Friday, December 4, 2009

Lawsuit Against Seychelles - More Blunders of James Michel and His Government

James Michel and his Le Pep Government brought in the Irish to supposedly "build confidence" in our Seychelles Police Force.  At the cost of millions of rupees to our tax payers, we now have Irish men in charge of the Police, the Drug Squad (NDEA) and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).  

Then Michel brought in dozens of Australians to run our Tax Department as we Seychellois cannot count let alone add up (remember the US$2.4 billion that simply disappeared) and last I heard, Albert Rene, Mukesh Valabhji, Glenny Savy, Francis Changleng, David and Francis Savy, Dolor Ernesta, Gregoire Payet and many others are truly enjoying their retirement (others will soon retire).  No need to worry about SMB being investigated, let alone COSPROH and all the hotel and land deals. After all, who would dare question the integrity of these wise old architects of the Nation?  Let alone investigate and arrest them?

Then a Chief Justice from Uganda appeared when a Seychellois (Bernadin Renaud) was already doing a great job.  Judiciary still in shambles with a totally incompetent Attorney General called Govinden who is still fresh from law school!

Then the Chinese was invited to build our National Assembly, and soon the new Judiciary Building will come up.  Thank you Mr. Michel and Mr. Jintao.

This week, Michel was off to Cuba to get us a few doctors for our hospitals and clinics. Where are the Seychellois doctors one may ask?  "Gone overseas to run away from Le Pep politics and to earn a decent living", one may reply!

Then the Somali pirates came in and now we have Americans, Indians, Greek, NATO, French, Spanish, British and other nationalities guarding our seas.  Michel and Rene (both Commanders-in-Chief), where are all the billions of rupees spent on our Armed Forces? Or were they too busy building apartments and importing personal goods with the people's money and watching over you while you sleep every night?

Then the French was brought in to run the Public Utilities Company (PUC). The Seychellois managers and of course Mukesh Valabhji (ex-Chairman) did such a great job that the French had to come in to tell us that we need to invest in new generators and to close down the much touted desalination plants!  Genius idea, n'est ce pas? Well, watch this space for the HUGE increase in water and electricity rates in January 2010, rates that Minister of Finance Danny Faure could not mention in his recent budget speech.  Of course, our professional French foreigners from SUEZ (not to be confused with Suez Canal) who are on contract do not pay their own utility bills let alone pay rent.  WE (SEYCHELLOIS PEOPLE) PAY FOR THEM!

It should be quite clear by now that Michel has no trust whatsoever in his own Seychellois brothers and sisters.  It is clear that he does not believe that we Seychellois are good enough for anything.  

Meanwhile, the Police and the FIU are ruining the reputation of the Seychelles Offshore business and the Police Department is in total disarray.  The NDEA has made no significant arrest of "Escobars" and hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine are available on all street corners of the country.  And any idiot can come in to run PUC and ask for millions to invest in infrastructure.  And I simply cannot believe that we cannot put Seychellois at the helm of the Tax Department!

This proves once again that James Michel and his Le Pep Government are as incompetent as the Irish men they have brought to Seychelles to supposedly "build confidence" on behalf of the people.  "Judge me by my actions" President meanwhile spends most of his time travelling overseas in First Class for pleasure and attending Formula One races with his new found Arab friends.  Of course, he has just sold them huge tracts of land for one rupee!  Meanwhile, his Ministers all have gun-toting bodyguards at night while the normal Seychellois bunkers down every night and locks their doors and sets their burglar alarms (for those who can afford one) by six o'clock.  Not one Police patrol do we see, but change of guards every 12 hours at the Ministers and girlfriends' houses!

Meanwhile, the Irish, Australians and all other foreign nationalities cannot believe their luck (maybe it is the green Irish clover luck) and continue to fill up their bank accounts with salaries and perks that are sometimes fifty (yes 50) or more times the average wage of a Seychellois worker.

Ale Sesel.  Ale James Michel. Ale Parti Le Pep.  Continue to turn us into second-class citizens in our own country.  Meanwhile, we will continue to judge you by your actions!


Complaint Charges that Government Illegally Seized $8.5 Million from
Solar Energy Company With Help From Barclays Bank and Three Irish

NEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2009 -- Dr. George Xiao today filed a lawsuit
in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New
York seeking to recover $8.5 million that he alleges the Republic of
Seychelles illegally seized from his solar energy company in 2008. The
complaint also seeks over $30 million in consequential damages. The
Seychelles Government has offered no credible explanation or formal
justification for its seizure of the assets deposited in the Barclays
Bank branch in Seychelles and refuses to return the money.

As set forth in the complaint, Seychelles embarked upon a course of
action wherein it seized the funds without cause and only afterwards
sought to "work backwards" and create a viable justification for the
seizure. However, no justification exists. In the past year the
Government of Seychelles has seized more than 100 bank accounts held by
foreign individuals and companies.

Seychelles has been in an acute financial crisis since 2008. The
International Monetary Fund has had to step in to save the country from
the brink of disaster. Seychelles is also trying to renegotiate its
foreign debt, and its foreign exchange reserves are depleted. Adding to
its other financial woes Seychelles has recently been tied to the $10
billion Kazakh Bank scandal.

"Our complaint alleges that the Seychelles government is so desperate
for money that it has resorted to what amounts to financial piracy,
preying on unsuspecting foreign businesses and individuals," said Craig
Weiner, an attorney at Hofheimer Gartlir & Gross, LLP, which represents
Dr. Xiao and his company. "Seychelles is using unfounded and unproven
allegations of fraud and money laundering as a pretext to seize the bank
accounts of non-citizens with no legal or logical justification," Weiner
added, summarizing the allegations made in the complaint.

"Seychelles positions itself as an offshore financial center in order to
lure unsuspecting businesses and then misappropriate their funds,"
Weiner added, describing the complaint. "Even the U.S. State Department
has warned that Seychelles officials often engage in corruption with
impunity. If you are thinking of doing business in Seychelles, beware,"
Weiner added.

The complaint also alleges that the Seychelles Financial Intelligence
Unit (FIU) has subcontracted its operations to three Irish nationals,
Barry Galvin, Liam Hogan, and Declan Barber, each of whom is named
individually as a defendant. According to the complaint, Galvin and
Hogan are former members of the Irish national police force and secret
police. According to the complaint, these rogue subcontractors have no
background in banking or financial matters and reportedly receive
substantial commissions based on the amount of funds they seize.

The complaint further alleges that Hogan and Barber have committed
perjury and have brazenly and routinely ignored court orders. "Anyone
who has been convicted of a crime in Ireland on the strength of their
testimony should consider petitioning the court for a new trial," Weiner

In December 2008, Dr. Xiao sought to establish a bank account for his
company at Barclays Bank in Seychelles in order to receive wire
transfers from a client in Asia. According to the complaint filed today,
Barclays repeatedly delayed opening the account and failed to provide
the necessary account documents and information. It turned out that at
the same time, Barclays was working with the FIU to plan the seizure of
the funds.

When the account was finally opened, Barclays and Seychelles officials
immediately seized the assets. Neither Barclays nor the FIU has ever
provided Dr. Xiao with a copy of FIU's formal justification for seizing
the company's assets. The complaint also alleges that Barclays and
Seychelles officials in 2009 engaged in a fraudulent scheme to seize
additional deposits made by Dr. Xiao's company.

An article in a local Seychelles newspaper severely criticized both
Barclays and the Seychelles government for what it called "incompetence,
a lack of understanding of normal banking procedures and protocol, and
extreme arrogance and impunity in the application of the law." 

Source: PRNewswire


Seychelles & Barclays Called Financial Pirates
By DAN MCCUE     (CN) - The owner of a solar energy company says Barclays Bank and the African Republic of Seychelles are conspiring to "commandeer the world's financial system." Along the way, they plundered his corporate bank account, illegally seizing $8.5 million from it, LXE Solar claims in Manhattan Federal Court.
     Jie (George) Xiao, founder of LXE Solar, says he set up a bank account in Seychelles, an archipelago nation of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, merely to receive wire transfers from a client in Asia.
     He said Seychelles' Financial Intelligence Unit seized his money in December 2008, and has offered no credible explanation for it.
     Instead, Jie says, Seychelles tried to "work backwards" and create a justification for the money-grab, with assistance from Barclays and three Irish expatriates - co-defendants Laim Hogan, Barry Galvin and Declan Barber - whom he calls "mercenaries" who were "all too eager to disregard due process, engage in perjury and to run amuck with little or no conscience" to fulfill their employer's "lust of booty."
     Jie wants his $8.5 million returned an additional $30 million in damages for fraud, conspiracy and 24 other charges.
     Jie says the Seychelles began seizing the assets of foreign people and companies in 2008, after it was hit by the global economic crisis.
     He says the International Monetary Fund has had to step in to save the republic from the "brink of disaster," that its foreign exchange reserves have been depleted, and that it is trying to renegotiate its foreign debt.
     "Our complaint alleges that the Seychelles government is so desperate for money that it has resorted to what amounts to financial piracy, preying on unsuspecting foreign businesses and individuals," Jie's attorney Craig Weiner said in a written statement.
     Weiner, with Hofheimer Gartlir & Gross, added, "Seychelles, which has positioned itself as an offshore financial center, is using unfounded and unproven allegations of fraud and money laundering as a pretext to seize the bank accounts of non-citizens with no legal or logical justification."
     The complaint describes Galvin and Hogan as former members of the Irish national police force and secret police, who have no background in the banking or financial industries, but receive substantial commissions based on the money they seize.
     It claims that Barclays repeatedly delayed opening his account, because it was working with the Financial Investigation Unit to seize the money he would put in it.
     He says the $8.5 million was seized the day the bank finally opened the account.
     Jie claims the Seychelles government worked with, or manipulated its Supreme Court to "finalize" its actions.


By Dearbhail McDonald Legal Editor

Thursday December 03 2009

Garda luminaries recruited to curb Seychelles crime

THE FORMER chief legal officer of the Criminal Assets Bureau and two former high-ranking gardai are being sued in a €25.6m legal action in the US.

The case centres on their alleged role in the freezing of the assets of a US scientist by the government of the tiny African republic of Seychelles.

The case, which was lodged in New York earlier this week, has cast light on the role of gardai appointed by the Republic of Seychelles to combat corruption and money laundering in the tiny offshore financial centre off the east coast of Africa.

Cork solicitor Barry Galvin, who was appointed by the Seychelles government to conduct a review of its criminal justice system, has been cited in the civil action by an American citizen who claims that the Republic of Seychelles illegally froze €5.65m deposited in the Seychelles branch of Barclays Bank from his solar energy company last year.

Recently retired gardai Liam Hogan and Declan Barber are also being personally sued by scientist Dr George Xiao over the disputed asset freeze action by the Seychelles government.

It is alleged that the three men worked as sub-contractors for the Seychelles government's Financial Intelligence Unit which froze Dr Xiao's account with Barclays.

Earlier this year, four former Irish police officers including Mr Hogan were appointed by Seychelles President James Michel to support the island's acting commissioner of police to "build public confidence in the Seychelles Police Force".

Mr Hogan, a former garda superintendent, is an intelligence expert and deputy director of the Seychelles Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) which has CAB-style powers to freeze and seize assets.

Mr Barber, the Seychelles honorary consul in Ireland who is described in court pleadings as the director of the FIU, is also cited in the action as one of the "Irish sub-contractors". A 99-page complaint, filed in the US District Court Southern District of New York and obtained by the Irish Independent, claims that the Seychelles government sub-contracted its FIU operations to Mr Galvin, Mr Barber and Mr Hogan.

Last night, Dr Xiao's lawyer, Craig Weiner, said his client's funds were seized without any "viable justification". Mr Weiner said that the transaction that triggered the Xiao/FIU investigation was perfectly legitimate.

Mr Galvin, who last night told the Irish Independent that he had yet to receive notice of the New York action, travels to the Republic of Seychelles on a regular basis in his capacity as a private consultant to its government.

Mr Hogan is currently in the Seychelles and Mr Barber did not return calls by the Irish Independent.

"LIKE the Seychelles, the Irish policing service has evolved from a colonial legacy and has successfully developed into a credible and highly respected force that is supported by all sections of the community."

This was the statement last February that trumpeted the appointment of four former high-ranking gardai by the Republic of Seychelles to boost confidence in its police force.

Among the appointees were Michael Fitzgerald, the country's new deputy commissioner; and Liam Quinn, its new chief superintendent and director of operations and training.

But it the acquisition of Barry Galvin, the former chief legal officer of the Criminal Assets Bureau, was the major coup. Mr Galvin has been appointed to reform the country's criminal justice system.

Recent laws introduced by the Seychelles are based on the proceeds of crime legislation introduced by the Irish Government in the wake of the murder of Veronica Guerin.


Anonymous said...

I believe this article says it all about the state of our country. James Michel has simply sold us (the Seychellois people) out and as a person who has voted twice for SPPF, let me say that I have been watching the politics over the past 3 to 4 years and I have seen the light. Better late than never, and I am not alone. My friends some SPPF and some SNP have been discussing the situation in the country and we believe it is going from bad to worse.

I have nothing personal against foreign workers and in fact I believe we need more overseas workers to fill posts that Seychellois do not want (such as gardeners, maids, hotel workers and so forth). I work in the toursim industry myself and I know that there is a lack of workers at most hotels.

But 32 years after the so-called revolution and coup detat of Albert Rene and James Michel, how can we sit still while all the good management posts are being filled by foreigners? Are we that naive, stupid or plain lazy? Or is it that our people are not getting the opportunities because this Government wants YES-MEN to be at their beck and call? Today, not one of the 5-star hotels can boast a Seychellois General Manager! Seriously, it is time to get rid of SPPF and all their hypocrisy. James Michel even has a PR person at State House who is not a Seychellois. I think she is from Serbia/Yugoslavia.

In summary, Michel has sold us out as he does not want any smarter Seychellois to fill key posts in the country. "Stupid is as stupid does" (Forrest Gump)! As for me, I am going to do like Forrest and run like HELL when SPPF people come to my house before the next election. Never again will I vote for this party as they have let all of us Seychellois and SEychelles down.

PS. I like this blog and all my friends are starting to read it. I keep passing the website on to as many people as I can. It is important to get the message out.

Anonymous said...

James Michel and his Government have been thieves since 1977. Albert Rene, Chang Leng and Mukesh are rich today because they stole. This story reminds me of when they stole the Plantation Club hotel from the Davison family a couple of years ago. Corrupt judges in a corrupt system so that the ARabs, or Irish or whoever else wants to take over. Michel is a total disgrace and I am ashamed that he is our country's president. But he may be president but I did not vote for him. If they put a Zako on the ballot box when they have the next election I will vote for teh Zako. Because I think a monkey can do a better job by doing nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

With an official lawsuit filed it can be difficult to hide any monkey business that has been going on. My guess is that those behind it will sooner or later release the 'frozen' funds as the PL put it in order to save face.

Naturally they blamed the fact that they had to follow international laws they had comitted themselves to, but I didn't see any such comittments when France Albert Rene was doing his share of monket business with the country's funds.

At least the governemtn has not ignored the allegations the way they do with internal affairs that are an embarrassment. But a tool they do have is to drag it on and the fact that they are in the safe haven of home far away from the court where the case is going to take place.

What makes me wonder however is how much our Irish friends are getting from it all and how much their superiors are poceting if the allegations are indeed true.

But those of you who would rather vote for a monkey in the next election I'd like to suggest voting for the closest alternative: Ramkalawan. I can garuantee you that his actions will be of the same calibre as of a sitting monkey. After all he did say that he'd go planting bananas if he lost the last election, but so far bananas are still being imported and sold at SMB at exorbitant prices.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

If the opposition is seriously considering to get rid of the PL, my only suggestion to them is to form a united opposition. A United Opposition (UO)will stand a better chance of winning not the next election but any other future elections in that matter.

The new UO, must include fresh, young, dedicated, honest, upcoming, buzzing & proactive politicians of both gender. As well as experiance members passing on their full mentoring support to these young ones. They should be given maximum exposure at the forefront of Seychelles polictics.

I would totally agreed with Patrick X & Vox Dei, that SNP has turned into a useless bunch of politicans. To be honest, they're no difference to PL. They still have Wavel at the helm eventhough after losing several elections. Don't we think that a change in SNP leadership is well overdue??
Besides, he would still be receiving most his perks & retirement gratuity as being LOP. Otherwise, it's turning into a Dictatorship scenario & it's the same party blaming PL acting as Dictators.

In my oponion, I believe that Political Elitism especially in the SNP camp has led to the oppositon always ceading to PL in every elections.

Over to you bloggers....


Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

We all know that there is alot of corruption and there are many things which are wrong with the PP Government.Therefore, I agree with some comments by fellow bloggers.

I refer to the issue of transition within the OP mentioned above.

Seychelles has produced many capable and intelligent individuals who have the potential to change the direction of history in our country. They will continue to produce such people. Some are in Seychelles and some have left our country.

We need these people. We need new blood, direction and commitment. IF we can't unite, we are divided. If we are divided, the PP becomes stronger. This is common sense.

I support the OP, but it's sad to say and unfortunate, but if something doesn't work, you have to fix it. It doesn't take a genius to see that. But it takes acceptence and a greater purpose to realise that when your time is up, it's up.

Unless those within the OP fix the current situation.

Can they? Can we?



Anonymous said...

I think that it is necessary to remind everybody that we had a unified opposition just before the 2006 election and up to end 2007. We all know what happened and nobody except for some of the SNP Leaders know the reasons behind the break up of the alliance.

Of course WE all realise that only a united opposition can defeat the SPPF/PL but does our Opposition Leaders know that and if they know why are they not doing anything about it.

This week i learnt that the SNP has mandated Marc Hoareau to tell Ralph Volcere that they are prepared to give DP back its seat in the Nat Assembly. Volcere tells me that he has asked that this be put in writing- i suppose that since the SNP on the break up of the alliance said that since there was no written agreement then this justifies their action of removing the DP MNA. My question is why go through intermediaries, why can't Ramkalawan phone/talk to Volcere. To give the devil his due, the DPs deserved their seat in the Assembly, WE ALL know that this was the deal then. I guess that there is no honour amogst thieves.

I have always voted Parti Seselwa/UO/SNP, unlike Patrick i cannot put an X next to the SPPF box. But that does not mean i do not see that there are some things which are seriously wrong with SNP.

Bottom line is, we cannot keep backing/betting on a losing horse. I hope that come next electoral defeat Ramkalawan will do the right thing by the SNP and Seychelles and in the spirit of democracy which he says he believes in, that he resigns and someone else takes over and hopefully that person will unify the Opposition. No one is indispensable, if Albert Rene who won his elections has given up power, why can't Wavel Ramkalawan.

Vox Dei

Anonymous said...

I reply to Vox Dei-

Vox, you are a very sharp intelligent person.

Allow me to clear up one minor error of analysis in your last comment, with all due respect.

The SNP never mandated Marc Hoeareau to do anything on their behalf. I am sure of this, I place my right hand on the chopping block on it.

It would be nice if Volcere, and Ramkalawan could solve their problems by picking up the phone.

We are not there yet.

I hope we can be there at some point.

In any case, as I said before any united front will have to be put to paper and signed with damages as consequence for any non performance. Simple.

We must keep pushing and keep them honest to the cause of change for a better Seychelles.

In the meantime, keep the light burning, because it is that, which will strengthen democratic fundamentals in the Opposition camp, and it is strong democratic fundamentals in opposition, that will beat P.P.

Have a good weekend!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

JJ Spirit is doing what it likes with the Opposition.

You people are just frustrated with yourselves.

SNP should field its own candidates.

DP or whatever it calls itself should field its own candidates.

Get serious about politics.

Afterall SNP is a bunch of SPPF rejects, so I don't see why you DP and Vox would be surprised if they broke the Alliance for any reason with you.

You should have expected that. They will break the next one as well, in cse you are wondering.

Seselwa Plus

Anonymous said...

Hi Eveyone,

I refere to S. Plus, who has his/her opinion, which is respected.

However, some advice.

Please, if possible, will he/she try to look beyond the indoctrination and lies that have been fed over the years.

I am assuming that S. Plus is mature and free of thought- so please use the smallest common sense and morality.

There is frustration in his/her mail as well.

Are you afraid of a United Op?
Sounds like it.

JJ Spirit is just the mouth piece of the PP with the backing of the Seychellois people's money- stolen of course from us and from people like S. Plus. Or if you would prefere, JJ Spirit is nothing more than a transformed version of the Young Pionneers/NYS. Same principle, same idiot in charge or pretending to be in charge.

So please, you got the bit about frustration right, but your comments sound very familiar. Very red.

This is my oppinion.



Anonymous said...

A NEW UNITED OPPOSITION PARTY is the only solution, you can blog all you like but it wont change anything until this happens first. Ramkalawan has had his chance and failed, its is time for new blood. Give Ralph Volcere his due he is not afraid of Parti LP and should be included in any new opposition party as he shoots from the hip!

Anonymous said...

Ralph Volcere shoots from the hips? He's too busy pouting to do any shooting, like a big baby he is. When Volcere became leader of the DP he made a booming speech about making the DP a serious party ble bla bla, but so far nobody has seen any of it, let alone heard a word from the DP. Right now they are just as dormant as SNP. They may unite in their lack of activity, but that's about it.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Just like Mr President and his Parti le Pep, all BLAH, BLAH , and more BLAH, they only talk propaganda and lies, at least Volcere had the nerve to compare the current wage increase for government workers 4% to the increases SPPF and SNP MNA's voted for themselves 60%. Where was SNP this week, wining and dining a bloody Liberal conference of which will make no difference to the working class of Seychelles. Also Patrick X, maybe you know why Mr President has to have the head of the Army, Police, VP and Mr Savy greet him at the airport EVERYTIME he arrives, is it to show to the public that WE are the people that are running the country and always will?

Anonymous said...

As said before, SNP & PL are the same matyerial, only difference is their coating. Volcere had his every right to criticize the salary increases of the government officials compared to that of the people. Funny isn't it that the salary increases were proportional to the coming devaluation?

But tell me, did Volcere also get an increase or did he keep his original salary? After all didn't all MNAs get a juicy increase?

You ask where the SNP was this week and I suppose you're refering to their comment about the budget. Well, they're the same place as Volcere was when he also declined to comment the budget. Maybe they were too busy planning the united oppositions strategy to win the 2011 election?

As to why James Michel has to be greeted by those you mention I can only say that you'll have to write to State House for that one because I have no idea. Let's just say it's one of a prezident's priveleges and I'm sure Ramkalawan would do the same if he hadn't lost the last election. So would Volcere if he had participated and won.

Speaking of, has the DP any plans of participating in the coming election? I'm sure the SNP does. After all, one cannot have a chance of winning if one does not run for the prezidential post.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Quote Patrick X "Speaking of, has the DP any plans of participating in the coming election? I'm sure the SNP does. After all, one cannot have a chance of winning if one does not run for the prezidential post."

Not necessarily, they will participater without the intention of wining, after all Ramkalawan has gone on record saying he thanked God for not wining the election in 2006, why would 2010 be any different for him!

A.K said...

The problem as to why our country still has the same government for over 30 years is due to lack of education of majority of the voters. majority of SPPF voters are working class citizens who are uneducated in politics, economics, propaganda, finance. They do not have the slightest idea of what politics is, how a country is run, how funds are collected for the government, government budget, how the government manipulates actual information to feed the public, how they use politically correct words to soothe the public ears. i cannot believe how much has happened and is going on in our little country yet the outside world has not got a slight clue about the situation in our country. SPPF has been very good at hiding and suppressing all bad news from reaching the outside world.


Anonymous said...


Youa are of course spot-on about the SNP participating not to win, but to keep their seats and not least salaries, cars etc. I did however clearly state wether or not DP was thinking of participating. SNP has become like those church goers go attend mass not for the sake of praying, but for good old 'vey zaksyon'.

To you AK(hope you're not 47):
I wouldn't say I agree, but I would say that many PL(they are officially called that now) vote for the party as they have become part of the corrupt system and have got rather fat from it.

Just to give you an example, a blogger wrote some lines about corruption at Victoria morgue where the workers there forfeit the number of days deceased souls have been 'boxed' so they can pocket the cash paid by the relatives whilst the record clearly states 24 hours being the free of charge limit. Not a single person in the blog commented it, shocked any signs of disgust, shock or asked any questions whatsoever about it. Now what does that tell you? That people lack education or that they all have stained hands or fingertips?

When I think of all the corruption that has spread from the nucleus of our society to pretty much every cell that it consists of I begin to understand why Ramkalawan says he's happy he didn't win the election. What I don't understand from a political point of view is why he keeps on as LOP. From an economical point of view it is however very clear why he won't let go.

Now, do we all dislike Ramkalawan because his sole objective of stayiing in power is money or do we hate him because we want his place? And his priveleges.

What do you think? Why don't his own party fellows challenge him?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

good one! i just brought lots of some other new emo backgrounds 4 my blog

Anonymous said...

Its simply not healthy for any country to be ruled by the same party for more than two terms in office.

Anonymous said...

James Michel is an imbecile...

I remember shortly after the coup he was rewarded with the post of Minister for information...etc.. Doug Cedras interviewed him on SBC radio regarding the new Seychelles flag. That flag was just a copy of the SPUP emblem, minus the rising sun. The interview went something like this....

DG:Messier Minis, oli sa soleil lo nouvo pavillion?

JAM: Inn fini leve...inn ale..

DG:Inn leve?...mais kot inn ale..?

JAM:Arrrr oui Douglas...ou fer moi riye..

(some one please translate in english..)

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