Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Anonymous said...

Gappy has obviously blocked MSR to protect Michel.

For this he should resign.


Anonymous said...

Right, that is why he was appointed in this position to do just that,otherwise he would have been elected not finger picked by PP.

Gappy has hijacked the election commission as Pp has hijacked our liberties and freedom,it is all of the same,their objective is simple ,do anything imaginable to keep Pp artifically on power.
Pp cannot win elections under fair and free conditions,so it resorts to the menu of manipulation,intimidation,and refusal of new parties as a means to prolong its longevity.

Change will come about Pp ,if not buy election by protest.

Sesel pou Seslewa.

Jeanne D Arc

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

SBC has not covered this press release.

Neither has Nation.

But Nation covered Gappy's Press Release.

This clearly demonstrates a conspiracy with PL to block the certification of MSR.

There is no othe rexplanation to not cover an issue of high constitutional impact in the daily lives of all Seychellois.

Thank you SBC, thnak you Nation, you have given us another piece to the puzzle.


Anonymous said...

Michel za monkey is still continue to give our land to those Dezarter.Even our farm at Anse La Mouche PP avek za liki Michel are giving to Chinese our farm.He is speaking big mouth telling Seselwa be more involed in Agriculture,du wicsher wick dich Michel&PP.liki pou zal biento

Anonymous said...

One of the function of the media is suppose to serve as watchdog over and other powerful institution in the society by holding to a standard of independence and objectivity but in this country media has been hijacked and abused by a handful of communist crooks in order to propagate communist propaganda and nothing else.

That both SBC and Nation did not published this press release is absolutely understandable namely becuase communist control our institutions as if it was their private entities.For example,Onezime has unilaterally and illegalgy decided that he Onezime will not allow political coverage of opposition parties.How can we allow one single person to dictator of whether or not there must be coverage or not of political dabates? This prove to us once again how important it is to get those communists out of power as soon as possible and that through election or by mass protest like the Unisian has demonstatred shortyly.

Sesel Pou Seslewa!Vivwe MSR!

Jeanne DÂrc

Anonymous said...

Antoine Onezime is a disgrace for a Seychellois.

He should resign from SBC.

Failing that the reporters and journalists should resign.

Failing that the Public must apply due pressure on them all to resign and stop proping up a Communist sydicated broadcasting organization.


Anonymous said...


The watchdog of the nation is the opposition, not the media. The job of the media is to report, analyze and inform about the ongoings. Sadly enough the opposition watchdog is all bark and no bite as all its teeth have been pulled out.


Anonymous said...

..the most stupid comment ever is the opposition as the watchdog, not the media.... critically and seriously this person need some logic and brain get up to reality.. about the role of media in todays world.. it is an indication and instrument of help you the net and you will find out more about this .. i guess you are right that SBC is a good watchdog of J

Anonymous said...

Oh no, the guy is the cream of the crop of PL. He is a genious, the best they have out there.

The SBC is a watch - cat not a watch dog.


Anonymous said...

Guy/Girl 2 posts further up:

What is democratic about a media that cannot tolerate a different opinion than the one it has itself? And why is it up to Seychelles Nation to be the one promoting democracy when we have other forms of media all publishing in paper as well as online?

Your problem is that any opinion that is different from your own is non democratic. I thought the whole point of democracy was about being free to state one's own opinion and that is exactly what Nation is doing, stating its opinion the same way Regar is trying to state its opinion. So if Regar is pro SNP and Nation is pro PL, why is Nation less democratic than Regar or LNSW for that matter?

I look forward to your reply.

Anonymous said...

In response to the previous blogger who stated:

"Guy/Girl 2 posts further up:

What is democratic about a media that cannot tolerate a different opinion than the one it has itself? And why is it up to Seychelles Nation to be the one promoting democracy when we have other forms of media all publishing in paper as well as online?

Your problem is that any opinion that is different from your own is non democratic. I thought the whole point of democracy was about being free to state one's own opinion and that is exactly what Nation is doing, stating its opinion the same way Regar is trying to state its opinion. So if Regar is pro SNP and Nation is pro PL, why is Nation less democratic than Regar or LNSW for that matter?

I look forward to your reply."

I am a Seychelloise who worked in the Government media once and resigned after one year as they could not tolerate my views which were different to theirs.

What Regar or Weekly does to promote their own party is their business. However, what differentiates them from the Nation newspaper which has become more and more James Michel's daily newspaper as he is on the front page nearly every day, is that the Government is using the tax payers money to print Michel's propaganda or to make the Government look good on a daily basis. Regar and Weekly are private newspapers and funded by the shareholders of those papers. Nation is not. SBC is not. Thus, these institutions of supposed democracy belong to the people of Seychelles and must report accurately. They do not belong to Party lepep, or to James Michel who is becoming more and more like a dictator.

It is healthy to have different views. So please stop trying to put James Michel on a pedestal. The man is a disaster, has been a loser all his life, and will always be a loser. The Nation or SBC cannot make the man any better, nor can his teleprompter. Michel will always be a traitor to his country for his coup detat acts, and for being responsible fo rthe killing of his own son. No one will forgive him for those acts, except God. No one will forget or forgive the corruption of Rene, Michel, Mukesh, Savys, Changleng and others. Michel bankrupted our country and yet today, all the past and current SPPF ministers are millionaires. So tell the Nation to print their wealth or for SBC to have a program on these new Seychellois millionaires, and then I will believe in an unbiased state media.

Thank God there are blogs like this where one can vent one's frustrations. Or maybe you would prefer that I write to the Nation and be published? Or how about a call to Onezine to ask for some airtime?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nation and SBC are publically funded with tax payers money.

They ar eobligated to allow opposing views to enhance the democractic experience and add value to it.

The constitution requires divergent views at SBC.

Michel has not permitted it, because he will not be able to face opposing views after selling our patrimony.

The same reason MSR is not certified is the same reason SBC and Nation do not allow opposing views.

The idea of each camp having its own views is silly and primitive.

Views have to debated, challenged and argued.

The best ideas and views then prevail and all adopt it .

That is democracy, not this rubbish PL is peddling and SNP is propping to keep their fat cat salaries.


Anonymous said...

To Seychelloise ex Nation worker:

I totally agree with you on a lot of your points and no, Michel is no Saint, but far from being the devil like his master Rene.

A newspaper can and will never please everyone, that I'm sure you agree with me on. My point above was simply that the oppositin is no better than the PL when it comes to democracy. Ramkalawan has himself has censored many articles that are SNP critical so tell me which of our politicians are 100% democratic? As far as I see the only media(I consider it a media) in Seychelles that allows all opinions to be published without censorship is STAR and AKS.

Your attacks on me for asking my questions above however just prove my point 110% with regards to the opposition not being able to take criticism either.


Anonymous said...

..that stupid idiot could no even differentiate what is private and what is public....

SBC and Seychelles nation is public

Regar, Seychelles weekly are private and are rather oppositioned based...thats fine

People is SPP ..thats fine...

So stop the stupidity Nation and SBC need to do two things>

1. No not cover politics at all or
2. Cover all sides of the coin, not just J rubbish..

Anonymous said...

OK, so it's a case of "lalwa Sadaman" or "Do as I say, not as I do"? Komsi y ok pou Regar kraz grenn kanmarad, be person pa kapab kraz grenn SNP?


Anonymous said...


The issue is obligation to the Public as a State apparatus. Simple.

SBC Nation are state owned and financed.

They are responsible to the Public to insure a democratic free press culture evolves.

Regar, Weekly and People, are political papers that promote their party line. That is the fundamental difference.

Regar Weekly stand on their own. Nation and SBC even if they do not sell or people do not watch recieve government funding to survive.

Government funding is people's money from all parties.

A mandate to rule a\by any party is not a mandate to exclude others from the process.

This is a highly dangerous precedence.


Anonymous said...

Well ok, if you see it from that point of view then I guess you have a point, but how would the tune sound if Nation reports the following:

- Leader of opposition should resign after not being able to win an election all these years.

- Leader of opposition employs foreign labour rather than supporting locals

- Lack of democracy in the SNP which refuses to print party critical articles in Regar

- Opposition refuses to send representative to Seychelles Promotion Team

- Opposition refuses to participate in talks with IMF

Would that be democratic?

Anonymous said...

Yes some of your points would be fine if it follows the correct process and procedures. Nation cannot simply declare this. they need the facts. This is the point. Interview different people to get their views who said what, when and why.Its called transparency and accountability... instruments of democracy... as Gill mentioned sometime ago ... just because SNP or DP is opposition does not mean they are perfect and are democratic... the freedom to allow these intsruments to operate will do that...

Anonymous said...

It seems that LD having been a past journalist does not really know what is the difference between state funded media that needs to be INDEPENDENT as opposed to political party media that can have any slant or bias towards their own agenda. Herewith a short reply to your suggested topics -

- Leader of opposition should resign after not being able to win an election all these years.>>> This is a matter of personal opinion and does not concern the STATE funded media. Let People slug it out and Regar can come up with their defence!!!

- Leader of opposition employs foreign labour rather than supporting locals>>> Again that is a matter of a slug fest between the two opposing parties!! Does this concern the STATE?

- Lack of democracy in the SNP which refuses to print party critical articles in Regar>>> Who cares? They do it to their own demise. Is this news that will benefit the country?

- Opposition refuses to send representative to Seychelles Promotion Team>>> That's their problem. People & People plus can and have harped about it! In other words, NATION needs to remain above the fray. It is not their mandate to do mudslinging!!

- Opposition refuses to participate in talks with IMF>>> Do you think they are obliged to do it?

- James Michel hijacks state media for his own political gains... the audience is fed up of seeing the ubiquitous President on their TV screens every night.
-James Michel refuses to implement reforms suggested by observers
-Riley report has been buried and forgotten
- James Michel makes biggest gaff by saying that we do not need dams!!!
-Michel is selling our partimony to Arabs, Russians, South Africans..
Etc... etc... we can go on and on....

Anonymous said...

Michel is an old donkey who i wonder if he even understand what he preaches.Instead of wasting tax payers money each months to air Michel with his so called eN MOMAN AVEK PREZIDAN ,he could use this air time for something more serious like allowing candidates to debate or have a program such a "En moman avek La press" where journalists from Star,regar and others can put question to Michel about real political issues of graet concern to our people.

Sesel pou selwa!

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

One day will take all away from them and investigate in all the transaction Rene,Michel and there crooks did in the last 34 years with all our island and land.

Michel even you will be in the bed in hospital or in a wheelchiar one day you will face justice.

That's why PP do every think to manipulate Vote in every election to stay in Power.
Because those crooks know there will face justice one day.


Anonymous said...

I think you'll find that James Michel does follow suggestions given on these forums. In fact if you remember as far back some 8 years or so and read all the suggestions there, the same one the PL denied back then have been implemented now. ;-)

But seriously guys, Nation has improved a lot the last years. Before all the letters to the editor were all praising the government. Today a lot of them are directly critical and still get posted. Is that not democratic?

But yes, we're all sick of seeing James Michel's moustache on SBC, but coming to think of it, is Ramkalawan any prettier sight to have on TV? :-D

Anonymous said...

LD try this:

Leader of Opposition gives full exclusive interview to Nation.

Question him without preparing a word document for him to fill in the blanks or cross out questions as Glenny Savy is known to do.

There is nothing wrong with covering the position of each entity in a State press. In fact I would say it is compulsory on part of Nation.

The problem with Nation is that it is stuck in the One Party state, and the people have moved forward intellectually. That is why Nation relies on Government office subcriptions for readership.

Nation needs to open up to the country, not be available only to the government. Democracy hinges on that.

All views being expressed strengthen a country not weaken it.

When we baby our leaders along, they become weak intellectually and in resolve.

Seychelles is BANKRUPT, we hide it from our people, so they do not know they have to work long hours, and work hard and honestly to re build our country. Nation is guilty for that.

In MSR case, Nation covered a press release from Gappy not certify our party, but failed to cover our press release or interview me on a serious constitutional matter.

The closure is systematic.

For this Nation fails the Nation.

PLacing a few letters her eand there is not worthy of kudos. This is what Nation is financed to do and more in the first place.

Editors tow the line. Sacrifice the bwell being of the Nation for a salary and perks.

You have to live with that.

But we will all watch you and expose your sell out and making national interest inferior to salary and perks interest.


Anonymous said...


Reply to your comment. No one should use curse language towards you on this site. I defend your right to express yourself and point.

Regarding your comments on Ramkalawan- and Regar, unfortunately for us all, Ramkalawan and Regar are not a legitimate standard bearer of Free Press.

They have been cultured in the Rene Era and there self promotion efforts in their paper, without countervailing views ever expressed does a dis - service to the People of Seychelles, and they also give us a false view of what the Free Press is.

They stopped printing Weekly at one point because they did not like being questioned or subject to critic. Roger Mancienne told me that directly. I was speechless.

I could only implore him to consider the great words of Patrick Henry American Revolutionary that dies fighting the British -

" I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say what you want to my death".

Patrick Henry's words have been the paragon of true democracy for hundreds of years.

There is no half measure to democracy and free press. It applies to Nation, Regar, Weekly, and Star....even People, where communists lurk !

Regards, to Michel being not half as bad as Rene, ask Michel who was in charge of the assasinations under Rene's one party state.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Anonymous said...

SBC,Nation are biased and it is used by the regime as an attempt to control thinking which help to sustain control of the people and glorify the regime.
I think democracy fails under variety of conditions and one of the condition occurs when do not have the ability to get the kind of information they need to make up their mind-.

The dividing line between news and propaganda is usually blurred.A media that is controlled by dictator is and will never by free and fair it rather a tool that keeps the regime a life.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your suport and understanding. Unfortunately, getting "maltrete" is a side effect of being a politician, live on or online. A recently resigned minister said recently that she resigned due to getting enough of being insulted and maltrete for doing her job. Not that I think she did a particular good one, but nevertheless.

No, as I said Michel is no angel and your comments confirms that. The man was just a puppet as he still is. The only difference is that now "lanmor pe komans bat lo son laport" and he is trying to make right. His so-called opponent on the other hand has gone from right to wrong.


Anonymous said...

To conclude,as have been seen,elctions are not available under authoritarian regimes as an instrument of significant chane or to give the people a voice.Dictators are not in the business of allowing elections that could remove them from thweir thrones,rather to lessen the probability of a coup or revolt,thus allowing them to keep a grip on power.

Elections are just a facade of what might be called the shadow political game of graft and corruption,

The same authoritarian governance engenders authoritarian elections,authoritarian elections feed authoritarian governance,


Anonymous said...

sorry for posting the last part of my comment,technical problem.i will come back on it again.


Anonymous said...

This country political process is analogous to a scripted play that has been constructed to yield outcomes favorable to the ruling party.Although,the regime has opened slightly in recent years by playing the game of multi-party elections ,it has also taken steps to insure that opposition representation does not exceed a crucial threshold by restricting activities of existing parties and imposing barriers(administrative fiat)on new one(s).In other words,the regime set them the rules of how to struggle against its own authoritarian system.

One may wonder though,why do authoritarian regimes like Seychelles even choose to hold elections?There is a multitude of reasons,but fundamentally,it is a strategy for survival and a desire to acquire legitimacy.if they rely too much terror,repression and intimidation to sustain their rule,they become more vulnerable to agency and moral-hazard problems upon which their ability to survive depends.There is also the effects of pressure from international financial institutions to democratize in return for international aids,and this is clearly the incentive to maintain the appearence of democratic competition.

The use of nominally democratic institutions such as parties and elections provide the regime with a mechanism to counterbalance intra-elite conflicts within the ruling party and discourage the regime^s most potential foe-the military.Coup attempts are less likely to succeed in countries with these institutions because authoritarian regimes with parites have more citizens vested in the existing organizational structure of the regime.The implication is that,even when authoritarian parties are filled with opportunistic cadres who joined the party to get ahead to steal from ordinary citizens,they still make a contribution to the regime longevity.Dictators usually appease the elites by using these institutions to distribute economic transfers and rents,and access to economic resources can be used to ivest in potential players with a stake in the ruler's survival.
Besides deterring challenges from insiders and outsiders,elections that allow some degree of competition contribute to the regime health in other ways.Intra-competition,for instance,allows citizens to throw out incompetent or venal local leaders without directly opposing the regime.It can lead to rotary lower officials and selecting those who perform best.It opens a channel of mobility for ambitious citizens who might have otherwise become disaffected and serve as a recruitment device for new blood into the leadership cadre.
From a dictator's viewpoint,elections,despite their substantial cost and occassional risk,are still a safer ,more reliable and more predictable means to accomplishing the same.They demonstrate periodically that the regime has popular support,or at least acquiescence,thus rending both military nad civilians attempts at otherthrow less likely.

To conclude as have been seen,elections are not available under authoritarian regimes as an instrument of significant change or to give the people a voice.Dictators are not in the business of allowing elections thar could remove them from their thrones,but they are simple a means to lessen the probability of a coup or revolt.

The same authoritarian governance engenders authoritarian elections,authoritarian elections feed authoritarian governance.


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