Saturday, August 22, 2009

United States back in Seychelles - Beware of old Communists!


James Michel, the President of Seychelles who came into power with a Kalashnikov (aka AK47) assault rifle in hand, has now endorsed the setting up of a mini-base in Seychelles for US troops to carry out air surveillance with P-3 Orion aircrafts as well as “unmanned aerial vehicles” (DRONES) to patrol the Western Indian Ocean.

According to the US Commander of the US Africa Command General William Ward, this move is to “enhance Seychelles maritime safety and security” and to work in joint efforts with the Seychelles to “counter the threat of piracy in the Indian Ocean and the region”. After President Bill Clinton foolishly abandoned Somalia nearly 2 decades ago, it sure took the USA long enough to decide that it was time to play Big Brother once again in this part of the world. Nevertheless, I guess this is a welcome sign and shows that Obama is committed to “saving” his African brothers and to bring some semblance of peace to the region.

But while the people of Seychelles will rejoice that the Americans are back to our shores, one cannot believe the irony behind this strategic move. Let history recall that this is the same James Alix Michel, who together with ex-Seychelles President Albert Rene, overthrew the legally elected pro-USA Government of James Mancham in a bloody coup in 1977, and sided with communist regimes of the former Soviet Union (USSR), North Korea and Cuba during the Cold War era. This is the same pre-facelift James Alix Michel who carried slogans of “Yankees Go Home” and marched in the streets of Victoria shouting that the Americans who were stationed at the Seychelles US Tracking Station should leave Seychelles.

Quite a turn around for a Communist lover turned Capitalist who now wears Armani suits and Gucci shoes! Maybe Michel now understands the true value of the US Dollar, having amassed a small fortune himself during 32 years in power. Just like his predecessor Albert Rene who now owns millions in properties in Seychelles, Australia and elsewhere, let alone all their cronies who have helped the illegal SPPF party remain in power during 32 years of terror in those once peaceful islands.

As a patriotic Seychellois, I would warn the USA to be vigilant and to be extremely careful of the Michel Government. Just remember that Michel loves the Chinese more than the USA. Leopards do not change their spots and this Michel SPPF-aka LEPEP Government is still controlled by the nearly senile bitter old communist dictator Albert Rene. These two have never believed in true democracy for their people, and have used terror to manipulate and keep their population at bay. Thousands have fled their country in fear of their lives. These 2 monsters do not believe in freedom of the press. They do not believe in freedom of expression. They control the state media and continue to manipulate the news for their own benefits. Voter fraud is synonymous with their regime and they have lorded over the country and ruled with fear and intimidation for over 3 decades. They cannot relinquish power because if another party ever wins the Presidential election, they will be tried not only for treason, but for corruption and the disappearance of billions of dollars from the state coffers, as well as the death and disappearance of many Seychelles citizens who were brutally murdered under their watch. The people of Seychelles still live in terror today and victimization is still the order of the day under this oppressive SPPF-Lepep regime.

President Obama has called for African leaders to stop oppressing their people and to stop stealing state assets and abusing their power. Therefore, I would ask the US State Department to pay careful attention and stop being blind to the injustices of our country. The veil must be lifted and there should no longer be double standards on the part of the Americans. While US interests in the region is important, so are the wishes of the Seychellois people who by the way are extremely pro-American and would love nothing more than to see the end of the Rene and Michel regime. So I would ask the US State Department to look closely under the covers, and to realize that well over US$ 2 BILLION have been siphoned off by Rene, Michel and their SPPF cohorts during their 30 plus reign of terror and pilfering. And do not forget the state properties that have been acquired illegally and handed over to themselves and their accomplices.

James Michel, Albert Rene and their SPPF party will never be true friends of the United States. They will only play the game now because they have pilfered and let Seychelles into bankruptcy while filling their own foreign bank accounts. Now that IMF has been called in, the begging bowl has come out and all of a sudden, Michel and Albert are the two biggest proponents of democracy and good governance.

We the people of Seychelles are not fooled by these two Castro lovers, and the shame they have brought onto our country will go down in the annals of our short modern history which they continue to try and rewrite so that it portrays them in good light. But history does not lie and let this be a warning to the Americans. Keep those two old leopards on a short lease just in case they try to bite the hand that feeds them! And while their hands are tied, press them for democratic reforms. Ask them to allow new radio stations without exorbitant licenses, and ask them to ban the one-sided state media which they use on a daily basis to brainwash the people of Seychelles.

In summary, force them to repent and pay for their sins of 32 years and for telling you (the Yankees) to go home! At the same time, make sure that the Chinese and Indian intelligence agencies are not listening to your “Yankee” covert conversations! Because in the end, they will always be two despotic, communist tyrants!


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