Monday, January 25, 2010

Sheik Khalifa's New Palace in Seychelles

There you have it.  The monstrosity that has all but destroyed the pristine environment and mountaintop of La Misere.

This is the picture of Sheik Khalifa's palace being built on the land once occupied by the USA Tracking Station site.  This site was given to the Sheik for one rupee by our incompetent President Michel, the same man who also gave Francis Savy the island of Ste. Anne for a rupee as well.  The palace being built has circumvented all Seychelles laws and building regulations.  The contractor and all workers are from overseas, the planeloads of materials continue to arrive and transported directly to the La Misere site, and no taxes are being paid on any of the materials.  Cars have also arrived duty-free and transported to the site, complete with license plates put on by Government workers at the airport.

Treatment for a King indeed, only afforded to the rich Arab friends of Michel.  And Seychelles gets nothing in return except promises of money in the future and a Radiology Centre to house our XRay Department at the hospital.  Something our own Government should have built years ago.

Michel, we will judge you by your actions at the ballot box next year.  Mark my words, the people of Seychelles are fed up with your incompetency and your love for your foreign friends and workers that have inundated Seychelles since your inauguration.  Irish Police, Australian Taxmen and Customs Officers, Foreign Chief Justice, French "consultants" for PUC etc...etc...  Seychelles has no jobs for its own people according to Michel. Apart from waitresses and gardeners!  Even then, Mauritians and Asians are preferred over Seychellois.

Seychelles is for sale to anyone with money and connections.  Just contact James Michel or Jean-Paul Adam at State House to see if there is still any land or islands available for ONE RUPEE.  Seychellois nationals need not apply.  Reserved for foreigners only!


Anonymous said...

So much for the law about height restrictions for buildings. Now let's see if the LOP will raise a PNQ in assembly about the matter. If not, then we all know who he's serving.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Patrick x, why does the Leader of the Opposition have to be the target of all your posts? Why don't you ask whether a Le Pep member of the the Assembly will question this ridiculous building, let alone the fact that all these acres of land were sold off for A F$%^&*(G rupee! Get real man. This is not a LOP issue. It is an issue that affects all Seychellois, regardless of their political affiliation. So stop being fixated on Ramkalawan. He is not the source of our soufrance you moron. SPPF and LE Pep and James Michel and Albert Rene and Valabhji and Changleng and all the other SOBs who have screwed up our country. Stop living in your glass house thinking that SNP or Wavel is our problem. Ralph Volcer is not here to help us and neither is Ramkalawan. We the people of Seychelles have to fight for our existence as SPPF has destroyed our dignity and left us with nothing. My father has just been fired from his Government job only to be replaced by a damn Australian. My cousin has been kicked out the of the Police force after 12 years only to be replaced by an Irish idiot with half the experience, but 4 times the salary plus a car and other perks. So stop thinking that you know what is going on in my country. Gill is right. These Fabrikay Seselwa who has bought a passport is taking over our country and the only way to get it back is to vote SPPF out, or we could get violent and kill them all. It is obvious that you Patrick x are an asslicker of the party and every time something good is posted, you find something wrong with the opposition. but you never dwell on the real problem which is Sppf. We are doomed under these MF$%^&, and unless we vote them out or kill their leaders, we are simply F****D! You are a loser Patrick for sitting on the SPPF fence while people like Gill is fighting for our country. I am sick of people like you who continue to keep Michel in power. We need change and only real men with courage can change this country for the better. A vote for evil men like Michel is similar to voting for the devil because you would say that God has not answered your prayers. Trust me when I say that one day soon, God will answer the prayers of the Seychellois people who pray day and night for the demise of Rene, Michel and their SPPF party. That day will come sooner than later and then we will rejoice as a nation. ANd you will be there with us, in your chameleon skin chanting freedom and democracy, as if you helped bring it along. You are a traitor to our nation and nothing more than a total moron derasine.

Anonymous said...

And whoare u serving Mr X? Where is your conscience? We live here and we are suffering while u live overseas and can only accuse Ramkalawan and the Opposition, as if they are to blame for Seychelles problems. Wavel did not sell any land for 1 rupee. Michel did. So say something about Michel and how incompetent he is. The man is an IDIOT and was never meant to be a president of a country. He would not even qualify for a clerk's position in my office.So let us be serious when we accuse,and point the finger at the SPPF for failing the people of Seychelles.

Anonymous said...

Patrick x, i am sure you are a sppf pp follower, cause you are are an evil, and evill will always follow devil..more to come later...

Anonymous said...

I am not here to defend X, abstraction made of "who he is serving ref Ramkalawan", i believe that it may be a good idea (if the issue of the Sheiks' house is important) that the LOP ask a PNQ on that matter. Let us face it, the Opposition has very few weapons at its disposal (a newspaper and 11 MNAs) so we might as well use the little weapon we have to the maximum.

The Private Notice Question (PNQ) is a powerful tool for the Opposition, and should a question along the iine of, if and why has the sheik been granted permission to build above the skyline, and why is his plans not available at Planning Registry like ordinary mortals, may apply some pressure on the Govt or at least we can have more information on the matter.

My friend, if you expect any SPPF/PL MNA to ask questions on wrongs committed by the SPPF/PL itself you risk waiting a long long time.

Reference made to Anonymous above, I however wish to say i disagree when you say that Ramkalawan (Volcere is not yet an elected official) is not here to help us. Actually Ramkalawan is paid from public coffers (as are the SPPF/PL politicians), he is the LOP a Constitutional post, he has rights and responsibilities, and one responsibility is to 'oppose the SPPF/PL', now whether he is doing that or not is subjective to you, X and i!

Anonymous, i personally do not expect good coming our of SPPF/PL, so expecting that they do what is right and good for Seychelles is a bit of a lost case for me. However i have hopes in many Opposition Leaders such as Gervais Henrie, Christopher Gill, a lesser extent Ferrari and Mancienne because i think they are capable of doing some good. However i wish that they put Seychelles first rather than petty self interest.

I do not know whether X has anything against Ramkalawan, but many people have difficulty in voting again for a person who has gone on record of the National Assembly thanking God he did not win any election, people who have expossed themselves to the wrath of SPPF/PL!

So i leave you with these words Anonymous, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, it takes a good man to wield power and authority for the good of all!

Vox Dei

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, it is true, a castle on top on La Misere. The Burj Kalifa-La Misere.

How sad. I cried when I saw it! My friends were telling the truth.


Michel is a snake to People of Seychelles. He meets us in districts and then gives the country away to rich arabs Sr 1.0.

Anonymous said...

1 fcukin rupee!!get real people 1 rupee went to the state and millions went to bank accounts in Switzerland...

How long will the Seychellois people keep on taking it up the a$s from these incompetent monkeys selling our beautifull Island like a cheap whore??

Anonymous said...

My stomach is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michel indebted us, then he sold us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He only has to bury us!

Lera Rosse

Anonymous said...

Michel is a bloody traitor and is worst than Albert Rene. At least Rene did not sell out to Arabs and anyone else with money, bud did deals underhandedly with the likes of Mario Ricchi. Michel is raping our country and handing it to ARabs, French, Sout Africans, Indians and Chinese. Seychellois like me cannot even afford a small piece of land, evn though I have saved 75000 rupees. I am going to vote that couyon out in 2011 along with his fat Glacis MNA doctor. If we all vote against them it will be a good message for all the theives who have ruined our country. Bon Dieu ed nou e sov nou dan tou sa maler. Malediction pa marse lo sa ban couyon. Ni gri gri Haiti pas bon akoz zot servi gri gri Madegascar.

Anonymous said...

What an eye sore on top of La-Misere hill & simultaneously PL should change that name from La-Misere to La-Richar!
And unfortunately, there's more to come especially when that rich Arab decides to build his helipad to commute between his hotel & his residence. They have already turned a prestige hotel into 'loka'. And it will be just a matter of time before Seselwa are denied access to their beach. Arabs inn leve e pe debourye!

How much more can the tamed & submisive people of Seychelles take it..may I ask?

With that said, I believed that Patrick X has absolutely hit the nail on the head with his question to LOP. In my opinion, the entire purpose of an opposition is to condemn such act. If we are expecting for PL MNA's to raise such issue, I'm affraid we will wait till we turn blue in the face.
But sad to say..that our opposition has really been comatosed & they have lost steam. Somewhere, somehow they have lost their mojo!
PL is always ahead of them by miles & I'm 150% convinced that PL has already bagged the next election. And, who do we have to blame for that? Obviously not DP or PL but dismally the main opposition party.
Simple strategy that SNP could have applied to turn themselves into proactive politicians. One simple example is that... they could have established a monthly press conference so that they can counteract "En moman avek Prezidan" or publicly elaborate their policies or ideas on how to revive our economy, what they have in their economic plan such as competing & thriviing in this global economy, how to retore trust in investors, how to create more jobs for seselwa, how to turn our people into entrepreneur, how to safeguard seselwa jobs from foreigners etc...the list is endless. These are the issues that should be at the forefront of SNP policy & they should have used last year's window of opportunity during the financial crisis. What SNP lack are momentum, continuity and mass education of Seselwa people & once any opposition party can achieve that, then for sure, sesel will be on the road for change! And as the saying goes...change always favours the prepared mind!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of how much the Emir will be willing to pay to keep his palaces in Seychelles. Last election the milking cow was Radova Kreijir, this year come electon time the Emir may just see himself making contributions to the SPPF/PL campaign coffers! Show me the "bailleurs de fonds" of the Opposition in the next election?


Anonymous said...

This shows that Michel sold us out cheaply and now we have new empires above the formal state and the power is within each and evey citizen to do what has to be done.


Anonymous said...

A quick answer to your questions about why the LOP should bring this up in assembly:

a) He can and can do so without risking his arse doing so

b) He has teh right to do so and will be allowed to speak.

c) It will give his voters confidence and maybe help gain their trust.

d) Who else will bring up the matter during assembly? Michel? Faure? Potter?

Sorry, but I have to be brief, on the move this week.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

This flouting of our national sovereignty by Kalifa is just the latest symptom of the general PP principal of selling out our country to Fabrike at the expense of Rasin. In the process of betraying our country and selling us out to Fabrike, the PP simultaneously continues to restrict and limit job opportunities, social benefits and housing benefits for Racin, all while imposing more onerous taxation on Rasin that Fabrike are exempted from paying. This is intolerable and must be stopped.

However, what is even more important is that the SPPF, in the last election, used Fabrike and fraudulent votes to "steal" the election. Without removing Fabrike and fraudulent votes from the electoral role, Seychelles can never have a free and fair election - we thus we will be perpetually subjected to SPPF/PP dictatorship. This fact makes the democratic process a farce. The PP Fabrike and the PP fraudulent votes are the margin of victory in any election. Without addressing this point it is unreasonable to expect the coming elections to change anything. The PP has already engineered and are now preparing enough Fabrike and fraudulent votes to "win". Furthermore, as the PP continues to sell out our country to Fabrike they need less and less Racin votes to keep them in power. Thus, the PP has an increasing incentive to increase the pace by which they sell us out.

Given this state of affairs, it is time for a true revolution to toss these PP Judas's out and reclaim our country from the Fabrike and their PP Collaborators. This must be done by all Racin who must each play any small part that they can to aid the effort.

We are all familiar with the power hungry brutality of the SPPF/PP so this effort to reclaim our country from the Fabrike is not without it's risks. Given this obvious risks, my brother Christopher is a brave and insightful man. My hat's off to him and his efforts.

Leonard Francis Gill

Anonymous said...

Hello Leonard,

Convince the people of Seychelles that there is a better option than the SPPF they can vote for and the PL will be voted out.

That's all that has to be done. Oh yes, it may also help having 2 strategies too, one for winning the other for running the country. So far however I cannot see any of such.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

The Internal Revenue Service said on Tuesday that it would require large corporations to reveal basic information about their tax transactions, a surprise move intended to root out questionable or illegal tax shelters.

Anonymous said...

Patrick X

If lightening struck you, you would not know it.

If your country went bankrupt, you would not know it.

If your leader killed business for 32 years, you would say he is pro business.

If your leader was an athiest and did not believe in God, you would not know it, even if he told you so.

If an angel came to you and touched you, you would not know it.

Why, because all self professed arse lickers as yourself, are blind to truth because it is inconvenient and it contradicts their job of the day.

Lera Rosse

My former never again,SPPF family sees right through you people. You lost 150 votes

Anonymous said...

To all: The IRS will indeed need to boost up its capacity by several thousand percent. Now why is that so? Simple:

The IRS has been manned according to their past duties, i.e their duties prior to the tax reform. Before the only ones paying tax(through employment) were those who were employed(social ecurity) and their employers(emplyee tax). The tax system was(or should I say the lack of a proper one) was simple and relatively easy to handle, however bad business for the government as too many were not paying tax.

Today, we have a new reform where more people will be paying tax per definition. In reality, pretty much the sme amount of people will be paying tax only now the employees will be paying tax, but doing so through their employers. Hence the tax system is more complicated as there are now more links in the chain. I believe in the new reform and it was very well needed, but as one can expect from a cuban educated ignorant politician like Danny Faure, he has not manned up the IRS to handle the extra load that the new reform will require handled.

What Danny Faure has done is introduce a new technology that nobody understands. It's like introducing the computer to an office to boost it efficiency, but providing one without the adequate software or give adequate training in using it.

But as usual, they've realized this too late and will have to man up. Either that or the new reform will be introduced on paper, i.e they will do little to implement it, at least for a while. What will most likely happen is that they engage a new group of expats to work for the IRS as we per today do have have the knowledge or the resources to handle our own tax laws.

To Lera Rose:
As your entire family has gone over to be non-PL, I wish you all the best and hope that you have found a better alternative, not least that you do not get disappointed. It's your roght, opinion and I respect that although I feel that you are voting for others just for the sake of not voting PL. That's freedom under own responsibility.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Another thing Lera Rosse:

You say your family has only recently stopped supporting the PL. So this must mean that your family has been supporting the PL all these years and that they were directly partly responsible for keeping the SPUP/SPPF/PL in power all those years. Is that not a bit hypocritical of you to suddenly come forward and accuse others of not seeing the 'light' when you yourself didn't see the wrong of the PL till recently? So why did they lose faith in them suddenly, all 150 of them? Were your priveleges taken away at some point?

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Patrick X:

You have missed a central point of my comment. The point was that the PP has stacked the electoral rolls with Fabrike and with fraudulent voters so that it is unrealistic to expect a free and fair election under these conditions. The Fabrike and the fraudulent voters are the margin for victory for the PP. The PP can rely on these fraudulent voters to claim a "win" even if they garner a small minority of legitimate votes. Without free and fair elections there is but a very slight possibility of voting the PP out of office, even if a clear replacement government is defined as you suggest. So, first and foremost, there must be a strategy to address these "additions" of Fabrike and fraudulent voters by the PP to the electoral role.

With respect to your point that to replace the PP there must first be an alternative government to them who can govern the country. This argument is often overplayed by long term dictatorships as justification for staying in power. It is a play on the fear of the future unknown even if you know the present conditions are absolutely intolerable. This fear is commonly found in battered wives as in battered countries and often prevents each of them from taking the risks necessary to progress.

By their very nature, dictatorships suppress their potential replacements and then seek to capitalize on this fact by claiming they are indispensable because there are no credible replacements. However, history has shown us, time and time again, that good people who are suppressed by long term dictatorships come out of the cold to serve their country when the opportunity arises. Long term dictatorships like the Soviet Union, Francisco Franco's Spain, President Marcos's Philippines made this same argument of indispensability to justify staying in power or keeping power. Each time they were replaced by good people who came forward to run the governments replacing them when these individuals knew they would be rewarded and not punished for doing so. The same is true of all the former East Block countries. After a slight bit of a rough start, each of these countries have replaced their dictatorships with superior liberal democratic more efficient and transparent governments despite claims by the communists that they were indispensable. Based on this history, it is my opinion that Seychelles too will produce many good people to run a Rasin government replacing the PP government.

Seychelles is no different than these other people of the world traumatized by long term dictatorships but who eventually produce good people to run replacement governments. In my view, there are many capable Seychellois in Seychelles and from all over the world who will come forward to help run a Rasin government replacing the corrupt, incompetent Judas PP government. To provide you a concrete example, perhaps someone like you would step up and offer your talents as well to a Rasin government replacing the incompetent PP's. This process will be repeated by many other Seychellois Rasin.

Moreover, in most cases, the Principal Secretaries and the remainder of the civil service in each of the ministries, will continue in place providing a good measure of continuity and stability to the bureaucracy and the government functions. So this issue of the indispensability of the PP is not insurmountable and can be resolved. It is therefore not the central issue at hand to be resolved, though, it eventually must be. The central issues are the PP Fabrike and fraudulent voters the PP has placed on the voter rolls.

Where I do agree with you is that any new Rasin government requires a clearly articulated ideology that can guide the Ministers in the new government. This is what must be done now to galvanize public support and to develop a cadre of militants to implement and defend the ideology designed to defend and promote Rasin rights and to have a transparent, honest, fair and efficient government.

Leonard Francis Gill

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Leonard,

Thanks for your sincere reply, always appreciate a good debate written from the heart.

Look, I'm not going to repeat myself nor need to add a lot as I pretty much agree with what you say so I 'll just post something I learned from the time I was working with sales. I did well there, but had one weakness this being that I was too honest and could not look my customer in eye and say that my product was better then my competitors' when in reality it wasn't always the case.
Point is:

Since the PL already has a grip on a majority of the Rasin and uses the Fabrike's passports as ransom to get votes, whoever is opposing the PL must then

a) Insure the Fabrike's that they will not be persecuted

b) Work harder to get some voters to cross over the the OP side.

What that has to do with sales? Well, I remember the sales manager was roasting one of the other salesmen as he had not managed to make a single sale and upon asking how many visits he'd made he stated a lousy low number. The manager said that out of 20 visits you may get one sale so in order to get 2 sales you need 40 visits etc.

Now, if the OP(in general) can start making visits to the grassroots, how many visits will it take to get one vote? I'd love to help Leonard, but alas I cannot do more than give advise from here.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

To Patrick X:

I too appreciate your sincere replies and the ensuing open, honest discourse. However, I disagree with several premises on which you build your position.

First, I disagree that the PP has a majority of the Rasin voters on their side. In my view, the PP claimed to "win" the last election not on the basis of a majority of Rasin voters but on the basis of a significant majority of Fabrike voters and fraudulent voters. As such, the PP and the SPPF before them, have been illegitimate and continue to be illegitimate. Thus, in my view, a majority of Rasin voters have already voted to oust the SPPF because absent the Fabrike voters and the fraudulent voters the SPPF did not have a majority of the votes cast. What was missing in the last election was the fortitude of opposition leaders to oppose this fraud and for them to claim their legitimate victory.

Secondly, I disagree that Fabrike voters have to be appeased at the expense of Rasin interests. Fabrike are not genuine Seychellois. They have no place in the political discourse of our country as voters. They are PP tools of control over us Rasin. They must be opposed and their "citizenship" revoked. Besides revocation of their "citizenship" no Fabrike should be persecuted unless, after fair warning, they choose to continue to vote in our elections. If they do, they should be deported because the do not respect our sovereignty and the paramount status of Rasin in the political affairs of our country. On this point there cannot be compromise or retreat. This was my Father Peter Gill's mission, when he, Philibert Loizeau and Rene started the SPUP and, since he has passed, it is mine now.

I also disagree that we need salesmanship in advancing Rasin interests. Rasin interests are clear and honest and promoting them speaks for itself. You either agree that Rasin are the genuine Seychellois people or you do not. If you agree then the consequences are obvious - the Fabrike must go.

Furthermore, I do not subscribe to the position that we have to be deceptive or less than fully candid and honest to advance and protect Rasin interests, and the interests of our country. If we start out with less than honesty we will end up with less than an honest and transparent government that fully and honestly protects Rasin interests. Salesmanship is the province of the PP. They should not be our teachers. Let them deceive. Let them engage in propaganda and manipulations of the truth. We should traffic in the truth and nothing but the truth - no sugar coating. The truth of our goals is our strength and it is all that we need to overthrow the Judas PP government.

Finally, I remind you of one of Socrates most enduring lessons: If good people refuse to govern, then bad ones will. So you have an obligation to do your part in a Rasin government comensurate with your abilites. Your previous experiences and contributions to Seychelles was but a prelude to this important mission. It is your final obligation.

You often ask who will govern in place of the PP. The answer is that you will be part of that replacement government like many more Rasin who love their country and want Rasin Seychellois to prosper.

Leonard Francis Gill

Anonymous said...

For the the Gill's proposition that SPPF/PL won elections on the vote of recently naturalised Seychellois be taken seriously then it must be backed up by empirical evidence. A vague figure of 5,000 just does not serve that purpose. I believe that this is not such an impossible task, a quick combing through the electoral registers would bring up such evidence. The political parties do get a hard format of the electoral registers, and i suggest that it be quite easy to differentiate between surnames of autoctones and recent naturalised. It may be more interesting to see how many of them voted at all in the elections.

I am unsure as to whether the SNP subsrcibes to Gills campaign, but i must say that they i have found their (the SNP) posiiton on the issues generally relating to foreigners in Seychelles in the past to be quite good, logical and respectul. The way Seychelles functions i can see only one way to have proper figures and that is through PNQ or Q in the Nat Assembly.

Frankly i do see the Opposition gathering much popular support on that issue, except from the bwarer akote laboutik targetting boutikye malbar!

Whislt there is no doubt about foreigners becoming Seychellois over the years, the question is how many, and if the number is materially sufficient to sway elections. Those who may have benefitted under EDA, are few to be residing in Seychelles, most of them were in for the passport!

On the issue of electoral registers, i read quite an interesting article in the Seychelles Weekly this morning, on their position vis a vis the proposition of an electoral commision being proposed by the SNP. I agree with the NDP position is the sense that almost all the Commisions put in place up to now by the SPPF/PL are either ineffective commisions nor do they serve the purpose of independence and impartiality. There is no reason to believe that an Electoral Commision will cure defects exisitng in the electoral system.


Anonymous said...

I reply to Vox.

Thank you for your input.

Regarding the Electoral Roll- the SPPF did not stack the votes with Fabrike's just in the last election, they have been doing the stacking systematically as a political/criminal culture for three decades.

Hence, the liklihood of 5000 Fabrike voters ending up on the Electoral Roll is highly plausible.

The "Sesel Pou Seselwa" political philosophy is not anti-foreigner. It is pro Seselwa in order to preserve our place in our Country.

The political philosophy is anti fraud based.

When/if a foreigner obtains citizenship by paying money for it, this is fraud. This is the point of focus.

There are countless people like that and they will be increasing over the years.

As you rightly put it, PNQ by the LO could shed light on the matter.

Additionally scanning through the Electoral Roll will help. I have written about that.

But the Opposition is guilty of sleeping on this issue. Hence why I write about it.

We are under threat as a people. I understand over 1000 residency permits are being given to 400 purchasers of flats at Eden Island. One purchaser, but the entire family gets residency permits.

These people can buy passports or can apply to become citizens in 5 years or less depending on who they support.

This is a source of future P.P. voters,Vox that will silence your voice.

What impact will that have on the Electoral Roll?

Please consider this issue seriously as it will impact not just the man drinking a little bakka or a Guiness by the local shop, but you and myself and our children.

I do not have an issue with business visas for investors or residency visa with limitations. I encourage that.

The problem with the current system, is that P.P. uses loop holes to stack the electoral roll with truely non -seychellois.

I have seen the roll. I have worked it. You will be surprised who is a Seychellois today.

As for the EDA citizens- the only way to know is to get a list from Internal Affairs of all citizens of Seychelles and work the list.

Do not take anything for granted,Vox.

We all know what happen in Fiji. The indigenous people were over run in one (1) generation.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...


The last elections were surveyed by international observers who clearly reported that everything went according to rules and regulations. What will it take for you to be convinced that there was no cheating? Victory?

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

There you go again Patrick X-

Finding excuses for a crimnial organization and trying to dress it up with legitimacy.

The international observers are here to get on with results, so they can move on.

They do not investigate fraudulent citizens that make their way on to the Electoral Roll. This shold be Gappy's job and he doe snot do it, because he is covering it up for SPPF. That is why he is there with Anakle Tirant, to manipulate the Electoral Roll, behind the curtains.

When needed, they will do a little gerrymandering as well to keep the National Assembly red-criminal organization favored.

You know that aswell.

The International Observers do not have a budget for combing the Electoral Roll,and you know that, better then anyone.

This Fraud is patent,built into the entire process from the day money is exchnged for a passport. Hence the rise of Seselwa Fabrike's in our political process.

The Observers look for latent Fraud on the day of elections and days leading up to the elections. Since there are complaints flying from both sides, the Observers negate the Fraud that is latent and move on.

This is a Seychellois issue for us to deal with X!

Where I do agree with you, is if the Opposition sleeps on the matter, then hence they must accept the results. This has been the case in the past.

I drew a line to that and started writing the day Ramkalawan conceded defeat.

Because Ramkalawan conceded defeat,does not mean there was not any fraud.You know that as well as I and everyone else that blogs on Star. Hence there is no need to attempt belittle us and our ideas that fail everytime you raise the flag.

It is very unpatriotic. What you should be doing is helping find the fraud. Example, send some names of people who have bought passports that you know of. We can cross them on the Electoral Roll through court action.

It would not be hard, as most of them never stayed 5 years in Seychelles, let alone 5 weeks. But that does not mean they do not vote.

I appeal to you X, serve your country not your pocket.

Christopher Gill

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

International observers are not the final word on whether an election was free and fair. Usually, if there is no obvious fraud at the voting booths, such as ballot stuffing or obvious armed intimidation preventing voters from voting or requiring them to vote in a certain way, the international observers acquiesce in subtle fraudulent electoral conduct and overlook them.

This neglect and carelessness, given our small number of voters means that the electoral irregularities that they overlook or acquiesce in can change the outcome of our elections.

The historical record of these observers in micro states suggests that their motive is to be done with the election and move on. It is not to ensure real democracy and fairness by digging deep into subtle electoral fraud that can change electoral outcomes in micro-states. The SPPF is aware of this fact and know better than to stuff ballots in an obvious observable way. In any event they know they do not need to. The SPPF/PP know that 5,000 Fabrike and fraudulent votes can keep them in power indefinitely. So that's what they have done and will continue to do.

That is why I say that the current SPPF/PP government is illegitimate and is therefore a dictatorship. It is a continuation of the dictatorship establish by the Rene/Michel coup.

In our case, in the last election, no issue was made of the Fabrike who were created by the Collaborators in the SPPF to provide the power hungry SPPF with the margin of "victory" they needed to continue to sell out their country. In a small country like Seychelles even 3,000 Fabrike can decide the outcome of the election. However, even with the Fabrike and the fraudulent votes (such as paying for id's for people not to vote, and threatening them with violence if the do vote by obtaining a substitute ID)and even with control over all radio and television media, the SPPF barely squeked through with a "victory".

Given this background, was this a free and fair election? As you point out the international observers said it was - but that's nonsense and most Rasin instinctively know it. I have shown you facts to prove it.

For this reason I am opposed to the use of international observers participating in our elections. They serve only to legitimize Fabrike participation and SPPF fraud. We can police our elections and its process ourselves. We do not need foreigners telling us what is free and fair in our own country. We know that Fabrike do not belong on the electoral roles of our country. Until they are removed we know an election in Seychelles will not be free nor fair.

Furthermore, to ensure a clean electoral role there must be a web site where the electoral roll is published open to anonymous public comment so that any Rasin can identify fraudulent voters on the voter registry. These anonymous "tips" can then be investigated by the Commissioner on Elections and any political party or citizen who may chose to dispute the legitimacy of the voter. That process must be allowed to continue up to 90 days before an election. Under the current system only a narrow window of opportunity is provided to contest fraudulent entries. This means that fraudulent voters will in effect not be contested because few individuals or even opposition political parties have the resources to canvas the voter rolls and to check them with actual residents in the districts. So the way the electoral role is established facilitates electoral fraud. This is intentionally very convenient for the PP who participated in establishing this procedure.

For these reasons I disagree with your conclusion that the stamp of approval from international observers settled once and for all the fairness of the last election.

Leonard Francis Gill

Anonymous said...

OK, let's say there is fraud then. So why does the opposition not want to check the list as Vox Dei has advised? Since th election and the electoral list is a public happening, why can anybody else willing to prove the fraud be able to go through the list and check it for irregularities?

I'm not saying that Gappy is clean, nobody of his calibre is, but why won't anybody work to prove the ongoings?

Till somebody does I will continue to believe that you won't be happy till there is a victory. Put it another way:

Would you be happy winning knowing that it was due to a mistake in couinting of votes or would you ask for a recount?

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

You have missed a significant point of my last comment. That is; with the Fabrike voters on the rolls, there can be no fair elections in Seychelles. It is not a question of recounting Fabrike votes. They should not be on our electoral rolls in the first place. So the issue is not a recount but the right of Fabrike to vote in the first place.

These Fabrike votes are in a devils bargain with the SPPF/PP. They get citizenship and more favorable business conditions than Seychellois Rasin, in return, they give bribes and votes to the SPPF/PP. The Fabrike have little long term interest in our country or in promoting our liberty. Since they hold the balance of political power in our elections, their inclusion on the electoral rolls seriously undermines Rasin political control and sovereignty and renders our elections undemocratic.

Your most recent comment addresses solely the issue of fraudulent voters on the electoral roll and ignores the Fabrike issue. However, on the issue of fraudulent voters I agree with you. The opposition needs to scrutinize the last electoral roll and point out the fraudulent voters it contains. You have made a good suggestion to scrutinize the last electoral roll and that must receive a high priority from the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Hello Leonard,

I understand the confusion and frustration, but taking away the Fabrike's right to vote would be against the constitution. The PL know that and use it for what it's worth. I believe more in the 'sales technique' theory, i.e work harder on the votes the PL have and convince those voters that there is a better option.

Chris said he was starting a new party, but so far I havn't seen it happening yet. Is that another case of talk the tal, but no walk the walk? I hope not. We need a worthy opposition, give us one.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I disagree with your assertion that the Fabrike have "a right to vote". Fabrike have been sold a right to vote by the PP and the Fabrike have bought a right to vote from the PP. This is wrong and is not and cannot be constitutionally protected.

If this state of affairs is constitutionally protected, the Constitution must be changed so it is not protected. We drafted the Constitution, we can change it.

What cannot and must never change is that our country belongs to Rasin. The benefits of our patrimony must belong to Rasin and Rasin only. Fabrike have no place asserting false rights to control our country or to benefit from its resources as citizens of Seychelles. This is non-negotiable and is not a matter for salesmanship, manipulation or propaganda - it is what it is, plain and simple. These Rasin rights are the rights that must be permanently constitutionally protected, not Fabrike rights. Let the PP collaborate and protect Fabrike rights at the expense of Rasin rights - we need not follow their example.

However, I am not advocating a xenophobic isolationism like North Korea. We need foreign investors. We need foreign expertise. We need foreign visitors. We need our children to be educated overseas and bring the best ideas home to develop the country. We need competition form the best and brightest foreigners to sharpen our skills and competitiveness to world standards. Foreigners should be welcomed and protected in our country.

But that does not mean we should turn our country over to Fabrike, accept their corruption and give them more rights in our own country than Rasin have, as the PP have done. We are not required to accept this state of affairs just because Fabrike are willing and able to give PP leaders, their collaborators, bribes, and in return, they are made "Seychellois", and therefore, have a "right to vote", as you put it.

Moreover, this fraud, that allows Fabrike voters to vote in our elections is the basis for undermining the development of democracy in Seychelles and is the basis for keeping the PP in power. The PP then use that power to benefit the Fabrike at the expense of Rasin interest and at the expense of our liberty, and all while creating and expanding a corrosive culture of corruption.

This unholy alliance and its consequences on Rasin interests must be broken. It can only be broken by taking back what was not properly obtained in the first place by the Fabrike. That is: The Fabrike claim to citizenship in our country and as you put it their false "right to vote".

On the issue of starting a new political party. I am ready to join or help start any party that will promote my late Father's banner of "Seychelles Pour Seychellois" that formed the foundation of the nationalist philosophy that united our country and propelled us towards Independence in 1976. This nationalist philosophy has been subverted and betrayed by the Rene/Michel dictatorship.

But I will not be part of any group that intends to, or has previously, used party politics simply as a tool of personal enrichment or that will be used or has been used as a means of collaborating with the Fabrike to sell out our country. So yes, I am ready willing and able to march under a Nationalist banner of change.

How about you? Will you participate? Are you a Nationalist or not? Will you march under a Nationalist banner?

Anonymous said...

I believe that the issue of foreigners acquiring Seychellois citizenship and consequnetly appearing on the electoral list is not a legal/constituional question but a political question. Apart from EDA, the law has not changed significantly in Seychelles since independence (nor is it any different from other British Commonwealth states), it is essentially a privilege which is bestowed by the President (with a few exceptions as being born of Seychellois parents), even marriage to a Seychellois citizen does not guarantee Seychellois citizenship.

I have previously said that only empirical evidence will give Gill's assertion of X amount of foreigners having gained Seychellois nationality over X years,and they having voted in the election will give credibilty to the proposition that those new Seychellois have materially affect election results. Without this evidence, i am afraid it will just remain a vague slogan, similar to the 2.5 biliion US D outside Seychelles. It will be there as a slogan, political slogan albeit be it, but an abstract one which will be chanted by opponents of the SPPF/PL, but laughed at by SPPF/PL leaders because of it its lack of evidence.

As to Mr Gill's proposed new political party, one thing that will undermine the creation of a new political party is apathy amongst the Seychellois. The proffesionals after being taken on a wild goose chase by Opposition Leaders, who by now it is clear are just in for personal gain, will not risk the wrath of the SPPF/PL victimisation machinery. Unfortuntately after what is generally perceived as both Mancham and Ramkalawan selling out or giving up, it is difficult to motivate people that a change from the SPPF/PL is possible! Do not be surprised if the next election is marked by abstention from Opposition camp. You would agree that SPPF/PL gets all its voters to the ballot box by hook or by crook!


Anonymous said...

I reply to Vox.

Yes the leaders in the Opposition are failing us. But we fail ourselves when we remain silent.

As we fail ourselves, we fail our children. This not all men or women can live by.

Here, I agree with Patrick X, the Opposition must not fail itself.

On the matter of a new party, I have said that I have given Mr. Boulle a Manifesto to file a party. It is not my Party. I own no party.

I have given Ramkalawan-Mancienne Ferrari-Volcere time to rectify the rift in the Oppostion camp.

Ramkalawan has said that by the delivery of the State of the Nation address and next Assembly, he will clean things up.

Allow him time, as for whatever his shortcomings, he is still the Leader of the Opposition and SNP is still the main opponent to SPPF however out of breath they may be.

If he decides to unite the Opposition Support him. If he decides he will retire , suppor him. But Ramkalawan only knows how much baggage he has accumilated. Only he knows if he can past electoral muster.

If and when I do forge forward with a new party, it will be a party for all Seselwa Rasin, and I can assure you, SNP, NDP, SPPF, will never be what it is today, again. Neither will Seychelles.

In fact, it will be the begining of the end of communism and the end of politcal criminality in Seychelles, and the end of using people's money in politics to enrich ones self .

Lastly Vox, the Seselwa Fabrike's on the electoral roll are not an insignificant number.

I read off the names I know in my head everyday. It is substantial. Because many of these people obtained citizenship under false or fraudulent pretext, they compromise our electoral roll.

Hence, compromise the Free and Fair component necessary in a democratic election.

This type of fraud is a patent defect to the entire voting process. The special powers the President have which you refer to are unconstitutional and vexatious.

If you want change, you need to be prepared for a shake down of what has been acceptable in the past.

When we accept mediocrity, we give up on change.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

A party for the Seselwa Rasin? You must be off your rocker and want to commit political suicide by coming with such a statement Chris. So what will be the criteria for being a member of the 'Parti Rasin'? Being born in Seychelles pre June 1976? What about all the Seselwa Plante who were born abroad and came back as children and have since served the country? What next Chris, a whites only party?

I agree that Seychellois should be running Seychelles, but we cannot afford to be so damn nationalistic that we start to discriminate our new citizens just for being new citizens, no matter how they obtained their passport. As to those Fabrikes giving the PL the vote majority they need, how many of those do you think really live in Seychelles? Wouldn't you think that most of these merely hold a Seychelles passport for pure convenience like you hold on to your American passport for its convenience? After all, if you were such a patriot would you not be in USA serving the Stars & Stripes?

I'm honest in saying that I obtained and hold my European passport for pure and utter convenience. As yuo know, travelling on a Seychelles passport is 'en pake grenn'. I obey the laws of my adopted country, pay my taxes and promote it, but its passport is purely convenient to me. A travel document, no more no less.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I agree with my brother Christopher. We need a political party for all Seychellois Rasin, but we need to give the opposition an opportunity to reform itself into a genuine and coherent opposition force that will agree to protect Rasin interests over those of Fabrike. In this way we can present a united front protecting Rasin interests against the PP who collaborate with and sell out our country to Fabrike.

I disagree with you that a political party for Seychellois Rasin is political suicide, and in any event, this is a matter of principle and ideology, and not a matter for political convenience to be raised or dropped simply to gain votes or political power. It is a matter of Rasin survival as a distinct people and it is crucial to the development of liberty and democracy in Seychelles. If rasin rights prosper democracy and liberty win Seychelles will prosper because Rasin are more likely to care about liberty and democracy in their own country while Fabrike do not.

Yes we Rasin are a distinct people, with a distinct culture and a distinct language. The legacy of colonialism has left us feeling like we are a mere "melting pot" and not a specific distinct people created from a melting pot of peoples races and cultures - there is a significant difference between being a melting pot and being derived from a melting pot.

It is this legacy of colonialism that has allowed us to allow the likes of Rene to bring foreign troops onto our sacred soil to massacre our citizens without causing a general revolt. It is this colonial mentality, that we are a melting pot, that has allowed us to allow Michel to sell our passports and our dignity to Fabrike, and to load the electoral roll with Fabrike voters. (Though, I do agree with Vox that we need to quantify the number of Fabrike, or suspected Fabrike voters, on our electoral rolls, to give a hard number to what all Rasin residing in Seychelles have seen and felt and continue to see and feel on a daily basis with their own eyes and hearts of a general sellout to Fabrike).

An additional consequence of this colonial mentality of diluting our identity to more easily control us is that despite our independence, we continue to call our language creole and have therefore implicitly adopted the demeaning definition of our language as a patios - a bastardized language derived from French. While Creole is derived from French, much like French is derived from Latin, but just like French, we now have a distinct identifiable written language. We must name our language and our culture in a fashion that is commensurate with the fact that we have evolved from a "melting pot" and coalesced into a distinct people and culture.

Moreover, we Rasin know who we are. We know this instinctively. We include the Malbar whose family has been in Seychelles for a hundred years and we exclude the likes of Ramados who is a PP Fabrike, and as Patrick X puts it a "new citizen".

Leonard Francis Gill said...

The definition proposed by my brother to describe a Rasin makes perfect sense to me. That is a person who was a Seychellois or who could have claimed Seychellois citizenship on the date of independence and all his or her descendants. That answers your question Patrick X about Rasin who live outside Seychelles and who have children outside of Seychelles. Children of Rasin are Rasin and so are their children.

Once a Rasin always a Rasin and your children and their children are Rasin. It does not matter what passports you hold, or where you live, or where you were born, or which army you fight for or should have fought for, or who gives you a pension, or what languages you speak or should speak. If you are Rasin you remain one. If you were never one you cannot become one. There is no derasine there is no replante; there is only Rasin.

If you were Rasin on Independence Day, Seychelles is and always will be your AND YOUR DESCENDANTS homeland. This was the political philosophy that my late Father, Albert Rene and Philibert Loizeau launched the SPUP to accomplish - "Seychelles Pour Seychellois". Like Judas, Rene and his student Michel have betrayed this philosophy.

Patrick X you say we can't be "so damn nationalistic". I ask why not? There should be no shame or hesitation in protecting Rasin interests to provide Rasin with the maximum benefits of the patrimony of their country. All peoples of the world protect their interests in a similar way - why should we be so timid in protecting ours? Especially when given our small size and therefore vulnerability to power hungry individuals like Michel who have manipulated our electoral rolls by including Fabrike voters in our elections and given Fabrike more opportunities, business or otherwise, in our own country than Rasin.

Patrick X, you protect the interests of "our new citizens" as you call them. I will not stand with you. I stand with the Rasin. I will use my skills and resources to protect Rasin interest and not Fabrike interests as you do, no matter how long these Fabrike have lived in Seychelles, and no matter how long Rasin have lived outside of Seychelles.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

We are assuming that "Patrick X" is a Seselwa Rasin.

He could very well be a Seselwa Fabrike, and comes from Yugoslavia or Czeh Republic.

I like this Rasin idea, it makes sense and is defendable and the right thing to do. Many SPPF feel this way, and we are unhappy with Michel as he is a sell out.

Kalifa's house is a symbol of what will happen to Seychelles. We will become a grave site for our own people with SPPF.

Lera Rosse

Anonymous said...

Khalifa's palace will stand as a monument for all to see,that the SPUP, SPPF, and Le Pep have sold their soul to corruption. Let them build it and we will not be allowed to forget what they have done, every time we look at it.
As for the Fabrike, please tell me CHRIS,what about all those expats who have invested here LEGALLY,WITHOUT CORRUPTION, EMPLOYING ONLY RASIN, STILL PAYING FOR THEIR GOP ON A YEARLY BASIS, CONTRIBUTING TO THE ECONOMY OF SEYCHELLES, what rights should they have? Should they not have a say in how the government runs the country especially if it directly affects their business and Livelihood? Don't judge all expats the same.

Anonymous said...

I reply to Expat-

I judge no expat under Gop working, investing in Seychelles.The issue is not foreigners in Seychelles working, it is fraudulent citizens on our electoral registry.

Under the Sesel Pou Seselwa philosophy, we will issue business visas to investors, not fake passports that create fake citizens.

Expats do not have a worry in the World with this philosophy or myself.

I am pro free market, pro investment, pro interaction across borders.

But perhpas above all, to my credit, well earned and paid for, you are dealing with a highly USA educated person, and not a guerrilla suit- AK-47 dictator.

We have had enough of that.

I may have my personal faults, but destroying business is not one of them. I want to build business exponentially, so Seychelles can be what it should be.

This is achievable in less then one generation.

When someone buys citizenship it is simple fraud.No actor can be allowed to benefit from his fraud.

This fraudulent practice is now rendering our electoral system defunct.

This is bad for business and it is bad for the long term stability and success of the Seychelles.

Hence, the need to correct the error imported deliberately by the P.P. and SPPF to remain in power and perpetuate the failure upon us all.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...


Why is a purchased citizenship worse than one that is obtained legally, but where the passport holder is not living in the country nor serving it in any way?

Don't get me wrong, I admire the fact that you're serving Seychelles 110%, no dispute there(to me you're doing more than the useless LOP who is only serving himself). I agree with you with most of your points but I still believe that you're sticking your hand in the bee-hive when you classify Seselwa the way you do and threaten the Fabrike. I haoppen to have a wife who one day may become a Seychelles citizen, i.e the day we return to settle. Would her membership be accepted to your party or would she too be a Fabrike?

I myself can't stand that twat Ramadoss and the likes of him, but we can't put all the Indians in one basket just because of Ramadoss and Siva. We do after all have Indians who are both first and second generation Seselwa Rasin as you'd put it, but born of Fabrike parents. Do their Rasin stick deep enough in the soil for your taste? And what about you who spent a major part of your life abroad? Are you good enough for the Seselwa Rasin?

Have a look in the history nooks, European history that is(you probably didn't learn any of that in USA) and look up Adolf Hitler who made rules and standards for the Germans. Hitler wasn't even a German Rasin, he was Austrian.

Patrick X

P.S.: I'm a Seselwa (De)Rasin(e) for those who are wondering.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

Though your last comment is directed to my brother Christopher, with his deference, I will chime in.

The question you pose is what happens to those "Indians" who are in Seychelles for several generations? The answer is simple. If they or their ancestors were in Seychelles prior to Independence, they and their descendants are Seychellois Rasin of Indian ancestry. Just like any other Rasin who may be of French or African ancestry or any other ancestry. If they were not Seychellois at independence they cannot claim Rasin status now. However, those Indians who cannot claim Rasin status must be allowed to remain and work in Seychelles since that benefits the entire country and it benefits Rasin intersts.

Your allusion to Hitler is troubling as it is the second time you have invoked racial classification to compare the classification of a Rasin vis-a-vis a Fabrike with racism. This is misleading. The Rasin designation includes people of all races and cultures all of which were adapted to form our distinct Seychellois Rasin language, culture, cuisine and people with a distinct identity. It includes persons of European, African and Asian ancestry of all colors and multiple religions. So Racin designation is not a racist designation and Rasin ideology is not a racist ideology. Rasin designation is an ethnic one and the ideology underpinning Rasin philosophy is nationalist philosophy, not racist one.

This kind of designation based on indigenous ethnicity is accepted in many international treaties and by many countries internationally. For instance an indigenous ethnic designation is not a violation of the United Nations Charter on Human Rights championed by Eleanor Roosevelt, an American, after World War II. In fact, the United Nations encourages the designation and protection of cultures associated with small indigenous groups such as Rasin.

Countries such as Norway, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Italy and countless others, designate their citizens based on ethnicity, but not race, in order to determine their rights to participate in the national affairs of the country. Even the United States, a country whose national story is one based on free immigration, restricts the right to be president to only those persons who were born an American. So analogizing the Rasin designation and ideology to Hitler's racist designations ideology is faulty and inacurate.

Finally, on the issue of individuals married to Rasin, and their rights to become naturalized Seychellois that you raised, I think that because of the strong likelihood of integrating spouses of Rasin into Rasin culture, there should be a method by which spouses of Rasin become naturalized Seychellois. If Christopher disagrees with me on this point I stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

I Reply To Patrick X-

The process of naturalization will not be struck from the books, it must be amended to ensure that Seselwa Rasins rights are protected and not reduced unreasonably in the naturalization process.

You ask me questions faster then I can write articles- almost.

My next article will be postedd soon and it handles your question regarding your spouse.

Briefly, though, spouses must be entitled to naturalization if they have lived in country -in marriage, for a statutory period. Currently it is 5 years. I believe this period should be increased to 10 years. You may differ.

However, this increase of time, will protect Seselwa Rasin, and end the abuse that many people endure with a Fabrike husband or wife, that gets a passport early, then divorces them and sends them packing. If it was the occasional incident, we could ignore it. But there seems to be a pattern to this activity.

These incidents, which are common, have an economic burden on society and affects the social fabric of our micro state.It affects children.

Mosts cases like this, the foriegn partner is trying to get land on his/her name by avoiding sanctions since buying a passport is cheaper.

You ask what is wrong with buying a passport.

Well, if you do not see anything wrong with buying Citizenship of your Country, I cannot answer that question for you. To do so would be a little like blowing gold dust into the wind for the sake of it.

On this one Patrick X- I leave you to your thoughts.

Perhaps others can log in and explain to Patrick X what is wrong with selling our citizenship around the world.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris and Leonard,

First a thanks for your replies, both of you have given good ones which I appreciate very much. I now have a better understanding of your views although i still think that you're(Chris) walking on thin ice with the Rasin theory. I brought the Hitler example out to illustrate an extreme case of 'Rasinism' and what it can lead to, but I'd like to state clearly that I am in no way accusing you of being anything like him.

I do agree that becoming a Seychellois is way too easy, especially when one can buy one's passport and where the majority of the money goes straight in the pockets of corrupt politcians like Rene & Co(yes, I'm sure JAM also got his share), but we also have top remember that others have gotten theirs through marriage and by fulfilling other requirements made by department of immigration, amongst those Indians who were bnorn and grew up in Seychelles despite being born of non-Rasin parents. Problem is that as a responsible politician, which I hope you are, one cannot sweep all new countrymen using the same broom and assume that they all are of Ramadoss' calibre. In my book being Seychellois means a bit more than merely being born in Seychelles. I know many Rasins who send their kids to International School and pretty much ban Creole at home, a disgrace and insult to their background to my opinion, but nevertheless accoring to your definition they are Rasin, but one can discuss wether or not they are betetr or worse than a hard working Fabrike who has obtained his passport through determinaton and the will to want to stay in Seychelles and contribute. I'd support you 100% if you were to say that those Fabrike who have merely obtained a passport through purchase and have never since set foot on our soil should automatically have their citizenship withdrawn, but thsoe who are living in Seychelles and working there, purchased passports or not, you cannot start treating like a disease.


Anonymous said...


I do see everything wrong with buying a passport, but take for instance the children of Radovan Krejcir(whom I despise most of all the Fabrikes woth purchased passports) whom I believe also have Seychelles passports. Should they be punished for the crimes of their criminal father? What about all of Rene's illegitimate kids? Should they be referred to as 'piti batar Rene' or do they deserve to be called by their given names?

What I do agree with you is that all Seychellois, Fabrike or not, should have to follow trhe law of the country or take the consequences of not doing so if trialed and found guilty. I do not agree that Fabrikes, Replantes or any other Seselwa should be above the law just because of his/her contacts. And I certainly do not agree that the crook Ramadoss should be protected due to his friendship with Rene or any other politician for that matter. Foor that I say put the bastard on trial and if found guilty for a single crime, send him back to whichever place he/she came from. And that applies to any foreigner who breaks our laws.

By the way, as far as I know(and have been told by people residing there), Norway, Sweden, Denmark makes no difference in ethnicity when it comes to the right to participate in national affairs. The only requirement is that the person is a legal resident(not necessarily citizen) of the country. For instance, one of the Norwegian ministers some years back was a French citizen, a black woman as a matter of fact, born in a French colony in the Carribean. Several of their politicians are of non Norwegian ethnicity, but either born there or came there as kids. So as a matter of fact, even an Indian born perosn with a Norwegian passport can become prime minister in Norway. The only public serving positions non Norwegian passpor holders are not permitted to have are within the police and army. Foreigners in Norway are in fact so protected that when a 'fabrike' commits a crime the papers will write 'A Norwegian citizen with XXXX-background has been charged and convicted of....'.

Remember, racism, or what some may define as it, is dynamite! You really don't want that going off in your face. You need the support of those foreigners Chris, even those 'pti fam IOT enporte'.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

Thank you for your well written and well reasoned article.

However, I disagree with your basic premise. That someone who derives their citizenship from a Fabrike parent by virtue of living in and contributing to Seychelles is now Seychellois, or that a Rasin who refuses to speak creole in their home is automatically less Rasin or Seychellois. On this point you either agree that Seychelles belong to Rasin or you do not no matter what that Rasin does, acts, says or thinks.

If you believe that Seychelles belongs to Rasin, there is no compromise on this point. Much like the Jewish people believe that Israel belongs to them, no matter how many centuries of exile has passed. The converse is also true.

The Fabrikes who derive citizenship from their Fabrike parent benefit from an injustice that is only enhanced by allowing it to continue. And this state of affairs is a continuing injustice that must be corrected and not a historical one that may be forgiven or overlooked.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

While no one I am aware of advocates removal of Fabrike from our country Fabrike cannot participate in the political affairs of our country and claim to be its citizens. While their civil rights must be scrupulously observed, like any other resident in our country, they cannot and should not be allowed to vote and claim citizenship in our country. This is not punishing a person for the sins of his parents which is not right it is redressing a continuing injustice to Seychellois Rasin (that is why I never call anyone a "bastard" as a noun whether his or her father is Rene or anyone else). Rasinism is about preserving our people, our sovereignty, our democracy, liberty and culture from abuse and betrayal by power hungry politicians like Rene/Michel who have sold us out to Fabrike and flooded our country with Fabrike so that now our politicians are afraid to defend Rasin interests because they fear insulting "powerful" Fabrike.

As you suggest, the SPPF/PP have engineered a situation that now requires any politician trying to get elected to rely on the IOT Fabrike votes in order to gain power. How did we come to this point? The fact that you now argue that Chris "needs them" is irrefutable proof that we need to change this situation rather than accommodate it as you advocate.

You say that Fabrike, like no one else, should be above the law. But at present, many Fabrike are above the law in Seychelles because they are protected from the law by highly placed government officials who are bribed by them to protect them and place them above the law. In return the Fabrike vote to return these same politicians to power who in turn protect them from equal treatment under the law. This is the culture of corruption I previously referenced that the PP Fabrike system has created and fostered. So if you are for Rasin interests you are in favor of equal treatment under the law since that is the only way we will establish a political system and elect political leaders who will respect the concept that the rule of law is paramount.

Moreover, it is not unusual for an ethnic group to protect its interests as we are advocating. Take the example you gave of the Norwegians. In their case, as you state, they limit participation of their naturalized citizens in their army and their police. These limits are what works for them. In our case, due to our small size, we cannot allow Fabrike to participate in our elections and expect to develop a genuine democratic tradition in our country. Like the Norwegians we must ensure that the contributing Fabrike can live and work in Seychelles under work permits with their rights fully protected, but they must not be entitled to obtain citizenship in Seychelles which must always be limited to Seychellois Rasin only.

Patrick X while you disclaim that you are equating Rasinism with racism you again made the analogy to racism when discussing Rasinism. You are therefore guilty of making a dishonest argument to promote your views.

Seychellois Rasin are of all colors, all religions and derive from many nationalities. Rasinism therefore cannot be racism if all races are included. You have overlooked the basic point that racism requires persecution based on race as a prerequisite for it to be called racism. Rasinism is nationalism not racism. We should not be ashamed to be nationalistic and militant in protecting Rasin interests.

When we have protected our interests, we will see to protecting the interests of the English, Americans, Chinese, Swiss and everyone else just as the Norwegians have done. Rasin interests must however come first, just like in Norway, where Norwegian interests come first.

Anonymous said...

Fair points Leonard and well said regarding protecting national interests where I agree completely, but:

I disagree on the methods Chris propose in order to eliminate the problem. I believe more in minimalizing the damage rather than eliminating the Fabrikes.

I'll have to be brief here, but will get back to you all later.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I understand the temptation to use gradualism to address this increasing and festering Fabrike problem. Often gradualism and patient reflection is the better course of action.

However, in some cases, especially in extremis, or in an emergency situation, decisive, quick, thorough action is often the better course. The festering Fabrike problem is such an emergency requiring decisive and thorough action to resolve. It is a problem that is so large and growing larger by the day that it has throughly infected our body politic and our ability to enjoy the patrimony of our own country.

Since your goal Patrick X is to limit the damage to our country when handling the Fabrike problem, I submit to you Patrick X, that decisively removing the Fabrike from our citizenship and voter rolls and deporting those who vote in our elections is the best method to limit the damage to all sectors of our country by the Fabrike. For this reason I fully support Christopher's approach as the best approach for us Rasin and our interests.

By the way, most people call me Francis even though my first name is Leonard.

Anonymous said...

Hello Francis,

I still disagree with your proposed method, but do understand that extreme measures require extreme methods. The question is wether or not all this is extreme and which extreme consequences an extradiction of all(or some) Fabrikes may result in.

On the other hand I can tell you here and now that the Fabrike votes are not enough to topple the election results to the OP's favour. Thinking that is as absurd as saying that the PL will lose if diaspora Rasins were to be allowed to vote in the prezidential election.

I for one am living abroad, like many other Rasins and Derasines, but at the momemt I wouldn't give the OP my vote until they can prove that they are a better option. And I can assure you that I'm not the only one with that opinion.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Patrick X
You finally got your claim to fame as THE PEOPLE paper compliments you on your constant disparaging comments about Ramkalawan on this blog. JJ will be proud of you.

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I am glad we agree on one central point. That is, that extreme measures require extreme counter measures.

Our point of disagreement is whether the Fabrike issue is an emergency extreme situation in Seychelles requiring extreme counter measures such as revoking their claims to be Seselwa and preventing them from voting in our future elections. It is my opinion that the number of Fabrike in our country who are on the voter rolls, the number of Fabrike who have been given concessionary business terms and preferential jobs Rasin can do, the number of Fabrike who are being given houses by the Government, the number of Fabrike who have been given social services while Rasin are asked to cut back and the number of Fabrike who are protected from full and fair application of the laws in our country, is an extreme situation that requires immediate extreme counter measures.

Now, on the issue of whether the Fabrike can change the outcome of an election making it inherently unfair. It is my opinion that the Fabrike and the fraudulent votes on our electoral rolls do in fact provide the PP with an unfair advantage in elections and when combined was the margin of victory in the last election, and will be again in this election. But that is not the only reason Fabrike should not vote in our elections.

Fabrike should not vote in our elections because they have no right to vote in our elections. They are counterfeit Seychellois who should not have an official voice in the running of our country. They should not have the Seychellois citizenship they claim. That right belongs solely to Seselwa Rasin. On the other hand, overseas Seselwa Rasin should be allowed to vote because that is their inalienable right - or their God given right, if you are a religious person. This is regardless of who they chose to vote for.

As you stated in another comment, when you were overseas for an extended period of time you remained "Seychellois at heart". That is a sign of a budding Seychellois Patriot even if you now serve Fabrike interests. When you were overseas your Seychellois heart should have been recognized and given a right to vote.

As you intimate, some or most of those overseas Seselwa Rasin may vote for the PP. That is their right. But their right to vote must be respected and honored. Overseas Seychellois' right to vote does not and should not depend on who they might vote for. It must be recognized and remain inviolable throughout time no matter what are their political views.

On the issue of a viable opposition government, we Rasin will work that out between us. Those who oppose the corrupt and incompetent PP governemnt will have to convince Seselwa Rasin, like yourself, that they can govern. I submit that a competent slate of individuals can be presented to the people to gain their confidence that an opposition party can govern. Given the incompetence of the PP and the traitorous conduct of the PP selling out our country to the Fabrike, it is hard to govern worse than the PP have done. Especially if the potential opposition government promises to keep the current Rasin civil service intact and thereby guaranty continuity of the government and the social services that currently exists in our country.

But that replacement government must be an effort undertaken by all Rasin Patriots. For instance, will you serve a Rasin government to replace the PP? If you say yes and disclose who you are, your name can be added to the roster of individuals who will govern after Seselwa Rasin have removed the corrupt Judas PP Fabrike supported government from power. In this step by step way we can derive a better alternative to the PP.

But first the Fabrike must go from our voter rolls and we will work on preventing fraudulent PP voters from voting.

Anonymous said...


I believe that most of the people in the PL are Rasin give a take a few Plantes and Replantes. Who I elect is not abut their origin, it's about what I believe they can do for me and the country I live in.

So to your question as to wether or not I'd vote a Rasin government to get reid of the PL(current Rasin govt) my answer is:

Yes, but if and if only that Rasin(I assume you are referring to a 100% Seychelles govt) is a better option than the current.

I hope that answers your question and at the same time reminds you that the current option is to my opinion not what I personally define as a better option. And while Chris is waiting for Boulle to start a new circus where he can join in as trapeze artist, the better option for Seychelles remains imfortunately the PL, a circus in a class of its own who has a castrated bear from another circus as their pet.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

First of all I do not recognize your distinction of Rasin as Plante or Replante. There is only Rasin. That is because a persons status as Rasin is not a personal status but one derived from his or her ancestry. It is derived from the generations before them that lived and died in Seychelles and who in one form or another created the Secyhellios people andculture. So those definitions you stated betrays an ignorance of this basic philosophy.

A Rasin government is not only composed of Rasin it is one which promotes Rasin interests over those of Fabrike. Therefore the current government is not a Rasin government. It is a government of Fabrike collaborators. So it is incorrect to describe the current collaborators as a Rasin government.

I ask you Patrick X, can any other government do worse for us? Could they betray and sell us more quickly than the Michel Collaborators havedone? Could they have bankrupted us more thoroughly? Could they be more corrupt and incompetent?

Therefore, the question is still posed to you if you will join a Rasin government and not serve a government that collaborates to sell out our country? A replacement government must begin with us - with you and your participation. So will you commit? You cannot expect Christopher to do it all on his own. You must do your part as must I.

Anonymous said...

Put it this way:

As of today there is no better option so until there is, my standpoint remains. And yes, I believe we will be worse off with immature politicians who cannot see the forest for all the trees, for instance politicians who do not think before they open their mouth and blurt out nonsense and thoughtless suggestions without giving their consequences a single thought.

I hope that answers your question.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

Your comment does answer some of my questions - but the answers are troubling since they betray a fundamental dishonesty.

You state that there is no better option to the PP no matter how corrupt they are, no matter how incompetent they are, no matter that they are selling our country to Fabrike, no matter if they have committed untold atrocities against the Seychellois people, yet, you will not join any effort to remove them from power.

Your position is morally indefensible. You simply are a complainer and expect others to do all the hard work to fix the problems you have eloquently described with the current government, and for that matter the opposition. Think for a moment what kind of a person would take such a position.

The other conclusion besides the fact that you do not live up to your ideals, is that you are one of the people in power, and like most dictatorships, you are using the lack of a credible opposition as an excuse for you to stay in power longer. This is the most likely conclusion since we both know when Seychellois are no longer persecuted for joining an opposition government many capable Seychellois will come out of the woodwork to help out both inside and outside Seychelles.

Anonymous said...


Has it ever struck your mind that I am not an eminent MNA or have anything to do with the government whatsoever? OK, The People quoted some of my opinions, but does that really make me someone high up in the system?

Why can't I just be a regular fellow with a mind of his own? Now that is why you(opposition) are losing out big time: you simply assume that anyone who doesn't share your view is a PL and immediately exclude them from your boys club.

When the PL meets a person who disagrees with them they try to convert the person. You guys shut them out and exclude them from your inner circle just like you are excluding me and anyone else who dares criticize you. Now what kind of 'better option' is that?

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I will never exclude anyone from joining or accepting Rasin-ist ideology. You can still join now. You can still join anytime you decide that this is a principle you can accept. So the door is never shut to you as you suggest. The door is always open to all, even reformed Fabrike or reformed Fabrike collaborators.

Moreover, I for one have never feared an open, respectful, honest debate on any issue. It is in this free marketplace of ideas that we obtain the best ideas to benefit our country. As a result, I have appreciated your contributions. But that does not mean I have to accept or agree with what you have to say, or that I should not be equally honest with you about your positions and posture as you are or have been with me. So I do not think there is a need for you to be as defensive as you exhibited in your last comment. We are simply exchanging sincerely held viewpoints that I hope will continue.

If Seselwa Rasin-ism is not a principle you can accept, then you have excluded yourself from us Rasin-ists. Though, I will continue to do my best to convince you that our viewpoint is correct and yours is not. You I am sure, will do your best to convince me that your point of view supporting Fabrike claims to be Seychellois is correct. Since in my view Fabrike are not "new citizens" or any kind of legitimate citizens of our country you could say I too have excluded myself from the group that support Fabrike rights - your group. In that sense I have excluded myself from your group of Fabrike collaborators as much as you have excluded yourself from us Rasin-ist Patriots. But I do not feel excluded from your group - it is not a group I want to join or in which I want to be included; so I cannot feel excluded from it.

So when you say you have been excluded, it implies a desire to join. Perhaps you secretly want to join us Rasin-ists. But you can simply join - you need not be excluded - you need not secretly sympathize with us; you can join us openly and be included. Or, if that kind of openness is inconvenient for you, you can join us in your heart and mind and feel included and a Rasin-ist as well. That will be fine too.

What I do take issue with is that you do not live up to your principles. That is not right. If you criticize, as is your absolute right to do, in my view, you also have a responsibility to do what is necessary and are able to do to address the criticisms you have made. If you think, as you say, that the PP are a bunch of corrupt murderers who deserve to be thrown out, what will you do to throw them out? Given that you refuse to accept any responsibility to make right what you say is wrong with the PP or the opposition, can you be anything else but a PP supporter or official masquerading as an independent minded gentleman? While I do not have a problem if you are PP official or supporter at whatever level, if that is the case, you should just say so openly and honestly. Then we can continue our open, free dialogue in an honest open atmosphere. Alternatively, you can say you wish to criticize but do not wish to take absolutely any steps or responsibility whatsoever to address the criticisms you have made. I can accept that too. In either case we both will have clarity about each others positions and posture that will be more conducive to a righteous debate that will ultimately benefit our country.

Anonymous said...

Hello Francis,

Point taken. I'll just refer to my post under

'Seychelles Becoming a Colony under Michel Administration'

Where I dispute Rasinism. I'm sure you'll understand my point, but hey, I see your points too. :-)


Patrick X

Anonymous said...

By the way, I repeat again:

I am no PL official, nor a public figure in Seychelles. I am not even in Seychelles nor have the right to vote although I believe that my vote is utilized. And I'm certainly not Patrick Herminie or Patrick Pillay or even a Patrick. It's just a pseudo as I rather like the name which reminds me of a priest I had at school, one of the few priests I've ever gotten along with.

That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

I understand you say you are not a PL official or an employee of the Government of Seychelles. I take you at your word.

However, you are still dodging the question of what you personally intend to do to redress the grievances you have so eloquently stated against the PP Government and the opposition leadership. So what will it be Patrick X? Will you or won't you help? If so what will you do?

Secondly, I understand your Fabrike collaborationist philosophy. I obviously disagree that Fabrike can or ever will have any rights to be called a Seychellois or should vote in our elections, and I obviously believe that your position and arguments are completely flawed.

But I defend your right to state your position even if it is completely wrong and illogical. It is my belief that even a misguided and illogical position helps to further clarify a logical and a correct one.

In that sense you have and will continue to assist us Seselwa Rasin-ists.

Anonymous said...


I will help anyone who means the best for Seychelles and/or is the best option for Seychelles. I'll give you my word for that, be the person James Michel, Wavel Ramkalawan, James Mancham or Christopher Gill.

Unfortunately for your camp right now I disagree with some of your views as I sincerely believe that they will harm Seychelles in the long run, for example the Fabrike passport issue. As to Ramkalawan's camp he's not doing anything, neither for Seychelles nor for SNP so I've given up completely on him. Volcere is another joke and good for nothing not even worth giving a thought to. So what's left?

As of today there is only one party left(considering the above) and until there are choices worth evaluating I guess I'll help the one who is doing something. Think about what I wrote in a few blogs back where I stated that if I were in the middle of the ocean meet a pirate skiff. Join them I'm probably screwed, but at least I have a chance of reaching land. Deny them and I'm definetely screwed. I believe Chris had the same dilema back in 98 when he crossed th floor and joined the pirate skiff so he could reach land. I don't blame him.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X.

Perhaps I do not understand your logic. So let me restate your position so you can correct me if I have misunderstood it.

You would rather vote for a group of "pirates" who have stolen from us Seselwa Rasin, tortured our citizens, brough foreign troops to ur shore to kill Seselwa Rasin, brought us to international bankruptcy, sold our passports to the most notorious international criminals, stuffed the voter rolls with fraudulent voters and counterfeit Seychellois Fabrike, replaced Seychellois with expats in our police force and elsewhere and paid them exorbitant sums, given to Fabrike houses and social security payments, while 25% of the Seselwa Rasin population is at or below the food poverty level ie: they barely have enough to eat nutritional meals daily, sold vast tracks of our homeland to foreigners for SCR 1 and you cannot find any common ground with Rasin-ists to fix these problems because you want Fabrike to have a Seychellois passport? Is that correct?

You say you would rather get in a pirate boat that will take you to shore rather than die at sea. You assume the Pirates will take you to shore. I submit the pirates are likely to cut the meat off your bones and keep you alive while they do it, so they can feed themselves and get themselves to shore at your expense, and when they see a shoreline on the horizon they are likely to slice your throat and toss your used body overboard.

While it might seem like the smart thing to get in the pirate's skiff, a wiser man knows he is better off swimming as long as he can, on his own, and to look for a piece of driftwood or other flotation aid out in the open ocean to latch onto and take the chance to drift to shore. You will have a greater chance of ariving alive on your own than breaking bread with pirates.

You want to willingly get in this "pirate's skiff". My brother was dragged in at gunpoint. There is a big difference between willingly swallowing poison and being forced to do so. You are doing it willingly but all the while arguing how you really would prefer to live and prosper.

You should rethink your position. It undermines the credibility of your critiques.

Anonymous said...

To all the Dudes & Dudettes out there contributing on this blog...
I do not understand all these back and forth arguments on these issues while we are all being screwed - left right and center - in our own country. 'Cabri pe manz salad banla!' Aret zwe intelektyel! Let us do something about this sorry situation that we are in. The current regime has sold us out and there is no turning back. Michel and Rene played the fiddle post coup d'etat that foreigners were invading us under the banner of 'Sesel Pou Seselwa'. So they resorted to a coup to redress the situation. Now that we have a brainless president perpetrating the same misdeed, we need to say enough is enough and put a stop to this in a free and fair democratic way - vote him and his clique out!!
OR, perhaps we need another COUP D'ETAT to set things right?
Pa les nou ganny embete zot!!

Anonymous said...


It's more about the choice between choosing to die without taking medicine or taking an untested drug and have a chance of survival, but also risk getting side effects.

That's my logic, but yes, I'd rather be 'safe' on a pirate's skiff than afloat on a used inner tube from an old tyre where the sharks can get me.

That's my logic and believe me, I've looked for a party that can function as coastguard, but havn't seen any so far. So the pirates are my best chance of survival, even at gunpoint like your brother experienced. It was his best chance of survival was it not? Sounds logical to me.

Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X:

Your logic is flawed. When my brother got into the skiff he would have certainly died if he did not get in. Faced with the immediate certainty of death he chose the possibility of surviving. So getting in the skiff was his best chance of survival, and by virtue of his extraordinary skill and maneuvering, he lived to fight another day. He is now fighting another day. My brother never intended to surrender like you do.

This absolute certainty of death if you do not get into the pirate's skiff is simply not the situation we currently face today. Now the opposite is true. If you go with your PP pirate Collaborator friends, you know we Seselwa Rasin will perish as a people - on the inner-tube we Rasin and our culture have a chance to survive. But our survival is not your concern because that is never a concern of a Fabrike Collaborator.

The PP are selling out our country to Fabrike at an increasing rate as each day goes by. The opportunity to stop them dwindles by the day.

If you get into the skiff with the PP Pirate Collaborators you help them to sell out our country to the Fabrike. You help them to make it more possible that the likes of Ramados will one day become President of Seychelles.

But since you are a Fabrike Collaborator, I understand how you might think that a President Ramados is easier to accept than doing what is necessary now to stop this possibility from becoming a fact. It should not even be a possibility in our country. But there is a real possibility of a President Ramados because of your friends the PP Pirates, and because of your efforts to break bread with other Fabrike Collaborators in a joint effort to give our country away to Fabrike like Ramados.

Throughout history, it has been the Collaborators who did the most harm to their indigenous people. Apparently it is no different in your case and with your PP Collaborator friends.

Anonymous said...

Ok Francis,

I say I am no colaborator, you say I am. I say I am no traitor, you say I am. I say I see the PL as the better option, you say I am a PL man. I say one cannot take away citizenships obtained legally(however dodgy, but still legally) you say I'm a Rasin colaborator.

I guess we're both right in each our way and that we have to agree that we disagree on certian matters. I am therefore leaving this discussion as it is getting rather boring and becoming a discussion between the two of us since the other debaters have already realized that we are getting nowhere here, but going in circles.

Good luck with your campaign. I don't have one to run, only opinions on various matters. hell I don't even have the right to vote in Seychelles.

Looking to debate on other subjects in other threads. As for this one, I'm done with it. You know where I stand, I know where you stand and knowing where you guys stand I don't feel it's right to give you support on this matter, but that doesn't mean I can't support you on other matters. Just for the record. :-)


Patrick X

Leonard Francis Gill said...

Patrick X'

I do not understand the extreme frustration you expressed in this comment. In my opinion it is not warranted.

In my opinion our exchanges of opinion in this free, open and fair forum has been anything but "going in circles". The discussions have elaborated and contrasted Fabrike Collaborationist ideology that you hold with the Seselwa Rasin-ist ideology that I hold. In that sense your position has been invaluable to promoting Rasin-ism. And perhaps you feel the same about your Fabrike Collaborationist ideas as well. A democratic exchange of this kind is often viewed as tedious by those who are not used to being contested and contested successfully. So just because I challenge your views on each point you make does not make our discussions tedious. It makes it possible for readers now and in the future to contrast our positions in all respects and make a decision who has presented the more logical more clear and overall better solutions for the development of Rasin rights in their own country.

While I am slightly disappointed about your stated intentions to withdraw from this battlefield of ideas, I am confident that I will meet with and cross ideas with you in other forum where you will be present to promote Fabrike Collaborationist ideals. Till then - Adieu.


This is indeed and outrage.


This is indeed an outrage!
How did we fall so low?


This is indeed an outrage! How did we fall so low?

Anonymous said...

Hello all, I was kinda surfing the net about Sheik khalifa and i found this blog... quite interesting.... especially mr x and mr gill's debates.... Its that mr X has left because he has a point.... Do any of you guys actually live in Seychelles? ..

Situation at La Misere... Yea, it was sold for R1 ( + housing at perseverance, 2 electric generators, dignostic center, a soon to be built dam, sewage treatment at la misere... probably some tshirts for the PP rallys....) so technically its not one ruppee... So what if the sewage leaked? Im sure after theyve been paid off the people at la misere will be happy... Human nature.... The only bad thing happening at la misere is that for money we are sacrificing our beauty ... but then again this has become the norm for Seychelles, Hotel developments and so on.... Ive always believed that there is one race and thats the human race... dont discriminate... "so the guys building an ugly eyesore at la misere... its almost done.. we cant unbuild it.. so lets stop complaining and actually try and fix or change what we can...

The Opposition wont win the next election simply because they have become outdated. They use to complain and give ideas... well wake up and smell the coffee SPPF has changed names to PP, revampled and ideology and theyre actually doing smething be it that they were forced too. but they are actually trying to fix the mess they got us in... The opposition is just singing the same old song over and over again... and u knw what happens with that after a while people are gonna tired of all that crap....

Mr X uve got a point.....

Too many foreigners in Seychelles, well vice versa too many Seychellois away from Seychelles...

I am a returning grad, working in this country that has gone from a paradise tropical laid back island were it use to be fun to grow up to a now fast paced based society, with more crime, a red light zone, heroin, grumpy irish guys with guns, totally useless public servants ........the list goes on...

Ive got complaints.. millions of them... but i work, i make a living, i change what is in my power to change... but for now, SNP wont do it for me... and instead of gaining in popularity ... i would say its losing...

Some of these reforms are good... PP has there faults but they are trying... whereas SNP is pe Zis bat kalot dan tou keksoz...

Sorry for my Essay.. I was inspired....

Wake up and smell the coffee... !

Call me Che!

Anonymous said...

For a fascinating and declassified view of Seychelles in the 1980's, you should post the American Ambassador's oral history which can be found at

Anonymous said...

I hear about this monsterous building being at La Misere, Oh my god, I cried my eyes out when I saw it from my recent visit to Seychelles. How can this be allowed in our beautiful country. These people are destroying away the beauty of Seychelles and turning it into little Dubai. The government is getting too cosy with the Arab and Russian. For example at North East Point there is also an unfinished monsterous building, why can the government do something about it. The Russian is turning Beau Vallon into a little russian state and so is the Arab turning La Misere and Barbarons into Arab state. Soon we will be having Arab / russian passport. why is this government selling so much of the state lands to foreign and also allow them to build so high. I suppose very little to the people of Seychelles and millions into their Swiss bank accounts.

I also hear from the people of Seychelles that the Sheikh does use the custom nor Immigration when he visit seychelles on his private jet, why is this allowed. These people can bring into our country what they like and why!!!!

Sally Foe

Anonymous said...

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