Tuesday, October 27, 2009


If there was any doubt that the SPPF, SPUP, JJ or whatever they are calling themselves today are paranoid ingrates, the short story I am about to tell should remove all doubt.

About 4 years ago my older brother Francis was considering moving part time to his home here in Seychelles. Francis loves Seychelles and wanted to return and contribute to his country’s advancement and development. He purchased and packed a container full of household goods and shipped it to Seychelles. When the goods arrived at the Port, he appeared to claim his container. Present were at least 30 armed personnel from the Army, State House, State Security and various other agencies. I was present as well. We were both told that there was to be a personal search of every item in the container.

Several SPPF goons then went through the container. Even to the extent of unscrewing air conditioners and dismantling water heaters. Every item was so thoroughly searched and dismantled that when they were done, numerous screws and bolts lay on the ground – the SPPF goons can’t do anything right, not even remove screws and put them back where they took them out.

All the furniture and other items in the container, including some very valuable couches, were strewn out on the tarmac while rain pored down on the items. Again the SPPF goons can’t do anything right. You would think they would have a cheap piece of plastic on hand to cover items they have out in the open just in case of this kind of rain shower. While every Seychellois knows there are frequent rain showers in Seychelles, and therefore a piece of plastic is essential when you don’t have a proper warehouse to conduct these searches, nevertheless, the SPPF goon’s could not figure out this basic point and make basic preparations. So all my brother’s hard earned personal items were drenched out on the tarmac and some of which were ruined. Not even an apology was forthcoming from the goon squad. My brother was already considered guilty in their eyes and destroying his property was just punishment for his crimes they thought.

Both my brother and I were at a loss as to what was going on. We just assumed this is one more miserable method of victimization by the SPPF, retaliating against me for bringing their sordid corruption and incompetence to the disinfecting sunshine of daylight before the people of Seychelles.

After this ordeal, both my brother and I thought the matter was finally laid to rest. Well it wasn’t. We went for a lunch burger at the Berjaya and to unwind and relax – only to be surrounded by a cadre of SPPF armed goons. Obviously these goons were sent to frighten and to intimidate us. But we assumed this was further evidence of SPPF’s effort to victimize me for airing my views. So, we ignored the goons and finished our lunch.

I then received a call from the head goon and was told that my brother’s container would have to be searched once more. I protested. The head good informed me that there were arms in the container. I said if there were arms you would have found it since you pulled everything in the container apart with dozens of men.

Despite my protests the container was searched again without my brother’s consent. He had two valuable drums he had acquired in Mindanao and were about 2.5 meters in height. The covers on both drums were shredded to bits – nothing inside. Again we thought this was the end of this matter. It was not. The SPPF, despite two thorough searches of the container, insisted that there must be invisible arms in the container they, with their limited abilities, could not find – but they were there, they insisted. So it was again searched a third time. Still no arms. No doubt the SPPF goons must have concluded, by now, that my brother had invented a cloaking devise similar to the ones the Romulans use on the science fiction movie Star Track to cloak his weapons, making them invisible to the limited vision of the SPPF goons.

Needless to say with this level of harassment my brother decided to postpone his plans to live in his own country.

Recently, my brother’s father Peter Gill passed away. For those who do not remember, Peter Gill was a founding member of the Executive Committee of the SPUP. He financed some of the SPUP’s first activities that allowed them to become an established political movement. Albert Rene, the coup leader, dictator and architect of Tanzanian massacres of Seychellois, was given his first decent suit to wear to represent Seychelles at the OAU by Peter Gill, when he was seeking independence for Seychelles. Peter Gill for years paid for the printing of the People newspaper – the main newspaper for the SPUP and now the SPPF or whatever they’re called.

After all this, the SPPF ran him out of Seychelles and confiscated his businesses. They did this because Peter Gill spoke the truth to the SPUP and told them they were betraying the ideals of the party. He told them that he did not invest his hard earned money and his time in the party to see the leaders turn into corrupt murderous criminals who have used the State for their personal benefit and abused the people. We all know what happens to people who challenge SPPF corruption, incompetence, violence and abuse of power – they are imprisoned, harassed, murdered or run out of their own country.

So, Peter Gill lived and died in exile away from his beloved Seychelles. Vowing to return and live in Seychelles only after the SPPF traitors were no longer in power. However, on his death bed, his dying request was for him to be cremated and to have his ashes scattered in Seychelles.

By now you are wondering what does Peter Gill’s death have to do with invisible arms. Well my brother made the promise to bring Peter Gill’s ashes to Seychelles and plans on doing so this December.

A confidential patriot, the same reliable patriot who notified me of the SPPF scheme to plant drugs in my car, recently informed me that the SPPF still considers my brother a “threat” due to the Romulan cloaked invisible arms, and that it would be best if he did not come to Seychelles – even if it is for the purpose of scattering the ashes of an SPUP founding member. I was told the SPPF intend to inflict harm on my brother. This is another classic example of SPPF “Goonsmanship” that they perfected from their communist instructors.

If the SPPF has evidence that a Seychellois has committed an offense against the State they should bring it before the Courts, where the evidence must be publicly presented and reviewed. But since their evidence is invisible they must resort to tactics of intimidation. This is a fundamental problem we as a people must once and for all resolve. We must remove the SPPF from power and establish true democracy and the rule of law in our country.

Never again should our government intimidate and harass its citizens on the basis of rumours and suppositions. We are citizens entitled to be respected under the law by our government. We as a people must make the SPPF respect our right to be free from intimidation and to be ruled by laws and not their whims, rumors and paranoia. All Seychellois must have the right to pursue their happiness and enjoy their liberty without fear of arbitrary violence from their government. We must make this ideal a reality for our country. We must throw the bums out in the coming election.

May God Bless Seychelles and All Freedom Loving Seychellois! Christopher Gill


Anonymous said...

In our democracy it is the majority's vote who decide which party stays and which party stays aside. I suggest that in order to remove the SPPF(now called PL in case you havn't noticed), you and your fellow opposing politicians get together and start campaigning now so you have a chance in the 2016 election because the 2011 is already a PL win.

Anonymous said...

Albert Rene is good at using people and then throwing them away when he has finished using them. Hodoul, Ferari,Lucas,Bonte and all other coup detat gang.He is a bastard and I hope he goes to hell soon. Michel will be next as he was part of all these problems too.

Anonymous said...

The truth will be revealed! True patriots are not those who seek to hold on to power at all costs! Time indeed is not on their (LP) side! Have faith brother! Time to pay the piper will come for sure and REAL democratic change to the Seychelles will be realised.

Anonymous said...

I respond to the first comment by an SPPF now PP. Your abreviation of your party name cannot be PL.This is incorrect use of language and violate basic principles of abreviation use.

You are making this stuff up. Read on.

P=Parti(Party) L= Le (The), Pep. Your name in abreviation is P.P. Parti (Le) Pep!

If you forget,everytime you Pee Pee think of it in case you forget "PP". In the elections scream vot pou P.P.!

Your primitive understandiong of democracy, places your intellectual caliber and acumen in the P.P. District Branch office making tea.

A Democracy by majority rule is what every democracy should aspire to achieve. However, majority cannot rule over the silence of others, when for example, 30,000 Seychellois cannot vote, 2. 15,000 foreigners are naturalized by a political party, and GOP (Work Permit) workers go vote, and ID cards are bought in the cooling off period from drug addicts, and drunks, and old vulnerable people.

Majority, cannot rule when they use state funds to control Media exclusively, or use court cases to sue papers for opposing views.

Majority rule is irrelevant my poor P.P. when $2.4 Billion is missing from our banking system,according to IMF and a minority of your party took most of it (most likely). Audit the $2.4 Billion and let's see about your Majority.

A Party cannot claim majority rule when it rule by ak-47's. Look what you did this week to those poor fisherman at Roche Caiman. Shame on you.

Your kind of lame thinking is what is sinking Seychelles today P.P..

Keep on writing. You are welcome to comment, even if you are lost.But do your best, don't settle for less. If you cannot write, hire a blogger from New York to do your work, like you usually do.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

In a democracy, Mr Gill, one's opinion is respected but not necessarily agreed with. I am sure that you do not know how to write Creole, but differeing from French our mother tingue tends to put words together to make one word, for instance "lepep". In French that would be "Le Peupe", i.e two words. So I believe that the PL have got it quite right when they call themselves PL. Had we been French speaking it would have been "PP" or maybe "PdP", Partie du Peupe". Your arrogance is I believe what is preventing you from getting support from the "pep", that's people. I believe that when you set your feet on Seychelles soil again after spending time abroad(in the U.S. of A) you could not speak a word of Creole. Now you can, which is a great achievement, but your arrogancy and lack of tolerance of other's opinion will get you nowhere i politics unless you choose to do the same as France Albert Rene did to get power.

The fact that diaspora Seychellois are not allowed to vote has been up for discussion on several occasions and is undoubtedly a relic of Albert Rene's paranoia of being outvoted by exilees(free-willing or not). There is however another aspect that few have thought about and understand, yourself included, namely the cost and logistics involved of voting abroad. If you think that the PL cheats during domestic voting then you have another thing coming young man.

Anyhow, I dare say that I do have a good understanding of democracy and sincerely believe in it despite beign a very inefficient way of rule under certain circumstances, but that's another discussion. But while we are in the process of definign democracy I would appreciate if you could clarify for us wether or not the previous prezident of the U.S of A, your beloved country of adoption, won his first election by winning a majority of the votes or not. If you remember as well as I do, you would know that he didn't have the support of the majority of voters. On the contrary, I would say that the election result back in 2000 was against all democratic principles. I'd even go further making a comparison with Zimbabwe's 2008 election where the one who got the majority of votes did not win the prezidency. Food for thought Mr Gill.

Now there is no need for yours truly to hire a blogger to get his opinion through as it has been achieved, and that with utter success judging that it resulted in a long reply from Christopher Gill himself.

You have obviously not the slightest clue with regards to my ID or even where I am writing from. I can reveal to you that I havn't the faintest idea of what happened to those fishermen you mention, but I'd like to know. So if you could clarify it would be appreciated. Your attack of yours truly simply shows what you and the rest of the opposition are made of. You attack and accuse without the slightest evidence in the good old dictator style we all remember so well. In other words, you're made of the same PP or should I say PooPoo that the one you criticise most is made of. Shame on you Chris, not me as I am a simple Seychellois diaspora excercising my freedom of speech.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

By the way, a trick I learned from an old timer: Copy of your reply in addition to mine is saved safely so it can later be used to kick your ass in case you choose to delete it. That way we can all see what you're made of.

Anonymous said...

I reply to Patrick X an arrogant P.P.

In French we do not add a preposition "Le" to a noun "Pep".

In Creole, when you say you are "just adding words together, you are making that up aswell.

We are Seychellois, not idiots. P.P. stands.

Your SPPF bred arrogance is becoming of a well trained apprentice.

Your lies and decption over the cost of allowing Seychellois from voting in an election is simply a false diversion to prevent them from voting, because that will cost P.P. a vote.

Today, Patrick X, we have computers. Voter registration is done online and by computer even in Afganistan and Zimbabwe. It makes the effort that much easier.

The talk of arrogance is a common attack I get from you P.P. people.
I am not arrogant. I am assertive. Under Rene of course, being assertive was called arrogance. The communist system you espouse, that has bankrupted us, labeled assertive people as arrogant. Another vestige of the Gran Blan which you SPPF P.P. adhere to.

You are not liberators of the creoles like myself. You are the slave managers that earn a living off people's enslavement.

I welcome you to increase your profile, make more comments as you wish. It will be printed and loaded. As you comment, we will see where the Truth rests with your bat latet !

Rene taught you all very well, but he taught you for the 20th century when dictators and communist wer ein fashoin. Now in the 21st century, where will you fit in....with your new name my friend?

What about the $2.4Billion? Did not hear you say much about that. You can buy a lot of red shirts with that! Don't forget the red umbrellas!

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill,

Obviously you are as not familiar with the French tongue. I admit that I do not consider it my mother tongue, but you are very mistaken about not adding "le" in front of "peuple" as it is correctly written(I've previously mis-spelled it as "peupe"). Again you have prove that you lack the ability to do research before attacking and accusing. Then again, one cannot expect any better from an arrogant American wannabe and such arrogance is transparent to all, including the Seychellois.I'm sure there is an elder or three in Seychelles who can correct you and teach you a little French.

I've heard a lot of say about the 2.4 Billion and I am more than convinced that there has been foul play during the years, starting with Rene in 1977, but what I find astonishing is how and why the subject has not been taken up to a higher level, for instance with the IMF and the independent auditors that have skimmed through our financial system. Why is it so hard with today's technology to trace those funds? And you being an alledged laywer and all should be able to start such a procedure. Anyhow, being a laywer(legal og paralegal) I do not need to repeat the famous words "innocent until proven guilty", a term that also applies to PLs, SNPs and not least DPs.

The learnings of Rene through camps like the NYS were with no doubt for the sole purpose of preparing the then young generation to become good socialists as all young Americans are taught to believe that their beloved country is God's own not giving the sligtest thought about the many gods its people believe in. Nevertheless.

The communist era is over and out and the Seychellois, over 18 living in Seychelles mind you, have been given the right to vote and most excercise that right. During the early and mid 90s when the SNP was going strong we heard little or no complaints about Seychelles still being a communist country, but as soon as the SNip dipped(in addition to DP becoming the Dead Party) all the losing parts suddenly became convinced that the PL was winning on stolen votes! Now how bad losers can you guys become?????

Mr Gill, I cannot wait to see where this conversation will end, but had it been a debate in an election campaign I can assure you that you would been the loser and laughing stock not to mention having to settle for the same place in the background where you are presently.

I am sure that your intentions are good and that you do love your country, but as a politician you are lost in space as you simply lack the ability to understand the Seychellois, their mentality and not least their needs. You have to learn that the Seychellois is beyond June 5th 1977 and has moved one. Three decades have passed and the majority will follow the political party that has progress on its agenda, not one that wants to turn the clock back 30 years and start all over again. Mancham was outsmarted and there is nothing you can do about it. Period! And there certainly is nothing you can do abut the situation before you(or another politician for that matter) become open for cooperation. That is the only way you will ever stand a chance in hell of kicking the PL out(at least for an election period). It would also help if you could put away that arrogant you learned during your stay in US of A and start your way up by working from ground level where the grass grows. Because right now you are in outer space. Period.

Me? Neither PL, SNP or DP, but I hate to say that the PL is the only worthy alternative for Seychelles at the moment. Mancham had something back then and we all thought he still had it when he returned, but alas he proved to be exactly what Rene had convinced "lepep Seselwa" that he was. Are you any different Chris Gill?

I bet you wish this was never posted eh? :-D

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Ground control to Major "Patrick X"!

This is Christopher Gill. You are really out of space my friend.

IMF said the $2.5 Billion is missing from our banking system.

The money was transferred through offshore companies, owned by Seychellois Citizens. The money is missing from our banking system.

Enough to run Seychelles for 15 years. Over! Do you read me, Major Patrick X? Advise me, this is ground control, Major Patrick X!

While you write a lot for a P.P. , you say little or nothing.

Your verbatum is indicative of your free-state education of the highest order, offered to the elite of the communist party in Seychelles. Sounds good, but no substance. Communist indeed!

You rely on the French language to explain your PL vs. P.P. abreviations for your party.

Unfortunately dear Major Patrick X, a preposition is a preposition and a noun a noun in English and French. You do not have to do any research for that, unless you are about to lose your job for giving James Michel the advise to call your party PL when it is P.P.in fact.

Of course, you thought you knew the difference, but he JAM, could not tell for sure and trusted you, very likely.

Please Major Patrick X, post some more.

I don't want to be an American, I am one. I am grateful for that like I am grateful to be a Seychellois. My belly button is buried in Mont Fleuri my friend, this you will never take from me with your worm parasitical mentality. You think small, you shall stay small.

You Major Patrick, do you wish you were French? Tell me, the truth, you seem pre occuppied with what is French.Have you been denied a passport? Do you wish you were a little browner like me perhaps? Maybe a litttle black blood in the veins, my friend, as myself?

Why does my intelligence, which is earned and cultivated offend you so much? There is something deeper in your assertions, that go beyond the civility of modern society.

Is it because I am a Creole, and I face your failed politcal establishment that has failed us the People of Seychelles,today?

We are bankkrupt Major Patrick X, for 2 decades to come, and you defend this?

Your postion is simply madness found only from a moderate communist who has enjoyed the fruits of the revolution, without the sacrifice of your dear father,and aunties that likely planted bombs in town for attention and have not lived to see the collapse of Seychelles under SPPF as per IMF announcement this week!

X marks the spot on your failures my friend! In your name, "X" is your last name, in X-it,P.P.

Repent while you have time !

Anonymous said...

Last comment was Christopher Gill to Patrick" X"

Anonymous said...

Mr Gill,

One of the things I "Major" well is increase the blood pressure of people like yourself. Your replies started from being on the more serious and mature side of your usual self, but your last post just clarifies one thing for all Seychellois reading this: The fact that you have about as much to do in politics as Wavel Ramkalawan! That means nothing Chris!

I was the impression that you were a lawyer, but with your replies and attitude I can see that you would have been a failure in a US court of law unless maybe representing felons that hae recieved speeding tickets.

Yes we are bankrupt, I've repeated that on numerous occasions and have clearly pointed out who the culprit(s) are, especially the main one who now is knocking on heavens(yes heaven as even Hell wouldn't accept his presence). I have been a sincere critic of the PL during the last years and have taken my share of critism from all sides for it and as far as I can see I have not once uttered other support for the PL than stating that as of today they are the ONLY option that Seychellois have as the others have FAILED both through their attempts of winning the past elections and FAILING the people. And yes, that includes Mr Ralph Volcere, yourself and not least Wavel Ramkalawan.

Apart from writing half-hearted letters here on STAR and posting adolescent letters to the prezident in Seychelles Weekly I cannot see that you or your Dead Party(Since we're in to name bashing here) has made any attempt to lift a finger in order to be heard.

Chris, the coming election is already a PL win because you lazy, useless, clueless amateurs are into politics for the sole objective of gaining power and holding on to it at all costs. I say at all costs because you lot are even willing to sacrifice democracy and freedom of speech to do so. With your writings in this thread you have proved that you do not have the ability to hold a discussion, but use the very same tactics as the PL hard-core supporters use when confronted: Verbal agression. With that proven on a public site like this one, you have fallen in my trap not once, but several times and keep on doing so the same way the SNP has fallen in the Pl traps. It's case of trick you once, shame on me, trick you X-times go bloody hide yourself Mr Gill.

Now please for your own sake(never mind me as nobody knows who I am, but you're the great Chris Gill) stop being such an amateur and start doing something so that your Dead Party may have a resurrection and hope to win in 2016. I say you because the one leading the Diaper Party(yes you're like a bunch of cry-babies) is just as useless as the leader of the SNP.

You say that you're not just a wannabe American, but an America. I say that it takes more than a passport to make one a national of a country. So far I do not see anything American about you apart from maybe your accent, arrogance and belief in realizing the American Dream in Seychelles. Flash news Chris, you're in...yes...Seychelles. The American dream doesn't apply there and you're not American, but simply what we call "en gran kouyon". Had you not been just that you would have only been tricked once. Then again, I can't entirely blame you as I do after all have more experience than you in the game. So long cowboy. Watch out for them Injuns now.

Patrick X

P.S.: Now you know what the "X" stands for: the number of times you've gone right in my trap. I'm beginniong to think you like it.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Patrick X

Your replies and dimensions are a sign of the mental abuse you endure under your master.

Servitude can be resign to a mental state of defeatism.

It is easy to fault those not in power "X" but you praise those who fail us. This is a sign of a weakened man.

The only trap you have set is in your own mind.

You are free to attack me for being a naturalized American and a born Seychellois. These are personal in nautre, and not related to issues of the day. But attack all you like, enjoy it.

While your writing may sound sensible for a moment, you quickly lose touch, then you recollect yourself then lose touch again.

Erradict indeed.

I believe we have closed the debate at this time, as you have not contributed anything worth arguing on in your last post. P.P it stands.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

The fact of you being a naturalized American is most probably the biggest obstacle of ever achieving power elsewhere than in a cyber-site like this one where pretty much the only people reading are those who are totally and utterly devoted to your critisms of the PL(PP according to your immature attitude). In the eyes of the average Seychellois(I hate to spoil you self portrait) you are nothing but a "gran kouyon ek paspor ameriken ki le donn nou lord". With that said, it is totally irellevent which passport you would have held, be it American British or French. Point is that you always will be associated with being just "gran kouyon ameriken" and having your arrogant attitude as your own enemy I can assure you that you will not achieve anything.

Put it this way Chris: When the prezident was touring the nation whilst holding his "consultaive meetings" in the various districts there was not a single member of any opposition present at any of these meetings to challenge teh prezident, let alone the opposition MNAs from those districts. Now how you expect the people to have confidence in you(or Ralph Volcere for that matter) if you can't be bothered to participate in meetings at grass-root level? Tell me that. It just shows that you, like the others, are only interested in doing what's fun, i.e making the big decisions at top level and totally over-running the little guys.

You critise my writings for varying from being sensible and then losing touch. Maybe so, but there is a huge difference between you and me Chris. I am an anonymous person which you have not a slightest clue about so I can write pretty much what I want, where I want, when I want and to who I want without anybody really reacting or losing respect for me. You on the other hand are a public figure and so-called politican representing an opposition party. You also write(at least you make an effort) in a very public newspaper and do so in a style which, as described by a blogger on an open forum, is at the level of a 8th grade public school pupil. Who's the loser then? An anonymous nobody like me who can drag you along main street by your ears like a misbehaved little boy or you who is getting each and every layer peeled off every time you reply and come with more of your defensive attempts while boxing in pitch darkness?

You may feel this debate is closed or should I say you desperately want the nightmare to end so you can post another one in your usual childish manner, but it isn't as you lack the ability to take constructive critism like a man, but rather like a teenager who's trying to impress his friends who've been around the block. I'm sure some do get impressed, but you are forgetting one important thing Chris: Seychellois voters are 18+, not -13 and they certainly are no fools as the Reverend Ramkalawan has bitterly experienced. He also showed arrogancy, but that at a more mature level than yours. and we all see where he is now: The same place you're heading unless you grow up.

Anyway, it's election time soon, an election that unfortunately the PL will win, but as I've said before, as long as there are no other worthy opponents all I can say is that they are the best for Seychelles. So until you and your fellow politicians calling yourselves "the opposition" decide to out away your arrogancy and self-pityness away and unite, you are doomed to stay both what and where you are: The little boy screaming at the top of his voice trying to be heard in a crowd cheering.

I'm keeping this up as I see your potential to make CHANGE. Ramkalawan I've no more hope for, neither that pouting leader of the DP, Volcere, another bloody ignorant who thinks he can win based on something that ended 30+ years ago.

Bônne chance avec le peuple jeune homme.Tu a vraiment besoin de sa.

Anonymous said...

Well Patrick, you have not said much again, exceptfor one comment regarding the Opposition not participating in the District meetings.

This is a good decision by them, since the whole thing was a parade of communism authority being displayed.

Michel filled the rooms with district hard core, questions were written out before hand and answers staged. PS, DG, everyone in the set up was told to be present to fil the back chairs. So the whole district meeting effort was a sham. I know it, you know it. So there was no reason to turn up for any one who is serious.

Michel is an actor. He is excellent at it. He palys for the camera. The District meetings and the little visits he does here and there are meant to placate the people and put them to sleep. He is very successful at that.

While the people suffer, they go to sleep. How convenient.

But they will not sleep for long Patrick. Your anger lies in th efact that your P.P. has failed Seychelles. You chose to say a group that has bankrupted Seychelles is the best alternative.

How sad for you.

If you know so much and can call me and everyone else so many names, why don;t you do something about the failure, being the grand success that you are.

Have a good weekend "X", I have to go see my children and my wife.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Allow me one more comment 2 Patrick X

I write concerning my naturalization to become an American which you highlight as a great obstacle.

This process was conducted in front of a judge under instructions from my mother, when I was 10 years old.

I told my mother I did not want the change of status and I was going back to Seychelles, even back then, as they now had an airport, which Mancham built and made travelling easier in those days. Back then the likes of Rene and Michel protested against the airport Patrick.

Why don't you take a boat the next time you travel.

Anyways, my mother told me you can go back, after you get the papers that will make you an American. She said, my birth makes me a Seychellois, and no one will ever take that away from me.....not even you Patrick X, not even you with your attacks borne out of dementia and depression because Rene Failed you, Michel has failed you, and now, you look to Afif to save you, when only a couple years ago, you all wanted to hang Afif.

I hope you will read my new post, which will be posted late for technical reasons, beyond my control.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this 'banter' between you both although I hate to admit it Patrick X won the argument. Christopher personalizes the argument too much, whereas Patrick hits the nail on the head. There is no CREDIBLE OPPOSITION IN SEYCHELLES TO P.P. Ramkalawan should have been shown the door long ago for losing so many elections, and the DP like the Liberals in UK are a non runner.
Christopher if you are so passionate about changing things throw your towel into the ring and fight!

Anonymous said...

Vox Dei says:

I must say i have also enjoyed the banter, and also think that the advantage goes to Patrick. Having said that, i must give respect to Mr Gill for having opened the forum for debate and discussion (my contributions on STAR was complaint that they did not do so), i think that this is the way forward when it concerns freedom of speech and democracy.

I will agree with Patrick on his comments of the Opposition and the consultative meetings! The Opposition are plain lazy, orchestrated as it was by PL, the meetings was an opprtunity to stage a "coup" and simply by: having Opposition supporters ask questions. Secondly, the SNP MNAs should have attended but sat with the people and not on the front benches, this would have shown that the Opposiiton shares the pain of the people. Nothing that has been said up till now justifies the non attendence of the Opposition. Especially since they seem to be present in almost all other events: cocktails...events which are organised by the same people who organised the meetings.

I had a fleeting glance at Mr Gill at the SNP Convention held yesterday. I am unsure what capacity he was there (i hope that he tells us soon) and call by Ramkalawan to unite for change. Until i see that this appeal for change is translated in concrete terms for ex the SNP re start printing the Seychelles Weekly (for whatevever its worth) in the name and principle of freedom of the press and democracy, and change in the internal structure of the SNP to accomodate diverging views of from the leader, i would continue to believe that this is just a desperate attempt at shouldering some support.

The next elections, i persist also in saying is PL. The question that begs is whether the Opposition has a chance in the 2017/2018 elections? The changes in the Opposition camp now, may give them a fighting chance in 2017/2018.

Anonymous said...

I write in response to the comments regarding the banter with me and Patrick x.

You give the vote to someone you do not know, to someone who will not disclose his name, yet he backs the P.P.

I cannot attack someone on the personal level that does not exist. As long as you sign under some non existent name, you do not exist. Only the idea exist, and that is what is being attacked!

Why? Because it is wrong!

This is a show of how little understanding you have for people who have to risk there lives to
write in Seychelles,today.

I have had armed men come to my home at night, scare my wife and my baby boy when he was 4 years old.

I have faced Giteon Didon, with a gun to my belly, and Joubert now retired from State House, and his henchmen to come and scare me in my house at 3.00am.

Didon cut a mans phallus and has been pardoned. He lives in Canada now if you were wondering.

You do not know what hassles I get for writing. What harassment I put up with to run my business.

Just last week, P.P. turned down an application for 20 masons and carpenters, to slow me down.

All of this and you side with a ghost writer, never verifying the veracity of the character of the writer, but you judge me because I am open to you, and open a forum for you, that challenges all leaders.

Before you complain about Ramkalawan, Volcere, Mancham Ferrari, Gill, all of them, of their short comings, what have you done to change Seychelles ghost writers?

I know what I have done and what I am doing. My conscience is clear.

Is yours clear as Seychelles faces 25 years of IMF now?

How can you help, how can you come together with me to help. Offer an option to Seychelles.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I think Christopher Gill is correct.

These people are attacking him while they are invisible.

He is exposing himself and the safety of his family to get the word out. Do you not see that people?

I know what he has done. He has been a close personal friend for many years. I do not know anyone of his integrity in Seychelles.

Keep it up Chris! You are winning not losing.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Gill is not taking on just Rene, Michel and their clans, he is taking you cyber ghosts who speak against his noble effort.

For the sake of humanity, in celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall, use your name.

Has SPPF made us so small that we can only attack someone when we hide our names?

By doing that, you people show that Gill is write 100%.

While he may not be perfect, he is showing us how far behind we are in achieving democracy in Seychelles and preserving and respecting individual rights.

Congratulations Chris, keep up the hard work.

Lastly,{Lazy} is not a word that applies to Christopher Gill, as my brother in law, I know what hard work he has done over the last 20 years. Give us a break. That is a joke.

Velia Gedeon

Anonymous said...

Vox Dei says:

I am unsure if Mr Gill's last comments were addressed to me or the writer just before me. Anyway, i did write that i thought Patrick won the debate (and that was in reference to the state of the Opposition) abstraction being made to their petty little personal attacks.

Ms Gedeon whilst i admire your courage to use your name (i presume it is a real name and a real person), there are many who cannot do so and that i believe for fears of retribution which are real. Mr Gill above has recounted his brushings with SPPF/Pl represive system, but there is danger (and i see some of that in Mr Gill's writings) that one things that he is superior over others because he has suffered or suffered more than others. I have made my opposition known to the SPPF and i have also suffered discrimination, maany others have also been subject to same.

I have said before that i admire Mr Gill courage to come out in the open. Gill is a public figure, sports a US of A passport. Should anything untoward happen we all know that the US Govt can go to lenghts to protect its citizens. I and many other people do have same protection. Ms Gedeon is probably not in Seychelles whcih allows her to be open. So a lot have to be put in perspective.

Anonymous said...

Vox Dei (continuation)

Seychelles is still a dictatorship, and the present Opposition and its leaders are not only in effective but a useless and lazy bunch. I have learnt that an SNP worker some years back sold intelligence (being name of donors to the SPPF) and that person was ad that was one of the bodyguards of Wavel. So there are certainly a lot of reasons to be cautious still in Seychelles.

My main areas of agreement with Patrick was towards to state of Opposition. If the objective is to win an election, then the Opposition needs a major overhaul, from structures to its leaders. The present bunch from Volcere to Ramkalawan to Ferrari are seriously compromised (that is from their own actions and words), that is reflected in the amount of popular support they have (proof will be in next elections)!

There is only one thing that will remove the SPPF/PL, that is DEMOCRACY and a credible ALTERNATIVE. Should the Opposition and more precisely be able to practice democracy (other than being "donneurs de lecons") and form a unified and credible alternative to the SPPF/PL that will be the day.

The SNP Convention on Sunday which Gill attended bears testimony to the fact that SNP no longer commands massive popular support. Gone are the days when at the Convention one could hardly find a place to stand at those conventions (let alone sit), gone are the days when Ramkalwan could move the crowds, instead it is replaced by some kids reading hesitantly from some paper, and hollowed cries by Ramkalawan to unify. When i see concrete steps from Ramkalawan/SNP (ex re start to print the Seychelles Weekly) would be the day i will hope again. Until then my conviction will remains those guys are just more of the same (like SPPF/PL) paying lip service to principles and values.

Time is on my side, i turn 31 years old this month, and i hope before my time is up, the SPPF/PL will no longer be there and Seychelles will be governed by Leaders vested with principles and the best interest of the Nation at heart. But i know that this time is not soon.

Bottom line Mr Gill, is that the current Opposition Leaders cannot be trusted to do the right thing!


Vox Dei

Anonymous said...

Good responses guys, you too Chris. I've delibrately stayed away from this discussion so that more impulses can come in. As you know few will ever enter a cat-fight. It's impulses like those that are needed to push Seychelles forward, not merely justifying one's own party's opinion without the ability to see it's wrong-doings.

As many of you have stated, several of us remain anonymous which is both a relic from the "old days" when one had to unless one had a personal death wish. Today I must say that it is not the members of the government nor the SPDF that I fear most, but rather the die-hard supporters of the respective parties who are liable to take the law in their own hands after a heavy discussion amplified by several bottles of baka. After all, during the last election there was a killing, accidental or not, between such supporters. And I'm talking about both sides, red and green.

Anyhow, keep up the good work Chris. Take advise from the elders. In the eyes of an ambitiuous young fellow like yourself they may seem like old farts, but we've lived and are too old to participate at your level, but advise is always handy.

Patrick X

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all these comments.

Blogs are not 100% communication so we need to keep an open mind.

For the future of Seychelles we need to keep an open mind because we are not 100%.

Right now an open mind means push for change 100%.

We must recall well, the past is gone. We must not live in it, although it is in our minds everyday. We must use our energy to shape the future as best we can for our children, for if you are 25 or above, under P.P. and the IMF, my friends, we are already dead.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Vox Dei says

I am in early 30 s and am struggling and barely surviving, but thank God that i had parents who whipped the hell out of me, made me study got a good education in Seychelles and abroad and now hold my head high compared to many of my peers.

Enough of the self praise :), i am prepared to give Wavel Ramkalawan and other misfits that call themselves Opposition Leaders one last chance. They (the SNP,DPs) have let us all down badly in the past. It is time now, to put differences aside and think of Seychelles first. If not for us but for their own children. Ramkalwan has some great kids, Mr Gill has a wonderful family, Ralph Volcere has children as well, and i am sure they have not salted enough away to put their progenitures safely away. As long as the SPPF/PL is there, the future looks bleak, so only a change will make things better.

I am just a simple citizen, the politicians hold the key: their press, their political parties, their supporters...they should lead the way. One speech in a Convention is not enough, one article in a newspaper is not enough. Ramkalawan and the rest must do more to unify the opposition. Failing which Vox and others may just stay at home come election time! Because nothing will change for us!

Anonymous said...


You are right, one speech is not enough, one article is not enough.

We all have children. We all have to do what is best for them. I am holding all leaders to that.

But Vox, a seed has been planted. Let us all help to nurture it and allow it to grow. If it does not work, we will find another way, pile sof cash, new party new apparatus new structure. That option is always there.

It is time we do not have, if we have an early election.

Good Weekend.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

It is sad how people mistake Patrick's X's attacks as an educated dialogue. What leaks from his immature, wrongly spelt(i before e except after c?) verbal(written?) diarrhoea is just that- the smell/rank of the 32 year old shit that the PP asshole has leaked onto this country.

Mr Gill is one man, one voice, one stone. You Patrick, are nothing more than the big bad wolf. The sad thing is, you've got no teeth. So blow, blow. Our house might be a few metres shorter(10 ish %)-but it rests on the stones of free will and democratic ideals of fairness and truth. How dare you bring up the 'consultative' meetings? Really, Patrick, how dare you. Are you educated?

I mean, it is people like you who fill our news every night trying to tell us everything is ok. The meetings were a joke. Even PP educated members saw this. You didn't? Really? SNP and DP might still not have beaten the PP in the ballot boxes, but at least we're proud to say we can see what game they play.You can't?

Sitting back and allowing the fact that there are people who hope for a better Sey get on your nerves should make you think. You have been brainwashed.

The truth is(and let me simplify it for you)
is that people like you are even worse than PP. Because you complain yet would still vote for them. Spineless, uneducated monkeys.

Zaklen Zoulou(scared to be myself in my own fucking country cos Patrick X's are watching.)

Anonymous said...


In case you decide to say i was insulting you when i used the word 'monkey'- i was not calling you a primate, but a 'person who is playfully mischievous'. Playing with us, pretending to be one of us, just up to no good. PLAYING US. Or thinking you are.An affiliate of PP, or a nomadic voter, hoping to be called upon to give his vote worth. Mr Patrick, your vote is already worth so much, without needing it to be seen or gratified by anyone. Your vote means a few more grains of rice in my kids mouth, and clean fresh water for us all( without having to worry about it being overpriced(another topic for another forum)).

Anonymous said...

The aggression between "Zaklen Zoulou" and "Patrick X" is a sign of the rift in our country.

We must seek to bridge the divide and bring all Seychellois together, to change the country.

This will benefit Zaklen Zou Lou but it will benefit Patrick X and his family as well.

Failing that, we will move to lessor developed country status or worse, failed state status, with our camera- guns presidency, no substance.

Recently, there are signs of severe backtracking in Seychelles institutions, which I will address in a new article.

We need to turn the tide.

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...


Now, Pat, if indeed you are a nice man, before you criticise, i reiterate- SNP is only as strong as you or me. Right now i cannot do much, neither can you. Soon, the ballot boxes are coming, and it is people like you and me who will fill them. Turn your friends, your family. Make them see what we see.

Democracy is a game best played with no crash helmets. But PP is unfair, it uses brass knuckles under the silk gloves. You really think PP is getting stronger?

Think again.

You are without a doubt a good person who has lost faith. let me have enough for us both. we will ovethrow PP.I promise you. Just keep being true to yourself and open your eyes.

ZAKLEn Zoulou

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