yes, but the music is long gone and the floor is empty. Party's over Chris and the only time Ramkalawan need is time enough to keep enjoying the floor for himself and the money the job as LOP brings in.

Yes, I also look forward to reading the usual repetitions the State of the Nation dishes out. As I said, JPA is good at what he does and you should learn a thing or two from him. Amongst them a bit of manners. Maybe that's why he is where he is and you're not.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

To Monsieur Francois Gill,

SPUP's Sesel pou Seselwa took your late father Peter Edwin Gill on board and we did not discriminate the fact that your father was an American Citizen. He choice to become one of us and thus the SDP's dirty tactic of "Yankee go home" that was sprawled on La Misere Road so that the American would see on their way to work.

It is interesting to note what you said about your late father contributing funds or others to get the People Newsletters going.

Why was that so Francois?. Our colonial Masters ruled the roost with the Seychelles Bulletin and the Radio was broadcasted from Cable and Wireless Premises. We only got the BBC news read by Ericsen Larsen. Can you please tell us what is the difference between Government funded Media then and now?.

Again I re-interate that the message behind Sesel pou Seselwa was for us Seychellois regardless of Race, Creed, Colour or Nationality to become once and for all, the Master of our own Destiny and not it's Slave scratching to make ends meet. When these things were going on Francois Gill, I was one of the Movers and Shakers that used to hang around the Post Office waiting for our mails from overseas that was brought in once a week midweek on Sap P'ti Avion that Mickey Mancham made famous in one of his hits.

Your Dad would park his car in front of the Carnegie Library. Your Mum never got out of the car. And guess who were always in the back seat watching all the actions????....Chris and Francis Gill. How old were you then? eight or nine years old. I was the King of Victoria. To this day, no one bad mouths any of my Friends - Sir James included - and gets away with it.

Anonymous said...

Chris Gill,

Your statement that your ideological ship has set sail and Ramkalawan can "lead, follow or get out of the way" proves once again that all of you combined will never be a match to Parti Lepep's savoir faire with their Servant Leadership style and Lateral thinking.

In stark contrasts to your above statement Chris, Jj has been telling the Seychellois not to follow him for he may not know where he is going......and that it is their choice not to follow him...but as we have seen through his consultative gatherings, he has told the Seychellois to take his hand and walk with me and be my Friends.

Please heed X's sound have so much to learn. I hope for your sake you don't end up with a fat lip as a result of your crude insults towards JAM.

JAM is the President and you Chris, you are a nobody and I make no apologies.

Anonymous said...

Hey there King of Victoria,

I never remember we were ever a Kingdom, neither Seychelles as a country or Victoria as a city, but I do get your drift. ;-)

I must however say it is Chris Gill's full right to criticize James Michel as it is my full right to criticize Gill(both of them), but it is important that one criticizes with respect and in a proper manner. Unfortunately Chris Gill's years in USA has not taught him such. It is also your full right to counter-atatck Gill or anybody else who bad-mouths your friends, but you must also respect that Gill or anybody else has the right to do so. Defend your friends, but please refrain from petty pathetic threats about not letting anyone get away with it as it simply shows that you a are nothing but a bully who does not like people disagreeing with him(we have enough of these already). In fact it reminds us all of a dictator we had not so long ago, a man who bears the name of France Albert Rene. I can unfortunately see a lot of his streaks in Christopher Gill, this with regards to respecting others' views and opinion.

Anyway, plese keep the postings coming and I thank you very much for advising Chris to take my advise. I really appreciate that.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous:

You say I am angry and are doing damage to the Rasin-ist cause. You are mistaken. I an neither angry nor do I do damage to the Rasin-ist cause. I am militant and committed to "Seychelles Pour Seychellois". I make no apologies for that. And, you are right, this is a free speech blog - uncensored. Those who do not like what I have to say can counter my arguments. Simply calling me angry is not an argument.

To the gentleman who saw me and Christopher in the back seat of my Dad's car when we were young boys, I say that my late My late Father supported "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" for many of the reasons you articulated. He did not want the British to be masters over us Seselwa Rasin. You say there is no difference between what exists now under the PP Collaborators and what existed under our former British masters. I agree. But the point is my late Father, and it appears that you too, fought for it to be different and it is not. We have simply replaced British masters with PP Collaborators who sell us out to Fabrike like Ramados and the likes of Khalifa.

So is your argument that we should not complain about the current betrayals of Seselwa Rasin by Rene/Michel because they simply replaced the British colonial masters? Did you and my late Father not fight for a "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" rather than a Seychelles for Fabrike and for foreigners? Did you fight to replace British masters with Rene/Michel or did you fight to make us masters of ourselves in a free and democratic society? Did you not struggle for a better country where Seychelles would be for Seychellois, where we could speak and think freely, where our media would not be controlled and manipulated to keep one man or one group in power, where foreigners would be treated equally under the law as any Seselwa Rasin, where we Rasin would not be displaced from the civil service? If not what did you fight for? Did you fight for Rene and his family and other PP collaborators to pillage and sell out our country to Fabrike and foreigners?

You are an older gentleman who appears to know my family well, so I owe you due respect, but look into the mirror and ask yourself if the Seychelles we have now is the Seychelles you and my late Father fought for. Ask yourself in an honest and sincere way if this is the best we can do where we Seselwa Rasin are left as third class citizens in our own country.

Lastly my late Father was no an American citizen when he joined Rene and Philibert Loizeau to start SPUP. Secondly, I have never said anything bad aboot JRM. I do not agree with him on many issues but he has always advocated for peaceful coexistence between and within us Seselwa Rasin and he does not have Seselwa Rasin blood on his hands. For these things I thank him. For some of his policies with which I disagree I will respectfully oppose him.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous;

We are not in disagreement that a Writ of Mandamus should be issued in order to force compliance with the constitutional provision referenced by Mr. Chow.

And I believe we are in agreement that the broader political context is important and must be discussed.

However we maintain several points of disagreement. First, I do not think that the Mandamus will get a fair or prompt hearing, that was a central point of my previous comment. We are not dealing with a government that respects the rule of law; we are dealing with an outlaw government when dealing with the PP Collaborators. So, when it comes to the hearing on the mandamus for instance, the PP Collaborators will extra-judicially influence the constitutional review panel to either find a subterfuge or technicality to deny or interminably delay it. So, unlike you, I do not think that this approach will result in the level playing field you advocate. But I do agree the effort should be undertaken to point out the outlaw nature of the PP Collaborator government.

Secondly, I disagree that the issues in these comments have been debated ad nauseum. The ideology of Seselwa Rasin-ism has only recently been articulated by Christopher and myself. With the articulation of this new ideology, that we Seselwa Rasin have felt since birth in our hearts and souls, it provides us with a new prism through which we can observe and analyze events that have occurred and will occur in our Seselwa Rasin homeland. The exercise of applying our ideology to specific facts on the ground is therefore extremely important in the politicization and self empowerment process we Seselwa Rasin must undergo to prepare ourselves for the coming battles to retake our country from the PP Collaborators - and, do not delude yourself, the PP Collaborators will not give up power without a fight or because they have lost the democratic game from a losing score derived from a level playing field.

Thirdly, I disagree that media control is the only pivotal point in a strategy to retake our country from the PP Collaborators, or that we need to do it in the next 3 or 5 years; this may be a decades long process. There are other points which are at least as critical as the mandamus strategy and must receive equal or more attention to the filing of a mandamus. These other critical points are the fraudulent voters placed by the PP Collaborators on the electoral role and the Fabrike voters the PP Collaborators have placed on the electoral role and the gerrymandering of districts so that the PP can control most of the MNA seats with a slight majority of the voters even after including fraudulent and Fabrike voters on their side.

Fourthly, I disagree that we need a suitable "local personality" to spearhead a movement to remove the PP Collaborators from power. We have had enough personalities in our politics. What we need is a central unifying ideology that is preeminent over all else and that is the driving force of our efforts. That ideology is Seselwa Rasin-ism. So, to remove the PP Collaborators from power and replace them with a truly democratic system that respects the rights and liberty of every Seselwa Rasin we Seselwa Rasin need to first politicize ourselves with Rasin-ist ideology. We are doing that now by learning about Rasini-ism. When we have personally undergone sufficient politicization, each one of us is responsible to recruit three more Rasin and politicize them, and so on, until we can achieve a critical mass for a revolutionary force to remove the PP Collaborators from power, and revoke all passports held by Fabrike and bring the PP Collaborators to justice for their crimes against us Rasin.

This is what needs to be done.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

You say we Rasin-ists call you a Collaborator because you disagree with us. This is false. We call you a Collaborator because that is what you are. A Collaborator is one who sells out our country to Fabrike and who believes that Fabrike are genuine Seychellois and advocates Fabrike rights over Seselwa Rasin rights. You have done all of the enumerated factors each of which constitutes collaboration with Fabrike to sell out us Rasin. So you have been correctly identified as a Collaborator.

Secondly, I appreciate your admonishing the anonymous Jj sycophant who advocated violence against my brother Christopher for his views. This attitude unfortunately is prevalent within the Jj circles as you conceded by stating that the Becket Syndrome guides their actions including murdering their opponents or potential opponents like Ramados.

We Seselwa Rasin, including Collaborators like you Patrick X, must fight with all our might for each others right to speak freely even if we at the same time disagree with all our might about what the other person says. We must resort to political violence only as an absolute last resort and only after we have exhausted all possible peaceful means of settling the differences that exist between us Rasin and unlike Rene/Michel who have done exactly the opposite.

Additionally, I agree with my brother Christopher. We need to give the SNP time to get their house in order. Meanwhile we Rasin-ists will politicize and organize ourselves around Rasin-ism and take the lead if and when necessary.

Finally, neither Christopher or I have and will ever advocate that all foreigners should leave Seychelles. We need foreign investment and we need foreign expertise to develop our country. We have however, advocated the removal of all foreigners from our police force and that these foreigners doing jobs in our civil service, for extraordinarily high wages and perks, should be removed and should go home. If,however, they want to invest in Seychelles or retire in Seychelles, by all means, they are welcome to do so. they just cannot have jobs in our government that Seselwa Rasin can do better and for less money.

Anonymous said...

To: Leonard Francis Gill
Many thanks for elaborating further on your views in your latest post. Naturally, I would not expect us to agree on every point but I am pleased that you have chosen to state your views clearly in a concise and courteous manner.

On the subject of enforcing the constitutional provision through the courts I understand the cynicism regarding the independence of the judiciary. This is understandable in view of its recent chequered history. However, we have a new CJ and he has shown some backbone in his recent judgments. So, my answer is why not give it a try. We may be pleasantly surprised. And we have nothing to lose.

On the subject on rasin-ism I must confess that I do not have a clear view, at the present time, of what it entails. Perhaps this could be articulated in its own right in a future post.

Control of the media is of course not the only constraint standing in the way of electoral victory. The other aspects you have listed are equally important. But my comments were made in the context of Paul's open letter which related to access to state owned media. Also, when one examines the rise to power of the Hitlers, the Mussolinis etc it is clear that they could not have maintained their grip on power without an iron clad control of the media.

On the question of a local personality to spearhead the initiative of wresting media control from the ruling party I have an open mind. I made the suggestion because I felt that we needed concerted and coherent action if we are to make any headway within a timeframe that matters. But I admit that there may be other more effective ways of moving forward. I repeat, though, that time is of the essence.

This has been an interesting post and I sincerely hope that it does not fizzle out in cyberspace.

Good luck and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

To Mr Gill, thank you for your comments with which i agree partly.

First of all le me express sincere appreciation to Wavel Ramkalwan for standing up to Albert Rene and the SPPF, at a time when many did not dare do so. But Ramkalawan did not do so alone, a few people stood alongside him in 1993.

My thoughts and appreciation also goes to the few people who were Parti Seselwa candidates, the few journalists that made REGAR what it was and is partially now.

Unfortunately many if not all of those people who stood alongside Ramkalwan when times were bad have left the SNP.

Can all these people be wrong and Ramkalawan right? When i look at the Ramkalawan/SNP siutation it reminds me of the Seychelles situation were there was was an autocratic and dictatorial leader in the person of Mr Rene, who bankrupted the country.

Something has gone seriously wrong with Ramkalawan/SNP since 2006. I am unsure if it is arrogance, or dissapointment, but so many errors, lack of judgement has been
commited, the end result is that despite EVERYTHING, the SPPF/PL looks certain of wining the next elections. That is why i say time is a luxury which we do have, defeat in the next elections is staring the Opposition right in the eyes, my call is to limit the damage. I see the Presidential election as already lost, a Ramkalawan/Mancham ticket may be good in healing the divisions that is in the Opposition. I repeat again time is a luxury which we do not have!

Mr Gill Francis asked me what can i do for Seychelles, i say rest assured i have forwarded all my contacts STAR website link, i may not agree with many editorial position, but STAR is the only site that allows free speech and debate. That is something which i wish to see for Seychelles.

As an aparte i have to say that i do not subscribe to the SNP/NDP stance now, in painting JAM as a bad person, and how things were better in Rene's time. Rene still controls EVERYTHING, JAM decision making powers is probably only limited to where to plant flowers in the garden of State House. So make no mistake my friends Albert Rene is still there and controlling.

Gentlemen i wish you well.


Anonymous said...

On the issue of Chows letter. Whilst i agree with the contents, i do not expect the SBC to be independent any time soon. Mauritius which is highly regarded as model of democracy has the exact same problem whereby the Govt of the day abuses the MBC. That has been the case with all the Prime Minsters there. However the difference between Mauritius and other places including Seychelles, is that they have a strong "independent" press (newspapers and radios). I say independent because they are independent from political parties. As the Seychelles law stands today, nothing precludes people other than those from asscociated with politics to have a radio station except that the license fee is prohibitive, that in itself is ask whether is constitutional.

Making a SBC=BBC is in the realm on utopia.

I would have hoped that rather than focussing on a polical party from having own radio license, we would have concentrated on having free, independent, impartial press. It is my sincere conviction that a free press would dramatically improve 'democracy' in Seychelles.


Anonymous said...

To Vox:
Your sense realism is commendable. Yes SBC=BBC will not happen overnight. But I believe it is a worthwhile vision we can aspire to. We may not reach it immediately but if we aim too low we will always be lumbered with a state sponsored propaganda machine.

I also agree that STAR remains the only forum where views are not censored. Let it remain so. Like you I don't share much of the editorial content but I am willing to respect their views in the same way that many people will also disagree with much of what I say.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous an Vox:

I appreciate your recent comments. These exchange of views in an honest and sincere way is exactly how the best ideas can surface to advance Seselwa Rasin interests. We do not have to agree on everything but as you can see, through open and sincere discussion differences are narrowed and common ground discovered.

Both of you have expressed hope that this free and open forum will continue. I submit that both Christopher and I feel we are morally precluded from censoring another person's views. So this free and open forum will continue - my brother Christopher would not know how to proceed otherwise than in a free and open forum. Even in the personal insults and threats of violence from the PP Collaborators we can discern much of their mentality, so in that sense they too are beneficial.

To Anonymous: I agree that we should proceed with mandamus. But as you mentioned, all dictators are afraid of a free press and therefore they all have exerted great effort to prevent a free press from flourishing and equally great effort to completely control the press. The PP Collaborators are no different and are aware of this paradigm.

I understand your optimism because of the recent independence of the CJ. However, he will be subjected to significant pressure to comply in this case precisely because the PP Collaborators know what is at stake. Moreover, there is a significant chance that the issue will be decided by the constitutional panel since it may involve a question of interpreting the Constitution. That panel is controlled by the PP Collaborators. That is why the focus must be on politicizing ourselves about Rasin-ism and it must be the main vehicle by which we retake our country from the PP Collaborators.

Finally I want to thank vox for engaging in Rasin-ist politicization efforts. This is the first step towards taking our country back from the PP Collaborators. Remember that a 1000 mile journey begins with a single step and the first step is always the hardest one.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous:

You say you do not know what Rasin-ism entails, so I will give you a short synopsis:

Rasin-ism is the ideology which believes that Seychelles belong solely to Seselwa Rasin who are defined as persons who were Seychellois on Independence day June 29th 1976 and their descendants. Rasin spouses may become naturalized after 10 years of residency in Seychelles. That all other persons who are not Rasin and claiming to be Seychellois are counterfeit Seychellois or Fabrike and their passports should be canceled without exception. Any Fabrike who votes in our future elections should be deported, without exception when a Rasin government assumes power.

That all Rasin wherever they are must have the right to vote in our elections by registering as a Rasin and as an absentee voter in their homeland.

That Seychelles belongs solely to Seselwa Rasin who are the indigenous people of Seychelles and with the sole right to determine the future political direction of the Seselwa Rasin homeland and to govern Seychelles. That the patrimony of Seychelles belongs solely to us Seselwa Rasin.

That no Fabrike or foreigner should be employed in our civil service if a Seselwa Rasin can do the job. Under no circumstances must Seselwa Rasine ever be policed by foreigners or Fabrike in their own country. So no foreigners or Fabrike should work in our police, customs, army or tax section to name a few who have police powers.

That the Seychelles security and police forces should exist for the benefit of and to promote Seselwa Rasin interests only and not that of a single individual or political party and each member of these services has a duty and obligation to disobey any order which requires them to violate the interests of Seselwa Rasin in favor of Fabrike or foreigners or their Collaborators.

That any media in Seychelles must be owned by Rasin only and that any government owned media must be independently governed to serve Seselwa Rasin interests and not any one person's interests or any one political party's interests.

That we must remove the PP Collaborators from power first by exhausting all peaceful means available and as an absolute last resort by revolutionary direct action.

That it is the duty of every Rasin-ist to recruit and politicize ie: educate about Rasin-ism, three other Rasin and who in turn must do the same thing.

If revolutionary action is needed, every Rasin must do all that they can even if that is simply providing those who are engaged with a glass of water.

These are some of the principles of Rasin-ism.

Anonymous said...

To: Leonard Francis Gill

Thanks for your explanation of Rasin-ism.

I suppose the Seychellois are not the only people who have felt the alienation which accompanies a large and sudden influx of foreigners to their shores. These feelings are often exarcebated when the indigenous population is marginalised or becomes politically and economically disadvantaged as a result. The aborigines in Australia, the ethnic Fijians, the New Zealand Maoris, the American Indians, the Marianna Chamorros etc all have their stories to tell in this respect.

Needless to say, we are confronting a very complex situation here and our response needs to be measured and well thought out. Otherwise it will not be long before the tags of racism and xenophobia are attached to rasin-ism.

Whilst the government should not in my view engage in activities such as selling passports, confering citizenship on individuals in order to boost their electoral fortunes, etc I believe that the Seychellois must, at the end of the day, take his destiny in his own hands and assert himself. This is the only way he can empower himself economically and politically in a sustainable manner.

We have been conditioned for too long to always take the cue from the government (colonial or SPPF) before taking any initiative. The result has been that foreigners have come in and taken up the opportunities which should by right have gone to Seychellois.

Those Seychellois who have broken the mould have invariably been very successful and I think that there are many more entrepreneurs who could similarly succeed if they rose to the challenge.

My point is that we need not be afraid of foreign competition. There will be instances where we will need their investment and know-how, be it in industry or even temporarily in our public service. The emphasis should be on 'need' as it does not make sense to have a foreign solution when the skills and resources are locally available.

We may not share the same views on how to tackle this issue. However, we acknowledge that there is a problem. I do not see the situation in black and white with foreigners as the villains and Seychellois as victims. My message would be for the Seychellois to assert themselves and to show their true entrepreneurial spirit. If the government acts in any way which constrains them it should be vigorously opposed.

Leonard Francis Gill said...


Thank you for your very sensitive and balanced critique of Seselwa Rasin-ism.

I agree that the more one is threatened the more likely that person will act to protect his or her interests. So the more that the PP Collaborators sell out our country to Fabrike and foreigners like Khalifa, the more they can expect a more forceful response from us Seselwa Rasin.

The examples such as the indigenous Australian aboriginal people that you referenced are all instances where the indigenous people failed to act in time to protect their political control over their own land. But there are instances where indigenous people have acted in time to protect their political control over their own country even while they freely integrated into, and prospered, from the global economy. We can find these examples for instance in Switzerland, Monaco and Liechtenstein to name a few, all three of which substantially rely on ancestry, or jus sanguinis, to confer citizenship.

We Seselwa Rasin are inspired by the examples of the countries who have successfully maintained political control by their indigenous populations while simultaneously integrating their countries in the global economy. We Seselwa Rasin will fight with all our might and by all means necessary not to be included in the list of indigenous people who have been dispossessed of all power in their own homeland as is now occurring in Seychelles.

In that effort you are right; we each must take matters into our own hands and aggressively assert our rights of ownership over our homeland - Seychelles. We must each recruit at least 3 persons we trust to the Rasin-ist cause and ask them to do the same thing.

Also, consistent with that effort to emulate those countries like Switzerland whose indigenous people have maintained political control while profitably integrating into the global economy, we Rasin-ists freely and fully recognize the need for foreign investments and foreign knowledge in Seychelles. We advocate a very liberal foreign investment regime that freely allows any foreigner to come to Seychelles and invest and create opportunities and jobs for us Seselwa Rasin and to pay taxes from their prosperity to allow a Seselwa Rasin government to improve the lives of all Seselwa Rasin - but they must be treated equally before the law and not be above the law, as is the case now. And, in the commercial sphere, our people must compete and do so on an equal basis with all competitors foreign or domestic. However, Seselwa Rasin must be provided with some help in terms of obtaining government sponsored training and scholarships and favorable credit terms to allow any Seselwa Rasin to start and grow their businesses to take equal advantage of any business opportunities in their homeland. However, none of this should be allowed to interfere with our absolute political control and ownership over Seychelles - the Seselwa Rasin homeland. So to clarify, we Rasin-ists are not xenophobic - we are nationalists.

Moreover, we are aware of the Collaborators' efforts to paint Rasin-ism with the brush of racism. However, as we have previously pointed out, we Seselwa Rasin are of all colors, religions and political views. No one is excluded from being a Seselwa Rasin because of their race and none are included because of their race. I for one am a descendant of African, Indians and Europeans. So while we may be accused of being racist that is simply a false accusation intended to divert us from keeping our country which belongs only to us Seselwa Rasin.

Ultimately we Seselwa Rasin will keep our country if we each individually are willing to fight for it. From what I have experienced on this blog, one of the few places Seselwa Rasin can speak freely, we Seselwa Rasin are up to the task. Now we must get on with it by politicizing and organizing ourselves around Seselwa Rasin-ist principles.

Anonymous said...


You mention that Rasin consist of all colours, but also consist of all religions, including islam. When you openly criticize '7th century Muslim mentality' you are also criticizing rasins who happen to be muslim.

I said clearly that the Seychellois are racist in their choice of politicians and I stand for that, but I did not state that a black of malbar doesn't deserve to be prezident, merely that they never will be due to our racism or rather favourism. You may not have racist intentions, but in the eyes of many, especially your political opponents, you are simple hard core racists. And that will be used against you as long as you and your brother lack the diplomatic know-how I have openly criticized you for.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

This amounts to Seychelles practising HUMAN ILLEGAL TRAFFICKING and it is a serious International crime even in the eyes of the United Nations. Check out this notion to begin with:

Human trafficking is the practice of humans being tricked, lured, coerced or otherwise removed from their home or country, and then forced to work with no or low payment or on terms which are highly exploitative. The practice is considered to be trade or commerce of people, which has many features of slavery, and which is illegal in most countries. The victims of human trafficking can be used in a variety of situations, including prostitution, forced labor (including bonded labor or debt bondage) and other forms of involuntary servitude. This is from :

I have always raised the issue of the External Approach and we can do more to hold these people acountable.Check out the following:


Anonymous said...

Wrong place of comment

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

You lie once more in downplaying and trying to revise your previous racist comments. Here is what you wrote and the date and time you wrote it:

"Neither Ramadoss or any Indian(Seselwa Rasin or not) will ever get to the highest level of power in Seychelles. Seselwa a fer sa fann kler, kwar mwan. Sorry to say this, but not even a black man however well educated he is will even have a chance. Why? Because deep inside we're not Rasinist, we're plain and simple racists.

Patrick X
February 13, 2010 2:07 PM"

On February 13th you gleefully admitted you are a racist and try to bring all other Seychellois with you into that category. Now you lie about it and try to blunt the effectiveness of Rasin-ism by falsely calling us Rasin-ist racist. So, this label is just one more of your deceptive "tactics".

Unlike you Patrick X we Rasin-ists believe every Seselwa Rasin should be encouraged to seek to lead his or her country at the highest levels of power whether of Indian, European, Asian or African ancestry. We Rasin-ists include all races and none are excluded on the basis of race.

So Mr. X which race have we excluded from being a Rasin? Which race have we identified to be included in being a Rasin solely because of race?

You say we are racists because I referred to and opposed Khalifa's 7th century Muslim ideals that he imposed on us when he demanded that we stop using our coco de mer visitor entry stamp to which demand Michel promptly complied. From that you conclude that I am critical of all Seselwa Rasin who are Muslim. This is false.

First of all I criticized Khalifa's backward thinking in taking offense from our national symbol of uniqueness and our symbol of our acceptance and embrace of our sexuality the coco de mer. I have never heard of any Seselwa Rasin Muslim who was offended by our coco de mer. If any Seselwa Rasin Muslim was offended by our coco de mer, as Khalifa was, I would condemn him or her not for his or her religion but for imposing backward ideas of sexuality on the rest of us Seselwa Rasin that contradicts our cultural norms. I would make the same criticism of a Baptist, Hindu, Christian or any other person who attempted to impose backward religious or moral notions on us Seselwa Rasin in our own homeland that would require us to stop using our coco de mer in our national symbols.

What is next from Khalifa? Will he demand we cut down every coco de mer tree because the nut is too sensual and offends him? Will he ask us to destroy all coco de mer in our country because they offend him? Will he demand that we remove all coco de mer from our national symbols because they offend his fragile insecure sense of sexuality and morality? Where will it end? Will we like the Taliban who dynamited some of the first Buddha statutes in the world, comply and destroy all things that offend Khalifa's 7th century Muslim ideals because he is rich we are poor and we want his money to do things we could have done ourselves with good governance?

So yes I oppose Khalifa imposing his backward notions of sexuality on us Seselwa Rasin in our own country and I blame Michel for kowtowing and genuflecting to him. Michel has once more betrayed "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" and he has once more betrayed us Seselwa Rasin.

Anonymous said...


Grow up and start analyzing what you read and stop attacking everyoe who disagrees with you.

The word 'we' in that context means we as a nation in general, i.e I am generalizing the Seychellois as being rather racist in many ways.

By the way Francis, do you know what colour your favourite character Patrick X is? Now go read through all my posts and then quote me where I've said what colour I am.

Patrick X

Leoanrd Francis Gill said...

Mr. X:

I have caught you lying once more. This is partly what you said, "... not even a black man however well educated he is will even have a chance. Why? Because deep inside we're not Rasinist, we're plain and simple racists."

It is obvious that when you said "we're" you included yourself in the category you identified as a racist. I for one am a Rasin without the racist attitudes you espouse against Seselwa Rasin of Indian and African ancestry. Your words speak for themselves. The readers can judge for themselves.

I have caught you lying twice Mr. X. The first time you admitted it and refused to apologize because you think you are better than us and need not apologize. The second time to lied again by denying your lie. You are a man completely without personal honor.

You say I attack people who disagree with me. You are wrong. I attack ideas with which I disagree. It is not surprising that a PP Collaborator would confuse an attack on ideas as personal attacks.

You on the other hand have hurled personal insults again against Christopher and me time after time. However, I take no offense because this is just an indication that you and the PP Collaborators are bankrupt of ideas. So who should grow up, you or me?

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