Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

IMF says it is up to the People of Seychelles to find out about the missing US$ 2.4 Billion

During the IMF and Ministry Finance of Seychelles press conference, it was easy to miss a critical point that has a material bearing on all our lives, if one was not playing close attention.

The casual switching of languages on the part of the Minister of Finance made the interview more dubious.

When a domestic rodent is cornered on one side of your kitchen, it will usually try to scamper about and make for another corner, hoping you will think it is in the first corner, hence trick you into his survival.

Brief History of Missing $2.4 Billion

The missing $2.4 Billion has had a dubious history itself. Here are some notes for the Fake History author Shillington.

When this figure was announced in closed public meetings by the IMF last year, the SPPF tried to bury the figure and hide it from the Public. I wrote numerous articles on this missing US$2.4 Billion.

The Weekly and the Regar wrote numerous articles as well. Businessmen in our community went into a state of shock when they tried to count that money, as they wondered how on God’s earth, could Seychelles produce so much revenue and not have it banked into our economy. Some businessmen thought they were the richest in Seychelles, only to then come to understand, they had been outsmarted by some heavy weights of world standard.

As word spread throughout the land from the airport, to the taxi stand, to the pig style and chicken farms down to the beaches on La Digue and the bakka clubs in the hills of North and South Mahé, that this money ($2.4 Billion) was in fact missing in our system, everyone placed the blame on the shoulders of SPPF and the ruling elite. After all , the money simply vanished under their watch.

Minister Danny Faure led the parade to defend this malfeasance. President Michel took refuge behind the gates of State House, but prepared for a march on it, as he increased security there by installing Chinese CCTV cameras, that we paid Pound Sterling for, but they do not always seem to be able to work. He added more special forces to the State House gates as well. But most of all, he was banking on poor leadership in the Opposition camp to protect him.

Division in the Opposition breeds his survival in spite of being inept.

Minister Danny Faure took the battle to defend and stamp out the missing $2.4 Billion to the National Assembly. It was a moment that being trained and educated in Political Science in Cuba would pay off for him, as he egg beat the SNP brains into believing that the money belonged to offshore companies that were registered in Seychelles. The silver-tongued Minister Faure came out of the mess as a SPPF superstar.

SNP was either paid to shut up or they were in fact intellectually numbed by our Minister of Finance. Faure has the ability to hypnotize the Opposition in the National Assembly. It is a tool he will rely on to try and become President. The sooner, the better, for him at least.

The SNP said little in reply and the battle was taken to the press by Weekly and Nouveau Seychelles Weekly, and also via the popular internet blog STAR (Seychelles Truth Accountability Reality).

Leo the Turtle would stick his head out once in a while and mention the missing $2.4 Billion but never took the issue as critical.

When President Michel was confronted with the issue in a district meeting at Pointe Larue, he deferred the question and ordered Minister Faure, to dish out the explanation once and for all.

Faure ran over his off-shore company story that started to look like a Jack and Jill nursery rhyme. Faure would say that money $2.4 Billion exist and the IMF did in fact mention it. He says it represents money registered from clearing houses in Switzerland but the money belongs to offshore companies.

No subsequent questions were permitted and that is why perhaps the brain power of the nation does not attend these public fiascos. They remind us of the Bay of Pigs, and represent a complete slaughter of SPPF and it is ugly for a sitting President to live through. It does nothing to maintain respect for the structures of State. Ministers, Principal Secretary’s, Director Generals, Yes-Men, SPPF District Administrators and JJ Pioneers; all piled into the district halls with body guards and Police, taking up all the available seats possible. The charade is all theirs, and the play would make Shakespeare turn in his grave.

Wake Up To Missing $2.4 Billion

People of Seychelles, we must wake up to this missing $2.4 Billion. This money represents the money that was stolen from us over the many years of corruption in Seychelles, under the leadership of France Albert Rene and James Michel. Why do I say that? Simple. Read on. Next paragraph, please!

People of Seychelles, not once, did Minister Danny Faure or James Alix Michel, as caretakers of our benevolent interest, which is vested with all encumbrances, and multilateral obligations, externally, and all subsequent domestic obligations since June 5th 1977, call for a forensic audit of this missing $2.4 Billion from our banking system and accounts. Not once have they said, they will look into it, investigate, trace the funds, to determine the point of origin and conclude if these funds were not derived from corrupt practice in government, parastatal entities or protected business interests that operate under the colour of state protection.

In fact, in one National Assembly meeting, wherein the SNP were tempted to ask about the missing $2.4 Billion (thank you Honorable Ferrari as you are sometimes a light in a dark tunnel), the Minister of Finance, trained in Cuba, told us, “ in the next IMF-meeting in May, I will take it upon myself to publically ask Mr. Mathieu to clear up this matter once and for all and we can bury it”.

The May consultations came and left, and Mr. Faure did not publically bring up the subject to Mr. Mathieu. As usual, a promise buried in the sand. Ostrich steak anyone?

The IMF have now re-confirmed that this missing $2.4 Billion does indeed exist. IMF says that it originates from Citizens of Seychelles. But they also said, “it was up to the People of Seychelles themselves to do something about it”. Mr. Mathieu said that it is not IMF mandate to handle this matter. This is a very diplomatic way of saying throw the buggers in jail if you have the courage to do so. If not, the IMF will continue to deal with whoever is in power since its mandate is to deal with the failed state, and not with political parties let alone the country’s non-existant judiciary or the ineffective Police and Criminal Investigation Departments of Seychelles.

The Missing $2.4 Billion Issue Says One Thing Critical

It shows that the leading Opposition party (SNP) does not have all the answers, and it shows clearly why we must all work together to rid Seychelles of the SPPF scourge. It we do not, then the scourge will remain and the culprits who stole our country’s money will continue to enjoy their ill-gotten gains (or “aki” as Michel continues to echo in all his boring speeches).

It shows that a little light burning bright can provide sufficient light in a dark room.

Why? Because I was the person who sent hundreds of emails out announcing the money was missing from our accounts, when everyone else remained silent and some stood in disbelief and even became overcome by fear. As I sent out hundreds of emails in Seychelles and the world over, the news spread like a wild fire. SPPF would be cornered indefinitely on this issue, and no matter what deals are cut to keep the issue silent, it will always roar! Give Back The Missing $2.4 Billion SPPF!

The issue also shows how the internet is changing how we deal with issues. As Bloomberg sounded in and Reuters looked on, Forbes magazine tuned in, and Seychelles mismanagement by SPPF became common knowledge the world over. Perhaps that is why they changed their names. I wonder what they will be called next year? How about the “Ghost Party” so that they can disappear into thin air?

A Solemn Appeal To Our Leadership

Having said that, it is for the sake of our Country, that I today, publically ask Honourable Wavel Ramkalawan, the Leader of The Opposition, to act now and to present a plan for a united opposition to remove SPPF from power. When we take our country back through peaceful means at the ballot box, we can go after the $2.4 Billion, recover it or what’s left of it, pay off our debts, and start rebuilding a successful nation that we can all be proud off. The alternative is to live another 3 decades of failure under a corrupt SPPF regime who since the 5th June 1977, the saddest day in our short history, have pilfered and ruined our beautiful nation while destroying every democratic institution we had in the country.

History will remember us, but only if we take the time to create it. The seeds of destruction was planted by Albert Rene and James Michel, and have grown out of control just like the creepers that are taking over our once beautiful forests. Let us dig those roots out and start planting the news seeds of democracy today. For we never have the time we think we have.... as we go about our human ways!

SPPF, give back the missing US$ 2.4 Billion. The World is watching, and the citizens of Seychelles are already restless and watching your every move. Trust me when I say history will soon catch up with you!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois and Our Beloved Seychelles!


Anonymous said...

A unifies Opposition is not only desirable but mandatory! However history has shown us that too many a times our Oppositon Leaders now and past have been always interested in one thing self preservation and survival (not unlike the SPPF/PL), and running petty insignificant feuds! History will judge...

Anonymous said...

James Michel, Albert Rene, Mukesh Valabji, Glenny Savy, Sarah Rene, Francis Changleng, Francis Savy, Leopold Payet, Danny Faure, Jacqulin Dugasse, Joe Belmont and most of the other SPPF people are a bunch of thieves. They are the ones who have stolen the millions from the SEychelles people and they need to be thrown in jail. The people of Seychelles must vote SPPF out and then justice will be served.

Anonymous said...

It is the best advocacy to call the leader of opposition back into action and have strategies to finally make the final stand at this dark day and hour, otherwise we are all going to suffer more and more while the elites who have excecuted corruption in the past three decades and robbed us the 2.4 billion will enjoy their lives forever and pass it on to their families... This charade has to stop once and for all and it is time to face destiny with a brighter hope.