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The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Human Excrement in Drinking Water!  What Next Party Lepep (P.P.)?
The residents of La Misere are in a rage over the contamination of their drinking water, which was reputed to be one of the best water sources in Seychelles for decades. The contamination affects over 1000 residents and 300 households. The contamination has been ongoing for a number of months as Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates builds a palace the size of a small town atop the once beautiful and tranquil La Misere mountains.
Destruction of the La Misere mountains

The properties have devalued substantially, many residents will ask for total purchase and full relocation cost as part of the settlement. The health of many will continue to be troublesome for many months or even years.  And PP and Waven William MNA of Grand Anse, PUC chlorine is certainly not a panacea.  Shame on you all for not standing up for the rights of your citizens when it is you who have brought this catastrophe onto the peaceful residents of La Misere.
MNA Waven William - Not protecting his constituents

Michel Administration Goes On Defence To Protect Sheikh Khalifa of UAE
In its defence, the Government of Seychelles quickly shifted the blame to the building contractor ASCON.  The ineffective Minister of Environment Joel Morgan says that it will make the contractor bear all costs and that they will be fined under the Environmental Protection Act. But that law has such a puny fine that this is nothing more than a slap in the face of the Seychellois people given the magnitude of this ILLEGAL project. 
By blaming the contractor for the contamination of the public water sources, the Minister deliberately shifted blame away from the Government of Seychelles who has not monitored the project every step of the way or scrutinized its magnitude in such a sensitive area of La Misere. What is worse, by placing blame on the contractor, they have deliberately, with intent, protected the developer and Owner Sheikh Khalifa, who is the final owner of not just the project, but of the consequences the project bear upon us all as well.
Sheikh Khalifa - No respect for Seychelles

P.P. Lie Again
Minister Morgan said on SBC that the Contractor has to brief itself of all laws and regulations of Seychelles and it must follow those laws and regulations. This is true of any contractor registered in Seychelles.
Minister Morgan addressing the audience during the closing ceremony
Minister Joel Morgan - an expert liar

However, according to Mr. Didier Dogley Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, who himself went on SBC, the contractor was not licensed to carry on any business activity in Seychelles. So behind the smoke screens Minister Morgan is sending us, we have an illegal contractor building a massive project. It goes without further logic, that if a contractor is illegal, than the project it has built is also illegal. With that, a STOP WORK ORDER for this project should have been issued by the Government of Seychelles.
The Planning Application, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Public Hearing process is lacking    lacking, lacking. Perhaps by now the Sheikh has submitted some plans drafted by architects from UAE or elsewhere, or an “action team” is quickly preparing backdated documents that will soon be presented with fanfare on SBC to show that the project was indeed legal.  Anyone remember the Ste. Anne Island SCR 1 rupee lease documents that were quickly drawn up for Francis Savy and his partners?
But in the end, how many visits has the Planning Authority paid to this site over the last 6 months?  Not many, as they spend most of their time squeezing little Seselwa Rasin into compliance to please the Michel Administration or forced to declare their allegiance to the PP party and James Michel.
One (x 1) Illegal Contractor and Seven Hundred (x 700) Illegal Workers on Site
According to Mr. Dogley, the illegal contractor had over 700 illegal workers on the site. An unbearable amount of faeces and excrement would be expected to overflow at some point if holding tanks were not utilized or pumped out. But beyond the faeces, there are other problems like gross intentional violation of the Republic of Seychelles laws and our sovereignty.
It appears that the Department of Immigration does not have entry papers and supporting papers for the 700 workers.  Said simply, they do not have GOP’s. That would make perfect sense, since the company, “ASCON”, by not being licensed, would not be able to approach the Ministry of Employment and Department of Immigration of the Republic of Seychelles, to apply for work permits.  After all, legally, under Seychelles law, ASCON does not exist, it is only a mirage.  Unless of course the Immigration Department has been given orders by some higher body such as State House to ignore this project and the workers completely.  Or maybe they are busy back-dating the documents as we speak to be presented on SBC shortly. 
How Did 700 Illegal Workers Get Into Seychelles?
Now that the shit is flowing, and the People of Seychelles are getting sick over the incidents, as the spread of infectious water borne diseases take form in our children’s bellies, I ask P.P. this simple question.  How did the 700 illegal workers get into Seychelles in the first place?
Michel’s Australian Customs Agent Sees No Evil
The most likely source of entry without detection would be the Seychelles International Airport, where Australian Simon Hannaford is running the Customs operation. I have seen with my own eyes how Mr. Hannaford is ineffective, although his Australian boss Mr. Rene Nusse has professed, in a letter to the Editor of Seychelles Weekly, that he comes from Australia where he served with distinction as a Customs Officer. Mr. Nusse, an expatriate worker himself who can easily be replaced by a qualified Seychellois, seems to have overlooked the details of his fellow Australian’s inefficiency at the Seychelles International Airport.  How does Mr. Simon Hannaford overlook the arrival of 20 containers at a time? Pretty difficult to miss this, unless of course Mr. Hannaford is blind, or has been given the green light by someone much higher not to search the containers arriving on the Antonov aircraft that lands at the Seychelles International Airport on a daily basis.
Australians are very nationalistic, and they will protect their own kind any day, at the expense of what is in Seychelles interest first and foremost: our sovereignty.
Mr Nusse, newly appointed commissioner of revenue
Rene Nusse - Not doing his job

There is no surprise here, coming from Messrs Rene Nusse and Mr. Simon Hannaford who are earning huge salaries and perks while our own qualified Seychellois people remain unemployed. However, before our conflicting interests get out of hand, these gentlemen should simply pack a 40 foot container and head back home down under, before they become inhibited from writing about their Seychelles work experience on their CVs.  We will follow them until we see the heels of their shoes stepping back on the plane that brought them here. Make no bones about it gentlemen.  Your jobs can be done quite well by qualified Seychellois.
Red They Are In The Containers-Dummy
It is most likely that the Antonov cargo plane lands in Seychelles with the illegal workers on board for the illegal construction company. The plane arrives in Seychelles and it appears that it is not inspected.  I wonder if they even spray the planes like they do with all the other commercial airlines coming into Seychelles. After all, the last thing we need is some new desert rats or scorpions released into our already fragile environment.  We already have enough rats in this country, and not just the rodent types!
The 20 odd containers on board the Antonov are not inspected. It appears there is no Customs declaration of the contents of these containers. The forklift comes by, with a container side loader, and just takes the containers away. The containers make way up to the La Misere site, where the former US Tracking Station was located years before. No security checks, no stamps, no paperwork, no torches, not even a peek inside the Antonov or the containers.
Michel and P.P. might say, “Where are the workers, in the plane?” No, inside the containers. To leave them in the plane would be too messy and raise too many eyebrows. Hence, they are placed in the containers prior to landing. Upon landing, they are trucked up to La Misere, possibly. Am I sure? No. Is it likely? Yes.
What Other Options Are There To Bring In Illegal Workers?
Well, they could come in on Sheikh Khalifa’s private jet, but then, he would not risk soiling his fine leather chairs on board or fine linen bedding with human excrement all over the plane as they have done to us in La Misere and Grand Anse Mahé.  It is alright for us to take the shit, but the Sheikh would not have any of that inconvenience him. Michel of course, just turns the other cheek and lets our sovereignty get trampled upon.
Along the way, Mr. Hannaford and Mr. Nusse by seeing no evil at a port of entry, help Michel betray the sovereignty of Seychelles that cause great indignation towards the People of Seychelles, especially the residents of La Misere and Grand Anse Mahé.  No tax is collected from Mr. Sheikh while we Seychellois people continue to pay out of you know where!  Roads are being destroyed on the way to La Misere, and we Seychellois people must pay the tax to fix the potholes and broken barrier walls.
But what about sending the illegal workers by boat? Yes, that would be possible, but it would take too long and Sheikh Khalifa would have to feed these illegal workers for too many days while at sea, and they would not have to work during that time. Hence they would be defecating on his food provision bill without corresponding work.
Arabs do not like workers defecating without a counter balance of work product in return that offsets the workers personal consumption of provisions. P.P. if you do not know that, you will learn soon enough. Be prepared when you cannot deliver. But be warned P.P., I did not tell you to go work for Arabs. Mr. James Michel dragged you along in a search of a quick financial fix to our debts. Now Mr. President Michel, do you not think for a moment that the Arabs, in the back of their minds, do not know that you are licking their boots for a resolution to your national debts? But of course they do and will continue to milk you just like they milk their goats and desert camels.
Arabs now milking Seychelles
Where Was the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Department of Immigration?
Throughout this national outrage, we have not heard from the Department of Immigration or the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The P.P. have confined the public focus of issues to the environmental concerns, where the fines are small, and on the health issues, that are hard to quantify in value. Basically, P.P. has only focused on the illegal shit-flow in our water source, without addressing the illegal workers, the illegal contractor, and the illegal project.
If the workers are illegal, why does not the Michel Administration or the Department of Immigration deport them?  Just imagine for one minute if we could all import illegal workers that easy!
Is Michel scared or too coward to face Sheikh Khalifa to defend the sovereignty of Seychelles over Khalifa’s money, wealth and power he wields in the region of the Middle East? Is Michel setting a precedence that says, if you have money and you are rich, in Seychelles we will give you land for SCR  1.00, we will give you a free hand over our Immigration, a free hand over our Customs, and we will even let you shit on our children? Is this the message James Michel is sending out to the World?
If this is indeed the message Michel is sending, how can Michel live with himself? How can Rene live with Michel’s failure? How can even P.P. live with such a pathetic leader? Simply put, what kind of party are you P.P.?  Is that what you meant when you said you have a heart for all Seychellois?  Looks like you have your heart set somewhere in Abu Dhabi and certainly not La Misere!

President or Traitor? Seychellois or Arab?

La Misere Land Illegal Sale
Because this State Land at La Misere was not tendered out as per the laws of Seychelles, it is an illegal transaction. The next Government must cancel this sale to Sheikh Khalifa, no exceptions. We as a people will get over it. We are strong and courageous people when our children’s lives are compromised.  UAE was once poor like we are today, and their people managed to eke out a living even if they had to eat their few goats and camels.  But their people survived and are now thriving as an oil, commerce and tourism state.  But just because of their newfound riches, it does not mean that we need investors who shit on our constitution, our laws and more important our children while they entertain our President with offers of a few trinkets and modern gadgets so we can forget about the flowing shit that is causing indignity towards the People of Seychelles. It may be ok in the Arab culture, but not in the Seychellois culture as we are the proud people of Seychelles
Now Michel, please tell us what you are. An Arab or a Seychellois?  Do you condone this behaviour from your Arab friend?  And if you prefer to be an Arab, then let us know immediately so that we can start preparing our old shoes to throw just like the Iraqi man did to President George Bush!  You have sacrificed our honour and our dignity as a people with your actions, or inactions for that matter.
Our Coco De Mer Is A Source of Great Pride
We do not need friends who do not know how to sit properly in our living rooms. You offer them a chair, they want a carpet.  When real friends sit in your living room, he takes the chair you offer him, as you would take the carpet he offers you when you visit him.  This is a true friend but then you would not know that Mr. Michel.
We do not need friends who tell us our national symbol of uniqueness the Coco De Mer is sexually offensive and must be removed as our entry stamp of arrival at the Seychelles International Airport and replaced with a square because our new friend finds our Coco De Mer offensive. The Coco De Mer is not square Mr. Michel.  Just ask your wife who hails from the lovely island of Praslin.
The Great Coco-de-Mer Seed

The Michel Administration and the PP may be too coward to say so, but we Seselwa Rasin must say no to Michel’s cowardice. We love our Coco De Mer! It is part of our unique national heritage and our Pride as a People. The Coco De Mer is not just a seed, P.P..  It is the famous “coco fesse”, and is not an ass (English), a “fesse” (French), “en fes” (Creole) or faeces (SHIT) from the Arabs!  It is a unique Seychelles tree which is admired by our people, our friends and our tourists. 
And Mr. Michel, since you are President of Seychelles, I urge you to look carefully at the Seychelles Coat of Arms that you are supposed to use on a daily basis.  In case you did not learn in primary school or Head Coup D’Etat architect Albert Rene forgot to tell you, let me remind you that the Coco-De-Mer tree is in the centre of our elegant national insignia.  Here it is in case you have forgotten the great words “Finis Coronat Opus” or “The End Crowns the Work”:
Again, just to jar your memory, let me add some quotations relating to this Latin saying on our national emblem:
“For the ende crowneth”. [1509 H. Watson Ship of Fools Dd1]
“The end doth crowne the worke. La fin couronne l'œuvre.” - [1592 G. Delamothe French Alphabet ii. 29]
“The end crowns all; And that old common arbitrator, Time, Will one day end it.” - [1602 Shakespeare Troilus & Cressida iv. v. 223]
“As the end crowns the work, it also forms the rule by which it must be ultimately judged.” - [1820 Scott Abbot I. xiii.]
“Proof, sir, proof, must be built up stone by stone. As I say, the end crowns the work.” - [1870 Dickens Edwin Drood xviii.]
“That the end should crown the work, that I had given no more lies than I had been told made no difference. You either played it straight or you didn't.” - [1961 J. Webb One for my Dame iii.]
So there you have it.  You either played it straight with the people of Seychelles or you didn’t! And no money in the world will make us forsake the Coco De Mer’s rightful place in our Country. While the Sheikh may say it is sexually offensive, we Seselwa Rasin are proud of our Coco De Mer and it brings us great pride and joy to see it on our passport and on our national emblem. 
Seychelles Passport Stamp

Every time we get an entry stamp with the Coco De Mer, we feel as if we have come home to a proud Nation, made up of a proud people, in spite of being subjected by you and your predecessor Albert Rene to 33 years of Communism. How many people in the world of nations can say that P.P.?
But today when we see a square stamp, we know that our President has cowardly said yes to the demands of a supposed leader of the Arab world who does not respect Seychelles sovereignty or our people’s dignity. So next time you see your Sheikh “friend”, tell him that if he finds our coco-de-mer offensive, then he should simply return to his desert inferno.
In conclusion, and just in case age is catching up with you, let me remind you that this infamous tree and its nuts will always form part of our national heritage.
Oh, and one last reminder.  Sesel Pou Seselwa!  If you don’t believe me, just ask the great architect Mr. France Albert Rene.
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Bless Seychelles!
Christopher Gill (writing from Praslin where the Black Parrot sits proudly on our Coco-De-Mer trees)


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Anonymous said...

The only sensible thing you have written here is how 700 illegal workers have entered Seychelles and have been able to work without the necessary permits. I am sure that they are covered by some diplomatic loophole, but that must be explained by those who know the laws better than myself.

Apart from that the cartoon was funny and my juvenile side smiled upon seeing it. In fact it was exactly as I would have drawn it. Tell me something, does the artist happen to be an engineer or architect? The logistics flow is just too good, too many straight lines and such. But a good drawing that speaks for itself. I am just surprized that the Sheik was nopt drawn sitting 'ning-ning' as they tend to do. Even better, an Indian should have been drawn, preferably a dark one as these contractors tend to be.

Else the article was written by what I'd personally define as a 'gran brile'. Sorry Chris, but you just won't learn will you?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

I had already left the Seychelles when the Dudale or was it the Derwentdale that sprung the mother of all leaks in our pristine ocean so close to Mahe and the inner islands?. Any Accidents/incidents are caused as a result of an unsafe act or unsafe condition and we are not to lay blame except to find the cause and to take preventive measures to prevent it's reccurence. Murphy's Law says that most of the time, an unsafe act or an unsafe condition are the causes of accidents.

If Chris Gill cannot respect himself, there is an urgent need for Chris Gill to show respect to our Elected Representatives that run our Government Institutions.

It is beyond belief that Chris Gill would again stoop so low to ridicule not only the Seychellois Head of State, but to hurl insults and caricatured the Head of State of Abu Dhabi, His Excellency Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan that happens to be the Father of the UAE!!!!. Esce que vous etre fou mon vieux?..A Grand Mosque in the Ritz and Glitz City of Abu Dhabi has just been named after Sheikh Al Nahyan. It might be wise to note that Abu Dhabi was basically broke the the 1950's and in 1958, oil was first discovered and Sheik Zayed became Ruler in 1966 and used the proceeds from oil investments to build Abu Dhabi as the richest City in the World. Abu Dhabi's 9% of the world's oil reserves and 4% of the world's gas reserves makes Abu Dhabi not only rich, but filthy rich.

Chris Gill, you have so much to learn because as it is your choice to ridicule Abu Dhabi's Head of State at your own peril, it is the choice of President Michel to piss in his pockets at every given opportunity. As far as I am concerned, and together with most Seychellois, we are urging our JAM to please stand from where he happens to be sitting, and to take a bow for we salute our JJ Spirit.

Last but not least for the time being and with all due respect Chris, any reader of your article can see that as a result of your low self-esteem, you are not only on shaky grounds Mate, you have actually landed in the duck-soup one more time.

Chowchow for now!.

Anonymous said...

A question to Chris Gill in regards to the two Australians in Rene Nusse and Simon Hannaford....

Could you please tell us who is paying the two above mentioned Ozzies?. Is it the Seychelles Government or is it the Australian Government?. Please engage the brain before putting your mouth in gear!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell Chris gill,

The more I read your article, I don't believe you would have come up with this pertinent question if Europeans would "soil Sheikh Kalifa's private jet nappa leather seats and fine linen." As a result of you Chris Gill belittling those non European Workers, we can safely come to the conclusion that you are a blooming Racist full stop..... and you should hang your head in shame.

Your late know the one with the hit song Praslin nappa p'ti Zil ki pli zoli ki ou ..would be turning in his grave if he knew how his song has turned out to be a racist with capital R.

Chowchow for now

Anonymous said...

It looks like SPPF lovers have hijacked this site. That's good. Because while they are defending that traitor Michel and his Arab friends who have shit on our people, they have less time to visit the real Seselwa people who have no jobs, who are angry and who are tired of those foreign workers who are screwing up our country wile they fill their pockets.

Mr. Gill and whoever else is behind Star, please keep up the good work. The real Le Pep is reading Star and nou pe note. Elections are next year and the Jj Spirit better start doing some voodoo.

By they way, I work in the Port and 18 new BMW X3 jeeps have just landed directly from Abu Dabi at the Port for Sheik Kalifa. Spoke to a customs officer and each jeep was charged only 25 rupees to clear.That's a total of 450 rupees for 18 vehicles. So the sheik get duty free cars while us Seselwa pays 100% duty. From my simple calculation I would say that Seychelles just lost over 10miilion rupees in tax revenue. So if anyone believes that Michel is a great president for SEselwa instead of Arabs, then please go get your head examnied. We are getting screwed by Michel and the arabs.

And I just read the post wehre the person said the Sheik is filthy rich, Just because he is rich does not mean that he can do whatever he wants in our country. A ruler should have better manners when he is in our country. We should all be proud of our own country and when we go overseas we have to respect others. The sheik has not respected us and we have a presidnet who has sold out to these people. We can all see it so there is no point in SPPF people on this ssite trying to hide the truth. Kalifa is immune because Michel has bent over for him. We as a people are being shafted in the rear by SPPF, Michel and his royal highness the sheik. I am very sad to be a seselwa today and like my friends in the Port, we all feel helpless. In fact, the guy who owns PMC Auto Cedric was there too and he is very mad about these cars coming in for SR 25 each.

I urge all seselwa to wake up and challenge oourselves and take our country back from these people. PUC bills are high because of Michel hiring french people. Our police department has irish policemen and even airport is full of australians. I am not racist and I have always liked foreiners and tourists in my country. But this is out of hand and it must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Well Patrick X- I never do cartoons. They are, simply an artist expression and interpretation of the happenings about him. Maybe he drank some of this shit water and Michel offended him. In which case, he is entitled to freely express himself. Artist are sensitive Patrick X, now you, Michel, and Sheik Kalifa should know that.

I of course, duly support his free expression as a Seselwa Rasin who lives in a free country, albiet his President is mentally imprisoned himself with $800 Million in debt to the free world and an undetermined amount of debt to Sheik Kalifa.

Reference to Nusse, Hannaford, it is irrelevant who pays Nusse or Hannaford. We do not need them here. They are taking Seselwa Rasin jops in government. They must go.

Reference to Gran Brile- from Patrick X is a complement considering I work for a living and X licks for a living.

I might add, I work for a living under a communist regime.

I have heard the State of Nation address. It will make a good article, but it was pitiful, His Excellency Michel could not have been worse, and only confirmed to us that he was selling Seychelles and Seselwa Rasin interest wholesale.

He has provided a grans opportunity towards unity of the Opposition. For that, we must all be thankful. Remember the poem of Helen of Troy? Was this the face that sailed a thousand ships?
well, that speech will sail the entire Opposition in unison.

I will address this in the next article.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Of all the critics you only reply to one, namely Patrick X. This site has really sunk low and the more you reply, the more you show your true self Christopher.

As to the State of the Nation, we'll see next year if Michel's(sorry JPA's speech) will do wonders or not. After all, it is up to the people to decide is it not?

About the BMWs, check if thse are not imported as diplomatic vehicles and are therefore exempted from taxes. I would also remind you all that MNAs have the same rights there too, including Ramkalawan.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Patrick X-

We both seem to be busy tonight.
I reply to you because you represent SPPF-P.P. elitist thinking. Simple.

Now the information regarding the BMW's is interesting considering their is no embassy in place, only a personal residence.

I suppose its for the ASCON illegal workers use.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,

People like us are always busy. :-) But seriously, as far as I've read the Sheik's palace seems to be protected by diplomatic immunity, most probably through a loophole although both you and I know that its main function will be of private character, and if the palace is considered to be built on diplomatic soil the so will any vehicle and/or other piece of merchandise in it. As an official reply from the ministery of environment stated, the property is under diplomatic immunity, but not the contractors or contracted workforce.

So if I were you I'd use that part, i.e the illegal workforce, to 'met presyon lo grenn Misel' to put it crudely(not according to Seselwa terms though). But do also mention the grossness of all the tax-free good being flown in. Then again, you will have to expect to get it back in the face as they will say it's all under diplomatic immunity and they will also say that every MNA has the same privelege when it coems to vehicles so don't expect much help/support there. Do you wonder why MNAs were given such a privelege in the forst place? Simple, so that they would not be able to do a thing or even raise their voice at a time like this. I must say Michel was tactical there and you have to learn to be as tactical, preferably more tactical if you want to make progress.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

there is no loophole in any law in any country that would permit 700 people to enter a country
without any record.

the question is who has been bribed to turn a blind eye
and where has the money gone?

Anonymous said...

Our country has sunk to a new low. Affording Sheik Khalifa a residence on State Land for a rupee is one thing, but 18 BMWs for Sr25 each? Who will drive all those cars? Is he bringing more Arabs with him?

Sorry to say, but this whole affair of tax free for a diplomat is B.S. Khalifa may be the ruler of Abu Dhabi, but he is building a private residence in Seychelles. What entitles him to 18 cars duty-free? I can see 1 to 3 cars, but 18?

I assume everything else he has brought in and will be bringing in the future will be tax free too. This means employees as well who will definitely not be Seychellois workers.

So, at what point do we stop and realize that Michel's love affair with the Arabs have gone too far? At what point do we realize that we are selling our souls, our heritage and our identity let alone our dignity for a few donations here and there from the Sheik when he feels compelled to be generous? Do we for one minute believe that Khalifa loves the Seychellois people that much to give us 2 generators? The generators were given so that he can have electricity at his palace at La Misere.

I am appalled that our poor country has swooped this low. I just drove through Victoria after I visited a friend and saw 3 young prostitutes being picked up by men in car hire vehicles. What has happened to our poor country? This young generation is completely lost, have no morals, live on drugs and have no future and no jobs. And Michel tells us that the future is bright. Bright for whom other than his wife, Albert Rene's family and other high SPPF officials who have millions stashed away in overseas accounts.

My fellow citizens of Seychelles, I believe that we have been raped and violated, and James Michel is no longer a President for all Seychellois. He has indeed sold us to the Arabs and we have deteriorated to become prostitutes, drug addicts, road side beggars, international beggars and baka drinkers. I am very sad for our country and our fellow citizens. I pray and hope that God will send us a saviour soon to ease away our pains and lead us from this horrible darkness. We are a tired weary Nation and there is no light at the end of the SPPF tunnel.

A very sad Seychelloise

Anonymous said...

Sory, I was referring to the building/site/land being under diplomatic immunity. Then again, if the people employed there(UAE people) are also protected by the same immunity, then it wouldn't surprize me if also the 700 workers there can also end up under the same 'lonbraz', naturally at the convenience of the owner.

I do however agree that there have been many top politicians who have looked the other way and turned a blind eye, not necessarily for making a buck, but in pure fright of the Sheik who has done special deals with them. After all, a piece of land sold for SR1 itself says it all and should never have been allowed. Then again, what can the people say whom many have had their housing loans sliced or even reduced completely just prior to an election?

James Michel and the PL have by many means performed the fine act of bonding with both the MNAs and the Seychellois public. Now today, the MNAs cannot complain about the Sheik gettin away with duty free vehicles as they also have the saem privelege, and many Seychellois, namely PL voters who have also literally been given land, cannot say much either.

Everyone has accepted a bribe in one way or another or helped a bribe take place and now that everyone is involved in the dirty business, nobody can say anything.

Some of you may now say that I'm a hypocrite as I still support the PL and to my defence I say that I still see them as the better option as of today. And as long as nobody can convince me that they are any better, I can only say that James Michel's government is still the better option. If RTamkalawan, or any other for that matter, would stand up and fight the PL and in the same process prove that they are squeaky clean, then I will support them. In the meantime, I stand where I am.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

I congratulate my brother Christopher for a well written article and the engineer who sketched the cartoon. Both were excellent.

I am not surprised that the PP Collaborators think that Christopher is out of his mind to challenge Khalifa because he is so "filthy rich". You PP Collaborators have your mouths salivating from the few pieces of silver that Khalifa has thrown your way. You have sold out we Seelwa Rasin to Khalifa and have no shame about it. In fact you are salivating at the prospect of selling us out even more.

No one would object if the UAE had a proper embassy and brought in whatever was needed to staff the embassy and to do so duty free. However, what is happening here is simply an abuse of our sovereignty. It must be stopped.

Patrick X's notion that since some Seselwa Rasin have evaded paying duties they are somehow complicit in the sellout of our country by the PP Collaborators to Khalifa and other Fabrike is simply laughable. If an individual Rasin evades the law that person should be prosecuted and punished. However, what is going on with Khalifa and other Fabrike and foreigners is that the PP Collaborators have used the power of the state to give Fabrike and foreigners immunity from our laws and have sanctioned the violations with manipulations and are attempting to justify it with propaganda.

What we Seselwa Rasin must recognize is that the PP Collaborators intend to continue to sell us out. So we must politicize ourselves by recruiting 3 trusted persons who should be instructed about Rasin-ism and ask them to do the same thing. We need to constitute ourselves into a revolutionary force to remove the PP Collaborators from power so we can retake our country from them.

Meanwhile, Patrick X says, even while our country is being sold out from under us Seselwa Rasin, that the PP Collaborators are the better option. Is he even serious about his position? I doubt it?

Anonymous said...

If the americans get wind that Seychelles is permitting a company in a middle east country to fly in people with no record,they will think that we are giving terrorists a viable route to enter the country and hide.

This could even pose a serious threat to the american military personnel based here and may cause them to pull out and cease all assistance.

Bin laden could actually waltz past immigration as an ASCON construction worker and noone would stop him.

Whats worse, he would have diplomatic immunity!

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To CheersCheers:

You salute the Jj/PP Spirit. Here is what you have saluted.

The Jj is the Judas spirit. It is the spirit of betrayal. JJ/PP spirit means selling out Seselwa Rasin to Fabrike and to foreigners. It is the spirit of corruption. It is the spirit of murdering Seselwa Rasin to keep political power. It is the spirit of hiring foreigners over Rasin to police Rasin in their own country.

Michel says there is no room for anti-foreign sentiment in Seychelles. What he really means is that there is no room for "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" so he can continue to sell our land to the likes of Khalifa for SCR1. Bring in 700 undocumented workers to satisfy his foreign friend Khalifa. Remove the visitor arrival coc de mer stamp to satisfy Khalifa. It is the spirit that allows Khalifa a foreigner to bring in millions of dollars worth of goods duty free masquerading as diplomatic imports while an Australian searches a Seselwa Rasin and penalizes them in their own country for one extra bottle of wine or a fisherman is required to pay full taxes on the diesel he or she uses. It is the spirit that sells our citizenship to all comers so our voters role can be stacked with Fabrike.

The JJ/PP Spirit should find the same energy it uses to fill its pockets and sell out our country to foreigners and its Fabrike friends to benefit us Seselwa Rasin.

The Jj/PP Spirit is the sellout spirit - that is what you CheersCheers have saluted.

Anonymous said...

A total disgrace, a traitor and a puppet of the Arabs. That's what James Michel is. He should be ashamed to tell us in his State address that we should not be anti-foreigner. We have pictures of him telling the Yankees to go home, and he believes that he can now preach to the people of Seychelles. Michel, we are no longer STUPID. And you Sir are no President of OUR people. Shameful and disgraceful and you should be impeached.

Anonymous said...

I just came across this blog and I am pleasantly surprised at the high level of discussions taking part here. My only hope is that more people in seychelles read it so as to get a balanced view of hot topics in the country. This is what democracy and freedom of press is all about. People have different opinions and all opinions should be tolerated and respected, except for a few rants that seem to have a violent tone. But please keep it up and it makes me proud to see Seychellois instead of foreigners debating and taking our country's affairs seriously. As for old retired me, I just wish I had the youth and energy to play a larger role in politics. Nevertheless, I will continue to do my part and will vote for a better country next year. I thought Michel started off well and I had believed that he would be a better President than Albert Rene. But Michel has shown that he cannot think through and it has been one fiasco after another. Missing money, Central Bank Governor running amok, backruptcy of the country, unsustainable debts, mismanagement, corruption, a Police Department that leaves much to be desired, and simply put, bad management techniques. And don't forget Ministers that are mostly ineffective and just filling their pockets. I read the Weekly today and see that Guy Adam is also adding to our country's financial woes.

The question I have is why does Michel believe that he has the power to do all these deeds that are simply destroying our country. If Sheik Kalifa wanted to buy property and build a palace in Seychelles, why did we not simply sell the land to him for say 10 million dollars or so and put the money into the Central Bank to help pay off our our debts, or to use to build houses at Perseverance etc... Why give him tax free status? The 2 generators or grants are coming via the Abu Dhabi funds, and that money does not belong to Sheik Kalifa, but to the people of UAE.

In summary,I am not a fan of Michel and his Ministers and believe that they are not leading Seychelles into the future. They are mismanaging our country and while we should respect them, they should be replaced next year so that we give others a chance to put our country back on the right footing. In fact, it starts with the Judiciary. Without proper laws, the country cannot function.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment that Michel is a disgrace to our country. May 2011 be the year of enlightenment for Seychelles.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Vox-

Reference "something went wrong in SNP and Ramkalawan since 2006". I am not SNP so I cannot give you details. But as citizen, what I have seen can be corrected and Wavel Ramkalawan can Lead inspite of falling from grace. Hence my call "to lead, follow or get out of the way".

After all, he has fallen from grace in a country run by killers murderers, theives. A faux pas here and there -he is entitled to forgivness and every opportunity must be given, as long as he has no blood on his hands.

But it is he that must seek to repent not the electorate.

Here are some points:

1.38% increase in salary while the people recieved nothing and the country could not pay. He should give this money back along with SNP to get into fighting shape to fight PP.

2. Ramkalawan is also a priest, the people expected him to suffer along side them, not to depart on a VIP life under the wings of SPPF.Bishop Tutu in South Africa, refused the ministers salary when appointed to the Truth and Reconcilation Commission. He said, give me my ministers salary from Church.Clearly, Ramkalawan is no Desmond Tutu.

3. Business community has been attacked by him and they are offended. No aplogy has ever forthcome or explanation. He charges them to come forward, give pennies, but he offers no accountability.

4. Accountability standard set by SPPF in a Party, nationally is not a standard to be followed. We must be better than them, much better to move Seychelles forward.

5. Abstaining on Siva Ambassador vote to admit a Fabrike to repsresent us without debate is not acceptable. He must correct this.

6. Allegations of taking money from SIVA have been in People, word of mouth, on STAR. These allegations must be accepted or denied. Or an explanation forth coming to clear the matter so we can move forward.

7. Removal of Frank Elizabeth from National Assembly. I have heard both sides. But I believe that in the greater interest of democracy, we must put both sides to the side and give Frank back his seat for the time remaining, and pay him or sign a promissory note to pay him at some time for salaries foregone.
After all, Frank is human and has pride as well.His pride has been stepped on- on national TV.I know how he feels. This type of action can breed long lasting divisions that hurt the Country. Let us learn from mistakes, and not compound them.

8. Breaking of Alliance- Taboo. Because you never burn down the bridge you intend to use later, unless you think you have a better solution to get across the river.

8a.A delegation from SNP and NDP needs to be set up and discussions on going until resolved.

9. Tax Free cars and what not SPPF gives SNP. This is a non issue.Jean Paul Adam should give Patrick X a car tax free and all Seychellois reduced to 50%.

10. What is important is that SNP NDP all Opposition needs to get into the fighting spirit to take out JJ Spirit, the sell out spirit.

11. While all us intellects think Ramkalawan is this and that, the common man knows him right now for good and for worse. To go beyond him will take organization and work door to door, district by district, meeting by meeting.

I am willing to do that and will keep moving in that direction.

But in the meantime,let's give the man his time. I am waiting to hear his rebutal.He has stacked a lot building up to it over the months.

Have a good weekend and keep hope alive, Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

My fiend from work told me about this site, it is soooo good.

I like the cartoon. It says it all. and I heard Michel's speech, it was so bad. He has become a disrace to lend a word from another comment made.Even the MNA's from SPPF were keeping their heads down, and looked sad. It was all so depression like.

The my Mom worked for the Arabs in Bahrain and she told me they are not nice people. I cannot understand what all the buildings are for? Does someone need that much living space to feel good about himself in Seychelles?

Do get real Michel about who you bring into Seychelles, its all looking like a bad drama.


Anonymous said...

It’s a complete & utter disgrace when a Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary has the audacity to face the nation and trying at his best to defend the justification about the unfortunate incidence at La-Misere.
He’s soothing and imploring the nation not to have any rancour or feeling of resentment against these filthy Indian workers or their "filthy rich" Arabs friends because they have serviced some of our debts, they have grant us $30 million and they have built the most advance & modern X-ray department. So, it’s absolutely normal for them to let shit loose in our environment & pollute our drinking water as well as affecting Seselwa in the process. Therefore, we are eternally indebted to sheik Khalifa! Khalifa has JJ under his thumb and in return JJ is at his mercy!
Please give me a break, look at the state of our hospitals and all its support services, what about our clinics. Furthermore, cast a look at our police stations and see for yourself the appalling conditions and last but not least what about our Fire stations, by now, at least all four main regions on Mahe should have had a basic fire station established so that they could have been efficiently and rapidly able to assist Seselwa whenever the need arises.
All these my friends are 32 years of neglect by our own government. We shouldn’t have to reach a stage where PL government find themselves begging from foreign government like the British, French, Chinese, Indian, Arabs, Cubans, Libyans, Americans etc... If instead of investing into doom projects such as the Coetivy farm prawns, into monopoly SMB, into brain washing NYS etc.... and instead direct well needed financial resources into these aforementioned projects for the benefit of Seselwa people as a whole, then my friends I would truly say that President Michel has a heart for Seselwa. But, at the moment from how I see things, I’m convince that Michel’s true heart lies with his "filthy rich" Arab friends and Sheiks. Michel has simply followed into Rene’s footstep, in continuation of the government begging policies.
In my opinion, I believe Patrick X has a points when saying that the government can suddenly changed their tune and everything will be from now on categorised under diplomatic immunity and they will refrain from addressing the residence as the sheik private residence but instead it will the UAE government official embassy. That’s Parti Lepep for you; they will alter their tune just like chameleons changes colour!

And one more thing, Chris, don't you think that Wavel had ample of time and opportunities to redress as well as correcting all his past mistakes as you mentioned?

If so far, Wavel hasn't rectify all your pointed issues & my guess is he never will.

Time...that is the most vital necessity that Seselwa don't have..Sorry to say but we have almost run out of time to dispose PL from power unless we benefit from a divine intervention!


Anonymous said...


Naturally the govt will change their tune and play the diplomatic waltz when and if confronted with the Arab-situation and of course they will use the racism-tango against Chris Gill if he should even attempt to raise his voice on the mattter, not that his voice woud matter anyway. Ramkalawan we can longer count on as he himself is in the vise as described in Chris Gill's 9 points, ref reply to Vox above. So we can no longer count on him. I must however say that I appreciate Chris' consideration about getting a free car from Jean Paul Adam, but must however at the same time admit that I have no right to one nor deserve one on behalf of the Seychellois tax payers because I simply do not live in Seychelles. As to the points 10 & 11, well I agree about the fighting spirit, but believe that tactics will do more than fighting in the long run.

Tactic 1:
Cut out all the crap about rasinism and rather start a campaign about Seychellism or something in that order. Said is said and now pretty much everyone knows or thinks that the Gill Bros are a pair of right muslim hating racists. So their first priority should be to clean their hands of this and wash off all the dirt from those roots they've tangled themselves into. To me the Gill Bros have tangles themselves in the kind of 'rasins' you find in horror movies and now they're trapped by it.

Tactic 2:
Use the ongoings at La Misere against the PL by contacting the American Authorities and mentioning the liability of illegal workers from God knows where that can enter Seychelles randomly without a single paper of any kind. Here we are being helped by the Americans in our fight against pirates where there is US military personell stationed on our islands and we allow illegals to enter the country from the UAE which in turn is close to Yemen which again is a terror hot-spot. Gill brags about his contacts with the US consulate in Mauritius, but cannot use it for the right political cause.

Tactic 3:
Find out what the Arabs and any other Fabrike are getting away with, this with regards to tax-free goods, immunity etc, and make it all public through the correct media using correct terminology, i.e calling a spade for a spade, but doing so in such a way that in is clear and without the usual Gill-juvenilism that we are all sp familiar with. In other words(I've said this many times) stop referring to PL as 'PP' and addresse all MNAs and other people by their correct titles, not by their nicknames or other degrading titles. State clear facts and stick to them in addition to cutting out all speculations and kankan. And if there is a kankan to report, at least have the intelligence to quote that these are undocumented so that one may avoid a lawsuit.

Tactic 4:
Start a party and participate in the coming election. It won't stand a chance in 2011, but if done correctly it will put pressure on Ramkalawan who as of today is the unchallenged OP and it will pressure the PL to be aware of a new challenger in 2016.

Put those 4 tactics together and we have Strategy 2016. I've mentioned this to Chris Gill before and I'll do it again till it penetrates his 'latet dir' and he can finally stop saying that I am a PL collaborator which reminds me of

Tactic 5:
If someone disagrees with the Gill Bros political point of view they should putt in all effort to convert the person and convince them that they are right instead of attacking them and accusing them of being Fabrikes, collaborators etc. By respecting others they will get mutual respect even if the other part does not necessarily agree. So far they have failed to do so and until they do there will be no progress.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

Only you believe Christopher and I are racist Muslim hatters. This is just part of your PP Collaborator's effort to blunt the political effectiveness of Seselwa Rasin-ism. You PP Collaborators are simply afraid of "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" and are afraid that we Gill Brothers, as you put it, will continue to press the Rasin-ist cause and thereby politicize and mobilize Seselwa Rasin with Rasin-ist ideology and remove you Collaborators from power and bring you to justice for your crimes against us Seselwa Rasin. That is what sends fear down your collective Collaborator spines. Yours and the PP Collaborator efforts are now intended to divert us from our core Rasin-ists roots so you can continue to sell us out to Fabrike like Ramados and foreigners like Khalifa. It will not succeed. We want "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" - that is non-negotiable. We are Rasin-ists that is non-negotiable. We cannot be sold, bought, deceived, manipulated, sweet talked, insulted, attacked personally or threatened out of our ideology as you are attempting: we Rasin-ists want "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" - period.

Both Christopher and I have said that Seselwa Rasin includes all races and all religions and all viewpoints. There are black Rasin-ist, white Rasi-ist and all shades in between. So, if all races are included we cannot be called racist. Moreover, both Christopher and I have ancestors from Africa, Europe and India and therefore cannot be racist against ourselves. So your statement that most people believe Christopher and I are racist is more PP Collaborator propaganda from someone who is an admitted liar and who refuses to apologize for it, though you will apologize for Khalifa, and from someone who advocates salesmanship, deceptions, hypocracy and other manner of subterfuge to advance a political agenda. Unlike you Mr. X, Christopher and I say what we mean and we mean what we say - plainly and simply.

If anyone has shown himself to be racist it is you Patrick X. Only you have stated that a "mazambik" or Seselwa Rasin with African ancestry or a malbar or Seselwa Rasin with Indian ancestry cannot be president of Seychelles because of their race. Since you speak for the PP Collaborates it is perhaps logical to conclude that the Rene/Savy/Adam Collaborators who underpin support for the current Michel administration have those same views as you do and therefore are themselves racist.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Cont. ans. to Mr. X:

Secondly, you say we are anit-Muslim. This too is just more PP Collaborator propaganda. We are pro "Seychelles Pour Seychellois". We are against anyone who comes to our country like Khalifa has, with his 7th Century Muslim ideas and impose them on us in our own country the Seselwa Rasin homeland, as he did when he instructed Michel to remove the coco de mer visitor entry stamp and which Michel, Khalifa's subject, promptly complied. We Rasin-ists do not care what Khalifa does in his own country, but he should not come to ours the Seselwa Rasin homeland and dictate to us here. So we are not anti-Muslim, we are for our own control over our own country the Seselwa Rasin homeland.

You on the other hand are an apologist, apologizing for the likes of Khalifa and his encroachment on our sovereignty. You are also someone who supports giving away our passports to anyone with a few Dollars to pay you Collaborators the necessary bribes. Someone with your views is a Collaborator not because you oppose our views because that is what you are. There have been many others who have opposed our views in these comments and many have supported our views. You are the only person I have identified individually as a Collaborator because no other commentator has directly advocated selling out our country to Fabrike and foreigners as you have. So your conclusion that we Rasin-ists label all who oppose us as Collaborators is not surprisingly just one more of your lies Mr. X, just like when you lied about advocating putting a bullet in your former Fabrike friend Ramados's head because he refuses to continue to pay his tax or bribe to you Collaborators, and after admitting lying, you refused to apologize because you think you are too superior to do so.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Niya:

I very much enjoyed reading your comment. It was well reasoned and well written and it was accurate and directly on point; though I do think we need to give Christopher some leeway to work with SNP.

You must recruit 3 people you absolutely trust and educate them about Seselwa Rasin-ism and ask them to do the same thing. It is people like you and your individual power to recruit and inform that sends fear and cold chills down the collective PP Collaborator spine. They are afraid of that power that you and each Seselwa Rasin has in his or her own hands. They are in abject fear of Rasin-ism and of people like you who will self-politicize and self empower to remove them from power.

You can see this fear and desperation in the recent contributions by the PP Collaborator proxy Patrick X.

So you Niya, and others like you, have the power to remove the PP Collaborators from power and bring them to justice for their crimes against us Seselwa Rasin. This personal power starts with the single step of confidentially recruiting 3 people to the Rasin-ist cause. This is the duty and obligation of each Seselwa Rasin.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I have carefully read your 4 tactics that you say, when viewed together, provide us Seselwa Rasin with a strategy to remove the PP Collaborators from power. Your tactics Mr. X is blueprint to establish an ineffective strategy.

Given your lack of personal honor because you have a propensity to lie shamelessly, and your advocacy and admiration for deception, hypocrisy and salesmanship as political tools, in my opinion, your strategy is intended as a method of diverting us Rasin-ists from pursuing a truly effective strategy to remove you PP Collaborators from power: A Seselwa Rasin-ist strategy.

An effective Seselwa Rasin-ist strategy must first and foremost focus on achieving "Seychelles Pour Seychellois". This must be accomplished by we Seselwa Rasin individually politicizing and organizing ourselves around Seselwa Rasin-ism. Every Seselwa Rasin has the duty and obligation to individually learn about Seselwa Rasin-ism and to thereafter recruit 3 Seselwa Rasin to the cause and to inform their recruits about Rasin-ist principles.

The immediate tactics necessary to remove the PP Collaborators from power must include the following:

1. Address the Fabrike voters you PP Collaborators have put on the electoral roles since these Fabrike voters are part of the margin of illegal and immoral votes that the PP Collaborators rely on to stay in power. Any Fabrike who vote in our future elections should be deported by a Rasin-ist government and all their crimes prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law;

2. Address the fraudulent voters you PP Collaborators have put on the electoral roles. We Rasin-ists estimate that the Fabrike voters and fraudulent voters represent approximately 10% of total voters and approximately 20% of the total votes claimed by the PP Collaborators. Given the PP Collaborators' ability to manufacture these votes as needed by them, any election will not be free and fair unless these Fabrike and fraudulent voters are addressed first;

3. Address the issue of gerrymandering by the PP Collaborator government where they have used housing policy to shift populations between districts so that even if they have minority support the PP Collaborators can continue to control more than 2/3'ds of the MNAs' in the Assembly giving them the unfettered right to amend the Constitution. Districts must be redesigned so that there is one person one vote rather than allowing some Districts to have greater weight than others. Seselwa Rasin votes must have as equal a weight as is impossible and feasible to obtain;

4. Address PP collaborator control over all media by filing a mandamus action to force implementation of the constitutional provision pointed out by Mr. Chow, and develop alternative media outlets outside of PP Collaborator control like this blog to get the Rasin-ist message out to the Seselwa Rasin people;

5. Work to achieve a united opposition with the SNP that incorporates Rasin-ist ideology, and failing that, to formally establish the Seselwa Rasin Movement that will in future contest elections to attempt to peacefully remove the PP Collaborators from power; and

6. Inform the Seselwa Rasin of the crimes that the PP Collaborators have committed and continue to commit against them to fill their own pockets and sell out the Seselwa Rasin homeland to Fabrike adn foreigners.

This is what must be done Mr. X not that diversionary nonsense you espouse.

Anonymous said...

Hello Niya,

I ask for a little time for Mr. Ramkalawan simply because we must not act to divide the Opposition to please P.P..

SNP itself has been silent on Ramkalawan except for Sandy Arrisol and Bernard Georges who tell him what he needs to hear, and not what he wants to hear.

Annete Georges, the heart of the party left, Vivian Soundy resigned as Treasuer citing "irregularities" in her letter.

SNP is made up of fallen out SPPF and unhappy DP supporters with JRM's inability to organize a serious political organization over the last 17 years.

A new serious party that espouses to protect Seychellois interest, "Sesel Pou Seselwa" with due respect for individual rights and due respect for the democratic process will succeed if it is not a dividing force.

Right now, it is Mr. Ramkalawan who is the dividing force in the Opposition. We all see it.

But in spite of that, we must give him time to repent,or resist a formula for a united Opposition.

I have begged for a united opposition to face SPPF. I have asked for an Opposition Conference, no one has heeded this call. Months have past, and months continue to past.Time as you say is running out.

Hence Mr. Ramkalwan will now know, "Time is of the Essence", and Bernard Georges can tell him what the legal terminolgy means.

I believe we can base our verdict on the outcome.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Message to Patrick X,

You see to be adamant in calling Parti Lepep as PL. Why?? Because they were stupid enough to adopt such a name? My question to you is why did they all this time call themselves SPPF and not FPPS. Was it OK to Anglicise it at the time?? We are keeping to the tradition and therefore PP is as appropriate as SPPF... People's Party (PP) & SPPF (Seychelles People's Progressive Party). Afterall, they still have a mouthpiece called "The People" and not "Le Pep".
If they want to refer to themselves in Kreol now as PL (Parti Lepep) then they should also refer to FPPS (Fron Progresif Pep Sesel)

Carlos the Jackal said...

With an opposition like you guys the SPPF has absolutely nothing to fear. Tragic but true. Nothing but reactionary zealots with no chance whatsoever of garnering public support. Get over yourselves (freres Gill)and try come up with reasonable acceptable solutions to serious problems. Solutions which are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-based)and not pie in the sky declarations on deporting Fabrike etc etc.

Anonymous said...


If ever I have read matter from a paper pusher of a failed bankrupt government, it is what you just wrote. S.M.A.R.T.

Why don't you apply that to the tax system and to the debt portfolio of Seychelles, and Eden Island non payment of all taxes and give us a report on it instead of being preoccupied with Gill.

Gill is right. He makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

SPUP/SPPF/PL/PP Continues to outsmart all fair minded Seychellois at large. We keep going down this dark tunnel with no glimmer of hope or light at the end of this long, dark tunnel.JAM continues to outsmart the average Seychellois. JAM is just following in the footsteps of FAR. JAM's recent state of the nation address is another classic example of reminding the Seychellois Nation in a 'roundabout way' that it is OK to allow HRH Sheik Khalifa immunity to do whatever he wants to do in our Seychelles as long as he keeps the millions of dollars flowing to meet our energy needs (2 new generators and wind turbines) housing needs (Perseverance) and Health (state of the art x-ray faclities or hospital needs). It is unfortunate that a large part of the population can only see the 'small picture' and are of the opinion that their electricity bills will be going down by 20% plus, due to HRH Sheik Khalifa and JAM. JAM has played a master stroke once more - He did exactly that at the last election when he turned housing loans into grants....How many of you remember this...

Seychellois, our real issue is not HRH Sheik Khalifa. Our real issue is FAR, JAM, SPUP, SPPF & PL. They have over the years raped Seychelles resources to eventually bankrupt Seychelles whilst their bank accounts are overflowing with billions. Now, that we are banktupt, JAM wants a quick fix before the election hence the need to sell Seychelles sovreignety to HRH Sheik Khalifa.We Seychellois should be pushing for a full investigation into the ill amassed gains of the small elite group in Seychelles. This should start with FAR, Mukesh, Chang Leng, JAM, Savys.....the list goes on and on....People of Seychelles, once the facts are established and all these funds are repatriated to the people of Seychelles from Swiss and foreign bank accounts, you will regain your dignity. You will be in the driving seat and will not have to beg in a wholesale manner to HRH Sheik Khalifa or anyone for that matter. We should be a proud nation and believe in our ability to determine our destiny without having to sell our souls to any foreigner ! Now I call upon Ramkalawan, Volcere, Chow, Mancham and Gill to put your personal differences to one side, join forces to rid us of this evil SPUP/SPPF/PL/PP that has been in our way for the past 33 years.Just do it, believe in yourselves and one day, the Seychellois people will respect you and thank you for this initiative and noble cause. Bolot

Anonymous said...

We should start a movement to repatriate as many Seychellois Rasin for the next election. If this means funding the repatriation of Seychellois Rasin, I'm sure this can be arranged. Can someone explain how long does the voters have to remain in Seychelles prior to polling date. What is the latest one can register on the electoral register prior to polling day ? This is one direction we have to focus our efforts. I am confident it will give us the result we have been seeking if this is well co-ordinated. Bolot

Anonymous said...


This is as ridiculous as suggestin top open voting abroad in order to win the election and remove the PL from power. Democratic elections are won by convincing the majority of the voters, not by dragging in support from abroad. Besides, who says that all Seychellois living abroad are anti-PL?

You suggestion is like dragging in a your extended family each time you have a domestic issue to resolve.

Carlos is right, with an opposition who has the kind of mentality you have, the PL has nothing to fear with regards to losing the election in 2011. Absolutely nothing to fear whatsoever. Stop chasing you own tails and start chasing the voters and you may stand a chance.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Patrick x, you are racist.

Michel is not white. He is a rouzon you stupid idiot! What is worse, practically illiterate.

Anonymous said...

Patrick x, you are racist.

Michel is not white. He is a rouzon you stupid idiot! What is worse, practically illiterate.

Anonymous said...

Patrick X, There is no harm recruiting Seychellois Rasin to help bring Seychelles out of this long 33 years of misery. You are correct, not all Seychellois Rasin who happens to be aboroad will vote for OP. So the party in power should not be afraid and should encourage Seychellois Rasin to come back home and vote. After all it will send a clear message to the Seychellois Rasin who are abroad that their motherland needs them. Remember there are enough Seychellois Rasin who left their homeland because of the butalities and injustices of SPUP/SPPF.

If you do not agree with the idea of allowing returning Seychellois Rasin a vote. Then, how about a compromise. Let us agree that Seychellois Fabrike should not be allowed a vote either. This is simple and fair - you cannot have it both ways ! Bolot

Anonymous said...

Agreed that there is no viable opposition. however, what the sppf should fear is a rift within its own party as even several highly placed sppf are not agreable with the current practices of the leaders.

Anonymous said...

This amounts to Seychelles practising HUMAN ILLEGAL TRAFFICKING and it is a serious International crime even in the eyes of the United Nations. Check out this notion to begin with:

Human trafficking is the practice of humans being tricked, lured, coerced or otherwise removed from their home or country, and then forced to work with no or low payment or on terms which are highly exploitative. The practice is considered to be trade or commerce of people, which has many features of slavery, and which is illegal in most countries. The victims of human trafficking can be used in a variety of situations, including prostitution, forced labor (including bonded labor or debt bondage) and other forms of involuntary servitude. This is from :

I have always raised the issue of the External Approach and we can do more to hold these people acountable.Check out the following:

Anonymous said...

My God, not only do I love this blog but the Gills make so much sense. We all have the ability to change our country by getting 2 or 3 of our countrymen to vote the right way.

By the way, I believe that Wavel should resign and just run for one of the districts assuming he wants to remain in politics. He has done his job and should be proud. But he is no longer revered as a leader for the future of Seychelles. We need leadership and unfortunately Wavel does not have what it takes. He is a politician but does not have the charisma to win over the populace.

There are many people with the charisma as well as the brains to run this country. Here are a few names and I would like to get the opinion of others and maybe we can list some more people. This is not an exhaustive list but the point is that there are many qualified Seychellois who could run our country better than Rene, Michel or Ramkalawan. We should not criticize this list but just add to it:

1. James Mancham
2. Philip Boulle
3. Marc Hoareau
4. Suketu Patel
5. Bernard Pool
6. Joe Albert
7. Alain St. Ange
8. Edmond Hoareau

The above are businessmen who have made it on their own and have worked hard for this country. Surely they can run this country better than a clerk from Cable Wireless who seems to make mistakes on a daily basis and have no experience other than being a puppet to Albert Rene.

By the way, I truly like this blog as it gives us all a chance to vent our frustrations. This SR25 BMW deal is serious if it is true and just proves that the Gills are right and we need to remove SPPF or PP and PL from this Government once and for all. I may not agree with everything they say but they are true patriots of the land and as the Yanks says, I tip my hat off to them for their courage. Keep up the struggle as it gives me, a simply man, hope.... for a better future for my 2 children aged 8 and 3.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above post. Wavel should resign as his job is done. Move on and let others with the desire and work ethics take over. He has lost the plot so to speak and can no longer be considered a serious leader. I say that in all sincerity and believe that if Wavel stands again against Michel, it is going to be a terrible loss for the opposition. However, if he resigns now and does it gracefully, he will pave the way for new leadership,whoever they may be. I hear Boulle, Gill or Hoareau may run for President and if they do, I will support any of the 3 candidates over Michel let alone Ramkalawan. All 3 are better candidates at this point in our history and personally, I think if we could get several people on that list to come together and form a party, we could achieve the impossible. That is, beating the SPPF at the polls. So if Wavel even reads this blog, I hope he listens and steps aside. And if he did, it would prove to most people that he truly has Seychelles at heart. His job is complete and he has taken us this far. But he cannot win the race and it is time to step aside and let others continue the job that he and others started.

Anonymous said...

Wavel, please resign if you love Seyhcelles. You have worked hard and the poilon y so. Pa sot dan dife mon frer. Move aside and start enjoying that hefty pension and let a new man work to beat the crap out of Michel. If you were not able to do it 4 years ago, do you really believe u can do it now? Bliye mon frer. We live in a new timen age, and you are out of touch. Let the smart people take over the party and beat the shit out of Michel. Even u would b proud when that f*ck has to go home the morning of the election with his limp dick in his hands. And just think of Albert Rene's face that day when he realizes that he and Mukesh are about to be arrested. Bon Dieu, mon esper sa zour.

Anonymous said...

Patrick X, you made the following comments " This is as ridiculous as suggestin to open voting abroad in order to win the election and remove the PL from power. Democratic elections are won by convincing the majority of the voters, not by dragging in support from abroad."
Is that not hypocrisy comming from a he/she who supports stacking the electoral roll with "FABRIKE". Why dont the SPPF/PL/PP stick to convincing the people of seychelles like you said. Why do they find it necesary to create new voters for their you are so full of it!

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Bolot you are absolutely correct. The SPPF/PP exiled 30% of the Seselwa Rasin population so they could replace them with more pliant Fabrike. This was the largest single source of suffering that one individual Seychellois, Rene, has inflicted on other Seychellois: this is the Great Suffering of the Seselwa Rasin people. Now these same people who aided and abetted Rene in inflicting this Great Suffering on us Seselwa Rasin want to enhance the suffering they caused by continuing to sever all the political involvement and connections that the exiles have with Seychelles - the Seselwa Rasin homeland. This historical wrong must be corrected. All Seselwa Rasin must have the right to register as Seselwa Rasin in their homeland so that their descendants can forever come home, (the "Right of Return") and so that they can vote in our elections. To right this historical wrong is part of "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" and of Rasin-ism. It does not matter who the exiles vote for just that they have the right to vote and for them and their descendants to return to Seychelles - the Seselwa Rasin homeland.

Finally Bolot, I agree we should politicize and organize ourselves, to work to remove the Fabrike and fraudulent voters from our electoral roles and work to obtain an independent media to contest the coming elections in as fair a manner as possible. However, do not pin your hopes here alone.

The PP Collaborators know that if a Rasin-ist government comes to power they will be brought to justice for their crimes. They will thus do all they can to stay in power to avoid their day of reckoning before the Seselwa Rasin who will be their judges. They will do whatever it takes to keep power including mass murder as they have done before. We on the other hand must be ready to confront all that they do and to defeat them and remove them from power and bring them to justice for their crimes. Each Seselwa Rasin must do whatever they can in that effort even if it means giving a piece of bread and a glass of water to those who are engaged and in need. So prepare yourself mentally and physically for the long struggles to come as they are certain to come.

Meanwhile though, Anonymous is right. Our preparations must start with each of us politicizing ourselves about Rasin-ism. Then recruiting 3 other Seselwa Rasin we trust and politicize them, and ask them to do the same thing. First we will vote, then we will demonstrate, then we will strike, then, if necessary, we will have a true revolution to remove the PP Collaborators from power and reclaim our country from them and bring them to justice. Any one of us who falls, or are brought down by the PP Collaborators in this effort, must be replaced by two others.

In this way, by self politicizing and self organizing on an individual basis, Seselwa Rasin-ism will belong to each and every one of us Seselwa Rasin and not to any one individual, party or movement. In this way no one person will ever again sell out our country to Fabrike and foreigners before our very eyes, no one will ever again betray "Seychelles Pour Secyhellois" without being brought to account by and before the Seselwa Rasin people - not Rene, not Michel, not Ramkalawan, not Christopher and not me or anyone else; Rasin-ism will belong to Seselwa Rasin to implement and to defend.

Seychelles is our Seselwa Rasin patrimony - it is our right and it belongs to each one of us individually and each one of us individually must fight for it and forever defend the Seselwa Rasin homeland. So now, we must begin to prepare ourselves to do what is necessary.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X and Jackal are fond of calling for action. They are even more fond of calling the opposition ineffective. Yet both of them have explicitly stated despite all their talk and suggestions, they want to do absolutely nothing to improve their country and address the complaints they so eloquently state. They have admitted they will do absolutely nothing, to create a new opposition movement better suited to their liking, even if they say they find little in the existing opposition to support, and yet they say they believe the PP Collaborators should be removed from power.

So whatever they say must be taken in that context. All talk with no skin in the game - all talk with no intention to take any action whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Announced from La Misere, not 700 workers, 2000, more then the amount of people residing in the area, that rely on the water source, no permits to work.

ASCON showed up on SBC, apoligized, but it is still an illegal company. Who will apologize for that, Michel, Kalifa, Joel Morgan? Give me a name P.P.

X- Rene once told me in the Constitutional Convention many Seychellois overseas would vote for SPPF. Many would not vote. But some would. His main excuse was cost, since we would have to set up electoral offices around the world to make it fair. Today X, we can vote via secured internet. VCS can give you the soft ware for a fair price. So why don't we all allow our fellow Seselwa Rasin overseas vote.

It's time to move on. I agree we need to make this an international issue at this time as well as the trafficking of these poor hungary feeble Indians that are working on Kalifa's project. I have been told many are paid as little as $175.00 a month.

Moving them to the airport area is SMART. It will give the UNDP and RED Crescent and Red Cross immediate access to them to ensure they too are safe and of good health.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

The question of how the construction workers entered the country without registration still remains to be answered.

No amount of damage control is going to cover it up.

Morgan tries to defend the government by deflecting blame on the construction company.

He doesnot realise if any hard evidence of corruption is found, he will be used as a fall guy.

Morgan, if you are reading this, better to blow the whistle now.

Anonymous said...

Surely, if there are now 2000 Indian workers instead of the original 700 quoted, then I suggest the original pledge of 2 generators, wind turbines and housing are not enough.

JAM, you have already sold Seychelles wholesale - be brave, go back to HRH Sheikh Khalifa and ask him to clear our external debts now, because he and his servant, namely ASCON has taken advantage with the importation of 2000 workers instead of 700. JAM should explain to the Sheikh that this 2000 heads have a big impact on our fragile ecosystem and the damage done so far is irreversible. Hence the need to clear all our external debt as a goodwill gesture to make good the misrepresentation and misinformation.

However, be smart JAM, dont't let HRH Sheikh Khalifa colonise Seychelles. Should he agree to clear our external debt you can keep 5% instead of the usual 90% cut.

Anonymous said...

Secure internet voting Chris? You mean like they had in Florida in the election where George Dubya' Bush won? That was indeed secure and would be even more secure in the hands of Gappy.

Get off your arse and start convincing the man on the street to give you his vote. Would even be good excercise.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill Chris and all, with regards to your analysis of the SNP/generally the Opposition, i say that i am in agreement with the majority of your comments.

Except that the person who has divided the Opposition is Wavel Ramkalawan (i do not say that to disparage him or bear him ill will) but that is the reality.

It is also right to say, that Ramkalawan holds the cards that would reunify the Opposition, for the simple reason that he is the only one who has airtime on SBC! This healing of the Opposition can start at hsi reply to the State of the Nation. If he manages to heal the rift, then this would create the synergie needed towards a re unification. Should he miss this opportunity tomorrow, then all will be lost.

An attempt later on through newspapers would not have the same impact. Whilst i would agree that the State of Nation of address should be to address issues of national importance, the present one should be in my humble opinion to kickstart campaign. There is a lot to be done to resell the idiea of a unified opposiiton, if we start now it will give time to the Opposition to prepare.

I for one despite grave reservation against Ramkalawan and co, am prepared to vote for him (should i have no alternative), i cannot say that my attitude is shared by sufficient enoough people in the electorate for him to win an election.

All that is written on STAR and elsewhere is extremely good as it shows the inefficacity and failures of the SPPF/PL. But it will be "peine perdue" if come election time a divided, discordinated opposition stands against the SPPF/PL.


Anonymous said...

Let's see if The People makes reference to my latest blog

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Reply to Vox-

I believe we are in accord. Mr. Ramkalawan as I said, can divide the opposition or unite and lead it. It is really his call as you said.

I too have voted for him in the past and my family has as well.

But a leader we vote for must be responsive to the needs of the Country.

The ball is in his court. I too await his speech.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Chris, what if Ramkalawan proves not to be responsive to the needs of the country? Who will you vote for then?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Patrick X seems to be obsessed with who Christoper Gill will be voting for. Judging from your reaction lately it seems that the shit has also hit you in the face!
When will you come up with anything constructive?
You are a pathetic liar! You pretend to be living overseas but you are right there 'anba grenn Misel'.
Give us a break man! You think you are too witty and SMART! Your blog sounds like a broken record. You seem to spend your time in STAR as no one seems to bother to give you any attention on you stupid blog.

Anonymous said...

Leonard Francis,
Thank you very much for your compliment, very much appreciated!
But likewise, I must also compliment you “Gill Brothers” for this site because more and more bloggers are reading this blog and expressing their concerns, fear, frustration via the comments sections.

I’m not asking to divide the opposition but simply put & wish that Mr Ramkalawan has courtesy or courage to acknowledge that he has lost his “political mojo” and it’s time for a new leader to take the helm & lead us to the land of prosperity to claim our dignity. He has lead us this far and he should be proud of his achievement but sometimes only a man with courage can accept his mistakes & failures!

And to quote Albert Einstein “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value”. Mr Ramkalawan, if you have a heart for every Seselwa, you should do the right thing!

Just like you, I also would love to see a unify opposition in order to dispose PL from power. As I have mentioned time & time again, only a united & cohesive opposition can stand to challenge and win against PL in any future elections!

Oh, by way, we should capitalise on this existing PL fiasco and make the entire world aware about trafficking of illegal immigrants & workers into paradise Seychelles. We should use every single bit of arsenal at our disposal. I will also be doing my part!


Leonard Francis Gill said...

The PP Collaborator's reluctance to allow overseas voting has nothing to do with the costs to do so. This is a red herring.

Many countries, including the United States, have allowed overseas voting by their citizens through registration for an absentee ballot that is filled out and mailed in. There are well accepted ways to ensure the security of the ballot without compromising the secrecy of the vote. So even when the Constitution was implemented in 1993 there were means to allow for an absentee vote by overseas Seychellois. Rene simply wanted to make sure that the Seselwa Rasin he exiled were permanently severed from their homeland. We must reverse this historical wrong.

Now with secure internet voting there is not even the lame excuse of costs to allowing exiled Sesewla Rasin to vote in their homeland.

By the way Patrick X, the voting problems in Florida in 2001 were not caused by secure internet voting - at that time secure transactions, including voting on the internet, was in its infancy and therefore not reliable enough to receive broad acceptance. The voting problems in Florida were caused by a defective manual voting system that required the voter to punch through paper to register their vote. Many elderly voters in Florida did not push all the way through the relatively thick voting ballot paper leading to the infamous hanging chads and dimples which resulted from a failure to punch the voting ballot all the way through the paper. So you should get your facts straight before you use these claimed facts to deny exiled Seselwa Rasin their right to vote Patrick X.

Lastly you hurl an insult at Christopher to get of his "arse" and look for votes. The implication is that Christopher is not doing enough to achieve necessary and desirable changes in the country. This comes from Mr. X who has said he will do absolutely nothing to remove the PP Collaborators from power nor will he do anything to start or help start a new opposition party or movement even if he says all existing ones are not to his liking. Who needs to do more Mr. X? You, or Christopher?

Anonymous said...

Well said Niya,

I have done mine by posting 'my stupid blog' as 'Anonymous' put it where I openly criticize the permitting of illegal immigrants that are a liability to our safety and the safety of our allies operating from our country's port and airport.

I believe a notification to the world's press would be appropriate here. Maybe Christopher Gill can contact the American consulate he is so familiar with and familiarize him with the liability.

If more of you would have an open mind and read my blogs and articles instead of reading only what I disagree with you about, you may realize that Patrick X is 100% pro Seychelles and not necessarily 100% pro PL or a collaborator as many of you seem to think.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...


Would you seriously trust internet voting with a person like Gappy as electoral commissioner? Sorry to say it, but if you do then I dare say you are very naive.

You already accuse of electoral fraud and I can just imagine how a loss would be taken even if voters from abroad were allowed to cast their votes.

Sorry to say it, but I believe that it is Chris who should be doing something, not me. I am not asking to be put in power, nor have I ever participated in a national election. So I suggest once more that he gets off his arse and starts collecting votes. Maybe you can push him off it and at the same time put a firecracker behind Ramkalawan so he gets up from that comfy chair ansd starts working for his salary.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

Based on your support of Fabrike who bought their citizenship, you are 100% Collaborator. A Collaborator supports Fabrike rights over those of Seselwa Rasin rights - the rights of their own people.

But do I sense a shift in your position from suport for Fabrike rights over Seselwa Rasin rights when you say you are now pro Seychelles? Are you now saying you are pro Seselwa Rasin? Or is this just more Patrick X double talk and salesmanship for you to muddy up the water and continue to support your Fabrike friends over Seselwa Rasin - your own people?

If you are shifting your views away from your PP Collaborator and Fabrike friends to Seselwa Rasin-ism, you are welcome to join us. Anyone can be a Seselwa Rasin-ist; even if you are a reformed Collaborator or not a Seselwa Rasin, as long as you believe in and promote Seselwa Rasin rights over all others to own and control Seychelles - the Seselwa Rsain homeland.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

If Mr.Gapy is engaged in voter fraud, as you insinuate, he will sooner or later be brought to justice by us Seselwa Rasin for these alleged crimes against his people. If he has been engaged in voter fraud, when a Rasin-ist government comes to power we will find him, wherever he is, and bring him to justice. However, at the moment, there is no reason to identify Mr. Gapy as the culprit for the voter fraud. We must gather the evidence to determine his level of culpability, if any, before we place blame - after all this is a serious accusation and a serious betrayal of Seselwa Rasin interests that would be severely punished to the fullest extent of the law, so blame and punishment must be based on evidence and not just rumor.

Nevertheless, you will agree that even if Mr. Gapy is involved in voter fraud it is no reason to cancel our elections. Our focus must be on finding the fraud and the evidence clearly establishing the culprits involved. We have an idea of who and how the voter fraud is occurring but until we have solid evidence we should collectively withhold assessing individual blame.

The same is true for prospective internet voter fraud. We should not punish exiled Seselwa Rasin by withholding their right to vote just because there may be corrupt Election Commission officials manufacturing fraudulent votes. The right of exiled Seselwa Rasin must be respected. Election officials who are engaged in electoral fraud must be discovered and punished as severely as the law will allow.

But in no event should we punish exiled Seselwa Rasin for the alleged or potential corruption of election officials who should be protecting these exiled Seselwa Rasin voters interests by denying the exiles their right to vote - haven't the exiles been punished enough?

Anonymous said...

Has anybody thought of creating a Facebook page dedicated to this and get people to sign a petition?

Anonymous said...


Read and read till you understand:

Would you be able to trust the results of an internet based election knowing that a sleazy character like Gappy is in full control of it?

I certainly wouldn't trust the results of such an election result. And yes, I sincerely believe that Gappy is crooked enough to tweak an election, or give the order to do so.

And Francis, please truy and keep your answers short, you're boring us with your repetitions.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...


A Facebook page may well be a good idea, but i don't think you'll get many supporters, at least not those with full names etc. It would however give publicity to the cause.

Would you for instance stick your head out and risk it getting chopped?

Maybe Chris Gill's friend Jean Paul Adam will start one. LOL

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

The opposition has always said that Seychellois will " manz kaka" under Sppf/lepep now they know what the opposition was saying, more to come.
Patrick x deny this??

Anonymous said...

How can I deny something that the Seychellois have been doing the last 33 years? I've never said that the SPUP/SPPF/PL have done all good, but I stand my point when I say that they still are the better option.

I do however believe, as stated in my blog, that this case has become a mouthful for the Prezident. It won't choke him, but it might cramp his jaw from all the chewing. Kouyon in drese.

Now watch this space for accusations.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

You have not surprisingly missed my point once more.

We should not alter the rights of Seselwa Rasin to circumvent or acomodate corrupt PP Collaborator appointed officials. This is typical of your logic - blame and punish the victim for the crime instead of blaming and punishing the perpetrator.

If Mr. Gappy is a "crook" as you say, then the focus must be on punishing him for his crookedness. Do not punish the exiled Seselwa Rasin for Mr. Gapy's alleged offenses.

In that vein Mr. Gappy is on notice that any future violations of Seselwa Rasin rights, if any, will be punished by a Rasin-ist government to the fullest extent of the law - and we will find him wherever he is. He and other Election Commission authorities are on notice now. So there will be no excuses later that they were just following PP Collaborator orders. Past offenses are past. But those in the future will be judged by we Seselwa Rasin and punished severely by we Seselwa Rasin.

Mr. Gappy holds one of the most important positions in the land. He is the guardian of the will of the Seselwa Rasin people. If he does not take that responsibility seriously or sells his office or in other ways undermines it, we Rasin-ists will bring him to account. If he is doing anything wrong he can stop now and reform himself, and we will accept that act of contrition.

This is the way to handle corrupt government officials if Mr. Gappy is one - punish him for his actions, do it swiftly and to the fullest extent - but do not use that as an excuse to deny any Rasin their inalienable rights.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous:

There is a Facebook page consisting of Seselwa Rasin who are engaging in exactly the kind of campaign to obtain the right for exiled Seselwa Rasin to vote that you suggested. It currently has 177 members. It is called The Right to Vote Overseas ...

Here is the link:


Leonard Francis Gill said...


When you asked if anyone had a Facebook page to bring supporters of the right for Seselwa Rasin exiles to vote this is what Patrick X said:

"Would you for instance stick your head out and risk it getting chopped?"

This is an informative response from Mr. X since he is the PP Collaborator proxy.

The PP Collaborators like Mr. X trade on our fear. They want us to be afraid of them so we are paralyzed and do nothing while they sell out our country to Fabrike and foreigners.

Once we lose our fear of the PP Collaborators they have no more power over us. As you can see there is a Facebook page with people and their names listed who have joined it seeking their right to vote. We Seselwa Rasin are slowly losing our fear of the PP Collaborators and that concerns the Collaboratros like Mr. X.

So they will step up their efforts at propaganda and misinformation and deceit to deflect the Rasin-ist message. Then when that fails they will resort to brute force, when that fails we will take our country back from them and their Fabrike friends.

Anonymous said...


When you become minister of justice in your Rasin government you can trial Gappy for not dealing out the electoral list electronically and at the same time you can trial Ramkalawan for not bothering to check it as they have both failed Seychelles and its people in that sense.

I do see your point clearly though and I do agree with a lot of what you say, but I cannot agree with your methods. Hell, you guys are shooting blind folded, the same way Hames Michel did when he gambled with our economy. You guys went out and accused Jean Paul Adam of being Patrick X which simply shows you have absolutely no clue whatsoever. I was very tempted to reveal myself then, but then I felt sorry for you lot as th embarassment would have killed you. Then probably your supporters would have killed me.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I have never said you are Jean Paul Adam. I have always said it does not matter to me who you are or where you are. What is important is that you are a proxy for the PP Collaborator government and you spout their views with a few criticisms aimed at your paymasters which are intended to misdirect our attention.

Since you are the PP Collaborator proxy you have been invaluable in aiding us to show the mentality of the PP Collaborator government. You have also allowed us Rasin-ists to explain our philosophy and contrast it with your Collaborator ideas. For this we Rasin-ists thank you.

I will do what I have to do in a Rasin-ist government Patrick X, even if it is as a window washer, and so will thousands of other patriotic Seselwa Rasin. So it does not matter what I am called to do to defend and protect Seselwa Rasin interests, I will do whatever is required and just.

Anonymous said...

This morning, Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan, in his reply to President Michel's State of the Union address, challenged the Government to put the mechanism in place to allow all Seychellois citizens living abroad to vote.

This is not the first time that this subject has been broached. The technology is readily available and all we need is the will. It is time for Seychelles to move forward, embrace technology and allow all its citizens their constitutional and universal suffrage right to vote.

My suggestion is for those living abroad to write/email Mr. Hendricks Gappy (Electoral Commissioner) to request that his office respect your rights and to develop a voting system/method for all Seychellois who happen to be living overseas at the moment.

In addition, we must ensure that the Commissioner keeps the voter registry open year-round instead of once a year. Many eligible Seychellois voters are frustrated because they are not in Seychelles when the registry is opened. Again, this is denying a Seychellois his/her right to vote.

Finally, I am glad to see so many Seychellois starting to take an interest in the politics of our country. In the end, we are the masters of our own destiny, and no politician or political party should deny us our legal rights. Free and fair voting is the best method of choosing the leaders of our country and the power to elect or remove someone is in our hands. After all ,it is supposed to be the Government of the People, and not the People of the Government. Politicians work for us and are paid by our tax-payers money.

Anonymous said...

Have you got his mail adresse? Gappy's that is. Bombarding the office with e-mails will no doubt make Gappy anything but happy. :-D

Even better, get Chris and Francis Gill to write a recommendation to him in good Rasin style. Maybe he'll consider it.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

I hope SBC repeats Ramkalawan's speech, because i was unable to listen being taken up with profesional engagement.

On the issue of possibility of Seychellois living abroad: i fear that confusion has arisen. It is not Gappy who is preventing that from happening, nor is it Gappy's decision that the electoral register remians open or not all year long. These are contained in laws, if i am not mistaken it is to be found in combined our Constitution and the Electoral Law.

So is it not best that we loby the legislators?


Anonymous said...

Vox, as soon as we have a copy of Mr. Ramkalawan's speech, we will post online.

Also, some are having problems with STAR loading older pages. It seems that Cable & Wireless and other Internet Service Providers are "caching" pages. Therefore, you may see the oldest posts rather than the new ones.

Simply hit your "Refresh" button when you go to STAR and it will load the latest STAR pages.

We appreciate your feedback. Keep up the great work for democracy.


Anonymous said...

now there's a whole team?

Anonymous said...

Of course there is a whole team, one person alone can't achieve this level of stupidity!

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

if its stupidity, why are you here?

Anonymous said...

I'm an optimist and always live in hope.

Patrick X

Leoanrd Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

If we are stupid as you say then why not present your arguments to show how and why you think we are stupid?

Instead of presenting arguments you lob personal insults at those who oppose you? Calling someone stupid is not an argument. Calling the STAR TEAM stupid when you cannot effectively counter our arguments with better arguments does not reflect well on you Mr. X. Especially when you are free to present any argument without any fear of intimidation or retaliation of any kind whatsoever.

You call us stupid because you have not been able to manipulate and misdirect us with hypocrisy, deceit and propaganda as you anticipated and planned. Because after all you are superior and smarter than us. That is why you refused to apologize when I caught you lying about advocating putting a bullet into your former Fabrike friend Ramados even after you admitted it and you refused to admit you said you are a racist even if you wrote it in black and white.

Leoanrd Francis Gill said...


You are correct. The culprit in denying exiled Seselwa Rasin the right to vote is the PP Collaborators not Gappy. While Gappy may have many shortcomings this is not one of them. Gappy does not decide who has the right to vote. He is just supposed to honestly register voters and ensure that elections are freely and fairly conducted according to the Constitution and the Elections Law.

I believe the restrictions at issue are in the Elections Act of 1996.

I believe these are the relevant provisions of the Constitution and the Act (though I may not have the most updated versions):

"Article 114, subsection (1)of the Consitution states: "A person who is a citizen of Seychelles and has attained the age of eighteen years is entitled to be registered as a voter unless the person is disqualified from registration under an Act on the ground of (a) infirmity of mind."

The Elections Act (1996)at Section 5, subsection (1) states in part that: "Every citizen of Seychelles entitled to be registered as a voter under article 114 of the Constitution shall, if the citizen resides in an electoral area, be registered as a voter in that area unless the citizen…(b) is under any written law, adjudged or otherwise declared to be of unsound mind or detained as a criminal lunatic or at the pleasure of the President…"

So we must pressure the PP Collaborator government to amend the Elections Act to allow all Seselwa Rasin the right to vote even those residing overseas. However, it must be made absolutely clear that Fabrike, most of whom have purchased their citizenship, should not be allowed to vote. To restrict the right to vote to Seselwa Rasin alone, we will need to amend the Constitution to limit Seychelles Citizenship to Seselwa Rasin only.

Recognizing and implementing this right of all exiled Seselwa Rasin to vote in Seychelles is but one step in the direction of correcting the historical wrong of Rene exiling up to 30% of the Seselwa Rasin population and replacing them with Fabrike.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous:

I think your suggestion of keeping the voter registration rolls open for voter registration perhaps until 120 days before a scheduled election is an excellent idea.

What you have detected is just one more PP Collaborator tool to keep exiled Seselwa Rasin from voting in elections in their homeland. It is also one more trick in their book to rig elections in their favor. The Opposition must include the issue of an open voter registration format, along with the issue of removing Fabike and fraudulent voters from the electoral roles, as a central platform in the effort to make our voting more free and fair in our elections.

This suggestion is a clear example of the benefits that free and open discussions can yield towards the effort to create a more open and democratic society. We have also seen benefits in disclosure of other questionable acts by the PP Collaborators like allowing Khalifa to bring in 18 BMW's for SCR 25 each.

Anonymous, this is the kind of individual initiative we need from each Seselwa Rasin to make "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" a reality, and to make sure "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" is never betrayed ever again by anyone.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill Francis, i am not a lawyer and stand to corrected. From a reading of what you have written about the Constitution and Electoral Act there seems to my mind to have a contradiction. Should there remotely be a chance that the Election Act is unconstitutional, then must this Election Act be challenged for it being against the Constitution?

I am tempted to think that the mere fact that after so many years/elections that there has been no legal challenge makes me think that maybe there is nothing unconstitutional and illegal with the fact that Seychellois abroad are not allowed to vote unless they qualify under the Election Act.

Therefore based on the above premise, i tend to think that this is not a legal battle but a political one, the status will be determined by the political party which holds the leaver of Executive and Legislative power.

For the time being SPPF/PL is against that. Which brings me to the following (whilst i appreciate that this is sensitive to many STAR bloggers who reside abroad and cannot vote), is that campaign important enough to Seychelles residents, which would transform in votes for the Opposition?


Anonymous said...


The Elections Act (1996)at Section 5, subsection (1) states in part that: "Every citizen of Seychelles entitled to be registered as a voter under article 114 of the Constitution shall, if the citizen resides in an electoral area, be registered as a voter in that area unless the citizen…(b) is under any written law, adjudged or otherwise declared to be of unsound mind or detained as a criminal lunatic or at the pleasure of the President…"

Do we have electoral areas abroad? And by living abroad even I who is no lawyer can see that I do not qualify to vote as I reside outside any electoral area in Seychelles.

Guys, for the umpteenth time, work for those votes.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...


Your point is well taken. The Constitution provides broader voting rights then does the Electoral Act. Therefore, there is a case to enforce the Constitution's broader rights to vote given the more restrictive ones contained in the Electoral Act which are controlled by the broader constitutional rights. A case to deem the Electoral Act unconstitutionally restrictive, with a fair hearing, could succeed since the Electoral Act deprives some Seychellois of their right to vote simply based on where they chose to live which is not constitutionally sanctioned.

However, such a case, even if successful, would not address the issue of the thousands of Fabrike votes that would result because all Secyehllois, Rasin and Fabrike would then have a right to vote in our elections. The PP Collaborators have sold thousand of passports to Fabrike over the past few years.

To allow Fabrike to continue to vote in our elections is an unjustice. Thus, ultimately, this means we must redress the situation by a Constitutional amendment that defines a Seychellois to exclude Fabrike and simultaneously constitutionally guaranty all Seselwa Rasin the right to a vote regardless of where they reside by an explicit constitutional clause on this point.

On the issue of whether there will be sufficient votes for the opposition from exiled Seselwa Rasin by pushing this issue, I say this is irrelevant. This issue is a matter of principle and righting a historical wrong and not of practical electioneering.

We Rasin are one people with a single right to ownership of the Seselwa Rasin homeland - Seychelles - and therefore we all have a right to a say in how our homeland is governed. These inalienable rights of all Seselwa Rasin who have been exiled must be recognized through the right to vote and by constitutionally ensuring that their descendants have a Right of Return to their homeland.

Sometimes Vox you must do what is right, just because it is right, and regardless of the personal benefits you might expect for doing so. This is one of those instances.

Anonymous said...

Francis, Chris & others:

Let us say that we all agreed that foreign voting, i.e voting from Montreal, Washington or Hounslow for that matter was ok and a right for all Seychellois wether or not they were living abroad or not.

Wouldn't this have been a case to work with as soon as the previous election was over? I mean after all, there has been 4 years of time so far to promote and fight for this right that you believe may help win an election(because frankly I think that if you guys were in power you yourself would be the first to fight against foreign voting).

So why take up the fight one year prior to the coming election and give the electoral comissioner(and the prez) yet another excuse as to not allow it? So far excuses are:

1) It's against the constitution as it says one has to reside in Seychelles.

2) It's too expensive to administrate(I support that one)

3) Internet voting is unsafe and can too easily be tweaked with(I agree fully there, especilly in the hands of the PL and/or anyone who cannot tolerate others opinion, you guys included)

Now by taking this up at this hour, another excuse will be thrown in your faces:

4) Napa letan(there is no time).

To change something like this a review of the constitution and possibly a revision of it needs to be performed and you tossers want to achieve that in a year and do so when an opposing party is ruling? You guys must really like to get slapped in the face.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

I am a Seychellois Rasin. I am in Seychelles as often as I can. I have a home in Seychelles. I do employ some Seychellois Rasin too. For the past 3 elections I was unable to register because the register was closed when I happened to be back home. I cannot see what's wrong with leaving the register open throughout the year and close it 90days prior to election date. This will allow travelling Seychellois Rasin like myself the chance to register. Believe you me I will make it a point of travelling home to vote if I was allowed to register and vote. Incidentally, I pay GST and taxes in Seychelles. There are other Seychellois Rasin who happens to be overseas for whatever reason, and are still passionate about their motherland. Such Seychellois Rasin should be encouraged and allowed to express their wish at the ballot boxes if they wish to do so. They should be able to resister on the electoral register and be allowed to vote if they are in Seychelles on polling day ! I will be one of the first Seychellois Rasin who will make the efort to travel to Mahe to register myself onto the electoral register and will ensure my presence to cast my vote on polling day. On polling day I will decide which candidate I want to vote for. The objective is for all Seychellois Rasin to have a chance to fulfill their duty and responsibility, and to vote if they wish to do so. It is irrelevant if such Seychellois Rasin voter support Mancham, Rene, Ramkalawan or any other candidate or party for that matter.

Leonard Francis Gill said...


Well said - very well said, Anonymous.

As to Patrick X's points:

In the first instance while it would be very desirable to obtain the vote for exiled Seselwa Rasin in time for the coming election, this is not critical. There will be many more elections and many more opportunities for Seselwa Rasin to participate in governing their homeland. Moreover, this is not an electioneering strategy that needs to be implemented for the coming election. This issue is a matter of principle and a matter of correcting a historical wrong perpetrated on the Seselwa Rasin exiles by Rene and his aiders and abettors.

In fact, the oppositon may not even get a majoity of the exile votes - but the Seselwa Rasin exiles must have the right to vote regardless.

Secondly, if the PP Collaborators want to resolve this injustice, it can be done in a matter of months and not years as Patrick X suggests.

Moreover, the PP Collaborators can create more liberal voter registration rules in a matter or weeks to address Seselwa Rasin voters like Anonymous who are frequently out of the country and could benefit from an open electoral role which would close only 90 days before a scheduled election. I would volunteer my time to propose suggested changes to the Elections Act and would have them ready within 48 hours of a request to do so, and I am sure there are many other Seselwa Rasin attorneys who would do the same.

As to Patrick X's specific points that overseas voting is impractical or expensive this is nonsense. We can establish voting procedures that would work by establishing mailed in absentee ballots. If countries like the Republic of Nauru can do this why can't we? Also, internet voting is now viable and can be done with the proper controls and with honest administration at the Election Commissioner's office.

Patrick X says that we cannot trust Mr. Gappy because, Mr. X says that Mr. Gappy is a crook therefore, since Mr. Gappy is an alleged crook we should deny exiled Seychellois the right to vote. This is backward logic and denies the victim his or her rights because of the actions of the alleged criminal. If Mr. Gappy is crooked as X says, then Mr. Gappy should be prosecuted and punished. Seselwa Rasin voters should not be punished for Mr. Gappy's alleged crookedness just as the voters on Mahe should not be punished if Mr. Gappy is committing voter fraud in Mahe, or anywhere else for that matter.

Patrick X's job is to sow doubt in our minds about our ability to remove the PP Collaborators from power. The PP Collaborators are aware that this self doubt is a very powerful tool of entrenched dictatorships. However, disregard his efforts to make us doubt our ability to self politicize about Seselwa Rasin-ism and to self-organize into a cohesive decentralized organzation bound together by our common idelogy of Seselwa Rasin-ism.

With Seselwa Rasin-ism we can remove the PP Collaborators from power and bring them to justice for their crimes against the Seselwa Rasin people. That's why Rasin-ism strikes fear in the Collaborator heart and soul. So we can expect them to use every trick in the book to break our commitment, our self-confidence and our resolve - and we must do just the opposite.

We must have "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" which includes implementing the most liberal set of voter registration rules consistent with maintaining voting integrity and that allows every Seselwa Rasin of majority age the absolute right to vote in their homeland.

Anonymous said...

I believe this blog has taken Seychelles politics to a new demension.

State House is excellent and does make me happy and laugh a lot. I am in the opposition, but do not feel depressed. I am happy to know the end is near for PP

Mr. Gill, thank you and your team at Star that have made this great effort. I read your articles in Weekly and here.While I do not agree with all your points, I must say, you have a more then 90% accuracy on your projections. This compares to -10% with Mr. Michel, although he runs the country from a chaotic perspective if that is a consolation to him.

When I balance everything, I believe it is time for pp to go!

Joe P.

Anonymous said...

If Sheikh Kalifha found the coco de mer stamp offensive, no doubt he will take offense at his donations being referred to as ‘Gran Tit’ on SBC. Next, they will want the national language to change.

Anonymous said...

I find it disgraceful and disrespectful to accept HRH Sheikh's lavish donations on behalf of the simple Seychellois (Rasin) People.

The current system can circumnavigate and be creative to appease and calm the wrath of Seychellois Rasin when HRH Sheikh grandoise developements at La Misere caused horrible discomfort to the simple Seychellois Rasin. I can go further and say such grandoise developements on such scale should not be given permission because it has a social effect on the simple Seychellois Rasin who will always feel intimidated and get the feeling that s/he is a second class citizen in his/her own motherland.

Yet the current system cannot circumnavigate or be creative when it comes to Seychellois Rasin voting rights. The current system prevents the same Seychellois Rasin their legal right to vote if they happen to be abroad.

This is an unacceptable double standard against each and every Seychellois Rasin ! Ti Tom

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous:

I agree that it is a thorough disgrace to accept a "gift" from Khalifa under the circumstances it was offered.

First, we are not too proud to accept gifts from well intentioned people, countries or other international organizations. We are a developing nation that can still use international assistance to develop the Rasin homeland, though by this time this would not be necessary if the PP Collaborators were not so incompetent at governing our nation.

So, what exactly is objectionable about Khalifa's gift? In the context that it was announced it was meant to purchase our acceptance for the gross abuses which Khalifa inflicted against our sovereignty and our culture. It was Khalifa saying saying to us "here is money for your dignity and your sovereignty" and Michel, as usual, with all his good manners graciously sold us out, once more.

Think of the context in which this "gift" of power plants were made by Khalifa. Khalifa came to our country and bought choice property from our government and paid a pittance for it and probably a hefty bribe to boot. Once he arrived he was immediately offended by our coco de mer tourist arrival stamp and demanded we stop using it - Michel, sold us out once more, and graciously complied. He then brings in cargo plane after cargo plane of duty free goods that does not even go through the formalities of a customs check by Australians brought to Seychelles by Michel to check this very kind of cargo. He then delivers these goods to a construction site where a massive building is being constructed without permits of any kind, by a construction company who is not even licensed or recognized to do business in Seychelles who in turn brings in several thousand workers from India who also do not go through customs and are completely undocumented. He brings in 18 BMW vehicles under diplomatic pretexts and pays SCR 25 for each vehicle. That is not all. To add insult to these cumulative injuries to our national dignity then Khalifa's Indians defecate in open cesspits into the drinking water contaminating all the pipes and water serving thousands of Rasin families. Even after all that we hear not a word of apology from Khalifa. Instead we are told to take $30M for power plants by Khalifa and Michel implores us to accept this prostitution of our national sovereignty in Seselwa (formerly Creole) which Michel is too ashamed to publish in the doctored English version of his speech.

Now, if any one of the listed incidents occurred we could be called upon to ignore the slight. Or if Khalifa had apologized even just for the contamination of our drinking water and offered us some assistance as a means of expressing his remorse we could have accepted it. However, like Patrick X, Khalifa too thinks he is too good to apologize to us even when his knows he is absolutely wrong.

So when taken as a whole we can readily determine, even if Michel cannot, that there is a pervasive disrespect by Khalifa of the Seselwa Rasin people. We do not want nor do we need money from people who disrespect us and who expect us to sell them our dignity and our sovereignty for their money.

That does not mean we are not flexible in extending our hospitality to foreigners. Seselwa Rasin hospitality to foreigners who are our guests is legendary. For instance if Khalifa, or any one else for that matter, is offended by our coco de mer entry stamp I would not oppose a system where the stamp can be placed on a removable insert as an accommodation. But I am opposed to a foreigner telling us what entry stamp to use in our own country.

So you are right Anonymous, Khalifa has insulted us and all Seselwa Rasin in ways he would not tolerate in his own country. We should not tolerate his insults to us Rasin in ours.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Gill,
What for great job you've been doing through those years,without your pertinent approach Seychelles would have long turned us in to class second citizen in their own country.

We have an opposition acting more like stooge of SPPF and a Ramkalawan sleeping on all issues,thank God we have a real Patriot who speaks loud and clear.

Sppf has failed us.Michel's old wives tale just bore the people and left them eith a queasy-stomach.The old crook is at his wits end ,he needs to dissolve his failed and corrupted government and and call for the setting up of a UNITY GOVERNMENT in order to dig us out of this hole SPPF grabbed us in to.

Michel's MOTTO is UNITE FOR THE FUTURE.Maybe he should lead by example though our future will not be with SPPF.

Moreover,last week in his prolix address to the Nation michel told us quote"in 2008 we started to climb a mountain".in fact what Michel meant ,was that in 2008 a herd of wild arab camels with the helping hands of SPPF crooks started to climb our virgin mountains at la Misere after reaching the hill top those camels raped our environment.

In 2008,was olso the year when Michel went on to bankrupted our economy,embezzled u$2.5 billion from our coffers ,and left our children with this astronomic debts of u$800M.A world record for which Michel is still aweaiting for his gold- platted medal.

Michel "judge me by my actions"has failed us,his actions to date have all be criminal,ofr which he now has to face the nemesis.

Your crimes Michel are not picadelloes but serious crimes which deserve capital sentence,sooner tzhan latter you will have to bare the punishment.

Keep the pressure on Sppf Sir.You wil have all our support until we screw Sppf ass and bring them to account.


Anonymous said...

Zot in vin parey en bann vre idyo ek sa zafer rasin ek laraz lo arab. Nou lopozisyon en nespes gro moutouk ki zis la pou ouver labous tan an tan e bann Gill nenk pe koz e pake enbesilite san okenn zaksyon.

Foutou, si ketsos y telman move be al komans en parti. Depi lannen passe Gill pe dir ki y pou komans en parti be ziska ozordi person pan war okenn parti. Lannen passe zot ti pe dir ki zot pou fer en zournal nouvo. Be oli?

Mon kwar nou pou war tousala zour rasin a pouse da zot troufes apre ler lanis in byen desire la parti, zournal etc as sorti ladan.

Mwan mon fatige ek zot pake kouyonad e zot pake sovazri. Mon ti annan en bon pe konfyans dan Chris Gill be maleresman tou sa la ti perdi ler y ti komans ek sa bann pake kouyonad Rasin etc. Mon sey eksplik li e don konsey ek pli bon lentansyon bed sa de, li ek son frer, nenk zot pe akiz dimoun tou kalite ketsos. Savedir dimoun ki pa dakord ek zot. Chris mem preske nepli annan lopinyon, son frer ki koz tou pou li. Be ki manyer y pou fer zour(si) y vin prezidan?

Selman sa kin fer mwan pli dezole se sa ki mon war ki sa bann napa abilite pou ganny koze kouyon. Wa koz kouyon en SPPF/PL ya sey fer tou manyer pou fer ou vin son kote. Koz kouyon en Lopozisyon oubyen bann Gill, manman sa zafer zot pou fer pa demande.

Sanmem sa ni en ni lot pou zanmen vin prezidan. Ni 2011, ni 2016,Zanmen! Montre mwan en pe zaksyon ketfwa mwa reganny sa konfyans kin perdi.

Prezan travay

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Mr X

Kindly accept my apologies for writting my reply in English. I am a real Seychellois Rasin (nb Seyco not NYS) without the ability to write Creole, but can read it ok.

I note your insults towards the Gill Bros, whilst in the same breath you accuse them of the same. I am not here to defend anyone, but I have observed the Gill Brothers debate and can only admire their professionalism and patriotic convictions.

On the other hand, I must say you do try your best Mr X to keep up a dignified debate. Unfortunately, you show your true colours when the truth hits home. You end up with your character assasinations. Do not lash out and do not attack the individuals - keep your cool.

In my experience, it is only the weak, uneducated, unprofessional types that resort to swearing, character assasination and similiar tactics to express themselves when they find themselves in a corner and cannot accept facts ! Surely, you don't belong to that category !


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If there is one person promoting democracy in this land and fighting for his peoples' rights,that's nobody than Mr Gill.This gentleman has done by himself what any opposotions have failed to do so far.

He was the whistleblower when SPPF embezzled our billion and now Arabs shiting in our rivers and raping our virgin mountains.

In fact SPPF would like to get Mr Gill to hold his tongue so that they can continue with their wicked practices.But this guy is so bolt that SPPF can't afford to take such risks.


A concern Citizen.

Anonymous said...

If there is one person who is promoting democracy in this land is Mr Gill.
This guy is fighting on all front to inform its constiuency of Sppf secrets and illegal deeds.

He was the whistleblower who alarmed us of the missing BILION from our coffers,and now arabs shiting in our rivers.

this is what we call a real Patriot,it is country and its people before self.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X;

You are devoid and bankrupt of any ideas, so you sling insults.

Insofar as starting a new party, we Rasin-ists have no intention of dividing the opposition except if necessary as a very last resort. You PP Collaborators would like nothing else more than a divided opposition.

However, if when when the time is right, and if the SNP does not adopt Rasin-ism we will do what we have to do. So you Collaborators will not dictate what we do and how we do it. We Rasin-ists and not you Collaborators will decide our agenda.

Additionally it has been my honor to contribute to Rasin-ism and assist my brother Christopher in his endeavors and will continue to do so and consistent with my late father's banner "Seychelles Pour Seychellois".

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Bolot & Anonymous:

My brother Christopher and I thank you for your words of encouragement. We not only appreciate them but are propelled forward by them. We both know as Rasin-ism takes root in Seselwa Rasin political discourse and psychology the PP Collaborators like Patrick X will get increasingly desperate and violent.

We are beginning to see that kind of reaction from the PP Collaborators as we predicted. They will not stop here and they will not stop us. Since we expected this reaction and we are prepared from the PP Collaborators.

We Rasin-ists take insults from Collaborators as badges of honor. The more they insult us the more effective we are in taking them out from power and bringing them to justice.

Now you must self-politicize about Rasin-ism. We will soon have a Rasin-ist Creed. You can use that to educate yourselves about Rasin-ists principles. Then pass it on to three others who should do the same thing. It is in this way each Rasin will own and defend Rasin-ism. This self-politicizing and self-organizing is what send chills of fear down the PP Collaborators' spines. We must make their worst fears come true. That is our Rasin-ist mission - it is time for the PP Collaborators to go and go NOW.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

Ou ek ban Kolaborater PP napa oken bon lide Misye X. Por sa rezon zis ou capab envoy ensilt personel ki pa repon ban kestyon tre enportan pou nou pei. Sa ban kestyon y enkli polysy Kolaborater PP ki pe ven nou pei avek Arab parey Khalifa e ban Fabrike, parey Ramados, avec ki ou, ban Kolaborater, in ven paspor pou zot prezan dir sa ban Fabrike y anan too ban dwa citwayen Seselwa.

Nou Seselwa Rasin, vre Seselwa, ki ti Selwa ler nou pei ti vin independen avec zot zerite, y rezet sa polycy van nou pei, sa polycy capon. Nou pe dir ou in ler pou kancel sa ban pasport Fabrike ki oun van. In ler pou fer Sesel vreman pou Seselwa e selman pou Seselwa Rasin.

Ou dir mon frer Topher y bezoin comens en parti. Me mon dir ou pa ou ki pou dir nou ki no pou fer e kan nou pou fer li. Nou program se premyerman pou fer sir ki nou pren tou zefor pou kit opozisyon intak espesalmen si SNP y adopte nou program Rasin-ist.

Si SNP y pa adopte nou program dan en fason avek ki nou saatisfye, la nou mem ki a fer decizyon lo fer en nuvo parti.

Ou pe insulte nou acoz ou konen sa ki nou princip Rasin-ist y pou tir ou ban Kolaborater en pouvwar. Nou Rasin-ist pou fer sa dan en fason kot sac individi ya va apren ki sisa Rasin-ism. Aprez sa nwa va fer trwa lot Rasin konen ki sisa Rasin-ism. Apre sa, ler letan y pare, nou ava tir ou Kolaborater kamen avec en vre revolusyon. Dan sa fason nou Seselwa Rasin ya va repren nou pei avec ou ban Kolaborater PP ek ou ban dalon Fabrike avec ki oun van passport e ki don ou ban goos.

E dan sa zefor, nou pa pou bezwen zoure ou ensilte dimoun personelmen - zis nou pou fer li.

Anonymous said...

Be ki kalite zot pe promote ler zot oule tou dimoun y fer parey zot? Pa demokrasi sa bannla, diktatir sa.

Komans respekte lopinyon kanmarad apre zot a dir zot pe promot demokrasi.

Mon pa dir tou lide PL y bon, ni ki tou y move. E a zot par zot annan bon lide e ossi byen move lide. Dir mwan aprezan ki diferans y annan antre zot?

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Tou dimoun ki anan bon lide y kapab exprim sa isi san auken limitasyon. Me a mem tan si ou pe met move lide devan nou, nou enan dwa dir sa ki ou lide y mal. Si ou anan bon lide met devan nou. Nou nwa va ealye e fer nou decizyon si y bon ouswa pa bon. Ban Kolaborater PP y per sa fason lib e ouvert, parske dan en system lib nou pou montre ki zot lide y fo ler y fo. Sa se en part enportan dan en demokraci e nou volonte pou particip dan sa system over y en gran diferens ent Rasin-ist ek ban Kolaborater PP.

Ler ban Kolaborater PP nanpa bon lide, nou ban Rasin-ist y dir sa dan en fason ouver e plen e nou met nou lide devan. Akoz zot dir sa proced y diktater? Kimenyer sa y kapab dikater? Diktater se ler ou enpense en dimoun dir ki y oule dir, ouswa ler ou enpense Seselwa Rasin overt radyo lib, sa se diktater, e sa, se fason Kolaborter PP.

Sa ki kler se ban Kolaborater PP pa abitye diskit bienet nou pei dan en fason lib kot zot bezwen defen zot lide dan en forum lib. Ler zot bezwen defen zot lekor dan en forum lib zot zis kapab zoure e servi too sort kalite parol ki pa dwatet servi dan en diskisyon serye ki afekte nou bienet ek lavenir too Seselwa Rasin.

Ban Kolaborater y ofense akoz nou Rasin-ist nou kont zot zefor pou ven nou pei avec ban Fabrike. Sa se ban dimoun ki Kolaborater PP in ven zot passport, e a prezen, pe ausi ven zot nou pei, komen Ramados. Nou ban Rasin-ist noun dir zot frensman ki nou pei Sesel Pou Seselwa et tou ban etranze y bezoin suiv lalwa parey too le res Seselwa Rasin kamen zot, ban Kolaborater PP, pe gany goos avec sa ban etranzer.

Anonymous said...

Non Francis,

Pou ou ek ou frer bon lide sa bann ki parey pou zot. Lide ki zot pa dakord avek se lide kollaborater.

Bon alors. Mwan mon ti kwar ki Chris Gill limem ti pou fer asse dega ek son parti pou fer li perdi leleksyon be aprezan mon war son pli gran fot: Met en koman ou koman spokesman.

Selman vreman Bondye pa oule zot fer sikse dan politik.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

Nou lentensyon se pou fer Sesel Pou Seselwa, sa se nou premye lentensyon. Nou pa enterese dan politik selmen pou gany pouvwar parey ban Kolaborater PP. Si y neceser pou sacrifye Sesel Pou Seselwa pou gany pouvwar, nou powle li, plito nou napa et nwa continye lite pou Sesel Pou Seselwa.

Nou Rasin-ist pa dir ou en Kolaborater akoz ou pa dakor ek nou. Plizyer dimoun pan dakor avek nou et zamen nou Rasin-ist dir zot kolaborater. Nou dir ou en kolaborater acoz sa ki ou ete. Sa konklusyon y baz selmen lo ou lide siport ban dwa Fabrike devan dwa Seselwa Rasin. Ler en Rasin y swazy dwa Fabrike devan son prop pep Seselwa Rasin, sa y fer li en Kolaborater ki pe ven son pep Seselwa Rasin en kooperasyon avek Fabrike. Se sa ki en kolaborater et se sa pwen vu ki oun fini dir ou pe promote. Alor ou en Kolaborater.

Et osi, oun met plizyer lide devan nou, ki nou ban Rasin-ist in dakor avek. Dan sa ka, noun dir ou toud suit sa ki nou dakor ek ou. Nou pa dir ou lide y mal zis akoz ou ki pe dir. Nou dir y mal akoz, dan nou lopinyon, y mal pou lavenir Seselwa Rasin. Plizyer fwa noun dir ki ou lide y mal akoz ou pe promot ka Fabrike ek zot dwa devan Seselwa Rasin. Sa zamen nou pou dakor avec et ou kapab kont lo Rasin-ist pou toultan dir ou sa y mal.

Y pas important si ou dakor ki nou spoksman. Espesyalmen akoz ou napa oken loner personel. Kan ou ti admet oun manti lo kestyon met bulet dan latet Ramados akoz in aret pey ou goos, oun admit sa masonz, me oun refize deman pardon pou za mansonz ki oun admet, akoz ou kwar ki ou pli superyer et pli bon ki nou. Alor, pou sa ban rezon, ou akceptans lekel ki no spoksman y napa valer.

Pou nou enan bon diskisyon ki ya benfis Seselwa Rasin, premyermen nou tou nou bezwen enan loner personel et sincerite dan nou presentasyon kenmem nou pa dakor avek kamarad. Dan sa fason nou kapab enan desagremen san vin desagreab kont kamarad. Me san loner personel, nou pa kapab fye naryen ki ou pe dir, et dan sa fason, auken diskisyon sincer y posib et benefis diskisyon y boku diminye.

Fodre ki ou deman pardon pou ou mansonz et dan sa fason wa va reetabli ou sincerite and loner personel. Apes sa, nwa va ekout tous ou lopinyon avek lespri pli ouvert.

Anonymous said...

Why is nobody mentioning the fact that the Arabs are building within one of the few remaining breeding sites of the Seychelles White-Eye (Zosterops modestus), an endemic bird also considered one of the rarest birds in the world?

Anonymous said...

These arabs at la Misere should be ordered to leave our Land with immediate effect.
Those camels want to turn our lust and intact vegetation into a desert.


Leonard Francis Gill said...


Thank you very much for bringing the plight of the Seychelles White-Eye to our attention. We have not mentioned it, not out of negligence or lack of concern, but out of ignorance. We simply did not know that Khalifa is building in the Seychelles White-Eye nesting place.

If anyone else has any other information about the malfeasance of the PP Collaborators, this blog provides all individuals a venue to disclose it anonymously.

So again, we extend you our thanks for bringing this issue into the light of day.

Anonymous said...

WHo hell does those Arabs thin they are?they are acting over our rules-of-law as if they are in their own country and nobody can touch them.
Those camels have in a every short time raped our mountains and poluated our rivers.

Not enough,the turned to shit in our rivers.

For the fact that we never asked those camels to come to our country ,we are then calling of SPPF to take their responsibility by deporting these camels out of our country and as to ZAYED be declared PERSONA NON GRATA on opur shores.

arabs go home camels.sesel pou seselwa donkeys.

Anonymous said...

There's an arab saying,
If the camel gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow.

look at the skyscraper at the extracking station,

And imagine thats just the nose.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Certainly Khalifa has shown himself not to be a good guest. Then, after imposing on our hospitality, he offered us money with no apology for his misdeeds or mistakes. This is not the mark of a true friend. Adding insult to injury he then says, through his Collaborator employee Michel, that if we do not accept his insults to our national sovereignty and dignity he will not pay the money he offered. These are not actions Khalifa would take in any country or against any people for whom he has any respect at all. He would not tolerate this kind of conduct in his own country yet he expects us to tolerate it in ours.

So, I certainly understand the rage we all feel at the PP Collaborators having once more sold out and betrayed Seselwa Rasin interests to foreigners like Khalifa. But we must be careful not to condemn all Arabs for what Khalifa has done and is continuing to do. We must be careful to condemn the conduct and not to condemn an entire people in expressing our anger against the conduct of one man. We must also be ready and willing to accept a genuine apology and, and where no criminal conduct has occurred, accept compensation for damages to restore any relationship to a normal footing. So even if we have been deeply injured, we must extend the same courtesy to Khalifa. So if Khalifa extends an apology to us Seselwa Rasin and pays full compensation for the damages his reckless conduct has caused we must have an open heart to accept it and restore our relationship with him. If he does not we must press our case against him and his conduct.

We must keep in mind that there are many Arabs who have been good guests and investors in our country. And there are many Arabs who would sympathize with us and find that our cause is just.

We Rasin-ist must always maintain a just and proper attitude and just and proper intentions. We must do what we need to do to protect Seselwa Rasin interests and do it to the maximum extent of our abilities. But we must never be vindictive or unjust to anyone or any group that is not necessary to protect Seselwa Rasin intersts. This is the balance that we Seselwa Rasin-ists must strike to make Sesel Pou Seselwa and to make Seychelles a place we Rasin will all be proud to leave to our children and grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

The only way to put a stop to this abomination is to whistle in the ears of International Media about the scandalous happenings in our beloved SEZ. Once upon a time I was proud to call myself a Seychellois. Not so now.The incompetence of the current government is so obvious that it's an embarrassment in itself.UGH!

I happen to know Arabs and their mentality pretty well. So I'm not surprised by what is happening in SEZ at the moment. All that I can say is Seychelles beware.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you guys create a facebook group to raise awareness about the situation at La Misere? There are a lot of people out there who love Seychelles and who would not be happy to learn that our environment is being destroyed for the sake of few dollars.

Anonymous said...

ARABS have become rightfully the target of criticism since they raped our mountains and shit in our rivers but if Arabs are on our shores their is one man to blame namely Michel the conspirator who illegally released those pests in our forests.

Anonymous said...

Hey, money talks! Who to. Who is getting it?
We are living in the real world, not utopia!
Whoever has the money rules! We are only fooling ourselves into thinking anything different.
Sesel pou Seselwa, come on!
Who do you think is ruling USA?
We have been warned, repent and be saved!!

Anonymous said...

its not the arabs, anymore than it is the chinese or the south africans or the indians.

its about abuse of power by those who have it and those are the seychellois.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Anonymous:

Your suggestion to start a Facebook page to publicize the environmental aspects of the Khalifa Scandal is a good one.

When you start the Facebook page, please notify me at so I can join the effort.

Also, I previously suggested that someone do a skit based on Shan's manuscripts and post them on U-tube, and inform us of the fact. I realize that many would do so except for the potential retaliation which would result from the PP Collaborators. So, you can cover your faces with masks designed to look like the central characters. In that way you can remain an effective Rasin-ist cadre in promoting the Rasin-ist message.

Anonymous said...

It seems that given the performance of the Party LePep in light of the Sheikh issue. it proves that Sesel will always be for Seselwa and Parti Lepep pou Arab. Hence the reaction of Michel and his antourage

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